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60 men.

■i'i'-t Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

On Prison Ships.
Brainerd, James.
" Joseph.
" Heber.

" Zachariah.
" Zachery.
" Zachcus.

The following names of Eevolutionary soldiers have been found
in the Genealogy by Eev. D. D. Field, and have not been reported
in the preceding pages :

Brainerd, Ansel, son of Othniel.
" Eliakim, son of Gideon.
" Sergt. James, son of James.
" John, son of Jabez.
" Shubael, son of Abijah.

Connecticut in the Revolutionary War.
A list of Eevolutionary names furnished me by the late Henry
Martyn Selden of Haddam Neck, Conn., of that place and vicinity.
Brainerd, Corp. David, Haddam, Conn.

" Da-sid, pri., Haddam, Conn.

" Capt. Eliakim, Haddam, Conn.

" Jeptha, Haddam, Conn.

" Oliver, pri., Haddam, Conn.

" Zachariah, pri., Haddam, Conn.

" Abiiah, jun.. Haddam Neck, Conn.

" Cornelius, Haddam Neck, Conn.

" Dudley, Haddam, Conn.

" Jedediah, pri., Haddam Neck, Conn.

" Jonathan, Haddam Neck, Conn.

" Amos, Chatliam, Conn.

" Othniel, Chatham, Conn.

" Lieut. Shubael, Haddam Neck, Conn.

" Lieut. Simon, Haddam Neck, Conn.

" Gideon, Haddam, Conn.

" William, Haddam, Conn.

Pensioners in the Eevolutionary War.
Brainerd, Ansel, received a pension in 1871, of Haddam, Conn.

'■' Jabez; res. SuUivan Co.,. N. Y. ; ae. 75 yrs. Pension
commenced Mch. 4, 1831.
Othniel, Sergt.. of N. Y. Pension commenced, act of

" Simon, pri., of Middlesex Co., Conn. Pension com-
menced Aug. 11, 1833. He was ae. 81 yrs.

" Timothy, pri. in Conn. Line, Hamden Co., Mass., in
1833. Pension commenced Mch. 4, 1831. He was ae.
80 yrs.

" Uriah, pri.

Military Records.


Brainerd, Amos, pri.

'• Oren, Mass.

Othniel, pri., land
Philo B., N. Y.

" Reuben, Mass.
Shalor, N. Y.

" Sylvester, Conn.

" William, Maine.

to him Nov. 19, 1780.

WAR OF 1812.
Connecticut in the "War of 1813.


Brainerd, Amos

Brainerd, Ansel, Jr.
Brainerd, Edmund,

Brainerd, Enos

Brainerd, Erastus,.
Brainerd, tJeorge S
Brainerd, Hezekiah,
Brainerd, Lester,...
Brainerd, Norman,
Brainerd, Oliver,...
Brainerd, Seley....

Brainerd, Seth,

Brainerd, Silas

Brainerd, Sylvanus, '
Brainerd, Sylvester,


Saybrook,. .
Not shown,
Not shown
N. London:

Not shown
N. London
Not shown

Ezekiel Anderson,.
Nathan Johnson,..
Newhall Taintor...

Amaziah Bray,

Enos H. Buell

Enos H Buell

William Palmer, . . .

John Beach

Benjamin Dowd,...

Isaac Webster

I.ieul.-Col. E. Brair
Samuel CrowelL. . .

. |AUg. o, ISI3,

.lAug. i8, i8i4,

N. London
N. London
Not shown


William Palmer,.
William Palmer,.
Benjamin Dowd,.

Sept. i6, i8i3
Aug. 29, 1814.

i8i4i to Oct. 25, 1S14.

1814, to July 18, 1814.

813, to Sept. 16, 1813.
~ t. 16, 1813.


.», toS
'.SMfto Ju°y'

, 1B14, to Oct. :
, 1814, to Oct.
18.3, "



uly 14, .8.3.
Sept. 16, 1813.
1S14, to Oct. 25, 1814.
18.3, to July 14, 1813.

1813. to July 14, 1814.

1814, to July iq, J814.

iThere is a Sylvanus in Caleb's line.

t know which Syivanui


Brainard, William, pri., in Capt. Daaiel Bebee's Co. imder wait-
ing orders at Hallowell, from Sept. 2, to Sept. 26,

Pensions Granted in War of 1812.
Brainard, Ansel Jnn., Haddam, Conn., received pension
in 1871.

