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James Hervey and Christina Abigail (Clough) Wolcott.
He was a lumber surveyor, and engaged in manufacturing
rules for surveying. She was a direct descendant of
Oliver Wolcott, who was one of the signers of the
Declaration of Independence. He lived in Lowell, Mass.
Mr. Leroy Albert Brainerd d. Mch. 10, 1899, in Lowell.
Mrs. Julia Elsie (Wolcott) Brainerd d. .

Children :

i. Ieving Leonard, b. Doc. IG, 1880, in Lowell, Mass.
ii. Floi-d Wolcott, b. Nov. 11, 1887, in Lowell, Mass.

160. LoREN C Brai^-erd {Joseph AJanson^, AsaheP, AsaheV,

DaiiicP, Joshua-, Daniel'-) of Morgan, Orleans Co., Vt. ;
m., Aug. 30, 1880, Eirfma J. Streeter, b. Oct. 15, 1862,
in Charleston, Vt.. dau. of Samuel C. and Ellen (Stod-
dard) Streeter. He lived in Lowell, Mass. He was a
member of the fire department of that place and a lum-
ber surveyor. Mr. Loren C. Brainerd d. . Mrs.

Emma J. (Streeter) Brainerd d. .

No children.

161. Laura J.' Brainerd {Joseph Alanson^, Asdiiel', Asahel*,

DanieP, Joshua?, Daniel'-) of Morgan, Orleans Co., Vt. ;

m., , E._ E. Ma3Tiard, b. . He lived in

Lowell, Mass. Mrs. Laura J. (Brainerd) Mavnard d.
. Mr. E. E. MaA-nard d. .

Maynard children :

162. Edward D.' Brainerd {Lysander A.^, Asahel', Asahel*,

DanieP, Joshua-, Daniel') of Haverhill. Grafton Co.,
]Sr. H.; m., 1876, Mary Ella Marston, b. Dec. 25, 1852,
in Haverhill, dau. of William C. and Lucy S. (Tracy)
Marston of the same place. He was a farmer in Pier-
mont, A^. H. She was a teacher before marriage, after-
wards a dressmaker. ^Ir. Edward D. Brainerd d. .

Mrs. Mary Ella (Marston) Brainerd d. .

No children.

163. Harvey Theodore' Brainerd {Lysander A}, AsaheP,

Asahel*, DanieP, Joshua?, Daniel'-) of Haverhill, Grafton
Co., N. H. ; m., -, Sarah M. Emerson of Piermont,

Seventh Generation. 107

N. H., b. , iu , dau. of Eobert and Bertha

(Wilcox) Emerson. Bertha Wilcox was from Kingsley
Palls, P. Q. He was a farmer in Piermont. Mr. Harvey
Theodore Brainerd d. .

i. A dau., b. Feb. 22, 1890, in Pieimont, N. H.

164. Caroline Amelia' Bkaineed {Daniel LoweW, Daniel^,

AsoHieV, Daniel^, Joshua?, Daniel^) of Binghamton,

Broome Co., N. Y. ; m., , Washington Irving Weed,

Mrs. Caroline Amelia (Brainerd) Weed d. Aug. 18, 1891,
in Binghamton. Mr. Washington Irving Weed d. .

Weed children:

i. Lewis J., b. , in Binghamton, N. Y.

ii. Mart E., b. , in Binghamton, N. Y. : m. Wilbur R.

Alexander; res., Binghamton.

165. Bella L.' Brainerd {Selden La Fayette^, Daniel', Asahel*,

DanieP, Joshua-, Daniel^) of Chenango Bridge, Broome

Co., N. Y. ; m., , Edward Weinman. Mrs. Bella

L. (Brainerd) Weinman d. . ilr. Edward Wein-
man d. .

Weinman children:

166. Ida May' Bkaixerd {John M.^, Barzillai', Barzillai*,

DanieP, Joshua^, DamieV-) of Stewartstown, Coos Co.,

N. H. ; m., Feb. 5, 1887, William G. Luther, b. ,

son of Sydney P. an^L Lucia (Dinsmore) Luther. He
was a farmer. Mrs. Ida May (Brainerd) Luther d.
. Mr. William G. Luther d. .

