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Christ is coming! : Part I. Evidences of the existence of God, and of the truth of the holy scriptures. Parts II & III. The holy scriptures and their description of the mighty plan of God. Parts IV & online

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child not to be educated, in that every child has a sacred claim
to be taught how to save his soul.

The children of a nation shall be deemed to be in the guar-
dianship of the whole nation, entrusted by the nation to the sub-
guardianship of their parents. Should the parents neglect their
duty, then shall the education of the children be undertaken by
the nation at some cost to the parents. No one shall be suf-
fered to stand in the way of the education of the children of a
nation. If a man be satisfied himself to be a fool, it shall not
be suffered that he also make his children fools ; if a man be
mulish in this sacred thing, he is unworthy to have the charge
of his children ; it shall not be suffered that children should,
by the neglect of anyone, breed evil in a nation. Ignorance of
the Holy Scriptures, by the great mass of a nation, is the foun-
dation of all the evils in a nation, whereas a right knowledge
throughout the nation secures peace and happiness ; therefore
svery nation shall consider it a sacred duty that every child be


taught that foundation of all true knowledge, a knowledge of
the Holy Scriptures. Then will the laws of every nation be-
come just and equitable, the people happy, and true followers
of Christ, worshipping God from the heart ; then will all the
nations be united together, each nation a separate branch of
the one old Church of Christ.

Spurious Churches.

LOOK around you, oh ye nations of the whole world, upon the
many religions. Is there one that is sound, one that is
based wholly upon the word of God, and governed in accordance
with it 1 No, there is not one ; each is unsound, from the crown
of the head to the sole of the foot ; each has gone astray, therefore
they will fall, and greatly will mankind rejoice hereafter, that
they have fallen never more to rise again.


Listen thou Papacy — chief of idolaters ; thou deceiver, calling
thyself a Christian church, whereas thou art not so, thy
idolatry severing thee from the Lord Christ ; thou mystifier and
perverter of the Holy Scriptures, to serve thy idolatrous
practices ; thou enemy of mankind ; the destroyer of souls that
place their trust in thee ; the stumbling-block of the whole
world, therefore the chief of the vile ones — know now that the
God of Heaven has shut his ears from thee. He refuses to hear
thy prayers always, because thy hypocritical priests have long
perverted His holy teachings, that they might raise themselves
above their fellows, and take the place of God, and of His Son ;

N 2


teaching them the foolish doctrine of the ti'inity ; to bow and
titter prayers before images — God's abhorrence ; teaching them
to worship relics even, in thy great folly, spurious relics ; teach-
ing them to worship bread, and worship wine ; to kneel before
priests, confessing sins to those priests habitually ; teaching the
people that thy priests have power, supernatural power, to for-
give sins, thereby in thy great arrogance falsely pretending that
thy spurious priests are even holier than the holy angels of heaven,
who never have sinned, for they possess not such great power.
From thy very commencement thou hast been false, more am-
bitious to raise thy priests above other men than to obey God ;
more arrogant in thy pretentiousness, and more cruel towards
thy fellow men, than ever were the godless. Thou hast been
more prominent than other sects, because of thy stricter dis-
cipline, of thy greater audacity, of thy dissimulation, of thy great
cunning, and because thou hast kept thy people from knowing
atight in scriptural things other than what thy spurious priests
teach them ; so that thou hast compelled them through their
ignorance to be of thy spurious church. Nevertheless, many
despise thee, for clearly they see on thy frontlet, "Liar !'^
stamped deeply. They have become bewildered, reckless of the
future, and unbelievers in God, because of thee, and thy people
have become almost as senseless as the heathen. Now know,
that from thy commencement the Holy Spirit of God has
refused to communicate thy prayers to God in Heaven. As thou
hast refused to pray to Him, as all the holy men of old prayed,
purely without images. He also has refused to listen to thy im-
pure supplications. Where has His word taught thee to use
images 1 Whereto worship bread, and worship wine 1 Wiiere to
reverence relics 1 Where has it taught thee, that the people
should habitually confess their sins to any priest ? Where has it
taught any priest to be a pretender to supernatural power 1


