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Christ is coming! : Part I. Evidences of the existence of God, and of the truth of the holy scriptures. Parts II & III. The holy scriptures and their description of the mighty plan of God. Parts IV & online

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strongly yearns towards thee, desiring that thou mightest liA^e
in the illimitable heavens which surround the starry skies, with
His holy angels, and be as His holy angels for ever. Thy
hirth into the world is but a new phase in thy existence ; the
Holy God then commenced to test thy souls in like manner as
He tested the soul of Adam. The individual souls of all that
have died have been tried whether in the sight of God they were
priceless, or worthless as dross ; and now it is thy turn, if thou
art found, when thou diest, to be a time, worshipping, pardoned
soul, thou wilt be priceless in the sight of God ; but if not, then
thy sovil will be as worthless dross. Upon thyself, and thyself
alone, oh my brother ! and you, oh my sister ! hangs the
judgment. Believe in God and worship Him, and then through
the mediatory death of His holy Son, our Redeemer, thou wilt
be priceless. God and His glorious Son plead to thee their
yearning love for thee, and place before thy mental eyes the
great happiness they have for ever for thee in the joyous holy
heavens ; reciprocate their love, and upon thy knees quickly
ask, while thou art yet alive, for forgiveness of thy sins, and thy
sins will be foi'given thee ; continue steadfast in the right way,
and when thou diest thou wilt be numbered among the price-
less ones.






Spurious Tkaditions.

"YT'E have read, oh ye nations, that the Creator of all things

-*- is really and truly a living Being, whom men call God,

that He has revealed himself to man, and that the Holy

Scriptures are the only true revelations of His holy precepts,

revealed through His instrumentality, that they might be sure

guides to mankind, whereby they might be truly taught what

constituted goodness in the sight of G-od and what constituted


Now, oh ye nations of every land, look well into your other

books which you call sacred, and compare them with the Holy

Scriptures of God, and ye will find them utterly at variance

and full of superstitious nonsense, deceiving you, instilling into

you spurious notions of the one holy God, and of His holy

precepts. Be wise now, and let every willing nation form a

council, one council representing all the nations of the world

out of its most learned laymen — the Jew, the professed Chris-



tian, and those of every other people — and let them investi-
gate thoroughly and dispassionately their supposed sacred books,
and compare them with the Holy Scriptures, and let them judge
whether their supposed sacred books are true and inspired, or
whether they be untrue or uninspired, and your mental eyes
will be opened, and you will become truly wise, discerning
that your supposed sacred books were written after the pro-
mulgation of many portions of the Holy Scriptures, and that
the portions which are really good and sensible were borrowed
from the Holy Scriptures, and the rest simply the absurd
notions of foolish men, be assured that the sect who refuses to
have its doctrines tested by the one great test of the Holy
Scriptures — by the common-sense spirit of the Holy Scriptures
alone — has fears that its peculiar docti'ines are untrue; for like
as a liar is fearful of having his lies inquired into, so is that
sect ; nevertheless, whether a sect refuses or assents, test its
doctrines — test the doctrines of every sect, and sternly let your
council give judgment, giving clear reasons for its judgment,
as in the sight of God.

Consider the idolatrous nations of old ; they ignorantly thought
they worshipped God, each hasving different ceremonials ; each
its own set of idols ; its own set of spurious priests ;
reverencing them as you reverence your spurious priests ;
its own set of absurd traditions ; each led by its priests and
deceived by them ; each so firmly believing — as firmly as
yourselves — that the most devout willingly encountered death in
behalf of their religion, some willingly putting themselves to
great torment and to many privations. Nevertheless, God
abhorred them, for their worship was sham and spurious, for
they ignorantly preferred to follow the imagination of their
foolish priests than seek the real precepts of God in the Holy
Scriptures. They worshipped a lie, even becoming fond of the