Luther children :

i. Claude, b. Jan., 1888, in .

ii. Clifford, b. Apr., 1890, in .

167. Ann Eliza" Brainerd {Nelson^, Barzillai^, Barzillai*,

Daniel'^, Joshua-, DanieV-) of Lawrence, Essex Co., Mass.;
m., Apr. 8, 1874, Andrew C. Trull, b. Nov. 11, 1847, in
Lawrence, Mass., son of William Harrison and Sally
(Brainerd) Trull. He lived in Lawrence, Mass., and
was a clerk in a store. Mrs. Ann Eliza (Brainerd) Trull
d. .

Trull children:

i. Jas. H. W., b. Apr. 19, 1875, in Lowell, Mass.; d. Mch. 16,

ii. Leon, b. Nov. 22, 1882, in Lawrence, Mass.; d. Apr. 29, 1885.

108 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

168. Heneietta G.' Brainerd {Ira Young^, Barzillai^, Bar-

zillai*, DanieP, Joshua-, Daniel^) of Pittsburg. Coos Co.,

N. H.; m., June, 1872, John H. Hawes, b. , in

Canaan, Vt, son of John T. and Octa P. (Holden)
Hawes. Mrs. Henrietta G. (Brainerd) Hawes d. Feb.,
1883, ae. 27 yrs. Mr. John H. Hawes d. .

No children.

169. Charlie Ira' Brainerd {Ira Young^, Barzillav', Barzillai*,

DanieP, Joshua^, DanieP) of Pittsburg, Coos Co., N. H.;
m., Feb. 4, 1888, Emma J. Blodgett, b. Sept., 1866, in
Canaan, Vt., dau. of Edward and Lucy (Fellows) Blod-
gett of Pittsburg, N. H. He was a farmer in Pittsburg.
Mr. Charlie Ira Brainerd d. .

Children :
i. Stella, b. Dec. 28, 1888, in Pittsburgh, N. H.
ii. AlPHA, b. Nov. 20, 1890, in Pittsburgh, N. H.

170. Carrie Minetta' Brainerd {Ira Yoimg^, Barzillai^, Bar-

zillai*, DanieF, Joshua', Daniel^) of Pittsburg, Coos Co.,
N. H.; m., Dec. 25, 1890, Fred J. Williams, in Lancas-
ter, N. H. He lived iu Lancaster. Mrs. Carrie Minetta
(Brainerd) Williams d. .

Williams children :

171. Mary' Brainerd {Charles Haskell^, Charles^, Adonijah*,

Eleazer^, Joshua^ DanieF) of Hartford, Hartford Co.,
Conn.; m., Apr. 15, 1869, Edmund Sanford Clark,* b.
May 21, 1847, in Boston, Mass., son of James Wilson
and Catherine Monroe (Marsh of Medway, Mass.) Clark
of Hartford (by Samuel H. Mills, rector of St. John's
Church, Hartford). He is a wholesale commission mer-
chant in Boston, where he resided. They were divorced
in 1891. He fitted for college at Phillips-Andover
Academy and graduated from Trinity College in 1865.
He m. (2), June 23, 1892, Emma Angeanette (Harding)
Otis. Mrs. Mary (Brainerd) Clark d. .

Clark child :
i. Chables Beainekd, b. Mch. 19, 1874, in Boston, Mass.

172. Alice' Brainerd {Charles HaslceW, Charles^, Adonijah\

Eleazer^, Joshua?, DanieV-) of Hartford, Hartford Co.,
Conn. ; m., Oct. 31, 1867, Edward Douglass Colt, b. May
28, 1844, in Bristol, E. I., or by town records, in Dedham,
Mass., son of Christopher and'Theodosia G. (De Wolf of
Bristol, E. I.) Colt, Jr., of Hartford, Conn. He was a

'In descendants of Francis Le Baron his birth is given May 21, 1843.

