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30, 1880. He m. (2), Apr. 12, 1882, Clara Annette Mar-
tin, b. Jan. 12, 1866, in St. Joseph Co., Mich. He enl.
July 2, 1862, Co. A, 17th Mich. Vol. Inf. He was in 13
battles, viz.: South Moiiiit;iin. Antiilaiii. FriMlci-ick^lnii-fc,
Va.; siege of Vicksburg, Ciimilirl Statimi. I'ciiii. ; siruv of
Knoxville. Teiin.; battle of the ^\■ikk■l•ness, \'a. ; Spotsyl-
vania. Va. : t'.i'i-iiHida Hundred, Va. ; Cold Harbor, Va.;
sii'gi' (if I'ctrrsliurg, Va., and with the nimiberless skir-
mishes incident thereto, was never absent from his com-
mand a minute without orders, had his clothes pierced with
bullets but never wounded, never missed answering to his
name at the roll call, never received a cross word from any
officer in his whole three years of service. He started as
a ])rivate and hi'M his own all through. He was disc.
.July 19, ISG.J, reason, end of the war. (Such a record
must insure anyone to t^e title of High Private.) He
lived in Adrian, Mich. Mr. Francis Asbury Brainard d.

Children by the first marriage :

i. Emma Gertrude, b. Oct. .5, 1807, iu Adrian, Mich.

ii. Frank Luther, b. Jan. 30. 1871, in Adrian, Mich.-, d. Oct. 14,

iii. Fred Andrew, b. Nov. 7, 1872, in Adrian, Mich,
iv.. Clara Maud, b. July 11, 1874. in Adrian, Mich.; d. Sept. 24 or

2S. 1893. She was shot nt liy Xclson Keeney, and died the

following day from fri.a'lit.

362 Brainerd-Brainard

Children by the second marriage :

V. Francis Wayland, b. Apr. 21, 1888, in Adrian, Mich.

vi. Bernice Ethel, b. Apr. 19, 1891, in Adrian, Mich.

844. George^ Beainard {Rabzey', Benjamin^, Asahe¥, Benja-

min*, James^, James-, Daniel^) of Prairieville, Barrj' Co.,
Mich.; m., May 30, 1855, Helen Marj^ Williams, b. June
4, 1832, dau. of Jolm Whitman and Martha A. (Knapp)
Williams. Mrs. Helen Mary (Williams) Brainard d. Xov.
15, 1893. John Whitman Williams was b. Aug. 17, 1795.
in Rome, N". Y., and d. Aug. 13, 1847, in the township of
Gun Plains, Allegan Co., Mich., and was buried in Orange-
ville Cemetery, Barry Co. Martha A, Knapp was b. Nov.
21, 1797, in Rome, N. Y., and d. Apr. 22, 1873, in Prairie-
ville, and was buried by the side of her husband. He was
a manufacturer of woolen cloth in his earlier days, but in
his latter days he was a Baptist clergyman.
George Brainard i-eceived his education at the district school
and at the academy in Leoni Township, Jackson Co., Mich.
He taught school t^'elve winters and has held the office of
school inspector and has been justice of the peace for
several terms, and Master of the subordinate Grange about
ten years, Master of Pomona Grange one year, and Overseer
of Pomona Grange one year, and representative to the
State Grange one term. In politics he was a bi-metalist.
His wife was a teacher before marriage. Mr. George
Brainard d. .

Children :

1193. i. Geobgiana Helen, b. Apr. 11, 1856, in Prairieville, Mich.

1194. ii. Martha Ada, b. July 15, 1857, in Prairieville, Mich.

1195. iii. Frank Williams, b. Jan. 30, 1859, in Prairieville, Mich.
11^. iv. Clara Belle, b. Dec. 9, 1860, in Prairieville, Mich.

V. A child, b. Apr. 2, 1862, in Prairieville, Mich.; d. Apr. 11,
119i. vi. John Ralzey, b. Oct. 30. 1864, in Prairieville, Mich.

1198. vii. Harriet Amelia, b. Jlch. 25. 1866, in Prairieville, Mich.

1199. viii. Lucia Jane, b. Nov. 19, 1867, in Prairieville, Mich.

ix. Genevieve, b. Jan. 24, 1869, in Prairieville, Mich.; a teacher
of vocal and instrumental music; was an attendant in the
insane asylum in Traverse City for two years.

