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To the vine that our forefathers planted?

Let France boast the lily — let Britain be vain

Of her thistles, and shamrocks, and roses;
Our shrubs and our blossoms sprout out from the main.

And our bold shore their beauty discloses.
With a liome and a country, a soul and a God,

What freeman with terrors is haunted?
Bedecked with the dew drops and washed with the flood

Is the vine that our forefathers planted.

Tlien a health to the brave and the worthy that bore

The vine whose rich clusters o'ershade us;
Tlicy planted its root by the rocks of the shore.

And call'd down His blessing who made us.
And a health to the Fair who will raise iip a brave

Generation of Yankees undaunted.
To nourish, to cherish, to honor and save

The vine that our forefathers planted.

On the lake of young life is a fairy boat,

Like the sweet new moon in a summer sky:
Through a calm of brightness it seems to float.
And in light and beauty Its course to ply.
As sudden as a cricket's spring

Its feathery paddles dip the seas.
As gaily as the hum-birds wing

Its sails arrest the scented breeze:
And pennons bright and streamers gay
Flutter above the diamond spray.
As the keel cuts its wimpling way.

A little boy — they call him Love —

Witli dimpled cheek and sunny brow.
And pinions like a nestling dove.

Sits laughing on the fairy prow.
And one as rosy bright as he,"

Bearing his torch of purest light,
With more of joy and less of glee.

Trims the gay bark and shapes aright
The course, as they distance to weather and lee
The scud of the sky and the foam of the sea.

Two forms are their lading, two hearts are their care.

And precious the charge that they joy to convey;
The young and the happy, the brave and the fair.
Have sped on their journej-. how blithely away!
But as the moon, which shone but now

A silver streak of heavenly light.
With added glory on her brow

>fow nobly walks the queen of night —

Motto of the arms of Connecticut.

(58 Brainerd-Brainard Genealo<jjj.

And firmly moves, though clouds arise.
, By storm and tempest fiercely driven,
Shrouding the blue and starry skies.

And darkening all the lights of heaven; —
Thus sped the boat; each wale became
Of strong and more enduring frame.
And sternly to the sweeping blast
Stood out the tall and gallant mast.

That boy has strength and courage high.

And manhood- lights with thought his eye;

And he, the pilot, sits demure

In dignity, serene, secure ;

Yes, all have left their brightness now,

A brighter hope is on each brow;

No faiii-icfl fhai-t. nf fairy bays

And flliii i-li'^, ilircct their ways —

A hca\iiily L'liiili' -its kindly there.

Direct iiii; tln' of the brave and the fair,

In yon blessed place be their anchor cast.

And holy the haven they find at last.

30. Haxxaii" Brainard {DanieP, DanieF, Daniel", DanieP) of
East HadcLim, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Aug. 31, 1780,
Daniel Hurlbut White, b. July 16, 1757, son of Capt. Elijah
and Abigail (Hurlbut) White of East Haddam, Conn.
They moved to Granville, Washington Co., N. Y., about
1788. He was a silversmith. Mr. Daniel Hurlbut White
d. Feb. 4, 1805, in his 48th yr. Mrs. Hannah (Brainard)
White d. May 3, 1826, ae. 64 yrs., at Brutus, N. Y.

White children :

i. Gideon Brainard, b. Feb. 2, 1781, in Guilford, Conn.; d. Oct.
16. 1795, ae. 14 yrs., 8 raos., 14 ds., in Granville, N. Y.

ii. William, b. Oct. 11, 1783, in East Haddam, Conn.; m. Electa

iii. Hope Lord, b. Aug. 10, 1786, in East Haddam, Conn.; m. (1),
Oct. 12, 1806, John Walker. He d. about 1815, in Auburn,
N. Y. She m. (2), in 1817, Aaron B. Sheldon, a farmer.
He d. Feb. 18, 1826. She m. (3), in 1836, David Thomas,
a farmer at Skaneateles, N. Y.

iv. Carrol Case. b. Feb. 25, 1789, in Granville, N. Y.; m. Feb. 7,
1811, his cousin, Esther Brainard Johnson, dau. of Gurdon
Collins Johnson.

v. Fanny, b. Sept. 24, 1790, in Granville, X. Y.; d. Jan. 4. 1796.
ae. 5 yrs.. 3 mos.. 10 ds.

