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Naval and Milit. Mas. Lodge, Bris-
bane; comm. as lieut. & Q.M. 3rd
Casualty Clearing Hosp. for active
service, 1916.

KEF WORTH, Sfft. Fred.; s. of Fred
Hepworth; b. Clunes, "94; educ.
Clunes S.S. and Ball. A.H.S.; pte.
30th A.M.C., Ball., '12; Staff-sgt. &
later Reg.-sgt.-mjr., '14; Transport
Sgt. on active service with No. 6
Field Amb., 3rd. A.I.F.. Gallipoli &
Egypt, campaigns, '15-'16; mbr. S.
City C.C., and All Saints' Tennis

HERBERT, Clias. E.; b. Ball. '71; s.
of 1. H. C. Herbert; educ. Pleas, st.
S.S.; a/ct for Crawford, Bowling &
Seymour, stock salesmen; fdtion
mbr. ex capt. and hcpr. and now v.
p. of Ball. Harrier club; mbr. of
team that won Cohen shield in 10
mile C.C.C. of Vic. '96, '98 and '99;
won individual C.C.C. of Vic. '94,
*96 (new Aust. record 59m. 5 s.) ;
and '99; 2nd in '95 and 5th in '93,
Three Mile Track Champ, of Aust.
at Melb. '93 (new Aust. record for
two and three miles) ; Three Mile
Track Champ, of Vic. '94 and '96;
2nd in '97; held record for two miles
for a time '92; won first Inter-State
Five Mile C.C.C. at Syd. '94; 2nd in
three mile test race between Melb.
and Syd. H. Clubs '94; won Ball. H.
C. first Five Mile Novice Hep. '93,
and the first and second Five Mile
Sealed Heps. '96 and '97; estab. new
record for course 26m. 53s. '96;
won numerous other club and open
contests; for some yrs. hcpr. and
now v. p. Ball. Center V.A.A.A. and
mbr. of boxing and wrestling tour-
nament sub. com.; mbr. City R.C.
sev. yrs.; v. p. Ball. Imp. F.C.; for
some yrs. cent, umpire F"ball Lea-
gue; mbr. Pleasant st. Old Boys'
Association Committee.

HERBERT, George; b. Ball.; s. of
Daniel Herbert (col. of '54 & pioneer
florist); educ. Martin's Sch.; tr. of
piano, and organ, and harmony, &c.;
mbr. of firm of G. & F Herbert,
piano and music sellers, Sturt-st.:
art. pupil to A. T. Turner; later vis.
Eng., and stud, at Royal Acad. of
Mus., Lond.; cond. of Ball. Lieder-
tafel and other mus. soc.; org. St.
John's and St. Paul's Ang. Churches
for many yrs.; at present org.
Tarrowee Mas. Lodge, Ball., and
org. & choir master St. Andrew's,
Brighton; and examiner for Vic.,
Coll. of Mus., Lond.; official ac-
comp. South St. Soc. Eisteddfod; has
produced many grand and comic
operas, and accompanied for leading
visiting solo artists; l.g. Hosp.,
Benev. Asylum and Orph.

HERBERT, Harold B.; b. Ball., '92;
s. of above; educ. Ball. Coll., Ball.
Tech. Art. Sch. and Swinburne

Coll., Glenferrie; assist. Govt. Art
Insp., Melb., '11-'14; then became de-
signer for sev. leading metropolitan
manufacturing, etc., firms; now sen.
master, Tech. Art Sch., Ball. W.;
one of prom, and mbr. com. Tech.
Art. Sch. Students' Reunion, 'IB;
prize taker Ball. Ladies' Art. Assoc.,
and Melb. A.N.A. Exhib., for best
all-round work, and special prize for
designing; held successful exhib. of
water colors, etc., Melb., which ex-
cited favorable comment, Nov., "15.

