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ii. George Palmer, b. Jan. 25, 1890, in Hartford, Conn,
iii. Louise Bailey, b. Aug. 12, 1892, in Hartford, Conn,
iv. Elizabeth Burgis, b. Dec. 11, 1896, in Hartford, Conn.
V. Christian Montague, b. Aug. 11, 1898, in Hartford, Conn.

1219. Effie A.^ Brainerd {Sylvester Essey^, Deantheum Hub-
bard', Sylvester^, Oliver^, Eliakim*, Gideon^, James-, Dan-
ie?) of Killingworth, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m.. Sept. 28,
1880, Clement M. Parmelee, of Guilford, Conn., b. Apr.
25, 1860, son of Charles Edwin and Mabel E. (Stevens)
Parmelee, of the same place. He was a teamster living
in Killingworth, Conn. Mr. Clement M. Parmelee d.
Oct. 9, 1890, in Centerbrook, or Ivorj'ton. Conn. She m.
(2), Mch. 15, 1898, Morgan Stevens, of Bridgeport,
Conn., b. May 3, 1867, in Southeast Milltown, Putnam
Co., N. Y., son of John and Jenette (Wickson) Stevens.
He keeps a hotel and in 1902 was living in Centerbrook,
Conn. Mrs. Efiie A. (Brainerd) (Parmelee) Stevens d.

Parmelee children by the first marriage :
i. Charlie Edwin, b. Jan. 27, 18S3, in Centerbrook, Conn.: d.

Feb. 3, 1883.
ii. Mabel Augusta, b. Apr. 30, 1884, in Centerbrook, Conn,
iii. Ethel May, b. Aug. '2, 1886, in Centerbrook, Conn,
iv. Annie Gertrude, b. Nov. 29, 1838, in Centerbrook, Conn.; d.

Jan. 18, 1889.

1220. Robert -Ecgexe' Braixard (Sylvester Essey^, Deantheum

Huhbard', Sylvestet^, Olivei^, EUal:im\ Gideon^, James-,
Daniel'') of New Haven, New Haven Co., Conn.; m.,
Apr. 19, 1892 or 1893, Cora May Isaacs, b. in New Haven,

Conn., dau. of Louis J. and ( ) ( ) Isaacs,

of New Haven. He has been associated with his father as
a builder, and was prominent in local musical circles. He
was a carpenter. Mr. Eobert Eugene Brainard d. .

Child :
i. Emma Madelon, b. Nov. 8, 1S9C, in Springfield, Mass.

1221. AViLLiAM S.' Bkaixerd {Sylvester Esseif, Deantheum

Hubbard^, Sylvester^, Olivei^, EliaJcim*, Gideon^, James\
Daniel'-) of New Haven, New Haven Co., Conn. ; m., Dec.
8, 1896, Carrie Brown, dau. of Lewis and Maria Carrie
( ) Brown, of New Haven, Conn. He was a sales-
man in New Haven, Conn. Mr. William S. Brainerd
d. .

Children :

Ninth Generation. ^63

1222. Flora Kay^ Brainard {Sylvester Esseif, Deaiitheum

HubharcP, Sylvester^, OUvei^, Eliakim'^, Gideon", James-.
DanieV-) of New Haven, New Haven Co., Conn. ; m., Apr.
25, 1891, Frederic Stanley Cowles, M.D., b. 1869 in
Eome, N. Y., son of Alvin B. and Virginia Elizabeth (Hal-
lock) Cowles, D.D.S. He was educated at Geneva, N. Y.,
at Hobart College and at the Medical Dept. of Yale Uni-
versit}'; received the degree of M.D. in 1893. He has
lived in Westbrook, Conn., but in 1900, was in New Y'ork
City. Mrs. Flora Eay (Brainard) Cowles d. .

Cowles children :

i. ViBGlNiA ELiz.\BETir. b. Oct. 21. ISIt.'i. in New Haven. Conn.
ii. Hallock Sidney, b. Sept. 11. 1897, in Westbrook, Conn.