lie ; therefore God abhorred them. Examine their mythology
and, behold, their supposed worship was not true worship but
rank folly, and their traditions mere fables, concocted not by
the people, but by the spurious priests for the purpose of
holding them in spiritual bondage. Ah, you comprehend the
folly of their worship, the absurdity of their ceremonials, and
the nonsense of their mythology. Thou canst see they were
foolish, very thoughtless, and very void of common sense,
because their spurious priests had imbibed from youth the
nonsense of their elders and thereby became very foolish, very
thoughtless, and void of common sense, and therefore taught
their people to be like themselves. Such as those nations were,
oh ye people of every land, so are you. There is not a
righteous nation in the whole world, no not one ; nay, more,
in no nation are there many righteous ; there are but few who
truly comprehend the one God of the Holy Scriptures ; there
are but few who possess spiritual common sense ; there are
but few whom spurious ministers have not deceived. There-
fore, mankind are split into many sects ; like as sometimes a
pitiable idiot believes himself to be a king, so do some of the
pitiable clericals believe themselves to be more than ordinary
men, as special messengers from God ; deceiving themselves
and their pitiable people ; the idiot, the minister, and the
people alike pitiably deceived, deceiving one another.

The spurious Churches of the worshippers of the sun, the
worshippers of the cow, of the monkey, of the serpent, and the
many worshippers of imaginary Gods, and the Papacy, have
stood for so many generations, not because their doctrines were
true, but because God has not interfered with them in like
manner that He interferes not with the murderer. God has
deemed it a necessity that mankind should possess free-wilL
He has limited himself in giving them only His advioe. He


turns no man to the right hand nor to the left, neither to do a
good thing nor to do evil ; in no other way than through the
Holy Scriptures does God influence the ways of men. The
good things which men do are done directly or indirectly
through the advice given in His holy word, but the evil things
which men do are done through their wilful ignorance of the
teachings of God, and through their forgetfulness of Him.
God has given to every man the tremendous power to obey or
disobey Him, a power which none other of His creatures have.
On the other hand, God reserves to Himself the right of
carrying into Heaven the obedient and shutting out from
Heaven for ever the disobedient.

Ponder over these awful words, oh ye nations, and look
keenly into your suppposed sacred books, and ye will find them
full of rottenness and full of sham. Behold the time is at
hand, even knocking at the door, when the axe of scriptural
truth will be laid at the root of the many spiritual errors, and
they will be cut down. And the thoughtful in every nation will
become wise, having their spiritual eyes opened, and they will band
themselves together, the Jew and the Gentile, resolutely suc-
couring each other as men of one mind. And they will teach
the people around them scriptural truths, and the people will
comprehend them, and all the nations will be of one mind,
every nation as it were an independent branch, their root and
their stem being Christ, their common bond, whose dwelling-
place is with God his Father, in heaven.

See to it, ye nations, that every child be taught aright, and
shield your people with a stern hand from deceitful teachers ;
remembering that erroneous teachings in early life usually blind
the judgment during life, so that the youthful idolater usually
dies an idolater ; the youthful sectarian usually dies a sectarian;
and the youthful papist usually dies 5, papist. As the child is


taught, that he usually retains till death ; therefore, ye natious,
see to it that every child is taught aright. Be not credulous,
but prove all things.


T)E not credulous concerning spiritual things, neither be
-'-' short sighted, but prove all things by the light of com-
mon sense. In worldly matters your judgment is keen ; be as
sensible in things that are spiritual. Remember always that
too ready belief is the nurse of general superstition, of spiritual
nonsense, and of individual superstition, and that on the other
hand a mulish determination to disbelieve, or a supercilious
eaptiousness, is the nurse of all that is vile in man.

First convince yourselves that God really exists — the things
your eyes behold will give you innumerable proofs — then, ye
nations, convince yourselves that the Holy Scriptures were
inspired by God — they give you many proofs — there is no book
comparable to it in wisdom, no other book that so widely
separates good from evil, yet no other book so ancient, no
other book that is free from untruth and imaginative theories,
no other book that bears the impress of God, in its description
of the creation, of the starry skies and the round earth, in the
purpose for which man was created, in the description of the
deluge, in the formation of the Israelitish nation, in the pro-
phecies, in the real miracles and in spiritual morality ; so that
having faith, oh ye nations, in the existence of the living God,
and in the inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, you cause His
Holy Word to be the one test of all spiritual things, yourselves
judging whether they accord or disaccord with the Holy Word
of God ; yourselves sternly destroying the spiritual books that
are proved to be the works of imaginative men. Put not any


