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Christ is coming! : Part I. Evidences of the existence of God, and of the truth of the holy scriptures. Parts II & III. The holy scriptures and their description of the mighty plan of God. Parts IV & online

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an everlasting home in heaven as the Messiah himself; there-
fore it was that the holy Messiah commanded his ministers to
preach the glad tidings to the nations, and baptise them in the
name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost — the
Scriptures — because all three are absolutely necessary to the


salvation of the ?ouls of men, and God has ordained all three
to be an equal necessity to man.

1. God as the Creator.

2. Christ as the Ransom.

3. The Holy Scriptures — the mind of God — ever present in
the world, teaching us the way to heaven.

These three : —

1. The Holy God,

2. The Holy Messiah,

3. The Holy Scriptures,

are the three great and mighty witnesses bearing record, all
agreeing in the great fact that Christ is veritably the Messiah
of God; the Scriptures foretelling long beforehand when and
how the Messiah should come, and witnessing that he really
came as foretold.

These things have been hidden from you, oh ye nations of the
whole earth, because the follies of your predecessors have made
you as foolish as themselves in all things that are spiritual, so
that ye have only a misty notion of God ; part of the nations
have altogether forgotten the Scriptures, and some have taken
to themselves the foolish doctrine of a trinity of persons, as
constituting one GoA, in like manner as some nations have
foolishly taken to themselves the worship of images and
pictures ; a doctrine utterly at variance with the whole of the
Scripture, a doctrine utterly unknown to all the holy men men-
tioned in the Scriptures, a doctrine unmentioned in the Scrip-
tures, a doctrine inexplicable satisfactorily to the common-
sense of Holy Scripture, because it is a lie, as untrue as some
of the other doctrines of the many spurious churches.

Now understand, oh ye foolish nations, the Messiah Christ is
the only born son of the mighty God, the creator of all things,
for whom the mighty God made the starry skies, this round


earth, and all that are therein; the only angel of God that Las
been born into the world, born that as man he might by the
perfect holiness of his life, while living upon the earth, be a pure
and an acceptable atonement for the great sin of Adam, wliich
was the introduction of disobedience towards God into the
world. In striving to prove Christ to be the one God, men
perforce mystify themselves and say nonsense ; like those who
strive to make what is reaUy untrue appear to be true.

!N^onsense has swayed the nations of the world, and they have
almost forgotten the God of Truth, the creator of all things ;
for, being mystified, they have no pleasure in reading the
Holy Scriptures ; they have been as a book that is sealed, as a
language almost unknown. Spurious churches teach their
members that belief in the lying doctrine is absolutely necessary
in order to enter heaven, thus heaping in their folly an
untrue dogma upon a lying doctrine, that mankind might be
frightened into belief of the lying doctrine ; thus do men build
their sects, trusting much to the utterances of their foolish
teachers, while trusting only a little to the Word of God.

Of a certainty, oh ye nations, the time is at hand when the
Holy Spirit of God will prompt men to burst the chains of non-
sense which men have coiled round men, and you will become
wise in spiritual things, and a great change will come over the
thoughts of the nations ; and the utterances of God — the Holy
Scriptures — you will cherish, and they will actuate your ways,
yourselves restraining yourselves resolutely from evil.



The one Foundation-Theme of the Holy Scriptures.

rrHE one theme upon which the Holy Scriptures are built are
-*■ these —

1. The unity of the Godhead. God is one holy being, and
Christ is another holy being, the one as separate and distinct in
person from the other, as a human father is distinct from his

2. God being the only source of all good things, the creator
and governor of all things, is therefore that almighty wondrous
holy being men call God, and whom the Messiah Christ, like
unto the children of Adam, calls his God. God calling Christ
His son and His servant.

3. The unity of the Godhead, Christ not being God, but
inferior only to God ; God placing him next in authority to
Himself ; but not until after the resurrection of Christ, for
until then God had not promoted him to be next in authority
in Heaven to Himself, for until then Christ had not by his
mediatory death delivered the souls of worshipping men.

4. God has laid down certain laws for the governance of all
things, especially one for His own guidance, which law prohibits
Him from carrying into Heaven any living thing that has not
upon it the stamp of perfect goodness.

