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Christ is coming! : Part I. Evidences of the existence of God, and of the truth of the holy scriptures. Parts II & III. The holy scriptures and their description of the mighty plan of God. Parts IV & online

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ordained future King in heaven, whose Angel-spirit should iu
due time be brought out of heaven, and be united to a living
body, born out of a pure virgin — the germ of which living body
God made at the same time that He made the living body of
Adam, but which was kept in abeyance until the time for the
advent of the Messiah upon earth should fully come.

The spirit of the angel and the living body born out of the
pure virgin, constituting the Messiah Christ who should live
as man — as truly man as the man Adam — living a perfectly
holy life, and in consequence of the perfect holiness of His living
body as well as that of His living soul, be entitled to live for
ever with God in heaven, in like manner as the living body
and the living soul of Adam would have been entitled to live
for ever with God in heaven, if Adam had not introduced sin
into the world. Nevertheless, the Holy Messiah should, of His
-own free will, not in any way being; eoeyced, consent to forfeit the


life of His body to satisfy the holy justice of God, which is life
for life, so that the punishment of death should be inflicted
upon the living body of the Messiah, that the curse wherewith
God cursed Adam for his great transgression might be removed.
Thus should the Messiah win his Kingship, and thus God,
having satisfied his own Divine justice, be enabled to forgive
the sin of Adam and of all His descendants who performed the
holy act of worshipping God purely, having faith ; the Holy
Spirit of God then carrying their pardoned souls, upon the
death of their body, into the kingdom of heaven prepared for
them before the commencement of creation ; a large measure of
the Holy Spirit of God being added to each minute soul in
heaven, thereby giving each the high intelligence of a holy
angel, fitting them to be worthy subjects of their Saviour and
King, Jesus Christ the Messiah.

This is the mighty plan of God, as revealed in the Holy

The Messiah.

rriHE time appointed by God for the coming of the Angel
-^ upon earth was about 4000 years after the fall of the
man Adam. God had taught the God-fearing Israelites to
sacrifice upon altars, the altar sacrifice imputing righteousness
as an act of obedience to God of those who sacrificed, showing
by their obedience in this respect, that they were teachable, and
God pardoned their sins provisionally.

During those 4000 years, the souls of human dead, the pardoned
and the unpardoned, were asleep, waiting for the establishment ofc


the Messiah's Kingdom in heaven — the Angel not yet having
won his Kingship, being not yet born into the world as man.
When the time appointed by God had fully come, as foretold
by the prophets, the Holy Spirit of God took the germ of living
flesh and blood which He made when He made Adam — and
which He had kept in reserve — and placed it in the womb of the
pure Virgin Mary, where it was developed and grew ; and at
the instant of its birth into the world the Holy Spirit of God
brought out of heaven the experienced living soul of the Angel —
a large soul deeply engraven with remembrances of God and of
heaven — and enshrined it in the living flesh and blood, and thus
the infant Jesus Christ, the long promised Messiah, was born
into the world, having, like all the children of men,

1. The life of his flesh and blood,

2. The life of his angel spirit.

The whole being of the angel was concentrated in the person
of the child Jesus, no portion of the angel being elsewhere, so
that, like the man Adam before the great transgression, the
Messiah was nothing else than an angel of earth, having, for the
purpose of carrying out the plan of his God, wholly given up
his position as an angel in heaven temporarily to become a
mere man, like unto Adam.

The child Jesus derived his flesh and blood from his mother,
the pure Virgin Mary, but not the life thereof, for the life was
in the germ which God made when He also made the flesh and
blood of Adam ; therefore, the child Jesus was born perfectly
free from sin, the mother merely nourishing and maturing the
living germ which the Holy Spirit of God placed within her
womb. The child inherited none of the sin of Adam, for what man-
kind inherit is inherited from the father and not from the mother
— the mother merely nourishing and maturing the life within
her womb — therefore, the child Jesus was born as perfectly free


from sin as Adam when God created him. God was the only-
Father of the child Christ as God was the only Father of Adam,
descended through his mother from David, yet he inherited
nothing from David.

