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Mt. Pleas. Meth. Ch. trust: Ball.
Public Lib. Com.: Ball. Mas. Lodge;
fdtn. mbr. Ball. E. B.C.

OULI.AN, Robert M.; b. Ball. '67; s.
of James Gullan (col. of '53); educ.
Lowther's S. : assoc. with Allchin
& Morrell, later Allchin Bros., sadd-
lers, bag makers & leather workers
for many yrs.; mbr. of firm of All-
chin Bros. Prop. Ltd., since '14; mgr.
of leather work branch; old time
playing mhr. S. Ball. F.C.; Pioneer
and Ebenezer C.C.; capt. latter club
for sev yrs.; one of earliest mbrs.
City branch A.N.A. : elder Ebenezer
Prenbyt. Ch., and tr. In Sun. Sch.
for 30 yrs.

Houtfray Maxwell-; 1 >.!.. M.A.
(Camb.); 3rd Ang. Bp. of Ball.: b.
'72: e<luc. St. Peter's Coll. (Camb.)
and Well's Theol. Coll.: onl. d. '95;
p. '96; ast. curate Pucklechurch
with Abnon. Gloucestershire. '!>6-98;
Vicar of Colerne. Wilts,
Rector of Colerne, Wilts. '02-05;
Vicar of Oilppenhnm ami Rector
of TythcrN-n Luras. Wilts. '05;
Rector of Ha rrten hurst (in plural-
ity). '08: h.'ii. C'rinon of Bristol '10;
Rural Dean of i'hlpnenham, '12:
Chaplain to Mayor and Corporation

of Chippenham, '05; Chap, to High
Sheriff of Wilts. '10-11: Chap, to
High Sheriff of Wilts '12-13: Chap,
to Chippenham Workhouse, '11, also
various exec, positions in dioc. &c.,
organisations; chm. of com. of
Colerne Ch. Sch. mgrs. '98-05: chm
of Chippenham Ch. Sch. mgrs. '05;
chm. of Wilts County Cl. Sen. mgrs.
'06; Governor of Fishponds, Coll.
for Klein. Sch. trs. for Dioc. of
Gloucester and Bristol, '13; Gov. of
Wilts County Sec. Sch. Chip'hm, '12;
mbr. of Chippenham Bd. of Guar-
dians, 11 yrs.; mbr. of Chippenham
Rural Dist. Cl. 11 yrs; vice-chm. of
Wilts County Poor Law Assoc. 2
yrs.; vice-pres. Chippenham Cot-
tage Hosp. 11 yrs.; app. Bp. of Ball.

OTJNir, William T.; s. of Cr. W. Gunn,
J.P. (first white native of Bgo. dist..
and old time champ, athlete) ; b.
Kangaroo Flat; reared Ray wood;
educ. Raywood S.S., & St. Killian's
Coll.; Ball. dist. rep. Yorkshire Fire
Ins. Co.; ex-mbr. Bendigo C.C., and
Sandhurst F.C.; settled Ball., 1910;
pres. St. Alipius Y.M.C.; mbr. Vic-
toria B.C.. A. pennant, and later
capt. B. rink.

OUTHEIXi, Emil; M.B.. Ch. B.: b.
Daylesword, '67; s. of Emil Gutheil
(col of '63); educ. All Saints' G.S..
St. Kilda, and Melb. G.S.: M.B. and
Ch.B. of Melb. Univ., '89; ex-resi-
dent surgeon Eye & Ear Hospital,
Melb.; settled Ball., '90: practising
eye. ear, nose and throat; hon. ocu-
list to Benev. Asylum and Orph.;
lect. on botany and materia medica,
S. of Mines; rep. Pharmacy Coll.,
Melb.; lleut. 3rd Inf. Batt., '91; org.
St. Paul's Ch., Ball. El, 5 yrs.; St.
Patrick's Cath.. 2 yrs.; mbr. Lyric
orch.; local sec. Univ. Conserv. Mus. ;
hon. mbr. City A.N.A.

