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Christ is coming! : Part I. Evidences of the existence of God, and of the truth of the holy scriptures. Parts II & III. The holy scriptures and their description of the mighty plan of God. Parts IV & online

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and with folly, why suffer ye the Papal brand of discord to
rend you asunder and sow hatred among your people ? You
permit no other foreign, king to exercise sway in the midst of
your nation, to breed rebellion and sow dissension for his own
crafty ends among you; neither permit the Papal king nor his
spurious priests, the crafty pretenders to supernatural power.
Verily the Papacy, that fomentor of discord and impiety, is a
cunning device of cunning men to obtain and hold dominion
over the nations — of men using the cloak of priesthood to hide
their love of ease, their love of reverence, and their love of
power. Poolish nations ! to be thus deceived and thus to
submit to the yoke like the horse or the ox ; verily strife and
bloodshed, dissension, and mutual hate have whipped you for


your folly, and will whip you until you beconae less foolish;
your children's children will be wiser than yourselves.


TT is easier for a foolish generation to continue foolish than
-*- to become sensible, because, oh ye nations, your governors
are too selfish, too conceited, too luxurious, too dishonest, too
grasping, too unchaste, too frivolous, too superstitious, and too
irreligious ; for as your governors are, so imitate the people,
winking at each other's follies. Ye do not, oh ye nations,
sufficiently abhor the spiritual deceivers of your people, nor
your grasping, nor your selfish, nor your luxurious, nor your
conceited, nor your dishonest, nor your unchaste, nor your
frivolous, nor your superstitious, nor sufficiently have the love
of God nor love for your fellow men in your hearts; neither
do you sufficiently abhor your liars, nor your violent; therefore
your people are harassed and oppressed, oppressing and harass-
ing each other. Ye will deem it, ye thoughtless people of
this generation, less troublesome to continue in your foolish
ways, to continue unrestrained, than to change your thoughts,
to be, as it were, a little child commencing to learn afresh;
therefore ye will continue to be foolish. But suffer your little
ones, oh ye nations, to be taught aright, that they may be less
miserable than yourselves; in this thing be sensible, in this thing
resolutely and perseveringly do your duty.

Behold the time is at hand, even knocking at the door, when
the judgment of men will become clear, and they will be able,
by their common sense, to distinguish pure worship from that
which is spurious, and those human lions, the men of strength
and violence, will become as those human lambs, the peaceful


men, and spiritual wisdom and kindness will i-eign in the
hearts of all men ; but not yet, for troublous times are upon you,
oh ye nations of the whole world, because of the forgetfulness
of your forefathers, and of your own forgetfulness of God. Like
as a leafy tree is shaken by the blast, so will your minds be
shaken violently. The spiritual nonsense that has been
instilled into your souls will be shattered to pieces, like as
an earthen vessel hurled against a rock ; ye will not be
destroyed, but ye will come out of your troubles as wise men,
for ye will then understand that it is better to obey the advice
of God than to put your trust in the advice of men who know
not God ; or of those who advise you to obey God spuriously,
obeying him, like as do the Papacy, a little, but disobeying him
greatly ; and the ministers of the many other spurious sects
will strive, from unworthy motives, to perpetuate the separa-
tion of their own sects fi'om every other sect, and will beguile
the silly sheep of their flocks ; but the others will not
suffer themselves to be beguiled, but will cast oflP those unworthy
teachers contemptuously, for it is not the sheep who wilfully
go wi'ong but the unworthy shepherds, who, for their own
selfishness and ease, will strive to keep them in the evil paths
they have been accustomed to. Your own wickedness, oh ye
nations, will chastise you, for the wicked will chastise the
wicked — your God looking on with pity, but permitting you to
be chastised — for through chastisement alone will you barken
to his words ; through chastisement alone will you sweep away
from among you your spurious Churches, and your many
spurious sects, and bind yourselves together, as loving brethren,
into one Universal Church, the Church of the Messiah, Christ
your king ; then will you know what it is to have the Holy Spirit
of Christ among you, having Christ, not bodily upon earth, but
like as the Holy Spirit of God is present in the Holy Scriptures.