vi. Gideon, b. Oct. 6, 1794.

vii. Jeremiah Gates Brainard, b. Dec. 22. 1795, in Granville, N.
\'.; m. Oct. 10, 1822, Lois A. Richardson, dau. of Ephraim
and Lois (Porter) Richardson. Five ch.

viii. Fanny Fidelia, b. May 27. 1798. in Granville, N. Y.; m. Nov.
11, 1823. John Olmsted of Auburn. N. Y. He was a cabinet-
maker. She d. Dec. 8, 1824, ae. 26 yrs., 6 mos., 11 ds.
No ch.

ix. Hannah Adelia. b. June 24, 1801, in Granville, N. Y.; m.,
March 27, 1826, David Bonta of Syracuse, N. Y. She d.
Aug. 17. 1842. ae. 41 yrs., 1 mo., 23 ds. Ch. : 1. Derrick
Hurlburt. b. Jan. 21. 1827. 2. Fidelia, b. July 24, 1S29.
3. John Olmsted, b. Aug. 15, 1831. 4. Hope Ann, b. June
15. 1833. 5. Catharine Y.. b. Aug. 27, 1835. 6. Margaret
M., b. Dec. 1, 18.39. 7. Mary S., b. Jan. 16, 1841.

Fifth Generation. t;9

31. Sosannah' Brainaed {Daniel*, Daniel", Daniel-, Daniel^)

of East Haddam, Middlesex Co., Coim.; m., May 18, 1791,
Timothy Gates, Jun., b. Sept. 20, 1763, in East Haddam,
Conn., son of Timothy and Hannah (Percival) Gates of
the same place. He succeeded his father in the office of
town clerk and treasurer, and was reelected every year
thereafter till his death. Mr. Timothy Gates d. April 4,
or 11, 1814, in his 51st vr. Mrs. Susannah (Brainard)
Gates' d. Dec. 14. 1846, in' her Toth yr.

Gates children :

i. Chuistopher Columbus, b. .June 13, 1793. in East Haddam,
Conn.; m. Oct. 15, 1818. Julia .Jennings Smith. He d. June
1, 1880.

ii. M.\RIA, b. Feb. 15, 179G. in East Haddam, Conn.

iii. Sylvester, b. July 7, 179S, in East Haddam, Conu.: m. Jan.
15, 1839, his co"usin, Sarah or Sail}' Gleason of Avon, Conn.,
b. Jan. 10, 1804, in Favmington, Conn,, dau. of Ebenezer
Steele and Prudence (Brainard) Gleason. He resided in
East Haddam. on the homestead of his father and grand-
father. He d. Oct. 19. 1803.

iv. Alfred, I>. Frb. 7. 1802, in F;isf naddara. Conn,; m, March 29,
18:;-_\ M,ni;i Swan. II. ■ .1. .iunr 20. 1803.

v. Pr,ui>i.\.i Kmiiim:. I.. Mav :;. Hn.l, in East Haddam. Conn.:
ni. S,i>r. Jil. 1S2.-1. K.lwanl l.anLiilon of Plymouth.

32. Prudence^' BR.aNAED (Daniel*, DanieP. Daniel-. Daniel^) of

East Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., July 25, 1791,
Ebenezer Steele Gleason, b. Doc. 6, 1767, son of Isaac ami
Marv (Smith) Gleason of Farmington, Conn., where he
lived. Mr. Ebenezer Steele Gleason d. June 23, 1808. She
m. (2), Sept, 29, 1816, Isaac Chapman, the husband of her
sister, Mary Brainard, deceased, son of Isaac and Tabitha
(Chapman) Chapman. She was dismissed from the church
in East Haddam to the church in Avon, Conn., Dec. 35.
1828. Mrs. Prudence (Brainard) (Gleason) Chapman d.
For. 17, 1860. ;Mr. Isaac Chapman d.

Gleason children by the first marriage :
i. WiLLi.\M Henry, b. Aug. 9, 1792. in Farmington, Conn,
ii. George Brainerd. b. Aug. 20. 1794; m. Sept. 6, 1846, Anna

Edwards, b. March 11, 1797. He was a broker at Buffalo.