QUTTMANN, Catherine Julia Watt;
settled Ball, with parents In In-
fancy: d. of R. H. Watt-Carlington
(one of earliest registered survey-
ors, City of Adel.: col. of '49): educ.
parents' S.; app. pupil teacher. Vic.
Educ. Service. '70; stationed Humf-
fray-st. T.S.; m. 1. H. Guttmnnn '84;
one of fdrs. nnd first sec. (1900-'04)
Ladles' Art Assoc.: pres. for 6 yrs.;
first pres. Vic. League of Vic., Ball.;
one of fdrs. Ball. A.W.N.L., '04;
pres. Melb. Exec., about '06; hon
sec. City Croquet Club, '00: mbr
com. Ladies' Clothing Soc.; hon. sec
Benev. Aeyl. Carnival com., '11; l.g.
Orph. and Benev. Asylum: one of
active workers for Queen Victoria
Ward. Ball. Hosp.: insp. Infant Llf*
Boarded-out Children; homes of
adoption; probation homes: service
homes, etc., throughout Western

HA 0KB. Arthur Wm.; J.P.: b. Happy
Valley. '<!!>: a. of 1. Rudolf Hage.r:
educ. C.B.'s. Ball. W.: wine, spirit
and prov. merch., Brldge-st., since



'85; gaz. J.P., '08; l.g. and pres.
Benev. Asylum, '067; pres. Orph.,
06-7; v.-p. St. P. Old Coll. Assoc.;
pres. Master Grocers' Assoc., '09;
for 25 yrs. sec. Licensed Grocers'
Assoc.; mbr. Cemetery Trust & St.
P. Day Festival committee.

KAOEB, Cbrli.; b. Smythe's-rd., '70;
s. of Rudolf Hager; educ. C.B.'s S.;
licensee Criterion Hotel since "99;
pres. Friday F. Assoc., '08; life hon.
mbr. Wend, and City R.C. for ser-
vices rendered; mbr. Ball. R.C. for
27 yrs., and treas, for 7 yrs.: pres.
gen. & works corns., & steward
Miners' T.C. ; clerk scales and com.
Ball. T.C. ; clerk of scales B'beet &
B'yong T.C.; judge, com. & steward,
Wallace T.C.; pres. Ball, branch
Lie. Victuallers' Association of

HAIVES, ThoB. Maxwell; b. New
Norfolk (Tas.), '54; s. of John
Haines (of Bushy Park Farm, New
Norfolk, & early identity of Tas.) ;
settled Cres., '82, as licensee Ameri-
can hotel; mbr. Cres. Bor. Cl. '99-
*09; pres. & steward Cres. T.C. since
14; P.M., Cres. Havilah Mas. Lodge;
ex-sec. Cres. Coursing Club; mbr.
Ballarat Miners' T.C.

HAISMAN, E.; b. Melb., '58; s. of
Charles Haisman; arr. Ball, when
an infant on the opening of rail-
way; educ. Lee's Nat. S.; tailor and
outfitter, 610 Sturt-Bt., since '83;
now Haisman & Son; mbr. defunct
Soldiers' Hill F.B.; capt., '90-3; until
Country F.B. Bd. took over brig-
ades; old time supporter Ball. Imp.

HAIiE, Edgar B.; b. B'yong., '77; s.
of 1. Geo. A. Hale (sec. & eng. B'yong
Shire for 30 yrs.) ;educ. B'yong. S.S.,

and Ball. S. of Mines; assist clerk
B'yong Shire '05-10; Shire sec since
"10; succeeding his 1. father on lat-
ter's death: aud. & ex-pres. B'yong
A.N.A. ; lion. sec. & treas., B'yong.
Old Boys' Assoc.; ex-hon. sec.
B'yong C.E.M.S.; hon sec. Recruit,

HAI.Z., Alex.; b. Ball. '73; s. of 1. Ben.
Hall (col. of '62); educ. Cent. S.S.
and Pleas, st. S.S.; bootmaker, 613
Sturt St., since '03; an active oars-
man for 17 yrs., retiring about '07;
mbr. Ball. R.C. and rep. club in Vic.
eight-oared champ. '99 and '04,
(champions each year) ; also mbr.
Vic. crew that won Aust. eight-
oared champ at Brisbane '99; mbr.
numerous winning sen. eights be-
tween '96 and '06; mbr. 3rd batt.
and 7th regt. inf. sev. yrs.; mbr.
numerous victorious shooting
teams: old time successful track
and road cyclist.