5. God made man expressly with the intention of peopling
a part of the Holy Heavens with those of mankind who, by
their own free will, attain the stamp of perfect goodness, while
living upon the earth.

6. The one theme proclaims the great fact that mankind
acquires that stamp of perfect goodness by following the advice
of God as revealed in the Holy Scriptures, acquiring it by


restraining the brutish inclinations of their bodies, in compre-
hending the advice of God — worshipping Him, in sincerely and
jealously accepting as their leader and deliverer His glorious
son the Christ, and by spiritually loving one another.

7. The promise of God that an angel, their future King in
heaven, should come out of heaven and live upon earth as man,
who by his perfect holiness should become their Messiah, that
is the deliverer of the souls of those who worshipped God.

These good things are the one foundation-theme of the Holy
Scriptures, of every prophet, and of every holy man mentioned
in the Scriptures. They severally in their generations reiterated
and impressed upon the thoughtful among their hearers these
good things ; the later writers of the Holy Scriptures, the
Apostles of Christ, teaching that Christ was veritably God's
promised angel, the Messiah : proving it by the prophecies, by
his miracles, by his own words, by witnessing his resurrection
to life after the death of his body upon the cross, and by the
testimony of their own eyes, they having beheld his ascension
through the air upwards towards heaven.


n^HE Holy Scriptures are the only inspired writings in the
-*- world ; they were written by those holy men, tlie mouth-
pieces of God; to them He revealed His advice for tlie guidance of
mankind ; and to them He revealed His mighty plan, revealing
the great happiness He has in store for those of mankind who
have the common sense to follow His advice. Those holy
men were God's appointed messengers from Himself to all
mankind ; in their own words and in their own language they

proclaimed the messages of God. The ideas were revealed



by God to His messengers, but God left to them the explana-
tion. They were inspired revelations written and uttered by
the holy messengers in ordinary uninspired words ; like many
teachers of one theme, each gave his own explanation of
the one theme.

The Holy Scriptures are a revelation of the mighty plan of
God, from its commencement to the death of the last of the
Apostolic eye-witnesses of the victory of the Messiah, the
deliverer, over the temptations of the world and the tempta-
tions of his body while living as a man upon the earth ; when
those eye-witnesses died the Holy Scriptures were completed
and nothing has been added thereto that is true.

The Holy Scriptures are also a record of the actions and
sayings of holy people from the commencement of creation down
to the time of the last of the twelve Apostles of the Messiah,
an interval of about 4000 years. Those holy writers were the
wisest of all mankind, for they had a more perfect knowledge
of God than other men.

It was not the purpose of God to give man a knowledge of
things appertaining to the necessities of his body — for that
experience would give to man — nor to teach man the intricate
laws by which God governs the universe : but the purpose of
God was to teach man how to gain immortal life in Heaven —
but for the revelations of God man could not possibly know
aught about Him. The intelligence the soul gives to man
would simply have made men the most cunning and vilest
of all created things, like to the godless, causing some to
dwindle into savage men, like as many brutes have dwindled
into cruel creatures ; therefore, oh nations, the Holy Scriptures
are inestimable to mankind, and great has been your blindness
concerning them.

Every nation of old believed in the existence of one or more


gods, through oral traditions that were handed down from
Noah, from father to son, from one ignorant foolish man to
another, becoming hazier through each descent, ending in a
jumble of nonsense throughout every nation, the Jewish nation
only excepted, that nation only having a right knowledge of
God, derived through the Jewish mouthpieces of God. The
Holy Scriptures are the great antidote of God to the brutal
tendencies of the flesh aud blood of man, they are the ladder
by which men reach Heaven.

God has deemed it a necessity that man should not be
coerced into worshipping Him. He has deemed it a necessity
that man should, by his own free-will, gain entrance into
Heaven by the meritorious acts of comprehending God and
worshipping Him, supplicating for past misdeeds, through the
naediatory death of the holy Messiah, the deliverer ; by these
meritorious acts only is man of more value in the sight of God
than are the brutes.