X. Benjamin Russell, b. Mch. 26, 1871, in Prairieville, Mich.;
was a farmer in North Dakota, then a teacher of vocal and
instrumental music,- after that was an attendant in the
Kalamazoo Asylum for over 3 years. On account of im-
paired health he left and was (1900) in Altman, Col.

xi. George Edward, b. Apr. 8, 1873, in Prairieville, Mich. He
has served as an attendant in the Traverse Citv Insane
Asylum for two years (1900).

xii. J. WiiiTMAN, b. Oct. 20, 1874, in Prairieville, Mich. ; was an
attendant for one year in the Insane Asylum, later was
learning the flouring business, by working in the mill.

845. Caroline^ Brainard {Rahzeif, Benjamin^, Asaliel^, Benja-

min*, James^, James^, Daniel'-) of Leoni. Jackson Co.,

Eighth Generation. 363

Mich.; m., Nov. 6, 1845, in Leonidas Township, Jackson
Co., Mich.; Edwin Lewis Eichards, b. Dec. 24, 1822, son
of Nathan and Polly S. (Bell) Richards. He was a
farmer, residing in the township of Irving, Barry Co.,
Mich. Mrs. Caroline (Brainard) Eichards d. .

Eichards children :

i. George Benjamin, b. Sept. ■21, 1847, in Jackson Co., Mich.
He Was a machinist: unm.

ii. Ralzey Brainakd, b. May 13, 1849, in Jackson Co., Mich.; m.,
Oct. 29, 1889, Mary Amanda Alleiding, in Campbell Town-
ship, Iowa Co., Mich,, dau. of Nicholas and Lydia (Bann),
Allerding, b. in Belgium. Cli. : 1. Brainard Ralzey, b.
Mch. 16, 1891, in Hastings City, Mich. She d. Apr. 16, 1892,
in that place. He has served two terms, or four years as
County Registrar of Deeds. He was an agent for selling-
farm instruments.

iii. Marion Adelia, b. Aug, 22, 1852, in Jackson Co,, Mich.; m.,
June 28, 1874, Stephen Smith, of Prairieville, Mich.; b.
Mch. 26, 1850, in Brentford, Can., son of Allen M. and
Phebe (Smith) Smith from Canada. Ch.: 1. Clarence
Estt, b. Mch. 9, 1875, 2, William R,, b. Feb, 10, 1878. 3.
Ester A., b. Jan. 14, 1880. 4. Ernest, b. Oct. 1, 1882; d.
Oct. 26, 1883, 5. Edwin A„ b, Mch, 10, 1885, 6, Llewellyn
E., b. Apr. 7, 1887. 7. Hazel A,, b. Apr. 28, 1889. 8.
Effie B., b. July 5, 1892; all b. in Prairieville, Mich.

iv. Maetette Amelia, b. Aug. 22, 1852, in Jackson Co., Mich.;
m., Mch. 7, 1890, J, C. Bray; b. May 26, 1832, in Brent Co.,
Can,, son of John and Joannah (Sweazey) Bray, emigrat-
ing to Can, in 1800, from N, Jersey, Ch,: ' 1, Edna
Fern, b. Sept, 14, 1891, 2. Josephine Ciman, b. May 16,
1893. 3. Corwin Earle, b. Nov. 22, 1894. Mr. Bray
removed to Mich, in 1855.

V. James Frederick, b. Sept. 13, 1855, in Jackson Co., Mich.;
m., Mch. 24, 1881, Clara L. DeWolf, b. Aug. 3, 1852, in
Stafford, N. Y., dau, of Peter and Lovina G, (Bates) De
Wolfe, of Prairieville. Mich, She was a school teacher,
Ch,: 1, Edwin Peter, b. Sept, 29, 1884, 2, Ethel Angeline,
b, July 1, 1887, He was an engineer, merchant, justice of
the peace, and a member of the school board,

vi, Russell Warren, b, July 24, 1858, in Jackson Co., Mich,;
m,, July 1, 1885, Sophia L, Wales, b, June 18, 1867, in
Prairieville, Mich,, dau, of Francis F, and Jane Eliza
(Terry) Wales, formerly of Prattsburg, N, Y, He and his
wife were each a teaclier of vocal and instrumental music.
She is now devoted to church and missionary work, and he
is a farmer. He was a soldier in the Civil War. He now
draws a pension. Ch.: 1. Terry Albert, b. May 18, 1886.
2. Jane Eliza, b. Apr. 9, 1890. 3. Russell Wales, b. May
29, 1890, All b, in Prairieville, Mich.

