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become worthless in the sight of God through their
folly, but others produce the fruit of holiness unto the Lord.
These constitute His living, holy harvest, for they are His holy
children. Man perpetuates his kind, and all other living
creatures and all vegetation their kind, according as God
created their seed.

God has not created anything after the sixth day. Every
living creature and all vegetation have proceeded from the few
which God made during the six days of creation. They existed
in an undeveloped state in those ancient ones ; but were not
torn into the world as separate beings — living things pro-
ceeding through the male line only, being developed through the
female line only. Thus, male and female are equally necessary.

108 Tnr; bieth of eve.

excepting in the case of Adam and in the case of the Virgin

God also, on the sixth day, made the germ of another living
body similar to the body of Adam. This living germ God
reserved for some future day, v?herewith to constitute the flesh
and blood of Christ, and Avhich God long afterwards placed in
the womb of the pure Virgin Mary, to be there develojjed and
born as the child Jesus Christ, the living spirit of Christ being
carried by God from Heaven, and united thereto at the instant
of birth.

Adam was created a little lower than the angels of Heaven,
inasmuch as his heavenly soul was tied, as it were, to his
earthly body — a body like that of the then innocent brutes, that
he might have numerous descendants. He was an angel of
earth, pure and spotless, and all the living seed within him of
the unborn countless millions of mankind were also holy, pure,
and spotless.


The Birth of Eve.

A DAM was the last of all things which God created. In him
-^-^ God created and placed the germs of all his descendants —
of all mankind — male and female. God designed that the one
earthly lord, Adam, should, like all other creatures, have a
helpmate worthy of him; and, causing Adam to fall into a
deap sleep, God caused the beauteous female infant Eve to issue
from a rib of Adam. The infant Eve vras thus born out of the
man Adam. Thus was Eve the first of all born creatures; and
thus did Eve have no mother, in like manner as in long years
afterwards the Holy Messiah had no earthly father.



Out of Adam was horn the infant Eve, that Adam might be
the one earthly lord and the one earthly father of all mankind.
The man Adam and the female Eve were perfectly holy and in
constant communion with God, keeping the desires of their
bodies wholly subject to their souls ; they were as brother and
sister, perfectly happy and perfectly innocent, as are the angels
of heaven, for they had God always with them during many
years, communing with them and teaching them ; they were
not yet free to act, for what Adam said and did, and Eve also,
were done by God prompting them, thereby teaching them
what was good ; they were, therefore, wiser than all their descen-
dants in all things which conduced to their happiness ; and all
other living ci'eatures were perfectly happy, the lion and the
lamb resting together in perfect peace, eating herbage ; there
was no fear in all the "v^orld, for the presence of the Holy
Pei'son of God shed upon them and upon all living creatui'es a
feeling of perfect purity, of perfect peace, and perfect content-
ment. The Holy Person of God could then come into the
world, because everything in it was good.

The Lord God did not create Adam a perfect being — not so
perfect as are the angels of heaven — -inasmuch as prayer, praise,
and thanksgiving to God were not yet forthcoming from Adam
of his own free-will ; his soul was not yet free to act, for what
Adam and Eve did and said were done by God prompting
them, and so teaching them what was the principle of good-
ness ; at length God left them to act of their own free-will
without prompting. The Lord God having taught them all
that was requisite for them to know, was desirous of testing the
obedience of these earthly angels, the chief work of His creating,
and warning them to keep their bodies, their earthly part, in
entire subjection to their souls, their heavenly part — declaring
that disobedience to these His commands should entail His


anger — God thereupon left them for the first time in their
lives to act of their own free-will without His prompting, and
God then withdrew His Holy Person from the earth, but His
Holy Spirit, the living invisible cloud, still remained.

The Sin of Disobedience brought into the Wokld.