HERBERT, H. P.: s. of 1. H. C. Her-
bert; b. Ball. '79; educ. Pleas, st.
S.S.; for 22 yrs. past with J. E. An-
drews, merch. Sturt-st., active mbr.
E. Ball, and later Ball. Harrier
clubs, winner E.B.H. 5-mile hep. In
27 min. 53 sees. '01; 2nd do. '00;
won 10-mile B div. champ. Vic.'OO;
mbr. Ball. H.C. 10-mile team win-
ners Coldham-Cohen Shield 10-mile
C.C.C. of Vic. '96 and '99, 4th in 6-
mile C.C.C. of Vic. '01; took part in
relay despatch carrying run bet.
Ball, and Melb. 24/5/'98 (run in
snow storm) ; hon. sec. Ball. Local
Center of V.A.A.A. '02; mbr. Ball.
City R.C. and coxswain in '90. when
seven wins were secured; also mbr.
old Ball. Gymnastic Club.

HERMAN, Frank; mbr. firm of J. J.
Goller & Co., wine & spirit merch.
(estab, '55); b. Canadian, '55; s. of .
Gabriel Herman; joined staff of
Goller & Co., as Jun. clerk, '74, later
attaining propriet. interest; mbr.
com. Hosp. since '98; pres., '06-7;
dir. Ball. Banking Co.; Gas Co.;
Trustees, etc. Co.; Eureka T. C. &
T. Co.; Brind & Co., Ltd.; and sev.
g.m. co.'s; mbr. S. of Mines Cl.;
mbr. finance com. "Forward Ballar-
at" movement.

HERMAN, Prank G.; s. of above; b.
Ball., '94; educ. Ball. A.H.S. and
G'long Coll.; (str. Coll. eight In
head of river races) ; mbr. Aust.
Mtd. Cadet Corps on tour of Great
Britain & Continent, '14-'15, war
breaking out whilst in Eng. volun-
teered and served six months in
home defence; ret. Ball., April, '15;
Joined Army Service Corps, fifth
Exp. Force on active service, Oct.,

HERMAN, Arnold Glover; b. Ball. '97;
s. of Frank Herman; educ. Ball.
Coll. and Scotch Coll., Melb.; mbr.
Aust. Mtd. Cadet Corps on tour Grt.
Britain and Continent, '14-'15;
served six months in home defence
at outbreak of war; ret Ball., April,

H1CKEY, tient. Wm.; b. Ball.: 8. of I.
Jas. Hickey; educ. St. P. Coll. Ball.:
proceeded to Canada '13: enlisted
for active service in European war
at Ontario: Joined ranks of Cana-
dian Exped. force '15; underwent
final course of training in Ens.;
took part in operations in France
early part of 16; wounded in ac-



tion and invalided to England;
for some yrs. active athlete, being
mbr. Ball. Handball club, Ball. R.
C.; mbr. com. and str. winning sen.
four, etc.; also cyclist and foot-

HIGOINS, Most. Bv. Joseph; Cath.
Bishop of Ball.; b. Moyvore, Co.
Westmeath (Ire.), '39; educ at St.
Finian's Seminary, Navan, and St.
P. Col., Maynooth (prizeman in
theol. and eccles. history) ; class-
fellows. Archbishops Carr & Walsh;
ord. priest and app. curate in Tulla-
more, King's Co., in '63; pres. and
prof, of St. Finian's Seminary '67-
*84; parish priest of Castletown Del-
vin, '84; while there was pres. of the
National League during stormy days
of "Plan of Campaign, and remem-
bers with pride his " limited part "
in securing from local landlord im-
portant concessions in favor of an
oppressively taxed peasantry; chosen
by Holy See as aux. bishop of Syd.,
and coadjutor to Cardinal Moran as
Bishop of Antifelle, March, '89;
bishop of Rockhampton '99-'05;
bishop of Ball.. '05-15; celebrated
golden jubilee of priesthood & silver
jubilee of episcopate, '14; St. Jo-
seph's Home built and St. John of
God Hosp. estab. during recent
yrs. [The compiler regrets that
the Bishop died during compilation
of book].

