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10, 1869 or 1870, ae. 26 yrs., 4 mos., 11 ds. Mr. James

Milton Curtiss d. .

Curtiss children:

i. Ruth C, b. Apr. 24, 18G4, in Brooklyn Village, Ohio; m., June
23, 1898, Theodore P. Lyman, b. Jan. 8, 1800, son of Theo-
dore and Elizabeth (Sheldon) Lyman. He is a merchant in
Cleveland, Ohio. She d. Oct. 16, 1902. Ch.: 1. Eleanor,
b. June 11, 1899.
ii. Amy, h. Apr. 15, 18G6, in Brooklyn Village, Ohio; d. Oct. 22,
1SG9 or 1870.

923. Emma Fk-inces' Br^mnard (Ira CoW, Ira^, Ozias^, Jedi-

diah*, Janies^. James^, DanieV-) of ; m., Jan. 1,

1802. R. S. Neill. They were divorced Mar., 1865, she
and her child taking her maiden name, Brainard. Mrs.
Emma Frances (Brainard (Neill) Brainard d. .

ISTeill child, now Brainard child :

i. James Claeke. b. Oct. 5, 1864; m., Aug. 4, 1892, Ida Young.

924. Marion- A.* Brainard (Ira CoW, Ira^, Ozias^, Jedidiah*",

James', James', DanieV-) of Wellington, Lorain Co., Ohio;
m., Apr. 2, 1868, Edmund S. Jenks, b. Feb. 1, 1846, son
of Linden and Achsah (Sherman) Jenlcs of Mayfield
Township, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. He was a farmer. He
resides in Middlefield, Ohio. Mrs. ilarion A. (Brainard)

Jenks d. .

Jenks children :

i. Frank B., b. Aug. 28, 1869, in Gates Mill, Ohio; m., Oct. 6,

1896, Bessie Fenner.
ii. Mary A., b. Apr. 0, 1872, in Gates Mill, Ohio; m., Apr. 6, 1892,
Nelson Halstead. She d. July 5, 1896. Ch.: 1. Neill Hal-
.stead, b. May 2, 1894; d. Feb., 1897.
iii. Clarence E., b. June 13, 1875, in Gates Mill, Ohio; m., Mch.

28, 1897, Delphine Barr.
iv. George E., b. Nov. 16, 1877, in Gates Mill, Ohio.

384 Brainercl-Brainard Genealogy.

925. Edwaed' Brainekd {Willard'j Sylvanus^, Jedidia¥, Jedi-

diah*, James^, James^, Daniel^) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga
Co., Ohio; m., . Mr. Edward Brainerd d. .


i. Maud, b. ; lives in Brooklyn Village, Ohio.

926. Emeline* Brainekd {Willard'', Sylvanm^, Jedididi^, Jedi-

diah*, James^, James^, Daniel^) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga
Co., Ohio; m., Dec. 30, 1858, Abel Fish, b. Feb. 8, 1832,
son of Jonathan and Sarah B. (Young) Fish. He was a
fanner, living in Brooklyn. He was a memlicr of the
G. A. K. Mrs. Emelino (Brainerd) Fish d. .

Fish children:

i. Jessie M., b. Jan. 22, 1861, in Brooklj-n, Oliio.

ii. Sheridan P., b. June 29, 1864, in Brooklvn, Ohio.

iii. JOSIE, b. Feb. 24, 1873, in Brooklyn, Ohio; d. Aug. l:?, 1873.

927. Cecilia E.* Brainakd {Willard', Sylvanns^, Jedidiah', Jedi-

diah*, Jame^, Javies^, DanieV-) of Brooklyn Village,
Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m., Sept. 20, 1871, Louis A. Brain-
erd, b. Dec. 8, 1847, in Brookl}TQ, Ohio ; son of Lutlier and
Marcia (Sprague) Brainerd of Brooklyn, Ohio. He was
a prosperous and well-to-do market gardener, living in
Brookl}Ti. Mrs. Cecilia E. (Brainerd) Brainerd d.
. Mr. Louis A. Brainerd d. .