HATiT., Henry J,; b. Lond., '46; educ.
Dr. Birkleck's Sch.; S. Kensington
Art Sch.; was chorister in St. Paul's
Cath., Lond.; spent 7 yrs. as por-
trait painter with Thos. Fossey,

Lond.; portrait & landscape painter
at Maidstone, Kent, 11 yrs.; arr.
Ball., and joined Ball. E. Art Sch.
staff as mech. & archit. drawing in-
structor; app. instructor drawing &
painting, geometry & building con-
struction, S. of Mines, '85; one of
fdrs. and mbr. cl. of Ball. Art Gal-
lery; W.M., Orion Mas. Lodge, '93;
later P.S.G.D. Grand Lodge of Vic.;
P. C. Ranger, old A.O.F.; P. Arch,
U.A.O.D., Maidstone, Kent, where
order originated; ex-sgt. Royal
West Kents.

BAM, France* M. (nee Coram) ; m. 1.
Fred. Ham (barr. & solicitor, & son
of 1. Hon. D. Ham, M.L.C.);'99; one
of fdrs. & mbr. first com. Ball.
Creche; mbr. Children's Home com.;
mbr. com. Ball, branch A.W.N.L.;
mbr. Ladies' exec. Ball. Recruiting
Com.; first sec., Soldiers' Comforts
Fund; first treas. Ball, branch Red
Cross Soc., and Sick and Wounded
Soldiers' Fund; mbr. Ball. com.
Lady Her.nessy's Patriotic League.

HAMBLY, James; b. Illogan (Corn-
wall), '44; tin mining pursuits for
some yrs. before coming to Aust. in
'67; followed gold mining, Ball.,
Stawell, Ararat; settled Ball., '79;
dir. of old Chalks No. 3, Smeaton
Reserve, and of Langi Logan Cent-
ral Co.'s; now mining investor;
senior trustee of Pleasant-st. Meth.
Ch. ; ex-supt. Sun. Sch.; ex-supt.
Lyd.-st. Jun. Sun. Sch.; served two
terms as Circuit Steward, Ball. W.
Meth. Circuit; off. visitor of Meth.
Sun. Schs. in Ball. W. circuit; ex-
treas. Ball. Cl. of Churches: mbr.
Ladies' Coll. Conf. Com., app. by
Meth. conf.; mbr. Ball. Stock Exxih,
since '79.

HAMES, Ernest Chas.; b. Ball., '77;
educ. Urq.-st. S.S., and musically by
Geo. Herbert & 1. Herr Brunn;
'celloist & piano tuner, 12 Drum-
mond-st., N. ; org. Pleas. -st. Meth.
Ch. Choir, '03-9; later org. Congreg.
Church Choir; mbr. Lyric Orch.
Soc. many yrs.; mbr. com.; accom-
panist St P. Boys' Juv. Comp. choir,
(Ball, champ. 3 yrs); prize winner
Austral (Bgo.) Comp. for vocal and
instrumental compositions, " If we
only knew," and "The angel and the
gift," and songs, "Songs of Day,"
and "A thought of you," and "Ro-
mance" ('cello and piano).

HANNAH, Cr. Daniel B.; b. Vite Vite
'71; s. of 1. Jas. Hannah (col. of
'52 and pioneer farmer and grazier
of "Lamonde," Stockyard Hill) ;
educ. Stockyard Hill S.S. : farmer
and grazier, "Warrawong, Stock-
yard Hill; mbr. Ripon Shire Cl.
since 1910; pres. '14-15; ex pres.
B'fort Athletic club, ex pres. Effort
A. & P. Soc/'; mbr. B r fort Mech.
Inst. com.; hon. sec. Stockyard Hill
Presbyt. Ch. since '01; hon sec.