1223. Anna Edith or Eliza^ Braixeed {Oliver Sylvester'^, John

Erastus Harvey'', Sylvester^, Olivei^, Eliakim*, Gideon^,
James-, Daniel'-) of Tylerville, Middlesex Co., Coun. ; m.,
Nov. 11, 1879, Oscar Algernon Arnold, b. Nov. 8, 1856,
in Beaver Meadow, Haddani. Conn., son of Davis T. and
Esther Tvler (Dickinson) Arnold. He lived in Turkey
Hill, Haddam. His address (1899) was in New Haven,
Conn. Mrs. Anna Edith or Eliza (Brainerd) Arnold
d. .

Arnold children :

i. Matltde Esther, b. June 13, ISSl, in Beaver Meadow, Conn,
ii. PiiEBE Louisa, b. Meh. 4, 1883, in Beaver Meadow, Conn,
iii. Grover Cleveland, b. Mch. 5, 1885, in Beaver Meadow, Conn.

1224. Adelbeet Eeastus' Bkaixaed {Oliver Sylvester^, John

Erastus Harvey'', Sylvestci-^, OUvei^, Eliakim*, Gideon',
James", Daniel'-) of Tylerville, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m.,
Aug. 20, 1888, Grace Louise Ventres, b. June 7, 1869,
in Haddam, Conn., dau. of Carlos Day and Ellen M.
(Clark) Ventres, of Shailerville, Conn. He was an in-
ventor and engineer on tow boats; res. in 1892, Middle-
town, Conn. Mr. Adelbcrt Erastus Brainard d. .

Children :

1. Leroy Smith, b. Apr. 29, 1889, in Shailerville, Conn.
ii. Raymond Carlos, b. Sept. 9, 1891, in Shailerville, Conn,
iii. LiTELLA May, b. May 1, 1893, in Middletown, Comi.

1225. Sanfoed Waeren' Brainerd {John Ogden^, John Erastus

Harvey'', Sylvester^, Oliver^, Eliahim*, Gideon^, James^,
Daniel') of Essex, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m. Sarah C.
Hoadley, b. in Saybrook, Conn. He was a mechanic. Mr.
Sanford Warren Brainerd d. .

Children :

i. Saxford OLn-ER b. Oct., 1896, in .

ii. Theodoke Roosevelt, b. July 5, 1900, in Ivoryton, Coun.

■i<^^ Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

1 226. Charles H.' Brainerd {John Ogden?, John Erastus Har-
vey', Sylvester^, Oliver^, Eliakim*, Gideon^, James^, Dan-
iel^) of Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Bertha I.
Ingraham, of Madison, Conn. Mr. Charles H. Brainerd
d. . Mrs. Bertha I. (Ingraham) Brainerd d.

Children :

i. A soiij b. Aug, 27, 1897, in .

ii. A son, b. Mch. 23, 1901, in Essex, Conn.

1227. LEOiLi A.' Brainerd (John Ogden^, John Erastus Harvey'',

Sylvester^, Oliver', Elialim*, Gideon^, James^, Daniel^)
of Essex, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., July 3, 1901, Burton
W. Barrows, in Lebanon, Conn., son of Charles H. and
Fannie (Miner)_ Barrows. Mrs. Leora A. (Brainerd)
Barrows d. .

Barrows children :

1228. Wilbcr or Walter Fiske'' Brainerd {Newell AshleW,

Joseph LochlancP, Newell^, Simon^, Simon*, AhijaV,
James-, DanieP) of East Hampton, Middlesex Co., Conn.;
m., Nov. 16, 1880, Nellie Selden Strong, b. Sept. 16, 1860,
dau. of John and Abbie (Welch) Strong, of East Hamp-
ton. He was a clerk in a store in East Hampton. Mr.
Wilbvir Fiske Brainerd d. .

Children :

1247. i. Edith Strong, b. Xov. 28, 1885. in East Hampton, Conn.

ii. Ratsiond Fiske, b. Mch. 30, 1888, in East Hampton, Conn.

