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Christ is coming! : Part I. Evidences of the existence of God, and of the truth of the holy scriptures. Parts II & III. The holy scriptures and their description of the mighty plan of God. Parts IV & online

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of his soul, which substitute should be the off"spring of a woman,
but not of a man — a riddle which God in His own good time
afterwards explained to mean Christ, who in the fulness of time,
by His dreadful mediatory death, paid the debt — ^life for life —
giving the holy life of his body to save from death the soul of
Adam, which has been distributed among mankind.

God gave Eve to be the wife of Adam, and upon several
occasions afterwards, when mankind had multiplied, the Holy
Spirit of God communicated to certain holy men the laws of
God, who were sent as His holy messengers to explain His holy
laws to mankind generally.

Some of the holy men, honoured as the mouth-pieces of the
unseen God, were notably Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses,
David, and Christ. God's messages have been handed down to
us in the words of holy men, and these writings have been col-
lected in one book ; this book is called the holy Scriptures,
being a sacred record of God's dealings, from the creation of the
vast burning sun, the moon, the countless stars, and this round


eartli, down to the death of the Apostles of Jesus Christ ; the
latest record being about 1800 years ago ; since which time
there have been no prophets, no divinely-appointed living mes-
sengers ; God having then revealed to man all that is necessary
for him to know for the salvation of his soul from death. The
whole record of the Holy Scriptures extend uvcr a period of
about 4000 years ; they are the only written messages of God to
man — they are now the only Divinely appointed messengers of
God. Holy men are now but teachers of the Word of God — not
messengers, but teachers only ; simply imparting their know-
ledge of the laws of God to others having less knowledge — like
unto teachers of earthly things.

Our common sense naturally expects proofs that these holy
men were really messengers of God.

The Holy Scriptures teem with proofs. God being perfectly
holy, we should naturally suppose that His mouth-pieces would
be the very best — not second best — but the very best and holiest
of mankind ; men long known to their nation as the holiest of
men ; lovers of truth, God-fearing men, recognized by their
countrymen as inspired by God. Well then, the Holy Scriptures
are records written by these holiest of men.

Our common sense would naturally expect that the utterances
of these holy men would testify in some peculiar way that they
were really mouth-jjieces of God, not only to men of their time,
but also to mankind who should live thereafter ; for how other-
wise could mankind know they were not impostors, like the
blaspljemous priests of the Papacy of these times, who impu-
dently pretend to hold the keys of heaven and hell, and frJsely
pretend to be mediators between God and man, and thereby
claim (the cunning worldly men) supreme direction over the
affaii-s of the whole world, and yet can reall}^ do nothing beyond
what any other men can do.

The utterances of those holy men of old bear the stamp of
u-utb, in all they said, their wisdom is far beyond that of all


other men. God, through them, has declared to mankind how
to distinguish His mouth-pieces from those who, hke the priests
of the Papacy, are simply weak-minded or cunning impostors.

He has declared that His servants really appointed by Him
shall be esteemed the holiest of men, abhor the use of images in
their worship of God, be humble, seeking not their own glorifi-
cation, and by miracles which shall be done in the sight of many
men, and by prophecies which shaU come to pass, be convincing
proofs, to both onlookers and to men in after generations, that
they were truly the mouth-pieces of God, and that men who
could not show such credentials were not appointed by God.

The Holy Spirit of God performed wondrous miracles in
their behalf. He also put into their minds the power to foretell
events that should take place ; some in a few days, some in a
few years, some after the lapse of many hundred years —
prophecies which were fulfilled, not one jot nor one tittle re-
maining unfulfilled of those numerous prophecies of whose
fulfilment the time has elapsed. These wondrous acts being
witnesses to all men of the truthful sayings of these holy men.
Miracles which no man of himself could possibly perform being
witnesses of their truth to onlookers, and to men of their genera-
tion : prophecies to after generations of men.