In like manner as the starry skies, the wondrous living crea-
tures, the wondrous living vegetation, and the wondrous
inanimate things of the earth, appeal to the eyes of man as
evidence of the existence of God, so the Holy Scriptures appeal
to the soul of man, urging him to worship the unseen God, the
Creator of all things, and His Holy Son, the Messiah. The
Holy Sci-iptures teach him concerning things which the eyes
cannot see, giving many examples of what constitutes evil and
what constitutes goodness in the sight of God, giving many
examples of many kinds of good men and many kinds of evil

The prophets were spiritual lights of the world, because God
caused them to be the revealers of spiritual things, but God
Himself was the source of their light. Christ, in Scripture, ia
significantly called the light of the world, because God cause^l


him to reveal tt> the children of Adam, the great and marvel-
lous fact that he was veritably the Messiah, the deliverer of
■worshipping men, the ransom appointed by God, before the
creation of the starry skies, for the ransoming of the soul of
Adam, and that he it was whom God was about to suffer
wicked men to slay. It was Christ who largely shed more than
any child of Adam the light of true wisdom ; therefore he is
called in Scripture the light of the world, and his followers are
called after his name. In his light, his revelations, they shape
their thoughts and deeds ; he is their standard, their rallying
point, their bond of union, their heavenly friend and guide in
obtaining the favour of God ; in like manner as the lesser reve-
lations of Moses shaped the thoughts and the deeds of the
children of Abraham after their captivity, so the utterances of
the holy Messiah shape the thoughts and deeds of his true


GOD deemed it indispensable before he commenced the work
of creation, that mankind should have perfect free-will —
free to follow His holy advice or not to follow it — reserving to
Himself the right of rewarding the obedient, by carrying them
into heaven, and of punishing the disobedient, by considering
them as mere brutes unworthy to enter heaven ; therefore He
has left to the family of man the safe keeping of His written

The Holy Scriptures having been left wholly in the keeping
of the family of man, are liable to be erroneously translated,
erroneously interpreted, and erroneously printed ; nay, more,
even wilfully perverted by impious men, traitors to their fellow-
men. To understand the Scriptures aright, they must be read


from the beginning to the end, like the reading of other books —
reading in the light of common sense, thoughtfully discrimina-
ting between the words that apply to the things of earth and
the things of heaven ; those which apply to the body and those
which apply to the soul ; remembering that every desire, every
intention, and every real doctrine of God is repeated many
times, first by one of the holy writers, then by others, some-
times even several times by each. It is therefore unwise and
impious to strive to establish a doctrine upon a few ambiguous
words, written probably by only one of the holy writers ; for
such folly has mystified the mighty plan of God, causing it to
be incomprehensible to the minds of men, causing them to
forget God altogether, through being bewildered, or to lead
them to believe in that which is untrue, thereby occasion-
ing disputations, heart burnings, and disunion ; so that the
ambiguous words have been scatterers of the foolish ones who
unwisely cling to the ambiguous rather than to that which is
plain, through the folly of their teachers.

Remembering that Satan, sin, evil spirits, are not alive, but
signify active disobedience — God is the only invisible being
in this round earth ; there is none other ; therefore be not
deceived by fables, neither be superstitious. A man writes a
book, writing words dictated by his unseen soul. You, my
friend, read it ; thy unseen soul communes with the past
thoughts of his unseen soul, perchance being moved to tears or
to laugh or to drink in his evil or his good sayings, as though
verily he was talking with thee ; so, when thou readest the Holy
Scriptures, or do aught in following the holy advice of God,
the spirit of the unseen living God, thy loving Father, the
great author of the Holy Scriptures, the prompter of His
servants, the holy writers, communes with thy soul as though
verily He was talking with thee; and verily He watches thy


emotions, for the words He uttered to the holy men of old He
utters to thee, and the glorious promises he made to them He
makes to thee.