vii. Mart Lulu Estelle, b, Jan, 20, 1863, in Jackson Co,, Mich,;
m,, Oct, 1, 1884, J, R. Flower, b, Nov, 30, 1847, son of Mar-
vin Flower, b, Apr., 1812, in Springfield. Mass.; d. Jan.
20. 1897: buried in Prairieville, Mich. Ch. 1, Delos
H,, b. Dee. 26, 1885, in Mich, 2. Fern F., b, Aug. 17, 1888,
in Mich, 3. Loyal K.. b, Nov. 5. 189.'^, in Minn, 4,
Lois M,, b, Oct, 9, 1898, in Minn,

viii. Ai-TA Belle, b, Oct. 18, 1865, in .Jackson Co,, Mich.; d. June
24, 1899, in Grand Rapids. Mich. She was an amiable and
enterprising young lady.

ix. Effa Maud, b. June 21, 1869, in Jackson Co., Mich. She is
highly esteemed and is considered an expert in vocal and

364 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

instrumental music. She is a teacher of music in a Wis-
consin institution of learning.

846. James^ Braixard {Rabzeif', Benjamin^, AsaheV", Benjamin'^.
James^, Jamcs^, Daniel^) of Prairieville, Barry Co., Mich.;

m., Jan. 2, 1860, Sarah Diantha Henderson, b. , dau.

of David and Maria (Quick) Henderson of Leoni, Mich.
Mrs. Sarah Diantha (Henderson) Brainard d. May 10,
1861, ae. 27 yrs., 3 mos., 1 d., and was buried in Leoni,
Jackson Co., Mich. He was a farmer. He m. (2), Aug.
26, 1861, Paulina A. Carpenter, in Prairie\ille, Mich., b.
in New York State, dau. of Nathaniel W. and Almira
(Lewis) Carpenter. Mr. James Brainard d. Oct. 9, 1861,
and was buried in Prairieville Cemetery. Mrs. Paulina A.
Carpenter) Brainard d. .

Child by the first marriage:

i. LuLA E., b. 1861 ; d. in Prairieville, Mich., Sept. G, 1861, ae.

847. Amelia Chloette* Beaineed {Benjamin', Benjamin^,

Asahel^, Benjamin^, James', James^, Daniel'-) of Sandusky,

Erie Co., Ohio; m., , Warren Brown, b. Jan. 16,

1840, son of N. and Brown. He was a tinner by

trade, and has resided in Sandusky, Ohio; in 1896 was in
Cleveland. Ohio. Mrs. Amelia Chloette (Brainerd) Brown
d. .

Brown children:

i. Stantox W., b. Oct. 21, 1866, in Sanduskv, Ohio.

ii. Lestee S., b. McL. 27, 1869, in Sandusky, Ohio.

iii. William M., b. Jan. 17, 1872, in Sandusky, Ohio; d. Aug. 27,

iv. Mabel A., b. Sept. 3, 1873, in Sandusky, Ohio.
V. Daisy D., b. Aug. 1, 1875, in Sandusky, Ohio,
vi. BuETAN N., b. May 14, 1878, in Sandusky, Ohio,
vii. COBA D., b. June 23, 1880, in Sandusky, Ohio,
viii. Bessie C, b. Aug. 7, 1884, in Sandusky, Ohio.

848. Bexjamin Arthur* Brainerd (Benjamin'', Benjamin^,

Asahel^, Benjamin^, Jame^, Jame^, DanieV) of Sandusky,

Erie Co., Ohio; m., , Eachel Seebeck, b. June 23,

1858, dau. of . He was a car inspector in Sandusky

City, Ohio. He learned the trade of a tinner. Mr. Ben-
jamin Arthur Brainerd d. .

Children :

i. Lauba ilAKY, b. Apr. 4, 1SS3, in Sandusky, Ohio,
ii. Emily, b. Mch. 26, 1890, in Sandusky, Ohio.

