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Enos^, Cornelius*, Ahijalr, James'-. DanieP) of Sheridan,
Waupaca Co., Mich.; m.. Frankie Hoover, in Sheridan.
Mich. Mr. Ernest Grove Brainerd d. .

Child :
i. Marjorie, b. 1892, in Sheridiin, Mich.

1177. EosALiA M.^ Braineed {Daniel Brools', Leicester^, JoeP,

Daniel*, DanieP, James'-, DanieV) of ^loodus, East Had-
dam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., June 16, 1869, AVoodward
A. Stevens, b. Dec. 21, 1838, son of Capt. Andrew and
Mary (Dayton) Stevens. He was a merchant in Moodiis.
Mr. Woodward A. Stevens d. Nov. 26, 1891, ae. 55 yrs.,
11 mos., 5 ds. Mrs. Eosalia M. (Brainerd) Stevens d.

Stevens child :
i. Alviado Daytox, b. Mch. 31, 1874, in Moodus, Conn.

1178. Wilson E.^ Brainerd {Asahcl S]terman~. Leicester'^, JoeP,

Daniel*, DanieP, James^, DwiiieP) of Collinsville, Hart-
ford Co., Conn. ; m., Apr. 19, 1873, Angela P. Famum or

Farnham b. , in Huntington, Conn. Mr. Wilson E.

Brainerd d. Mch. 28, 1898, at the Hartford Hospital.
Interment in Meriden, Conn. Mrs. Angela P. (Famum)
Brainerd d. .

Children :

1179. Candis C? Brainerd {Asahel Sherman'', Leicester^, JoeP.

Daniel*, DanieP, James^, DanieP) of Collinsville. Hart-
ford Co,, Conn.; m., Feb. 22, 1875, Edgar H. Tillev, b.

Eighth Generation.


Xov. 7 or 17, 1852, in Warren, R. T., son of Aaron S. and
Lvdia (Handv) Tilley, or of Dea. George and Content
(Larkin) Tilley. :\rrs. Candis C. (Brainerd) Tilley d.

Tilley child :
i. A. Etta Fikch, b. Nov. 19, 1S7."). in Collinsville, Conn.

1180. George Elliot^ Brainekd {■lames Ndson'. Seth''. Jod'-',

DanielK DanieP, James^, DanieP) of Brooklvn, L'uvahoga
Co., Ohio; m.. May 5, 1857, Maria Mitchell, of Mich. He
was a farmer and resided in West Branch Township, ilis-
saukee Co., Mich. He was postmaster at Nixon, after-
ward at Turnwater, Thurston Co., Washington. :\Ir.
George Elliot Brainerd d. .

Children :

1244. i. Ll.veexce il.\iuox, b. May 15, 185S, in Parma, Ohio.

ii. Charles Nelson, b. Sept. 10. 1859, in Pai-ma, Ohio; d. Sept.

3, 1S64.
iii. Seth, b. Sept. 25, 1861, in Parma, Ohio; d. Aug. 29, 1867.
iv. Jessie JI., b. July 26, 1863, in Parma, Ohio; d. Aug. 27, 1864.
V. Jessie, b. .

1245. vi. Jennie, b. May 25, 1868, in Bangor, jSIich.

1181. Charles Wesley^ Be-UNERd {James Nelson'', Set¥, Joel',

Daniel*, DanieP, James^, Daniel^) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga
Co., Ohio; m., Sept. 1'2, 18G1, Elizabeth McFarland. b.
1838, in Bainbridge, Geauga Co., Ohio, dau. of Wesley

and (Haskins) McFarland, of Bainbridge, Ohio.

Mrs. Elizabeth (McFarland) Brainerd d. Feb. 19, 1876,
ae. 38 yrs. He m. (3), Apr. 19. 1876, Alma Eldred, b.
Aug. 17, 181:7, in Schoolcraft. Kalamazoo Co., Mich.,
dau. of Andrew Jackson and Lydia Elizabeth (Briggs)
Eldred. He was a farmer in Clinia.x, Kalamazoo Co.,
Mich. He was afterward at Portage Center, Mich. He
enl. Aug. 15, 1864, for 60 ds., Sth Ind. Batl. 0. V. L. Art. ;
mus. out with Batl. Oct. 17, 1S64. Mr. Charles Wesley
Brainerd d. .

