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Christ is coming! : Part I. Evidences of the existence of God, and of the truth of the holy scriptures. Parts II & III. The holy scriptures and their description of the mighty plan of God. Parts IV & online

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The jyfSTO^ApON of the pCIENT


Christ the Glorious King over the
Whole Earth.


THERE was a certain man who -was greatly in debt —
very poor, utterly incapable of paying even a very
small portion of the debt. He was in constant danger
of being cast into prison, and there remaining until the
debt should be paid to the uttermost farthing, accord-
ing to the unchangea,ble law of the realm. Very poor,
very miserable, very cold, very hungry — spiritually —
w^as he, because of the great load of debt that was
pressing upon him — a debt increasing quickly every
day. In process of time there came a kind one towards
him, vsrho bade him search in a certain place for a
purse of untold wealth, w^herewith he might pay the
debt, and have a large surplus. Joyously the poor man
searched, and found the purse i with a part thereof he
paid the great debt, and with the residue became rich
and joyous for ever.

JVIy Christian Brother — my Christian Sister — that poor
man was as you and I : our many sins virere the great
debt we owed to the holy justice of God, from w^hich
no money could release us, neither could any child of
Adam. That kind One was the Mighty Gracious God,
and the purse of untold wealth was Christ our Ransom.
By simply believing the words of that kind One, and
taking the purse of untold wealth and offering it to
Him who bade us search for the purse, we are free
from all spiritual debt, and we become spiritually
rich for ever.

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Presented by CCv T^ . Cj \\'^V^. o\ A OT '^A^A^"^ •

BT 77 .C465 1871
Christ is coming!

" The Boils on the Souls of Men have come to a Head — lance them."



Published March 2nd, 1868.


Published September 1st, 1868.

Published September, 1869.


Will be published, September, 1874.

PARTS I., IL, II!., IV., & V.

" Let every Man, every Woman, and every Child be quick and spread around
the glorious news that Christ is Coming."







The CopyrigM of each part will be reserved for Six
Months from the date of its Publication — in
England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland — after
that it will be free to every Printer.

Everywhere else it *will be free from the day of





To THE Nations.

TN the name of the Mighty God, the creator of all things,
-'- to you, oh ye Nations of the whole earth ! these words
are sent. Into your hearts let them be deeply engraven ;
and do ye ponder over them ; for, like as seed that falls
upon fruitful ground bears fruit in plenty, so will these
words bear plenteous fruit among the nations of the world.
Now, oh ye nations ! ye are as wild sheep, scattered and
isolated, but hereafter ye shall all form one flock under
(me Shepherd.

The ever-living God, the creator of the starry skies, and of all
things — Who is as invisible to the eyes of man as the air we
breathe, and Who, although invisible to us, is hke the air, near
to and surrounding every one of us, has given to man free will ;


and having given to man His Holy Scriptures, as man's only
true guide, has left to man the duty of working out his own
salvation. God looks upon all mankind as one earthly family,
and holda each one responsible for the misdeeds of the rest-
Therefore, God permits evil men to afflict the good ; — for th«
good fall short of their duty to their fellow-men in permitting
them to grow up in ignorance of God, in permitting hazy no-
tions of God to exist among men, and in permitting evil men
to exercise the power of the nations.

Mankind, from the days of Adam, have perverted that holy
thing, the sotd, which gives them their intelligence ; from being
spirits of good, they have become spirits of mischief; instead
of being angels of earth, they have become the evil spirits
of the earth ; using the intelligence of their souls in devising
all manner of mischief against their own kind ; studying their
own individual inclinations, and forgetful of God. Verily, man-
kind have dishonoured themselves more than any beast of the
ground, or bird of the air, or fish of the waters. The iron
intended for the ploughshare, cruel man has shaped into the
murdering sword, the murdering tube, and the murdering
bullet, wherewith to slay his own kind, and for sport, the other
living creatures of the earth. They have departed widely
from the precepts of God, and happiness has fled from the
earth ; and men have become, as it were, mere beasts of burden,
less joyous and less contented than the free creatures of the
ground, of the air, and of the waters. Mankind have adulte-
rated the Word of God by adding their own foolish theories to
its wisdom ; and men have so taught their sons and daughters
that they have become as foolish as themselves. To the wor-
ship of God and of His Glorious Son many foolish ones have
added the worship of images, of reputed saints, and of a sup-
posed Queen of Heaven, and have thereby brought the Word
of God into disrepute, — perpetuating misery throughout the