And understand, ye nations, that the true Church of God is
easily distinguishable from the many spurious Churches, for the
Holy Scriptures accepted by the true Church are in strict
accordance with common-sense, their wisdom fully satisfies the
most intelligent of men ; therefore they are the bond of union,
because, being true, they ai'e free from nonsense ; whereas the
scriptural interpretation accepted by some spurious Churches —
being mystical, therefore subject to several diverse interpretations
— causes division and bitterness; and the adulterated Scriptures
of other spurious Churches being revolting to the common-sense
of mankind, by reason of their nonsense stamj^ing them as
untrue, are brands of discord, breeding wars and perpetuating
evil and misery among mankind.

Therefore, ye nations, be wise, suffer not imprudent teachers
to bewilder the people with that which is ambiguous or adul-
terated, but acquaint yourselves with the one foundation
theme — the spiritual rock upon which the Holy Scriptures are
built, that you may rightly understand the true spirit of the


"U'OUR common-sense, oh ye nations, would naturally induce
-*- you to suppose that as the Holy Scriptures contain proofs
innumerable of the highest wisdom, and proofs of having been
inspired by God, they would have found their way to the hearts
and understanding of all men ; but look around you upon the
whole of mankind, and mark how slow of understanding are
they all in all spiritual things, their ignorance splitting them


into many sects — the man as dull as the little child — like as the
Israelites of old were blind to the goodness of the Messiah, so
are the dull conceited nations blind to the holiness and wisdom
of the Holy Scriptures, exhibiting their dulness by almost ignor-
ing their existence.

Listen, and I will tell thee how the minds of men have
become perverted and filled with superstitious nonsense; some
with adulterated Scriptures, some robbed altogether of their
birthright, the Holy Word of God, by evil men.

The love of notoriety has led evil men in all ages to teach
ignorant men sophistical doctrines, which those ignorant men
blindly followed; even the Holy Scriptures were perverted,
and false notions of the Messiah were disseminated, so that the
Israelites of old knew not the Holy Messiah when they saw
him and heard his words, neither would they believe him when
he said he was truly the Messiah. In like manner, the love
of notoriety led unworthy Gentile converts, even during the
lifetime of the Apostles, to pervert the Gospel by strange
teachings and by idolatrous practices, thereby leading astray
many others of the Gentile converts who had before given up
their idolatrous practices, so that those unworthy Gentile
teachers and their followers were rebuked by the Apostles;
nevertheless they continued. During the first three centuries
after the death of Christ, His followers were persecuted sorely,
so that the most pious and freest from idolatry were slain by
savage men — murderers as were the murderers of the holy
Messiah ; fastening their guilt upon their brethren, all the
children of Adam. Printing being then unknown, and for
more than a thousand years thereafter, the written Scriptures
were scai'ce, and very few were able to read ; therefore ignor-
ance was almost universal, so that what men knew of them
was almost wholly from hearsay ; thus error after error was


disseminated, and became so incorporated with the true doctrines
of Christ that even well-meaning pious men, through the errors
instilled into them during childhood, could not distinguish the
true from the false. Foolish notions among these people were
plentiful, and controversy violent. While in this state of
spiritual ignorance and disorder, the Emperor Charlemagne
made the Bishop of Rome Pope, head of all who called them-
selves Christians, that the Pope might overrule all disputants in
spiritual things, and compel them to become quiet. Worldly-
ambition seized the Popes successively, who imagined that,
by working upon the superstitious fears of men, they might, in
time, bend the whole world to their will. Little by little^
armies of spurious priests, wearing the mask of goodness,
were organised and sent into many countries, having, as it
were, a commmander-in-chief (the Pope), generals (cardinals),
colonels (archbishops), majors (bishops), captains, lieutenants,
ensigns, over the rank and file of priests ; these conquered and
subdued the ignorant people of those countries by their greater
educated subtlety, and by craftily siding with nation warring
against nation — wholly against the precepts of Christ the
Messiah. . This compact army of priests, satisfied with the posi-
tion and reverence accorded them, united themselves strongly
in the bonds of discipline and subordination towards their chief,
the Pope, and became in the sight of men very strong. This
army of spurious priests worked as one man, and by subtlety
compelled the exhausted emperors and kings to humble them-
selves to the Pope, as their master, forbidding all to read the
Scriptures, destroying all beneath their sway who did so, brand-
ing themselves a murdering sect — murderers of the children of
God — impiously usurping the judgeship of the Messiah, while
really possessing the foolishness and cruelty of cruel wolves.
The Popes thus became paramount over a considerable portion


of the Earth, and in their pride claimed as theirs the sole right
to appoint kings as their servants, compelling some of the most
abject emperors and kings to hold the stirrup of the Pope's
mule, while he mounted and dismounted, as a sign to all men
that the Pope was the greatest among men, nay, something
more than man.