Children by the first marriage:

i. Mary Elida, b. Apr. 5, 1864, in Climax, Mich.; d. Feb. 15,
1240. ii. Charles Wesley, b. Sept. 15, 1868, in Climax, Mich,
iii. .Jessie, b. Aug. 17, 1873, in Climax, Mich,
iv. Fannie, b. May 1875, in Climax, Mich.; d. Oct. 1875.

1182. Carnelia A.^ Brainerd (James Nelson'', Seth^, Joel', Dan-

iel*, DanieP, Janies^, Daniel^) of Brooklyn, Cuvahoga Co.,
Ohio; m., Sept. 39, 1868. Lester DeWitt Taylor, b. Dec. 1.
1832, near Claridou, Ohio, son of Lester and Mary
(Wilder) Taylor, formerly of Hartland, Conn. He re-
sided in Claridon, Grange Co., Ohio, and was a farmer

452 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

He enlisted, Aug., 1862, in the 105th Eegt. 0. Vol. Inf.;
was promoted to be sergt. major ; was in many battles, the
first Perryville, Ky. He was at Lookout Mountain, the
siege of Atlanta, and went with Sherman to the sea.
After the close of the war he returned to farm life. He
was director of The Thompson Mutual Fire Ins. Co. As
County Commissioner, he wr.s serving his second term
when he died. Mr. Lester DeWitt Taylor d. June 6, 1891,
ae. 58 yrs. Mrs. Carnclia A. (Brainerd) Taylor d. .

Taylor children :

i. Wilder Brainakd, b. Sept. 16, 1869, in Claridon, Ohio; m.
Marietta Electa Rowley, a farmer, with his father.

ii. Arthur Wallace, b. Mch. 17, 1872. in Claridon, Ohio. In
1889 he was at the University at Columbus, Ohio. In 1891
was a mining engineer; res., Cleveland, Ohio.

1183. Mary Euza' Brainerd (James Nelson'', Seth^, JoeF, Dan-

ieP, DanieP, James^, Daniel^) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co.,
Ohio; m., Dec. 15, 1872. Bonaparte H. Brainerd, b. July
17, 1844, son of Henry Bradford and Cerephna L.
(Bailey) Brainerd, of Mayfield, Ohio. He was a farmer
in Mayfield. Mrs. Mary Eliza (Brainerd) Brainerd d.
. Mr. Bonaparte H. Brainerd d. .

Brainerd children:

i. Cerephna E., b. May 14, 187.3. in Mayfield, Ohio.

ii, Scott Wellington, b, Jan. 28, 1875, in Mavfield, Ohio; d. Jan.

14, 1878. \

iii. Alice Minerva, b. Nov. 1, or 19, 1876, in Mayfield, Ohio; d.

Aug. 5, 1881.
iv. Harrt Minteb, b. Mch. 30, 1879, in Mayfield, Ohio.

1184. Lillian A.* Brainerd (James Nelson', Seth^. JoeF, Dan-

iel*, DanieP, James-, DanieP) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co.,
Ohio; m., Apr. 22. 1884, Benjamin R. Schaef. b. Mch. 22,
1857, in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, son of Mark and
Rebecca (Richardson) Schaef. He was a dealer in coal,
living in Brooklyn Village, Ohio. Mrs. Lillian A. Brain-
erd) Schaef d. .

Schaef .children :

i. WlNNiFRED A., b. Apr. 5, 188.5, in Boston, Ohio,
ii. Fred Nelson, b. Jime 24, 1887, in So. Brooklyn, Ohio.
iii. Frank Benjamin, b. Feb. 7, 1890, in Brooklyn Village, Ohio;

d. Nov. 12, 1894.
iv. Mildred Lillian, b. July 14, 1894, in Cleveland. Ohio.

1 1 85. Frank R.' Brainerd (James Nelson'', Setli^, JoeP, DanieP,

DanieP, James^, DanieP) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co.,
Ohio; m., June 16, 1886, Rosamond M. Clayton, b. Feb.
6, 1861, dau. of William and Eliza J. (Merrick) Claj^on.

Eighth Generation. '*53

He was a farmer in Brooklyn. Mr. Frank R. Brainerd
d. .

