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settlers of Haddam, Conn., whose wife, Sarah Olmsted, was dau. of Nicholas
Olmsted of Hartford, Conn.

Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

William, b. March 30, 1673-74, in Haddam, Conn.; bapt. May

5, 1674, in iliddletown. Conn.
Caleb, b. Nov. 20, 1675-76, in Haddam, Conn.
Elijah, b. about 1677-78, in Haddam, Conn.; bapt. March 26,

1678, in Middletown, Conn.
Hezekiah, b. May 24, 1680-81, in Haddam, Conn.; bapt. March

7, 16S2, in Middletown, Conn.

The Colonial Records of Connecticut (vol. 1689-1706), show that
Daniel Brainard was present as a deputy to the General Court at the May
session, 1692 (page 66), special session, June, 1692 (page 75), October
session, 1692 (page 78), May session, 1693 (page 92), special session,
September, 1693 (page 102), October session, 1693 (page 105), special ses-
sion, February, 1693-4 (i)age 117), May session, 1695 (page 138), Octo-
ber session, 1695 (page 149), October session, 1696 (page 174), May ses-
sion, 1697 (page 197), October session, 1697 (page 221), special session,
January, 1697-8 (page 235), May session, 1698 (page 244), October ses-
sion, 1698 (page 265), May session 1701 (page 343), October session, 1701
(page 359), May session, 1702 (page 372), October session, 1702 (page 395),
May session, 1703 (page 407), October session, 1703 (page 434), May ses-
sion, 1704 (page 461), October session, 1704 (page 482), May session,
1705 (page 499), October session, 1705 (page 521), Mav session, 1706
(page 532).

The same volume also shows that ilr. Daniel Brainard was chosen
Justice of the Peace for the county of Hartford at the May session in 1701
(page 347) and again in May, 1704 (page 467) and a third time in May,
1705 (page 499), May session, 1692. "This Court do for the present
upon good considerations and until further order free Daniel Braynard
from training." (page 71).

May session, 1700. " Some of the inhabitants of Haddam having pre-
sented Mr. Daniel Brainard Sr. to be established Capt. of the trainband
there, this Court considering the present circumstances of the people there,
doe see cause to suspend that matter till their sessions in October next "
(page 321).

There is no record of any further action upon this nomination of
Daniel Brainard, Senior, as captain, and he was in all probability never

The Colonial Records (vol. 1706-1716) show that Daniel Brainard was
present as a deputy to the General Court ( or assembly) at the special
August session, 1710 (page 163), October (regular) session, 1710 (page
141), October session, 1711 (page 275), November session (special) 1711
(page 293), October session, 1712 (page 345), October session, 1715 (page

As the records do not have the designation senior or junior after the
name in any case it is impossible to tell whether DanieU Brainard or his
son Daniels Brainard was the deputy, or Justice of the Peace. Certainly
it was Daniel, Jr., who was deputy in October, 1715, for Daniel Senior had
died in April of that year. It is" not an impossible supposition that Dan-
iel, Jr., was a deputy as early as 1692, and that all the later entries on the
records refer to liim.

A Daniel Brainard was confirmed as captain in 1714 (?) (page 465, of
vol. 1706-1716) and this was certainly Daniel2 Brainard.

Second Generation.



Daniel^ Brainerd, Jr. (Daniel'-), of Haddam, Middlesex
Co., Conn.; m., about 1688, Susannah Ventres, b., about
1(569, in Haddam, Conn., bapt. May 21, 1704, dau. of
Vfilliam and Elizabeth ( ) Ventres* of the same

place; she Joined the church Feb. 5, 1720-21. He was a
farmer, locating on the east side of Connecticut Eiver, a
mile north of East Haddam Landing, near a spring of
water at the southern end of Creelc Eow. where his
descendant. Darius Brainerd. lived and died. The property
(1890) was owned by another descendant, William Orrin
Brainerd. He was collector May 21, 1688, surveyor the
same year and in 1692 ; constable in 1693. He was elected
deacon in the Congregational Church in East Haddam,
in 1725, which office he held during life. He was often
chosen committee for laying out of lands in East Had-
dam, and was chosen one of the proprietors committee
Jan. 5, 1782. At a town meeting held in East Haddam
Sept. 21, 1724, Capt. Daniel Branierdf and Lieut. Joshua
Brainerd were of the committee chosen to Iniild a chui-ch.
He was several times chosen representative to the General
Court, at its semi-yearly sessions, which were held alter-
nately at Hartford and New Haven, Conn., nearly continu-
ously from Mav, 1726, to May, 1734. Dea. Daniel Brain-
ered d. Jan. 28, 1742-43, or, by his headstone, Feb. 28,
1742-43, ae. 77 vrs. Mrs. Susannah Brainerd d. Jan. 26,
1754, in her 86th year.
Children :

