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cer) Brainerd was born in Stotfold, Bedfordshire, England.

f By the manuscript Dea. Arnold's mother m. Daniel Brainwood and
Dea. Arnold's father was Joseph Arnold; and the town records state that
his widow ni. March .30, 1693, but it does not state whom she married.

J There were three early Sextons who had wives of the name of Hannah.
Mr. H. W. Brainard, in searching for Sexton records, found that Richard
Sexton jii. June 20. 1706. Hannah, dau. of Peter Buel (Simsbury rec-
ords). Richard d. March 27. 1714, and his estate was distributed April
4, 1727, at which date the widow Hannah had not married again.

Joseph Sexton, son of Thomas the miller at Boston, b. May 9, 1656,
at Boston, d. 1715 in Stonington, Conn. He m. July 15, 1680, ]\Irs. Han-
nah Cheesboro. b. May 20, 1643, dau. of Capt. George and Bridget (Thom-
Bon) Denison. and widow of Nathaniel Cheesboro, who d. Nov. 22, 1678.
Joseph Sexton died the same year that Daniel Brainerd died. Not either
of these two Hannahs could have been the third wife of Daniel Brainerd.

Hannah, the widow of George Sexton, Jr., of Hartford, Westfield, and
Newtown, L. I., and probably dau, of Sergt. Thomas Spencer, was un-
doubtedly the third wife of Daniel Brainerd. I have so placed it. Other
investigators may be able to find facts \ liave been unable to discover to
prove or disprove the statement.

.A'.1ED 74 YEARS




First Generation. 33

session, 1830, to June 2, 1831. Colchester was taken from East
Haddam May 29, 1833. — From Annual Report of Connecticut
Historical Society^ May, 1897.

Daniel Brainerd* held many public offices of that day. He was
repeatedly honored by reappointment to the office of constable,
surveyor, fence viewer, town assessor, collector, and justice of the
peace, and with others was one appointed to stake out land and to
lay out highways. He was elected Commissioner by the General
Court in Hartford, Conn., in 1669. For his services as deputy to
the General Court see foot note p. 40. He was one of a com-
mittee to secure a minister, Jan. 1, 1682, and was elected deacon of
the Congregational Church in that place, serving in that capacity
through life.

At the present day it is interesting to note how particular the
inhabitants, 250 years ago, were in making an inventory of all their
household goods and their belongings or estates, therefore, I have
printed as an item of exceeding interest to the descendants, the
inventory and distribution of the property of Daniel Brainerd, our
common ancestor. The will has not been found.


This Court gi'ants Letters of AchiiiiiiMratiou on the Estate of Daniel
Braynard late of Haddam, Senior ilrr,:!-..! |,.yiill\ to Daniel Braynard and
Hezekiah Braynard sons of the Said .Ir, i |,M.\i-i.[l they give bond as the
law requires — and this Court Order-, tli.- -,ii<l Administrators to render
an acct of their Administration on or before the first Mundy of June
Anno Dom. 1716, and the said Daniel and Hez: Braynard exhibited now
in this Court an Inventory of the Estate of the said deed upon oath in
manner accustomed which Inventor}' this Court Orders to be Recorded and
kept upon file.

Daniel Braynard, James Braynard. .Joshua Braynard, William Bray-
nard, Caleb Braynard, Elijah Braynard and Hezekiah Braynard, children
of Daniel Braynard, Senr late of Haddam. deceased exhibited now in this
Court an agreement in writing under their hands and seals made for the
Division and Settlement, of the Estate of the said deceased among them,
which agreement they severally acknowledged to be their voluntary and free
act, and Deed and owned their hands and seals thereunto sett. This Court
proceed not to approve and confirme the said agreement, inasmuch as one
of the parties therein concerned could not attend this Court at this time
to acknowledge the same as the Law requires. But order that the said

♦Colonial Records of Connecticut, 1689?1706, Vol. IV, p. 71, May 12,
1692; "This Court doe for the present upon good consideratioim and till
farther ordered free Daniel Braynard from training."

Page 294, May, 1699: "Mr. Danll Brainard with others are by this
Assembly appointed a committee with full power to view the lands at
Cockinchauge and the parts adjacent, and to lay out a township therein
such forme as they shall judge most convenient for the farmes already
laid out there."