Brainerd children:

i. Nellie M., b. Apr. 9, 1873. in Brooklyn. Ohio.

ii. Alice P., b. May 8, 1877, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

928. Frances Josephine* Brainerd {Jesse K?, Cephas^, Jedi-

dialv', Jedidiah*, James^, James^, Daniel^) of Brooklyn,
Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m., Sept. 24, 1868, Lafayette Gates,

b. , son of Charles and Mary Ann (Acker) Gates of

Brooklyn, Ohio. ^Mrs. Frances Josephine (Brainerd)

Gates d. .

Gates child :

i. Ella, b. Mch. 9, 1845, in Brooklyn, Ohio; m., Nov. 25, 1890,
Harry Fish, son of Cornelius and Jennie (Cogswell) Fish,
of Brooklyn, Ohio. He d. Oct. 21, 1895. Ch.: 1. Lloyd,
b. Jan. 19, 1892. 2. Josephine Jennie, b. Oct. 16, 1894.
Both b. in Brooklyn, Ohio.

929. Malina Eva* Brainerd (Jesse KJ, Cephas^, Jcdidlah^, Jedi-

diah*, James^, James^, Daniel^) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga
Co., Ohio; m., Oct. 29, 1874 or 1875, Erwm A. Stinison, b.

, son of Alba and Hannah (Baker) Stimson. He

was engaged in the National Screw & Tack Co., Cleveland,
Ohio. Mrs. Malina Eva (Brainerd) Stimson d. .

Stimson children:

i. Jesse Odell, b. May 19, 1876, in Brooklyn, Ohio; m., July 12,
1899, Olivia Usher, dau. of Keyser Ora and Mary (Keyser)

Eighth Generation. 385

Usher, of Berea, Ohio. Ch.: 1. Helen Ruth, b. Jan. 27,

1!)01, in Cleveland, Ohio,
ii. William Ekwin, b. Nov. 16, 1879, in Brooklyn, Ohio,
iii. Jessie Alba, b. Dee. 18, 1884, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

iv. Mary Josephine, b. .

\ . Evelyn, b. Sept. 28, 1889, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

930. Charles Wesley^ Braineed (Jesse K.', Cephas'^, Jcdidiah^,

Jedidiali*j Jwme^, James^, DanieV-) of BroolcljTi, Cuya-
hoga, Co., Ohio; m., Nov. 18, 1886, Bertha Snow, b. ,

dau. of W. C. and Jane (Elliott) Snow of Brooklyn.
He is Secretary of tlio Xational Screw & Tack Co. of Cleve-
land, Ohio. Mr. Charlis "Wesley Brainerd d. .

Mrs. Bertha (Snow) Brainerd d. — ■ .

Children :

i. Eva May, b. Dec. 11. 1888, in Brooklyn Village, Ohio, now a

part of Cleveland, Ohio,
ii. Genevieve Hattie, b. Feb. 20, 1890, in North Clarendon, Pa.

931. Sanford R.* Brainard {George WJ, William'^, Amo^, Jedi-

diah*, James^, James^, Daniel^) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga

Co., Ohio; m., Feb. 15, 1868, Flora Sansman, b. .

He enl. Aug. 5, 1862, three years, Co. A, 124th Eegt., 0.
Vol. Inf.; trans, to 151st Co., 2d Batl., Vet. Res. Corps;
mus. out June 30, 18C5, in Nashville, Tenn. He was a
merchant in Brooklyn Village, Ohio. Mr. Sanford R.
Brainard d. .

Children :

i. Ruby V., b. 1869, in Brooklyn Village, Ohio,
ii. Frederick, b. 1872, in Brooklyn Village, Ohio,
iii. Bertha 0., b. 1875, in Brooklyn Village, Ohio.

iv. Chaelotte, b. .

v. Claire, b. .

932. Mary M.* Brainard {George W.^ William^, Amos^, Jedi-

diah*, James^, James-, Daniel'-) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga
Co., Ohio; m., Sept. 16, 1868 or '69, Samuel S. Sloane, b.
Apr. 7, 1841, in Parma, Ohio, son of David and Jane
(Nevins) Sloane of Coimty Tyrone, Ireland. Jane
Nevins was from County Sligo, Ireland. He lived in
Cleveland, Ohio, afterward in Buckhannon, Upshur Co.,
W. Va., and was a farmer. Mrs. Mary M. (Brainard)
Sloane d. .