Are you doubtful about miracles 1

Is not the self-will of every living creature a miracle? Is not
their instinct a miracle 1 Is not everything around us, in the
air and in the earth, a miracle 1 Is not the impossibility of
seeing the most minute living creature, even with the aid of the
most powerful microscope, marvellous 1 Is not life marvellous,
and death also 1 Are not comets miracles 1 Is not the diurnal
motion of the earth, causing the whole surface of the earth and
all things thereon to revolve at the rate of about 24,000 miles
every twenty-four hours, without the slightest noise, without
the least distm'bance of the air surrounding us, a marvel utterly
beyond the c )m prehension of man] Is not the regular motion


of the moon, swaying like a pendulum while revolving round
the earth, swaying once to and fro every lunar month, a marvel?
The earth revolves once every twenty-four hours upon its own
axis, producing day and night, meanwhile the axis very sloAvly
oscillates, each pole moving alternately inwards and outwards
towards the sun, somewhat like a pendulum, occupying one
year to complete one oscillation, thereby producing the plea-
sant changes of spring, summer, autumn, and winter during
each oscillation, also producing the gradual lengthening of the
days, and then the gradual shortening of the days : exhibiting
thoughtful arrangement, peculiar motions being given to pro-
duce peculiar effects, just as a time-piece shows thoughtful
arrangement in the mind of the man who made it.

Are not these motions of the earth a miracle ? Is not the
very presence in the skies of the sun, the earth, and those
moving stars the planets, and the countless fixed stars, each
surrounded by nothing, weighing nothing, possessing great
weight inwardly, but outwardly nothing, flashing the light of
the sun, each like an electric spark, a miracle?

Yes, indeed these are marvellous, grand miracles, worthy of
God the Most High. What are the lesser marvels of God : — the
bringing out of heaven the soul of the Holy Angel Christ,
enshrining it in the living flesh and blood of an unborn child
that was issuing out of the womb of the Virgin ]\Iary, the
restoration of the dead to life, the instantaneous healing of the
sick, the foretelling what would come to pass, and the other
marvels narrated in Scripture — to those grand miracles 1

Recollect, oh man ! there were times in the history of the
world when God deemed it advisable to make certain things
known to man, which man, left to his own resources, could not
possibly know. Man could not possibly know ought about
God — not being able to see Him, nor hear His voice, nor know
His wishes, nor His intentions, nor whether there was only one
God or many Gods, whether there was such a place as heaven,


or such a place as hell, or that man possessed an immortal soul —
unless God by some means told him. God therefore selected
certain holy men to be His messengers; He put into their minds
holy thoughts, and prompted them to give them utterance ; also
prompted them to prophecy certain things which God knew
would come to pass, and also prompted them to command cer-
tain things to be done which things God had not given power
for men to do, that were deemed impossible to be done, but
which God, unseen by men, did as though they were done by
the will of the holy messengers. These miracles being performed
by God to convince the people that the holy messengers were
not impostors, but His appointed servants.

These holy messengers were not jugglers — who mystify by
nimbleness of fingers, or by the aid of confederates, or by fraud,
or by ingenuity, — but by the mouth they simply gave utterance,
and what they said the Holy Spirit of God did.

A simple arrangement, sunple and grand, as are all the
works of God !

Common sense would also naturally require proofs of gi'eat
wisdom in their sayings and wi-itiugs.

The proofs are in the wonderful wisdom and accuracy of
those holy records — the Scriptures.

The holy writers lived in times when communication with
far-distant nations was unknown : times, when the inhabitants
of many vast countries were unheard of; when superstition,
absurdities, fabulous legends and error everywhere were rife;
when chemistry, geology, the world's history, the sciences ge-
nerally, were all but unknown ; when every nation was, through
false priests, steeped in idolatry and lies : nevertheless, these
holy men, living at intervals embracing about 2000 years, were
filled with true wisdom, and had a knowledge of God far sm'-
passing all other men, and have been models of upx'ightness
through many prenerations down to these days, were notoriously
the most pious and holiest of men, and were unanimous in their


sayings, not contradicting each other, but as it were of one
mind. They worshipped but one God — at times in the open
air, at times in an ordinary house, at times in the sanctuary,
abhorred the use of images in theu' worship : neither did they
worship reputed saints, nor angels, nor were they superstitious
about them ; heeded not whether they wore this pecxiliar gar-
ment or that ; sought not their own glorification, nor ease, nor
worldly comfort, nor the reverence of men — yet men accorded
them great reverence — being convinced they were truly the
mouth-pieces of God.