i. SusANKAH, b. Aug. 9, 1689. in East Haddam. Conn.; bapt. Mav
31, 1691. in ■Middletown. Conn.

ii. Daniel, b. Sept. 28. 1690, in East Haddam. Conn.: bapt. ifay
31, 1691. in Middletown, Conn.

iii. Hannah, b, June 12, 1694, in East Haddam, Conn,; bapt. June
21, 1696, in Jliddletown, Conn,

iv. NoADi.vH, b. April 4, 1697, in East Haddam. Conn.

v. Stephen, b. Feb. 27. 1699. in East Haddam. Conn, ; bapt. June
9, 1700, in Middletown. Conn.

vi. Bezaleel, b. April 17, 1701, in East Haddam, Conn.

vii. Maky, b. Sept. 10. 1703, in East Haddam, Conn,; bapt, Jlav 24.

* The wife of William Ventres, at the time he made his will, was Eliza-
beth. Savage thinlcs she was not the mother of his children. I have been
unable to find any statement for or against it. In his will he calls his
dau. Eli'zabeth Brainwood,

t Colonial Records of Connecticut. 1706-1716, Vol. 5, p. 465, Oct., 1714:
" This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. Daniel Brainard to be
Captain of the companv or trainband in the town of East Haddam,
D — 4

Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.


3. SusANXA}!" BiLUXERD (Daniel'-. Daniel^) of East Haddam,

Middlesex Co., Conn.; m. John Olmsted, b. 1677 in East
Haddam, Conn., son of Samuel and Mary (Lord) Olm-
sted of the same place. He was a farmer in East Had-
dam. Mrs. Susannah (Brainerd) Olmsted d. Feb. 6, 1746,
in her 57th year. Mr. John Olmsted d. July 10. or 15,
1771, in his 95th year.
Olmsted children :
i. 8.\BAH, bapt. .June 15. 1707, in East Haddam, Conn.; m., Dec. 3,
1730, George Gates 2d. He d. Dee. 29, 1756. She d. Aug.
25, 17S4. Ch.: 6.
ii. iI.\Ry. bapt. Oct. 23, 1709, in East Haddam, Conn.: d. Aug. 8,

iii. D.\NIEL, bapt. Oct. 7, 1711, in East Haddam, Conn.; m. Rebecca

Spencer, dau. of Isaac Spencer,
iv. .JoHX. bapt. May 30, 1714, in East Haddam. Conn.; m. Abigail

Cone, dau, of Stephen Cone,
V. ■J.\ME.s, bapt, Oct, 7, 1716, in East Haddam, Conn.; m. June IS,

1763, Anna Cone, dau. of Stephen Cone,
vi. SuSAxx.^H. bapt. June 27, 1718, in East Haddaju, Conn.; m.

Jonathan Gates, son of Joseph Gates,
vii. Stephen, bapt. Aug. 17, 1721. in East Haddam. Conn.; m. JIary

viii. Abigail, bapt, Aug, 29, 1725. in East Haddam, Conn.; m.
Jime 2, 1751, Elisha Cone, son of Stephen Cone.

ix. Jox.\THAx. bapt. Xov. 26, 1727. in East Haddam, Conn.: m.
Ruth Cone. dau. of Stephen Cone tho third. She d. Dec. 2,
1707. in her 63d year. He d. April 2, 1817, in his 90th year.

X. XoADiAii. bapt. Sept. 10. 1732. in East Haddam. Conn.

xi. Zechariah, bapt. Aug. 18. 17.34. in East Haddam, Conn.