Troublous times are upon you, oh ye nations of the whole
world, because the men of violence and the men of ignorance
will be stirred up by the spurious priests of the many spurious
sects to imbrue their hands in the blood of their fellow men,
to oppress and persecute them that the spurious priests may
still hold sway, and there will be great divisions through yout
ignorance of the Holy Scriptures ; but the spiritually wise will
quickly prevail and the ignorant become spiritually wise. The
spurious ministers, the sowers of superstition, of nonsense, and
of hatred among men, will not be converted, but all power to
do further evil will be taken from them by their fellow- men.
By the free-will of man, man became disobedient towards God,
and thereby filled the earth with unholiness, violence, and
misery; and by the free-will of man, man will become obedient
towards God. The nations will acknowledge the Messiah to
be their king — not through any miracle, but from conviction
of the soul — the Jewish nation first, preparatory to their
repossessing the land of their forefathers. Then will the
nations of the whole earth become a holy people in the sight of
God, and happiness be their portion for ever, and their
teachers and rulers will be spiritually wise and the people will
no more fall into error, but become as wise in spiritual things
as their teachers, and the Holy Messiah, the king of that
portion of the heavens set aside by God for the everlasting
home of the- souls of pardoned men, will be their acknow-
ledged king, and he will- reign in their hearts, and His
precepts in the Holy Scriptures sway their thoughts, and he iu
heaven, before his God and Father, vdll acknowledge them
to be his ransomed children.

Be ye watchful, therefore, oh ye true Christians in every
land, rise up and quickly band yourselves together, for troublous
times are upon you. Haste! spread this little book among


the nations. God will assist men, but only through their
obedience to His advice, as recorded in the Holy Scriptures,
will He assist them.

Unity among Mankind.

THE many spiritual sects have false and foolish notions of
God; therefore they differ one from the other, and look
upon each other as enemies, despising one another. By their
disunion and hatred they are povrerless in stemming the evil
tendencies of the evil-disposed, and so wickedness everywhere
is rampant; they cause men to become evil and continue evil-
disposed, for the evil- disposed have the wit to see that their
diverse notions must necessarily be erroneous, so that like as
the many sects despise each other, so do the evil-disposed des-
pise the many sects. Men are discordant one with the other in
spiritual matters, and therefore in temporal things, because they
err, not rightly understanding the Holy Scriptures ; the many
sects each see the mote in every other sect, and therefore keep
apart from them. Men err because they are wrongly taught ;
some are altogether ignorant of the Word of God, others,
through their erring teachers, misunderstand the spirit of the
Holy Scriptures, dwelling much on certain parts, almost
ignoring other portions, and so fall into error — one sect Y>re-
ferring one part, another sect preferring other parts, and so
their thoughts become discordant ; it is as a whole the Holy
Scriptures must be taken.

The teachings of the Holy Scriptures are • —

1. There is but 07ieGod.


2. That God prompted holy men to write the Scripturea ;
therefore they are the true "Word of God.

3. That Jesus Christ was veritably the long promised
Messiah of God.

4. The Messiah is not God, but an angel chosen before the
creation of the starry skies by God to be the Messiah.

5. That the Messiah is now the king of that portion of
the heavens set aside by God as the everlasting home of
the souls of pardoned men, and that all true worshippers
of God through the mediatory death of Christ will enter the
Messiah's kingdom in heaven after their decease and live
with him there for ever.

6. God is a lover of all that is good, all that is holy, and
desires us to be loving, tender-hearted, and just one to the
other. God is a hater of evil, and desires us to hate all
evil things and refrain from all those things that are evil.

These six things constitute the whole spirit of the Holy
Scriptures — they form the one theme of every holy writer,
and of the Messiah, Christ himself. Now, ye zealous worship-
pers of God, call assemblages of the people, and enquire of
them if these things are not the one theme of the Holy
Word of God, and they will quickly give their assent, and many
will unite themselves into one holy bond of brotherhood, and
form one Universal Church, the old Church of Christ — a
Church which has been in abeyance since the days of the
Apostles of the Messiah, Christ. Then will the Church of
Christ come out, like himself, the victor over the evils of
the world, and the Holy Spirit of God will lead them safely
through the troublous times that now enwrap the earth.