Seventh Generation. 109

broker in Hartford. Mr. Edward Douglass Colt d. Oct.
11, 1868, in Auburn, N. Y. She m. (2), Sept. 29, 1870,
Edfrar T. Welles, b. Aug. 29, 1843, son of Gideon Welles of
Hartford, Conn., who was Secretary of the United States
Navy, and his wife, Mary Jane Hale, from Pennsylvania.
He graduated at Yale College in 1864. He was
President of the International Co. of Mexico, and First
Vice-President of the Wabash Eailroad. He resided in
New York City. Mrs. Alice (Brainerd) (Colt) Welles
d. Jan. 22, 1891, in New York. Interment in Hartford,

Welles child by the second marriage :
i. Alice, b. Nov. 19, 1880, in Hartford, Conn. She was chosen to
christen the battleship Connecticut, when she was launched
Sept. 29, 1904.

173. Charlotte' Brainerd {Charles HaskeW, Charles^, Adoni-

jah*, Eleazer^, Joshua?, DanieV-) of Hartford, Hartford
Co., Conn.; m., Oct. 29, 1874 (by Rev. Matson Mercer
Smith, D.D., assisted by Eev. W. F. Nichols), William
Eobert Mowe of Eastport, Me., b. Jan. 15, 1848, son of
Eoberl and Phebe Ann (Peary) Mowe of the same place.
He was an insurance broker in New York, N. Y. Mrs.
Charlotte (Brainerd) Mowe d. .

No children.

174. Katherine Louise' Brainerd {Charles Haskell^, Charles^,

Adonijah*, Eleazer^, Joshua^, Daniel^) of Hartford, Hart-
ford Co., Conn.; m. (by the Eight Eev. John Williams,
D.D., LL.D., assisted by the Eev. A. Douglass), May 16,
1888, or May 15, by town records, Eev. Henry Evan
Cotton, b. June 11, 1852, at Barbadoes, West Indies, son
of Daniel Page Cotton of Wolfboro, N. H., and his wife,
Eebecca Jane Roach, of Barbadoes, West Indies. In
1879 he accepted a call as assistant minister of the Ameri-
can Episcopal Church in Paris, France. In 1889 he was
pastor of the church in Quincy, Mass. Mrs. Katherine
Louise (Brainerd) Cotton d. .

Cotton child:
i. Evan Bruce, b. Nov. 28, 1889, in Quincy, ilass.

175. Clara L.' Brainerd {Edwin Whittleseif, Oliver^, Asa*,

Elcazer^, Joshua', Daniel^) of Brauford, New Haven Co.,
Conn.; m., Feb. 1, 1887, Frank B. Forbes, b. May 3,
1855, in East Haven, Conn.-, son of Alexander W. and
Sarah Elizabeth (Bradley) Forbes of the same place.
He lived at E. Haven. He was in no business. Mrs.
Clara L. (Brainerd) Forbes d. .

No children.

110 Brainerd-Bminard Genealogy.

176. John Edwin^ Brainerd {Edwin Whittlesey^, Oliver^, Asa\

Eleazer^, Joshua", Daniel^) of Branford, New Haven Co..
Conn.; m., Aug. 2, 1880, or June 15, 1881, in Bran-
ford, Conn., Lizzie Cook Bartholomew, b. July 7, 1856,
in Branford, dau. of Eodolplius and S. Elizabeth
(Griffin)* Bartholomew of the same place. He gradu-
ated from the Hopkins Grammar School, New Haven,
Conn., and delivered the salutatory address. In 1880 he
went to Meriden in the employ of the Meriden Malleable
Iron Co., where he held an important position up to 1891,
when he resigned, going into the bicycle business, form-
ing a partnership with Irving Wilcox, under the firm
name of Brainerd & Wilcox, which continued until 1897;
he then entered the Pope Manufacturing Co., subse-
quently entering the employ of the Ives, Upham & Eand
Co.. Feb. 1, 1898; he was appointed Street Superin-
tendent, and May 18, 1891, resigned to enter the employ
of the H. Wales Lines Co. of Meriden, Conn.

