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was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United
States at Washington, D. C. He was a lawyer in Toledo,
Mr. Edward Tinker Waite d. Dec. 23, 1889, in
Washington, D. C, ae. 43 yrs. Mrs. Anna Chadwick
(Brainerd) Waite d. .

Waite children :

A dau., b. July .31, 1874. d. the same day.
Mart Gloyd, b. .Jan. 27, 1S77.
Brainerd, b. May 22, 1881.

593. Martha Tyler' Brainerd {Davis Smit¥, Hebei^, Gideon*.
Gideon^, James^, Dan.ieP) of Lyme, New London Co.,
Conn.; m., July 7, 1886 or 1887, Thomas Baldwin Far-
well, b. May 4, 1864, in Hartford, Conn., son of Thomas
Baldwin and Hattie (Goodrich) Farwell. He has been in

27S Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

business in New York Citj-. He lives in Lyme, Conn.
Mrs. Martha T}'Ier (Brainerct) Farwell d. '- — .

Farwell chiklrfii :

i. Co-stance Braixerd, b. June 9, 1894. in Lyme, Conn.
ii. Grace Isham, b. Apr. 21, 1896, in Lyme. Conn.

594. Lorenzo" Braixerd {Jesse^, Jesse', Eliakim*, Gideon^,

Jame.r, DanieP) of Leyden, Lewis Co., N. Y. ; m., in 1840,
Emeliue Grant, b. , dau. of Elisha and Rhoda (Mil-
ler) Grant of Oneida Co., X. Y. He moved from Lewis
Co.. X. Y., to Saratoga about 1865. He was a liveryman in
that place. IMr. Ixirenzo Brainerd d. about 188L

Children :

098. i. MiLTO.N- C, b. Nov. 13, 1840, in Leyden, X. Y.
999. ii. Jekome H., b. , 1842, in Leyden, N. Y.

595. Charles T." Braixerd (Jessc^, Jesse', EUaHm\. Gideon^,

James-, Daniel^) of Leyden, Lewis Co., X. Y. ; m., in 184-1,

Cornelia Adsit, b. . He lived in Watertown, X. Y.

Mr. Charles T. Brainerd d. in 1850. His widow went to
Wisconsin to live. Mrs. Cornelia (Adsit) Brainerd d. in

Wisconsin .

Children :

i. A son, b. -
999a. ii. .Ikrome H

596. Fraxcis E.' Braixerd {Timothy^, Jesse', Eliakim*, Gideon^,

James-, DanieP) of Levden, Ijewis Co., N. Y. ; m., Dec.
31, 1853, Mary Frances Wright, b. Feb. 12, 1829, in Lee,
Mass', dau. of William and Fannie (Crocker) Wright.
He was a gunsmith by trade. He worked but little at his
trade, following other pursuits during his life, as teaching
school, pettifogging law cases, etc. He enl. Dec. 28, 1863,
in Co. G, 60th Eegt., 0. Vol. Tnf. Trans, to 61st 0. Vol.
Inf., the Vet. Eeserve Corps, Mch. 3, 1864; mus. out July
10, 1869, at Washington, D. C, by order of War Dept. He
served three years in the Civil War. He served two years
as a Berdan sharpshoooter, then became Sergeant in the
regular service, acting the last year as recruiting officer.
He was in several engagements, that of the battle of Peters-
burg and the Wilderness being the most severe. He re-
ceived a pension. Mrs. Jlary Frances (Wright) Brainerd
d. May 6, 1877, in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, ae. 48 yrs., 2
mos., 24 ds. Sergeant Francis E. Brainerd d. Feb. 20.
1880, ae. 58 yrs., 4 mos., 10 ds., at the same place.

Children :

Burritt Avery, b. Sept. 1.5, 1854, in Peninsula, Ohio;
28, 1893, in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

Seventh Generation. 279

ii. Fa^.me Crocker, b. Mav 3, 1856, in Cuvahoga Falls. Ohio: d.

Apr. !>, isr.n.

1000. iii. XiXA Claka. b. Feb. 19, 1858. in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

1001. iv. JIiLDRED Bradfobd. b. May 7, 1862, in Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio.
V. Emma Grace, b. July 23, 1864, in Cuvahoga Falls. Ohio; d.

Apr. 9, 1868.
vi. K.4RL Wright, b. Feb. 6, 1867, in Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio; d.