Page 321, May 9, 1700: " Some of the inhabitants of Haddam having
presented Mr. Daniel Brainerd senr to be established Captn of the train-
band there, this court considering the present circumstances of the people
there, doe see cause to suspend that matter till their sessions in October

Page 368, Oct., 1701: "Mr. Daniel Brainard was appointed an agent
with others for the proprietors in tlie undivided lands on the west side of
Connecticutt River in the township of Haddum."

oi Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

agreement be kept on file — pp. 253 & 254, Bk. 8. Probate Records,
Hartford, Conn.

An Inventory of the Estate of Mr Daniel Braynard late of Haddam,
deceased, taken April 18th & igth, Anno Dom. 1715 by us the Subscribers:

£ s. d.

Imp" 1st To his son Daniel Braynard, 31 acres land at Mache-

modus, 201. 20 acres at the head of the meadow, 10' 30-0

50 acres at the north corner of Haddam bounds 121 12 -

2iy To Joshua Braynard 70 acres at upper end the meadowi by

Said Daniel Braynard 35 -

2 '/a acres boggy meadow at Machemodus 54s/ & 50 acres at

Haddam north corner 12' 14-12

3iy To James Braraard 1 acre land in home field 41/lOV 2

small pieces in home meadow 5'/ old orchard 3'/ 12 - 10

2 small lots at lower end the upper meadow lOi/ a 3 acre lot
in equall division 31/ 50 acres East side near 8 mile river
151/ 28-0

20 acres nex W™ Spencer, 61/ 2% acres bog meadow at Mache-
modus, 541/ & 50 acres at Haddam, North Corner, 121/ 20 - 12

4ly To William Braynard 2 lots in 2nd division East Side ad-
joining 601/ 21/2 acres bog meadow 541/ Luxford's 3 acre
lot 31/ 65 - 10

half Capt Gate's lot against the houfe 121 60 acres on Ches-

nut Hill West Side River 151/ 27 -

1301/ right in undivided land East Side to be equally divided

between James & William — 13-0

5iy To Caleb Braynard 30 acres in 2na division West Side wch

was kennods 61/ 62 acres in 4tii Division West Side 15i/10s 21 - 10

Tho Brooks lott upper meadow lower lot 61/ Dani Cone's

upper lot in S^ meadow — 121/ 18-

6iy To Elijah Braynard his Originall right on the plain East

Side 8i/76s/10<i, right thro S<i plain or neck of land 61/ 14 -

all the meadow land at Heganum Cove except 4 acres at uper

corner, 301/ a lot in 3d Division near Durham 81/ 38 -

7iy To Hezekiah Braynard his Dwelling houfe, barn. Orchard,
and southermost part of his Farm from the highway to his
brother Elijah's land & from the Country Road to the
River being 35 acres — 167 - 10

4 acres land at Heganum cove 201/31 acres of W™ Spencer's

71/153/ 16 acres of Sami Spencers 4i/16s 34-11

Ya part of the 4tii division lot on West Side his own Original

right being 3741/ containing 75 acres, the 34 whereof is 15-0

24 acres at Candlewood hill 131/65/ the upper lot in the upper
meadow 1211/, blackleach's & Capt. Gate's lots in Sa
meadow rgt, 54 - 6

long table & chest, 21=/ bay horse 41/ 2 oxen lH/ beam tack-
ling & cart plow. Chains, yoke & 4 horse tackling 41/10 20-11

2 Cows 61/ a harrow 20s/ 7iy To Hannah Gates 50 acres land

at Haddam. North Corner, 121 19 -

S'y 2691 right in plain or neck East Side Great River 28 pound

6771 Right in undivided land West Side River, 501/ 78-

9iy a 4 yr old Steer 3i/10s/ a Cow at Nat Spencer Junr 3i/10s/
1 cow 31/ 1 Cow 31/ a bull 50s 4 year old Cattle 51/ a
heifer & Steer in woods 51/ 25-10

2 two year old steers, 31/16=/ 10 sheep & 10 lambs 41/ 13

sheep 3i/9s a 2 yr old Colt 41/ 2 small deer skins 3s/ 13 - 8

12 flints, 2 laces, 2 aulblades & 1 C 44 nails in a pouch 18d/
18 flints 64 61 lead 2s/ a catechism 34/ 2 napkins 1=/ y, m
pins 144 11 powdr & bag its in 3s/ 0-9

2 horns 64/ 12 needles 44 6 doz wast coat buttons 184 old iron
wth 4 ferrels 4s/64 a horse & pad Lock wth keys 2s a narrow
ax & candlestick 2=/ - 10

a Cowbell 4^/64 handtaw 2s/ drawing knife 184 2 Sythes &

First Generation.