Sloane children :

David, b. June 6, 1873, in Cleveland, Ohio,
ii. Maey Grace, b. Jan. 22, 1878, in Cleveland, Ohio.

933. Tyler William* Brainard {George WJ', William^, Amos^,
Jedidiah*, Jame^, James^. DanieV-) of Brooklyn, Cuya-
hoga Co., Ohio; m., Oct. 15, 1873, Louise Adella
Puffer, b. in Oxford, Chenango Co., N. Y. He enl. in Co.

386 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

H, 198tli 0. Vol. Inf., in 1865, and was discharged May,
1865. He lived in Brooklyn Township until 1870, then in
Brooklyn Village until the fall of 1873. He was then
traveling salesman for Fuller, Warner & Co. till Mch.,
1876, when he was in the employ of E. Baker & Co. until
1879, when he became a member of the firm, and is a mer-
chant in Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Tyler William Brainard
d. .


i. JIabel a., b. Dec. 21, 1874, in Cleveland, Ohio.

934. FiNLEY Heney* Brainaed {George WJ, William^, Amos^,

Jedidiah*, James^, Jamcs^, Daniel^) of Brooklyn, Cuya-
hoga Co., Ohio ; m., Oct. 10, 1883, Agnes M. Clayton," b.
Aug. 8, 1858, in Cleveland, Ohio, dau. of William H. and
Jennie E. (Merrick) Clayton. He was a farmer in Brook-
lyn, Ohio. Mr. Finley Henry Brainard d. .

Children :

i. Clatton M., b. Sept. 21, 1884, in South Brooklyn, Ohio.

ii. Eugene T., b. July 3, 1890, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

935. Anna B.* Brainaed {George W.', William^, Amos^, Jedi-

diah*, James^, James', Daniel^) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga
Co., Ohio; m., Jan. 8, 1890, Sheridan P. Fish, b. June
29 or Nov. 8, 1864, in So. Brooklyn, Ohio, son of Abel and
Emeline (Brainerd) Fish. He was a farmer in Brooklyn.
Mrs. Anna B. (Brainard) Fish d. .

No children.

936. Effie L.* Bkainaed {John Crawford'' , William^, Amos^,

Jedidiah*, Jame^, James^, Daniel^) of Brooklyn Village,
Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m., Sept. 2, 1891, E. W. St. John,
b. . Mrs. Effie L. (Brainard) St. John d. .

St. John children:

937. Flora M.* Brainaed {James', William^, Ainos'\ Jcdidiali*.

James^, James^, Daniel^) of Brooklyn Village, Cuyahoga

Co., Ohio; m., , Mr. Chamberlain. Mrs. Flora M.

(Brainard) Chamberlain d. . Mr. Chamberlain

d. .

Chamberlain children :

938. Nancy Ann^ Beainekd {Luther'', Demas^, Amos^, JedidiaJi*,

James^, James', Daniel'-) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio;
m., Nov. 9, 1865, Francis Henry Chester, b. Dec. 5. 1835,
in Brooklyn, Ohio, son of Simeon and Evaline (Fish)
Chester, Jr. He lived in Brooklyn.

Eighth Generation. 387

His grandfather, Ebenezer Fish, was one of the defenders at
Ft. Griswold at the time it was captured by Arnold. He
was taken prisoner and was carried to New York harbor,
and was kept for weeks on the prison ships. Mrs. Nancy
Ann (Brainerd) Chester d. .

Chester children :

BURTOX S., b. Sept. 29, 1860, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

Marcia E., b. Nov. 30, 1809, in BrookljTi, Ohio.

Simeon B., b. Nov. 4, 1873, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

HOWABD r., b. July 20, 1879, in Brooklyn, Ohio.
V. Ruth A., b. Feb. 1, 1885, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

939. Louis A.-^ Biiaineku {Lather, Dcmas^, Ainos^, Jedidiah*,
James^j James^, Daniel^) of Brooklyn, Cviyahoga Co., Ohio:
m., Sept. 20, 1871, Cecilia E. Brainerd, b. Jan. 4 or 14,
1849, in Brooklyn, Ohio, dau. of Willard and Harriet Maria
(Young) Brainerd. He was a prosperous and well-to-do
market gardener in Brooklyn, Ohio. Mr. Louis A. Brain-
erd d. . Mrs. Cecilia E. (Brainerd) Brainerd d.