Stockyard Hill coursing: club and
capt. Stockyard Hill F.C. for sev.
yrs.; mbr. Linton-Skipton Railway

HANDPORD Henry C.; b. Melb. '59:
s. of 1. Chas. Handford: (col. of
early '50's); educ. St. Paul's Ch. of
Eng. G.S., Melb.;for many yrs.
assoc. with Swallow & Ariell, lat-
terly as agent at Ball, for sev. yrj.,
retiring '97; one of fdrs. Soldiers'
Hill B.C., pres. '10-11; rink capt.
No. 2 team; trustee Old Col. Assoc.

HAJTSEN, Laurlti; J.P.; b. Koldlng.
Denmark, '63; arr. Aust., '86; spent
9 yrs. on Broken Hill silver field, &
later B'go gold field; Associate
Bgo. S. of Mines (Metall & Assay-
era' cert, and Min. Mgr. cert.) ; later
mgr. Mt. Doran, Reward and Duke
of Athol mines, Meredith; mgr.
Birthday Tunnel, Berringa, since
'04; gaz. J.P., '14; pres. Berringa
Prog. Assoc. and pres. Berringa
Belgian and Red Cross Funds; be-
fore leaving Denmark was Lieut, in
Danish Imp. Artillery, and during
Austro-German and Danish war his
parents accommodated 500 enemy

HAEDllfO, Robert; s. of 1. Cr. Thos.
Harding (one of earliest settlers of
B'beet., and laid out racecourse) ; b.
B'beet. '71; educ. Windermere S.S.;
farmer & grazier, Windermere; one
of fdrs. & ex-pres. Wmere A.N.A.;
now mbr. com.; v.-p. B'beet T.C.;
steward Wmere A.N.A. sports and
races; mbr Ballarat A. & P. Gl-
and originator and mgr. annual
sheep dog trials of Society.

HABDY, Llut-Col. Charlea H. W.;
M.B.B.S., Melb.; V.D.; b. Maldon.
'1; s. of 1. Dr. Hardy; hon. med.
officer Ball. Hosp. & Orph., many
yrs.; Capt. Vol. Milit. Forces, '83;
later Surgeon-Capt. 3rd Batt. Inf.;
Brevet-Major C.O. of A.A.M.C., '04;
Major, '06; Lleut.-Col., '11; C.O. No.
Field Amb.. A.I.F., Gallipoli and
Egyptian campaigns, '15-'16; prom,
asst. dir. of med. services. 5th Div.
for operations in France, '16; first
pres. Ball. Red Cross Soc., '14-'15;
first pres. Ball Women's Amb.
Assoc.; hon. lect. & exam. Amh.
Assoc.: pres. Mech. Inst. com., '00:
l.g. Hosp.; mbr. Ang. Dioc. Cl. and
various sub-corn.; mbr. Ch. of Eng.
O.S. Cl., Bd. of Educ., and Christ
Ch. pro-Cath. Bd.; ex -pres. Ball.
Choral Vnion.

HABDY, Edward; b. Hartlepool, EVisr.,
'52; arr. Aust. with parents. '56;
educ. Mt. Egerton 8.8. ; pract. miner
since '69; mgd. Q.G. Consolld., Bgo,
Mercury. Caxton & Royal Stand. &
Mt. Vic. mines (Tas.), Hidden
Treasure & Contlno (N.Q.). Dalr-oll-
.niiTi. WciRh Hawp Canton. Vic.
Llanberris No. 2. New Nor-
manby & Britannia Utd. (Ball.);
New Milo Sliding Rook copper. 8.A.;

pres. BalL Min. Mgrs. Assoc., '07.
and '14; mbr. Ball. Lodge M.U.
I.O.O.F., since '70; also P.G.

HARE, Robert Victor; b. Ball.; s. of
W. J. Hare (col. of '58); educ.
Urq.-st. S.S.; Joined service of Hud-
dart. Parker & Co., Ltd., ship own-
ers and colliery prop., as Jun. clerk.
'96; transf. Melb. & G'long branches
in later yrs.; mgr. at Ball, since '04;
and Joint mgr. Howard Smith Ltd.,
since '13; hon. sec. Ball. City R.C.,
2 yrs.; hon. sec. Building fund; hon.
sec. Soldiers' Hill B.C., '14-'15; also
rink capt.; mbr. exec. B.B.A.