May 28, 1809, in Erie, Penn.
vii. Lucy, b. June 25, 1871, in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; d. Sept. 6,

597. TjiO-Aias' Bkaixerd (Timothy^, Jesse'", EUakim*. Gideon^,
James-, DanteP) of Leyden. Lewis Co., X. Y. ; m., Maria
Beard. Mr. Thomas Brainerd d. in 1874, in Illinois.
Mrs. Maria (Beard) Brainerd d. .

598. Julia" Beaixkhd (Tiitiothif. Jesse', EUakbn*, Gideon^,

James-, Danien) of Leyden, Lewis Co., X. Y.; m., 1859,
Byron D. Greene, b. in 1844, in Jefferson Co., N. Y., son
of Eiley W. and Jane J. (Sweet) Greene. He was a car-
penter, and resided (1890) in Eaton, X. Mexico. Mrs.
Jnlia (Brainerd) Greene d. .

Greene children :

i. George B., b. May 30. 1800. in Morris, 111.; ni., 1884, Andelia
LaBrue: d. Sept. 26. 1890.

ii. Hattie M.. b. , 1866, in Batavia, 111.; m. Thos. H. Rum-
ble. Ch'.: 1. Julia, b. 1880. 2. Winfield, b. 1883. 3. Nel-
lie, b. 1886.

iii. IvA N., b. 1869, in Batavia, 111.

599. Mary Axn' Beaixeed (Timotliif, Jesse^, Eliakim^, Gideon^,

James". Daniel^) of Leyden, Lewis Co., N. Y". ; m., Nov.
15, 185G, Charles E. Green, b. A^ov. 19, 1838, son of Eiley
W. and Jane J. (Sweet) Green of Herkimer Co., N. Y.
He was a farmer living at Steamboat Eock, Iowa. ]Mrs.
Mary Ann (Brainerd) Green d. .

Green children:

i. Fannie', b. Apr. 4, 1858, in Steamboat Rock, Iowa: m., in 1874,

ilatthew Niles, and resided in Iowa,
ii. Jesse B., b. Dec. 15, 1863, in Steamboat Eock, Iowa; m., in

1882, Julia SjTerson; res. Hardin Co.. Iowa,
iii. Sammie R., b. Oct. 1, 1870, in Steamboat Rock, Iowa; m., in

188S, Susie Spencer,
iv. Eddie W., b. Jan. 12, 1874, in Steamboat Rock. Iowa.

600. Jesse" Beaixeed {Timotinf, Jesse', EJiakim\ Gideon',

Jamcs^, Daniel^) of Leyden, Lewis Co., N. Y^.; m., Sept.
26, 1866, in Bloomington, 111., Mary M. Warlow, b. Apr.
36, 1843, in Illinois, dan. of Jonathan B. and Catherine B.
(Hay) Warlow. He was a farmer living in Hutchinson,

280 Brainerd-Brainard Gem

Eensselaer Co., Kas. He left home when but 15 years of
age, and was in New York 3 years, in Philadelphia 1 year,
and in Illinois until 1861. He has lived in Danvers, 111.
He enlisted in the army Aug. 26, 1861, in Co. B, 4th Regt.,
111. Vol. Cavalry, as a private and served until Feb. 24.
1866. He was promoted to Captain of Co. 0, 3d U. S'.
Colored Cavalry, Feb. 26, 1866, and discharged Jan. 26,
1866, at Memphis, Tenn. He was twice wounded, once in
the right arm and in the right side. He was in battles
Ft. Donaldson, Pittsburg Landing or Shiloh, Jackson,
Bolivar. Brownsville, and Purdy, Tenn., Holly Springs,
Abbyville, Oxford, CofEeeville, Black Eiver Bridge, Yago
City, Woodville, Miss.. Bayou Tensas, BoeufF, La., and a
great many cavalry skirmishes. He received a pension for
his services. Mr. Jesse Brainerd d. .

Child :

i. E., b. Feb. 2S, 1S79, in Reno Co., Kas.

601. Mary T.'' Brainerd {Asher^, Jesse^, Eliakim*, Gideon^,
James^, Daniel^) of Leyden, Lewis Co., N. Y. ; m., Feb. 1,
1842, Thomas Reynolds, b. Sept. 16, 1816, in Dutchess Co.,
N. Y., son of Abraham and Maria (Streber) Reynolds.
He was a farmer and stone cutter, quarrying marble, and
lived in So. Glens Falls, X. Y. Mrs. Mary T. (Brainerd^
Reynolds d. Oct. 26, 1888. ae. 70 yrs., .5 mos., 29 ds. Mr.
Thomas Reynolds d. .

