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to send a body of militia to serve for six weeks at Peekskill, where
Gen. McDougall was then posted with a few troops. Three regi-

120 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

ments were accordingly ordered. They were composed of detach-
ments from the militia regiments and placed under command of
Brig.-Gen. Woleott, vice Gen. Wadsworth first appointed. The
companies were placed on duty at various points — White Plains,
Crompond, Fishkill, Ft. Montgomer}', etc.) Lieut. Smith's Com-

John Brainard, Sergt. ; joined regiment Apr. 7 ; disc. May 29.

Regiment of "Artificers." 1777-1783. (Among the Conti-
nental organizations authorized by Congress in '77 was a corps of
" Artificers " to be commanded by Jeduthun Baldwin of Massa-
chusetts, who signed himself in July, 1780, as " Col. of Engineers
and Lieut. Col. Com. of Artificers." It was to serve under the
directions of the Quartermaster-General, and its duties appear to
have been those attached to a pioneer and construction corps.
The men were largely artisans, cai-penters, builders, tent makers,
tailors, etc. The Eegiment was at Brandywine, Germantown, Mon-
mouth, and other fields. Capt. Horton's Company. (Late

Adonijah Brainard; en. Aug. 1, '77. for three years, Haddam.
To Serjt.'Nov. 1, '78.

Gen. Waterbury's State Brigade, 1781.

In Mch., 1781, Brigadier-General Waterbury, Jr., was appointed
" Commandant of the Battalion ordered to be raised for the de-
fense of the Post at Horseneck, and places adjacent, and also all
the guards raised for the defense of the sea-coasts from Horseneck
to New Haven, inclusive." The force was composed of drafts from
the militia and amounted to a brigade of two battalions. In July
it joined Washington while he was encamped at Phillipsburg (see
order of battle, p. 304) and for some time after was under Heath'a
orders on the Westchester line. Col. Meigs, lately retired from
the " Conn. Line," was first assigned to the command, but he de-
clined the service. Capt. Charles Miel's Company. In States
Brigade, 1781.

John Brainard, Serg't; joined reg't. Apr. 7, disc. May 39.

Jonah Brainerd, East Haddam; time joined, Apr. 23.

Asa Brainerd died in camp Dec., 1775.

Col. Canfield's Militia Eegiment. At AVest Point, Sept., 178].

Joshua Brainard, pri.. East Haddam.

In States Brigade, Jan., 1781.
(Col. David Webster's Eegiment and Capt. Willoughby's Company.)

Pay Eoll of a Company of Militia commanded by Lieut.-Col.
David Webster, which marched from Plymouth and Towns adjacent
to reinforce the Garrison at Ticonderoga on the Alarm in July,
1777, and proceeded as far as Cavendish, where we met Our troops
on their retreat. Engaged July 5, 1777, and disc. July 16, 1777.

Barzillai Brainard, pri.; in service, 12 ds. ; rate per month,
£4. 10s.; amt. of wages, £1, 16s.; travel out, 3d. per mile; home,

Military Records. 121

2d. per mile for ti-avel 100 miles, £2, Is., 8d. ; whole amt., £3,
178., 8d.

Adonijah Brainard, Haddam, Capt. James Horton's Conn.
Co.; Col. Baldwin's Eegt. of Artificers; en. Aug. 1, 1777; roll
dated July 20, 1780; en. three years; reported Sergeant Nov. 1,

New Hampshire in the Eevolutionary War.

Daniel Brainerd, Yeoman, ae. 21, Rumney, N. H. ; date of en-
listment, July 10, 1775.

(Capt. James Osgood's Company.) A Pay Roll of Capt. James
Osgood's Company of Rangers raised by the Colony of New Hamp-
shire, joined the NoTthern Continental Army, 1775.

Daniel Brainard, Corp. ; time of entry, July 10, 1775 ; disc. Dec.
21; in service, 5 mos., 12 ds. ; rate per month, £4, 4s., 4d. ; amt.
of wages, £11, 17s., 7d. ; coats and blankets. £1, 16s.; billeting,
lis. 3d.; total £14, 4s., lOd.

Capt. Osgood's Receipt for wages, 1775.