4. Daxtel-' Braineed {Daniel-. Daniel^) of East Haddam,

Middlesex Co., Conn. ; m., Feb. 2, 1715, Hannah Selden, b.
1686, in Deerfield. Mass., dau. of Joseph and Kebecea
(Church) Selden of Lvme, Conn. She joined Congrega-
tional Church in East Haddam Feb. 24. 1724-25. He
joined the church June 12, 1726. He was a farmer in
East Haddam. Mr. Daniel Brainerd d. Sept. 28,* 1728,
ac. 38 yrs., and is buried in Hadlyme graveyard. After his
death she m. (2), Dec. 3, 1730. Jonathan Chapman, and
had four children. Mrs. Hannah (Selden) (Brainerd)
Chapman d. March IT. 1742. ae. 56 vrs. He d. August
23, 1742.

Children :
i. Susannah, b. Xov. 27. 1716, in East Haddam, Conn.; d, Feb.

4 or 10, 1726-27, in her 11th year,
ii. Hannah, b. Nov. 28. 1718, in East Haddam, Conn.; d. Feb. 17,

1726, in her 9th year.

* Hartford probate records, Bk. 12, pp. 143-4, gives the date as Sept. 8,

Third Generation. 43

10. iii. Daniel, b. Feb. 24, 1720-21, in East Haddam, Conn.

iv. Mary, b. Sept. 24. 1723. in East Haddara, Conn.; d. Feb. 2,

V. Susannah, b. Aug. 9, 1726, in East Haddam, Conn.; d. Sept.

14. 1751. in her 26th year.

11. vi. Hannah, b. April 17, 1729, in East Haddam, Conn.

5. Hannah^ Brainerd {Daniel^, Daniel^) of East Haddam,

Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Jan. 8, 1718-19, Joseph Gates,
b. Dec. 28, 1695-96, sou of Joseph and Elizalu'th (Hunger-
ford) Gates of East Haddaui. He \\a> a farmer in
East Haddam. Mrs. Hannah (Brainerd) Gates d. March
20, 1744. ae. 19 yrs. Mr. Joseph Gates d. Xov. 1, 1770,
ae. 75 yrs.

Gates children.

i. Hannah, b. Nov. 16, 1719, in East Haddam, Conn.; m. :Mr.

Spencer, probably Ebenezer Spencer,
ii. .JosKPH, b. March 28. 1722, in East Haddara. Conn.; m. Dec.

4. 1746. .\bigail Fuller. She d. Sept. 9, 1807, ae. 83 years.

He d. .April 17. 1808. ae. 80 yrs. Five ch.
iii. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 12, 1724, in East Haddam, Conn.; m. Jonah

Cone, son of Daniel Cone,
iv. Bezaleel. b. Oct. 14, 1726, in East Haddam. Conn.; m. Mary

V. Susannah, b. Nov. 24. 1730, in East Haddam. Conn.; d. ilay

25, 1742.
vi. Aaron, b. Oct. 20, 1733. in East Haddam. Conn.; d. Aug. 14,

vii. Ann. h. Oct. 20, 1733. in East Haddam. Conn.; d. Au<t. 18,

viii. David, b. April IS. 1738. in East Haddam. Conn.; d. .\ug. 12,


6. XoADrAU^ Brainkrd {DdiiicI-. DanieP) of East Haddam,

Middlesex Co., Conn.; in., June 4. 1724, Hannah Cone,
bapt. Xov. 18, 1705, dau. of Jared and Elizabeth ( )

Cone of East Haddam, Conn. Sbe joined the church Xov.
7, 1725. He joined the church May 21. 1732, and was
elected deacon of the Congregational Church in East Had-
dam April, 1743, which office he held until his death.
Mrs. Hannah (Cone) Brainerd d. May 14, 1744, in her
38th year. He m. (2), 1745, Deborah (Dudley) Selden
of Lyme. Conn., b. Xov. 15, 1701. dau. nf Lieut. Joseph
and Sarah (Pratt) Dudley of Guilford, Conn., and widow
of Capt. or Dea. Samuel Selden of L3^ne, Conn. He
was representative to the General Assembly in the years
1742-43-45-46. He was a farmer in East Haddam. Dea.
Xoadiah Brainerd d. Sept. 30, 1746, ae. 49 yrs. Mrs.
Deborah (Dudley) (Selden) Brainerd d. March 8, 1800,
in her 99th yr., and was buried in the ^larvin Cemetery
in Xorth Lyme, beside her first husband.