" Elizabeth H., Higganum, wid., received pension

Dec, 1868 or '78.

" Hezekiah, Chester Eoads, Geauga Co., Ohio, re-

ceived pension 1878.

Depaetment of the Intebiob,

Bureau of Pensions,

Washington, D. C, August 16th, 1900.

Madam: — Asahel Brainard entered the service as a drum major in

the Spring of 1812, at Sackett's Harbor, in Col. Bellinger's Regiment, and

continued to serve under various officers until September 17th, 1814, upon

which date he was borne from the field totally disabled by two wounds

476 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

received at the sortie from Fort Erie. He waa wounded prior to that in
the actions of Little York, April 27th, 1813. The rank of Captain was
conferred upon him July 4th, 1814, by General Porter, and was given com-
mand of a company of one hundred riilemen.

Senate Bill 62, 28th Congress, 2d Session (January 6, 1845), affords
a full history of this man's service.

Very respectfully,



16th, 1900.
Madam: — Philo B. Brainard, made an application for bounty land on
March 20th, 1855, at which time he was 49 years of age and residing at
Lapeer, Michigan. His claim was allowed for his service as captain of a
company in the 170th Regiment, New York Militia, Patriots War. He
enlisted about January 1st, 1838, and was discharged at Buffalo, N. Y.,
after a period of about 28 days' service.

Very respectfully,

Com n

August 16th, 1900.
Madam: — Reuben Brainard made an application for bounty land on
April 16th, 1855, at which time he was 59 years of age and residing at
Monmouth, Maine, and his claim was allowed for his service in Captain
Fairbank's Company, Colonel Stone's Regiment, Mass. Troops, War of
1812, from September 11th, 1814, until September 25th, 1814.
Very respectfully,



August 16th, 1900.
3f odom ; —r Samuel Brainard made an application for bounty land on
April 12th, 1855, at which time he was 78 years of age and residing at
Rutland, New York, and his claim was allowed for his service in the 76th
Regiment, New York Militia. War of 1812. commanded by Captains Hale
and Stanley and Colonel Tuttlp. He served from March 2d to 18th, 1813.
Very respectfully,




Connecticut in the Civil War.

Arthur M. Brainerd, Glastonbury, en. Co. A, 21st Eegt.,
Inf., July 31, '62; mus. in, Sept. 5, '62; mus. out, June 16,

Cyrus W. Brainerd, Haddam, en. Co. I, 21st Eegt., Inf., Aug.

11, '62; mus. in, Sept. 5, '62, as Corp.; red. to ranks;

pro., July 1, '63 ; Sergt., Jan. 25, '64.
Edwin Brainerd, Hartford, en. Co. 6, 16th Eegt., Inf.. Aug.

25, '62; mus. in, Sept. 25, '63; wd., Sept. 17, '63; Antie-

tam, Md.; disc, dis., Jan. 9, '64.
Harrison A. Brainerd, Haddam, en. Co. A, 29th Eegt., Inf.,

Aug. 25 '62 ; mus. in, Nov. 18, '62 ; wd. Port Hudson, La.,

June 22, '63 ; d. Jtme 2-4, '63.
H. A. Brainerd, res. Haddam. Conn.; en. Dec. 8, '63: mus.

in. Dec. 8, '63 ; killed in tlie siege of Vicksburg.

Military Records. 477

John 0. Brainerd, Haddam, en. priv., Co. D, 20th Kegt.,

Inf., Aug. 11, '63 ; mus. in, Sept. 8, '62 ; dis. Dec. 15, '62.
John K. Brainerd, New Haven, Wagoner priv., en. Co. P.,

Batt. Inf., Nov! 25, "61; mus. in, Nov. 25, '61; re-en.,

vet., Jan. 1, '64; trans, to Co. F, 12th Batt., C. V., Nov.