faith in the writings of uninspired men, in men who have lived
upon earth since the days of the last of the twelve apostles of
the Messiah, nor be credulous in things that are incompre-
hensible ; for a doctrine that is inexplicable, that is incompre-
hensible to common-sense, bears upon it the stamp of untruth; in-
asmuch as every reaZ doctrine is explained many times in the Holy
Word. Therefore understand, ye nations, let these words sink
deeply into your souls ; a doctrine that is not plainly compre-
hensible, that is not plainly explicable, satisfactorily to the
common-sense of the intelligent among mankind, or that is
explained in a way contrary to the spirit of wisdom, and of the
common-sense Avhich pervades the Holy Scriptures, is utterly
unworthy of belief, bearing on the face of it the stamp of

And remember, ye nations, the things of nature are infinitely
more wonderful than the imaginative thoughts of men ; there-
fore eschew and sternly prohibit the production of books con-
taining fairy tales and other far-fetched foolish tales of the
imagination, for they lead the mind to rest upon superstitious
nonsense. Spiritual truth bears upon its front plainly, without
mystery, the stamp of truth ; the more it is intelligently in-
vestigated the more numerous are its evidences. Contrariwise,
spiritual untruth bears upon its front the stamp of mystery, of
inexplication and nonsense, the more it is intelligently investi-
gated ; therefore, ye nations, close resolutely the mouth of
spiritual liars, those evil spirits which wrap around them the
garb of holiness that they might the more easily deceive the
souls of men. Try your teachei'S of spiritual things frequently,
whether they be true teachers or teachers of spiritual lies to
the people. If one should openly declare that himself or his
coadjutors possess spiritual power more than ordinary men, or
that bread or wine are converted into other substances by them,


demand of him his proofs ; if he withholds those proofs, or if
his bread and wine have the ordinary appearance of bread and
wine, set him sternly down as a liar, and suffer him to be no
longer a teacher of the people. If anyone should impiously say
that himself or his coadjutors are empowered to forgive sins,
ask him to show by some miracle that he has warranty for his
statement. Be not deceived, nor foolishly lenient, nor supersti-
tious, for it is a sign of a spurious priest that he is a mere
pretender; pretending to do things which he is really unable
to do. If he cannot show a sign satisfactorily to the common
sense above other ordinary men, consider him a wilful deceiver ;
therefore, unworthy to be a teacher of the people. Or if one
is a user of images or of pictures in his worship of God,
demand of him why he contravenes the commandment of God,
if he cannot produce a greater authority for so doing than the
Avords of uninspired men, unmentioned in the Scriptures, set
him also sternly down as a deceiver of himself and a snare to
the superstitiously inclined, and suffer him no longer to be a
teacher of the people, nor permit those unworthy men to offi-
ciate in the sanctuaries, for they are abhorrent to God because
they are liars. Neither permit them to hold any office of trust
or authority ; let them be considered as men evil minded, like
to the violent, the fraudulent, and the abominable. As you
would repress them, so repress those who lie concerning things
that are spiritual, be neither Aveak nor irresolute, nor in the
least superstitious, but repress them fii-mly ; chronicle neither
their sayings nor their doings; let common sense, the intelligence
common to all men whose thoughts are not warped by nonsense,
guide you in your judgment; let truth alone guide you.

Be sternly matter-of-fact, give credence to what is true, but
abhor that which is untrue ; then will the nations no longer be
discordant one with the other, no longer split into many sects,


for, being followers of truth, they will become loving brethren
of one family and chase from their midst as they arise the fables
that cause disunion and unhappiness throughout the earth.


Sacred Things.

T>E not, oh ye nations, superstitious about things which
-L' foolish men deem sacred, but discriminate between things
which are truly sacred and those which are not sacred.