Children :

i. Nellie M., b. Apr. 9, 1873, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

ii. Alice P., b. May 8, 1877, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

940. Fbaxk L.* Brainerd {Luther'', Devias^, Amos', Jedidiah*,
James^, James^, Daniel^) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio;
m., Oct. 19, 1881, May Eobinson, b. Mch. 1, 1858, in N.
Eoyalton, Ohio, dau. of William Henry and Martha Ann
(Searles) Eobinson. He lived in Brooklyn, Ohio, and
was a farmer. He was also engaged in mechanical work,
working in wood and iron. Mr. Frank L. Brainerd d.

Children :

i. Marcia A., b. Oct. 17, 1883, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

ii. David L., b. June 2, 1886, in Brooklyn, Ohio; d. Mch. 9, 1887.

941. Pamelia Maria* Brainerd {Jared Smith'', Jared Smith^,
James^, James*, Jamcs^, James'', Daniel^) of Killingly,
Windham Co., Conn.; m., Sept. 21, 1843, Jesse Eood,
formerly of South Eillingly, Conn., b. July 2, 1819, son of
Aaron and Mary (Farman) Eood. He was a farmer in
Byron, Ogle Co., 111. He was formerly of Killingly,
Conn. Mrs. Pamelia Maria (Brainerd) Eood d. .

Eood children:
• i. Maria, b. May 15, 1844, in Killingly, Conn.; ni., Feb. 22, 1866,
Charles L. Hall, b. in Byron, Hi. He was a farmer the most
of his life. The last two years he kept a grocery store.
He d. about 1883, the result of exposure in the War of the
Rebellion. Ch.: 1. Annie, b. ; d. . 2. Jes-

■388 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

sie Pamelia, b. Feb. 12, 1867. 3. Luvia Olive, b. Oct., 1868.
4. Charles, b. Nov., 1871. 5. Edgar Seymour.

ii. Aaron, b. June 1, 1845, in Killingly, Conn.; m., June 1, 1869,
Sarah Sanford. He was a tinner by trade, but in 1888,
was a baker, manufacturing crackers and confectionery, in
Pueblo, Col. He was in the armv. He went to Col. from
Byron, 111. Ch.: 1. Jessie Winfield, b. Feb., 1876.

iii. George, b. Mch. 26, 1847, in Killingly, Conn.; m., Feb. 9, 1887,
in Byron, Ogle Co., 111., Mary Fisher. He was a tinner by
trade, but has a hardware store in Bhmt, Dak. Ch.: 1.
Charles, b. Feb. 13^ 1888.

iv. Harriet E., b. Aug. 23. 1849, in Byron, 111.; d. Sept. 15, 1849.

V. Charles N., b. Sept. 4, 1850, in Byion, HI.; m.. May 11, 1871,
Emma Black, b. in Byron, 111. He is a farmer. Ch.: 1.

Blanch, b. ; d." . 2. Maybell, b. June, 1875.

3. Effie, b. 1879.

vi. Clarence A., b. Oct. 5, 1853, in Byron, 111.; d. Aug. 11, 1855.

vii. Alfred Hale, b. Oct. 5, 1855, in Bjron, 111.; m., Mch. 7, 1877,
Evaline Taylor. He was a tinner by trade. He went from
Bvron, 111., to San Jose, Cal.

viii. .\LICE, b. Feb. 11, 1859, in Byron, 111.; m.. Dee. 19, 1879, John
H. McConkey, b. in 1853, "in Niagara, N. Y.; of Scotch and
German parents. He was a carpenter. He d. in 1885, in
Blunt, Dak. Ch.: I. Charles Harold, b. 1881, in Byron,
III. 2. Margie May, b. 1884, in Dak. They lived in Byron,

ix. LUCT Mat, b. May 19", 1867, in Byron, HI.; res. Blunt, Dak.,
with her brother George.