26, '64; disc, Aug. 23, '65; inj., Mch. 14, '62.
Morris B. Brainerd, Haddam, en. Co. H, 21st Eegt. Inf.,

Aug. 19, '63 ; mus. in, Sept. 5, '62 ; wd., June 3, '64, Cold

Harbor, Va. ; mus. out, June 16, '65.
Oliver S. Brainerd, Middletown, en. priv., Co. A, 2d Regt.,

Inf,. Apr. 20, '61; mus. in, May 7. '61 ; mu?. out, Aug. 7,

Oliver S. Brainard, Haddam, en. Co. G, 1st. Regt., Heavy

Batt., Dec. 8, '63 ; mus. in, Dec. 8, '63 ; disc, Aug. 6, '65.
Stillmau Brainard, Glastonbury, en. Co. A, 21st Regt., Inf.,

Aug. 11, '63 ; mus. in, Sept. 5, '63 ; d. Dec. 11, '63.
Sylvester E. Brainard, Saybrook, en. Co. I, 31st Regt., Inf.,

Aug. 11, '62; mus. in, Sept. 5, '63; priv., pro. corp., Nov.

33, '62; serg., July 1, '63; red. to ranlc (sick), Jan. 25,

'64; trans, to 159th Co., 2d Regt., Batt., Y. R. C, Feb. 17,

'64; disc, July 5, '65.

Illinois in the Civil War.
Ezra Leander Brainard, Chicago, en. 1861; pro. to Lieut.,

to Capt., Nov. 10, '61; mus. out, July 8, '62; 51st Inf.,

date of rank, Mch. 1, '62.
Gideon Brainard, Springfield, date of rank, Oct. 1, '63 ; res.

Apr. 20, '63; Adj. of 10th Cav. Regt., Vol.
Jared H. Brainard, Rockford, en. Aug. 9, '62 ; mus. in, Aug.

28, '63 ; disc, Sept. 6, '63 ; disabilitv, Co. D, 74th Inf., 111.

Jesse Brainard, Bloomington, priv.; en. Aug. 26; mus. in,

Sept. 26, '61 ; disc, for pro. in 3d U. S. Cav., Co. B, 4tb
Cav., 111.

Maine in the Civil War.

Albert F. Brainard, ae. 21, New Sharon, sin., en. Oct. 13,
'62; d. of disease, Dec. 15, '63; 28th Regt., Inf!

Herbert F. Brainard, Co. B, 14th Regt., In'f.; mus. in, Dec
10, '62 ; d. Mch. 22d.

Isaac L., Co. B, 11th Regt., Inf.; en. Dec. 10, '62; d. June
29th, New Orleans, La.

William A. Brainard, 2d Lieut, and Capt. Co. E, 13th Regt.,
Inf.; mus. in, Dec. 10, '61; pro. Capt; served two yrs.,
6 mos. ; d. at New Orleans, La., June 17, '81.

New York in the Civil War.
William Henry Harrison Brainard, en. July, 1861; res. afid
re-en., and became Lieut.-Col., then Brev. Col., remained
imtil close of the war.

478 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

William H. H. Brainard, Adj. 125th, en., Com., Dec. 19, 1864,
rank, Jime 16, '64, 2d, Lieut., rank Apr. 17, 1863, Co. A,
137th Regt., N. Y., Vol. in the field, Dec. 1, '63.

Ohio in the Civil War.

Chaimcey Brainard, pri., ae. 35, Co. C, 125th Regt., 0. Vol.,
Inf. ; en. Sept. 1, '62, 3 yrs. ; disc, Sept. 17, '63, at Louis-
ville, Ky., on surgeon's certificate of disability.

Jeptha 0. Brainard, ae. 34, pri.; en. Aug. 15, '64, 60 ds., 8th
Ind. Batt., 0. V. I., Art. ; mus. out with Batt., Oct. 17, '64.

Loren Brainard, muse, Co. K, 134th Regt., 0. Vol., Inf.;
en. July 30, '63, 3 yrs. ; mus. out with Co., July 9, '65.

Sanford R. Brainard, ae. 20, pri., Co. A, 124th Regt., C. V.,
Inf.; en. Aug. 5, '62, 3 yrs.; trans, to Co., 2d Batt. of
Vet., Ret. Corps; mus. out, June 30, '65, at Nashville,

Wisconsin in the Civil War.

Mark Brainard, res. Sheboygan, Co. K, 20th Regt., Inf. ; en.
Aug. 11, '62; disc, Feb. 11, '63; disability.