Moses describes the creation of the vast bm'ning sun, the
moon, the countless stars, and this round world, in a way that
no man could of himself, even in these scientific days, have
originally explained, without divine assistance — for embodied
in his description is the very height of knowledge in every
science ; and yet Moses lived in an age when ignorance of
science was universal, and had been always so.

Moses tells us that all men are descended from one man,
Adam — the man whom God created at the beginning — God
giving to him, and to all other Uving creatm-es, perfect free-
dom of action, not controlling them, but controlling the mo-
tion of the inanimate sun, the moon, the countless stars, and
this round earth ; and that Adam, and the first-born Eve, his
wife, disobeyed God, and so afterwards did their descendants,
who attained great stature and lived to a great age, and were
therefore clever in worldly things, and who became very nume-
rous and wicked, in forgetting God, and unteachable, as though
they had no more spiritual understanding than four-footed
creatures ; so that after the round earth had been made about
1600 years, God resolved to destroy them, along with aU
living creatures, excepting a few of each kind, and Noah's fa-
mily, that the world might be peopled afresh, so that God
might more successfully influence mankind to do His will.

Moses records that, about 1600 years after the creation of


Adam, the man Noah, the only holy man then alive of all the
giant men who then thickly inhabited the earth, was com-
manded by God to build a large ship, without masts, called an
ark, and to enter therein, with his family, taking with him
an allotted few of each species of living creature, and there to
continue for a certain time the messenger of God, declaring it
to be the intention of God to deluge the whole world with
water, and thereby destroy all the creatures that inhabited the
surface of the round eai'th, excepting those that were in the

Moses records that a deluge of water came upon the earth
with great violence, uprooting and destroyingthe living creatures,
thoroughly destroying all traces of the colossal works of wicked
man, and completely altering the surface of the whole earth,
the waters having rolled over the highest mountains ; and that
the deluge lasted many days.

The Lord God in His holy anger caused the moon to go much
nearer to the round earth, and remain there during forty days
and forty nights, that the solid surface of the earth might be
disrupted and swell out and become the liquid water, that the
water might deeply cover the whole surface of the gromid,
covering the highest mountains, to drown all the living creatures
excepting those in the ark with Noah.

Understand, oh man ! the round earth has a bulk about
forty-nine times greater than that of the moon, and therefore
is more saturated with solar heat than is the moon. The moon
contains less solar heat, in proportion to its bulk, than does
the earth. Therefore understand, oh man ! that when the
Lord God placed the moon much nearer to the round earth ;
the ground and waters of the earth, the dormant solar heat within
the round earth and the moon, became together, as it were,
a gTcat and powerful galvanic battery ; for the dormant solar
heat which solidified the ground, quickly loosened and sped
towards the moon, the round earth becoming, as it were, a sun


to the moon, and the whole surface of the ground became
quickly split and disrupted, and great chasms were made in
the shallow oceans. Great clouds of vapour arose from the fast
decomposing ground and the fast decomposing mountains^ du-
ring the time the moon was nearer to the round earth, which
turned into rain in quantity sufficient to cover to a great depth
with water the whole surface of the round earth — the waves
rolling over the highest mountains. The solid surface of the
round earth and the solid surface of the mountains were con-
verted into water, and the mountains dwindled greatly.

The Lord God, after forty days and forty nights, removed
back the moon, which caused the round earth to be no longer,
as it were, a sun to the moon, and decomposition of the ground
and of the mountains ceased ; and gradually the oxygen and
hydrogen of the superfluous waters entered into fresh com-
binations with the only other earthly element, nitrogen ; the
solar heat again became dormant, and they soUdified once more
into earthy and metallic matter, which settled, with the sweep-
ings of the oceans and of the old continents and islands to the
bottom of the water, into strata. The waters were many days
shrinking into the comparatively small quantity that now forms
the waters of the round earth.