The Attributes of God.

GOD is everywhere, and surrounds all things, like as the
"waters of the sea surround the fishes in the sea ; God has
a knowledge of everything that takes place— the most secret as
well as the most open ; He is the source of all wisdom and
power — these are the attributes of God. There is only one
God, who is one holy Being. God is indestructible ; therefore
He lives for ever : all else may change, but the one holy God —
the source of all good things — does not change ; He is the same
from illimitable time past to illimitable time to come.

Worship is speaking reverently to the unseen God — be-
lieving Him to be near by listening and observing — speaking as
confidingly to the unseen God as a man blind from his birth
talks to his listening mother, whom he has never seen, and of
whose shape and colour he has no knowledge.

God is a living spirit, and not flesh and blood — a spirit, in
that no man has seen him. Nevertheless, we know He exists
because of the mighty, wondrous things that everywhere sur-
round us — the sun, the moon, the stars, and this round earth
and all the marvels our eyes behold — and we also know that
the Holy Scriptures are the revelation of God to man ; there-
fore, although we cannot see the living God, we know He is

everywhere surrounding us, seeing us, and hearing us. God is



a spirit, as invisible to the eyes of man as is the self-will ; yet
as truly near — nay, nearer — to every living creature than clouds
are near to a blind man, but vs^hich he neither sees, nor feels,
nor smells, nor hears — it is the will of God that neither the
blind man should see the clouds, nor any living earthly creature
see Him.

The Glory of God, His condensed self, — which is His
glorious person, visible to the angels as a holy, living being —
is in the immeasurable heavens which surround the starry skies
where He has His dwelling place, surrounded by innumerable
happy angel spirits, and His glorious Son, our Redeemer and
Heavenly King, Jesus Christ. All outside His glorious person
is His Holy Spirit — a part of himself, an invisible cloud
(like as the body of a bird and its wings form one
bird) filling all space — so that God is everywhere, and
there is of course not room for any other God, neither is
there really any other God. The King Christ and all
the other angels of God, and all the saints in heaven, and all the
stars, and everything everywhere, live, and move, and are in the
midst of the Holy, living Spirit of God, like as the fishes of
the sea move in the midst of the waters of the sea.

There is no sun nor moon in heaven, for God Himself is
the light thereof — He is the living sun of heaven, seen only by
angel spirits, the saints in heaven, and His glorious Messiah.


Before Ckeation.

GOD, who has ever existed as He now exists and will exist
for ever, and in whose sight a thousand years are
less than a moment to man, determined to found a king-


dom in heaven for the angel Christ, a holy angel then
living amid innumerable other angels with God, vfho
should be the King thereof. It was necessary the future
King should have subjects, and it was absolutely necessary
that His subjects should be perfectly holy in the sight
of God, for in no part of heaven is there unholiness —
holiness consists in obeying the laws of God — perfectly obedient
to their King, Christ, and yet have perfect freedom, not being
coerced in any way (for it is only the rebelliously inclined who
require to be coerced), perfectly obedient because having perfect
knowledge instilled into them that perfect obedience to their
Holy King induced perfect happiness to all, therefore delighting
in being holy. All things are possible with God, so that He
might have peopled the kingdom of Christ in heaven in many
ways : therefore God purposed to create a body of flesh and
blood — giving it life by giving it motion — and uiute it to a part
of His living breath, which God called the soul, that the twain,

1. The living flesh and blood,

2. The living soul,

should form one male man, out of whom should proceed
countless millions of children, each possessing a portion of the
one soul.

The law of Justice as laid down in the Holy Scriptures
by the Lord God, is the forfeiture of an eye for the spiteful
removal of an eye — a tooth for the spiteful removal of a tooth —
the forfeiture of a life fcr the spiteful taking away of the life of
man — the forfeiture of everlasting life should the intended new
being — man — disobey God, and the forfeiture of a perfectly
holy life to redeem from everlasting death the intended new
being — man — should he become disobedient and thereby unholy,
and need in consequence a redeemer.