THE withdrawal of the Holy Person of God everywhere
wrought a great change, for it was His Holy Personal
Presence which maintained all things in a state of perfect
purity and holiness; for, some time afterwards, the woman Eve
saw the serpent doing that which the Lord God commanded
Adam and Eve not to do, the serpent not having been forbidden
because it was a beast of the field, its obedience to God not
being put to the proof. Thereupon a strong inclination of the
body came upon Eve, and she reasoned wit^un herself, thereby
increasing her inclination to do what God had commanded her
not to do. Now, the reasoning faculty of the flesh and blood
of man, which is the mind, also called self-will, and which
Adam possessed before God breathed into his nostrils, and
which all living creatures possess, the cat and the dog, and all
else — was more subtle in reasoning than that of every other
living creature; the mind being, as it were, the silent advocate
of the flesh and blood, argues for the gratification of the long-
ings of the body — whereas the soul) being of heaven, silently
argues in favour of the wisdom of perfect obedience of the whole
person, of body and soul, to the will of God, in that the will of
the body and the will of the soul should jointly be wholly
guided by the precepts of God. There is therefore a perpetual
silent antagonism between these two powers, the brutish one


tending to evil, and tlae angelic one to good, in every one of

The will of the body, its brutish passions, is sometimes called
in Scripture the evil power, because it was the carnal passions
of the body of Adam which was overcome by the great temp-
tation, and which continues to be the great tempter to do evil
— sometimes it is called sin, sometimes the devil, sometimes
satan, sometimes the serpent, because it was a serpent which
unwittingly roused the passions of Eve, and the right knowledge
of the soul is sometimes called conscience. The brutish body,
longing for what its eyes can see, and for the gratification of
its passions unrestrainedly, and satisfied with the things of
earth ; the other, the immortal heavenly soul, longing to return
to its native home in heaven where the Holy Person of God
is — deriving no satisfaction in things of the earth, because of the
evils therein.

The brutish body of Eve, therefore, owing to the subtle
reasoning of her mind, felt a very great longing, and — tempting
Adam — they disobeyed God, the first of all living creatures that
dared to disobey Him. Thus did Adam fall under the one
great test, and thus was wickedness brought into the world,
and God satisfied Himself that the brutish body of man was
unworthy to enter heaven. The man and the woman then
became aware what it was to be good and what it was to be
evil in the sight of God — their conscience smote them, and
they were ashamed and afraid of the promised coming of God,
^e\T Creator.



The Soul of Adam is Cursed and the brutish Body
(the chief offender) Condemned to Everlasting

rpHE holy anger of the Lord God was very great against
-*- them for their disobedience, and He took away from their
brutish body perpetual life, so that after a time it should die
for ever, and ignominiously become corrupt, and become again,
so long as the round earth existed, as part of the ground whence
it was first taken ; and God condemned the unenergetic soul to
sleep after its separation from the dead body, until the offspring
of a pure virgin (the Messiah) should, by His perfect holiness
as man, regain the victory of the body of man over the passions
of the body, and so restore mankind to the favour of God, who
then would remove the curse wherewith God cursed the soul
of Adam — so that, through the merits of the Messiah, God his
Father and our Father might be with us once more as before
the fall, not indeed in Person, but in His love ; and might, in
justice to His own Holiness, be able to pardon those of mankind
who may have the wisdom to trust in the promises of God,
worshipping Him.

Thus did those angels of earth, Adam and Eve, fall under
the displeasure of God, and all the living seed within Adam
became unholy and impure in the sight of the Almighty
Creator, for the seed was part of Adam. And God gave Eve
to be Adam's wife, and unto them was born their eldest child,
Cain, conceived in sin, pre-eminently inheriting the great
transgression. Nevertheless, God in His mercy blessed Adam
and Eve, and said unto them, "Be fruitful and multiply, and
replenish the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the


fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every
living creature that moveth upon the earth. And God said.
Behold, I have given you every herb which is upon the face of
the earth, and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree yielding
fruit, to you it shall be given."