Reynolds children :

James M., b. Dec. 17, 1S42, in Queensburv. N. Y.; res. (1890

Oshkosh, Wis.
Helen J., b. Feb. 6, 1846. in Queensburv, N. Y. : d. Oct. 22,

Frank E., b. Nov. 17, 184S. in Queensbury, N, Y,: d. Sept. 3.

ASHEB B., b. Aug. 27. 1852. in Montezuma. N. Y. ; res. (1890i

in S. Glens Falls, N. Y.
Charles J., b. Dec. 1. 185.5, in Rome, N. Y.
Edsel, b. Apr. 30, 1865, in S. Glens Falls, N. Y.: d. Nov. 12.

602. Eunice C Biluneed (Ashei-^, Jesse^, EUakim*, Gideon^,
James^, Daniel^) of Leyden, Lewis Co., IST. Y. ; m., June 26,
1846, John J. Miller, "b. Nov. 12, 1818, in Monehan, Ire-
land, son of Samuel and Sarah (Miller) Miller. He was
a fai-mcr in Glens Falls, N. Y. Mrs. Eunice C. (Braiu-
erdl ]\Iiller d. June 26, 1881. on the anniversary of her
wedding dav. ae. 08 vrs., 5 mos., 3 ds. He m. (2), Helen
, b. . 'Mr. John J. Miller d. .

Miller child:
i. Emma Brainerd, b. Apr. 17, 1853, in Glens Falls, N, Y. ; d.
Aug. 18, 1866, of scarlet fever.

Seventh Generation. 281

603. Melissa D." Beainerd {Aslier^, Jesse^, Elialcirn\ Gideon^,

James^, Daniel^) of Leyden, Lewis Co., N. Y. ; m., Jan.
1, 1850, James P. Davis, b. Feb. 22, 1826, in Warren Co.,
N". Y.. son of William and Rebecca (Scott) Davis. He
was a farmer in Allenville, Wis. Mrs. Melissa D. (Brain-
erd) Davis d. Jan. 11. 1883, ae. .57 yrs., 4 mos., 17 ds. Mr.

James P. Davis m. (2), . Mr. James P. Da\ns

d. .

Davis children :

i. .Tennette C, b. Apr. 14, 1852, in Vineland, Wis.
ii. Herbert W., b. Apr. 14, 1859, in Vineland, Wis. He is an
M.D. in his native town.

604. Elizabeth^ Braineed {Ashei'^, Jessed, Eliakim*, Gideoji',

■James^, Daniel^) of Leyden, Lewis Co.. N". Y. ; m., ,

Mr. Blood, b. . He resided in Jefferson Co., N. Y.

Mrs. Elizabeth (Brainerd) Blood d. -. Mr. Blood

d. .

Blood children :

605. James' Bil^inekd (Ashcr^, Jesse', Eliakim*, Gideon^, Jamcs^,

DanieP) of Leyden, Lewis Co., N. Y. ; m., , Margaret

A. Nickerson. b. Xov. 30, 1836, in St. Johns, N. B., dau. of
James and Sarah (Armstrong) Nickerson. He lived in
Oshkosh, Wis., and was an agent in the Odd Fellows Life
Insurance Co. Mr. James Brainerd d. .

Child :
1002. i. Clara B., b. Apr. 24, 1SG.3, in ■ — .

606. Carlos M.' Brainerd {Asliei-^, Jesse^, Elialim*, Gideon^,

James', Daniel^) of Leyden, Lewis Co., IST. Y. ; m., Oct. 13,
1865, Frances A. Seelye, b. June 8, 1836, in Queensbury,
Warren Co., K". Y., dau. of Eeiiben and Rizpah M. (Has-
kins) Seelye. Mrs. Frances A. (Seelye) Brainerd d. Jan.
27, 1889. He m. (2), Dec. 4, 1891, Mrs. Cynthia (Seelye)
Stray, b. Sept. 9, 1844, a sister to his first wife, and widow
of Rev. Sydney Stray of the Presbyterian Church. He is
a farmer living in Appleton, Outagamie Co., Wis. He
enlisted in the War of the Rebellion Jime 10, 1862, in the
118th N. Y. Inf., and was discharged May 20, 1865. He
was captured Oct. 28, 1864, and was confined at Salisbury,
N. C, imtil Mch. 1, 1865; was engaged in the following
actions and battles: Suffolk, Bottoms Bridge, attack on
Petersburg, May 10, 1864, Drury's Bluff, assault on Ft.
Darling, Cold Harbor, mine explosion in the forts of
Petersburg, Chapin's Farm, siege of Petersbiirg, attack on
the rebel works at Fair Oaks, where he was captured.
When discharged he was first sergeant, Co. A, 118 N". Y.