849. Walter Asahel* Brainerd {Benjamin'', Benjamin^, AsaheP,

Benjamin*, James^, James^, DanieV) of Sandusky, Erie

Eighth Generation.


Co., Ohio; m., Sept. 22, 1879, Kate Notler, b. Dee. 3,
1859, in Sandusky, Ohio. He was a tinsmith by trade;
in 1891 he was employed as foreman ear inspector on the
railroad. He lived in Dunkirk, N. Y. Mr. Walter Asahel
Brainerd d. .

i. Harby Roixand, b. Nov. 18, 1881, in Sandusky, Ohio,
ii. ESTELLA Carrie, b. Oct. 28, 188.5, in Sandusky, Ohio.

850. Archie Linden* Beainerd {Benjamin'', Benjamin^, AsaheF.

Benjamin*, James^, Jame^, Daniel^) of Sandusky, Erie

Co., Ohio; m., . Mr. Archie Linden Brainerd

d. .


i. A child, b. .

851. William C* Brainerd {Harvey H.', Benjamin'^, AsaheF,

Benjamin'^, James^, James^, Daniel'-) of Gustavus, Trum-
bull Co., Ohio; m., Sept. 5, 1867, Abbie Porter, b. July 15,
1848, dau. of Eobert G. and Julia 0. (Buckingham) Por-
ter. He was in Colorado. Mr. William C. Brainerd d.

Child :

i. Fraxk. Ii. .

852. Mary Ellen* Brainerd {Harvey H.\ Benjamin^, Asahel^,
Benjamin\ James^, James^, Daniel'-) of Gustavus, Trum-
bull Co., Ohio; m., , Edwin Thomalson, b. .

He resided in Greene, Ohio. Mr. Edwin Thomalson d.
. ^Irs. Marv Ellen (Brainerd) Tlinmalson d.

Thomalson children :

i. ' Anna, b. .

ii. WiixiAM. b. .

iii. George, b. .

853. Mart Jannett* Brainerd {Isaac S.', Benjamin'^, Asahel^,
Benjamin*. James^, James-. Daniel^) of Gustavus, Trum-
bull Co., Ohio; m., Dec. 25, 1863 (by Rev. Mr. Eankin,
at J. H. Beardsley's in Green Springs, Gallia Co., Ohio),
Darius M. Smeltzer, 1). June 21, 1844, son of Jacob and
Elizabeth (Farmer) Smeltzer. He was a farmer in
Wigne or Galliopolis, Gallia Co., Ohio. Mrs. Mary Janett
(Brainerd) Smeltzer d. .

Smeltzer children :

i. LuELLA Alice, b. Aug. 27. 1864; m., Mch. 31, 1885 (by Rev.
Mr. Danivon, in Galliopolis, Ohio), Edgar A. Henshaw.

366 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

ii. ROMAINE EUPHENIA, b. May 1, 1866.

iii. Cora Belle, b. Apr. 2.5, 1868.

iv. Frank Henry, b. Dec. 5., 1869.

V. LoDiCA Grace, b. Jan. 23, 1873.

vi. Sadie Elizabeth, b. Aug. 11, 1874.

854. Alice Amand* Braineed {Isaac SJ, Benjamin^, AsuheP,

Benjamin*, James^, Jamesr, DanieV-) of Gustavus, Trum-
bull Co., Ohio; m., Jan. 13, 1864, John D. Howe, b. 1828,
in Armstrong Co., Pa., son of J. D. and Mary Charlotte
(Morrison) Howe. He was a tinner in Fairfield, Wajaie
Co., 111. Mrs. Alice Ainand (Brainerd) Howe d. .

Howe children :

i. Mary Eva, b. Deo. 16. 1866; m.. Dec. 15. 1887, Claude 0. Ellis.

He was a lawyer at Fairfield, 111. Ch.: 1. Mary Alice.

b. Oct. 4, 1888."
ii. William Charles, b. Feb. 19, 1876, in Fairfield, HI.

855. Charles Asel' Brainerd {Isaac SJ, Benjamin^, AsaheP,

Benjaviin*, James^, James^, DanieV-) of Gustavus, Trum-
bull Co., Ohio; m., Dec. 24, 1873, Aunabell Wilson, b.
Jan. 20, 1854, in Fairfield, Wayne Co., 111., dau. of John
and Eliza Jane (Harper) Wilson of the same place. He
was a tinner in Mt. Yernon, 111. Mr. Charles Asel Brain-
erd d. .