Verily the minds of men have been filled with nonsense;
and their nonsense has whipped the nations, as it were, with
whips of knotted cord. When distress covers thee, oh nations ! —
when the people are perplexed, and hungry, and naked — whan
the nations are warring one against the other — and when the
ambitions and the unjust man, the adulterer^ the fornicator,
the thief, and the murderer, take up their abode with thee,
and are suffered to teach thy peoj)le all manner of mischief,
and sorely oppressing them, — it is not God who brings these
evils upon mankind, they are the natural offspring of wicked-
ness — of wickedness of the nations. In like manner, oh man !
if thou wert violently to dash thyself against a stone, pain will
be the natural offspring of the act ; so, when the nations dash
themselves against the precepts of God, as declared in the
Holy Scriptures, misery and pain to themselves necessarily

Those who overrule thee, oh nations ! are unwise ; they
teach thee folly ; their laws are foolish, and they administer
the laws foolishly ; they have placed before thee the foolish
maxims of men, and God is almost ignored : therefore God for
thy folly has permitted mankind to have their way. Thou hast
taken into thy bosom, as it were, cruel scorpions, and they
sting and pain thee. Behold your folly ! Nation is arrayed
against nation — the one to make miserable the other. Their
desire is to destroy each other for ever ; and for what ? As
dogs they snarl, as dogs they fight, and as dogs they reap
bloodthirstiness, and violence, and duplicity, and wretchedness,
and hate ; and as fighting dogs they die. Ye foolish nations !
ye have placed yourselves under the rule of murderers, througk
your disunion, and they give you justice that is perverted into
robbery, into lies, into duplicity, into violence ; safety, that is
destruction; rest, that is feverish anxiety and poverty; and
they give you for ministers of God, men as perverted and
corrupt as yom-selves.


Oh, foolisli nations ! following like silly sheep the foolish antics
of a few of thy people not a whit wiser than yourselves ; poor
nations! thou art saturated with folly and with misery, because the
spurious wisdom of the wicked ones which has ruled thy fathers,
and which still rules thee, appears fair to thee — ^for long continued
wickedness has blinded the people, and conunon sense has
become uncommon ; but within all is rottenness, all is pretence,
all is sham. Oh ! that this wicked generation would quickly
learn to understand that it is far better to be at peace than to
be at war — to love each other than to hate — to be filled with
holy rest than filled with anxiety ; and learn to understand that
it is far better to obey God than to live in forgetfulness of Him ;
to be united together as one holy Christian family of paen,
than be separated into nations — as it were one of dogs, another
of foxes, another of wolves, and another of tigers — living like
them, and dying like them.

Learn, oh ye nations ! and understand, that when thy kind
increased in their hate one for the other, and the more mutual
love departed from their hearts, then the more did the Holy
Spirit of God — which, like the invisible air is near to every one
of us — shrink from those nations, for their wickedness was
abhorent to God ; then did the partial withdrawal of God cause
partial disruption, and the air, and the water, and the ground,
became corrupt, and pestilence and famine, and earthquakes
and great storms, and misery accompanied their hate and their

Now consider, oh ye nations of the world ! Let these words
sink deeply into your hearts. Have ye as little understanding
as dogsl Have ye as little love for the more peaceful nations as
cniel wolves have for the peaceful sheep % Ye have truly that
holy thing, the soul, but ye appear to know it not, because ye
play the part of the senseless brutes ; for, as senseless wolves ye
slay your own kind mahciously, and outstrip them in glorying
in it. Oh foolish nations, — mutual tomienters ! learn that the


nation which incites to war, and that is the aggressor, fights
against God, and God has ever punished that nation, and
henceforth will punish it more intensely. Be wise, sternly turn
from your councils and from their thrones, the chief inciters to
bloodshed ; let their names be branded as murderers of their
kind, and di-ive them from your nation, and let their wives, and
their sons and daughters be also outcasts. For it is better
sternly to disown a few, than to suffer them to stir up hate
between the nations. Be wise, ye nations, and settle amicably
your differences, with honesty avoiding all duplicity.