282 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

Vols. Mr. Carlos M. Braiiierd d. . Mrs. C_ynthiLi

(Seelye) (Stray) Brainerd d. .

Children :

i. Edith E., b. June 2, 1866, at Black Creek, Wis.
1003. ii. Ethel M., b. June 2. 1866, at Black Creek, Wis.

iii. Edwin C, b. Jan. 21, 1868, at Black Creek, Wis.

607. Edsil Claek'^ Brainerd (Asher^, Jesse^, Eliakim*, Gidcoir.

James^, DcunieV-) of Levden, Lewis Co., N. Y. ; m., July 4,
1863, Haunali A. Doty. h. Jan. 22, 1840, in Medina. Ohio,
dau. of S.-B. and Cynthia (Rhoades) Doty. He was in
the nursery and garden business, raising small fruits in
Oshkosh, Wis. Mr. Edsil Clark Brainerd d. .

Children :

i. Orrie a., b. Apr. 1. 1S74, in Oshkosh, Wis., d. May 23. 1878.

ii. Roy il., b. Apr. 3, 1879, in Oshkosh, Wis.

608. Harriet Xewel' Braixard (Ilezekiah^, Jesse^, Eliakim^,

Gideon^, James'-, Daniel^ ) of Levden, Lewis Co., N". Y. ; m.,
Sept. 16, 1846, Edward D. Battles of Chester, Ohio,' b.
July 22, 1820, in Herkimer Co., N. Y., son of Liither and
Arathusa (Porter) Battles of N. Hampshire. Arathusa
Porter was dau. of Alexander and Zervia (Phelps) Por-
ter of Hebron, Conn. Luther Battles and Alexander Por-
ter were soldiers in the Revolutionary ^Var. He was a
fanner at Wilsons Mills. Cuvahoga Co., Ohio. Mrs. Har-
riet Xewel (Brainard) Battles d. May 2, 1893, ae. 68 yrs ,
6 mos.. 12 ds., of paralvsis. Mr. Edward D. Battles
d. .

Battles children :

i. Oklix Thomas, b. Feb. 1. 1849, in Wilsons Mills, Ohio; m.,
Sept. 21, 1871, Fernandes C. Stone. She d. Oct. 17, 1872.
He m. (2) Mch. 31, 187.i. Sabra Covert. He was a farmer
in Mayfield. Ohio, in 1S89 he was in So. Euclid, Ohio. Ch. :
1. Chas. Edwin, b. Mcli. 11, 1877. 2. Melvin Layton, b.
Mch. 2, 1879. 3. Lnella May, b. Feb. 23, 1881. 4. Orlin
Thomas, b. Aug. 15, 1886. 5. Lottie Winona, b. Aug. 27,

ii. Martha Oeissa, b. Jan. 17. 18.53, in Wilsons Mills, Ohio; m.,
Sept. 7, 1871. Ethan Y. Tinker, b. June 1847, in Mass. He
was a farmer. Ch.: 1. Florence Melvina, b. June 19,
1873. 2. Edwin Brainerd. b. Xov. 28, 1881. 3. ElmiT
Garfield, b. Dec. 3, 1883.

609. Martha J.' Braixard (Hezekiah'^, Jesse", Elial-iin\ Gid-

eon^, James"', Daniel^) of Levden. Lewis Co., N. Y. ; m.,
Apr. 16. 185:, Stephen G. Rus^g, b. Sept. 5, 1814. Mrs.
Martha J. (Brainard) Rugg d.^Dec. 12. 1858. or '59. He
in. (2), . Mr. Stephen G. Rugg d. Mch 14, 1864.