Children :

i. Nellie Carro, b. June 5, 1877, in Fairfield, 111.

ii. Frank Wilson, b. Jan. 2. 1881 or 1882, in Carmi, 111.

iii. Mart Eliza, b. Aug. 7, 188.5, in Garfield, HI.

856. LoraN B.* Brainerd {Lorenzo D.~, Benjamin^, AsaheT',

Benjamin*, James^, James^, DanieV) of Gustavus, Trum-
bull Co., Ohio; m., Sept. 18, 1868, Ann M. Simons, b.
Sept. 26, 1848, dau. of Washington and Sarah (Beach)
Simons. He lived in Gustavus. He was a musician in
the army, in Co. K, 124th Eegt., 0. Vol. Inf., en. July
30, 1863, for three years; mus. out with company July 9,
1865. Mr. Lorin B'. Brainerd d. .

Children :

i. Geobge S., b. May 3, 1872, in Gustavus, Ohio.
ii. Laura M., b. May i3. 1875, in Gustavus, Ohio,
iii. Leo D., b. Apr. 13, 1878, in Gustavus, Ohio.

857. Martha Maria^ Brainerd {Lorenzo DJ, Benjamin^, AsalieF,

Benjamin*, Jame^, James', DanieV) of Gustavus, Trum-
bull Co., Ohio; m., Mch. 31, 1869, Silas A. Babcock. b.
May 23, 1842, son of Rev. Hiram and Philena (Andrews)
Babcock of Wayne, Ashtabula Co., Ohio. He lived in
Wayne, Mrs. "Martha Maria (Brainerd) Babcock d.

Eighth Generation. 367

Babcock children :

i. Lena, b. May 2, 1870, in Wayne, Ohio.

ii. BiKDiE, b. Aug. 13, 1874, in Wayne, Ohio: d. Dec, 1874.

858. Celia Moeet* Beainerd {Buell W.", Benjamin^, AsaheF,
BenjamiuK James^, Jame^, Daniel^) of Gustavus, Trum-
bull Co., Ohio; m., Oct. 18, 1868, Leman J. Morey, b.

, son of Alforcl and Betsey C. (Gilder) Morey of

Gustavus, Ohio. Mrs. Celia Morev (Brainerd) Morey d.

Morey children :

i. WOBTHIE W., b. Sept. 4, 1873.

ii. Edna L., b. Nov. 29, 1878.

859. Janette L.^ Brainard {Albert E.', Benjamin^, Asahel',

Benjamin*, James^, James^, DcmieP) of Gustavus, Trum-
bull Co., Ohio; m., July 25, 1872, Clark M. Potter, b. Sept.
8, 1848, in Kinderhook, Midi., son of John B. and Elista
(Barnes) Potter. He was a blacksmith in Gustavus.
Mrs. Janette L. (Brainerd) Potter d. .

Potter children :

i. WiLjtA L., b. May 23, 1873, in Gustavus, Ohio.

ii. Katie, b. Jan. 2, 1879, in' Gustavus, Ohio; d. Mch. 14, 1879.

iii. Ruby B., b. Mch. 28, 1881, in Gustavus, Ohio.

860. Emma* Brainerd {GhoMncey AJ, Benjamin^, Asahel^, Benja-

min*, James^, James^, Daniel^) of Warren, Trumbull Co.,

Ohio; m., , John Taylor, b. . He lived in

Cleveland, Ohio. Mrs. Emma (Brainerd) Taylor d.

Taylor children :

861. Mart* Brainerd {Chauncey A.\ Benjamin^, AsaheP, Benja-

min*, James^, James-, Daniel^) of Warren, Trumbull Co.,

Ohio; m., , Will Williams of Gustavus, Ohio, b.

. He lived in Gustavus, Ohio. Mrs. Mary (Brain-
erd) Williams d. .

Williams children :

862. Edward* Brainerd {Chauncey AJ, Benjamin^, Asaliel^, Ben-

jamin!', James^, James^, Daniel^) of Warren, Trumbull

Co., Ohio ; m., , Orril Meacham of Gustavus, Ohio,

b. . Mr. Edward Brainerd d. . Mrs. Orril

(Meacham) Brainerd d. .