The great disobedience of Adam and Eve having made this
round earth unholy in the sight of God, He withdrew His holy
Person from the earth altogether. From this first disobedient
act is derived all the pain, all the sorrow, all the wickedness,
that has since afflicted the world — the man Adam, and the
woman Eve, lost the gentle nobility of their deportment, and
their sweetness of expression, and their descendants became
still more stamped with the brutish passions, as their descend-
ants became more vile, deteriorating in like manner as the
brutes have deteriorated in their appearance — from the gentle-
ness of their first parents before the fall. Through the great
transgression this once beautiful earth, everywhere a paradise,
where innocence and peace reigned, has been transformed into
what it is — the ground lost its great fertility, the air and the
waters their perfect purity — the living creatures of the land,
of the air, of the water, and vegetation, their harmlessness, and
acquired injurious properties (like as an innocent child oft
becomes a vile man), increasing with the wickedness of man ;
the garden rose degenerated into the wild rose, and in like man-
ner did man and all things degenerate. The round earth was
no longer everywhere a garden, no longer were the lesser
living things harmless one to the other, for envy and strife
rose in their midst, the strong chased the less strong, some
thereby became courageous and some fearful ; the several
members of their bodies became altered, their natures gradu-
ally changed, and the courageous, the fearful, and the other
strong impressions of the parents were transmitted to their


offspring, and became to them as instinct. Vegetation became
impure and poisonous. The air and the water became corrupt,
breeding famine and pestilence, and the flesh of the cruel
creatures of the land, of the air, and of the water, became
unfit as food for man ; and God long afterwards forbad His
people, the Israelites, to eat them, for they became poisonous
and injurious, but to eat only such of the land creatures as
feed on grass. The happiness of the earth was wrecked.

Adam's transgression has been succeeded by our many
transgressions, therefore the Holy Person of God continues
to keep far away from the earth, but His Holy Spirit, part of
Himself (as the wings of a bird are part of the bird), He has
not withdrawn, that He might save those who comprehend
and worship Him.

The Deluge.

rpHE children of Adam multiplied greatly, for women gi'eatly
-*- exceeded in number the men ; the life of the body was
strong within them and they became sen-sual. They allowed their
passions free scope, and because they could not see God they
forgot Him. Cruelty and every species of wickedness were pre-
valent, and it grieved the Lord God that He had made man, for
man had become very offensive in His sight, and God said, " T
will destroy man whom I have created ; both man and beast,
and creeping thing, and the fowls of the air, for it grieveth me
that I have made them." And God looked upon the round Earth,
and behold it was very impure, and God listened in vain for the
penitent cry and worship of man, for every living thing had
departed from the purity and innocence which God gave them


at the beginning. Cruelty and wickedness reigned everywhere,
and mankind was as the beast of the field, steeped in foolish-
ness, and utterly forgetful of God, as though they had no
souls in them. Noah only found favour in the sight of God,
for he was a just and God-fearing man ; and God commanded
Noah to build an Ark, and take into it a few favourable speci-
mens of every species of creeping thing, and of every living
creature to keep seed alive — of every species, not of every
colour or variety of species, for of living creatures there are
countless varieties, all proceeding from the few species which
God made on the fifth and sixth days of creation, so that some
varieties that had existence before the Deluge became extinct,
through the Deluge. And Noah took into the Ark the most
favourable specimens of each of the few species. Behold !
oh man ! how greatly thy kind varies in colour, in size, in
deportment, in shape. Compare the most holy with the most
brutal, and note the vast difference in the twain. Nevertheless
all men proceed from the man Adam.

Every one of the living creatures saved in the Ark had less
strength of life than their first ancestors, and therefore subse-
quently lived a less number of years and grew to less stature,
a portion of vitality having been retained by their several
ancestors. The one life of the body being transmitted by the
male — the female simply developing — every life therefore trans-
mitted by the male lessens his vitality and his progeny possesses
less than he himself first had.