1229. John Marshall' Brainard {Newell AshlelP, Joseph

Lochland', Newell^, Simon^, Simon*, Abija¥, James^,
Daniel'-) of Chester, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m. Nettie
E. Culver, b. in Watertown, Conn., dau. of Frederick and
Emily (Judd) Culver. He was a laborer living in
Chester, Conn. :Mr. John Marshall Brainard d. .

Children :

i. Chables, b. May 29, 1880.

ii. Fbank, b. Mav'll, 1882.

1248. iii. Gbace, b. Mch. 12, 1885.
iv. COEA, b. Jan. 12, 1888.
V. Mtbtie, b. Apr. 29, 1890.
vi. William, b. Dec. 21, 1892.

vii. Haery William, b. .June 8, 1895.

viii. Bessie, b. Mch. 21, 1898.

ix. A son, b. Apr. 11, 1900; d. same day.

X. Elsie, b. Jan. 8, 1903, in Chester, Conn.

1230. Grace M,\rshall' Brainard {George W.^, George'', Selali^,

Simon^, Simon*, Abijah^, Jame^, Daniel^) of Hartford,

Ninth Generation. 465

Hartford Co., Conn.; m., Mch. 15, 1905 (in New Haven,
Conn., by Eev. George H. Ferris), John H. Vredenough,
of Hartford. Mrs. Grace Marshall (Brainard) Vreden-
ough d. .

No children.

1231. Flora Louise' Brainard {George IV.^ George'', Selah^,

Simon^, Simon*, AbijaJi^, James^, DanieV-) of Hartford,
Hartford Co., Conn. ; m., June 24, 1903, Everett Elmore
Warner, 1). Feb. 6, 1878, in Eocky Hill, Conn., son of
James H. and Jennie (Elmore) Warner, of the same
place. He is an optician, living in Hartford. Mrs. Flora
Louise (Brainard) Warner d. .

No children.

1 232. Ellen Estelle' Br^vinard ( William HalP, Giles Knowles',

Selah^, Simon^, Simon*, AbijaJi^, James", DanieV-) of
East Hartford, Hartford Co., Conn. ; m., Nov. 25, 1896.
Walter St. George Harris, of Hartford, Conn., b. Oct. 22,
1864, in New London, Conn., son of William Wallace
and Francina Agnes (Comstock) Harris, of New London,
Conn. He was a clerk in a drug store, living in Hart-
ford. In 1900 he was engaged on The Hartford Post,
and later was on The Hartford Courant. Mrs. Ellen
Estelle (Brainard) Harris d. .

Harris children :
i. Abline Robbiks, b. Dec. 20, 1897, in Hartford, Coim.
ii. Feancina Comstock, b. Jlay 22, 1904, in Hartford, Conn.

1233. Howard Henry' Brainard {Henry Enoivle^, Giles

Knoicles'', Selah^, Simon^, Simon*, Abijah^, James^, Dan-
ieV-) of Middletown, Middlesex Co., Conn., m., ,

Sarah Ann Judd. He resided in New Haven, Conn. Mr.
Howard Henry Brainard, d. .

i. Howabd Henrt, b. May 12, 1901, in New Haven, Conn.

1 234. Eliz.cbeth Jane' Brainerd {Lewis L?, Andrew CJ, Dar-

ius^. Jeptha^, Simon*, Abijah^, James^, DanieV) of Litch-
field, Bradford Co., Pa.;' m., Nov. 9, 1879, Peter M.
Detrick, b. Nov. 4, 1860, son of Eeuben and Betsey (Mil-
ler) Detrick, of Athens, Pa. He was a farmer in Sugar
Eun, Bradford Co., Pa, Mrs. Elizabeth Jane (Brainerd)
Detrick d. .

Detrick children:
i. John E., b. Oct. 27, 1881, in Sugar Run, Pa.; d. Sept. 1, 1891.
ii. Geobge, b. Mch. 8. 1885, in Sugar Run, Pa.