Children :

Ruth O., b. July 5, 1887, in Brooklyn, Ohio.
Lucia R., b. Feb. 17, 1889, in Brooklyn, Ohio.
Beth E., b. Oct. 7, 1894, in Brookl3Ti, Ohio.
Agnes E., b. Aug. 23, 1896, in Brooklyn, Ohio.
V. Ralph O., b. Oct. 31, 1902, in Brooklyn, Ohio.

1 1 86. Electa Matilda' Brainerd (AsaJieP, Seth^, JoeP, Daniel*,
Daniel^, James" , Daniel}) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co.,
Ohio; m., Dec. 19, 1867, Edwin H. Foster, b. Sept. 20,
1842, in Brooklyn, Ohio, son of Ebenezer and Almira
(Williams) Foster. He was a market gardener and dealer
in real estate in Brooklyn Village, Ohio. Mrs. Electa
Matilda (Brainerd) Foster d. .

Foster children:

i. Clarence L., b. Meh. 21, 1869, in Brooklyn Village, Ohio.

ii. Howard M., b. Oct. 2, 1870, in Brooklyn Village, Ohioj

d. Oct. 27, 1877.
iii. Levi, b. June 5, 1886, in Brooklyn Village, Ohio; d. Aug. 2,

1 1 87. CiiAUNCET Wellman' Brainerd {Horace''^ Sefh^, Joel^,

Daniel*, Daniel^, James^, DanieV-) of Mayfield, Cuyahoga
Co., Ohio; m., Dec. 9, 1877, Hattie Bobbins, b. Dec. 9,

1856, dau. of Alonzo and Robbins, of Richmond

Settlement, Ohio. He lived in Mayfield, Ohio. Mr.
Chauncey Wellman Brainerd d. ■.

Child :
i. Ethelind, b. May 7, 1877, in Mayfield, Ohio.

1 1 88. Russell Bigelow' Brainerd {Borate', Seth^, JoeF, Dan-

iel*, DanieP, James', Daniel}) of Mayfield, Cuyahoga Co.,
Ohio ; m., Mch. 3, 1875, Nellie C. Blake, b. June 17, 1857,

dau. of James and Eliza Blake. He was a farmer

in Brooklyn, Ohio. Mr. Russell Bigelow Brainerd d.


1 1 89. Franklin' Brainerd {Eilcrf, Seth^, JoeF, Daniel*, DanieP,
James', DanieV-) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m.,
Apr. 5, 1877, Mary E. Bourne, b. Nov. 24, 1853, dau. of
William and Armanilla (King) Bourne, formerly of
Brecksville, Ohio. He resided in Brooklyn. Mr. Frank-
lin Brainerd d. .

Children :

454 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

1 1 90. Celestia a.' Braineed (Riley'' , Seth^, JoeFj Daniel*, Dan-

iePj James^, DanieV-) of Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio;
m., Nov. 2, 1876, William Avam, son of William and
Ann ( ) Avam, formerly from England, then liv-
ing in Parma, Ohio. He resided in ilavfield, Ohio. Mrs.
Celestia A. (Brainerd) Avam d. .

Avam children :

1191. Bonaparte H.* Brainekd {Henry Bradford?, Aristarchus^,

Joel^, Daniel*, DaiiieV, James^, DanieV-) of Mayfield,
Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m., Dec. 15, 1872, Mary Eliza Brain-
erd, b. July 3, 1853, dau. of James Nelson and Lucia
(Eudd) Brainerd. He was a farmer in Mayfield. Mr.
Bonaparte Brainerd d. . Mrs. Mary Eliza (Brain-
erd) Brainerd d. .

Children :

i. Cerephina E., b. May 14, 1873, in Mayfield, Ohio,
ii. Scott Wellington, b. Jan. 28, 1875, in Mayfield, Ohio; d.

Jan. 14, 1878.
iii. Alice Minerva, b. Nov. 19, 1876, in Mayfield, Ohio; d. Aug.

5, 1881.
iv. Harry Minter, b. Jlch. 30, 1879, in Mayfield, Ohio.

1192. LiNNA 0.* Brainerd (Marvin P?, Gilbert^, Asahel', Dan-

iel*, DanieV, James^, Daniel^) of Chicago, Cook Co., HI. ;
m., Jan. 28, 1885, Henry C. Greene, b. Oct. 9, 1860, in
Buffalo, N. Y., son of John and Ellen (BuUard) Greene.
His business was plumbing and gasfitting in Chicago,
111. Mr. Henry C. Greene d. July 13, 1890, ae. 29 yrs.,
9 mos., 4 ds. Mrs. Linna 0. (Brainerd) Greene d. .