Reginald H. Brainard, res. Roxburj-; Co. H, Heavy Artil-
lery; en. Sept. 26, '64; mus. out, Jxme 26, '65.

Sardis Brainard, res. Delavan; Co. D, 35th Regt., Inf.; en.
Dec. 22, '64; disc Nov. 6, '64; disability.

Cyrus W. Brainerd, Haddam, Conn., debility, $2.00, Feb.,

John 0. Brainerd, Cleveland, 0., 1861-65.
Sylvester E. Brainerd, chron. diar., $10.00, May, 1879.

Pennsylvania in the Spanish-American War.
Archie Brainard, 9th Regt., Vol., Inf., Co. M, pri. ; res. Ghent,
Pa.; en. Julv 11, 1898; mus. in, July 12, 1898; mua.
out with Co. Oct. 29, 1898.

Inventors. ^"^^

These persons in James' line have been granted patents for
their inventions which were issued at the following dates, viz.:

Benjamin C. Brainerd, Soutli Hadley, Mass.: Weft-fork; Jan. 7,

1879. No. 211217.
Curtis B. Brainerd, Joliet, 111.: Frame for supporting and stretch-
ing woven-wire mattresses; Dec. 13, 1881. No. 250640.
Curtis B. Brainerd, Joliet, 111.: Wire-barb for fences; Dec. 5,

1882. No. 268453.

Curtis B. Brainerd, Joliet, 111.: Wire-pointing machine; June 12,

1883. No. 279124.

Curtis B. Brainerd, Cuyahoga Falls, 0.: Device for making fence-
barbs; asignor to himself and J. Crowell, Jr., Glenville, 0.: Aug.
21, 1883. No. 283561.

Curtis B. Brainerd, Joliet, 111.: Barbed-wire for fences; Oct. 23,

1883. No. 287.091.

Curtis B. Brainerd, Joliet, III.: Wire-barbing machine; Jan. 29,

1884. No. 292467.

Curtis B. Brainerd, Joliet, 111.: Barbed-wire; May 13, 1884. No.

Curtis B. Brainerd, Joliet, 111.: Staple; June 10, 1884. No.

Curtis B. Brainerd, Joliet, 111.: Pool ball rack; May 25, 1886.

No. 342676.
Curtis B. Brainerd, Joliet, 111.: Machine for making stays for

wire fences; assignor to W. J. Adam; July G, 1886. No. 345104.
Curtis B. Brainerd, Joliet, 111.: Stay for wire fences; assignor to

W. J. Adam, Joliet, 111.; July 20, 1886. No. 345877.
Curtis B. Brainerd, Joliet, II!.: Machine for making bale-ties;

Jan. 21, 1890. No. 419917.
Curtis B. Brainerd, .Joliet, 111.: Machine for making bale-ties;

assignor of one-half to Joliet Steel Bale-Tie Co.; Nov. 17, 1891.

No. 463593.
Curtis B. Brainerd, Joliet, 111.: Wire straightening and cutting

machine; Sept. 6, 1892. No. 482000.
Curtis B. Brainerd, Joliet, 111.: Bale-tie; Nov. I, 1892. No. 485253.
Marvin N. Brainerd, Hartford, Conn.: Fire-escape; assignor of

one-half to E. J. Allyn, Hartford, Conn.; June 5, 1883. No.

Morris F. Brainerd. Brooklvn. N. Y. : Dumping-scow; Dec. 4, 1883.

No. 289498.
Morris F. Brainerd, Brooklyn, N. Y. : Universal swivel and pipe

connection for excavators; Dec. 1.5, 1885. No. 332228.
Morris F. Brainerd, Brooklyn. N. Y. : Excavator; Dec. 15, 1885.

No. 332227.
Morris F. Brainerd, Brooklyn, N. Y'. : Pump-excavator; May 17,

1887. No. 363202.

Morris F. Brainerd, Brooklvn, N. Y. : Dredging-machine; Jan. 31,

1888. No. 377060.

Morris F. Brainerd, Brooklvn, N. Y'.: Dredging-machine; July 31,
1888. No. 38686G.

O. N. Brainerd, Marion, Pa.: Evaporating-pans for saccharine
liquids; Jan. 28, 1862. No. 34236.

Orrin N. Brainerd, St. Louis, Mo.: Box-fasteners; July 13, 1880.
No. 229857.