460 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

iii. Reuben W., b. Apr. 21, 1890, in Quicks Bend, Pa.
iv. Maude, b. Oct. 6, 1891, in Quicks Bend, Pa.

1235. CiDNEY L.' Beaineed {Lewis L}, Andrew GJ, Darius^,
Jeptha?, Simon*, Ahijah^, James^, DanieP) of Litchfield,
Bradford Co., Pa.; m., Jan. 5, 1887, Harrison Eichard
McCabe, b. Aug. 27, 1858, in Eome, Bradford Co., Pa.,
son of Hugh and ( ) McCabe, b. in Ire-

land, Monaghan Co. He was a farmer in Wysox, Brad-
ford Co., Pa. Mrs. Cidney L. (Brainerd) McCabe d.

McCabe children :
i. Emma Eliza, b. July 11, 1888, in Wysox, Pa.
ii. John Westlet, b, Apr. 28, 1893, in Towanda, Pa.
iii. Sabah Elizabeth, b. July 28, 1894, in Towanda, Pa.

1236. Sarah A.^ Biluxeed {Leivis L?, Andreiv CJ, Darius^,

Jeptha?, Simon*, Ahljali^, James-, DanieV-) of Litchfield,
Bradford Co., Pa.; m., Dec. 9, 1891 (by Eev. C. F. Kelly,
at Tonawanda, X. y.), William Vallilee, b. Aug. 3, 1866,
in Hyson, Bradford Co., Pa., son of James and Mary E.
(Chancey) Vallilee. He was a stone mason in Sheshe-
quin. Pa. Mrs. Sarah A. (Brainerd) Vallilee d. .

Xo children.

1237. Maet a.' Beaineed (Lewis L?, Andreiv CJ, Darius^, Jep-

tha?, Simon*, AiijaJi^, James-, Daniel^) of Litchfield,
Bradford Co., Pa. ;' m., Sept. 30, 1885, Levi H. Douglass,
b. May 23, 1860, in Athens, Bradford Co., Pa., son of
Elias M. and Catherine (Childs) Douglass. He was a
carpenter in Hornbrook. Bradford Co., Pa. Mr. Levi H.
Douglass d. Jan. 2-4, 1900, in Hornbrook, Pa. Mrs. Mary
A. (Brainerd) Douglas d. .

Douglass children :

Georgia Lou, b. Jan. 7, ISSS, in Hornbrook, Pa.

Sadie Eliza, b. Jan. 11, 1890, in Hornbrook, Pa.

Miles Wolcott, b. May 9, 1892, in Hornbrook, Pa.

Elias or Chas. Jackson, b. May 11, 1896, in Hornbrook, Pa.

1238. DeEtta F. or Julia' Beaineed (Lewis i.^ Andrew C.'',

Darius^, Jeptha^, Simon*, Alijah', James-, Daniel^) of

Litchfield, Bradford Co., Pa. ; m., , William Plat-

enburg, b. . She lived with her mother's brother,

and they changed her name from DeEtta F. to Julia.
Mrs. Julia (Brainerd) Platenburg d. .

Platenburg children:

1239. CiiAELES M.' Beainaed (Henry A}, Andrew CJ, Darius^,

Jeptha^, Simon*, Ahijah}, James^, Danier^) of Milan,

Ninth Generation. ^'^'^

Bradford Co., Pa.; m., Oct. 16, 1881, Fannie Hale
Gerould, b. Oct. 24, 1857, in Milledgeville, Carroll Co.,
111., dau. of James Orville and Almira P. (Campbell)
Gerould. He was a vragon maker living in E. Smithfield,
Pa. She was eight years a teacher. Mr. Charles M.
Brainard d. .

Children :

i. Agnes, b. Meh. 14, 1886, in Smithfield, Pa. •
ii. Geace, b. Meh. 12, 1891, in Smithfield, Pa.