HILL, Lizzie; b. Ball.; d. of 1. John
Hill; educ. Macarthur-st. S.S. (merit
cert, at 10 yrs.); obt. Educ. Dept.
cert, of competency, and also phys.
culture and gym. cert.; Educ. Dept
service since '01; Jun. tr. Macarthur-
st. S.S., and later h.t. Kinglake S.S.,
and assist, tr. Humffray-st. S.S.;
mbr. com. Macarthur-st. S.S. Old
Schol. Assoc.; successful trainer of
S.S. teams In choral action songs,
phys. culture, folk games, etc.,
comp. at Ball, and other centres for
several yrs. past; cond. champ,
team at Ball., '11 (four prizes for
four events); Launceston, '12 (three
firsts, inc. choral, and one second);
road, choirs and teams at sev. sch.
displays; also tr. in St. John's Ang.
Sun. Sch., and cond. choirs in sev.

Hill,, Or. W. D.; J.P.; b. Ball.. '58;
s. of I. A. Hill from Olas.) ;mbr. firm
of Hill & Grose, auct. & furniture
salesmen; mbr. City Cl. since '05;
mayor, '09-'10 & '1-17: water comr.
'09-'ll; gaz. J.P. '12; first pres., &,
since '81, sec. of South-st. Debating
oc.: gen. sec. Grand National Eis-
teddfod of Australasia since '90*.
active debater and prize winner in
younger days; hon. sec. St. And-
rew's Kirk for over 20 yr.; v.-p.
Orph. Com.. '15; sec. Ball. T IjiW
tafel, '8J-'97; l.g. Benev. Asylum;
mbr. 8. of Mines Cl., and Caled.
Boc, Cl.; mbr. JLH.S. AdvUory

Council; originated idea of Ball.
Tourist Bureau, 1916; mbr. Enter-
tainment com. of "Forward Ballar-
at" movement; hon. sec. Queen
Carnival for Red Cross, etc., 1916.

HOADLEY, Chas. Arch.; M.Sc.; b.
Melb., '87; s. of Abel Hoadley.
(manufr., Melb.); educ. Wesley
Coll., Queen's Coll., Melb. Univ. '10;
courses min. eng., science, and ge-
ol.; winner of Caroline Kay s'ship
(Univ.) ; member Mawson Antarctic
exped. as geologist at Western base;
Queen Mary land, '11-'13; volun-
teered to join the Australian ex-
pedition for relief of section of
Shackleton exploring party, '16; lct.
& demonst. science & physics, S. of
M.. Ball., since '14; hon. sec. Ball.
Science Soc.. '15; mbr. com. Wend.
Tennis Club; principal Footscray
Jun. Tech. School '16.

HO AXE, Cr. Win.; mayor of Ball. E.;
b. Ball. E., '64; s. of Geo. Hoare
(col. of '54); educ. Stock's Sch.;
mbr. firm of Buchanan & Hoare.
machy., etc., merchants; mbr. Ball.
E. Town Cl. since '08; mayor, '15-
'16; pres. Ball. E. B.C., *14-'15; pres.
Golden Pt. C.C., 4 yrs.; pres. Ball.
Cricket Assoc., 3 yrs.; pres. Old
Golden Gate C.C.; mbr. Orph. Com.;
dlr. sev. Ball, and dist. min. co's.
bds.; mbr. Exhib. conim.; pres. Ball.
E. Men's Red Cross Soc.; & chair-
man Town Recruiting exec.