tackling 8s/ 14 a Sythe 6*/ a gimlet 43 2 hammers 2s a

Chifell 6d an axe 2s/
a Stubbing hod 30<i a hatchet broad axe 3s/ 1 auger Is a

hatchet 63/ beetlerings & 3 wedges l^/Qi Iron crow 5s/ peas

hook 18d
a mortar & Iron pestle 3s/ a dripping pan & fender 6s/ old fry-
ing pan 2s/ a tramel 4s/ 1 dito 3s/ a pr tongs & peal 7s
a gridiron 3s/ 2 Candlesticks ISd 12 pr stillyards 8s/ per pr a

sword 4s/ great gun 7s/ 1 dito small 5s/ brass kettle wgt

401 at 51
a Skillet 5s/ 1 dito 18«i warming pan 12s/ Iron Spindle 6d/ old

brass kettle wet 22i at 20s/ large Iron pot 19s/ w'h hooks

- ■■ old 2s/ • •

share & Colter 7s/ a cupboard 2i/10s/ large bible 35s/ 5

a small Iron pot 9s/ a broad hod 4s/ 2 dito old 2s / plough

small books 4s/2d

a spitt 43/ seed peck 8<J/ half bushl 164/ half peck Is/ a fan

8s/ 2 forks with ferrels 3s/ 0-18-2

lO'y 1 old Sythe Is/ a Spade 2s/ grindstone 3s/ hay knife 30^/
old table 2s 6 barris 8s 2 dito 184/ Chees prefs 5s/ a tub & 2
old ban-Is 3s 1-8-0

Meal trough Is 3 old barrels 2s/8d 214 C 64 nails 204 8 barris in
cellar 133 a funnel 184 a Cag Is/ butter tub 2s gallon bottle
183 1-4-4

a bafket 84/ Small tub Is/ can 164 hand pail 64/ a Riddle
84 old Cart rope 304 a Feather bed 2 bolsters & 2 pillows in
porch 41/lOs 4 - 16 - 8

under bed 184/ Coverlet 64/ 1 dito 4s/ a bedstead 5s/ a pr
sheets & bed cord all wth said bed a bedticking in North
Chamber 13s/44 2 - 10 - 4

a coverlet 8s/ a sett of curtains & vallans 10s/ bedstead 3s
bed ticking & bolster 6s/ a chest 5s/ a saddle 2s/ a pr sheets
20s/ a pr dito 15s/ 3-9-0

a pr. sheets 15s/ a pr dito small 10s/ a pr dito 12s/ \ dito 3s/
1 dito 5s a table cloth 63/ 1 dito 304 1 dito small 2s/ 1
dito 2s/ 2-12-6

1 dito l3/4 towels 2s/84 2 old pillow bears ls/44 3 napkins

2s/12 dito 13s/ a table cloth 2s/2 pillow bears 2s 1-4-0

1 towel 84/ 1 dito 44 a tablecloth 4s/ a pr cotton sheets 20s/

1 old pr sheets 5s/ 2 sheets 10s/ all in a chest North

Chamber 2-0-0

6 bags 43/ 3 bags 9s/ 3 dito new lOs/64 3 y4s Coarse Cloth

4s/64 a Cane lis/ a large glass bottle 204 1 dito small 84 2-0-10

5 Chairs 5s/ 1 great dito 184/ a Chest 3s/ 1 dito 2s/ a pail Is/
1 dito 84/ 2 trays 3s/ 9 trenchers 64/ 2 bowls 2s/ 44/ 2
dishes 84 0-18-2

2 wood Platters 74/ a knot dish Is/ 6i/,i old Pewter 7s/64 —

a flaggon 3s/ a qt pot 2s/ old platter & small beaker 4s/ - 18 - 1

a qt. pot 2s/ a Chamberpot 3s/ 23i pewter at 2s/34 a tin funnel
104 a tin pint 44/ a Feather bed in low" room wth bolsters
& pillows 43/164 7 - 7-11

under bed & matt 2s/ bed cord 2s/ bedstead 5s/ Curtains &
valians 203/ green rug 30s/ a Coverlet lOs/ 1 dito 15s/ a
blanket 8s/ 4-12-0

old blanket 4s/ 151 Tanned leather 15s/ 2 old pr woolen
Stocking 2s/ a wastcoat 6s/ a pair woolen breeches 5s/ a
Callybash 84/ 1 - 12 - 8

a large Foarme 6s/ severall small things to the value of about

16s 1-2-0


Taken by Nathan' Spencer Gterrard Spencer Joseph Arnold
— Vol. 9, page 37, Book of Hartford Probate Records.