1240. Feank Clair' Brainerd {Charles Fred?, Simon'', Darius^,

Jeptha^, Simon*, Ahijah^, James"-, DanieV-) of Windham
Center, Bradford Co., Pa.; m., Oct. 16, 1886 (by Rev.
Mr. Van Dusen, at Nichols, Tioga Co., N. Y.), Eva
Grace Grow, b. Meh. 17, 1868, in Apalachin, Susquehanna
Co., Pa., dau. of Horace Henry and Caroline (Johnson)
Grow. He was a farmer, living (1892) in Piome. Brad-
ford Co., Pa. Mr. Frank Clair Brainerd d. .

Children :
i. Claxjde Leo, b. Sept. 1. 1887, in Orwell, Pa.
ii. Rena Mat, b. May 11, 1889, in Rome, Pa.

1241. Mabel Wetmore' Braineed {Charles Sila^, Silas'', Na-

than^, Jahez', Simon*, AhijaV, James^, Daniel^) of
Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m., Apr. 18, 1899, Alex-
ander Falconer, of Montreal, Can., b. May 15, 1860, in
Chicago, 111., son of William and Eleanor (Chambers)
Falconer. He was an advocate, barrister, and solicitor
in Montreal, Can. Mrs. Mabel Wetmore (Brainerd)
Falconer d. .

Falconer child:
i. Brainekd, b. Aug. 6, 1903, in Montreal, Can.

1242. Edith Helen^ Brainerd {Henry MouW, Silas'', Natham?,

Jahez", Simon*, AbijaJi^, James', Daniel^) of Cleveland,
Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m.. May 28, 1869, Samuel Augus-
tus Fuller, b. Aug. 19, 1868, in Cleveland, Ohio, son of
Samuel A. and Julia (Clark) Fuller. He was in the Poll-
ing Mill and Iron Manufactory, residing in Cleveland.
Mrs. Edith Helen (Brainerd) Fuller d. .

Fuller children :
i. Florence Brainerd, b. July 8, 1891, in Cleveland, Ohio,
ii. Gertrude Frances, b. Sept. 25, 1892, in Cleveland, Ohio; d.

Jan. 25, 1898.
iii. Henry Brainerd, b. Dec. 13, 1895, in Cleveland, Ohio.

1243. Bessie May' Brainerd {Henry MouW, Silas', Nathan^,

Jabez^, Simon*, A'bijah^, James', Daniel^) of Cleveland,

468 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; m., June 2, 1903, Norville W. Lewis,
b. Feb. 7, 1876, at Fort Wayne, Ind., son of Milford and
Laura (Bell) Lewis. He was in the piano business at
Cleveland. Mrs. Bessie May (Brainerd.) Lewis d. .

Lewis children :

1244. Claeence Marion' Brainard {George Elliot^, James Nel-
son', Seth^, JoePj Daniel*, DanieP, Janies^, Daniel^) of
West Branch Township, Missaukee Co., Mich.; m., Dec.
6, 1879, Hannah C. Parker, b. Apr. 1, 1864, in Mich., dau.
of William T. and Catherine 0. ( ) Parker. He

resided (1892) near Olympia, Wash.; in 1902 he was
in Tumwater, Wash. He is an undercutter ir. the woods
on Pueret Sound. Mr. Clarence Marion Brainard d.


Aethub G., b. Sept. 27, 1880, in Norwich, Mich.

Peabl M., b. Aug. 2, 1883, in Moorixtown, Mich.

Alice L., b. July 1, 1885, in Moorixtown, Mich.

Clabibel, b. Oct. 22, 1888, in Mich.
V. Elva Mat, b. Oct. 1, i891, in Wash,
vi. Cornelia Avis, b. Aug. 28, 1896.

1245. Jennie' Brainerd {George Elliot'^, James Nelson', Seih^,

Joel', Daniel*, DanieP, James^, Daniel^) of West Branch
Township, Missaukee Co., Mich., m., July 4, 1885, Wil-
liam McGuire, b. Oct. 12, 1859, son of . He

lived in Mich. Mr. William McGuire d. . She m.

(2), Mr. Gcrrod. He lived in Lake City, Mich. Mrs.
Jennie (Brainerd) (McGuire) Gerrod d. .