HARRZDOE, Cr. Chas. Alfred Michell
mbr. Smjthes. Bor. Cl. '09-15, now
one of Bor. reps, on Gren. Shire Cl.;
Mayor of Bor. '13-14: chairman
Smythes. S.S. Com.; V.P. Smythes.
Ath. Club; ex-pres Smythes. Mech.
Inst.; mbr. Ball, branch Mine Mgrs.'
Assoc.; b. Stanley (near Beech-
worth) '69; s. of 1. C. W V. Har-
ridge (an early pioneer of Beech -
worth clist.); educ. Stanley S.S.; for
some yrs. assoc. with dredging in-
dustry of Canadian (Ball E.) and
Cres. & since '06 mgr. of Electro-
Hyd. Russell's Flat & Arpyle dred-
ges in Smythes-Snake Valley dis-

HARRIS, Thos.; b. Corindhap, '74; s.
of Chas. Harris (col. of '53, and one
of earliest lie. gold diggers) ; educ.
Corindhap S.S. and Gren. Coll. (ent.
& cont. schol. winner) ; pres. Ball.
East A.N.A., '08; pres. Buffalo Club.
'01; hon. sec. since '03; mbr. A.N.A.
deb. team; hon. sec. Ball. Cricket
Assoc., '-'11; hon sec. Soldiers'
Camp Comforts Com. since '15;
hon. sec. Mayoress' Patriotic Fund;
supt. C'wealth Milit. Canteen, Ball.,
'15-'16; hon. sec. Waverley C.C. sev.
yrs.; rink capt., Ball. B.C.; mbr.
Ball. com. Lady Hennessy's Patri-
otic League.

HARRIS, Thomas Owen; b. Bucks.
(Eng.), '72; educ. Wesleyan Day
Sen.. Bucks.; app. to B. North and
Sons, of West Wycombe (Bucks.),
cabinet makers; gained exp. in lead-
ing furniture manufactories of
Eng., from improver to foreman &
mgr.; arr. Melb. under engagement
to Buckley & Nunn, as draughtsman
'11; mgr. Ball. Furniture Co. since
'14; mbr. com. Ball. B.C.; mbr.
B'yong Mas. Lodge.
HARRIS, Walter Wm.; P.M.. coroner
and warden Ball. dist. ; s. of Wai tor
H. Harris: educ. S.S. and Athcn-
aem Sen., Melb. (matrie.); for some
time on metrop, press: Joined Crown
Law Dept. '81; served as deposition
clerk in various courts, later vari-
ously clerk of eta., receiver and
paymaster: Old Age Pensions
Commr. at metrop. nnd prov. con-
tors; qual. for p.m. '93; elevated
t.< l.purh '07; stationed at Sale nnd
Dandenong. prom, to Ball. 1916;


chm. various Indust. Wages Bds.;
a frequent contrib. to press on legal
topics; has drafted forms of de-
cisions and orders for use of Jus-
tices and others and has adapted all
various forms of oaths, affirma-
tions and declarations used in the
courts for general use and re-
ference; an expert shorthand writer.
HARBISON, Charles W.; b. G'long;
arr. Ball., 'C5; assist, father in Ball.
East; estab. as tailor & outfitter,
Sturt-st., "78; one time champ, run-
iier & hurdler; won his first hurdle
race, scr., '75; at Smythesdale also
won 600 yds. steeple (ten hurdles
& two 22ft. water jumps); also won
120 yds. at Ararat from scr., '77;
won altogether 60 events; v.-p. and
judge, Hort. Soc. ; treas. Gun Club:
pres. Ball. Poultry Soc.; ex-pres. &
mbr. orig. com. U.P.S. Disp.; mbr.
cl. Royal Soc. of St. George.