The angels of heaven are sons of God, whereas the pardoned
souls of men are adopted sons of God — the angel Christ being
born into the world out of a woman, the only angel thus born,
is therefore the only born Son of God, the Holy Scriptures
thus distinguishing him from all the other angels of heaven.

The infant Jesus grew into childhood, into boyhood, and into
manhood in all respects as man, and like Adam was nothing
more than man ; was tempted by the world and by his own
passions, as men are tempted ; suffered hunger and thirst as men
suffer ; lived a life of perfect obedience to God in all things ;
would have no will of his own ; made God's will his will ; all
that God commanded him to say or do, that he said and did, so
that what he said was as though God Himself spoke, as though
the wisdom of God was manifest in the flesh and visible to the
■eyes of men.

When Jesus had attained the age ordained by Moses for the
assumption of the priesthood, he taught the Israelites that He
was the long promised Messiah, the Deliverer of the souls of
men ; but they, belie-ving the traditions of their false prophets,
supposed that the Messiah would reign, not in heaven, but upon
earth in great glory, as visible King of the Jews, subduing all
nations under Him ; they therefore were disappointed, dis-
believed Him, were angry and sought to kill Him.

When the time appointed by God had fully come, God
permitted the Israelites violently to take hold of the Messiah
and mock and scourge Hira, and to nail Him cruelly as a
culprit ignominiously upon a cross (as the prophets had foretold
many hundred years beforehand), thus unwittingly sacrificing


the Lamb of God ; and while upon the cross the Holy Spirit of
God placed upon His body the great sin of Adam. The Messiah
was suffering death in the stead of the soul of Adam, thereby
rendering Him unholy in the sight of God, like as the lambs
sacrificed upon the Jewish altars were unholy, and, therefore,
annihilated by being burnt — an unholy state which anguished the
holy soul of Christ throughout His earthly life, Christ foreseeing
this dreadful cup of bitterness. For three days His body bore
that great sin while on the cross and while in the tomb. Fop
three days God and the holy angels in heaven mourned in
anguish, for, while on the cross and while in the tomb, the only
born Son of God, our kind Deliverer, was impure and unholy
in the sight of God, and His eyes were averted from him.

When the allotted time of three days had passed, God
removed quickly the curse of another's unholiness from the
body of His victorious beloved Son, and carrying Him tenderly
into heaven, there placed him upon God's throne on the right
hand of God, the place of highest honour next to God, and
appointed him Judge in heaven over the souls of all men, the
King of pardoned souls, their High Priest, their Deliverer-
Almighty to save the true worshippers of God.

The sacrificial death of the Messiah did not save the souls of
men, the evil and the good ; it simply removed the curse of God
which rested upon the soul of Adam through his great trans-
gression. By the sacrificial death of the Messiah the holy
justice of God being satisfied of life for life, God is enabled to
pardon the sins of all who truly worship Him, repenting of
their past misdeeds ; therefore the pardoned are carried into
heaven not by their own merits, but through the mediatory
death of the Messiah.

So long as the curse rested upon man, God was very angry
Ivith man, His holy justice being unsatisfied; but through the


sacrificial death of Christ the curse and anger of God are
removed from man, and His love is turned towards us as
before the fall of Adam ; therefore Scripture calls Christ
Emmanuel (God with us), for it is through his mediatory death
that the anger of God is turned into great love for us. Christ
is the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last of all God's
ransoms, because all-sufficient for the purpose.

Upon this rock (these immutable facts) the kingdom of Christ

in heaven, now invisible to us, is founded, whereof his visible

Christian Church is part. His earthly subjects form his

Church upon earth, which is his kingdom upon earth, he being

the sole head of all, the only High Priest of God.

When the risen Christ had been carried by the Holy Spirit
of God into heaven, and placed upon the throne of God, at the
right hand of God, iu the highest place of honour next to God,
then the newly-appointed King of Heaven (as God's High
Priest, and as God's Judge of all men) caused the souls of all
the dead men which had been asleep to come forth for judg-
ment, God's appointed Judge being now ready to reward and
to punish. The judgment was awarded; those who died in their
sins were judged unworthy to enter heaven, and were, there-
fore, sent into perdition — sons of perdition — but the pardoned
were carried very tenderly and lovingly into heaven by the
Holy Spirit of God, being thoroughly purified by the sacrificial
death of the Messiah, a holy army of angels, the first-fruits of
God's love for man. Thereafter as mankind died, their souls
v/ere judged and at once carried tenderly by the Holy Spirit
of God into heaven, or sent into perdition.