McGuire children by the first marriage :

i. Ella Mat, b. July 19, 1886, in .

ii. Robert Emmet, b. Apr. 1, 1889, in .

Gerrod child by the second marriage:
i. A child, b. .

1246. CHAEiES Wesley' Brainerd {Charles Wesley^, James Nel-

son', Seth^, JoeP, Daniel*, DanieP, James^, DanieP^) of
Climax, Kalamazoo Co., Mich. ; m.. May 5, 1891, Cozette

S. Robinson., b. , in Hastings, Mich., dau. of

George W. and Sarah (Campbell) Eobinson. He has been
a teacher in a business college, but in 1892 was a book-
keeper and stenographer at the Battle Creek Mills, Mich.
He lived at Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., Mich. Mr. Charles
Wesley Brainerd d. .

Child :
i. Bernice Edwina, b. in Battle Creek, Mich.

Tenth Generation.


1247. Edith Strong" Brainaed {Wilbur Fish e^ or Walter, New-

ell AslibeV, Joseph Lochland', NeweW, Simon^, Simon*,
Abijah^, James^, Daniel^) of East Hampton, Middlesex
Co., Conn.; m., July 20, 1906 (by Kev. Butler Pratt in
Springfield, Mass.), Charles A. Kelsey of Middletown,
Conn. He is a clerk in the postoffice at Middletown, in
which place he lives. Mrs. Edith Strong (Brainard)
Kelsey d. .

No children.

1 248. Grace" Brainard (Jolm MarsliaW, Newell Ashbel^, Joseph

Lochland?, NeweW, Simon?, Simon*, Abija¥, Jame^,
DanieV-) of Chester, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m.. May 12,

1903, in Chester, Conn., Nicholas Grote, b. . He

was an Italian. Mrs. Grace (Brainard) Grote d. .

No children.

470 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.


An appended list of soldiers' names in James' line gathered
from reliable sources, mostly from printed state records, who served
in the Colonial Wars, the French and Indian War, the Revolu-
tionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, the Spanish- American
War, and the Philippine War, is here given. I have endeavored to
give such information in regard to the enlistments in the wars of
our country as were accessible to me, to enable those who are far
from such records to join the various patriotic organizations to
which they are eligible.


Connecticut in the Revolutionary War.

Second Regiment — Gen. Spencer's 1775- — First Company.
Regiment raised on the first call for troops by the Legislature Apr.-
May, 1775. Recruiting mainly in present Middlesex Co., and
eastern part of the Colony. Marching by companies to the camps
around Boston, it took part at Roxbury, and served during the siege
until expiration of term of Service Dec, 1775. Detachments of
officers and men engaged at the liattles of Bunker Hill, June
1-7, and in Arnold's Quebec Expedition, Sept.-Dec, 1775.
Adopted as Continentals in July. The Regiment was reorganized
for service in 177G, under Col. Wyllys 1st Company, Col. Joseph

Gideon Brainerd, pri. ; en. May 8; disc. Oct. ■?•!).

Eighth Regiment — Huntington's, 1775.

Raised by order of the Assembly at the July session, 1775,
Recruited mainly in New Ijondon, Hartford, and Windham County.
The Regiment was stationed on the Sound until Sept. 14, when,
on requisition from Washington, it was ordered to the Boston
Camps and took post at Roxbury in Gen. Spencer's Brigade.
Remained until expiration of term of service in Dec. '75. Adopted
as Continental. Reorganized under Col. Huntington for service in

9th Company.

Asaph Brainerd, pri.; en. July 9; disc. Dec. 1, 1775; d. Dec.
13, 1775.

Jeptha Brainerd, pri. ; en. July 9 ; disc. Dec. 17, 1775.

Ninth Co., 8th Regiment, Capt. Abraham Filer, commanded by
Col. Jedediah Huntington, in the year 1775.