HARBISON 1 , James; b. Scarsdale, '80;
s. of J. R. Harrison; educ. Mac-
arthur-st. S.S., and S. of Mines
(mech. drawing); assist, father at
Albert foundry; apprent. eng. and
mech. drawing; later foreman Union
& Albert foundries; bus. rep. "Even-
ing Echo" '13-15; pres. T. & L. Cl.
'00 '05 &'13: treas. '14-15; pres. Ball.
P.L.C., '13-'14; treas., '14-'15; sec.
Ball. Amalg. Soc. Eng '04-'14; con-
tested Ball. E. electorate, "14; App.-
officer Ball. F.B., '10-'14; mbr. Ball.
R.C., and successful oarsman for
sev. years; sec. Ball, branch Tram-
ways Emp. Un., "13-'15; sec. Gas
Workers' Un., '14-'15; first sec, Tex-
tile Workers' Un., '15; took part in
first One Big Union Conf., G'long,
'15; Sgt. Grenade Corps, on active
service with the A.I.F., European
war, "15-'16; one of designers of
A-H-D hand grenade (bomb) for
use in war.

GARRISON, Wm.; b. Preston (Lan-
cashire) '50; ident. with cotton and
woollen industry since early youth;
successively with Horrocks & Mil-
lers (now Crudens), calico manufrs.
Haslem Bros., woollen millers Pres-
ton (Eng.) and since '79 with
Castlemaine (Vic.) 3 yrs.; & Ball,
woollen mill cos., now one of oldest
spinners at Sunnyside; mbr. Amalg.
Minders & Spinners Assoc., Preston
and later Sec. Ball. Mill Operatives
Un., holding various offices at inter-
vals for over 25 yrs. past; del. on
Ball. T. & L. Cl. for many yrs.; also
operatives' rep. on Wages Bd.; ex-
pres. & ex-treas. Ball. T. & L. Cl.:
mbr. Aust. Trades Congress at
Ball. '91; ex-pres. B.U.F.S. Disp.
com.; P.C.R. and Conf. delegate Mt.
Pleas. Tent, I.O.R. ; ex-pres. Aust.
Tndust. Exhib. Com.; ex-pres. South
St. Lit & Deb. Soc.; also a keen
cricketer and one of leading mbrs.
Sun. Sch. C.A. severil years, life gov.
Ballarat Benevolent Asylum

HART, Henry C. ; b. Byaduck, '75; 9.
of Wm. Hart, of St. Kilda; educ.
S.S.; joined Educ. Dept. as jun. tr.,
'90; charge of Nine Mile Tank S.S.,
'94; Glenlee, '96; Mirboo and Mirboo
S., '97; Beremboke, '99; Pootilla, '01;
Scotchman's Lead, '12; Longwood,
'15; resided Ball., '05-'12; sec. first
A.N.A. Social Club; pres. Barkly-st.
Social & Literary Guild, and mbr.
debating team: pres. Barkly-st. C.C.
2yrs.; pres. Ball. E. A.N.A., '09; sec.
5th class Teachers' Assoc., '10
(merged into Ball, branch Vic. T.U.,
'11); sec. Amalg. Soc. & del. exec,
com. Vic. S.S.T.U.; v.-p. Vic. T.U.,
'14; pres., '15; worked hard for
"Trained Nurses" scheme for A.N.A.
members (in addition to medical at-
tendance) ; was the first advocate
of All-Australian idea for Ben.
Jahn "Zoo"; pres. of combined
Ball. A.N.A. amalgamation com.;
and mbr A.N.A. draughts team.
HART, Prof. Thos. S. M.A.. Bach. C.B.
b. Caulfield, '71; s. of John Hart; &
earliest lawyers of Melb.) ; educ.
Melb. Univ.; prof, of geology and
g.s. of 1. Sir Geo. Stephen (one of
botany, Ball. S. of Mines, &. curator
of museum, '96-'13; ex-sec. Ball.
Science Soc.; first principal of Sch.
of Forestry, Cres... (estab. '10);
settled in Melbourne, 1916; author
of several geol. and botanical
publications & papers for Royal
Soc. of Vic., and Vic. Naturalists*
Soc., viz.: " Inflammability of coast-
al Scrub," "Bedrock Structure of
West. Vic." "Geol. of Main Divide"
(for Brit. Assoc. Congress) ; & "Some
Coastal Plants their shelter value
and fire danger"; sec. Sebas. Cong.
Ch. for many yrs.; later mbr. Ball.
Ch.; ex-pres. Ball. C.E. Union.
HARVEY, Clarice; d. of 1. John Lyell
Harvey; educ. Cent. S.S. and Conv.
of Mercy, Ball. E. ; typiste & steno-
grapher, J. J. Goller & Co. since "09;
one of fdrs. & first pres. City of
Ball. Band Ladies' Club (estab, '15);
pres. Ball, branch A.W.A.. '15; con-
vener & mbr. Women's Recruiting
Campaign Com.; one of fdrs. and
first sec. of Ladies' Rifle club; reg.
tr. of mus. by Melb. Univ. Conserv.
HARVEY, Richard; J.P.; b. G'long.
'55; settled Ball. '64; educ. Hogg's
Sch.; coach builder at Brougham-st.,
Ball. N., since '76; gaz. J.P. '07;
regular attendant Ball. E. bench;
also consenting justice for marriage
of minors, '12; received public pre-
sentation of 20 guineas and large
Bible when boy of 14, for bravery
In rescuing two younger sisters
from his father's home when it was
afire, 14/9/'6S; he "broke open the
front door and nobly rescued his
two little sisters from a terrible
death," vide fly-leaf of gift Bible;
chairman Ball. N. Citizens' Ry.
Workshops Advocacy Com., '10; sec.