God has not abdicated His Godhead, neither is He changed,
neither has Christ become God — he is still an angel, but the
holiest angel in heaven. God has ordained that all men should
bo'.v the knee at the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ. It is


as tlie risen Christ, the vanquisher of Sin, the King and Saviour
of the pardoned souls of men, the beloved Son of God, sitting
upon the right hand of God, upon God's throne, and upon the
throne of His kingdom — as our great Friend, that the Saviour
is to be worshipped — and not to be worshipped as the man
Christ; for while man, neither his mother nor his disciples, who
believed in his Messiahship, worshipped him ; he had not ac-
complished his mission, and was simply man — an unholy man
while hanging on the cross by reason of the great transgres-
sion of Adam, which God there placed upon him. Christ is
the King of that portion of the heavens set apart by God as the
habitation of the ransomed souls of men, their King, and Lord.
The ransomed souls of men in heaven are not men, but angels
of the kingdom of Christ. >

The life of the body of Christ was sacrificed, slain to save the
life of the soul of Adam, not the life of Adam's body, for God
condemned that to die for ever, so that Christ laid down one
life, not two lives. The thief upon the cross had the sins of
his soul pardoned because he repentantly worshipped God,
believing in the Messiahship of Christ, although only with his
latest breath, but, for the sins of his body, his body was allowed
to die and become corrupt, and eaten of worms, and finally to
become dust of the earth ; in like manner the body of every
man is annihilated for ever.

The Holy Spirit of God telegraphs, as it were, to heaven as
instantaneously as the touch upon a man's foot is communicated
to his head, the prayers of mankind to God and to His Son ;
but to no other being, for prayer to any other being is an
unholy act, an act of superstitious folly, exhibiting faithlessness
towards God and towards His Son.

These are the true doctrines as taught in the Holy Scriptures
by Christ and by his disciples.


At no time since the creation of Adam, was man so wilfully
blind, so cruel as when Christ was upon earth. This God foie-
knew ; therefore, this was the time appointed for the advent of
His beloved Son the Messiah, upon earth, because it was
necessary for the souls of God-fearing men that they should be
pardoned through the violent death of the body of Christ, a
death which should not proceed from accident, but be purposely
slain as a criminal suffering punishment ; and it was necessary
that Christ should be perfectly holy and therefore estimable,
and that he should fully exhibit his credentials before multitudes
of men to show that he was really the long-promised
Messiah by performing miracles. Men in all other ages, before
and after, would have honoured Christ for his holiness, and
would have believed in his Messiahship, and therefore would not
have desired to harm him, and so, by not slaying him, have
thwarted the design of God : this God foreknew, and that the
Israelites living in the time of Christ were the only men of all
mankind before and after who would have slain the Just One ;
therefore God permitted them to slay him that they might,
unwittingly, further God's plan of redeeming mankind, through
the violent death of the body of Christ.

Therefore the Most High God waited for nearly 4000 years.




The Unity op the Person op God.

THE Holy Scriptures teach that God is one Holy Being as
distinct in Person from the Messiah as the person of
a human father is distinct from that of his son ; therefore the
unity of the Person of God is the foundation doctrine of the
true Church of Christ.

The Messiah, Christ, while upon earth was simply a man — a man
like to Moses, and like to every man — born to be a man, that he
might as man succeed in passing through an allotted term of
life upon earth as a perfectly holy man, accomplishing thereby
what Adam failed to do — and that as man he might be able to
suffer the death of his body, suffering that punishment as a
transgressor against God, in the stead of Adam, the real
transgressor; the whole being of the before angel Christ was
concentrated in the man Christ, no portion of himself being



elsewhere. Whereas only the Holy Person of God is concen-
rated in heaven, but the residue of His Holy Self, His Holy
/Spirit, the invisible cloud, is diffused everywhere beyond ; and
all the angels, and Christ our Messiah, the heavens, the starry
skies, and all within them move in that living cloud, like as the
fishes of the sea move in the waters of the sea.