Children :

863. George Albert* Brainerd {William Jones', Asahel^,

AsalieP, Benjamin*, James^, James^, DanieV-) of Clinton,
Dewitt.Co., 111.; m., 1872, Nettie Curtis of Decatur, 111

Bmincrd-Bminard Genealogy.

He was a farmer in Mason City, 111. Mrs. Nettie (Curtis)
Brainerd d. . Mr. George Albert Brainerd d.

Children :

i. A child, b. .

ii. A child, b. .

iii. A child, b. .

iv. A child, b. .

V. A child, b. .

vi. A child, b. .

vii. A child, b. .

864. :\Iaky Louisa* Biluxekd {WiUiain Jones", AsaheV', Asahel',

Benjamin*, James^, James-, Daniel^) of Clinton, Dewitt
Co., 111.; m., Aug. 12, 1880, William Kuby Dallas of Ap-
panoose Co., Iowa. He was a fanner in Beaver Town,
Rawlins Co., Kas. Florence May Dallas, b. Nov. 4, 1888,
was an adopted child of Mr. and Mrs. Dallas, and has taken
the name of Dallas. Mrs. Mary Louisa (Brainerd) Dallas
d. .

No children.

865. Catheeine Augusta* Braineud {Wiriinin Jones'', AsaheF',

AsaheP, Benjamin*, Jamcs^. Juiiiis-, DmiicP) of Clinton,

Dewitt Co., 111.; m., Jan. 1, is;s. Mr. Wood, b. .

He lived in Liberty, Gage Co.. Neb. Mrs. Catherine
Augusta (Brainerd) Wood d. .

Wood children:

iv. A son. b. .

866. .Tkssie Agxes* Brainerd (William Jnn,^'. As,ihcJ\ AsalicP,

Jlciijamin*. James^, James-, Danie]^ } of Clinton, Dewitt
Co.,' 111.: m., Dec. 18, 1879, in Cold Sin-inir. Ind., Benja-
min Buck, b. Mch. 4, 1853, in Dearlxirn Co., Ind., son of
Lewis Morgan and Eliza (Edan) Buck. He was a fanner
and school teacher. She iinitcd with the Methodist Episco-
pal Church in 1877. She was about 5 ft. in height, with
a fair complexion, hazel eves, and light hair. Mrs. Jessie
Agnes (Brainerd) Buck d. Aug. 29, 1883, ae. 23 yrs., 7
mos., 5 ds., at tha same place and on the same farm where
she was born.

Buck child :

i. Delia C, b. .July 14, 1S81, near Clinton, 111.

867. Catherine C* Brainerd (James'', Isaac^, Asahel^, Benja-

min*, James^, James-, Daniel^) of Colchester, Delaware Co.,

Eighth Generation. 369

N. Y. ; m., 1854, Elijah 0. Fuller, b. . Mr. Elijah

0. Fuller d. in 1886. He was a farmer aud lumberman
in Sidney, Delaware Co., N. Y. Mrs. Catherine C. (Brain-
erd) Fuller d. .

Fuller children :

i. Brainerd, b. in Sidney. N. Y. ; d. .

ii. , A dau., b. in Sidney, N. Y.; d. .

868. AsEL* Brainerd {James', Isaac^, Asahel^, Benjamin*,

James^, James^, DanieP) of Colchester, Delaware Co., N.
Y.; m., Sept. 2, 1860, Hannah Appley, b. Dec. 5, 1842, in
Hancock, Delaware Co., N. Y., dau. of Lawrence and
Lovina (Barber) Appley. He was drafted Nov. 21, 1864,
in the late Civil War, and was discharged June 8, 1865.
He was in several battles. He was in the U. S. A. General
Hospital in Hilton, S. C. Mr. Asel Brainerd d. Aug. 2,
1881. He lived in Downsville, Delaware Co., N. Y. His
widow in 1892 was in E. Windsor, Broome Co., N. Y.
Mrs. Hannah (Appley) Brainerd d. .

Children :

i. Mary C, b. Apr. 16, 1806, in Downsville, X. Y.; d. Meli. 25,

ii. Lizzie D., b. June 20, 1872, in Do\™sville, N. Y.; d. Feb. 3,

iii. Walter, b. Oct. 9, 1874, in Downsville, N. Y'.

iv. Minnie M., b. June 22, 1877, in Downsville, N. Y.