Where has it taught thee that auy priest has power to pardon
sins, or authority to receive the kneehng reverence of men ?
Where has it taught thee to arrogate thyself most presumptuously
before God and man 1 The indictment is long, nevertheless it is
not yet finished. Where has it taught thee that God is three
separate persons? Where to pray to thy suppositious saints?
Where has it taught thee to enjoin mento pray to imaginary saints,
whom thou canonizest from time to time ? Where has it taught
thee to worship a Queen of Heaven ? And where has it taught
thee, thou adulterator of Scripture to suit thy follies and thy idola-
try, that thy judgment is unerring, and that the judgment of
the vilest of thy predecessors was unerring also ? The Holy
Scriptures nowhere teU thee these things. Thou pretendest to
thy people that thy spurious church is founded upon the Holy
Scriptures ; thy doctrines and thy cruelty towards the
readers of those Scriptures, who were in thy power, give thee
the lie, for thou hatest the Scriptures, and greatly fear then'
spread among mankind, lest their eyes should be opened and
thou shouldest be seen to be but a mere idolatrous, spurious
church, whose doctrines are not the doctrines of Scripture.
Thy spurious church is based upon lies, and not upon
God's word, like to the spurious church of Mahomet ; the
name of Christ is to thee but a mask. Therefore God has shut
His ears always, and has not heard thee, for thou art a spurious
church. Yet a little while, and the earth shall know thy place
no more for ever.

The Non-Idolatrous Sects.

Ye peoples who have separated yourselves from the great
apostacy of Rome, ye did weU in so doing ; nevertheless, ye have
not cast aside all her abominations, ye have prayed to God


without images, therefore His Holy Spirit has heard thy
prayers ; but where has His Word tavight thee that God was
three separate persons ? Where that the Lord Christ's feast
was otherwise than a bond of spiritual love and union to the
children of God, in remembrance of the great love of Christ for
man, and of the great atonement 1 Where has it told thee
that thy clerics have greater spiritual power than His children?
Where has it taught thee that the ministers of thy many
antagonistic sects were chosen by God to be thy spiritual
teachers 1 Where does it teach thee that clerics are otherwise
than simple leaders of His people, and teachers of His Holy
Word 1 Where has it taught thee that thou mayest, without
great sin, separate thyselves from the children of God, as though
thou hadst no part nor lot with them, and as though thou
vefusest to put on the wedding garment of mutual love and
inity of purpose] Nowhere has it told thee; thou hast greatly
aTed in not shaking thyseK perfectly free from the great

Is it in obedience, oh ye peoples, to the holy precepts of God,
that you are split into so many discordant sects 1 Is it because
ye think yourselves the children of God 'I Is it not rather
because ye are children of selfishness, of deceit, of sensuality,
of spiritual pride, of obstinacy, of spiritual ignorance, and
children of disobedience towards God and His glorious Son ?
Is it not because ye are not truly the children of God? Deceive
yourselves no longer, the children of God are not like you.

How comes it to pass, oh ye spiritual teachers, that your
people listen to you in the sanctuaries, month after month, year
after year, yet fail to comprehend God and His Messiah ? Is
it not because yourselves were bewildered by your predecessors,
and in your turn ye bewilder and leave unconvinced your flocks;
«o that in spiritual things they are even greater blunderers


than yourselves 1 Truly, both they aud you greatly dishonour
God, because of your uonseuse. Ye unwise teachers, first lay
the foundation of the Holy Scriptures firmly in your own
minds, and in the minds of your flocks — the foundation being
the mighty plan of God — then build your superstructure ; ye
have erred greatly in dwelling wholly upon the superstructure,
neglecting the snre foundation ; and ye have also greatly erred
in not sufficiently striving for unity among yourselves.