He was one of the charter members of the Meriden
Wheel Club, when organized in 1882, he was the promoter
and builder of the first cycle path in the State, from
Meriden to North Haven, and the instigator of the Con-
necticut Federation of Cyclists, and was its president for
eight years. Mr. John Edwin Brainerd d. .

Children :
i. Edwin Halstead, b. Sept. G, 1882, in Branford, Conn,
ii. Norman Daggett, b. Mcli. 27, 1885, in Meriden, Conn,
iii. A son, b. Dec. 2i, 1894, in Meriden, Conn.

177. Gertrude' Br.unerd {Edwin Whittlesey^, Olivei*, Asa*,

Eleazei^, Joshua^, Daniel^) of Branford, New Haven Co.,
Conn.; m., Sept. 16, 1882, George P. Bradley, b. July 8.
1848, in East Haven. Conn, son of Jared and Mary
(Bradlev) Bradlev. He was in government employ, and
lived (i891) at "Ft. Douglass, "Utah. Mr. George P.
Bradley d. in 1898 of wounds received in Santiago, Cuba,
in the war with Spain. Mrs. Gertrude (Brainerd) Brad-
ley d. .

Bradley children:
i. Madilina Gertrude, b. Nov. 29, 1884, in Stockton, Texas,
ii. Mary Clare, b. July 31, 1887, in Concho, Texas; d. Moh. 17,

1888, in San Antonio, Texas,
iii. Grace E., b. July 28, 1889, in Du Chesne, Utah.

1 78. Cii.uii£s L.' Brainerd {Francis Lyon^, Oliver^, Asa*,

Eleazei^, Joshua^, Danie?) of Binghamton, Broome Co.,

* S. Elizabeth Griffin was dau. of Capt. Samuel and Statira (Frisbie)
Griffin, and Statira Frisbie was dau. of Joseph Frisbie. Rodolphus Bar-
tholomew was son of Leamon and Laura (Foote) Bartholomew. Laura
Foote was dau. of Bunnel Foote, and La^^Tence Bartholomew was son of
Jonathan Bartholomew and wife, Miinson.

Seventh Generation.

N. Y. ; m., Alice S. Mott,* b. , in Binghamton,

dau. of William Mott. He was a mechanic in Bing-
hamton. Mr. Charles L. Braiuerd d. .

Children :
i. Fbankie Beach, b. Mcli. 30, ISSl, in Binghamton, N. Y.;

d. July 30, 1881.
ii. Nellie Louise, b. Aug. 27, 1882, in Binghamton, N. Y.; d.

Apr. 7, 1883.
iii. Claka L., b. May 27, 1884, in Binghamton, N. \.

179. James Ouver' Braineed {Robert Lijon^, Oliver^, Asa\

Eleazer^j Joshua?, DanieP) of Meriden, Xew Haven Co.,
Conn.; m., Feb. 28, 1883, Grace Christina Stockburger,
b. Oct. 5, 1859, dau. of Andrew and Christina (Marcy)
Stockburger. He had a citj' express, and was a general
jobber in Meriden, Conn. He was killed by being
stamped on by a horse. He was a faithful and efficient
fireman and became captain of the company, which
position he held for twenty years. In Mch., 1899, he
was appointed permanent captain of the department.
He was a competent officer and much respected by all as-
sociated with him in business. Jlr. James Oliver Brain-
erd d. Jan. 9, 1903, ae. 49 yrs., 3 mos., 3 ds. Mrs.
Grace Christina (Stockburger) Brainerd d. -.