We the Subscribers, officers & soldiers in the Second corny
of Rangers raised in the Colony of New Hampshire by the Con-
gress thereof whereof James Osgood Esqr. is Capt. for the De-
fense of the American Colonis Do hereby Severlly Acknowledge to
have Receved of Israel Morey Esqr. paymaster of the wages due to
the said Company for thier first month Service our sd. first month
wages respectively as witness our hand this 8th Day August 1775.

Daniel Brainard. Jr., £2, 9s., Od.

(Capt. James Aiken's Co.) Pay Roll of Capt. James Aiken's
Comp. in New Hampshire Regiment of Militia commanded by
Col. Thomas Bartlet in the service of the United States, A. D. 1780.

Ebenezer Brainerd, pri. ; wages per month, £134; time of en-
listment, July 6; disc, Oct. 27, 1780, whole time in service, 3 mos.,
23 ds. ; amt. of wages, £500, 5s., 4d. ; miles traveled, 340 ; amt.
of travel at Id. per mile, £102; due on account of rations de-
tained, £11, 4s.; total amt., £613, 9s., 4d.; miles out, 136.

First Regiment of Militia. Fourth Company, 1839.
Joshua Brainard, Capt.

Privateersman in the Revolutionary Army.

Jeremiah Brainerd, mariner. One of Capt. Hull's men.
From muster and pay roll of 1775 for Brigantine Minerva fitted
out on Account of the Colony of Connecticut by Order of his
Hon' the Gov'' and Com''° of Safety for the Defense of said Colony.

122 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

Prom a list of soldiers' names furnished me by the late Henry
M. Selden of Haddam Neck, Conn.
Brainerd, Asa, pri., Haddam j^eck. Conn.
" Capt. John, Haddam Neck, Conn.

Bounty Land Warrant?.
Brainerd, David. Xew York-.

WAR OF 1812.
Connecticut in the War of 1812.

Brainard, Asa, . ,
Brainard, David,

d, Timothy,

Private, .. Saybrook,.
Private, . . Not shown
Corporal,. Saybrook..

Nathan Johnson,.
Amherst Reynolds,
■ Bray,....

Sept. 19, 1814, to Oct. 29, 1814
August 3, 1813, to Sept. 16, 181
May 20, 1814, to July i8, 1S14.

Massachusetts in the War of 1812.
Selden Braynard in Light Infantry in Boston.

Pan-oil. Conji.
Brainard, David, soldier of 1812.

Payroll of New Hampshire in the War of 1812.
Brainerd, Ebenezer, en. about June 9, '13, disc. Oct. 6, '13.
Brainerd, Lebanon, New Hampshire, in Capt. Francis's Co.

Civil and Military List of Rhode Island, 1837.

Militia of the State. First Brigade. Newport and Bristol
Coimties. First Regiment of Militia. Fourth Newport Company.
Capt. Samuel Smith.

Joshua Brainard. Lieut.

First Regiment of Militia. Fourth Company, 1838 and 1839.
Joshua Brainard, Capt. W

Department of the Ixteeiok,

BuBEAU OF Pensions,
Washington, D. C, August 16th, 1900.
Madam: — John Brainard made an application for bounty land on
May 20, 1856, at which time he was 66 years of age, and residing at
Addison, Vermont, and his claim was allowed for his service as a soldier
in Capt. Guy's Company, Vermont Troops, War of 1812. His service was
but for a few days.

Very respectfully,



Military Records. 123


Connecticut in the Civil War.

Francis A. Brainard, Hartford, en. Co. A, 1st Eegt., Heavy
Artillery, May 27, '61; mus. in. May 27, '61; disc, term
ex.. May 27, '64.

l^evi Hampshire in the Civil War.

Charles A. Brainard, ae. 26, substitute; en. Aug. 13, '6.3;
mus. in, Aug. 13, '63; mus. out, July 11, '63; a substitute,
Co. B, 3d Regt.; wd. Aug. 21, '64; mus.' out, July 11, '65;
sub. for Albert Vinton, Granville.

Vermont in the Civil War.