Ye did well, ye peoples, in separating yourselves from the
vile Papacy ; and ye did well in separating yourselves from the
corrupt lukewarm churches that came out of her; but ye all did
evil in not uniting yourselves together, and ye did great evil
in separating yourselves upon things of small doctrine — some
of yon even separating yourselves because you preferred one
form of service in the sanctuary to another — esteeming very
lightly the great doctrine of spiritual love and unity among all
mankind, a doctrine of great estimation in the sight of God,
the broad foundation of the one true Church of Christ. Deceive
yourselves no longer, the angels of heaven know of no severance
in spiritual things, one from the other, therefore you are not
like them. Ye believe in God, the Almighty Cx'eator of aU
things, in the great atonement of His glorious Son the Messiah,
and in the truth of the Holy Scriptures, these three doctrines
axe the three great doctrines of the true Church of Christ, out
of which proceeds the fourth great doctrine of spiritual love
and unity among the children of God. If one of these four
be wanting, then is the church not true, but spurious, like to
those who supplicate before images or pictures. He neither
heeds their impure supplications nor yours, for He abhors their
images and pictures, and your wilful severance one from the

Ye deceive yourselves, ye many diverse sects ; ye have


become superstitious as the Papacy, but differently ; in many
things nonsense has in your hearts tisurped the place of commou
sense, therefore you widely differ one from the other in your inter-
pretation of the Holy Scriptures. Ye are not wise. Ye account
yourselves followers of Christ, but ye dishonour him, for you obey
him like as the rabble soldiers of an undisciplined army obey their
chief, obeying him a little in the lesser things, but disobeying
him much in the greater ones. Ye err greatly in supposing
that God selects your spiritual teachers to be your spiritual
teachers ; He neither turns them to the right hand nor to the
left hand, nor you ; neither is it God nor His Holy Scriptures that
prompt you to hate each other, even to glory in your spiritual
separation one from the other, but the brutish passions and
spiritual ignorance of your spiritual teachers and of yourselves.
Ye rival sects ! you are as the brutish clans of a divided nation,
not the source of strength to the kingdom of Christ upon earth,
but the source of great weakness. Ye deem yourselves the
children of God, but the true children of God are not undisci-
plined and disunited as are you. They neither eat alike nor
drink alike, no, not even are they wise alike ; but they love
God alike, and His glorioias Son our Redeemer, and all love
the Holy Scriptures with real love, for to them it is not as a
book that is sealed, and they have zealous love for each other
and for all mankind. These are the signs of the true children
of God, signs that are wanting in you, oh ye disunited peoples.
Ye are as the camp followers of an army, disorderly, disinte-
grated, independent, captious, and not the true army of the
Lord Christ ; ye are but savage followers, hating each other,
separating yourselves one from the other through imaginative
nonsense ; but for calling yourselves His followers, mankind
would not know you were spiritual soldiers of the army of
Christ, your ways are so much like the ways of the godless.


You deceive yourselves, oh ye sects, iu permitting your
ministers to pray in the stead of yourselves ; henceforth pray
for yourselves, sometimes aloud, like as you sing aloud, in
unison. You do well in your singing aloud, do also well in
your praying aloud. Ye go to the sanctuaries as listeners, ye
(should also go as talkers and singers to God and His glorious Son ;
as responding assentors to the prayers of the minister ; and as
listeners, communing with God and His glorious Son in talking
and in singing ; but most of you are as mutes, contentedly so.
Ye deceive yourselves, oh ye sects, for your sincere prayers
aloud, and your sincere songs aloud, are the main things in
your religious services ; the preaching of your spiritual teachers
is of less account, intended principally for the idle and the
ignorant. But the strong in faith need not the preaching, for
themselves search the Scriptures, understanding them equally
■with the preacher.

The small things of the earth engross too much of your
thoughts, and things of God too little ; therefore your hearts
towards God and towards mankind are very cold. Ye are not
really children of God, but children of the world, for the
children of God have not hearts of ice, but warm hearts of love
for Him, for His glorious Son, and for all mankind. It is
because of the frostiness of your hearts that ye keep yourselves
apart from the children of God. Ye have been taught to
dislike small spiritual things, and to have cold hearts, because
of the icy hearts of yom* spiritual teachers. They, finding
themselves in the ministry of a sect, have no wish to be con-
vinced of their want of spiritual love, lest through following
the dictates of conscience, their daily food and the daily
comforts of their families should be lessened. Therefore they
strive to keep you apart, not for your sakes, but for their own
temporal things. It is they who teach you to keep apart, one


iTom the other, and poor foolish weaklings, you take their will
to be your will. Deceive yourselves no longer, your frosty
hearts are not like the warm loving hearts of the children of
God, whose hearts yearn and strive for spiritual unity.