Up now, ye foolish nations! hasten thee, tear off" the bandage
folly has placed round thine eyes, and learn true wisdom — the
wisdom of God, which excelleth the wisdom of man far more
than the sun excels in brightness the flickering candle. Behold
the time is close at hand, even knocking at the door, when God
will remove the scales from your mental eyes, and ye shall
behold Him and His glorious Son, our Redeemer, as they are.
And the paths of earthly happiness, and the paths to Heaven
shall be as well laid roads, hedged on either side, that ye may no
longer go astray, but be wise, walking with a firm tread, under-
standing God and His holy teachings. Think not, oh nations !
that the paths your God wishes you to tread are paths of sorrow.
Tour paths are joyless, full of anxiety, and full of fear ; but His
paths are full of contentment, of holy peace, of serene joy, and
as it were, in the midst of beauteous sweet-smelling flowers.
Let every man therefore be honest and tender-hearted, mindful
of the necessities of his fellow men, resolutely resisting all
temptation to do or think evil, remembering always that man's
earthly happiness is bound up with that of his fellow men, as
though he and they formed the body of one man, so that if one
member suffers, all suffer.

Does God expect thee, oh generation of evil men, to turn your
disobedient hearts to him ? No ; for well He knows how greatly
your understanding has been perverted, and your unwillingness


to learn aright; but your children will learn of Him ; yet more
their children ; and still more their children's children ; so that
love between man and man will abound, and the Holy Spirit of
God will enter the earth as in the early days of Adam, and it
will become once more holy in His sight. But not yet, for the
nations are swayed by the false and selfish maxims of men, and
have ignored the wise maxims of God ; swayed by the foolish
notions of philosophers — of philosophers lost in vanity and
infidelity — which notions, belonging wholly to the imaginations
of men, are full of nonsense, and bewilder and lead astray from
the true path, the thoughtless among mankind. Ye philosophers,
leaders of the people ! ye wise in your own conceit, and in the
opinion of the foolish, because ye appear less foolish than them-
selves ! ye forget that the Uttle morality ye teach proceeded
through the holy men of God in ancient time. Have ye traced
out God in the wonders of Creation, in the wonders that sur-
round you on every side 1 Have ye not rather wilfully stopped
far short and promulgated theories worthy only of the foolish /
brutes 1 Have ye not ignored God and become as fools 1 Poor
philosophers, blind leaders of the people, what has youw spurious
wisdom done for yovir own happiness and the happiness of the
world ? Spurious because but little being founded vipon truth,
is nonsense as a whole. Poor philosophers, blind leaders of
blind people, weep, for your day is passed, and the world wiU.
henceforth laugh at yoiur folly, and your pretentiousness will be
ridiculed. Weep on, ye blind philosophers, leaders of blind
people, ofispring of a world heretofore darkened by your pre-
decessors as blind as yourselves, — for the light of God's wisdom
will cause men to see your blindness and your pretentious folly.
Weep on, and repent, and enlighten your minds with God's
wisdom, and do your very utmost to wipe away the stains of
unbelief ! your folly has spotted the souls of men.

And ye who officiate in sanctuaries called after the name of
the Lord, be not more dull of understanding than the people