Greene child :
i. Lamont, b. Apr. 2, 1890, in Chicago, 111.; d. Apr. 21, 1890.

Ninth Generation. 4:55


1193. Georgianna Helen' Beainakd {George^, Rabzey'', Benjw-

min^, AsaheP, Benjamin*, James^, Jame^, DanieV-) of
Prairieville, Barry Co., Mich., m., Oct. 23, 1879, William
Lyon Brown, b. Aug. 37, 1881, son of George B. and
Keziali (McEeay) Brown, of Orangeville, Barry Co.,
Mich. He was postmaster in Prairieville Township, from
1876, to '96, with the exception of one term; justice of the
peace, since 1876, to the present time, 1900, and a mem-
ber of the legislature when the Maine Liquor Law was
passed. He was a farmer in Orangeville, Mich. Mr.
William Lyon Brown d. Apr. 8, 1856. Mrs. Georgiana
Helen (Brainerd) BioAvn d. — .

Brown children :

i. Clake William, b. Sept. 11, 1880, in Prane Township, Mich,
ii. Veen Brainerd, b. Sept. 24, 1882, in IVane Township, Mich.
iii. Mary Helen, b. Sept. 22, 1885, in Prane To%vnship, Mich.

1194. Martha Ada' Brainerd {George^, Rabzef, Benjamin^,

AsaheF, Benjamin*, Jame^, James"-, DanieV-) of Prairie-
ville, Barry Co., Mich.; m., Apr. 21, 1885, Henry Marvin
Daniels of Prairieville, b. Oct. 21, 1851, in Bata-

via, ]Sr. Y., son of . He was a farmer in Morey,

Missaukee Co., Mich. Mrs. Martha Ada (Brainerd) Dan-
iels d. .

Daniels children :
i. Genevieve E., b. Aug. 6, 1889, in Delton, Mich.; d. Julv 1,

ii. Helen Lucia, b. Dee. 12, 1892, in Delton, Mich,
iii. L. Lloyd Martin, b. Jan. 30, 1897, in Delton, Mich.

1195. FiL\NK Williams' Bkainard {George^, Babzey', Benja-

min^, AsaheP, Benjamin*, James^, James", DanieV-) of
Vemor, North Dakota; m., Apr. 30, 1887, in Oakes, K.
Dakota, Annie M. Vincent, b. Oct. 2, 1859, in Lecompton,
Kan. He was a farmer, then a teacher in Barry Co.,
Mich., and in Sargent Co., N. Dakota, and after that a
merchant; now (1900) is a shipper of farm produce. He
has represented his town in the legislature of N. Dakota
as a representative. His residence was in Oakes, Dickey
Co., N. Dakota. Mr. Frank Williams Braiuard d. .

456 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

Children :

Edith, b. July 22, 1888, in Oakes, N. Dak.
George Newland, b. Nov. 28, 1889, in Oakes, N. Dak.
Vincent F., b. Nov. 2, 1893, in Oakes, N. Dak.
C, b. Oct. 9, 1897, in Oakes, N. Dak.

1196. Claea Belle' Brainahd {George^, Babzey'', Benjamin^,

AsaJieF, Benjamin*, James^, James^, Daniel}) of Vernor,
North Dakota; m., Nov. 17, 1887, in Oakes, N. Dakota.
Wallace H. Dixon, b. July 31, 1861, in Niles, Mich.; son
of James W. and Louisa (Young) Dixon, formerly of
New York State, now of Niles, Mich. Louisa Young's
ancestors came from Germany in 1727, to Kingston, N. Y.
He was a farmer in Sargent, N. D. She was a school
teacher in Michigan and in N. Dakota. Mrs. Clara Belle
(Brainerd) Dixon d. .

Dixon children :
i. Guy Brainakd, b. Sept. 2, 1888, in Vernor, N. D. ; d. Julv

26, 1889.
ii. Beenice, b. Feb. 17, 1892, in Vonior, N. D.