Ye have become icy, oh ye sects ! because ye have neglected
congregating daily in the sanctuaries of your God. Ye have
habituated yourselves by your severance one from the other
to congregate together only on the Sabbath Day, therefore you
have become cold-hearted, and your assembling on the Sabbath
in the sanctuaries has become mere form. You do not assemble
even on the Sabbath Day out of real warm love for God, but
because it is more wearisome not to assemble than to assemble.
Verily ye have frosty hearts. On the Sabbath Day ye appear
to be followers of the Messiah — lukewarm followers only ; but
on every other day ye have no appearance of being his followers,
for ye act as those who do not pretend to be his followers — in
this ye are less than the sincere followers of the Papal sect —
truly ye are not children of God ! Your children's children
will wonder and be sad because of your cold-heartedness, they
will have greater love and be wiser than yourselves.

The Holy Spirit of God has been grieved that ye were so
blind, ye have mystified yourselves about that which is plain,
and therefore art split into many sects, and have become
almost powerless in winning souls to Christ. Thy faith is very
weak and bewildered ; the enemies of God have their say against
Him, and thou poor foolish weaklings, cannot answer them
convincingly, and even are afraid of them ; some of ye even
partly coincide with their foolish utterances, so that the fools
think they have gained the victory. Ye have left the main road,
and every sect has strayed into bye-paths of folly ; aU are in error
and shall understand they are so. Repentantly ye shall return
to the main road of spiritual truth, with kindliness of heart and


tmity of purpose, and with real spiritual love ye sliall hold
out the hand of fellowship one to the other, and walk amicably
together as become the true children of God, bewildering your-
selves no more for ever.

Yet a little while, and the people having their spiritual eyes
opened will leave all the sects of the whole world — all being the
sects of Babel confusion and nonsense — in abhorrence of their
cold-heartedness, their selfishness, their spiritual ignorance, and
their wickedness, and will enter the true Church of Christ and
be one with her for ever. Yoa believe in God, in the Jklessiah,
and in the divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures ; what
hinders you from uniting yourselves to those who also zealously
believe in theml what hindei-s you from being baptized into
the only true Church of Christ, and be instrumental for great
good, and not as heretofore, powerless excepting for evil f
There is naught to hinder you excepting only you.r former
habits, therefore with wise resolve be baptized at once, and
happiness, which hitherto you have not known, shall alight and
rest npon you always.

The Trinitarian Church of England.

What shall I specially say to thee, thou lukewarm church,
thou church still retaining many errors thou hast imbibed froia
Rome ; thou church of the rich and not of the poor, thov
church neither hot nor cold, thou church of Babel disorder
and clerical rebellion. Sitting quietly down while myriads of
thy people are utterly ignorant of God ; placidly regarding >
thyself when thou oughtest to humble thyself to the very
dust for thy great negligence in not winning their souls to
Christ. They hunger strongly for spiritual knowledge, and
behold ! the little bread of life thou offerest is so mixed with.


thy chilling and upstart pretentiousness, and so clothed with
thy mysterious nonsense, that they cannot eat it, because it is
loathing to their common sense. Thou offerest to many nothing,
^nd to a few, as it were that stone, a thing indigestible to
their souls. They ask of thee the pure Water of Life, and
behold! thou offerest to them water made muddy by thy
bewildering nonsense, so that they refuse to drink it ; therefore
myriads of the people of thy nation live and die as cattle,
utterly ignorant of God. They are as abominable in the sight
of God as were the heathen of old, because of thy negligence and

Thou hast complacently suffered the lay powers of the
nation, who were oft times disbelievers and enemies of God, to
control, gag, and play the fool with thee, as their price for
-endowing thee. They have held thee in check, and been thy
master, so that thou hast ever been a make-believe church, a
mill-stone about the neck of all that is good in the nation.
Thou hast caused the children of God to become split into
many sects through thy lukewarmness in the cause of God and
thy superciliousness towards the people, that great sin lies at
thy door. Some of thy clerics are now sighing to awaken thee,
but thou art drowsy, and others of thy clerics are cunningly
carrying thy people into the vile Papacy, imitating it in their
temples, rearing images over sacrificial altars, and there fooling
before them. Still thou art drowsy. The bribes the enemies
of God, the disunited discordant law-makers of the nation, give
thee in endowing thee and thy fatness, make thee drowsy, and
thy connection with the lay powers of the State, makes thee
powerless, for thou art an obedient servant, contentedly so, of
unwise discordant men. Wherefore is it that thy comparatively
few temples are almost deserted by the very numerous poor,
■and have become assemblies for display of clothing ] Where-