Cliildren :
i. Nettie S., b. Jan. 7, 1884, in ileriden. Conn,
ii. Angelixe il., b. Feb. 11, 1888, in Meriden, Conn.

180. Bartox F.' Braixard {Timotlnf, Timothy'^ Timothy\

Timotlnf, Joshua-, Daniel^) of Helena, Edgerton Co.,

Mont. ; m., Sarah . i\Irs. Sarah ( ) Brain-

ard d. 1858. He m. (3). 1861, Elizabeth Derosia of

Stockholm, St. Lawrence Co.. iST. Y. ; b. . He

enl. in Co. 8, 13th N. Y. Vol. Cav. Mr. Barton F.
Brainard d. .

Children :

i. Frederick W., li., 1802.

ii. Alfred C, b., 1866.

iii. Anna A., b., 1871.

iv. Lewis B., b., 1880.

181. Frances Eebecca' Bkaixard {David Addison^, David^,

Timothif, Timothif, Joshua-, Daniel^) of Ida, Monroe
Co., Mich. ; m., May 12, 1875, Charles C. Armstrong of

Sylvania, Ohio, b. . He lived in Ida. Mrs.

Frances Rebecca (Brainard) Armstrong d. .

* One report said he married Allie Willmarth.

112 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

Armstrong children:
i. WmuAM Addison, b. Jan. 17, 1878, in Ida, Mich,
ii. Esther Helen, b. Oct. 8, 1880, in Ida, Mich,
iii. LucRETiA IvATE, b. Aug. 29, 1882, in Ida, Mich,
iv. Cory Brainaru, b. Dee. 25. 1885, in Ida, Mich.

182. Charles Fr-ixklin' Brainard {Alansou Mitclidl^, David^,

Timothy^, Timothy^, Joshua?, Daniel}) of Ida, Monroe
Co., Mich.; m., Sept. 10, 1872, Carrie R. Ressler, b.

, dau. of Joel and Laving (Stitzell) Eessler of

Berks Co., Pa. He was a farmer till the breaking out
of the Civil War. He enl. July 4, 1861, in the 7th Mich.
Inf.; disc. Nov. 1, 1861, at Washington, D. C. He enl.
again Aug. 26, 1863, in Co. E, 11th Mich. Cav. ; remained
till disc, June 16, 1865, at the close of the war. He was
a merchant in Toledo, Ohio, and agent for the Maumee
Woolen ]\Iills. Mr. Charles Franklin Brainerd d. .

Children :
i. Geacie v., b. Jan. 12, 1875, in Toledo, Ohio.
ii. William J., b. Nov. 19, 1877, in Toledo, Ohio.
iii. Ida Helen, b. Sept. 8, 1880, in Toledo, Ohio.

183. Mart^ Br^iinard {Alanson Mitchell^ David\ Timothy*,

Timothy^, Joshua^, DanieV) of Ida, Monroe Co., Mich.;
m., , B. G. Crookston. He was a soap manu-
facturer in Ann Arbor, Mich. Mrs. Mary (Brainard)
Crookston d. .

Xo children.

184. George B.' Brainard {Alanson Mitchell^ David^, Timo-

thy*, Timothtf, Joshua?, Daniel'^) of Ida, Monroe Co.,
Mich.; m., Nov. 20, 1875, Cora A. Mudge, b. July 7,
1854, in Raisin, Lenawee Co., Mich., dau. of Henry N.

and Sally A. ( ) Mudge. He enl. in Co. B, U. S.

Inf., May 2, 1866, and disc. May 2, 1869. He served in
the regular army, fighting Indians under General Custer,
and in the Commissary Department. He is now a railroad
man. She lived with her uncle, Mr. Chase, when mar-
ried. He lived in Toledo, Ohio. Mr. George B. Brain-
ard d. .