Children :

Hannah, b. April 24. 1725, in East Haddam, Conn.
Mary. b. April 27, 1727, in East Haddam, Conn.

i Brainerd-Brainard Genecdogy.

iii. NoADiAH. b. March 10. 1729, in East Haddam, Conn.; d. JIaicli
31, 1750-51 (or d. March 31, 1741, by M. L. Roberts).

iv. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 12, 1731, in East Haddam, Conn.; d. Jan.
15, 1731-32.

V. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 27, 1732-33, in East Haddam, Conn.; d.
June 13, 1733.

14. vi. Sybil, b. June 7, 1736, in East Haddam, Conn.

15. vii. Jared, b. Sept. 17, 1737, in East Haddam, Conn.

7. Stephen" Bii.uxAnD* {Daniel", Daniel'-) of East Haddam,
Middlesex Co., Conn. ; m., Dec. 24, 1730, Susannah Gates,
b. Sept. 21, 1705, in East Haddam, dau. of Joseph
and Elizabeth (Hungerford) Gates of the same place. He
was a farmer, and settled in the southwest district, in West-
chester parish, in the town of Colchester, New London Co.,
Conn., on an elevation of ground just north of the line divid-
ing the town of East Haddam from Colchester. His removal
was then regarded as a removal into the country; all around
was a dense forest, and the deer were then so plenty' that
they could be shot from their door. Tradition says his
path from East Haddam to Westchester was marked by the
blazing of trees. He cleared the land and made prepara-
tion for building a house, and when Saturday night came,
sat down on a log and looked toward home and cried
because -he was so far from home. The following week,
on 'Saturday night, he was to return to his father's home,
about five miles distant, near East Haddam Landing. He
was accompanied by twof others when he went into the wild
and uninhabited country. The house he built was on the
site where his grandson, Amaziah Brainard, afterwards
built a house, and in which he lived during his lifetime.
When an old man and several of his grandsons were going
to Hamilton Co., N. Y., he wondered they could go so far
from home. His descendants always spoke of him with the
greatest respect, and the following incident will show him
to be entitled to it : One night, when quite aged, several
3'oung men of somewhat convivial habits had assembled by
the well which was near the corner of the house where he
had his room, and hearing their loud talk as the glass was
passed from one to the other, he arose from his bed, and
opening the door said, " Gentlemen, I do not allow such
talk around my house," then closed the door. Not another
loud word was spoken, and the group quietly dispersed, it
is hoped with wiser and better thoughts for mending their
They were constituent members of the church in Westchester
when it was formed, and probably before had belonged to
the church in East Haddam. Mrs. Susannah (Gates)

* Died, Jan. 2G. 1784. Caesar, negio servant to Stephen Brainard. ae. 66

Third Generation. -ts

Brainerd d. April 39, 1793, ae. nearly 88 yrs. She was the
first person to be buried in the Southwest Cemetery in West-
chester. All bodies before that time had been carried to
East Haddam for interment, nearly six miles distant, on a
bier, and borne on men's shoulders. Mr. Stephen Brainerd
d. March 30, 1794, ae. 95 yrs.

Children :

16. i. Susannah, b. Sept. 24 or 29, 1731, in Westchester, Conn.

17. ii. Elizabeth, b. Sept. or Dee. 17, 1733, in Westchester, Conn.

18. iii. Hannah, b. Nov. 2, 1737, in Westchester, Conn.

19. iv. Mary, b. Feb. 1.5. 1739-40, in Westchester, Conn.

20. V. Stephen, b. March 24, 1741-42, in Westchester, Conn.

21. vi. Sarah, b. Apr. 30, 1744, in Westchester, Conn.

22. vii. William, b. Aug. 27, 1746, in Westchester, Conn. By town

records his birth was Aug. 16.