And God commanded Noah to take into the Ark a few of

every species again to re-people the earth, of fowls of the air,

of cattle, and of every creeping thing, together with the

family of Noah. And God caused a violent Deluge, with

storms of wind, to sweep over the whole round Ear1ii,and every

living creature excepting those in the Ark were destroyed ; the

n 2


waters of the ocean rolled over the highest mountains, sweeping
into destruction every living creature that had taken refuge
there. After the lapse of about three hundred days, the
waters became confined to their present boundaries, forming
the seas and great rivers as we now see them. Noah, his
family, and all the living creatures then came out of the Ark.
and God promised the terrified Noah that He would not again
deluge the whole world with water.

Thus, after an interval of about sixteen hundred years from
the creation of the starry skies, did the great Deluge alter the
whole surface of the Earth. The Deluge came upon the Earth
wholly through the wickedness of man. God had satisfied
Himself that none but the family of Noah, through the holiness
of Noah, was worthy to live even upon the Earth, And God
stored up for future men, in the depths of the Earth, rich fuel,
by causing the ti'ees that were torn up by the Deluge, to accu-
mulate in masses and sink to the bottom of the muddy waters,
with the natural sap in them, that it might help to convert the
fibrous wood into coal, and to sink horizontally in layers at
intervals of time during the Deluge, piling it only in what God
intended should be habitable land, that it might not be wasted.


After the Deluge.

MANKIND quickly multiplied upon the Earth, for the
daughters of men were in those early ages of the world
more numerous than the sous, so that every man had several
wives, and Noah was the earthly lord over all the children
of men ; to him they made obesiance as to one from whose


loins all had proceeded, and his sons were men of authority
and reverence among them.

The long life attained by the descendants of Adam before
the Deluge enabled them to attain great loorldly knowledge ;
some of this knowledge was known to Noah, his sons, his
daughters, and his daughters-in-law, which they in their turn
communicated to their descendants after the Deluge, and so
gave the new era a strong starting point in things apper-
taining to worldly knowledge ; and God put it into the hearts
of men to disperse themselves with their wives and children
over the face of the Earth. And the bold collected round them
the families of their friends and founded separate tribes ; and
the bold with their families, were continually spreading them-
selves over the Earth, and many became men of renown and
men of violence.

The speech of men, which mankind had learnt one from the
other, and from their father Noah, became varied, so that the
separated tribes spoke differently, and tribes distant one from
the other could not understand the speech one of the other.
And the tribes kept themselves apart through jealousy, fear and
distrust one of the other, and their notions of God became hazy.
As mankind increased in ignorance of God, so did their thoughts
concerning Him differ : superstition and eiTor took the place
of common sense, and mankind down to these days have per-
petuated the senselessness of their forefathers. And many
forgot much of the worldly knowledge taught the children of
men by Noah and his family, and in spiritual things and in
worldly things also they became men of ignorance. Thus did
the many tribes overspread the earth, and thus did they trace
their pedigree from the bold ones, their chiefs, sometimes
right up to Noah — the more prosperous settled tribes
ruled over by the sons of Noah, and their eldest sons


commenced their history from the holy man Noah, their
i^ther and their lord.

After the lapse of about two hundred and ninety years from
the time of the deluge, Abraham was born, Noah being still
alive. Abraham became a just and holy man and greatly
pleased God, inasmuch as he was very teachable and wor-
shipped God without images. For Abraham was surrounded
by men who had ignorantly formed hazy notions of God, and
therefore used images in their worship. What the forbidden
fruit was to Adam and Eve, images have been to the ignorant,
the superstitious, and the weak of faith, in all ages — their
great temptation. God made Himself known to Abraham,
and communed with him, and God tested the faith of Abra-
ham and found it sound. The faith and obedience of
Abraham greatly pleased God, who promised, before and at
the time of his death, that his descendants should become
very numerous and be the favoured people of God. And
God told Abraham that within him was the germ of the
woman who as a pure virgin should give birth to the Mes-
siah, the deliverer of the souls of men. This promise and
revelation were repeated to Isaac, the only son of Abraham,
to Jacob, the son of Isaac, and long afterwards again to
David, a descendant of Jacob ; these greatly rejoicing because
of the promised Messiah.