Friend A. Brainard, Bridport, Corp. Co. F, 5th Eegt.;

en. Sept. 3, '61; mus. in, Sept. 16, '61; wd. and taken

prisoner, Jime 29, '62 ; par. July 25, '62 ; disc. Oct. 14

Joseph A. Brainard, ae. 28, en. Aug. 16, '62 ; mus. in. Sept

29, '62 ; Corp. of Co. L, 1st Cav. ; wd. and taken prisoner

May 5, '64; d. at Andersonville, Aug. 16, '64.
Lysander A. Brainard, Co. K, 10th Eegt., Inf., ae. 18; en

Aug. 12, '62; mus. in, Sept. 1, '62; pro. Com. Nov. 26

"62 ; mus. out, Jime 22, '65.


These persons in Joshua's line have been granted patents for
their inventions were issued at the following dates, viz. :

Amasa Brainerd, Jersey City, N. J.: Locket; June 16, 1874: No.

Robert L. Brainard, Meriden, Conn.: Soldering gun-barrels: Apr.

11, 1876. No. 175850.

This list of soldiers' names and the names which follow was
compiled from the preceding pages of the Brainerd-Brainard Gen-
ealogy and is approximately correct.


]>ainerd, Adonijah, No. 23, Connecticut.

" Barzillai, No. 20, Vermont.

" Ebenezer, No. 21, Connecticut.

" Jonah, No. 4-v, Connecticut.

" Joshua, No. 12-29.

" Timothy, No. 26, Vermont.
Champion, Henry, No. 9.
Cone, Ebenezer, No. 8-ii.
Gates, Joshua, No. 6-i.

124 Brmnerd-Brainard

Biainerd, Amasa, No. 13.
Asa, No. 25.
Chevers, No. 34.
" Joseph, No. 41.

" Joshua, No. 2.

John, No. 16.
Timothy, No. 11.
Alvord, Jonathan, No. 11.
Spencer, David Brainerd, No. 14.

WAR OF 1812.

Brainerd, Seldon. No. 50.
Cady, Oliver, No. 70, Vermont.
Tifft, Jeremiah, No. 41, New York.

Brainerd, Barton, F., No. 180, New York.

Benjamin Franklin, No. 129, Michigan.
Charles Franklin, No. 182, Michigan.
" Charles Frederick, No. 137, New Hampshire.

" David, No. 86, Vermont.

" Francis A., No. 38, Vermont.

Friend Austin, No. 135, New Hampshire.
" George B., No. 184, Michigan.

John M., No. 103, New "
" Joseph Alanson, No. 92, Vermont.

" Lysander A., No. 155, Vermont.

Brooks, Augustus Olmstead, No. 32-iii, Connecticut.
Carr, Nathan S., No. 109, Wisconsin.
Cleveland. John Lyndon, No. 112, Vermont.
Crane, Addison Brainerd, No. 127-iii, Vermont.
Day, Alfred, No. 189, New York.
Peck, David Brainerd, No. 138. Vermont.
Tifift. Nathan Henry. No. STii.
Dimond, Wm., No. 82i.


Brainerd, George B., No. 184.

Bradley, George P., No. 177.



Brainerd, Mark David, No. 193.


Cady, Chauncey JIarvin, No. 70-viii.


Cady, Calvin Brainerd, No. 70-iii.


Cady, Cornelius Sidney, No. 70-v.


Dav. Alfred, No. 189.


ST. L.4^WREXCE L>-IVEi;.slT i

Cady, Chauncey Marvin, Xo. 70-viii.


Brainerd, Edwin Whittlesev, Xo. 110.
Cotton, Henry Evan, Xo. 174.


Blakeman, Ira Bronson.
Wells, Edgar T., No. 172.
Emmons, Daniel, Xo. 31.


Brainerd, Chevers, No. 34.
John, No. 16
" Joseph Shiman, No. 3S.


Cady, Calvin Brainerd, No. 70-iii.
Cady, Cornelius Sidney, No. 70-v.
Cotton, Henry Evan, No. 174.
Day, Alfred, No. 189.
Wells, Edgar T., No. 172.

Brainerd, Mark David, Xo. 190.
Mark David, No. 193.
Farrar, Edward, No. 139.

Brainerd, David, Xo. 55.
Whittlesey, Edwin, ^o. 119.


Online LibraryLucy Abigail BrainardThe genealogy of the Brainerd-Brainard family in America, 1649-1908 → online text (page 68 of 68)