869. Mary A.' Brainerd {Jam,es'', Isaac^, AsaheP, Benjamin^

James', James', Danief) of Colchester, Delaware Co., N.
Y.; m., Jan. 14, 1862, Charles Fuller, b. Oct. 5, 1838, in
Hancock, Delaware Co., N. Y., son of Eobert and Henrietta

(■ ) Fuller. He was a merchant in Georgetown,

Col. In 1903 she was in Unadilla, N. Y. Mrs. Maiy A.
(Brainerd) Fuller d. .

No children.

870. Cassandra Amelia^ Brainerd {Amasa George'', Isaac^,

Asahel^, Benjamin*, Jaines^, James-, Daniel^) of Hamden,

Delaware Co., N. Y. ; m., — ■ , Andrew Clark Andrews,

b. . Mrs. Cassandra Amelia (Brainerd) Andrews

d. Feb. 28, 1868, ae. 38 yrs., 7 mos., 18 ds. Mr. Andrew
Clark Andrews d. .

Andrews children :

i. Mart Ida, b. ; m. George Johnson, in Kansas.

ii. Sheldon E., b. ; m. in N. Y. State; d. .

iii. James C, b. ; m. in N. Y. City; res. Kansas.

iv. Natalie, b. ; d. ae. 14, at Walton, N. Y.

871. James Myers^ Brainerd {Ainasa George'', Isaac^, Asahel^,

Benjamin*, James^, James^, Daniel^) of Hamden, Dela-

Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

ware, Co., J^T. Y. ; m., , Phyluria Siguor of Hamdeu,

N. Y. Mr. James Myers Brainerd d. Apr. 30, 1885, ae.
55 yrs., in Delhi, and was buried in Haniden, N. Y. His
widow lived in Delhi. Delaware Co., li. Y. Mrs. Phyluria
(Signor) Brainerd d. .

Children :

Akna, b. Jan. 21^ 1863, in Haniden, N. Y.
jVIaby, b. in Hamden, N. Y. ; went west.
George Amasa, b. in Hamden, N. Y.

872. il.vEY Jane* Braixeed {Amasa George'', Isaac^, Asahel'.

Benjamin*, James^, Jame^, DanieV-) of Hamden, Dela-
ware Co., N". Y. ; m., June 8. 1865. in Hamden, N. Y.,
Capt. Matthew Crawford Lewis, b. Apr. 20, 1840, in the
same place, son of Alexander and Rebecca (Crawford)
Lewis, both bom in Scotland. He was a railroad con-
tractor. Mrs. Marr Jane (Brainerd) Lewis d. .

N"o children.

873. CiiAELES Seward' Brainerd {Amasa George', Isaac^,

Asahel', Benjamin*, James^, James-, Daniel^) of Hamden,

Delaware Co.. N". Y. ; m., in Hamden, N. Y., , Mary

Haddo. He lived in Nealey. Tell Co., Ark. Mr. Charles
Seward Brainerd d. .

Child :

i. Nancy, b. .

874. Kate Augusta* Brainerd {Amasa George", Isaac'^, AsalicF^,

Benjamin*, James^. James-, DanieV-) of Hamden, Dela-
ware Co., X. Y.; m., Jan. 3, 1871 (by Rev. George A. Paltz,
, Baptist minister), Ferdinand Steele, b. Aug. 19, 1844, in
Philadelphia, Pa., son of Anson and Rebecca (Bangs)
Steele of the same place. He was an upholsterer and
furniture dealer in Philadelphia. Pa., of the firm of Steele
& Hill. Mrs. Kate Augusta (Brainerd) Steele d. .

Steele child :

i. Alma Bogabt, b. June 17, 1876, in Philadelphia, Pa.

875. Carrie E.* Brainerd {lSardis\ Chauncey^, AsalieV", Benja-

min*, James', James^, Daniel*) of Cedarville, Herkimer
Co., iS'. Y.; m., Oct. 31, 1866, in Delevan, Wis., Charles
N. Parsons, b. Aug. 27, 1827, in Croton, N. Y., son of
vSimeon and Rebecca (Maynard) Parsons. He was a
lawyer in Croton, JT. Y. He afterwards moved to Kansas
City, Mo. Mr. Charles X. Parsons d. Mch. 21, 1888, ae.
61 yrs., 6 mos., 24 ds., in that place. After his death she
lived in Idaho Springs, Col. Mrs. Carrie E. (Brainerd)
Parsons d. ■ .