N. Y. He d. June 16, 1866. ae. 72 yrs.
iii. Mary, b. May 15, 1796, in Farmington, Conn; m. July 19.

1813, Frederick Deming, and lived in Litchfield, Conn,
iv, Is.\.\c, b. July 12, 1798, in Farmington, Conn,; d, Nov. l.i,

1815, ae. 17 yrs,
V. Dolly, b, Aug. 3, 1800. in Farmington, Conn.; d. Aug. 15.

vi. Sally, b. Aug. 3, 1800, in Farmington, Conn.; d. Aug. 15,

vii. Samuel, b. Jan. 20, 1802. in Farmington. Conn.; d. Jan. 29.

viii. Sally, b. Jan. 12, 1804, in Farmington. Conn,; ra, .Jan. 15,

1839, Sylvester Gates, her cousin,
ix. CitARLOTTE. b. June 2. 1806, in Farmington, Conn.; m. about

Aug. 26, 1828. Richard W. Green. He lived in Brooklvn.

X. Y.

^0 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

X. Pridexce. b. 5I:iv S. 1808. in Farmington, Conn.; d. July 10,

Chapman child by the second marriage:
xi. A son, b. July 4, 1820; il. July 7, 1820, ae.' 3 ds.

33. Mary^ Be-UNAI!D {Daniel*, DanieF, DanieP, Daniel^) of East

Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., Sept. 27, 1801, Isaac
Chapman, Jr., b. April 12, 1771, son of Isaac and Tabitha
(Chapman) Chapman of East Haddam, Conn. Mrs. Mary
(Brainard) Chapman d. Aug. 25. 1815, in her 39th yr.
He m. (2), Sept. 29, 1816, Prudence (Brainard) Gleason of
Farmington, Conn., his wife's sister, and widow of Ebene-
zer Steele Gleason. Mrs. Prudence (Brainard) (Gleason)
Chapman d. Xov. 17, 1860, in her S7th yr. He lived in
his last days with his son, Daniel B. Chapman, at Warsaw,
Hancock Co., 111. (See Chapman Genealogy.) Mr. Isaac
Chapman d.

Chapman children :

i. A child, b. : d. 1804.

ii. Isaac, b. Aug. 1. 1804, in East Haddam, Conn.; d. Aug. 3, 1804.
iii. Daniel Brainard, b. June 2. 1807, in East Haddam, Conn,
iv. Mary Tabitha, b. Feb. 3, 1810, in East Haddam, Conn.; m.
Aug. 31, 1835, George Washington Hawley, b. Jan. 6, 1806.

Chapman child by the second marriage:
V. A son. b. July 4, 1820; d. July 7. 1820, ae. 3 ds.

34. Hannah^ Beainerd (Jared*, Noadiali^, Daniel^, DanieV) of

East Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.;, m., March 28, 1803,
Benjamin AVickwire, b. 1762, son of James and Mary
(Grant) Wickwire of Millington Society, East Haddam,
Conn, His first wife was Sarah, who d, Oct. 6, 1794. Mrs.
Hannah (Brainerd) Wickwire d. July, 1839, in her 75th
yr., being killed by lightning, Mr. Benjamin Wickwire d
Feb. 25, 1841, ae, 79 years.'

No children.

35. Maey^ Brain.uld (Jared*, Noadiali', Daniel-, Daniel^) of

East Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m. Samuel Dickin-
son, b. . He was a native of Hadley,
Mass,, but lived in East Haddam at the time of his mar-
riage. Mrs. Mary (Brainard) Dickinson d. May 6, or
June 10, 1851, ae.'77 vrs. Mr. Samuel Dickinson d. March
28, 1855, ae. 79 yrs.

Dickinson children :
i. Emily, b. April 27, 1799, in East Haddam, Conn.; d. July 20.

ii. Epaphroditus, b. Jan., 1802, in East Haddam, Conn.; m.
about 1827, Almira Attwood.

Fifth Generation. 'i'l

iii. Philinda, b. April 7, 1S05. in East Haddam, Conn.; ui. Austin
Smith Shaler. son of Ezekiel and Lydia (Smith) Shaler.
He d. Feb. 22, 1866. She d. Feb. 22, 1876, ae. 71 yis. Ch.:
Helen Frances, b. April 2, 1830; ni. Martin L. Dickinson of
Troy, N. Y., a native of Hadlev, Mass. He d. April 27,
186t). Ch.: 1. Austin L. 2. Arthur. 3. Martin Elmer.

iv. Laurestox S., b. Aug. 11, 1807, in East Haddam, Conn.; d.
May 19, 1830, ae. 23 yrs.