The false doctrines of the early Christians the Popes per-
petuated, and invented other false doctrines ; the Papacy
mystified the people and themselves with a mixture of Christi-
anity and idolatry, thereby craftily founding in the sight of men
the most powerful empire men have seen, having absolute sway
over many nations, but which the light of God's Holy Word
will fast crumble into pieces, soon to be no more seen upon the
earth for ever.

The Papacy, that army of victorious, crafty, spurious priests,
not satisfied with the power exercised over the kings of the
earth, demanded and enforced under pain of death, implicit
obedience in all things and abasing reverence to every priest,
and impudently and impiously instilled into the minds of their
frightened followers, whose minds they had purposely filled
with superstitious nonsense during childhood, that with them
rested the supernatural power of giving their souls entrance
into heaven, or sending them into hell, and called their chief
" His Holiness" and " Holy Father" as though he were God,
who is really the only Holy Father.

These spurious crafty priests were guardians — not of the
Scriptures, for the reading of these they forbade — but were the
guards of the Papacy and disseminators of tradition concocted
to uphold the Papacy ; they were guards who did not murder
with their own hands, but secretly incited the civil and military
powers of the several nations to murder and smite with theirs.
They have been, and still are, the most subtle and impious of


men, and by their numbei's, the compactness of their priestly
army, and their concentrated machinations against any one
nation, are powerful enemies to the disunited other sects, and
to the foolish nations who give them footing — impostors, seek-
ing to perpetuate their authority through frightening the timid
and superstitious, by falsely claiming supernatural power over

The Papacy desires to sow dissension in the midst of an
opposing nation, to concentrate the craft and subtlety of the
spurious priests dispersed among the nations upon it, and get
the mastery ; even to stir up the nations bending beneath her
sway to dip their hands in the blood of the nations, herself the
murderess. Foolish nations ! why dally ye with one so red ?
know you not that he who consorts with the vile becomes him-
self also vile — one who uses the name of your Lord for the sake
only of her vile ambition ? Look around you upon the nations
who own her sway, how pitiable, how miserable are they,
because they are blind, because they have been filled with super-
stition and have become foolish and idolatrous, and because of
their utter ignorance of the Holy Word of God. Well may
the spread of the Holy Scriptures be to her a great terror ; for
in their spread she sees her downfall, and through their spread
the numerous Papal army will become as powerless as a rope
of sand and quickly disappear for ever. The voice of God
will silence them.

Nations will hereafter read with pity and holy anger that
every city under the Papal sway has its patron saint ; nay,
every handicraft also ; nay every man, also, his patron saint,
like the pagans of old, and so far imitating them as to set-
up and worship an imaginary Queen of Heaven ; and that to
these supposed beings men bow the knee and pray, foolishly
thinking they can see and hear everything throughout the


world, as though they were gods, possessing power to be their
guardians and to shield them from all earthly harm — as
thought similarly the Romans, Greeks, and other pagans of old
— the Pope, their saint-maker, canonising whom he pleases,
and desiring the people to adore, like Nebuchadnezzar,
whomsoever he may set up, worshipping them as gods, but
thinking to cheat God by calling them the lesser name —
saints — the Popes impiously claiming to be infallible as God

Through these great Papal evils mankind have been cheated out
of their birthright — the Holy Scriptures — by lying, ambitious,
spurious priests ; and so wickedness has been doubly victorious
throughout the world for about 1800 years; dui'ing that time the
Messiah seems almost to have died in vain ; as men were after
the fall of Adam to the deluge, so have they been after the
mediatory death of the Messiah until now, few understanding
the Holy Scriptures aright, few worshipping God without

Ye foolish nations, smitten by the Papacy with superstition

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