HOB AW, Male: L.T.C.L.: L.A.B.; b.
Waubraj d of Edmund Butler; educ.
Loreto Convent and East Melb. Con-
serv. of Mus.; tr. of muc., eloc., and
dram, art; reg. prim, and sec. tr. of
mus.; L.A.B. '08; A.T.C.L. (honors)
11; L.T.C.L. '13; 2nd eloc. cham..
Christ Church (N.Z.) Exhib. comp.
V.P. Ball. Mus. Trs. Assoc.; has
appeared in casts at Repertoire
Theatre, Melb; pupils have won
first prizes past four yrs. at South-
st. Soc. comp., also Jun. eloc. and
vocal champ, and have passed Con-
serv. and Royal Acad. exams, m.
IJt. D. J. Hoban, A.I.F., 1915.

HOG AN, Edmond John; M.L.A.; mbr.
for Whelp; s. of Jeremiah Hogan;
b. Wallace, '84; educ. Ormond R.C.
Sch.; agric. pursuits till '04; then
undertook industrial organisation;
while a timber worker on W.A.
gold fields, org. the Goldflelds Fire-
wood Workers' Un.. at Kurramia.
Lakeside, and Kurrawang: rep. un.
at sev. negotiations on industrial
matters with firewood cos.: sec
Kurrawang F. W. Un.. '12-'13: and
whilst visiting Vic. was nominated
by Labor party for vacant Whelp
t In Lejrls. Assembly, and wan
returned. Feb. 28, '13; re-elected.
14; mbr. Vic. Royal Comm. on
Fruit and Vegetable Industry; sec.
Lands and Agric. Com. of Labor
Party; waa for sev. yrs. champ,
caber tosser, weight putter & ham-
mer thrower of W.A.; keen student



of rural indust. problems.
oi-LWAY, Cr. ThOB. Tuke; b. Ball.

5b; s. of 1. John Hollway (col. of
early 50's); educ. Ball. Coll.: now
principal of firm of J. H. & Sons
wholesale & retail manuf. tinsmiths
etc.; mbr. City Cl. since '05; mayor

10-11, mbr. water comm. '09-11; &
'15-17; pres. Ball. N. Rec. Club '11-
12; now V.P.; pres. Mech. Inst. '08-
9; lo-16; treas. and l.g. Orph.; pres.

05; ex-pres. Exhib. comm. Old Col.
Assoc. and Club Ball. Rowing
Assoc. and Wend. R.C.; umpire Ball
regatta many yrs.; one of senr.
mbrs. City A.N.A.; and Yarrowee

(,. r ' ^ n ? r r7; b r - Clare < Ire )
60, s. of 1. Pat Horan; arr. Aust.

with parents '62: educ. Gren. Coll
(matric.); jun. tr. Queen-st. SS.;
later h.t. at Wimmera, Blakeville,
Linton and Sebas> : ex-sec. Blake-
ville Free Lib.; ex-pres. Linton Free
Lib.; capt. Linton Rifle Club, and
pres. Linton Tennis Club sev. yrs
served in Gordons and Egerton de-
tachment V.M.R.

Mas. Lodge, v.p. Liedertatel; ex- HO ? E ' Samuel J.; b Fitzroy, '77; s.
v r Tmr IT" f i->.Ana *-.. ~__4.i _i ! of Ruf

v.p. Imp. F.C.; treas. Macarthur-st.
old schol. com.; v.-p. Ball. North
Progress Association.
HOLST, Fred. W.; b. Sebas., '68; s. of
Arnold Hoist (pioneer miner of dist-
rict) ; educ. White's Sch., Redan; a
practical miner in early manhood;
later of Vic. Rys. loco, branch;
commenced stock-broking '93 (dur-
ing Steiglitz boom); mbr. Ball.
Stock F'xch. since '03; mbr. Melb.
S.E. since '08; chairman Central
Plat Co. since '02; dir. other
min. cos. and floated many cos. in
Vic. and W.A.; introduced idea of
distributing -free plans of min.
fields, and issues monthly guide to
mining and investment stocks; pres.
Sebas. Old Boys' Association.
HOLT, lewis V.; b. B'go '77; s. of T.
Holt (col. of 50's and for many yrs
loco, engineer of Vic.. Rys); educ.
Sale Coll.; Joined Savings Bank ser-
vice '97; stationed various branches
and a/ct. Ball, staff '10-13; mgr.
Bairnsdale branch '13-15; ret. to
Ball, as a'ct. '15; active mbr. Cent.
Bowling Club, Ball.; ex-pennant
rink capt. and most successful skip-
per '12-13; mbr. sev. rep. rinks in
champ, and other matches; runner-