And God purposed that out of the male man should


proceed a female man, that from them miglit proceed countless
millions of their kind ; the countless millions possessing between
them the one life of the body united to the one life of the soul,
which should constitute the male man, so that the countless
millions might also be really and truly man, in like manner as
a lump of gold may be divided into countless millions of atoms,
each atom being as purely gold as the great lump. These
intended new beings would necessarily have to be endowed
with passions for perpetuating their kind, which passions were
unknovra in heaven, therefore, the new beings would thus far
be inferior to the angels of heaven. God, therefore, determined
to build a habitation outside of heaven, which should be
glorious within and gloriously set in the midst of innumerable
stars. He deemed it necessary that the future subjects of the
Heavenly King, Jesus Christ, should, before they became His
subjects in heaven, live and multiply in their new earthly home,
as it were in school, for a time, and then be carried lovingly into
heaven into Christ's kingdom, there to live for ever with Him.

The Creation.
"QEFORE the sun, the moon, the countless stars, and this
•*-' round earth were created, all that vast space within
reach of the telescopes of man during a clear and starry night,
and immeasurably far, far beyond, was filled with gaseous matter
without life, shape, or motion. Four different kinds only of
inert gaseous matter were there,

1. Oxygen,

2. Hydrogen,

3. Nitrogen,

4. Latent heat.


Diffused throughout this cloudy matter was the Holy Spirit of
God, which, extending everywhere beyond the glorious Person
of God in heaven, was here also ; all was dark, all was silent,
all was dead — as it were space in fallow, awaiting to be fashioned
anew — the Holy Spirit of God that was in its midst, was alone
imbued with life. At length God purposed to make man, and
create for him a round world as a temporary habitation,
beautiful within, and beautiful outside of it, like a bride
bedecked with jewels.

The Holy Spirit of God moved amid the inert gaseous
matter, giving it motion ; and God said, " Let thei'e be light,"
and instantly all the latent heat throughout that heretofore
dark, quiet, vast space rushed to one spot, and in twenty-four
hours all had accumulated together and formed the sun — the
sun being dark, not yet shedding any light. This occupied the
first day.

On the second day, God gave the word, and instantly the
sun burst forth a glorious mass of light, and the electrical
flames darted throughout that second day into the midst of the
cloud of hydrogen, oxygen and niti'Ogen, vivifying them thereby,
causing violent chemical action, which produced a strong mu-
tual attraction between the interspersed atoms, which had the
effect of causing all the then vivified matter to condense into
great solid balls in millions — occupying the second day. The
space between each ball was left perfectly vacuous of every-
thing excepting the electrical heat that is constantly being
poured into them fi-om the electric sun. These new-made balls
attracted a continuous stream of electric flame from the sun, so
condensed and so vast in that one day as would take tens of
thousands of years now to equal — pulverising the surface of one
of them, the earth.

On the third day, God prepared one of the solid balls for the

104 THE UKEAT10>\

habitation of man. The softened mountains were raised above
the lower land, seas were formed, vegetatiofl v^as created and
made rapidly to grow in the electrified virgin soil.

On the fourth day, God placed one of the balls — the moon —
near to the earth, that it might by night reflect upon the round
earth the light of the sun, and with the sun induce tides, pro-
duce winds, and generate moisture. God also devised the mo-
tion of the moon round the earth, and the revolution of the
earth round the sun, and the revolution of the earth on its own
axis once every twenty-four hours. He also made the earth to
oscillate, each pole turning alternately inwardly towards the
sun very slowly, at the rate of one complete oscillation every
year — thereby producing day and night and the seasons, letting
them be for signs and seasons, for days and years ; and gave
motion to the planets, to give variety to the starry skies, in like
manner as He has given variety to vegetation and to all

On the fifth day, God said, " Let the waters bring forth
abundantly the nioving creature that hath life, and fowl that
may fly above in the air ; and God created great whales, and
every living creature that moveth, which the waters afterwards
brought forth abundantly after their kind, and every winged
fowl after his kind ; and God saw it was good. And the even-
ing and the morning (day and night) were the fifth day."