^^ B miner d-Brainard Genealogy.

A Distribution made by agiocmeiit among the Children and heirs of Mi
Daniel Bra3nard of Haddam deceased of the Estate of their Said Father —

Wee Daniel, James, Joshua, William, Caleb, Elijah and Heze-
kiah, all Sons of said Daniel and I Thomas Gates acting iu
behalf of my wife Hannah, onely daughter to Said Daniel
Braynard, finding the last Will and Testament of or Sa Hone*
Father not in all things So full and Clear as we could
wish, have thou't it best to agree upon a distribution of
the Estate of Sa Hon^d Father and having first come to a
Loving agreement with our Honed Mother in Law Hannah
Braynard have proceeded to make the following Distribu-
tion of the Remainder of our Said Father's Estate, which
distribution we do hereby bind and oblige orselves and
heirs to abide by forever. Impr To Daniel Braynard Eldest
Son. 31 acres or half a Lottment of Land at Maeheniodus
in the 2nd Division. Said Daniel already having a deed of
Gift from Sd Honed Father for the other half thereof at £20- 0-

More — twenty acres in the 4th Division at Sd Machemodus

at the head of the meadows — at 10-00

More — fifty acres of land bought of Mrs blackleach on the

North Side of Haddam bounds in Colchester bounds at 12- 0-

More — in Personal! or movable Estate S - 1 -

2nd To James Bravnard — One acre of Land in the homclield

at —
More — ^2 Small parcells of Swamp in the home meadow
More — the Old Orchard in the home field at —
More — 2 Small Lotts in the lower end of the upper meadow.

viz, or Fathers own Original lot, and John Spencer's lott

lying both together —
Jlore — Thomas Smith's lott in the Equall Division at
More — a lott at Machemodus, in the 3d division Containing

uO-acres Lying near Eight mile River —
More — half the Right in undivided Land at Machemodus

which was c Fathers at his death at —
More — -twenty acres of Land at Machemodus in the Sd Divi-
sion Joyning with land of William Spencer at
More — ■ a third part of or Fathers boggy meadow at Macliemn-

dus not disposed of before his death — at —
More — 50 acres of land bought of iirs Blackleach lying on

the North Side of Haddam bounds in Colchester bounds —

at —
More — lands and Rights on the plain and on the West side

of the River
More — in personal! or moveable Estate

3d To Joshua Braynard Seventy acres of Land (if Join the
lot) it being the remainder of the lot at the head of ilaohe-
modus meadow whereof Daniel hath 20 acres — at —

More — one third part of our Fathers boggy meadow at ilache-
modus not disposed of before his death — at

More — fifty acres of Land bought of Mrs Blackleach on the
North Side of Haddam Ijounds in Colchester bounds

More — in Personall or moveable Estate


4tli To William Braynard — Lotts in the 2nd division at ilache-
modus. viz. Ventrous his lott and parents liis Lott Joyn-
ing both together — at —

Total 92-13-

First Generation.


More — one third part of our Fathers boggj- meadow at

Machemodus not disposed of before his death — at
More — Stephen Luxfords 3 acre lott in tlie Equal division at
More — a lott bought of Thomas Gates in the upper meadow

— at
More — 63 acres of Land on Chesnut Hill on the West Side

of the Great River bought of Nathani Cone — at —
More — half the Right in undivided Lands in Machemodus

which was or Fathers at his death.
More — in Personall or Movable Estate
More — Lands and Rights on the Plain and on the West

Side the River

Totall £124 - 3

5"! To Caleb Braynard 30 acres of Land on the West Side the

River wch was John Kcnnots Sd division
Iilore — 62 acres of Land on the West Side the great River

wch is 4tii division land bo't of Nathan' Cone — at
More — Thomas Brooks his lower in the upper meadow — at
More — Daniel Cone his upper lott in the upper meadow — at
More — Lands and Rights on the Plain on the West Side the

great River
More in Personall or moveable Estate.