Orrin N. Brainerd, St. Louis, Mo.: Box-fastener; July 28, 1885.
No. 323106.

Sidney W. Brainerd, Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Bed and cylinder print-
ing machine; assignor to L. C. and T. E. Mann; May 30, 1893.
No. 498530.

Sidney W. Brainerd and John G. Cherry, Cedar Rapids, Iowa:
Liquid-measuring machine; Apr. 18, 1899. No. 623500.

Walter A. Brainerd and Alfred H. Smith, Youngstown, O.: Car-
wheel and axle gage; July 5. 1898. No. 006772.


Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

This list of soldiers' names and the names which follow were
compiled from the preceding pages of the Brainerd-Brainard
Genealogy and is approximately correct.

Brainerd, Jedediah, No. 14.

Brainerd, Abijah, No. 31.
Ansel, No. 10.
Asahel, No. 47.
" Asaph, No. 8-xiii.

Church, No. 53.
" Cornelius, No. 3S.

Eliakim, No. 21.
Gideon, No. 20.
" Heber, No. 12-xiii.

" Heman, No. 3U.

" lehabod, No. G7.

" Jabez, No. 111.

" Jeptha, Nos. 42)10.

" Oliver, Nos. 93-1 US.

Othniel, Nos. 2.".-102.
" Reuben, No. 5.

Seba, No. 105.
" Simon, No. lOH.

Timothy, No. Gli.
" Urijah, No. 35.

" Zachariah. No. 43.

Abell, Abel, No. 207.
Aiken, William, No. IT-viii.
Battles, Luther, No. 60S.
Bowers, Jonathan, No. 3H.
Burgan, Philip J., No. 43i).
Child, James K.. No. 45.
Thomas, No. 45.
Dean, Silas, No. 984.
Fish, Ebenezer. No. 938.
Freeman, Sylvanus, No. 32.
Gardiner, Isaac, No. 719.
Gofl', Guernsey, No. 74.
Hayes, Titus, No. 421.
Johnson, David, No. 530.
John, No. 101.
Lewis, Augustus, No. 86.
Mack, Samuel, No. 29.
" Timothy, No. 29.
Montague, Zebina, No. ISO.
Porter, Alexander. No. 60S.
Smith, William, No. 41.
Spencer, David, No. 40.
Stisser, Baron, No. 519.
Tyler, Nehemiah, No. 89.
Walkeley, Simeon, No. 82.
Warren, Lazarus, No. 106.
Young, Samuel, No. 15-i.
These persons may have been in the Revolutionary War,
Brainerd, Amos. No. 63.
" Asa, No. 115.

Dudley, No. 18.
" Jesse, No. 5-v.

" Jonathan, No. 19.

" Ozias, No. 59.

Military Records. 481


Brainerd, Abijah, No. 31.

Asa, No. 115.

Jabez, No. HI.

Slmbael, No. 36.
Carey, Joseph, No. 39.
Clark, Timothy, No. 30.

Brainerd, Jeptha, No. 110.
" Zachariah, No. 43.


Brainerd, Leicester, No. 371.
Bowers, .Jonathan, No. 39.


Brainerd, Henry M., No. 125.


Brainerd, Asahel, No. 408.
McHarg, James, No. 395.


Brainerd, Aaron. No. 99.
Alfred, No. 324.
Asa, No. 115.

Benjamin Hopkins, No. 618.
Cephas, No. 287.
Charles Smith, No. 295.
Daniel. No. 40.
Eliakim, No. 21.
Gideon, No. 5-20.
" Henry Maddock, No. 151.

" James, No. 3.

" John Erastus Harvey, No. 615.

" .Jonathan. No. 141.

. " Oliver, No. 93.

Ozias, No. 59.
Sylvester, No. 281.
Hubbard, Daniel, No. 345.
Smith, Abner, No. 23.

WAR OF 1812.
Brainerd, Alfred Eli, No. 235.

Ansel, No. 106.

Asa, No. 115.

Asahel, No. 408.

Bueklev, No. 296.

Dan, No. 96.

Darius, No. 327.
" George Stocking. No. 226.

Hezekiah, No. 279.
" Leicester. No. 371.

Loudon, No. 189.