On the sixth day, God said, "Let the earth bring forth the
living creature after his kind, and creeping thing and beast of
the field after his kind ; and it was so, and God saw it was very
good. And God said. Let us make man in our image, after
our likeness, and let them have dominion over the fishes of the
sea, and over every living creature. So God created man in
His own image, male and female created He them " — Adam
being the only created living man, but having stored within him


the germs of innumerable male and female men ; Eve being
the first-born woman.

God stored in the males of every species of living things
many varieties of the same species, varying them in their shape,
colour, strength and size, some varieties being more numerous
than others ; so that, in like manner as no two trees are exactly
alike, even of the same species, so no two living creatures nor
vegetation, even of the same species, should be exactly alike.
Some varieties have now run their course, becoming extinct ;
others are just commencing to be born. Thus has God given
variety to all living things, in all ages ; only those which He
created during the six days can possibly be born. Moreover,
God has so contrived that all living things of the same species
should differ in many things inwardly and outwardly, their
mode of life influencing their appearance ; so that, in like
manner as an evil man bears upon his countenance a stamp
differing from the days of his innocent childhood, so God de-
tects the degree of evil in every living thing by its difference
from its first parents, when fresh out of his hands during the
six days of creation.

God gave to every living creature self-wiU, first to desire and
then to do — some things to do intuitively, without thought,
neither knowing nor seeing the internal mechanism of their
body — and has furnished them with brain-nerves, that photo-
graphic impressions thereon of what they see, hear, smell, taste,
and feel may enable them to remember ; but to living vegetation
God gave neither eyes, nor ears, nor taste, nor smell, nor brain,
nor inherent power to roam, but gave it inherent power to per-
petuate its kind, to obtain food, and to grow.

Thus was made in six days the vast electrical sun, the great
sustainer of earthly life, without which nothing would be solid,
but gaseous, as before creation, yet but an inanimate ball, as


inanimate as a lighted candle, the mainspring, as it were, of the
firmament. Also were made the moon, the countless stars, and
this round earth, with all its wondrous contents. The intense
electrical light of the sun illumines the countless stars, and
moon, and earth, causing them to shine, which, but for its
brilliant light, would be as dark balls in a dark place — unseen.
On the seventh day God ended His work which He had made,
and He rested on the seventh day, and blessed it, and afterwards
ordained that all men, and all their beasts of burden, should
rest from servile work on that day — on every seventh day — and
be perfectly free — the poor man as free as the rich, the beast as
well as the man — it being necessary, lest the thoughts of men
should be engrossed by the things of earth.

There is a limit to the stai'ry skies, but the heavens which
surround them are illimitable.


The Creation of Adam.

rpHE Scriptures teach that Adam was the only one of all
-*- mankind whom God created without being born.

In like manner as the Lord God had made every other living
creature out of the dust of the earth, so He formed the flesh
and blood of Adam, which, being of the earth, and visible to
earthly eyes, and made male, was not like God. The Lord God
then gave to Adam that holy thing, the soul, by breathing into
his nostrils, and Adam thereby became a living man. The two
lives —

1. The life of the flesh and blood,

2. The life of the soul,

constituted the man Adam. The only life of the body, and the


only soul that God has given to Adam and his descendants —
the breath of God, a part of His invisible Holy Spirit, consti-
tuting the invisible soul of Adam, the only part of Adam that
was like God. Behold, oh man ! in the brute gorilla an image
of thyself as thyself would be if thou hadst not a soul — that
jewel from heaven, in which only thou art like God.

Mark well, for this is the Tcey of loisdom. God has given
only om living body and only one living soul to Adam, the twain
constituting one person, man. From this twain the living body
ot all mankind, and the living soul of every man, are derived,
thereby constituting them the offspring of Adam. God stored
in Adam the seed of the body and the seed of the soul in tem-
porary union, hiding some of the united seed deeply within
many folds, others in but few, that some might be born within
a few years, and some not • till after the lapse of many ages.
These seeds had the gerria of mankind within them. All
inherit, through their fathers' right up to Adam, the shape
of Adam, but only some see the light of day, and are born
into the world as separate beings ; some of the born

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