Christ having succeeded in his mission upon earth, and being
by God exalted to be the King, Lord, and sole Judge in heaven
over the souls of those he has ransomed, is almighty to save the
souls of his faithful followers, through the almighty power of
God, whose almighty power would be exercised on behalf of
Christ, the Judge appointed by God. Christ having the power
to admit into heaven, or to refuse, is as though he were God,
for God would carry out his judgment. Yet Christ is not God.
The Messiah is like unto an earthly judge, whose just decree
would be enforced by the whole power of the nation ; yet the
judge is not the nation, nor independently of the nation, has he
any power. So the power of Christ is wholly derived from the
almighty power of his God, who also is the God of aU things.

The Holy Person of God, whose dweUing-place is in the
heaven of heavens, is sometimes called the Word, because He is
the primal source of all spiritual knowledge. The Holy Spirit
of God, the living invisible cloud, which is everywhere through-
out space, being part of God (like as the wings of a bird are part
of the bird), is also sometimes called the Word. The Messiah
Christ is also sometimes called the Word, because he was an
angel in heaven before he became man, and revealed greatly
more than any other prophet the holy plan of God. The Holy
Scriptures are also called the Word, because they are the voice
of God.

The risen Christ is sometimes called " Everlasting Father;"
because, as no unpardoned child of Adam can enter heaven, his


children, when pardoned, are no longer the children of Adam,
but become the adopted children of Cfovist, their ranson ; even-
tually entering heaven to live everlaslsjlgly with him ; therefore
Chriat is sometimes called their everlasting father — thus the
redeemed have two spiritual fathers.

1. God the Creator, the one God, the Father of ourselves
and of Christ

2. Christ our King, our Purchaser and Judge, who
receives us into his heavenly kingdom as his adopted

The Messiah was not our father by adoption, until we
prayed to God for pardon, through the great atonement of
Christ, whereas God is the Father of the holy and the wicked,
the birds of the air, the fishes of the waters, and of all things,
because He is their Creator.

Spurious churches have long been bewildering themselves
with the foolish and uuscriptual doctrine, that a Trinity of Per-
sons constitute the One God, — a pagan doctrine forced upon the
ignorant people in early Christian times against their common
sense, at an epoch when superstition, false legends, and non-
sense everywhere were rife, — the spurious priests miscalling
their great credulity " Faith," thereby deceiving the well-dis-
posed into giving blind credence and blindly accepting as the
foundation of their Christianity the monstrous lie — that Three
Persons constitute the One God.

How is this great error known to be untrue 1

1. It is more in accordance with the absurd mythology
of the Greeks and Romans living in the days of the
early Christians, many of whom were Greeks and
Remans, than with the common sense of mankind.


2. God has many times declared that there is no other
God than Himself.

3. The Scriptures nowhere mention a Trinity of persona

as constituting One God.

4. The absurd doctrine was utterly unknown to the
Israelites before the crucifixion, and to the twelve

6. The utterance of the Prophets concerning the Messiah
alluded to him as a holy being, wholly distinct in
person from God.

6. The blessed mother of Christ, her husband Joseph,
and the Apostles, although believing that Christ was
truly the long-promised Messiah, accounted him in
accordance with the prophecies as an angel who came
from heaven, and being born out of the Virgin Mary
became man, who through God's almighty power,
in some way (inexplicable to them until after the
resurrection) would save the souls of mankind from
being shut out everlastingly from heaven. After the
resurrection they fully comprehended, through the
teachings of Christ, the mighty plan of God, and clearly
understood that his birth out of a pure virgin, his
attempted destruction by Herod, the flight of his
mother and Joseph with him into Egypt, his great
wisdom, his teaching, his great and many miracles,
the testimony of John the Baptist, his peculiar public
entry into Jerusalem, his betrayal, his crucifixon, his
resurrection, the testimony of the angels at his tomb,
and his teachings after his resurrection, were in exact
accordance with the prophecies concerning the Messiah.
Being convinced that he was really the long-promised
Messiah they deeply reverenced him as the Messiah,


but did not worship him as they worshipped God — they
taught the people after the ascension of Christ, that
when upon earth with them he was simply a man like
to themselves, giving him the highly reverential
spiritual name of Lord ; but giving to his God alone
the far higher reverential name of God.