36. SaPiAH-' BiiAixARD {Jared^, XoadiaJi^, Daniel", DanieV) of

East Haddam,, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m., July 12, 1791,
Gilbert Holmes, b. son of

Mr. Gilbert Holmes d. Aug. 37, 1800. She m. (2), Nov. 17.
1814, Israel Cone, b. Dec. 31, 1749, son of JSTathaniel and
Mary (Graves) Cone of East Haddam, Conn. Mr. Israel
Cone d. Nov. 4, 1825, in his 76th yr. Mrs. Sarah (Brain-
ard) (Holmes) Cone d. May 7, 1838, ae. 67 yrs., at Ver-
non, Conn., to which place she had removed.

Hobnes children by the first marriage :
i. Gilbert, b. Dec. 19, 1791, in East Haddam, Conn.; m. Mary

ii. NOADIAH, b. Dec. 14, 1793, in East Haddam, Conn.; ni. Deborah

W. Denison of Saybrook. Conn,
iii. Sarah, b. Aug. 8, 1796, in ^ast Haddam, Conn.
iv. Masox, b. Jan. 21, 1800, in East Haddam, Conn.

37. XoADiAH^ BiLA-iXEKD (Jured*, Noadiah^, Daniel-, Daniel^) of

East Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn. ; ni.,
Sylvina Southworth, b. , dau. of

Andrew Southworth of Chester, Conn. He lived in Had-
dam, Conn., Tylerville district. Mr. Xoadiah Brainerd d.
Jan. 30, 1847," ae. 73 yrs. Mrs. Sylvina (Southworth)
Brainerd d. Xov. 23, 1846, ae. 76 yrs.'

Children :
i. Dorothy, b. in Haddam, Conn.; d. in Cornwall, Conn.

77. ii. Joseph Bates, b. Oct. 16, 1802, in Haddam, Conn.

iii. .Tared, b. in Haddam. Conn.; d. Sept. 5, 1826, ae. 19 yrs.

78. iv. Mary Axne. b. Nov. 18, 1810, in Haddam, Conn.

V. Susaxxah, b. in Haddam, Conn.; d. Oct. 12, 1822, ae. 10 yrs.

38. Dorothy" Brmnerd (Jared*, Xoadiah^, Daniel-, Daniel^)

of East Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn. ; m., Sept. 10, 1813,
Nathaniel Emmons, bapt. April 31, 1771, son of Thomas
and Huldah (Ccne) Ennnon'^ of Eas-t Haddnm. He was a
farmer, in ilillington Society, East Haddam. Mr. Na-
thaniel Emmons d. April 17,' 1825, x. 54 yrs. He hung
himself. JMrs. Dorothy (Brainerd) Emmons d. Sept. 13,
1867, ae. 63 yrs. She was killed by lightning.

Emmons children:
i. Eliphalet. b. Sept. 12, 1815, in East Haddam, Conn.; m. March
25, 1838, Mary Snan, b. , dau. of Diodate Lord and

■-' Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

Mary (Cone) Swan of jMillington, Conn. She d. Oct. 2.
1848, ae. 27 yrs. He d. Nov. 24, 1851, ae. 36 yrs. He
weighed at one time 465 lbs., and was enormously corpulent.

Ch.: 1. Nathaniel, b. ; d. Jan. 28, 1845, ae. 2 yis.,

3 mos.
ii. HuLDAH Ann. b. April 7. 1817. in East Haddam, Conn.; d. Nov.
14, 1817.

39. Jerusha^' Beaineed (Jared*, Noadiali', Daniel", Daniel^) of

East Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; m. Samuel Watson,
b. , 1785, sou of John and Huldah (Fox) Wat-

son of Millington Society, East Haddam, Conn. She was a
sistei- of Col. Moses and Capt. Aaron Fox. He was a
farmer, in ilillington Society, East Haddam. Mrs. Jerusha
(Braincrd) Watson d. Feb.'l, 1860. Mr. Samuel Watson
d. Feb. 11, 18ri. a?. 88 yrs.