of Rufus Hore (a pioneer band
musician of Melb.); prop. Lime and
Cement Stores, P.all.. '03-'15; rep.
Ball, cricketer; c?pt. Cent. C.C.. '13-
14: mbr. com. and selection com.
Ball. C.C.; has rep. Ball. agst. Inter-
national, Interstate and Inter-City
elevens; scored first century in dis-
trict cricket.

HOSXXN, John Alfcert: b. Ball., '67-
s.of Thos. Ho-Mkin (col. of '52);
educ. Cox's Sch.; apprent. F. W.
Niven & Co., printers; later fore-
man; one of prom and dir. Ball.
Litho and Printing Prop. Co., Ltd.;
for many yrs. playing mbr. and v.-
capt. Imp. F.C.; a cricketer for 34
yrs. past; successively mbr. Wend.,
Ball. City, North City C.C.; capt.
City C.C. 3 yrs.: mbr. com. N. City
C.C.; first in Went! club to score a
century, '96; tr. Macarthur-st. and
Wend. Sun. Sch , mbr. com. Mac-
arthur-st. S.S. Old Schol. Assoc.

SO SKIN, Richard H.; b. Golden Pt.,
(N.S.W.), '78; arr. Ball., '90; leader
old 3rd Batt. gym. club.; later instr.
Skipton-st., Humffray-st. & Golden
Pt. (Ball. E.) gym. clubs; success-
ful instr. Golden Pt. comp teams.

- ,- - ~ ...~ , Cl -, .

up club champ. '12-13; pres. Elstern- 1 winners numerous prizes, inc. Colt-
wick and Caulfield branch A.N.A. ! r ^ a - n Cu P. at South-st. Soc., comp.;
n7- o - _rviK^ A T A <-^^r. n i - nn ^, * also of Golden Pt. Ladies' teams.

winners sev. prizes; now phys dir.

Y.M.C.A.; mbr. 7th A.I.R.

ex-mbr. Metropolitan com. of

HOOSEN, Edwd.; b. Mold (N. Wales),
'47; worked in lead mines of Nth.
Wales, and arr. Aust., "69; sup-
porter of mining investments at
Pleasant Creek (Stawell), Ararat,
Maryborough, McCallum's Creek,
Allendale and Sebas.; shareholder in
Sloane's & Scotchman's G.M. Co.
since '75; dir since '00; settled
Sebas., '02 (thougl. closely identi-
fied with Bor. prior to that yr.) ;
ex-pres. and patron Sebas. Mus.
Soc.: mbr. com. S^bas. Eisteddfod
sev. yrs. ; ex-mod, of Welsh Presbyt.
Ch. of Vic.; sen. deacon Carmel
Welsh Ch., Sebas.; treas. Cymrod-

HOPKINS, Cr. John; b. Sebas., '70; s.
of 1. Morgan Hopkins (of Cardiff,
S. Wales; col. of enrly *60's); educ.
Sebas. S.S.; butcher, Albert-st., Se-
bas., since '00; ent. Sebas. Bor. CL
05; mayor. '12-' 13; one of fdrs.


teams (Schumacher Cup winners,
'08, & Ballhausen Shield winners);
top scorer, '04; also mbr. Ball. Rifle
club; won sev. matches, inc. V.R.A.
medal, two-match aggregate.