The Israelites, who were descendants of Abraham, greatly
multiplied, and God was very gracious unto them, formed
of them a great nation, and sent the prophet Moses — a holy
man to whom God revealed Himself — and commanded him
to teach them how to be just and holy, to hate the use of
iipages in worshipping God, and to pray to God (as a man
talks in the dark to his friend who is near by but whom
he cannot see, yet feeling assured that his friend is near


by listening and sympathising) — and gave them laws for the
governance of their nation, and ordinances for the pure wor-
ship of God, and sacrificial ordinances for redeeming their
sinful souls, temporarily, until the Messiah, the Angel of the
Lord God, should come and redeem their souls onceandfor ever.

God also commanded them to be circumcised, that they might
be known one to the other to be Jews, and commanded them
to keep themselves wholly apart from every other nation, lest
they should follow the evil practices of the unteachable idola-
trous nations surrounding them, who made images for the eyes
to see and to bow down before, as representing the unseen God,
uttering prayers, committing the folly of worshipping habitu-
ally before vile images, God's abhorrence, as though they
were burlesquing the real worshippers of God — not under-
standing that God lias not the shape of a man, is neither male
nor female ; not understanding that He is on the right hand
and on the left, before and behind every one of us. These
idolators, therefore, approached very nearly to the senselessness
of brutes, and God refused, as before the deluge, to hear the
words or accept the worship of wilfully disobedient, idolatrous
men ; their words in the sight of God being as the barking of
a dog, and not as the prayers of pure worshippers.

Notwithstanding the great care of God towards His highly-
favoured people the Israelites, they rebelled many times against
God — idolatry being their great tempter. The mind of man
was constantly striving to set up for itself a spurious form of
worship — things which its eyes could see — for it felt that worship
was due to the Creator of all things. It could not compre-
hend, owing to the weakness of its intelligence, how the soul
could worship without seeing the object, or a representation of
the object, to be worshipped.

After Moses died, God sent other holy men, to whom He

120 god's geeat and glorious

revealed Himself, as prophets to His people ; but His people,
like wayward children, repented and rebelled, by using images
in their worship of God and in other idolatrous practices, re-
pented and again rebelled many times ; and God satisfied
Himself that man w^as very rebellious, very wicked, and very dull
of undei'Standing. God revealed to His servants, the prophets,
His fore-ordained plan of redeeming men who learn to under-
stand God. His servants greatly rejoiced, and were enabled
to prophecy its fulfilment several hundred years beforehand.


God's Great and Glorious Plan of Redemption.

THE union of one living body with one living soul, the twain
forming one living man, the man Adam was deemed
necessary by God for the furtherance of His great plan for
peopling the heaven of the starry firmament, where the Holy
P'^TSon of God has His dwelling-place ; a part of that heaven
bcijg prepared for th'i everlasting habitation of the souls of
pardoned men, that God might found a kingdom in heaven for
the Messiah, then, as now, a greatly-beloved Angel. Dis-
obedience to God was not the necessary consequence of the
creation of man, but God foresaw it might occur ; He therefore
took the precaution of giving Adam two lives —

1. The life ofliis body;

2. The life of his soul ;

the twain forming one man, the man Adam. These two
lives are the only two lives God has given to Adam, and all
his descendants ; the countless millions who have ever lived,
and may hereafter live, have only these two lives divided


betwixt them all, in like manner as a lump of gold may be
divided into countless millions of atoms, each atom being as
truly gold as the lump itself.

This is the key of the Holy Scriptures.

To every other living creature which God made on the fifth
and sixth days of Creation, He gave only one life — the life of
the body ; and to every species of vegetation He made on the
third day of Creation, He gave only one life. God on the first
six days of creation finished all that has been made, and has
made nothing since. He finished the creation in six days ; but
God contrived that there should be successive generations.

The purpose of God in giving only one living body and one
living soul betwixt all mankind was, that in the event of Adam
becoming unholy through the passions of his body, God might
punish man's temporal body with annihilation, but save his ever-
lasting soul through the mediation of the Messiah, God's fore-

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