No children :

Seventh Generation. 283

610. Ursox Thomas^ Brainard {Hezehiah^, Jesse', Eliakim\

Gideon^, James-, Daniel^) of , Geauga Co., Ohio;

m., June 19, 1853, in Ohio, Orissa Ann McGee, b. May 2,
1835, in Hillsboro, N. H., dau. of Solomon and Fannv
(Wellman) McGee, both of Leicester, JS*. H. He received
his education at the district school, and graduated at
Geauga Seminary, at which place he was the schoolmate
of the late James A. Garfield. For several years he was en-
gaged alternately in school teaching and farming.

Shortly after marriage, he removed to Iowa, the then far
west, where he settled on a farm in York Township, Tama
Co., in the central part of the state. The journey was ac-
complished in the then fashionable " Prairie schooner," or
covered wagon. Tama Co. was at this time very sparsely
settled, owing to the fact that the reservation of the
Muszuakee Indian, a remnant of the Sacs and Fox tribe,
was here located. At lirst the nearest neighbors to the
Brainards were two and one-half miles, and between set-
tlements one could ride 15 or 20 miles without seeing a
human habitation. He had to go 40 miles to mill, and it
took nearly a week; the roads were not as good in those
days. Persons who were so unfortunate as to have only
oxen, and they were in the majority, required a much
longer time.

Farming, however, was ne\-cr to his taste, so after a few years
he turned his attention to mercantile pursuits. He learned
the jeweler's trade, and was for some time proprietor of a
jeweler's store. He early evinced a desire for the law, the
study of which he pursued for many years in the same
school as Abraham Lincoln, viz., the garret, that is, he ob-
tained the books and read them as he could get the time
while keeping store. He was admitted to the bar in 1ST9,
gave up mercantile pursuits and devoted himself wholly to
the law. He held the office of justice of the peace 14 con-
secutive years, at Traer, Iowa, and was three times elected
Mayor on the Eepublican ticket. He also held the office of
town assessor one term. He retired from active life in
1889, owing to very poor health. The vn-iter once heard
an associate lawyer remark that " Squire Brainerd (as he
was universally called) was the best versed man in the law
in the State of Iowa." He was manager of the St. John
Manufacturing Co. He lived in Traer, Iowa, afterwards

■ in Cedar Eapids, Iowa.

A friend said of him, " He was one of the most honest, up-
right men I ever knew ; thoroughly temperate, a Cliristian,
whose influence for good was felt wherever he lived, and a
man who squarely met all the duties and responsibilities of
life. The good wife who assisted and cheered him through
12 years was living in health in 1895. Mr. Orson Thomas

Brainerd d. . Mrs. Orissa Ann (McGee) Brainerd

d. — .

284 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

Children :

1004. i. Abthub T., b. May 3, 1854, in Geauga Co., Ohio.

1005. ii. Chables Emeby, b. Feb. 22, 1856, in .

1006. iii. Flora A., b. Nov. 2, 1857, in Geauga Co., Ohio.

iv. Hezekiah, b. June 19, 1859, in Geauga Co.f Ohio; d. July 27,

V. Fannie Sovia, b. May 4. 1860, in Geauga Co., Ohio; d. Apr. 19,

vi. Everett, b. Dec. 25, 1863, in Geauga Co., Ohio; d. Feb. 8,


1007. vii. Laura Okissa, b. July 1, 1865, in Geauga Co., Ohio.

1008. viii. Sydney Wellman, b. June 9, 1867, in Tama City, Iowa.

Lx. Clarence A., b. June 19, 1869, in Tama City, Iowa. He was
principal of schools in Elbeion, Ohio. In 1891 he was at
Fifteen Mile, Iowa.