Children :
i. Milton A., b. Sept. 18, 1876, in Toledo, Ohio.
ii. George R., b. Feb. 13, 1879, in Toledo, Ohio; d. Aug. 27, 1879.
iii. Helen A., b. Nov. 9, 1881, in Toledo, Ohio,
iv. Albert L., b. Mch. 30, 1883, in Toledo. Ohio.
V. Alice F., b. Mch. 7, 1886, in Toledo, Ohio.

185. William Henry'' Brainard {Alanson Mitchell^, David^,

Timothy*, Timothy^, Joshua^, DanieV) of Ida, Monroe

Seventh Generation. 113

Co., Mich.; m., Dec. 3, 1872, Mary Katherine Quackeu-
bush of Pennsj'lvania, b. Jan. 25, 1853, dau. of Lansing
and Mary Elizabeth (Beeman) Quackenbush. He re-
sided in Holloway, Lenawee Co., Mich. Mr. William
Henry Brainard d. .

No childn :i.

186. Helen Maria' Brainaed {Alanson MitcheW, David},

Timothy*, Timothy^, Joshua^, Daniel^) of Ida, Monroe
Co., Mich.; m.. Dec. 3, 1872, James C. Burns. Mrs.
Helen Maria (Brainard) Bums d. July 1-i, 1878. Mr.
James C. Burns d. — — ■ — .

Burns children :

i. Charles H., b. ; res. Raisin Center, Lenawee Co., Mich.

ii. G. E., b. ; d. at about 7 nios.

187. Frank Gilbert' Brainard {Benjamin Franklin^, David},

Timothy*, Timothy^, Joshua^, DanieP) of Inkster, Wayne
Co., Mich.; m., Apr. 12, 1876, Ida Amelia McLoed.
He was a charcoal manufacturer. He lived in Flint,

Mich. Mrs. Ida Amelia (McLoed) Brainard d. .

Mr. Frank Gilbert Brainard d. .

Children :

188. Anna Caeiuer' Brainard (Benjamin Franklin^, David},

Timothy*, Timothy', JosMia^, Daniel^) of Inkster, Wayne
Co., Mich.; m., , Dwight McKay. He was a pas-
senger conductor on the railroad, and lived in Toledo,
Ohio. Mrs. Anna Carrier (Brainard) McKay d. .

No children.

189. Mart Emeline' Brainard (Aaron Pdhnei^, Charles Hol-

listei-^, Timothif, Timothy', Joshua^, Daniel^) of
Canton, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y.; m., July 2, 1872, in
Canton, Alfred Day, b. Feb. 24, 1844, in Wil-
liamsburgh, Ontario, Canada, son of Stephen Day of
Canton, who was b. May 3, 1808, and his wife,
Lauren MacEuen, b. in Potsdam, N. Y., Apr. 23, 1818.
When four years of age he went with his parents to Can-
ton. At tiie age of eighteen he enl., Aug. 8, 1862,
in the 106th N. Y. Vol. During the retreat of his regi-
ment from Martinslnirgh, W. Va., he became separated
from his regiment and, falling into the hands of the Con-
federate soldiers, was arrested as a Union spy. He was
released only to fall into the hands of the Union forces.
He was taken to Falling Waters and presented to Col.
Winigard of the 19th Pa. Cav. His innocence was proved

114 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

by the reading of Ms shorthand notes by a member of the
Cavalry and he was released.

He went through the Theological Department of the
St. Lawrence University (Universalist), graduating in
1872. He took charge of a Society in Kittery, Me., and
in Oldtown, 111., when health compelled him to give up
his pastoral work. He was (1892) Principal of Day's
School of Shorthand in Cleveland, Ohio. He was the
author of "Day's Aid to Graham Shorthand " and of
" Shorthand Copy Book " and " Shorthand Teacher,'
" Complet€ Shortliand Manual," and " Shorthand
Dictionary." He has also been a popular lecturer upo)i
various subjects. Mrs. Mary Emeline (Brainard) Day
d. :

No children.