Ball. N. Citizens' North Ry. Station
Advoc. Com., '08; pres. Sold. Hill
Brass Band, 98; keen follower
parity, and mun. politics; chairman
sev. candidates' com.; P. Worthy
Patriarch Sons of Temperance Soc. ;
assoc. with Neil-st. Meth. Ch. and
Sun. Sch. for 52 yrs.; one of oldest
trustees; on Ball. E. Circuit Local
Preachers' plan for 40 yrs.; pres.
Ball. N. Progress Association.

HASSELI., Frank Bury; b. Wend.,
'67; s. of 1. George Hassell, & neph-
ew of 1. Thos. Bury ("Tom Touch-
stone") ; educ. Wendouree and Mac-
arthur-street S.S.; mbr. firm
of Hassell & Rogers, builders and
contractors, Armstrong-st., Sth.,
Ball.; sec. Builders' & Joiners'
Trades Union, 'S8-'91; sec. Master
Builders' Assoc., '08; sec. Wend.
M.I.A.. '85; active mbr. Wend. C.C.
and Ball. North F.C.; mbr. Wend.
R.C. famous "Snipes" eight un-
beaten sev. yrs. & Vic. champ., '94);
pres. City A.N.A., '98; del. Bairns-
dale conf., '04; trustee 3 yrs.; mbr.
building com. & branch del. on
B.U.F.S. Disp.; president Ball.U. F.
S. Dispensary '14; sec. Ball. Brick
& Tile Co.; fdtn. mbr. Wend. Rec.
club; hon. sec., '14-'16; mbr. exec.
Ball. B.A.; hon. sec. St. John's C of
E., and later Vicar's warden and
Synod rep.; mbr. Tarrowee Mas.
Lodge; first v.-p. Macarthur-st. S.S.
Old Schol. Assoc., '15.

HAT3UCX, Arch.; b. Scarsdale, '63;
s. of Arch. Hatrick (col. since '55);
educ. Redan S.S.; builder & con-
tractor, Nicholson-st., Ball. N., since
'85; erected Golden Point Meth. &
Vlctoria-st. Baptist Churches, East-
ern Station Hotel, &c.; pres. BalL
Master I'-uildcrs* Assoc., '14-'15;
capt. Ball. Rifle Club (2 yrs.); ex-
mbr. S. of Mines Cl.

HAWKER, James; b. Somersetshire
(Eng.), '64; arr. Q'land, '85; settled
Vie., '91; & emp. in nearly all Ball,
mines until '11; elected mbr. com.
Ball, branch Miners' Assoc., '96;
pres.. '07; pres. A.M.A. of Vic. and
Tas., '11; rep. miners' on wages bd.
at Inception, In '01; retired from
mining in '11; now assist, ranger of
Water Comm.; P.O. Loyal Ball.
Lodge, M.U.I.O.O.F.; W.M., Yarro-
wee Mas. Lodge, '14-'15.