942. Calvin- Wiluex* Bkainard {Jared Smith'', Jared Smitli^,

James^, James*, James^, James^, Danie?) of Killingly,
Windham Co., Conn.; m., May 11, 1846, Almira Mitchell,
b. Aug. 9, 1821, dau. of Lot and Celinda (Martin)
Mitchell. He was a cotton dresser in E. Killingly, Conn.
Mrs. Almira (ilitchell) Brainard d. July 29, 1877. He
m. (2), Nov. 25, 1880, Christie F. (Bartlett) Carpenter,
dau. of Eichard and Cliristina S. (Fisher) Bartlett, and
widow of Benjamin W. Carpenter. She had one daughter,
Clara A. Carpenter, by her first marriage. Mr. Calvin
Willev Brainard d. Jan' 27, 1897, ae. 72 yrs., 1 mo., 14 ds.
She m. (3) in 1905, C. J. Rathburn of Pomfret. Conn.
Mrs. Christie F. (Bartlett) (Carpenter) (Brainerd) Eath-
burn d. .


i. Melissa M., b. May 24, 1855, in E. Killingly, Conn.; d. June

943. Jared H.' Braixeed (Jared Smith'', Jared Smitli'^, James',

James*, James^, James^, Daniel^) of Killingly, Windham

Co., Conn. ; m., , Mary J. Conyes, b.'july 9, 1832,

dau. of John and Anna (Chefee) Conyes of Brandan,
Franklin Co., N. Y. He lived in Eockford, Winnebago
Co., 111., and was a moulder or foundryman. He was in
the late Civil War; enl. Aug. 8; mus. in Aug. 28, '62;
disc. Sept.. 6, '63, disability,'"Co. D, 74th Inf., 111. Regt.
Mr. Jared H. Brainerd d. .

No children.

Eighth Generation. 389

944. James SI Brainerd (Jared Smith'', Jared Smith^, Jame^,

James*, Jamc^, James-, DanieV-) of Killin iy, Windham
Co., Conn.; m., Aug. 15, 1858, Lucy A. Chase, b. July 1,
1837, in Killingly, Conn., dau. of Samuel C. and Emily
(Puller) Chase. He was a cotton weaver in E. Killingly,
Conn. Mr. James S. Brainerd d. .

Children :

1204. i. Charles E., b. Sept. 14, 1862, in Killingly, Conn.

1205. ii. Eva E., b. Nov. 15, 186.3, in Killingly, Conn,
iii. Clara H., b. Aug. 26, 1868, in Killingly, Conn,
iv. Jared W., b. Apr. 8, 1876, in Killingly, Conn.

945. William E.* Brainerd {Jared Sniitli'', Jared Smith^,

James^, James*, James', James^, Daniel^) of Killingly,
Windham Co., Conn.; in., June 25, 1854, Marv Jane
Whipple, b. May 12, 1836, in Cumberland, E. I., dau. of
Eliab and Nancy (Grant) Whipple. He was a cotton
dealer, and resided in E. Killingly, Conn. Mr. William E.
Brainerd d. .

N'o children.

946. Francis A.^ Brainerd (Jared Smith'', Jared Smith^, Jame^,

James*, James', James^, Daniel^) of Killingly, Windham
Co., Conn. ; m.. May, 1859, Mary Jane Bennett, b. June
29, 1838, dau. of Azariah and Susan Bennett. He was a
cotton stringer, and resided in Elliotsville, East Killingly,
Conn. Mr. Francis A. Brainerd d. .

Bennett children :
i. Susan M., b. Apr. 16, 1859, in E. Killingly, Conn.; d. Oct. 29,

ii. Arthur L., b. Aug. 27, 1860, in E. Killingly, Conn.; d. Aug.

17, 1861.
iii. Ira A., b. Dec. 8, 1874, in E. Killingly, Conn.; d. ae. 18 yrs.,

in Putnam, Conn.

947. George Stocking^ Brainerd {George Stocking', George

Stocking^, James^, James*, James', James^, Daniel^) of
Mobile, Mobile Co., Ala.; m., 1867, Isabelle Martins, b.

, dau. of John Henry and Mary (Moore) Martins.

Mrs. Isabelle (Martins) Brainerd d. Jan. 6, 1879, ae. 38
yrs., at 469 Henry St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Mr. George
Stocking Brainerd d. .


i. William H., b. Sept. 6, 1SJ7.
ii. Sadie C, b. Sept. 21, 1869.
iii. Emma R., b. Sept. 5, 1873.
iv. Daisy B., b. Jan. 23, 1875.