Jeptha Brainerd, Haddam, Conn.; en. July 9; disc. Dee. 17,

Military Records. 471

• Third Battalion — Waclsworth's Brigade, Col. Sage, 1776, Capt.
EUis Co. Battalion raised June '76, to reinforce Washington
at New York. Served in New York city and on Long Island.
Caught in the retreat from the city Sept. 15, and suffered loss.
Engaged at battle of White Plains, Oct. 28. Time expired Dm. 25,

Capt. Eell's Company.

Eeuben Brainerd.

Fifth Battalion, Wadswortli's Brigade, Col. Douglas.

Battalion raised June '76 to reinforce Washington's Army at
N. Y. Served in the city and on the Brooklyn front, being at
the right of the line of works duiing the battle, Aug. 27. Engaged
in the retreat to N. Y., Aug. 29, '80, stationed with militia brigade
under Col. Douglas, at Kip's Bay, 34th st. on the East Eiver, at
time of enemy's attack on JST. Y., Sept. 15, and forced to retreat
hurriedly. At battle of White Plains, Oct. '28. Term expired
Dec. 15, '76. Capt. Higgins Co.

Jeptha Brainard. pri.

Eighteenth Regiment of Militia (at New York in 1776) Capt.
Hutchens Co.

Asahel Brainard, arrived at N. Y., Aug. 18 ; disc, Sept. 25.

Non-Comniissioned officers and musicians.
Othniel Brainard, Sergt., Chatham, Belcher Co.; en. Jan. 20,
'77, for the war— Pro. from Corp. Feb. 1, '79; red. Sept. 6, '80.

Minute men and Volunteers. A muster roll of Capt. Martin
Kirtland's Company in Col. Erastus Wolcott's Eegiment, now at
New London, Feb. 28, '77.

Zachariah Bravnard.

Soldiers in Col. Ely's Eegiment.

Amos Brainerd, en. June 16, 1777. He was in the Home Mili-

Jeptha Brainerd, en. Jime 29, 1777. He wais in the Home Mili-

Capt. Daniel Brainard. The United States debtor to the State
of Conn, for service of State Troops and Militia (between the 1st
of Sept. and 1st of Nov.) raised for the defense of the State and
allowed bv act of Congress Dec. 28. 1779. Col. McClellan's Eegt.,

Amos Brainard, corp.

Jabez Brainard, fifer.

Zachariah Brainard, pri.

Fifth Regiment " Connecticut Line." Formation of 1781-1783.
Fifth Eegiment in the second formation of the " Line," serving
from Jan. ], 1781, to Jan. 1, 1783; composed of the First and

472 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

Eighth Eegiments of the previous formation. Its record for the
two years appears iu the text preceding, under heading D. liegi-
ment consolidated in Dec. '82 for third formation, Jan. to June,
1783. The following rolls of non-commissioned officers and pri-
vates, represent the state of the conmiand on Jan. 1, 1782, as pay
accts. Comptrollei-'s office, Hartford. The record of the commis-
sioned officers is brought down to Jan. 1, '83. Capt. Dorrance's

Othniel Brainard, pri. ; paid from June 8, to Dec. 31, '81.

Massachusetts in the Eevolutionary War.

Ansel Brainerd, list of men mustered in Berkshire Co., by True-
man W. Wheeler, Muster Master, between Jan. 20, 1777, and June
1, 1778; en. 3 years or during the war.

Ansel Brainerd, Few Canaan. Eeturn of men en. into Conti-
nental Army from Capt. Joseph Ramond's and Capt. Ambrose
Hill's Go's.; endorsed 1778; residence, New Canaan, en. for town
of Richmond; joined Capt. Jeremiah Miller's cc, Col. Joseph
Vose's regt. ; en. 3 years.

Ansel Brainerd, pri., Capt. Millers Co.; Col. Joseph Vose's
regt.; Continental Army pay accounts for service from Mav 1,
1777 to Oct. 20, 1777; reported deceased.

New Hampshire in the Revolutionary War.

A muster roll of the Company Enlisted by Matthew Thcmton,
Capt., A. D. 1775, copied from the original in Pension Bureau,
Washington, D. C.