Norman, No. 298.

Orin, No. 167.

Othniel. No. 102.

Philo B., No. 630.

William. No. 178.

482 Brainerd-Brainard Gencalogij.

Burgan, Philip J., No. 436.
Smith, George Willard, No. 45.

" Porter, No. 130.
Wilcox, David, No. 239.

Brainerd, Hubert Z., No. 1203.
Brainerd, Albert E., No. 417, Ohio.

Albert l<.. No. 434-ii.
" Andrew Curtis, No. 963, Connecticut.

Arthur Magill, No. 693, Connecticut.

Asel, No. SG8, New York.

Benjamin, No. 632-i.

Benj. Franklin, No. 459, Maine.

Benj. Hopkinson, No. 618, Connecticut.

Buell W., No. 416, Ohio.

Carlos M., No. 006, New York.

Charles H., No. 533-iii.

Charles Wesley, No. 118, Michigan.

Chauncey A., No. 418, Ohio.

Cyrus Wilson, No. 1014, Connecticut.
" Edgar James, No. 436-ii., Maryland.

Edwin, No. 1108, Connecticut. "
" Eldridge J., No. 442-ii., Maine.

" Ezra Leander, No. 591, Illinois.,

" Francis Asbury, No. 843, Michigan.

Francis E., No. 596, Ohio or New York.

Frederic, No. 472, Illinois.
" George, No. 634, Illinois.

George Gary, No. 830, New York.
'■ Harrison Asahel, No. 271-v.

" Harvey Ackley, No. 568, New York.

Henry P., No. 512, Massachusetts.

Herbert Thomas Weeks, No. 173-vii. Maine.

Herbert Z., No. 1203, Ohio.
" Isaac Llewellyn, No. 450, Maine.

Jared H., No. 943, Connecticut.

James Franklin, No. 521-i, Tennessee.
" Jesse, No. 600. Illinois.

John F., No. 066, Oliio.
" John Ogden, No. 1025. Connecticut.

" John Erastus H., No. 615, Connecticut.

" Justus Blair, No. 555-iv, Minnesota.

" Lucius Edmond, No. 24-Tii, Ohio.

Luther V., No. 670, Ohio.

Loren B., No. 856.
" Marion Lincoln, No. 974.

" Morris F., No. 346-i.

" Morris F., No. 810, New York.

" Oliver Sylvester, No. 1022. Connecticut.

" Reginald Heber, No. 483, Pennsylvania.

" Rufus Augustus, No. 884, Maryland.

" Sanford R., No. 921, Connecticut.

" Sidney Wellman, No. 1008, Iowa.

" Stillman, No. 315-v, Connecticut.

" Sylvester Essev, No. 1018, Connecticut.

T^ler Wm., No. 933, Ohio.
" Tliomas Chalmers, No. 611, Pennsylvania.

" Wm. Albion, No. 45.5, Maine.

" Wm. Andrew, No. 423iii.

" Wm. Henrv Harrison. No. 382. New York.

Military Records.

Abell, Abel, No. 340-iv.
Armstrong, Henry, No. 1124.
Brown, Delos D., No. 317-i.
Brush, Perly P., No. 364-i.
Hall, Charles L., No. 941-i.
Hubbard, Henry Abijah, No. 345-ii.
Kellogg, Charles Edward, No. 421-i.
Knowles, Erastus H., No. 203.
McKinley, Seymour J., No. 48 1.
Odber, William Ely, No. 274-ii.
Richards, Russell Warren, No. 84.')-^
Rollins, Edward, No. 4.58.
Rood, Aaron, No. 941ii.
Rowe, Albert G., No. 421-ii.
Smilie, David, No. 421-i.
Strong, Lorenzo, No. 342-iii.
Taylor, Lester Dewitt, No. 1182.
Warriner, Silo Perrv. No. lOGl.



List of Brainerd names receiving pensions from the Pension Bureau,
Washington, D. C.

Inv. F, 4968, Jabez, No. 23 or 81.

Inv. F, 29032, Church, pri., Maine-Conn. Troop.

Inv. F, 44683, Othniel, Sergeant.

Reg., 1146, Anna, wid. of Seba, N. Y., No. 105.

Inv. F, 17296, Simon, No. 109.