Eighth Generation.



190. Maek David' Brainaed {Mark David' , Daniel'^, Joshua^,

Joshua*, Joshua^, Joshua^, DameV-) of ; m., Jime

9, 1867, Amanda Hancock, b. at Montgomery, Ala. He
was a lawyer by profession and resided at Washington,
D. C. He was one of the most prominent Masons in the
United States having attained the 33° as a reward
for distinguished services rendered to that Order; and
during the year 1901 he was the Master of Osiris Lodge,
No. 26, and also the venerable Master of Kadosh of Al-
bert Pike Consistory at A\'ashington, D. C, the liighest
working body of Masons at that place, its work being con-
fined to conferring the 31° and 32° of the Ancient and
accepted Scottish Rite of Pi-eemasonry. He was a mem-
ber of the Osiris Lodge, No. 26, A. F. & A. M.,
Metropolis Lodge, I. 0. 0. F.. and Columbia Com-
mandery, No. 2, K. T. Mr. Mark David Brainard d.
May 17, 190-1, in Washington. D. C. The funeral was
held in the Scottish Rite Cathedral. Iimi; (J Stivot. North-
west. He was laid at rest in (ilfiiw.ind Cnirtrry, Wash-
ington, D. C. Services were (( ted l,y licv. E. Mott
of the Church of the Advent, after which the Rose Croix
service of the Scottish Rite was performed. After re-
moving to the cemetery services were conducted by the
Master of Osiris Lodge and Metropolis Lodge. Mrs.
Amanda (Hancock) Brainard d. .

Children :
i. Clakence Edgar, b. Apr. 21, 1868, in Wasliiiigton, D. C; d.
Mch. 24, 1901, in the same place.
193. ii. Maek David, b. July 10, 1869, at Montgomery, Ala.

191. Sarah* Beainabd {Mark David', DanieV, Joshua^, Joshua*,

Joshu-a^, Joshua^, Daniel^) of ; m., June 24,

1867, Samuel Baker, b. . Her residence was in

New York City, but she spent the most of her time
abroad on account of the delicate health of her daughter.
She was (1901) in Italy. Mr. Samuel Baker d. in 1871.
Mrs. Sarali (Brainard) Baker d. 1903 in Italy.

Baker child:
i. Laura, b. June 9, 1869.

192. Angeline' Brainard {Mark David', Daniel^ Joshua',

Joshua*, Joshua^ Joshua^ Daniel) of ; m., May

116 B rainerd-B rainard Genealogy.

11, 18G8, Thomas Everson of Virginia. Mrs. Angeline
(Brainard) Everson d. Apr. 12, liiiid, in Norfolk, Va.
Mr. Tiiomas Everson d. • .

Ninth Generation.


193. Maek David' Brainard {Mark David^, Mark David'',
Daniel", Joshua^, Joshua^, Josliiw?, Joshua?, DanieV-) of
Montgomeij, Montgomery Co., Ala.; m., Nov. 17, 1903,
Katherine C. Campbell. He graduated at the head of
his class in Columbia University when only twenty years
old. He was a lawyer (1901) in Montgomery, Ala., and
has a very extensive and lucrative practice in his chosen
profession. Mr. Mark David Brainard d. .

No children.

B minerd-Brainard Genealogy.


An appended list oi:' soldiers' names in Joshua's line, gathered
from reliable sources, mostly from printed state records, who served
in the Colonial Wars, the French and Indian War, the Revolu-
tionan- War, the AVar of 1812, the Civil War, the Spanish- American
AVar, and the Philippine War, is here given. I have endeavored to
give such information in regard to the early enlistments in tlie
wars of our counti-y as were accessible to me, to enable those who
axe far from such early records to join the various patriotic organi-
zations to which they are eligible.


Connecticut in the French and Indian War.