948. William J.' Brainerd (James il/.', George Stocking^,

James^, James*, James', James^, DanieV) of Mobile, Mo-

390 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

bile Co., Ala.; m., Oct. 3, 1876, Mrs. Minnie (Kenner)
Waring, b. Apr., 1848, in Louisiana, dau. of Minor and
Eliza (Davis) Kenner, and widow of S. B. Waring. He
was sheriff of Mobile at the time of his death. Previous
to that he was in the salt business. Mr. William J. Brain-
erd d. Oct. 12, 1886, ae. 45 jts., 17 ds. Mrs. Minnie
(Kenner) (Waring) Brainerd d. July 4, 1887, ae. 43 yrs.

Child :

i. A cliild, b. July 21, 1S77, in Mobile, Ala.; d. at birth.

949. Haeriet a.' Brainerd (James M?, George Stocking^,

Jame^i James*, James^, James^, Daniel^) of Mobile, Mo-
bile Co., Ala. ; m., Feb. 1, 1866, Origen Sibley, b. Feb. 6,
1840, near Berkley, or Blakeley, Baldwin Co., Ala., son of
Origen and Elizabeth (Barlow) Sibley. He was in the
wholesale tobacco and cigar business in Mobile, Ala. Mrs.
Harriet A. (Brainerd) Sibley d. .

Sibley children :

i. J. Braineri), b. May 1.5, 1869, in Mobile, Ala.

ii. Orlean Emma, b. June 30, 1872, in Mobile, Ala.; d. Oct. 27,

iii. Origex, b. June G, 1873, in Mobile, Ala.
iv. Will Owen, b. May 1, 1880, in Mobile, Ala.; d. Aug. 13, 1880.

950. Minnie S.^ Bi!Aineed (James M?, George Stocking^, Janics^,

James*, Jarnes^, James"-, Daniel^) of Mobile, Mobile Co.,
Ala.; m., Dec. 27, 1883, Count R. Boyd, b. June 27, 1857,
in Nashville, Tenn., son of William L. and Tennessee C.
(Coleman) Boyd. He lived in Mobile, Ala. He moved
to Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 29, 1891. He was in the cotton
business, and was a buyer for export and for eastern mill?'.
Mrs. Minnie S. (Brainerd) Boyd d. .

Boyd children :
i. Mart Brainerd, b. Nov. 13, 1884, in Marietta. Ga.
ii. Jennie, b. Feb. 28, 1887, in Marietta, Ga.; d. July 16, 1887.

951. Selah G.' Brainerd (John EusselV, RusseW, James',

James*, James^, James^, Daniel^) of Meriden, New Haven
Co., Conn.; m., Meh. 18 or 22, 1874, Ella Elizabeth Cook,
b. May 25, 1849, in Westfield Society, Middletown, Conn.
He was a mechanic, employed by the Eockford Silver Plate
Co. in Eockford, 111., where he resided. Mr. Selah G.
Brainerd d. Feb. 5, 1893, ae. 44 vts., in Meriden, Conn.
Mrs. Ella Elizabeth (Cook) Brainerd d. .

No children.

952. Alla Elizabeth' Brainerd (James Parsons'', BusseW,

James^, James*, James^, James^, Daniel^) of Hartford,

Eighth Generation. 391

Hartford Co., Conii.;m., Sept. 28, 1881, William Levi Gay-
lord, b. Jau. 1, 1858, in Canandaigua, X. Y., only son of
Edmund Samuel and Frances Demise (Way) Gay lord of
Hartford. He was a salesman for the Stoughton Kubber
Co., and resided in Cambridge, Mass. Mrs. Alia Elizabeth
(Brainerd) Gaylord d. .

Gaylord child:

i. James Br.\ixerd, b. Sept. 11, 1882.

953. Haeriet Albina' Brainerd {Ansel Tracy'', Janies^, Icha-

bod^, James*, Jarne^, James^, Daniel^) of Slaterville,
Tompkins Co., N. Y. ; m., Sept. 1, 1853, William Henry
Truman of Utica, N. Y., b. Aug. 14, 1828, in Three Elvers,
Canada (by Dominie Whitbeck of the Dutch Reformed
Church). Mr. William Henry Truman d. in 1861, in
Arizona. She lived at Wellsboro, Pa., where her daughter
was educated. She then lived in Ithaca, N. Y. Mrs.
Harriet Albina (Brainerd) Tnunan d. .