The superfluous waters shrank from ofi" the face of the
higher ground, and left dry new continents and new islands,
much like as we now see them. Noah, his family, and all the
living creatures in the ark, then left it, and thenceforth lived
Recording as they willed.


Proofs that the Biblical Record of the Deluge is True.

OF the truth of this wonderful narrative by Moses we have
innumerable proofs. The vast sandy deserts, and the
peculiar formation of every hill, every plain, and the appearance
of every mountain, throughout the world, all bear the strongest
proofs, and proofs innumerable, of one mighty universal deluge.

The highest mountains throughout the world are silent
witnesses, in the large quantities of sea shells and of aUuvial
matter deposited upon them, now formed into concrete stony
masses, of their having been deposited by violently agitated
water which reached their topmost pinnacles. Every hill and
every valley are formed out of the sweepings of the ancient
seas, and of ancient continents and islands, in strata of great
thickness, separately, of shells, of gravel, of sand, of trees, of
mud, and other matter, some since converted into concrete
stony masses and coal — the lowermost resting on the Adamite
and granite rocks, whose surface, for the most part, is greatly
below the water-level of existing seas, the highest strata tower-
ing, for the most part, far above the present ocean-tides.

When the Lord God had put back the moon, and thereby
stopped the further disruption of the surface of the round earth,
then, during calms, the earthy matter suspended in the water
began to fall, forming thick strata — the heaviest first and the
mud last — storms sweeping them out of the seas in masses upon
what God intended should be dry land, until the seas were clean
swept and nothing lost in them.

During the deluge tropical trees, and the remains of tropical
creatures, were removed by the waters thousands of miles, and
afterwards sank upon far distant lauds.

Man since the deluge knew nothing about that huge beast


the mastodon, until about 150 years ago, when the remains of
one were found deeply buried in the ground — buried during the
deluge. Numbers of these gigantic, once living, hairless, tropical
beasts have since been found frozen up in sand banks, retaining
all their flesh and original form almost unchanged, in the frozen
regions. One was also found in the icy regions, embedded in a
mass of ice, whose flesh was still sweet when found, and eaten
when given to dogs, having been preserved by the frozen waters
evei' since the deluge, now about 4000 years.

Are not these things silent witnesses of the gi*eat deluge, and
of the truth of Moses ? Is not their preservation miraculous 1

The present appearance of the hill containing the tomb of
Abraham — who was born about 290 years after the deluge, while
Noah was yet alive — and Jacob's well • of hills and valleys, and
rivers, and of the Red sea — all of which so exactly correspond in
these days with the description thereof by Moses, that common
sense must of necessity come to the conclusion that the general
aspect of the surface of the whole earth has altered but veiy little
since the great deluge, subsidence and upheaval having taken
place in only a very few comparatively small spots in the world.
About 4000 years have elapsed since the days of Abraham.
Moreover, buildings now exist that were erected near to the
time of Abraham, and these very buildings are described by the
most ancient historians as the most ancient of their time ;
these handiworks of man have therefore proved very durable.
The absence of more ancient ones in the days of the most ancient
historians, proves the truth of the records of Moses, that the
deluge destroyed all the works of men's hands — destroyed all
signs of their existence.

The wonderfully concise and clear way the narrative is told
is another strong proof of its truth. No man has since, even
in these scientific days, been able to give a diff'erent account,
that will bear investigation, for the existence of hills and valleys,
and undulating strata of the earth, built up with transported


materials ; for the presence of masses of sea-shells oq the tops
of the highest mountains, or for the thick deposit of tropical
trees, transported thousands of miles, which have since been
converted into coal, having thick strata of earthy matter, some-
times containing the remains of tropical animals interspersed
between the layers of coal ;' for the presence of immensely
thick strata of clay, sand, shells, concrete mud, and gravel,
wliich are found everywhere on the surface of the whole earth
— miraculously, I say, miraculously piled one above the other
— forming high land, sometimes a series of high hills, like huge
waves far above the ocean tides, none having apparently been
wasted in the depths of the ocean, but the ocean clean swept to
form high land and to cover the Adamite and granitic inner
part of the round earth ; or for the presence of the long-extinct
tropical mastodons in the icy regions.