8. Bezaleel' Brainekd* {Daniel-, Daniel^) of East Haddam,
Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Nov. 30, 1727, Mary Gates,* b.
Aug. 29, 1703, in East Haddam, Conn., dau. of Dea.
Thomas and Hannah (Brainerd) Gates of the same place.
She joined the church April 27, 1735. Mrs. Mary (Gates)
Brainerd d. March 1, 1742, ae. 38 yrs. He m. (2), June 17,
1744, Elizabeth Warner, b. Oct. 17, 1721, in Sunderland,
Mass., dau. of Daniel and Elizabeth (Adams) Warner,
then of East Haddam, Conn. Mrs. Elizabeth (Warner)
Brainerd d. Oct. 5, 1746, in her 25th yr. He m. (3). May
19, 1749, Phebe (Smith) Almany, b. May 16, 1720, inEast-
ham, Mass., dau. of Ealph and Mary (Mayo) Smith of East
Hampton, formerly Chatham, Conn., and widow of George
Almany, late of Eastham, Mass., who d. Jan., 1747-48.
As he took command of the East Haddam military com-
panj', his soldiers, wishing to honor him on his pro-
motion, fired a salute, which, by an accidental discharge
of the gun, wounded him in one of his legs, causing his
death. He was a farmer, living about a mile north of
East Haddam Landing. Capt. Bezaleel^ Brainerd d. Oct.
9, 1749, in his 49th yr. He died while making his will and
before he had signed it. The will was accepted and put
on file in the Probate Office, and is now in Colchester, Conn.,
and his property distributed according to his will. His
widow married John Marsh, formerly of Braintree, Suffolk
Co., Mass., but then of East Haddam, Conn. She had two
children bv this marriage. Mrs. Phebe (Smith) (Almany)
(Brainerd) Marsh d. Jan. 23, 1760, in her 40th yr.

Children by the first marriage :

i. Hannah, b. Aug. 26, 172S. in East Haddam. Conn.; d. Sept. 29,

* The manuscript said lie ni. Hannah Gates.

t Colonial Records of Connecticut (1744-1740), Vol. IX, p. 387, Oct.,
1748. This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. Bazaleel Brainerd to be
Captain of the south company or trainband in the town of East Haddam,
and order that he be commissioned accordingly.

t Tills name is often spelled Bezaliel.

46 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

ii. Esther, b. Oct. 21. 1729. in East Haddara, Conn.; d. Dec. 19.

iii. M.\RY. 1). .Tune 3. 1731. in East Haddam. Conn.: d. Jan. 10.


23. iv. Fruix, b. April 15, 1733, in East Haddam, Conn.

V. Susannah, b. Dec. 14, 1734, in East Haddam. Conn.; d. Dec.
22, 1737.

24. vi. Bezaleel, b. April 15. 1737. in East Haddam. Conn.

vii. Mart. b. July 7. 1740, in East Haddam. Conn.; d. Oct. 12,

Child by the second marriage :

25. viii. Daniel, b. ilarch 17. 1746. in East Haddam, Conn.

Child by the third marriage:

26. i.K. Enoch, b. Sept. 9. 1749. in East Haddam. Conn.

9. Mary^ BiiAiNAiiD {Daniel-, Danle?) of East Haddam, Mid-
dlesex Co., Conn.; m., July, 1738, William Olmsted, b.
Xov. 21, 1705, in East Haddam, Conn., son of Samuel and
Mary (Eowley) Olmsted of the same place. He was Ser-
geant in 1740, and afterwards Captain. Mrs. Mary (Brain-
erd) Olmsted d. April 16, 1742. He m. (2), Nov. 5, 1743,
Anna Eowley, and had four children. He was a farmer
in East Haddam. Capt. William Olmsted d. April 16,

Olmsted children :

i. William, b. Sept. 4. 1728. in East Haddam, Conn.; m. March
20, 1746, Mary Cone, dau. of Noadiah Cone. She d. Jan. 3,
1791. He d. Jan. 1, 1811, in Canaan, N. Y. Seven ch.

ii. Mary, b. Oct. 1. 1729, in East Haddam, Conn.; m. Aug. 29,
1746, Joseph Bates, son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Spencer)
Bates. She m. (2), Eleazer Brainerd. Ch. by the first mar-
riage: Mary, b. Nov. 24, 1747.

iii. Sakah" b. March 21. 1732-33, in East Haddam. Conn.; m. Col.
Jabez Chapman, b. 1731. She d. July 4, 1809. ae. 78 vrs.
He d. Jan. 27, 1820, ae. 88 yrs. Nine ch.

iv. Abigail, b. Sept. 10. 1735, in East Haddam, Conn.; m. Sept.
24, 1755, Sylvanus Tinker. She d. Oct. 2, 1773. Eight ch.