Uriah Brainerd. pri., £2 per month; in service 26 ds. ; wages,
£1, 14s., 8d.; miles traveled, 144; amt. £1, 4s.; whole amt., £2,
18s.. Sd.

Muster and Pay Roll of Officers and Men belonging to Col. Ben-
jamin Bellows' jun. Regiment of Militia, in the State of New
Hampshire, who marched from the County of Cheshire, at the
Requisition of Maj. Gen. Gates, to reinforce ithe Anny at Ticonder-
oga, Oct., 177G. (Original in Pension Bureau, Washington, D. C.)

Uriah Brainard, pri., rate per month, £3 ; time in service, 26 ds. ;
amt. of wages, £1, 14s., 8d. ; miles travel. 144; amt. of travel, £1,
4s. ; whole ami, £2. 18s., 8d.

Miscellaneous Documents, 1786.

Col. Isaac Wyman's Regiment, Capt. Wetherbee's Company,
Mt. Independence, Nov. 5, 1776.
Asaph Brainard, pri.

Capt. Samuel Wetherbee's Companv. .\ ilust<?r Roll of Capt.
Samuel Wetherbee's Company in Col. Isaac Wyman's Regiment in
the service of the United Colonies to join the Northern Army.

Asaph Brainard, Lemster, Advance wages and bounty, £9, 18s. ;
miles travel, 13; pay for travel, Is., Id.; sum total. £9, 19s., Id.

Military Records. 4:73

Lieut. Samuel Nichols Company. Pay Eoll of Lieut. Samuel
Nichols Co. in Col. Benjamin Bellows' Regt., which company
marched from Lemster & Newport on the alarm June 29, 1777, to
reinforce the Garrison at Ticonderoga ; disc. July 2, four days in

Uriah Braynard, pri. ; rate per month, £4, 10s. ; amt. of wages,
12s.; travel out, 2d. per mile; 48 miles, home 3d. per mile; amt.,
£1 ; whole amt. of wages rec'd, £1, 12s.

Simon Braynard, pri. His record the same as Uriah Bray-

Col. Benjamin Bellows' Eegiment. Field and Staff, and Capt.
Cary's Co. Pay Eoll of Colo. Benjamin Bellows' Eegiment of
New Hampshire Militia, who went Sept. 21, 1777, and reinforcefl
the Northern Continental Army at Saratoga, under the command
of General Gates.

Uriah Braynard, entry, Sept. 21, 1777; disc. Oct. 22; in service
1 mo., 2 ds. ; rate per month, £4, 16s.; amt. of wages, £4, lis.; 133
miles travel out at 3cl. per mile, £1, 13s., 3cl. : amt. of wages and
travel, £6, 9s., 3d.

Capt. Page's Company. Pay Eoll of Capt. Peter Page's Com-
pany of Militia, in Col. Moses Nicholas' Eegiment, which Eegi-
ment was raised by the State of New Hampshire to join the Conti-
n>ntal Army for the defense of \Yest Point, 1780.

Church Brainard, pri.; time of entry, July 6, 1780; time of
disc, Oct. 20, 1780; time of service, 3 mos., 15 ds. ; rate per month,
£134; amt. of wages, £469; no. of miles to Springfield, 106; no.
of miles from West Point home, 206; amount of travel out at 12s. ;
home at 6s. per mile, £125, 8s.; non-com. officers and privates
detained rations, £10, 10s.; whole amount, £604, 18s.

New York in the Eevolutionary War. Eoster of State Troops.
Willet Eegiment, Gross Company.
Van Ness Eegiment.

Privateersmen in the Eevolutionary Ai-my.

Brainerd, Asa.

" Cornelius.

" Jonathan, jun. ; in prison Ship.

" Lieut. Josiah.

" Lieut. Shubael; was 1st Lieut, on the Sampson; was in

the prison ship.
" Sergt. Simon, jun.
" Cornelius, and Lieut. Simon ; afterward Capt. ; was in

the Battle of Long Island.
" Othniel, served 7 years in the war.
" S., Commander of Schooner Freedom, witli 12 giuis and

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