Eighth Generation.' 371

Parsons children :

i. Bbainerd S.. b. May 15. 1S70. in Kansas City, Mo.

ii. Harry L., b. Oct. 25, 1878. in Joplin, Mo.; d. May 6, 1870.

876. Chakles Day^ Braineed (Sardis''. Chauncey^, AsaheF, Ben-

jamin*, James^, James^, DanieP) of Cedarville, Herkimer
Co., N. Y. ; m.. Jan. 25, 1865, in Peoria, 111., Jennie Bush,
b. Aug. 7. 184G. in Shippensburg. Pa., dau. of George and
Maria (Sitzel) Bush. He was an accountant in the office
of the Manhattan Distilling Co. at Peoria, 111. Mr.
Charles Da}' Brainerd d. .

Children :

i. .Texxie Ella, b. Sept. 30, 18G5, in Peoria, III.

ii. Latta Hellioor, b. Aug. 18. 1871. in Peoria, 111.

877. Mart E.^ Braixerd (Sardis', Chimnceif, AsalieV", Benja-

min*. Jamc^, James-, DanieV-) of Cedarville, Herkimer
Co., N". Y.; m., Sept. 30, 1866, Joel Montgomery Bailey,
b. 1844, in Bovina, N. Y., son of Joel Montgomery and
Mahala (Carmon) Bailey. He was a g^oceryman in
Delevan, Wis. Mrs. Mary E. (Brainerd) Bailey d. .

Xo children.

878. Geovek P.^ Brainerd {Sardis', Gliauncetf, AsaheP, Benja-

min*, James", James", Daniel^) of Cedarville, Herkimer
Co., X. Y. ; m., Mary F. Baker, b. 1844, dau. of


., ^> . i., Ul., irxiXl^ -L' . xiaivtri, u. xut-x, ua-u. yji. .

was a tinner and carpenter by trade, but later a plumber
Utica, X. Y. Mr. Grover P. Brainerd d. .

Children :

i. Maggie P., b. .

ii. Grover P.. b. .

iii. A son, b. July 24, 1886, in Vtica, X. Y.

Joiix Chauxcey^ Brainard (Van Rensselaer', Chauncey^,
Asdliel', Benjamin*. Jamc^, James-, DanieV-) of Mexico,
Oswego Co.. X. Y. ; m., Nov. 20, 1867, Hannah Ette Pur-
chase, b. June 8, 1845, in Richfield, Otsego Co., X. Y.,
dau. of Dewitt C. and Mary P. (Young) Purchase. He
lived in Lone Eock, Wis. Mr. John Chauncev Brainard
(1. .

Children :
i. Clinton- V. R., b. Oct. 13, 186S, in Richland, Wis.; d. Sept.

29, 1871, in Richland,
ii. John Frank, b. Feb. 4, 1871. in Herkimer Co., N. Y.; d. Sept.

15. 1872. in Richland, ^Vis.
iii. Mart Ellen, b. Mch. 13, 1873, in Richland, Wis.
iv. Edith Ettie, b. Apr. 2, 1875, in Richland, Wis.
V. Grace Mary, b. Nov. 30. 1877. in Herkimer, N. Y.
vi. Ethel Eloira, b. July 10, 1888. in Sauk, Wis.

3T2 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

880. Lenn Ober^ Beainard {Van llensselacr', Chauncey^,

AsahePj Benjamin*, Jame^, James"-, Daniel}) of Mexico,
Oswego Co., N. y. ; m., Dec. 26, 1883, in Bear Valley, Wis.,
Louise N. Ochsner, b. Feb. 4, 1861, in Sextonville, Rich-
land Co., Wis., dau. of Joseph and Mary (Rothmund)
Ochsner. He was a miller in the Bear Valley Roller Mills,
located in Bear Vallev, Wis. Mr. Lenn Ober Brainard
d. .

Children :

i. A son, b. Sept. 10. 1886, in Bear Valley, Wis.; d. Sept. 10,

ii. Harold A., b. .Jan. ,5. 1887, in Bear Valley, Wis.; d. Meh. 13,

iii. Harry D., b. June 22, 1889, in Bear Valley, Wis.

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