V. Samuel, b. Sept. 13, 1737, in East Haddam, Conn. ; m. Esther
Robards or Roberts of Cairo, N. Y.

vi. Dorothy, b. Feb. 9, 1741-42. in East Haddam, Conn.; d. April
14. 1743.

Fourth Generation. 4:7


10. Daxikl* Brainerd, Esq. {Daniel^, Daniel-, Daniel'-) of East
Hadclam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., July 7, 1743, his cousin
Hannah Gates^ b. Oct. 23, 1723, dan. of Dea. Jeremiah and
Sarah (Emmons) Gates of East Haddam, Conn. Mrs.
Hannah (Gates) Brainerd d. Mav 5 or G. 1746, in her 33d
yr. He m. (2). Aug. 15, 1751, Esther Gates, b. July 27,
1727, dau. of Thomas and Dorothy (Cone) Gates of East
Haddam, Conn. Mrs. Esther (Gates) Brainerd d. May
11, 1769, in her 42d yr. He m. (3), Prudence Gridley of
Farmington, Conn. Mr. Daniel Brainerd d. Jan. 10, 1777,
nearly 56 yrs. of age. His gravestone says: ''A man dis-
tinguished for his pviblic spirit and exemplary life." His
widow maiTied, Xov. 11, 1779, John Porter of Farmington,
Conn. Mrs. Prudence (Gridley) (Brainerd) Porter d.
June 8, 1811, in her 75th yr., and is buried in the Landing
Cemetery at East Haddam, Conn.

He was judge of probate, justice of the peace, and town clerk
1769-77, and member of the semi-annual sessions of the
legislature in May and October, 1760, and from May, 1765,
to October, 1776, inclusive. He was a farmer. Judge
Brainerd was known as the Butternut Lawyer from the
ordinary color of his clothing.

From The Neiv London Gazette of Jan. 17, 1777, the follow-
ing is taken : "At East Haddam, on the 6th instant, Daniel
Brainerd Esq. for a number of Years past one of the repre-
sentatives of the Town, was suddenly struck with an
apoplectic Disorder, which deprived him of his Reason,
locked up his Senses, and put an end to his life last Friday
morning Jan. 10. in the 55th year of his age. Without the
help of a lil)era) Education, in early Life, by uncommon
Application to Study, and a diligent Improvement of his
Time, together with the Advantages of a Mind, naturally
penetrating and Comprehensive, he had attained that
Degree of Knowledge, which qualified him for public Busi-
ness, and enabled him to sustain a variety of Offices with
Honor to himself and Benefit to others. He was a man of
great Tnti'ixritv. >low and dolilirrato in forming his Judg-
ment. Ill' iniiM ii(,i Ih' tiii'iifil a~i'l(' from the purpose of his
Duty. Iiy aiiv nf ihc .\rt> nF Di.-Hiiiulation, Flattery or Cor-
ruption, las Stability uf Mind and ardent Love for his
Country, have manifested themselves for some Time past in
his resolutely firm and unwearied Exertions for the public
Good wherever his Influence extended and for raising effec-
tual Opposition to the Power and violence of our Enemies;
but the greatest and best Thing that can be said of him, is.

Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

that he was as we have Eeason to believe a good Christian
and a faithful Servant of God, and that he has gone to
inherit the Promises. The Society and Town where he
lived has lost a great Bond of Union and Support of
Authority, the Poor and Injured a Patron and Benefactor,
and the church of God an example of Virtue and true Re-
ligion. ' Help Lord for the Godly Man ceaseth, and the
Faithful fall from among the Children of Men '."

Child by the first marriage :
i. Daniel, b. Mavch 10, 1744, in East Haddam, Conn.; d. Aug. 15,

Children by the second marriage:

ii. Gideon, b. Dec. 2, 1752, in East Haddam, Conn.; d. Oct. 25,
1775, at Roxbury, in Mass Bay, in his 23d yr. He en-
listed in Gen. Spencer's Brigade in 1775, in Capt. Willy's
Co. He d. of smallpox at 10 o'clock at night.

iii. Daniel, b. June 13, 1755, in East Haddam. Conn.

iv. Esther, b. Aug. 7, 1757, in East Haddam. Conn.