From the French and Indian War Rolls in the Connecticut
Historical Societv in Hartford, Conn., Campaign of 1756 :
Bar" Brainard, en. Apr. 18 ; disc. Oct. 16, 1756.

Capt. Cone's Company. Colony of Connecticut to Capt. Daniel
Cone and the Company under his Command in Col. Jonathan
Trumbull's Regiment for their service at the time of Alarm for
Relief of Fort William Henry and Places Adjacent. Campaign
of 1757.

Eleazej Bravnard, Serjt. ; en. Aug. 9 to Aug. 24, 1757, for
15 ds.

Lieut. Smith's Company.

John Brainard, Sergt. ; time joined Apr. 7 ; disc. May 19.


Connecticut in the Revolutionary War.
List of the men who marched from the Connecticut towns
" for the relief of Boston in the Lexington Alarm," Apr., 1775.
Adonijah Brainard, East Haddam, in service 23 days.
Jonah Brainard, East Haddam, in service 18 days.

Second Regiment— Gen. Spencer's, 1775 — First Company.
Regiment raised on the first call for troops by the Legislature, Apr.-
May, 1775. Recruited mainly in present Middlesex Co. and
eastern part of the Colony. Marching by companies to the camps
around Boston, it took part at Roxbury and served during the siege
until expiration of term of service, Dec, 1775. Detachments oc
officers and men engaged at the battles of Bunker Hill, June 1-7,
and in Arnold's Quebec Expedition, Sept.-Dec., 1775. Adopted
as Continental in July. The Regiment was re-organized for ser-
vice in 1776, under Col. Wyllys first Company, Col. Joseph Spencer.

Jonah Brainerd. Sergt'.; en. ]\Liy 6; disc. Dec. 17.

MUitarij Bccords. 11!'

Minute men and Volunteers, 1776.

Eoll of Capt. Eliphalet Holmes Company of Minute men
(East Haddam), raised in May, 1776. By order of the Capt.-

Jonah Brainard, Serjt.

David Brainard.

Fourth Battalion, Wadsworth's Brigade — Col. Selden, 1776.
(Battalion raised in June, '76, to reinforce Washington at N. Y.
Served in New York and on Long Island. Caught in the retreat
and panic of Sept. 15, when the city was abandoned, and suffered
some loss. Present with the army until Dec. 2.5. '76, when term
of regiment expired. Rolls incomplete.)

Capt. Holmes's Company.
David Brainerd, Corp.

Miscellaneous Rolls. From Individual Records. Col. T.
Cooke's Regt.

Lieut. Joshua Brainerd, prisoner from Mch. 15, 1777, to Jan.
3, 1781.

Lieut. Brainerd, prisoner on Long Island, paid wages May,
1778. He was under Generals Spencer and Wooster in Rhods
Island and Connecticut 1776-1777, and was taken prisoner.

State Regiments under Gens. Spencer and Wooster in Rhode
Island and Connecticut, 1776-'77. (In Nov., 1776, the As-
sembly voted to raise four State battalions to join the Conti-
nental army near New York, to serve until Mch., '77. These bat-
talions did not march out of the State at that time, but remained
in part on the Westchester border under Gen. Wooster, or went
to Rhode Island under Gen. Spencer, who was assigned to com-
mand in that State in Dec, '76. A portion of Ely's regiment
served in Rhode Island. The others were with Wooster in the
early spring of '77. The records are not clear as to the service
of these troops.) 2nd Battalion — Thaddeus Cook. Colonel.

Joshua Brainard, 2nd Lieut.

In Willett's Company.

John Brainard, Sergt-. : joined Regt. Apr. 7, disc. May 19.

Brig.-Gen. Erastus Wolcott's Brigade. As recmiting for the
Continental " Line " at Peekskill, Mch.-June, '77.

(As recruiting for the Continental "Line" progi-essed slowly
in the spring of '77, and the regiments from Connecticut were not
ready to take the field in March, Washington urged the Government

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