fore is it that thy higher clerics shamefully neglect their duty,
receiving too much gold, becoming rich, luxurious, and cold-
hearted towards God, and supercilious towards the poor ; and
thy lesser clerics discontented and unruly 1 Wherefore is it
that thy lesser clerics are suffered to beard with impunity their
congregations, and thy higher clerics are suffered to breed dis-
union, cold-heartedness, and hatred among them — the very
opposite of the feast of unity 1 Wherefore is it that thou dost
complacently, year after year, suffer clerics, perchance unworthy
clerics, to be appointed over congregations by laymen, perchance
members of the vile Papacy, others perchance even infidels and
the vilest in the nation, and to buy and sell thy clerical ap-
pointments as though they were bartering for oil or wine 1 And
wherefore is it that so many of thy clerics are so eager for pro-
motion, not because of their zeal for the Messiah, but to satisfy
their avarice, their love of ease, and their fondness for display ?
Wherefore is it that so many of thy clerics are ready to have
their photographs displayed, but to feed their vanity, to the
great scandal of the people ? And wherefore sufferest thou
some of thy clerics to retain each one of them several appoint-
ments, that they may become rich in gold 1

The enemies of God mock Him ; and thou, poor weakling,
art as one dumb, having no plain convincing arguments to
turn them from being the enemies of God into His worshippers.
Go, give place ! the Lord God and His Messiah disown thee ;
thou art in the way. Yet a little while, and thou shalt be
dissolved utterly.

The Israelites.

And now, ye seed of Abraham, ye children of Israel, ye
mouraers, ye grief stricken, God's grief is as your grief, that


He has long listened but has not heard your suppliant cry.
His Holy Spirit cannot, will not, transmit your prayers to God
in Heaven, for ye despise the Holy One, His Son. Hitherto ye
would not that the Messiah, Christ, should be your King, your
Saviour, your great atonement. Why will ye so wilfully con-
tinue to be blind. God's Holy Scriptures are read by you, and
were also read by your forefathers ; but their false traditions
misled them, and you continue to follow in their erring
footsteps. Your false traditions have made you very unwise,
oh ye children of Israel. Be wise now, and search diligently
the Scriptures. Ye come of a wise stock, the wisest and best of
all mankind of old, and ye will quickly understand that the
same Messiah yourselves and your fathers long expected, was
really crucified by your forefathers of old. God has abandoned
you, refused to hear you, but for a time ; the time now athand,
when, rousing yourselves, throwing aside your unwise stubborn-
ness, you thoughtfully compare all prophecies concerning the
Messiah that are in Holy Scripture, and so letting spiritual
light into your minds, you find revealed that Jesus Christ was
reaUy the Messiah, and was really crucified by the children of
Israel unwittingly through their false traditions. Yes, God will
then hear your repentant wail, your despairing cry, that cry
for which He and the crucified One have so long been listening,
that cry whicli to you will express so much grief, will give great
joy in heaven, that the long lost and scattered sheep of Israel
have at last been found, found repentant, supplicating for
pardon, through the great atonement of the Messiah, the Lamb
of God. Then will you all rise as one man, as men who have
long been blind, and suddenly restored to strong spiritual sight,
and each girding up his soul, will with great energy and zeal,
be patterns to all your Christian brethren, and spread far and wide
■God's Holy Word, and compel the unconvei-ted, by iierseverance.


to understand it, and become God's holy children. Then will
you once more become a nation, and take quiet possession of
the land of your ancient fathers.


The Re-organization of the One old Church of Christ,

THE true universal Church of Christ is the Church of the
Holy Scriptures — the Holy Scriptures as accepted by the
Trinitarian Church of England, ignoring the traditions of men ;
ignoring also the opinions of all mankind who have lived since
the days of the last of the Apostles — accepting the Holy
Scriptures as the only spiritual guide, accepting them in their
natural sense, not straining any portion to uphold this doctrine
or that doctrine. It is a church of spiritual truth, of mutual

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