1197. John Kalzet' Brainakd {George^, Ralzeif, Benjamin^,

AsaJieF, Benjamin*, James', Jamcs^, DanieV-) of Prairie-
ville, Barry Co., Mich. ; m., Sept. 21, 1888, Augusta Shan-
non Kellogg, formerly of Eutland, Vt., now of Prairie-
ville, b. Sept. 3, 1805, in Tallmadge, Ottawa Co.,
MichT, dau. of Edward J. and Arimethia (Walton) Kel-
logg, formerly of Rutland, Vt., noAv of Prairieville,
Mich., and were m. Nov. 32, 1854, in Tyrone, Livingston
Co., Mich. He was a farmer. Mr. John Ealzey Brainard
d. .

Children :

Mary Ethel Beixe, b. Feb. 7, 1890, in .Jamestown, Micli.
Vera Helen, b. Oct. 26, 1891, in Jamestown, Mich.
Gennie Jolin, b. Apr. 28, 1896, in Prairieville, Mich.
RusSEL ICellogg, b. Jan. 22, 1898, in Prairieville, Mich.

1198. Harriet Amelia' Brainard (Georg^, Eahzeif, Benja-

min^, AsaheP, Benjamin*, James', James-, Daniel^) of
Vernor, North Dakota; m.. Nov. 28, 1888, in N. D., Frank
M. Coleman, b. Nov. 9, 1859. son of Michael and Eliza
(Callahan) Coleman, who were b. in Ireland. He was a
farmer in Vernor, N. D. Mrs. Harriet Amelia (Brain-
ard) Coleman d. .

Coleman children:
Glen Brainard, b. Sept. 17, 1S89, in Vernor, N. Dakota,
i. Lysle Russel, b. Jan. 11, 1892, in Vernor, N. Dakota,
ii. Bessie, b. Oct. 3, 1896, in Vernor, N. Dakota.
V. Helen, b. Dec. 21, 1898, in N. Dakota.

Ninth Generation. 457

1199. Lucia Jane' Brainabd {George^, Rabzet/\ Benjamin^,

AsaJiel', Benjamin^, James^, Jamcs^, Daniel^) of Prairie-
ville, Barry Co., Mich.; m., Dec. 30, 1886, Edward
ElJredge Tombs. She was divorced from him and m.
(2), Feb. 23, 1898, Edward Josiah Kellogg, b. Aug. 10,
1860, son of Edward J. and Arimethia (Walton) Kellogg.
He resides at Milford, Kosciusko Co., Ind., and is a mason
by ti'ade. His first wife was Anna B. Kline. Mrs. Lucia
Jane (Brainard) (Tombs) Kellogg, d. — ^ .

Tombs child by the first marriage :
i. Geoege Brainabd, b. June 8, 1889, in Praiiieville, Midi.

Kellogg children by the second marriage :
ii. Edwabd Whitman, b. Dec. 8, 1898, in Milford, Ind.
iii. A dau., b. Feb. 19, 1900, in Milford, Ind.

1200. Anna' Beainaed {James Myers^, Amasa George'', Isaac^,

AsaheP, Benjamin*, Jame^, James^, Daniel^) of Hamden,
Delaware Co., N". Y. ; m., Mch. 19, 1879, Alfred Bagley, b.
Aug. 4, 1847, in Delancey, town of Hamden, N". Y., son
of Edward and Oril (Pettis) Bagley. He was a wagon
maker and lived in 1892, in Walton, Delaware Co., N. Y.
Mrs. Anna (Brainerd) Bagley d. .

Bagley children:

i. Etta E., b. Dee. 23, 1879. in Hamden, N. Y.; d. June 12,
ii. Howard King, b. Apr. 16, 1889, in Hamden, N. Y.

1 201 . George Amasa' Brainerd {James Myer^, Amasa

Isaac^, Asahel'j Benjamin*, James^, James^, DanxeV-) of

Hamden, Delaware Co., N. Y. ; m., ■ -. He lived in

Hamden. Mr. George Amasa Brainerd d. — .

Children :

i. A child, b. .

ii. A child, b. .

iii. A child, b. .

iv. A child, b. .

1202. OziAS ISr.' Br.\inard {Ozias N.\ Noah'', Ozias\ Ozias\ Jedi-

diah*, James^, James^, Daniel^) of Painesville, Lake Co.,
Ohio ; m., Oct. 18. 1893, Eose A. Dewstoe, b. Oct. 26, 1879,
dau. of Col. C. C. and Gertrude F. (McNill) Dewstoe.
He was a plumber in Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Ozias N.
Brainard d. .