All things which are good are sacred, but things that are evil
are not sacred ; truth is sacred, but untruth is not sacred ; the
Holy Scriptures are sacred because they were inspired by God,
but written words and sayings not inspired by God are not
sacred. The true worshippers of God are sacred in His sight,
because they are His adopted children ; but those who are not
true worshippers are not sacred, for they are not His children ;
the ordinances of God are sacred, because they emanate from
Him for the guidance of men, but the ordinances of men are
not sacred because they are not prompted by God ; the sanctu-
aries wherein men worship in accordance with the Holy Scrip-
tures, and all within them, are sacred, because they are set aside
by men for the true worship of God ; things which are merely
old are not sacred, for disobedience to God is not sacred ; all
things which ai*e in accordance with the Holy Scriptures are
sacred, because they are in accordance, but nought which is
not in accordance is sacred. And there are degrees of sacred-
ness ; for those who truly minister in the services of God, and
those who truly teach the people their duty to God, are more
sacred than those who do not do those things. The life of
mankind is ordained by God to be held sacred by man, whether


a man be good or evil, but the life of a good man is to be
accounted more sacred than the life of an evil man ; in the
sight of God the life of a good man is sacred, but the life of an
evil man is not sacred.

The life of a good ruler, and those having authority that are
good, are like the true minister and the true teacher, sacred in
the sight of God, because by their good example they incline
the people to do well ; but an evil ruler and evil men who are
in authority are not sacred but abhorrent in the sight of God,
more so than other men, and men should resolutely refuse to
have evil men in any post of authority over them, or to obey
them, for evil men in authority, by their evil example, are the
cause, indirectly, of much misery in the world, and the cause
of the loss of many souls ; therefore they are as a curse upon
the people and utterly abhorrent to God. The sacredness of
a man in the sight of God is in proportion to the good he does
to his own soul, and to the souls of the children of men. No
one thing that is inanimate is more sacred than any other like
thing, for all are equal, able neither to do an evil thing nor
do a good thing ; but the inanimate things which form the
true sanctuaries of God, wherein the people truly worship, and
all the necessary things within them, are sacred, in that they
are dedicated to the religious services of God by those who take
the Holy Scriptures as their only guide : therefore, wilfully to
injure them or to steal them is an offence in the sight of God that
is very heinous, being an injury to Himself, also to His own
adopted children.

The true Chui'ch is sacred in the sight of God because the
worshippers are His adopted children, but the spurious-
Churches are not sacred because, being founded in error, the
worshippers are not His children. A nation wherein all the peo-
ple are pure worshippers of God would be a sacred nation, for all


would then be the adopted children of God, therefore holy in
His sight ; hereafter in God's appointed time it will be so.
The holiness of a nation depends upon a right knowledge of
spiritual things, and its degree of zeal in carrying out the
principles of that knowledge in earthly things as well as in
spiritual things. In like manner as the nations of the whole
world have become unholy through their wilful carelessness of
what is right and what wrong, thereby causing an unwilling-
ness in the people to restrain their own brutish passions, so
they will become holy through right knowledge, and by each
person resolutely repressing all tendencies to do evil ; repress-
ing his own brutish tendencies and the brutish tendencies
of o thers.

The cross is not sacred in the sight of God, because, like the
scourge, it was a vile instrument in the hands of the murderers
of the Messiah ; it is rather an emblem of the vileness of man —
a thing not glorious to man, but to cause man to weep and
abhor it in very shame.


The Duty of the Nations.

rpAKE heed that the young be taught aright in accordance
-^ with the spirit of the Holy Scriptures ; let your laws be
plain, few, and simply carried out ; give the well-disposed
perfect liberty, but sternly repress the evil-disposed ; sternly
repressing the domination of foreign priests, directly or in-
directly, over you, ignore them utterly within your own boun-
daries ; repress sternly the liar, the dishonest, the thief, the
violent, the drunkard, the stirrer-up of strife, the fornicator, and
thegrasping rich, that the well-disposed may live in peace, and


that the laborious may not be as slaves to the rich; remember
ing that the well-disposed are willing to obey good laws, but the
evil are by their evil habits disposed to break the laws of God
and man. And ye rulers take especial heed that yourselves
obey the laws, for as ye obey so will the people ; remembering
that many laws are a sign that the nation is wrongly governed —
governed more in accordance with the foolish maxims of men,
rather than by the wise precepts of God ; let evil in all things
be chained and sternly repressed, not with cruelty nor by the
shedding of blood, but with firmness of purpose.