6thiy To Elijah Braynard or Sti Fathers own Original lot on
the plain, on the East Side ye great River — at

More — 761/lOs/ Right which was or Fathers own also thro
all Said Plain, or neck of land besides S"! 1st division — at

More — all or Fathers land meadow or upland at or near Heg-
anum Cove. Except 4 acres at the North end next S* Cove

More — one lot viz: or Fathers own Original Lott near Dur-
ham in the 3d division lots

More — Lands and Rights on the West Side the great River

More — in Personall or Jloveable Estate


7"! To Hezekiah Braynard, or S^ Hcnc<i Fathers house, barn.
Orchard, & homestead viz; about 35 acres of land, being the
Southerraost part of the farme he lived on abutting on the
high way South East on the high way or Country Road
South West on the Meerstones Sett by our father, one
near the River, and one near the Road which are to be
boundaries betwixt Elijah and Hezekiah and their heirs
forever North West and on the gi'cat River, North East
with fruit trees and fences, all at

More — 4 acres of Meadow at Heganum Cove viz. at the
Northermost End of or fathers meadow lane there — -at —







17 -





















Total £187-10-

More — 31 acres of land bought of William Spencer lying

near Durham 7-15-

More — 16 acres of 1st Division land on the West Side bought

of Sam' Spencer 4 - 16 -

More — one third part of or Fathers own 4ti> Divifion lot on

the West side the great River being 75 acres 15 - -

More — 25 acres of land at Candlewood Hill 13- 6-

More — our Fathers own Originall upper lot in the upper

meadow — at 12- 0-

More — half a lot Bought of Mr Blackleach and half a lot

bought of Joseph Gates lying together in ye upper meadow 29 - -

Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

More — 35 acres and half of Land on the West Side at a place

called Thomas Millars pond — at 12 -

More — Lands and Rights on the plain and on the West Side

the great Eiver 17-

More — in Personall or moveable Estate 8 -


8iy To Thomas Gates acting in behalf of his wife Hannah
only daughter to or Said Honrd Father 50 acres of Land
bought of Mrs Blackleach on the North Side of Haddam
bounds in Colchester bounds 12 -

More — in Personall or moveable Estate 33-

Total £45 - 10 -

Moreover — Wee the aforenamed Eight, Via- — Dani — James and the
Rest do hereby unanimously agree that all Lands divided and Rights in
undivided Lands which belonged to or Sd Father the day of his death on
the West Side the great River in Haddam which are not herebefore Ex-
prefsed shall belong to James William Caleb Elijah and Hezekiah in
Equall Proportion Sd Lands and Rights being apprised at fifty 60 pounds.

Moreover We do unanimously agree that all Lands and Rights in un-
divided lands on the East Side the great River in that Tract of Land
Called the Neck or plain viz from Middletown bounds to the great Cove
and from the Great River to Salmon River not before Exprefsed shall
belong in Equall proportion as afore to James, William, Caleb, and Heze-
kiah, Said Lands and Rights being apprised at 28i pounds.

— Pages 37. 38, 39, Book 9, Hartford Probate Records.

This Distribution. — I Thomas Gates acting in behalf of my wife
Hannah, and We Daniel, James, Joshua, William, Caleb Elijah and Heze-
kiah have fully and freely made of our Honed Fathers Daniel Braynard his
Estate, and do hereby promise and engage for o"- Selves and heirs each to
take up Satisfied of lands herebefore Sett down to us and to make no more
Challenges or demands of any more lands or Rights with or by vertue or
under Colour of any deed of Gift Received from our Father in his life
time, or upon any other Colour or pretense whatsoever, and that we do
receive S* lands and every parcell of them as or S* Father held them the
day of his death, each running the resque (risk) of the Title or Father
had to them, and being obliged to defend the Same for his own part of these

Moreover Wee said Daniel, James, Joshua, William, Caleb and Elijah
do hereby, that we have received Eight pounds and one Shilling apiece at
Inventory apprizement out of the Personall Estate of our Said Father,
and I Thomas Gates do acknowledge that I have Received 33 pounds and
one shilling — And I Hezekiah have Received 34 pounds and twelve shilling
both at Inventory apprizement as afore which Sums we do all acknowledge
to be our full dues of the Personall Estate of o^ Said Father, and we have
received into or full Custody or pofsefsion and do hereby declare our
full acceptance of, as fully as if every particular we received were here
inferted — Moreover, we do all and each of us for or Selves and heirs
hereby Covenant and promife that we Shall make no more demands of
Estate Real or Parsonell, that was or Fathers and that we will in no wife
disturb, or aimoy each other, but that each of the Eight afore mentioned
and their heirs may Quietly Enjoy his part afore mentioned. Moreover,
I Elijah do hereby Covenant and promise for mySelf, my heirs and Afsigns,
forever, to allow pafsing and Repafsing in the Usual Cartway through my
land, on all necefsary Concerns to the 4 acres of meadow lying at Hega-
num Cove, which is my brother Hezekiah 's and that neither I my heirs or
afsigns shall hinder or disturb him his heirs or Afsigns in so doing, and
whereas there is a Cart way from the great River cross the farme about
the dividend line betwixt us Elijah and Hezekiah, we do each for c
Selves and heirs hereby Covenant and promife that neither of us Shall
disturb the other, in using Said Cart way, freely, unto the full Ratification