Children :
i. DuDLET Addison, b. Aug. 30, 1896, in Cleveland, Ohio,
ii. Marian Gehteude, b. May 27, 1899, in Cleveland, Ohio.

1203. Hubert Z.' Brainard {Ozias N.^, Noah'', Ozias\ Ozias^,

JedidiaJi*, James^, James^, Daniel^) of Painesville, Lake

458 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

Co., Ohio; m., June 24, 1902, Bessie Linnehan, b. Aug.
22, 1876, dau. of John and Margaret (Haley) Linnehan.
He is a clerk in Cleveland, Ohio. He was a private in
Co. M, 5th Kegt. Inf., Nov. 13, 1894; mus. out Apr. 14,
1899; 2d Lieut. Co. M, 5th Regt. 0. Vol. Inf., Nov. 15,
1900, in the Spanish War. He was sergt. in Co. M. 5th
Regt. 0. Vol. Inf., May 11, 1898; mus. out Nov. 5, 1898;
1st Lieut. Co. M, 5th Regt. 0. N. G., Oct. 15, 1902. Mr.
Hubert Z. Brainard d. .

Children :

1204. Charles E.^ Beaineed {James S.^ Jarecl Smith', Jared

Smith^j Jwmes^, Jamcs^, James^, James^, Daniel^) of E.
EaUingly, Windham Co., Conn.; m., Dec. 29, 1890, in
Gloucester, Mass., C. Enola Cunningham, b. Aug. 30,

1866, in Gloucester, dau. of Mr. and Carrie

A. (Whitman, b. in Nova Scotia) Cimningham, of the
same place. He grad. from the High School in Daniel-
sen, Conn., in 1882. He taught in WeUesley, Mass., and
was principal of the High School in Somerville, Mass.,
in 1893. He was one of the proprietors of the Wesley
House, Martha's Vinevard. Mr. Charles E. Brainerd

d. .

No children.

1205. Eva E.' Brainebd {James S.^, Jared Smith'', Jared Smith^,

James^, James*, James^, James^, Daniel^) of E. Killingly,
Windham Co., Conn. ; m., Sept. 7, 1887, George W. Taft,
b. Aug. 27. 1841, in Upton, Mass., son of Pearley P. and
Maria (Miller) Taft. He lived at Kennet Square, Pa.,
and was a manufacturer of Imperial Road Machines under
the name of American Road Machine Co. Mrs. Eva E.
(Brainerd) Taft d. .

Taft child : ■

i. George War.ner. b. Oct. 31, 1889, in Kennett Square, Pa.; d.
Nov. 26, 1889, of whooping cough.

1206. LEGE-i-XD Abbott' Brainerd {William Wallace^, Ansel

Tracy'', James^, Ichahod^, James*, James^, James^, Dan-
ieV^) of Cooperstown, Otsego Co., N. Y.; m., Dec. 10,
1885, Ada Mav Ball. b. Dec. 6, 1864, in Cooperstown,
N. Y., dau. of Harrison P. and Harriet (Botsford) Ball,
of the same place. He was in business with his father, in
the house, sign, and carriage painting, and lived in
Cooperstown. Mrs. Ada May (Ball) Brainerd d.
Nov. 20, 1887. He m. (2), Sept. 5, 1901, Elizabeth
DuNoyer, b. July 26, 1862, in Brooklyn, N. Y., dau. of
Richard and Amelia (Cone) DuNoyer, of Utica, N. Y.
Mr. LeGrand Abbott Brainerd d. .

No children.

Ninth Generation. 459

1207. WiLUAM Curtis' Beainaed {Ceylon Parsons^ EKphalet

Parsons', David Williams^, Ichabod^, James*, James^,
James^, Danie?) of Dubuque, Dubuque Co., la.; m., Oct.
1, 1880, Ella Mary Bishop, b. July 11, 1864, dau. of
Hiram and Custie (Higgins) Bishop. He was a painter
by trade, and lived in Los Angeles, Cal. ; in 1902, resided
in Burbank, Cal. Mrs. Ella Mary (Bishop) Brainerd
d. Feb. 14, 1893, at San Jose, Cal. He m. (2) Aug. 28,
1894. Mary Bell Myrtilla Van Note, at Monrovia, Cal.
Mr. William Curtis Brainerd d. .