whom you profess to teach ; learn and understand that it is
better, far better, to touch their hearts with the pure Word of
God than to deceive them with utter folly. Learn and under-
stand that such deceivers as yourselves have been great curses
of mankind, having led men astray. It was such as yourselves
who introduced idolatry and spurious worship — who instigated
the shedding of the biood of the prophets — the slaying of the
Holy Christ and of His holy followers. It was such as your-
selves who countenanced war and bloodshed, and who perpetuated
folly, disunion, and hatred among mankind. The people are
eager for true spiritual light, and behold ! your perverted under-
standing persists in misconstruing the Holy Scriptiures, bewilder-
ing the people so that superstition has taken the place of common
sense, and a jumble of a little truth and much nonsense is in-
stilled into their youthful minds as the wisdom of God, — whereas
it is but the foolish nonsense of your predecessors. God has
provided for them the true spiritual Bread of Life, and lo ! you,
misguided teachers, give them adulterated bread wherewith to
feed their souls. As it is with you, so it has been with your
predecessors — all have erred, all have blinded their understand-
ing with the trashy thoughts of men, and are blind to true
wisdom. Give place, ye miserable foolish leaders ! stand aside !
in your stead shall rise up teachers whose lips shall teach true
wisdom, because the Word of God will guide them and be their
only guide, and they shall lead mankind into the right path,
and, like faithfvd shepherds, keep them in it.

And ye, true worshippers of God, ye greatly err by your dis-
union ; ye have thereby become almost powerless among men.
Henceforth there shall be but one Church — the one old Church
of Christ. What ! are ye not brethren 1 Do ye hate each
other, yet worship the same God and account yourselves the
ransomed children of the same Christ 1 Yes ; the unholy thing
is whispered in your ears, — the adopted childi-en of Christ hate
and war against each other, because foolish teachers perverted


the understanding of their fathers and continue to pervert
theirs, and have, by impure worship and hate, become almost
as sinful as the children of the wicked one.

And ye, unwise people, who make to yourselves images and
pictures representing God — bowing down and reverencing before
them — ^leam to discriminate what is evil and what is not evil in
this matter. It is not evil for a good purpose to represent
aught that thine eyes can see or that thy fellow men have seen ;
but it is an evil thing to represent aught as representing God,
and it is a very evil thing to bow down and make obeisance
before them ; and a still more evil thing to supplicate God in-
tentionally before them. Thy foolish teachers have en-ed in
teaching thee so to do. Henceforth cease this folly and let thy
prayers be uttered towards Heaven, the dwelling-place of God,
and God will hear thee ; but God refuses thy prayers when
uttered before thine abominable representations.

Now understand, oh ye nations ! and let these words sink
deeply into your souls.

God made this round earth and the starry skies for His
greatly-beloved angel Christ, that Christ might found a mighty
and a holy kingdom in Heaven, the subjects thereof being the
redeemed children of the man Adam, whom God purposed to
create. God created the sun, the starry skies, and this round
earth, filhng it with all necessary things, and then He created
the first man Adam, giving him one soul, which shoiild be sub-
divided among all his descendants, in like manner as a lump of
gcdd may be divided into countless millions of atoms, each atom
being as truly gold as the great lump. Adam disobeyed God,
and thereby introduced the tremendous sin of disobedience
towards God into the world. Therefore, God deemed him un-
holy and unfit to enter holy Heaven — both Adam and all the
xmborn people within him ; and God condemned the 07ie soul to
be banished from Heaven for ever, as are the unholy brutes.
But God, having foreknowledge of Adam's disobedience, had


planned, before He made the starry skies, that His beloved
angel Christ, the future King of men, should win His kingship
by saving His future subjects ; and God planned that Christ
should successfully pass through the ordeal of living upon the
earth as a perfectly righteous man — as righteous in the sight of
God as are the holy angels ; and, furthermore, God planned
that the holy Christ should give the life of His flesh and blood,
suffering death ignominiously, as an all-sufficient atonement,
once and for ever, for their souls. And God ordained that all
the souls of men who worshipped God, striving to obey His
commandments, should thus be deemed ransomed, and be deemed
holy and worthy to be His children and the adopted children
and subjects of His Son Jesus Christ, the glorious Conqueror of
sin — the King of Heaven. Thus did the righteous man Christ
save many children of the unrighteous man Adam, and thus did
the childless man Christ win many children by adoption.

Therefore, oh ye people ! choose ye whether ye will be the
adopted children and followers of the holy Christ, or unredeemed
children of Satan — the disobedient man Adam.

Discern, oh ye nations ! there are but two kinds of men, all
descended from the man Adam.