X. ZoE Maud, b. Feb. 6, 1876, in Tama City, Iowa.

611. Thomas Chalmers^ Bhainerd (Thomas^, Jesse\ Eliakim*,
Gideon^, James^, Daniel^) of Philadelphia, Philadelphia
Co., Pa. ; m., Jan. 5, 1865, Maria Laflin Boies, b. Nov. 24,
1844, dau. of Joseph M. and Electa C. (Laflin) Boies of
Saugerties, N. Y. He graduated from Yale College, 1859 ;
was a member of Psi Upsilon and Phi Beta Kappa; spent
his college vacations on United States Coast Survey.
Studied medicine at Jefferson Medical College, Philadel-
phia, being also office pupil of Prof. S. D. Gross, and
demonstrator of anatomy in the private school of Dr. D.
Hayes Agnew. At the breaking out of the Civil War he
applied for admission to medical corps of United States
regular army; was examined in New York with 94 others
and passed fifth in rank. Ordered to Washington and put
in charge of the General Hospital, established in Columbia
College buildings. This had 600 beds, was frequently
visited by President Lincoln, and was thought by the
authorities to be sufficient for the coming struggle. When
the war closed there were over 20,000 beds in the anny
hospitals of Washington, and Dr. Brainerd himself had
charge of one elsewhere containing 3,500. In January,
1862, was ordered to Port Eoyal, S. C, was for a time on
the staff there of Gen. T. W. Sherman, and was then as-
signed to duty with the regular array batteries of the de-
partment. Served with these about two years, until after
the surrender of Fort Wagner on Morris Island, on one oc-
casion, at the battle of Pocataligo, himself bringing away a
battery whose officers had all been disabled and ammuni-
tion exhausted. Was then put in charge of the hospital
steamer " Cosmopolitan," carrying to New York wounded
and sick soldiers from such southern ports as were in Union
possession. Later he was ordered to Philadelphia as execu-
tive officer of the Mower General Hospital, of which he
was subsequently in charge, as he was afterwards of the
Broad Street, McClellan, and Bristol Hospitals. At the
end of the war he woimd up all of these and others, dis-









Seventh Generation. 285

charging or transferring the inmates and disposing of the
property, received two brevets for " faitliful and meritori-
ous services," was examined for promotion and when
passed ordered to dutj' with the 3d United States Cavalry
in Arkansas and New Mexico. Resigned from the army in
1866, was for a time in the iron business at Allentown,
Pa., and then became Superintendent of the Laflin Powder
Co., which he was chiefly instrumental in having consoli-
dated with other concerns to form the Laflin & Eaud
Powder Co. On the incorporation of the latter, in August,
1868, he became its secretary, removed to New York, and
then to Montclair, N. J. In 1873 he resigned from this
company and built a set of powder works of his ovn\ at
York, Pa. These he sold in 1876 and removed to Canada,
having accepted the general agency for the Dominion of
some of the large United States explosive companies. In
December, 1876, he bought tlie controlling stock of the
Hamilton and Windsor Powder Companies; was President
of the Hamilton Powder Company for 28 years, during
which it became one of the leading manufacturing concerns
in Canada. On his sixty-seventh birthday he had a slight
paralytic seizure, and in 1905 entirely retired from active
business. Is a member of the (_!anadian Society of Civil
Engineers, the British Association, and a number of socie-
ties and clubs. Has taken much interest in the protection
of fish and game, and in harmonizing and enforcing the
laws on this subject in the provinces of Canada and the ad-
joining American states. He was one of the subscribers to
the monument at West Point. He resides in Montreal,
Canada, ilr. Thomas Chalmers Brainerd d. .

Children :

i. DwiGHT, b. Oct. 28. 1805. in Philadelphia. Pa. Grad. Mass.
Inst. Tech., 1887. President Hamilton Powder Co. and St.
Henri Chemical Co.. Slontreal.

ii. Henry Boies, b. May 21, 1867, in Allentown, Pa. Grad. Mass.
Inst. Tech., 1887. President Dominion Cartridge Co., Jlon-

iii. Ella Boies, b. Dec. IS, 18G9, in New York City; d. Sept. 1.5,

iv. Alice Er.^dfoud, b. Dec. 2, 1872, in Montclair, N. .J.
1009. V. Caroline Bigelow, b. Feb. 7, 1874, Montclair, N. J.

vi. WiNTHROP, b. Dec. 18, 1875, in Montclair, N. J. Grad. Yale
Univ. 1896. S. Superintendent Hamilton Powder Co., Mon-

vii. Herbert Whiting, b. Nov. 28. 1878, in Montreal, Can. Treas-
urer Dominion Cartridge Co., Montreal.

612. E:\tJiA GEiiTifUDE^ Brainjdrd (J'humas'^. -/'', Eliakim\
Gideon', Jaines^, Daniel'-) of Philadel]>liia. Philadelphia
Co., Pa.; m., Dec. 26, 1861, Henry Martyn Boies, b. 1837,
son of Joseph M. and Electa C. (Laflin) Boies of Sauger-
ties, N. Y. He was a classmate in Yale of his wife's elder
brother, they having exchanged sisters. He was formerly

286 Brahierd-Brainard Genealogy.

in the freighting- business on the Hudson Eiver. He was
President of the Dickson Manufacturing Co.; Colonel of
the 13th Eegt., Pa. A^. q. ; bank director, and prominent
in many religious and public movements: was President
of the Moosic Powder Co.; owner of the Boies Steel Car-
Wheel Works; member of the State Board of Public
Charities, etc., etc. He resided in Scranton, Pa. Mrs.
Emma Gertrude (Brainerd) Boies d. Nov. 1, 1868, in
Scranton, Pa. He m. (2) and had two children, Joseph
Milton and Daniel. Mr. Henrv Martvn Boies d. Dec.
12, 1903, in Wilkcsbarrc, Pa.