Child by the first marriage :
i. Chab'les Ceylon, b. Mch. 17, 1SS4, in Milwaukee, Wis.; d.
Sept. 27, 1884, at the same place.

Children by the second marriage :
ii. CoBA Van Note, b. June 26, 1896, in Burbank, Cal.
ill. Albebt Hn-DKETH, b. Nov. 21, 1898, in Savannah, Cal.
iv. Hakry Henry, b. Feb. 7, 1902, near Burbank, Cal.

1208. Haeet Frank' Beainerd {Ceylon Parsons^, Eliphalet Par-

sons'', David Williams^, Ichabod^, James*, James^, James',
Daniel^) of Dubuque, Dubuque Co., la.; m., Jan. 12,
1887, Ella K. Fagan, b. June 12, 1862, dau. of Nicholas
and Eleanora (Ginivan) Fagan. He was a portrait artist
in Dubuque, la. In 1903 he was in LeGrange, 111. Mr.
Harry Frank Brainerd d. .

Children :

i. Ceylon Haeey, b. Dec. 26, 1887, in Dubuque, la.
ii. Viva Bessie, b. Mch. 2, 1895, in Lanark, 111.

1209. Cora Amelia' Brainerd {Ceylon Parsons^, Eliphalet Par-

sons'', David Williams^, Ichabod^, James*, Jame^, James',
DanieV-) of Dubuque, Dubuque Co., la.; m., May 16,
1882, Claude James Gould, b. May 8, 1859, son of Thomas
and Margaret L. (Braidwood) Gould. He lived in Los
Angeles, Cal. Mrs. Cora Amelia (Brainerd) Gould d.

Gould child :

10, in Los Angeles. Cal.; d. Aug.

1209a. Daisy Ella' Beaineed {Andrew Curtis, Eliphalet Par-
sons'', David William^, Ichahod?, James*, James^, James',

Daniel^) of ; m., Apr. 20; 1890, in Jennings, La.,

Bertram Moses, b. Jan. 14, 1871, in Greencastle, Iowa,
son of Joseph H. and Margaret J. (Weston) Moses. He
is a machinist and inventor, residing in Jennings, La.
Mrs. Daisy Ella (Brainerd) Moses d. .

Moses child :
i. Beainekd Weston, b. Jan. 14, 1869, in .

460 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

1210. Emma^ Brainerd {Milton C}, Lorenzo', Jesse^, Jesse^,

Eliakim*, Gideon^, Jame^, DanieV-) of Saratoga Springs,
Saratoga Co., N. Y.; m., Mch. 17, 1883, Alpheus Wil-
liams, b. Nov. 23, 1853, in Mich., son of Cornelius and
Betsey (Defield) Williams. He lived in Pine Camp,
Keyapaha Co., Neb., and was a farmer. In 1903, he lived
in Oketo, Kan., and was a dealer in lumber and coal.
Mrs. Emma (Brainerd) Williams d. .

Williams child:
i. Bessie Violet, b. July 8, 1884, in Pine Camp, Neb.

1211. Clara' Brainerd {Milton C?, Lorenzo''', Jesse^, Jesse^,

Eliakim*, Gideon^, James^, Daniel^) of Saratoga Springs,
Saratoga Co., N. Y.; m., Dec. 13, 1883, Morgan Hedge,
b. Oct. 1, 1854, or 1856, in Hartford, Ind., son of Abner
and Charlotte (Castaline) Hedge. He lived at Oketo,
Kan., and was in the lumber business, under the firm
name of Brainerd & Hedge, dealers in lumber and grain,
but in 1903, was u dealer in lumber and coal under the
firm name of Hedge & Eyehauer. Mrs. Clara (Brainerd)
Hedge d. .

Hedge children :

i. Charlotte Moshek, b Feb. 6, 1884 or 1885, in Oketo, Kan.;

d. June 27, 1884 or June 14, 1885.
ii. Eabl, b. Sept. 17, 1885 or 1886, in Oketo, Kan.
iii. Hallakd, b. Dec. 23, 1892, in Oketo, Kan.; d. Dec. 29, 1894.