V. Jeremiah Gates, b. July 28, 1759, in East Haddam, Conn.

vi. Hannah, b. Aug. 25, 1761, in East Haddam, Conn.

vii. Susannah, b. Feb. 1, 1766, in East Haddam, Conn.; d. May 9,

Children by the third marriage :

31. viii. Susannah, b. June 21, 1772, in East Haddam, Conn.

32. ix. Prudence, b. .July 31, 1774, in East Haddam. Conn.

33. X. Mary, b. Sept. 1. 1776. in East Haddam, Conn.

11. Hannah^ Brainerd {DanieP, DanieP, Daniel^) of East
Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; ni., May 9, 1749, Jabez
Warner, b. Nov. 5, 1720, son of John and Mehitable (Chap-
man) (Richardson) Warner of East Haddam, Conn. He
was a farmer living a little north of the East Haddam
line near Hadlyme, Conn. Mrs. Hannah (Brainerd)
Warner d. in the fall of 1811, in her S2d year. Mr. Jabez
Warner d. about Dec. 17, 1816, ae. 96 yrs.

Warner children :

i. Jaui:/., 1). Aul:. 19, 1750. in East Haddam. Conn.; m. Dec. 25,

17S6. Sarali Harvey. He d. Feb. 8, 1812, ae. 61 yrs.
ii. Susaxnah, b. April 9, 1753, in East Haddam. Conn.; m. Joseph

or James Banning.
iii. Hannah, 1). Nov. 21. 1755, in East Haddam. Conn.; ni. Samuel

iv. Elizabeth, b. May 18, 1758, in East Haddam, Conn.; m. Elijah

V. Selden, b. Dec. 8, 1760, in East Haddam, Conn.; ni. .Tune 30,

1785, Betsey Brockway.
vi. Mehetable, b. Aug. 31, 1763, in East Haddam, Conn.; m.

James Eanney; 2d, Joseph Gates,
vii. Daniel, b. June 22, 1766, in East Haddam, Conn,
viii. Sarah, b. March 6. 1769, in East Haddam, Conn.; m. Sterling

Clark. She d. July 5, 1855.
ix. LuciNDA. b. JIarch 29, 1773. in East Haddam, Conn.: m.

Richard Willis or Wvllys.

Fourth Generation. +•♦

12. Hanxau'' Bilvixekd (Noadiah'-', DaiiicP, DanieV) of East

Haddani, Middlesex Co., Conn. ; m., Dec. 26, 1744, William
Selby, b. June 5, 1717, son of Jeremiah and Susannah
(Button) Selby of East Haddam, Conn. He was a far-
mer in East Haddam. Mrs. Hannah (Brainerd) Selby d.
Feb. 1, 1748-49, in her 23d yr. He m. (2), Feb. 6, 1749-
50, Dorothy Booge, and had six children. She d. April
6, 1764, ae. 87 yrs. He m. (3), Feb. 38, 1765, Anna
Sparrow, probably widow of John Sparrow. Mr. William
Selby d. June 6, 1804, ae. 87 yrs., and was buried in the
Town Hill burying j^ard in East Haddani.

Selby children :
i. Jeremiah, b. Dec. 9, 1745, in East Haddam, Conn.; ni. Sarah

Cone. Eight ch.
ii. William, b. July 23, 1747, in East Haddam, Conn.; m. and

settled in Hartland, Conn.

13. M.AEY* BraixjUU) {Noadiah^, Daniel", Daniel^) of East Had-

dam,- Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Feb. 26, 1749, Bezaleel
Gates, b. Oct. 14, 1726, in East Haddam, Conn., son of
Joseph and Hannah (Brainerd) Gates of the same place.
He was a farmer in East Haddam. He was called Ensign.
Mrs. Marv (Brainerd) Gates d. Dec. 24, 1796, in her 70th
yr. Mr. Bezaleel Gates d. March 28, 1802, in his 76th jr.

Gates children:
i. Hannah, b. May 24, 1750, in East Haddam, Conn.; d. .Jan. 10,

1827, ae. 75 yrs.

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