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These wonderful lectures stand forth alone amidst the contemporary literature of
the class to which they belong. — London Qtiarterly Review.

J. L. Diman.

The Theistic Argument as Affected by Recent
Theories. Edited by Professor George P. Fisher.
Crown 8vo, $2.00.

Orations and Essays, with Selected Parish Ser-
mons. With a Memorial Address by Professor J. O.
Murray. A Memorial Volume. With Portrait. Crown
8vo, gilt top, $2.50.

Not surpassed by any other writings of the same class in our literature. — Pro-
fessor George P. Fisher.

English Leaders of Religion.

Cardinal Newman. By R. H. Hutton.
John Wesley. By Rev. J. H. Overton.
Bishop Wilberforce. By G. W. Daxiell.
Cardinal Manning. By A. W. Hutton.
John Keble. By Rev. Walter Lock.
Thomas Chalmers. By Mrs. Oliphant.
Bishop Andrewes. By Rev. R. L. Ottley.
Augustine of Canterbury. By Edward L. CuttS.
William Laud. By Rev. H. H. Hutton.
John Knox. By Florenxe A. MacCunn.
Each, i2mo, generally with portrait, $1.00.


Charles Carroll Everett.

The Gospel of Paul. Crown 8vo, $1.50.

An exceedingly valuable addition to the theological literature of the day. — The
Christian Life (London).

John Fiske.

The Destiny of Man, viewed in the Light of his
Origin. i6mo, gilt top, $1.00.

The Idea of God, as affected by Modern Know-
ledge. i6mo, gilt top, $1.00.

The Unseen World, and other Essays. i2mo,
gilt top, $2.00.

The vigor, the earnestness, the honesty, and the freedom from cant and subtlety
in his writings are exceedingly refreshing. He is a scholar, a critic, and a thinker
of the first order. — Christian Register.

John F. Genung.

The Epic of the Inner Life. Being the Book of
Job, translated anew. With Introductory Study, Notes,
etc. i6mo, gilt top, $1.25.

A book of extraordinary interest. — The Advance (Chicago).

Washington Gladden.

The Lord's Prayer. i6mo, gilt top, ^i.oo.

Applied Christianity. Moral Aspects of Social
Questions. i6mo, gilt top, $1.25.

Who Wrote the Bible .? A Book for the People.

i6mo, $1.25.
Tools and the Man. Property and Industry un-
der the Christian Law. i6mo, $1.25.
Ruling Ideas of the Present Age. i6mo, ^1.25.
Dr. Gladden aims always to help people think more clearly
and live more simply and nobly, — and his books should be
very widely read.

Frank W. Gunsaulus.

The Transfiguration of Christ. i6mo, gilt top,


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Online LibraryLyman AbbottChristianaity and social problems → online text (page 25 of 25)