Watson children :

i. Huldah Anx, b. in ilillington See. Conn.; m. Mr. Dimton.

ii. Hexky Wellmax, b. in Millington Soc, Conn.; m. Miss Wild-

iii. Oliver Wolcott. b. in Millington Soc. Conn.; m. Sept. 6, 1844,
Miss Newcomb. Ch.: 1. Gilbert N.. b. Dec. 7, 1845.
2. Elizabeth E., b. Feb. 13, 1847. 3. Alvin B., b. Sept. 27,
1850. 4. Hcnrv C. b. Oct. 7. 1855. 5. Frank W., b. Nov.
25, 1857. 6. Leverett O., b. Feb. 16, 1861 ; res. Clutterville,
Butler Co., Iowa. *

iv. Catherine Brainard, b. in Millington Soc. Conn.; m. May
22, 1836, Hezekiah Selden Cone. Ch.: 5.

40. Levi" Br-Unerd {Stephen*, Stephen^, Daniel", Daniel^) of

Westchester Soc, town of Chatham. Middlesex Co., Conn. ;
m. Sarah Smith, b. Sept. 28, 1764, dau. of Thomas and
Lydia (Foote) Smith. Jr.. of Lyme, Conn. About 1820
tliey removed to East Hamilton, Madison Co., N. Y. He
was a farmer. Mr. Levi Brainerd d. May 15, 1847, in
Hamilton, ISi". Y.. ae. 80 yrs.. 5 mos., 10 ds. Mrs. Sarah
(Smith) Brainerd d. Xov. 29. 1855, ae. 91 yrs.. 2 mos..
1 d., at the same place.

Children :
TO. i. George B.. b. Sept. 20. 1705. in East Hamilton, N. Y.

80. ii. Frederick, b. Jan. 6, or Feb. 2 or 3. 1797, in East Hamilton.

N. Y.

81. iii. Lticretia, b. Aug. 28. 1801. in East Hamilton, N. Y'.

82. iv. Ephraim. b. Dec 25. 1802. in East Hamilton, N. Y.

83. V. Amasa Orl.\kdo, b. Sept. 6, 1804. in East Hamilton, N. Y'.

41. Stephen^ Brainerd {Stephen*, Stephen^, Daniel", Daniel^)

of Westchester Soc. town of Chatham, Middlesex Co.,
Conn.; m., Oct. 2, 1800. Olive Ackley. b. March 5, 1780,
dau. of Samuel and Olive (Beebe) Ackley of Westchester,
Conn. He was a farmer in East Hamilton. ?v^. Y. Mr.
Stephen Brainerd d. March 15, 1853. Mrs. Olive (Ackley)
Brainerd d. Feb. 4. 1854. Thev both died in East Hamil-
ton, N. Y.

Fifth Generation. -73

Child :
84. i. Samuel Ackley. b. Mny 10. 1807, in East Hajiiilton, N. Y.

42. Kaciiel" Bkaixeed {Stephen*. Stephen^, Daniel-, Daniel^)

of Westchester Soe.. town of Chatham, Middlesex Co.,
Conn.; m., May 9, 1793, Elisha Fuller, b. Oct. 3, 1771, son
of Elisha and Sarah (Sparrow) Fuller of Millington,
Conn., who were m. Xov. 9, 1770, and he d. Aug. 7, 1778.
Mrs. Eachel (Brainerd) Fuller d. Nov. 19. 1826. He was a
farmer in East Hamilton, I*^. Y. He m. (2), May 1, 1827,
Sally (Brainerd) Emmons, wid. of Brainerd Emmons,
and dau. of William and Lucv (Dav) Brainerd. Mr.
Elisha Fuller d. April 3, 1845, 'iP. 74 "yrs., 6 mos. Mrs.
Sally (Brainerd) (Emmons) Fuller d. Jime 26, 1880, at
Dexter, ilich.