Suffer no person to be a teacher of the people who is defec-
tive in a knowledge of the spirit of the Holy Scriptures ; nor
suffer any teacher to lie by pretending to the people that his
appointment is from God or from His glorious Son, for such
pretenders lie to elevate themselves in the estimation of the people.
God neither appoints the teachers of the people, nor murderers
to murder the people. Take heed that all appointed by the
State to carry out the laws and duties intrusted by the nation
do their duty, not carelessly but thoroughly, as in the sight of
God, being strictly subordinate each to those in higher
authority, that the government of a nation may be strong and
moved as one man, having one mind, not striving one
against the other, but all in one direction, towards the mighty
God their Creator, and His glorious Son our Redeemer and

Let all the nations who love righteousness, and peace, and
justice between man and man, band themselves firmly together,
recognising each other as brethren under the leadership of
one King, their Redeemer Christ, and resolutely repress the
evil passions within their nations ; let all those nations be
united and move together towards their King in Heaven as one
man, so that if one suffers all suffer, if one resists the aggres-


Bion of evil nations all resist — resisting not for the sake of
vanity or for ambition, or hatred or love of strife, or for
selfishness, but that the people, within the boundaries of the
peaceably-disposed nations, may rest in peace and quietness — re-
sisting only to drive out the aggressive foreigner within the
boundaries of any of the united nations — resisting with all their
might ; and with none other let them form alliances.

Holy Ghost.

TN Heaven there are many holy spirits — God, His glorious
-■- Son, and innumerably happy angels — these are all spirits,
in that they have neither flesh nor blood ; yet they are alive,
and they are all holy. Scripture calls only one of those holy
spirits by the name of Holy Ghost, that one Holy Spirit being
God — He being the holiest and chief of all, the mainspring of
all. Holy Ghost is one of the names of the one God ; in like
manner as God is sometimes called Holy Father.

The Holy Person of God is in the Heaven of Heavens, the
dwelling-place of God ; but the living cloud is everywhere
throughout space ; the Holy Person and the living cloud
constituting one Holy God. That living cloud Scripture some-
times designates as the Holy Spirit of God, and sometimes the
Holy Ghost, both being names of the one only God. The Holy
Spirit of God, the living cloud Avhich is everywhere through-
out all space, shrinks to great tenuity from the person of a
wicked man, abhorring him ; but when that man, becoming
convinced of the nonsense of his past thoughts and actions,
repents his folly and becomes a sincere follower of Christ, then
the holy living cloud no longer shrinks from him, but enters


lovingly into him, continuing there, thercby*sanctifying him,
that is, stamping him with God's stamp of holiness in the sio-ht
of God — stamping him as veritably a saved soul and an
accepted child of God — God being then in him and he in

Sometimes Scripture designates as the Holy Ghost the
utterances of God, because they are part of the mind of God.
The prophets vi^ere moved by the Holy Ghost, and v^ere full of
the Holy Ghost, because having much knowledge of those
utterances of God — the Holy Scriptures — what they said and
did were actuated by those Scriptures, and sometimes they were
prompted by the Holy Spirit, the living cloud, to reveal new

Sometimes the Holy Spirit of God is called the Spirit of
Truth, because God, having a perfect knowledge of all things
and hating lies, is pre-eminently the primal source of all truth —
is truth itself; and so are His utterances, the Holy Scriptures :
they are the spirit of truth, truth as it were embodied in the
relations of man to God, capable of being read by the eyes of
man, but not by the eyes of any other living creature on the
face of the earth. In like manner as the sun is the source of
all the light our eyes can see, so the Holy Scriptures are the
source (primarily derived from God) of our knowledge of God ;
they are the fountain of all the right knowledge mankind
possess ; they are holy emanations from the holy mind of God.
By means of the Scriptures God guides the truly wise of man-
kind to heaven, and they are as necessary to man in obtaining

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