Truman child:
i. Kate Bbai.nerd, b. July 8, 1854. in Slaterville, N. Y. ; m., Aug.
22, 1888, in Ithaca, N. Y., David H. Maclntyre, of Punx-
sutawTiey, Pa., b. Apr. 29, 1850, in Covington, Tioga Co.,
Pa., son of Homer and Lucy (Butts) Maclntyre. He was
a general manager of the Coal Company's stores in Punxsu-
tawTiey, Pa. She d. May 22, 1889, in Slaterville, N. Y.,
surrounded by loving and devoted relatives and friends,
remembered by all, for her thoughtfulness for others, and
sweet Christian character. She was a communicant in the
Protestant Episcopal Church. Her funeral was attended
by Rev. Mr. Synnott, who, a short time before had solemn-
ized her marriage.

954. William Wallace* Brainerd {Ansel Tracy'', James^, Ichw-

hod^, James*, James^, James^, Daniel^) of Ithaca, Tomp-
kins Co., N. Y.; m., Feb. 21, 1855 (by Eev. Charles W.
Tomlinson of the Universalist Church), Mary Ella Pardee,
in Cooperstown, Otsego Co., N. Y., b. May 3, 1835, in AU
bany, N. Y., dau. of William and Maria (Wilson) Par-
dee. He lived in Slaterville, N. Y., where he was a farmer
and mitten manufacturer. In Cooperstown, N. Y., he
was a house, sign, and carriage painter in connection with
his son. Mrs. Mary Ella (Pardee) Brainerd d. May 17,
1894, ae. 59 yrs. Mr. William Wallace Brainerd d. Dec.
4, 1900.

Child :
1206. i. LeGeand Abbott, b. Apr. 10, 1859, in New York, N. Y.

955. Francis Henry' Brainerd {Ephraim GoodricW, Janies^,

Ichabod^, James*, James^, James^, Daniel'-) of Slaterville,
Tompkins Co., N. Y.; m., Feb. 13, 1867, Mary Emma

392 Brainercl-Brainard Genealogy.

Sherman, b. , in Sullivan Co., X. Y., dau. of

Ebenezer and Sarah (Thompson) Sherman. Mr. Francis

Henry Brainerd d. . Mr.'*. Mary Emma (Sherman)

Brainerd d. .

Children :

956. Chaeles Edward* Brainerd {Edward Cooh'', Ichahod^,

Ichabod^, James*, James^, James^, Daniel'-) of Berkshire,
Tioga Co., N. Y.; m., Mch. 18, 1863, Mary Elizabeth
Branch, b. May 4, 1845, dau. of Henry and Louisa (Big-
ham) (Branch) Branch. He was a farmer and dealer in
agricultural implements in Berkshire, X. Y. Mr. Charles
Edward Brainerd d. Feb. 18, 1899, in Newark Valley, N.
Y., where he was then living. Interment in Berkshire.
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth (Branch) Brainerd d. .

Children :

i. Edwakd Cook, b. Dec. 22, 1800, in Berkshire, N. Y.; d. Sept.

26, 1873.
ii. IttABEL G., b. Dec. 19, 1874, in Berkshire, N. Y.

957. Ann Eliza* Brainekd (Lewis A'ash'', Ichahod^, Ichahod^,

James*, James^, James^, DanieV-) of Cooperstown, Otsego
Co., N. Y. ; m., June 5, 1866, in Sterling, 111., Gordon M.
Pierce, b. July 31, 1836, in Eochester, N. Y., son of Perry
Loton and Mary Jane (Montgomery) Pierce, in Sterling,
111. He was a millwright and resided in Sterling, \\laite-
side Co., 111. Mrs. Ann Eliza (Brainerd) Pierce d.

No children.

958. Hattie Ellen* Brainerd (Lewis Nas¥, Ichabod'', Ichahod',

James*, James^, James-, Daniel'-) of Cooperstown, Otsego
Co., N. Y.; m.. May 18, 1865, in Sterling, III, William
Cavert, b. Dec. 20, 1837, in Burgettstown, Washington Co.,
Pa., son of John and Ann (Fulton) Cavert. He was a
machinist in Sterling, 111. Mrs. Hattie Ellen (Brainerd)
Cavert d. ■ .