Fuller children :

i. Laura, b. April 9. 1794. in East Hamilton. N. Y.; ni. in 1812,
Jlr. L. E. Beach. Sho d. .Jan. 2, 1829. The children live in

ii. RoxY. b. .Jan. 30. 1790. in Ea-t Hamilton. X. Y. : il. Oct. 6,
1821 : unm.

iii. Deborah, b. March 11. 1798, in East Hamilton. N. Y. ; m. 1824,
Silas Graham: res. Jlichigan. She d. Ang. 2.5, 1828.

iv. Sparrow, li. Sept. 30. 1799. in East Hamilton. N". Y. : m. 1826,
Electa Sexton. He d. Feb. 5, 1849. Four ch. A son and
dan. live in Hamilton. N. Y.

V. Lorenzo, b. Feb. 2. 1800. in East Hamilton. N. Y. ; m. April 14,
1830. Martha Haling, dau. of John and Mary Haling. He is
a farmer in East Hamilton, N. Y. He d. May 17, 1871.
Ch.: 1. Azubah, b. March 15, 1831: m. Jan. 8, 1860,
Griffith Murphy. 2. Lucinda. b. Oct. 31. 1837. 3. So-
phronia. b. Dec' 30, 1839.

vi. Ezra Xewei.. b. Oct. 2. 1809. in East Hamilton. N. Y.: m.
1835, Louisa Yeomans, dau. of Moses and Lucinda (Pren-
tice) Yeomans. He lived in North East, Erie Co.. Penn.
He d. Dec. 31. 188G. ae. 78 yrs. Ch. 1. Julia Delphine. b.
Sept. 26. 1835: d. Feb. 19. 1845. 2. Sophia Yeomans. b.
July 8, 1837: m. Nov.. 1853, John Jacks; one dau. 3. Ra-
chel .Janette, b. March 11, 1840; m. Feb.. 186G, G. W. Fitt;
.she d. 1872; one dau. 4. Melvina, b. July, 1842; m. 1870,
Simeon Royce: one son. 5. Elisha T., b. May 4, 1845: m.
Elizabeth Franklin, in 1867; three ch. 6. Leander Spar-
row, b. May, 1847: m. Betty Bennett, at Mo.: two dau.'s. b.
in Mo.

43. Elisha'' Braixekd {Steplien''. Stcplien'\ Daniel", Daniel'^)

of Westchester Soc, town of Chatham, Middlesex Co.,
Conn.; m.. March 21, 1798, Anna Scoville, b. Nov. 24,
1780, dau. of Judah Scoville. He moved to East Hamil-
ton, X. Y., and in 1817 removed to Gainesville, Genesee
Co.. now Wyoming Co.. X. Y., on what is known as the
Holland Purchase, and bought 360 acres of heavily tim-
bered land, the larger portion of which is now owned by
his descendants. A schoolhouse was built on this tract of
land, which is now known as the Brainerd district,
n — 6

74 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

He and his wife were members of the Presbyterian Church.

He was n man of integrity and much respected by his family

and neighbors. At the age of 85 he was sprightly, hale and

hearty. They remained ^ipon the old homestead till their

By his energy- he subdued the forest and tilled the soil of the
"newly cleared land, till he had one of the finest farms in

that town. Mr. Elisha Brainerd d. March IT. 1855, ae.

80 yrs., 5 mos., 14 ds. "Mrs. Anna (Scoville) Brainerd

d. Jiily IG, 1855, ac. 80 yrs.

Children :

Day, h. Julv 28. 1709, in East Hamilton. X. Y.

. Elish.\. b. July 14. 1801. in Ea,t Hamilton, X. Y.

i. Luke, b. Sept. 15. 180.3. in East Hamilton. X'. Y.

88. iv. Stephex. b. April IT. 1805. in East Hamilton, N. Y.

89. V. EzBA Styles Ely, b. Feb. 20, 1807, in East Hamilton, K. Y.

90. vi. AuGUSTrs Ferdinand, b. Dee. 1. 1808. in East Hamilton. N. Y.
vii. Mary Axx, b. June G. 1810. in East Hamilton, X^. Y.; d. April

8. 1811, ae. 10 mos.. 5 ds.
viii. Doctor Franklin, b. Feb. 29, 1S12. in East Hamilton. X'. Y.:
d. June 10, 1834, ae. 22 yrs., 3 mos., 11 ds. He was poisoned
by eating some bread made from flour into which some
white lead had fallen by accident.

91. ix. Wells, b. May 7, 1814. in East Hamilton. X. Y.