WAR OF 1812.
Inv. F, 6715, Asahel, Drum-Major. N. Y. Vol., 1812, No. 408.



Kidder, Samuel Theodore, No. 484.


Brainerd, David Edmund Allen, No. 175.


Brainerd, Asa. No. 156.


Brainerd, Benjamin, No. 180.
Martin, No. 191.


Brainerd, Almon, No. 193.
" Thomas.


Brainerd, Erastus, No. 1150.

Franklin, No. 1151.
Bowers, Jonathan, No. 39.
Pike, Robert G., No. 730.


Rogers, Thomas H., No. 585.


HuBke. Kirkland, No. 1154.

484 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.


Biainerd, Judson Baldwin, No. 1152.

" Norman Leslie, No. 730.
Emory, Rxifus, No. 734.
Raftery, Oliver Henry, No. 1153.


Rogers, Lucinda Reed (Brainerd), No. 5S6.
Pike, Catherine Griffing, No. 736-x.


Brainerd, Austin, No. 289.

Davis Smith, No. 272.

Eleazer, No. 263.
" Ezra Leander, No. 591.

Thomas Chalmers, No. 611.
Arnold, Samuel, No. 11.
Boies, Henry Martyn, No. 612.
Deshon, Giles Henry, No. 732.
Taylor, Fitch Welwyn, No. 224-v.



Jrainerd, Almon, No. 193.


Brainerd, Arthur Magill, No. 693.

Benjamin, No. 49.

Edwin Augustus, No. 542.

Erastus, No. 332.

Gideon, No. 265.

Hartwell Nelson, No. 695.

Harvey Edward, No. 268.

Henry Maddock, No. 151.

.James, No. 2-3.
Brown, William Lyon, No. 1193.
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Part III




^ ; I:


Second Generation.



Joshua- Braineed* (DanieV-) of East Haddam, Middle-
sex Co., Conn.-; m. Mary Olmsted, b. about 1688, bapt.
Aug. 7, 1692, in Hartford, Conn., dau. of Samuel and
Mary (Lord) Olmsted, of East Haddam. Mrs. Mary
(Olmsted) Brainerd d. Dec. 25, 1704, in that place. He

m. (2), July 12, 1710, Mehitable Dudley,! b.

1682, in Saybrook, Conn., dau. of William and Mary
(EoeJ) Dudley, of the same place. He was town com-
mittee, and one of a committee to build a church with
his brother Daniel, and one of a committee to repair the
meeting house, to attend to the seating of it, and to fiiiish

, the Turret, according to the Tenure of the vote, between
Dec. 1, 1704, and Nov. 12, 1705. He was commander of
the first military company formed in East Haddam, and
retained the command until it was diviaed by order of
the Governor, into two companies. He was to lead the
soldiers to a choice of officers, and it is said that he did
so, commencing with prayer, and making an address
founded upon the passage of Scripture,- " With my staff
I passed over this Jordan (that is, Connecticut river),
and now I am become two bands." He was a farmer and
lived a little east of where Selden Brainerd 'lived (1896).
The place of his residence is marked by an old cellar
mound, just south of the house. The second burying
ground in East Haddam was laid out in the north part

* Colonial Records of Connecticut (1717-1725). Vol. VI, p. 306, May,
1722. This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. Joshua Brainerd of
Haddam to be Lieutenant of the company or trainband in Haddam East,
and that he be commissioned accordingly.

Vol. VI, p. 558, Oct., 1725. This Assembly do establish and confirm
Mr. Joshua Brainerd of Haddam to be Captain of the south Company or
trainband at Haddam East, and order that he be commissioned accord-
ingly. He commanded the 1st military company procured in East Haddam.

f Mehitable Dudley was granddaughter of William and Jane (Lutman)
Dudley, who were married Aug. 24, 1636, at Ackley Co., Surrey, England,
and came with their pastor. Rev. Henry Whitefield, in 1639, to Guilford,
Conn., where she died May 1, 1674. He died Mch. 16, 1684. It is said
that Mehitable Dudley inherited a title in her own name being allied to
the ducal family. Therefore she was entitled to be called Lady Mehitable

JMary (Roe) Dudley ra. (2) Richard Dart, of New London, Conn.
She has been called erroneously Mary Stoe by some genealogists. See

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