No children.

959. Edward Wilson* Brainerd (WiUiam Henry'', Ichabod^,

Ichabod^, James*, James^, James-, Daniel') of Sacramento,
Sacramento Co., Cal. ; m., Sept. 22, 1870, Helen Irene
Sprague, b. Apr. 2, 1857, in Orland, Ind., dau. of Moses
and Mary Maria (Smith) Sprague of Sacramento City,
Cal. He was a vine grower, living in Sacramento. Mr.
Edward Wilson Brainerd d. .

Eighth Generation.

Children :

i. Heney Wuitney, b. Juue 5, 1871, in Sacramento, Cal.; d.

Aug. 20, 1871.
ii. Sarah Aurelia, b. Sept. 13, 1872, in Sacramento, Cal.; d.

Nov. 24, 1882.
iii. Maud Estelle, b. Jan 18, 1875, in Sacramento, Cal.
iv. Harry Arthur, b. Oct. 3, 1876, in Sacramento, Cal.
V. Mary Pardee, b. Mch. 20, 1878, in Sacramento, Cal.
vi. Alice Edith, b. Dec. 18, 1879, in Sacramento, Cal.; d. Apr. 3,

vii. Kate Tkuman, b. .Jan. 12, 1885, in Sacramento, Cal.

960. Emma Elvira^ Braineed {Eliphalet Parsons'', David Wil-

liams^, Ichabod^, James*, Javies^, James^, Daniel^) of Cort-
land, Cortland Co., N. Y.; m., Apr. 14, 1856, Curtis
Eichardson Harmon, b. Dec. 3, 1830, son of Alvah and
Rebecca (Eichardson) Harmon. He was a farmer in Cort-
land, N. Y. Mrs. Emma Elvira (Brainerd) Harmon
d. .

Harmon children :

i. Clara Albertina, b. Mch. 19, 1858, in Cortland, N. Y.; m.,
Sept. 27, 1881, Dell David Woodward. He lived in Cort-
land, N. Y. Ch.: 1. Brainerd Hardy, b. July 26, 1882.
2. Clarence Eugene, b. Jan. 9, 1884. 3. Ethel Eloisa,
b. Aug. 26, 1886.

ii. Annie Eloise, b. March 10, 1860, in Cortland, N. Y.; m., Jan.
5, 1883, William Jay Bean. He lived in Cortland, N. Y.
Ch.: 1. Frank Austin, b. Nov. 5, 1883. 2. Albert Curtis,
b. June 16, 1886.

iii. Alva Parsons, b. .June 17, 1862, in Cortland, N. Y.; d. Mch.
17, 1863.

961 . Ceylon Paksons* Brainard {Eliphalet Parsons'', David Wil-

liams^, Icliabod^, James*, James^, James-, DanieP) of Cort-
land, Cortland Co., N. Y.; m., Dec. 31, 1857, Albertina
M. Scofield, b. Nov. 21, 1840, dau. of Albert and Lucy
(Grennell) Scofield. He lived in Dubuque, Iowa, and was
a traveling salesman. Mrs. Albertina ]\I. (Scofield) Brain-
erd d. . He m. (2), Myrtilla M. Van Note, b. May

2, 1869, in Hannibal, Miss., dau. of Edward and Frances
(Hildreth) Van Note. Mr. Ceylon Parsons Bramard d.

Children :

William Curtis, b. Aug. 1, 1860, in St. Cloud, Minn.

Harry Frank, b. July 4, 1862, in Chicago, III.

Cora Amelia, b. July 4, 18G3, in Eockford, 111.

Albert Scofleld, b. Jan. 18, 1865, in Saratoga, Minn.; d. June

7, 1894; a consistent Christian and beloved by all hia

friends; res. Los Angeles, Cal.
Myrtle Emma, b. Apr. 1, 1879, in Monroe, HI.; d. Aug. 23,

Reyburn Grennell, b. Mch. 7, 1881, in Rockford, 111.; d. Feb.

12, 1883.

394 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

962. Laura Amelia' Brainerd (Eliphalet Parsons', David ^YiI-

liams^, Ichahod^, James*, Jame^, James^, Daniel'^) of Cort-

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