92. X. Mary Ann. b.' Sept. 23. 1817. in East Hamilton. X. Y.

93. xi. Julia Ann. b. ilarch 14. 1819. in Gainesville. X. Y.

94. xii. Philander, b. Feb. 2. 1821. in Gainesville. X'. Y.

44. D.A.viD= Beaixard (Steiihcn*. Stephen", Daniel-, Daniel^) of
Westchester Soc, town of Chatham, Middlesex Co., Conn. •.
m. (by Elder Stacy of the Universalist Church). June 23,
1806, Micheal Terry Hale. He was a fanner in Hamilton,
X. Y.. and moved from tlienco to Clarendon, ^lich. ^Ir.
David Brainard d. Aug. 16, 1S56. His funeral services
were conducted by Elder Beba Fancher, pastor of the Pres-
byterian Church. Mrs. IMiclieal Terry (Hale) Brainard d.
iSTov. 30, 1857. Her funeral services were conducted by
Elder Sabin of the Methodist Episcopal Church. They
were both buried in the cemetery on Cook's Prairie, town
of Clarendon. Mich.

Children :

95. i. Orville H.vle. b. Aug. 12, 1807. in Madison. X'. Y'.

96. ii. Lucy Ann Bancroft, b. May 23. 1813, in East Windsor, Conn.

97. iii. David Day. b. Feb. 25, 1815". in East Windsor. Conn.

98. iv. Claria Maria, b. JNIarch 15. 1818, in Hamilton. X^. Y.
09. V. Orrix Willi.\m. b. Oct. 7. 1819. in Hamilton. X". Y.

vi. Sarah Axx, b. Nov. 19, 1823. in Frankfort. X. Y.; d. Sept. 3.

vii. JoHx Hale, b. Dec. 16, 1827, in Utica, N. Y. He was a farmer,

mason, wagon-maker, cooper, fiddler, tinker, fisherman, and

hunter. He lived at Clarendon, Mich. He was in the late

Civil War.

Fifth Generation. 75

45. Olive^ Beaixerd {Stephen*, Stephen", Daniel'-, Daniel^) of

Westchester Soc, town of Chatham, Middlesex Co., Conn. ;
married her cousin, Ezra Brainerd, son of William and
Lucy (Da}') Brainerd of Colchester, Conn. He was a far-
mer in East Hamilton, X. Y., moving there soon after
marriage. Mr. Ezra Brainerd d. March 3.5, 1851, ae. 74
vrs.. 1 mo.. 15 ds. Mrs. Olive (Brainerd) Brainerd d. Jan.
5, 1867.

Brainerd children :
i. Oliver Day. b. Aug. 28, 1799. in East Haiuiltoii. X. Y.
ii. Olive, b. Xov. 17. 1803. in East Hamilton. X. Y.
iii. Dolly, b. Feb. 20. 1805, in East Hamilton, X. Y'. ; d. March 21.

iv. Willi.\m A..b. Jan. 1. 1807. in East Hamilton. X'. Y.: d. April

3, 1807.
v. Ezra Austin, b. Sept. 20. 1809, in East Hamilton, X. Y.
vi. DiODATE, b. April 27. 1812, in East Hamilton. X. Y.
vii. Amaziah, b, July 9, 1814, in East Hamilton. X. Y'.
viii. Mamette, b. June 20. 1817. in Ea*t Hamilton. X". Y'. : d. Jan.

22. 1893: unm.

46. Eeuben^ Brainerd {Stephen*, Stephen^, Daniel", Daniel^)

of Westchester Soc, town of Chatham, Middlesex Co.,
Conn.; m., Dec. 10, 1812, his cousin, Eoxy Brainerd, b.
Feb. 23, 1792, dau. of William and Lucy (Day) Brainerd
of Westchester Soc. Colchester, Conn. Mrs. Eoxy (Brain-
erd) Brainerd d. March 11, 1824, ae. 33 yrs. He m. (2),
Nov., 1826, Ann Savage, b. Sept. 28, 1795, dau. of Luther
and Prudence (Goodrich) Savage of Chatham, now Port-
land, Conn. He was a farmer in Westchester Soc,
Chatham, Conn. Mr. Reuben Brainerd d. Nov. 18, 1859,
ae. 77 yrs., 3 mos.. 24 ds. Mrs. Ann (Savage) Brainerd d.
Feb. 9, 1874, ae. 78 yrs., 6 mos.. 11 ds.