Boies children :

i. Mary, b. Jan. 22, 1863, in Philadelphia, Pa.; d. Aug. 13, 18G6.

ii. Caerington, b. May 13, 1865, in Philadelphia, Pa.; d. Aug. 10,

iii. Henry Whiting, b. Feb. 5, 1867, in Scranton, Pa. ; member of

the class of 1888, at Yale Coll.

613. Eevillo' Braixkhd (t:^ijlvcstcr^, Olirrr'", Elial-im\. CHdeon^,

James-, Daniel^) of Haddam, ^Middlesex Co., Conn.; ra.,
July 2G, 1828, Olivia Ann Dickinson,* b. Dee. 16, 1806,
dau. of David and Bathsheba (Dickinson) Dickinson. He
was a shoemaker living in Turkey Hill district, Haddam.
Mrs. Olivia Ann (Dickinson) Brainerd d. Aug. 11, 1863,
ae. 56 yrs.. 7 mos., 25 ds. Mr. Eevillo Brainerd d. Sejit.
22, 1844, ae. 80 yrs.. 10 mos., 23 ds.

Children :

i. Andrew Jackson, b. Apr. 18, 1829, in Haddam, Conu.: d. Feb.
28, 1851, aged 21 yrs. He was a mariner, and lived in Had-
dam, Conn.

1010. ii. Mary Lucinda, b. Aug. 19, 1832. in Haddam, Conn.

1011. iii. Calista Ann, b. Mch. 30, 1835, in Haddam, Conn.

1012. iv. Harriet Newell, b. Sept. 2, 1837, in Haddam, Conn.

v. David Levi, b. Feb. 16, 1842, in Haddam, Conn.: d. Aug. 11,

1842, ae. 6 mos.
vi. A son, b. May 14. 1843. in Haddam. Conn.; d. Tilay 21. 1843.
ae. 1 wk.
1U13. vii. Almanza Eudora, b. Apr. 22, 1845, in Haddam. Conn.

614. Deantheum Hobbard" Brainekd (Sylvester'^, Oliver'-', Elia-

Mm*, Gideoti^, James-, DanieP) of Haddam, Middlesex Co.,
Conn. ; m., Sept. 30, 1829, Sally Maria Dickinson,* b. Mch.
28, 1808, dau. of Darius and Anna (Hubbard) Dickinson
of Haddam. He was grand juror three years, board
of relief one year, justice of the peace one year, road
commissioner three years. He and his wife witli friends
celebrated their golden wedding Sept. 30, 1879. Eighty
relatives and members of the family attended the
festivities. Four generations were present, including the

* One correspondent gave the name Grace Dickinson and the date of
m., July 30, 1828.

Seventh Generation. 287

father of Mrs. Braincrd, Capt. Darius Dickinson, who was
9-11/^ years of age. He was a Freemason, and probably
the oldest member of that fraternity in this state. Mr.
Brainerd was 75 years old, and his wife 71 years
old. For several years she has had failing eyesight,
but during the past seven years she has made 30
bed quilts, one of which contains over 9,000 pieces;
most of the sewing had to be done with the work so near her
face that at times it would seem impossible for her to es-
cape injury. She has done her household work alone
through 50 years of domestic life, and reared a large fam-
ily. He lived in Turkey Hill district, Haddam.

Capt. Brainerd was a leading ship builder on the Connecticut
River for many years, building no less than 42 vessels anri
sailing craft for George E. and William H. Goodspeed. He
engaged in the business when only 18 years old, and at 21
was entrusted with the management of the ship yard. He
was one of the first Connecticut men to have anything to do
with steam vessels, and was among the first to make the trip
with the old steamboat " Enterprise." Of late years he
has given his attention to farming, and controls a large
tract of land of 200 acres or more in Haddam, Conn.

Among the guests present was Capt. Chauncey Dickinson, a
brother of Mrs. Brainerd, who was married the same day
with herself. A notable fact concerning the costiimes

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