7. The utterances of the Apostles, which speak of God
and of Christ as two distinct holy beings — the son
not equal in power to his Father, but subservient
to his Father in all things, the son so obedient as to
have no will of his own, but accepting the will of his
Father as his own will.

8. The utterances of Christ himself, who ever spoke of
God as a Holy Being, whoUy distinct from himself,
teaching his disciples and the people to pray to God
his Father, beseeching Him, praising Him, singing to
Him, and giving Him thanks, never accounting him-
self to be God — plainly saying that God is greater
than himself, but calling himself the son of God.

The unwise, idolatrous, early Christian priests, in their
admiration of Christ, exalted him in their imagination to be
God Himself, forgetting the Creator God, and exalting in then:
foolish imagination his blessed mother as the mother of God —
folly that has been widely perpetriated down to these days. Oh,
foolish chixrches, how great has been your folly, how widely you
have departed from the truth ; therefore how little you have
been able to cope with the wicked heart of man !

In like manner as the Israelites, from the crucifixion down
to these days, have erred in disbelieving the Messiahship of Christ,
so the spurious Churches have, during many ages, exalted
Christ in their imagination to be God. The Israelites and the
spurious churches being equal in their great error — the one


refusing to acknowledge him aa the long promised Messiah, the
other exalting him in their imagination as being the Messiah,
the Holy Ghost, and God the Creator also ; the Israelites
refusing to give any glory to Christ, the spurious Churches
madly rushing, in their ancient antagonism towards the Jews, to
the opposite extreme, by robbing, in their imagination, God
the Creator of His Glory, and giving all glory to the Messiah,
to the great grief of the Messiah.

Now clearly understand, oh ye nations of the whole world ! it
was not God who was born out of the Virgin Mary, and who
was crucified, but the before holy angel Christ — understand this,
and the Holy Scriptures will be plain to your comprehension —
Christians have erred greatly during so many generations, in
like manner as the followers of Mahomet and of Buddah have
erred — errors that were carelessly accepted by powerful rulers,
evil and ignorant, and forced upon the priests and the people,
generation after generation. The time is at hand, even knocking
at the door, when your understanding shall be made clear, and
neither the professing followers of Christ, nor of Buddah, nor of
Mahomet, nor the unwise of other sects, will continue in their
many errors.

Evidences op the unity op God, and that Christ is not
God but the son of God — two Holy Beings, whose
persons are as distinct as the person of a human
father is distinct from that op his son.

Tte Record of the Prophets.
The Psalms.


The Record of God concerning Moses.

1. " And he (Aaron) shall be thj^ spokesman unto the people ; and he
shall be, even he, shall be to thee, instead of a mouth, and thou
(Moses) shall be to him instead of God."

2. " And the Lord said unto Moses, See, I have made thee as a God
to Pharaoh ; and Aaron thy brother shall be thy prophet ; thou
shalt speak all that I command thee, and Aaron thy brother
shall speak unto Pharaoh."

The Record of Moses.

1. " The Lord thy God will raise up unto thee a prophet In the
midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me, and unto him shall
ye hearken."

The Record of God.

1. "Behold my servant whom I have chosen, in whom my soul is
well pleased, I will put my spirit upon him, and he shall shew
judgment unto the Gentiles."

2. " And lo ! a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved son,
in whom I am well pleased."

3. "Fear not, Mary, for behold thou shalt conceive in thy womb and
bring forth a son, and shalt call his name Jesus ; ho shall be great,
and shall be called the Son of the Highest ; and the Lord God
shall give unto him the throne of his father David, and he shall
reign over the house of Jacob for ever and ever, and of his king-
dom there shall be no end. The Holy Ghost shall come upon
thee, and the power of the highest shall overshadow thee, there-
fore that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called
the Son of God, for with God nothing shall be impossible."

The Record of John the Baptist.

1. " The next day John seeing Jesus coming unto him, saith,
Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the

2. " John (the Baptist) bare witness of Christ, sajdng, This is he of
whom I spake, he that cometh after me is preferred before me,
for he was (in existence) before v^e."

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