1212. Bella' Brainard {Milton G}, Lorenzo'', Jesse^, Jesse^,

Eliakim*, Gideon^, James^, Daniel^) of Oketo, Marshall
Co., Kan.; m., Feb. 14, 1895, Eaymond Eoy Potter, b.
Mch. 3, 1871, in Oketo, Kan., son of Thomas and Mary
Anna (Crow) Potter. He resided in Powhattan, Kan.
Mrs. Delia (Brainard) Potter d. .

No children.

1213. Jennie' Brainard {Milton C.^ Lorenzo'', Jesse^, Jesse^,

Eliakini*, Gideon^. James-, Daniel^) of Oketo, Marshall
Co., Kan.; m., Nov. 14, 1894, Joseph AViley Potter, b.
July 7, 1870, in Marshall Co., Kan., son of Charles
Joseph and Eliza (Wiley) Potter. He was in the hard-
ware business under the finn name of Brainard & Potter,
M. C. Brainard & L. W. Potter. Mrs. Jennie (Brainard)
Potter d. .

Potter child :
i. Edith Zuka, b. Nov. 24, 1895, in Marshall Co., Kans.

1214. Jennetta Maria' Brainard {Cyrus Wilson^, Deantheum

Hubbard', Sylvestci^, Olivei^, Eliakim^, Gideon^, James^,
DatiieP) of Fairport, Kan.; m. Joseph H. Walker, b.

Ninth Generation. 461

. He lived in Hays City, Kan. Mrs. Jennetta M.

(Brainard) Walker d. Mch. 18, 1898, ae. 42 yrs., in
Florence, Col., where she had gone for her health. Mr.
Joseph H. Walker d. .

Walker children :

1215. Jessie Jedidah' Braineed (Cyrus Wilso7i^, Deantheum

Huhhard', Sylvester^, Olivei\ Eliakim'^, Gideon^, James-,
DanieV-) of Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Feb. 13,
1878, Westley C. Clark, of Chester, Conn., son of Frede-
rick W.^ and Lydia (Manwaring) Clark of Chester
He was"" a farmer. Mrs. Jessie Jedidah (Brainerd)
Clark d. .

No children.

1216. Willie Simeon^' Brainerd {Cyrus Wilson^, Deantheum

Hubhard', Sijlvcster^, Olivei-^, Eliakiin*, Gideon^, James^,
DanieV-) of Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m. Apr. 14,

1887, Helen F. (Geaney) — , b. Aug. 13, 1865, in

New Haven, Conn., dau. of James and Mai-garet (Geaney)
Geaney. Her parents were b. in Ireland. He was a house
carpenter in New Haven, Conn., 1903, where he resided.
Mr. Willie Simeon Brainerd d. .

Child :
i. Ctrus D., b. Jan. 16, 1888, in New Haven, Conn.

1217. Frank Elmer^ BR.iiNERD {John Whittlesey^ Deantheum

Hubbard'', Sylvester^, Oliver', Eliakim*, Gideon^, James^,
Daniel'-) of Stony Creek, New Haven Co., Conn.; m.,

Dec. 12, 1883, Anna Adelaide Brown, b. , dau. of

Ira Morris and Mary Elizabeth (Jackson) Brown, of So.
Orange, N. J. He was in mercantile business in Stony
Creelf. He is a member of the Seaside Lodge, No.
4, I. 0. 0. F., and the George B. Shaw Lodge No. 57,
Knights of Pythias. Mr. Frank Elmer Brainerd d.

Children :

Florence Adele, b. Mcli. 29, 1885, in Stony Creek, Conn.
John Elmee, b. July 8, 1901. in Stony Creek, Conn.
Harold Tillow, b. July 10, 1903, in Stony Creek, Conn.

1218. Harvey Burd' Brainerd {John Whittlesey^, Deantheum
Hubbard'', Sylvester^, Olivet^, Eliakim*, Gideon^, James^,
DanieV) of Hartford, Hartford Co., Conn.; m., Mch. 6,
1888, Christine Huntington Starr, b. Oct. 9, 1859, adopted
dau. of Burgess Pratt and Charlotte (Montague) Starr,
of Hartford. He was confidential clerk in a wholesale
provision store, and in 1892 he was a merchant in Hart-

4f>2 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

ford, Conu. In 1905 he was treasurer in a retail store.
Mr. Harvey Burd Brainerd d. .

Children :

i. Charlotte Stake, b. Feb. 11, 1889, in Hartford, Conn,

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