HEXHZE, Bernard T.; s. of B. Helnze:
b. '94; educ. St. Pat. Coll., Ball.;
obt. L.A.B. at age of 16; open
champ, violin sect.. Ball. comp. '11;
won ent. schol Melb. Univ. Conserv.
under Prof. Felix Oade. '12; awar-
ded Clarke schol. at Royal Coll. of
Music, Lond. (tenable 3 yrs.), '13;
commenced studies under Slgnor
Revardi; made successful nubile
appearance at Belgian Relief Con-
cert <S<:ot.), May 21st. '15; aban-
doned studies, Sept. '15, to vol. for

active service with British forces
in France; obt. Comm. as Lieut, in
Royal Garrison Artillery gun sect.

HELLARD, Isaac; b. Ball. E., '64; s.
of 1. John Hellard (one time Church
Officer of Lyd.-st. Meth. Ch.); educ.
Roseinblum's S., Humffray-st.; dept.
mgr. at Crocker's Hall of Commerce
for 26 yrs.; rep. bowler of Ball, for
many yrs.; once champ, and once
runner-up, and winner sev. hdcps.
Ball. B.C.; champ. City B.C., 'OO-'Ol;
champ. B.B.A., '99-'00; runner-up
'07-'08; at present rink capt., Ball.
Club; playing mbr. Ball. Drapers'
C.C. for several years.

HENDERSON, Cr. Clias. T.; b.
Miners' Rest; farmer and grazier.
Weatherboard; ent. Ball. Shire Cl.,
'14; hon. sec. B'beet & W'mere Presb.
Ch.; mbr. Ball. A. & P. Cl.; one of
fdrs. B'beet & W'mere Farmers' Co-
op. Assoc.; frequent exhibitor prize
Clydesdale stock.

HENDERSON, Septimus Chas.; s.
of 1. Francis C. Henderson (school-
master) ; b. Bgo., '82; educ. Ross'
Creek, Waurn Ponds and Pootilla
S.S.; settled Ball. '95; mgr. Williams
the Shoemen's headquarters, Bridge-
st... since '09; supt. Barkly-st. Meth.
Sun. Sch. since '11; sec. Barkly-st.
Meth. Ch. Trust; pres. Barkly-st.
C.E. Soc. since '10; instructor Bark-
ly-st. athletic and gym. club since
'02; instructor St. Paul's gym. club,
10-'14; instructor St. John's (Sold-
iers' Hill) and St. Andrew's gym.
club, '12-'13; hon. gen. sec. Ball.
Y.M.C.A. for some time; also in-
structor Y.M.C.A. gym. class.

HENNEBRY, Rev. Father James; b.
Waterford (Ire.), '79; s. of Richard
Hennebry; educ. C.B. Preparatory
Coll. and St. John's Eccles. Coll.
Waterford: ord. by Bishop Sheehan
at Waterford Cath. and left for
Aust. '05; parish priest at Koroit.
Ararat, Watchem, Maryborough: &
assist, priest St. Patrick's Cath.,
Ball., with oversight of L'month.,
Waubra & Miners' Rest districts:
appointed priest In charge St.
Alipius'. Ball. E., '15; spiritual dir.
St. P. Y.M.C. and Ladies' Saorert
Heart Soc.: mbr. St. P. Day Fest.
Com.: Capt.-Chap. C'wealth Milit.
Forces; Ladies' H.A.C.B.S., St. P.
Coll., and Wend. Hosp. for Insane.

HENLEY, Lieut. Robert P.; b.
Ball. E., '84; s. of Harry Henley;
educ. Queen-st. and Cent. S.S.; pte.
3rd. Batt. Inf., '02; and later 7th
A.I.R.; gunner R. A. Garr. Art.,
Brisbane. '10; Instr. staff and staff-
set. -mjr. '12; later posted to Gymple
Maryborough. Mt. Morgan and Too-
woomba (Q.): transf. to Ball, as
S.S.M of 30th A.M.C.: temp, at-
tached No. 6 Field Amb. Corps,
i meadows, '15; and A.M.C.
Ball. Training Camp, '16-'16; capt.


instr. staff C.C. & F.C., and R. A. Q.
Art. F.C., Brisbane, '12-' 13; mbr.
Vic. C.C., Ball., '14-'lo; sterling bat.;
mbr. Pioneer Lodge, I.O.O.F.; and

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