Children by the first marriage :
100. i. Stephen Day, b. Aug. 10, 1813, in Westchester, Conn.

ii. Dolly Li'CRETIA. b. Sept. 9, 1817, in Westchester, Conn,; d.

May 30, 1854, ae. 36 vrs.
iii. A dau.', b. Feb., 1819. in' Westchester. Conn.: d. April 8. 1819.

ae. 2 mos.
iv. A child, b. in Westchester. Conn.; d. .Jan.. 1821.

Child by the second marriage :
v. AiTOY Ann. b. Dec. 8. 1827, in Westchester. Conn.; d. Aug. 1.

Clarissa A.^ Brainakd {Stephen*, Stephen^, Daniel-, Dan-
iel^) of Westchester Soc, town of Chatham, Middlesex Co.,
Conn.; m., Nov. 30, 1808, in Bast Haddam, Conn., Wil-
liam Lord, b. May, 1785, son of Ezekiel and Sarah (Lord)*
Lord of the same place. He was a farmer and moved to

' Or Sarah Woodwell. Ezekiel's first wife was said to have been Lvdia

"76 Brainerd-Brainard Genealogy.

East Hamilton. X. Y. Mrs. Clarissa A. (Brainard) Lord
d. June 20, 1834. ae. -19 vrs., 10 mos., 14 ds. He m. (2).
Majch 8, 1835, his wife's cousin, Liicy Day Brainerd. b.
April 15. 1804, dau. of Daniel and Irena (Brainerd) Brain-
erd of East Hamilton, N. Y. Mr. William Lord d. Nov.
18, 1855 or '56. Mrs. Lucy Dav (Brainerd) Lord d. April
17, 1891. ae. 87 yrs.

Lord children:

i. Lydia M.\ria. b. Nov. 21. 1810, in East Hamilton. N. Y. : m.
Nov. 2.5, 1833, James H. Dunbar, b. Maioh 15. 1811. son of
David and Polly (Doane) Dunbar of Hubbardsville. Madi-
son Co., N. Y., a farmer. He d. Aug. 29. 1870. Ch.:
1. Charlemagne Lord. b. Aug. 22, 1836; m. Aug. 22. 186.5,
Harriet M. Seymour, b. April 8, 1837, dau. of Alexis and
Abigail (Green) Seymour. Ch.: i. Walter Seymour, b.
Oct. 9. 1866. ii. 'Georgia May, b. July 24, 1871. 2.
lietsey Clari-ssa, b. May 17, 1840; d. Feb. 10, 1841. 3.
Georgiana Josephine, b. Nov. 21, 1842; m. Oct. 9, 1867,
Almeron T, Nash, b. Nov. 21, 1845, son of Elijah and
Lucina (Blanding) Nash of Hubbardsville, N. Y. She d.
Dec. 22. 1875. ae. 33 vrs. 4. Rodolphe Doane. b. May 31.
1847; m. Jan.. 1868" Kate M. Risley, b. 1848, dau. of
Julius and Olive (Dix) Risley of Madison, N. Y. Ch.:
Willie James, b, 1870; d. ae. 6 wks.

ii. Omn Brainerd. b. Nov. 9, 1813, in East Hamilton, N. Y. ; m.
Oct. 24, 1838. Palmyra Sheldon, b. 1815, dau. of John and
Miriam Sheldon of Lebanon, N. Y. Ch. : 1. Sheldon De
Forest, b. July 2, 1841; m. Feb. 14, 1861, Hannah Smith
of Fabius, N. Y. He d. Dee. 7, 1891. Ch.: i. Freddie, b,
Dec. 28, 1861 ; d. Jan. 9, 1802. ii. Lnla, b. June 7, 1864: d.
Jan. 7, 1866, and three other children.

iii. George, b. March 17, 1815. in East Hamilton. N. Y.; m. Oct.
23. 1840. Calphurnia Delphia Fay, b. Feb. 24, 1820, in
Hamilton, N. Y.. dau. of James Robinson and Marilla
(Nash) Fay. He lives at Bay City, Mich. Ch.: 1.
Frederick H., b. Dec. 12. 1849, in One"ida, N. Y. 2. Wil-

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