The first kind are those who worship God, taking His Holy
Scriptures as their guide.

The second kind are those who worship other gods ; those
who worship gods calling them the lesser name — saints ; those
who use images and pictures in their worship, and those who
worship God with their lips, but have not the love of God in
their hearts — disobeying Him.

The first are the redeemed ones of Christ, His adopted children
and the children of His God and Father, the Almighty God our
Creator ; therefore they, being His adopted children, constitute
His one Church upon earth and His future subjects in Heaven.
These, oh ye Christian people of all lands, are thy brethren.
Quickly band yourselves together, and let the love of Grod and


of His glorious Son lead you to love and assist each other to
the uttermost ; be ye not slack nor rebellious, but prompt and

Now learn, oh ye Christians throughout the world ! the
appointed time of God is close at hand, even knocking at the
door. Haste ! put away your strife. Enlighten your under-
standing and purify yourselves by prayer, — for murderous wars
shall cease, and the hearts of men will be softened, and they will
look tenderly one upon the other, and their thoughts be heaven-
ward — not tied to the things made by man, nor to the thoughts
of men, but the Holy Spirit of God and of His glorious Son,
present in the Holy Scriptures, shall in like manner be in their
hearts ; and the Word will no longer be as a sealed book to a
perverted understanding, but plain to all men, for a right under-
standing will be given you, and you will be able, through a right
knowledge of God, to resist easily the evil desires and inclina-
ations of the body ; and you shall forget the past wickedness of
the world, and shall labour zealously and joyously in the world
for the furtherance upon earth of the kingdom of your Lord and
Saviour Jesus Christ. These things shall come to pass, but not
fully come to pass — not until the fourth generation will the
fruit be fully ripe.

Band yourselves quickly together, oh my Christian brothers !
and you, oh my Christian sisters of every nation ! hold up the
Holy Scriptures as your guiding light, and disseminate its
light, and this little explanatory book, around you on every
side, at home and abroad ; encourage those to the uttermost
who strive after goodness ; and discourage, to your very utter-
most, those who follow evil ; resolutely refuse to intermarry
with them ; neither suffer them to be placed in authority. In
worldly matters you are energetic ; be energetic now in the
holy cause of your fellow-men and of God. Followers of God
flock to the banner of Christ ; for the final war is upon you,
the mental war of the followers of good against the teachers


of evil. Who shall doubt the result? for the Mighty God,
who is the God of Abraham, of Isaac, of Jacob, and of our
Lord Jesus Christ, is on our side. We are His children, His
soldiers ; therefore, with us will be the victory. We now com-
mence the battle. You, my sisters, young and old — and you,
my brothers, old and young — ^join in the fray, and be zealous,
energetic soldiers of the Lord Christ. Let your arms be the
Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, and enlighten
the understanding of the enemies of God, who will quickly be*
come your friends ; and, as fellow-soldiers, will assist you in
your mental warfare with the evil that is running riot through-
out the world : be energetic therefore, and persevere. And
ye, faithful teachers of the Word of God, of every sect — ^ye
blessed of the Father and of the Son — from your pulpits bring
quickly to the notice of your flocks this little book, and urge
them to ponder over it. And ye members of the press, in
every nation, sound aloud the tocsin ; loudly let the tocsin
ring, shake up the sleepers, join quickly in the fray, and drive
fables from the hearts of men. Publish in your papers, word
by word, the contents of this little book, that the minds of all
men may be quickly comforted, and that mutual love may
drive away mutual hate for ever.

Let every man, every woman, and every child be quick,
and spread aroiuid the glorious news that Chi'ist is coming.



The Difference between Man and all other Living

"ARK, oh man ! how small is the intelligence of the most
highly-trained of creeping thing's, of beasts of the earth,
of fowls of the air, and of fishes of the waters, whose intelli-
gence is about equal, compared with the most intelligent of
thy fellow-men — those who worship God.

Understand, oh my brother ! that of all living creatures man
is born with least instinct — certain knowledge, which man calls
instinct, being wondrously transmitted from one generation to
another, each kind having its own peculiar knowledge at birth,

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