The absui'd attempts Af rash scientific men to give a dif-
ferent explanation are proofs that Moses derived his knowledge
from God alone. How otherwise could he, living in times:
of universal ignorance, have given a description which we find
so accurate, and have acquired earthly knowledge so vastH
superior to other men.

Other Proofs op Bible Truth.

ANOTHER proof of the accuracy of the Holy Scriptures is
shown by the earthy formation situated between the un-
even gTanitic rocks — uneven as a mountain range — forming
the inner structure of the round eai*th, and the vast heaps of
transported earthy and vegetable matter which were deposited
by the Deluge upon those rocks.

The strong vitality which mankind possessed before the
Deluge, when men attained the great age of nearly 1000 years,
extended to all other living creatiu*es and to vegetation ; these,
like Adam, attained great age and colossal stature, owing to the
strong vitality of their new-made life, and thickly covered at


the time of the Deluge the whole earth ; for, owing to the
paucity of deaths and slow decay of vegetation, both earth and
water teemed with animal and vegetable life : thus accounting,
at the period of the Deluge, for the vast masses of sea-shells,
and for the vast masses of trees which covered the dry portions
of the earth, and which were torn up by the Deluge — since con-
verted into coal, embedded at great depths in the earth, in thick
seams of pure vegetable matter, without any admixtiu-e of mud
in the seams, each seam showing the settling in water at oiie
time of a great mass of trees.

The mud (since converted into slatey rock), carried by rivers
into the ocean depths in the early ages of Adam, was deposited,
without carrying any dead remains of once living creatures,
none being found in that now rocky Adamite mud, very few
creatures having died. As Adam increased in years, other
more recently deposited mud, now rocky matter, begins to
show a few remains of once animal and vegetable life, these
signs increasing as the round earth becomes older. Then sud-
denly comes the vast heaps of transported earthy matter over
all the habitable globe, and vast masses of trees, since converted
into coal, intermingled with remains of drowned creatures,
brought from distant countries, and from the depths of the sea
by the great Deluge, in a series of strata — series upon series,
all bearing the same stamp, all showing the clearest signs of
having been deposited while the round earth was covered with
a great depth of water.

The sudden sinkings, which, oh man ! thou seest in the
thick strata of sandstone, chalk, and coal, are also silent wit-
nesses that the whole of the vast masses of transported matter
deposited by the Deluge, settled down, while all were in a wet
state, upon Adamite and granitic uneven rocks : then, as the
waters left the upper portion dry, they became consolidated,
the water was driven out, and the consolidated mass sank into
the rocky gulfs — sudden gulfs producing the sudden sinkings
which, oh man ! thou seest.


Moses also records that the Israelitish nation was descended
from the holy man Abraham, who was born about 290 yeai"g
after the deluge, while Noah was yet alive. Abraham had one
son Isaac, who had a son Jacob. Jacob had twelve sons, from
whom are descended the twelve tribes of Israel. Those twelve
sons with their wives settled in the land of Egypt, in the most
j)leasant and fruitful part of all Egypt, where they multiplied and
prospered greatly, they and their descendants, whereupon tht
Egyptians became envious and compelled them to become slaves,
treating them harshly, increasing in severity until it became
intolerable. The Israelites prayed earnestly to Gocf to deliver
them from their oppressors. God heard their prayers, made
Himself known to Moses, a pious Israelite, and appointed him
His messenger to the Israelites; — the Israelites had then been
located in Egypt more than 400 years, and numbered several
hundred thousand men, women, and children. God promised
to deliver the Israelites, through Moses, out of the hands of the
Egyptians. God commanded Moses to go to Pharaoh the king
of Egypt, and demand the liberation of the Israelites from
slavery, with permission to depart out of Egypt. Mtfses did
according to what God commanded him to do, and showed liis
credentials as the true messenger of God, by performing wondrous
miracles before Pharaoh, causing Pharaoh to believe in his divine
mission, so that he dared not attempt to injure Moses, but heard
what he had to say : Pharaoh hesitated, and then refused to
part with his Israelitish slaves ; thereupon God sent certain

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