First Generation. 39

of all well premises we have all and each of Us hereunto Sett our hand
and Affixed his seal this 2iid day of May in the Year of our Lord one
Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifteen, in the 1st Year of the Reign of King
George —

Daniel Beatnard — [a seal] — James Braynard — [a seal] —

Joshua Braynard — [a seal] — William Braynard — [a seal] —

Caleb Braynard — [a seal] — Elijah Braynard — [a seal] —

Hezekiah Braynard — [a seal] — ■

— Hartford Probate Records, Book 9, p. 39.

Children by the first marriage :

2. i. Daniel, b. March 2, 1665-66, in Haddam, Conn.

ii. Hannah, b. Nov. 20, 1667, in Haddam, Conn.; m. Oct. 3, 1692,
Thomas Gates,* b. Jan. 21, 1664-65, in Haddam, Conn., son
of George and Sarsh (Olmsted) Gates of the same place.
He was chosen proprietors' clerk, and filled the office till his
death, his last record being dated March 6, 1734. This of-
fice was equivalent to that of town clerk. The records of
the east side of the town were kept separately from those
on the west side (Haddam). He was chosen justice of the
peace in 1704, and held the office till his death. He repre-
sented the town in the legislature of his state for twenty-
two sessions, from May. 1703, to Oct., 1738, and after the
division of the town of East Haddam from Haddam, which
was in 1734. He was elected deacon of the Congregational
Church in that place in 1704, and retained the office during
life. He was called Captain. Dea. Thomas Gates d. April
20, 1734, ae. 69 yrs., in East Haddam, Conn. The inscrip-
tion on his tombstone is as follows : " Here lieth the body
of Thomas Gates, Justice of the Peace." Mrs. Hannah
(Brainerd) Gates d. Sept. 7, 1750. in the same place, ae.
nearly 83 yrs. The following inscription was found on her
gravestone : " Here lies interred the body of Mrs. Hannah
Gates, relict of Thomas Gates, Esq., who departed this life
Sept. 17, 1750, in the 83d yr. of her age." Her body lies
in the Cove burying ground a mile north of East Haddam
Landing. Gates ch.: 1. Thomas, b. Oct. 3, 1693, in East
Haddam, Conn.; bapt. May 20, 1694, in Middletown, Conn.;
m. Aug. 17, 1722, Dorothy Cone, dau. of Dea. Daniel and
Mary (Gates) Cone. 2. Daniel, b. May 26, 1695, in East
Haddam, Conn.; bapt. Nov. 10, 1695, in Middletown, Conn.;
m., June 13, 1723, Sarah Cone, dau. of Daniel and Mary
(Gates) Cone. 3. Jeremiah, b. March 17, 1697, in East
Haddam, Conn.; m. Dec. 7, 1721, Mary Emmons, dau. of
Samuel and Ruth (Cone) Emmons. 4. Hannah, b. June
11, 1699, in East Haddam, Conn.; d. Oct., 1713, ae. 14 yrs.
5. Esther, b. Feb. 24, 1701, in East Haddam, Conn.; d.
Dec. 1, 1720, ae. 19 yrs. 6. Mary, b. Aug. 29, 1703, in East
Haddam, Conn.; m. Bezaleel Brainerd. 7. George, b. Nov.
17, 1705, in East Haddam, Conn.; m. Dec. 30, 1730, Sarah
Olmsted, dau. of John and Susannah (Brainerd) Olmsted.
8. Joshua, b. April 26, 1708, in East Haddam, Conn.; m.
Lydia Brainerd, dau. of Joshua and Lady Mehetable (Dud-
ley) Brainerd. 9. Timothy, b. May 29, 1710, in East Had-
dam, Conn.

2. iii. James, b. June 2, 1669, in Haddam, Conn.

2. iv. Joshua, b. July 20, 1671-72, in Haddam, Conn.; bapt. Oct. 7.
1672, in Middletown. Conn.

•Thomas Gates was the second son of George Gates, one of the first

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