HOWABTH, Tillie; h Ball.; educ.
Farr's p.s. ; and musically by Miss
Bunce (d. of Dr. Bunce), C. H. Rus-
sell, Elsie Hall and Sig. de Beau-
puis, Melb.: winner open piano solo
Ball. Eistedd. ; passed Assoc. Bd.'s
first exam, in Ball.; the first Ball,
student to enter Molb. Univ. Con-
serv. ; org. the Cecil Fraser (her
protege) concerts in Ball.; coached
winners of over 100 prizes at Ball..
B'go., G'long, etc., comp.; address,
Albert-st., Ballarat.

HUDSON, Robert Arthur; s. of Thos.
Hudson( one of earliest munic. val-
uers of Ball. E.). b Ball., '60; educ.
St. Paul's S.S.; estab. business of



plumber and gasfitttr and elec. eng.,
Victoria & HumTrav-sts. Ball.. '90;
electrified Her Majesty's Theatre.
*97; St. Joseph's Home, '13; Mech.
Inst., '15; one of fdrs. and hon. sec.
Vic. B.C. '13-'1- for many yrs.
mbr. Ball. B.C.

HUGHES, Cr. David: .I.P.; b. Glam-
organshire (Wale-3), '34; sailed for
U.S.A., '31; mininrf pursuits there
till '57; mining at Ball., *58-'62;
estab as merch in Sebas., retiring
'90; mbr. Sebas Bor. Cl. since '69;
mayor six term.-,, gaz. J.P., '70;
life patron Sebas. Cambrian Soc. ;
shareholder New Imp G.M. Co. over
50 yrs.: chairman Co. many yrs.;
l.g. Ball. Benev. Asylum; pres. Se-
bas. Free Lib. sev yr. ; deacon Bap-
tist Tabernacle and Sun. Sch.
supt. 45 yrs.: chairman Sebas. Sch.
Bd. of Advice 15 yrs.
HUGHES. The*.' b. Sebas., '64; s. of
above: educ. Seb^s. S.S. and Bain's
H.S.; mbr. firm T. Hughes & Sons
(est. by father), grocers & merch.;
capt. Sebas. F.B 9 yrs.: (L.S. medal
& 3 clasps, 30 yrs. service) ; ex-pres.
Country F.B. Assoc. : trustee Free
Lib. and T.M.C.: trustee Meth. Ch.;
patron Sebas. F.C. ex-sec. Sebas.

HUMITRAY, Baon Rowlands;
Chief Pettv Officer; s. of Howard
Rowlands Humffray (of Vic. Rys.)
and .s. of 1. Hon. John Basson
Humffray, (first mbr. for Ball, in
old Vic. Legis. Cl.) one of five
goldfield reps.; first mbr. for Ball.
W. (Grenville) in first reformed
Legis. Assembly; first Minister of
Mines; died '91): b. Ball. '88: educ.
Macarthur-st. S.S. & Sch. of Mines;
mbr. staff of Ronaldson Bros., and
Tippett (eng. dent.); vol. for naval
service in war 16; app. ensrine-
room articifer with rank of C.P.O.
in Royal Aust. Navy (qual. by
exam); light-weight amat. champ,
boxer of Ball. '09; amat. champ,
sculler of Ball. '14: active mbr. of
Wend. R.C. for 12 yrs. past, firstly
an cox, later str., coach, one of
selectors, and mbr. gen. com.;
gained sen. rank and in sev. wlnn>-
ing pairs and fours; str. Ronaldson
Bros. & Tippett's crews for three
yrs. ('13. '14 and '15), in winning
walker Cup Industrial Crews Com-
petition outright; mbr. Ball. Re-
gatta Association.

HUMPHREYS. William T.; J.P.; b.
it'll.. '58; a. of 1. Thomas Humph-
reys (col. of '56) educ. Bain's H.8..
and Stocks' Belt.: fr.r many yrs.
Tnging. clerk for 1 Hon. D. Ham,
M I,.C.; mbr. of Stork Exch.; vice-
chairman for 3 vra : later chairman;
Ita*. J.P., '07: dlr. Pall. Banking Co.,
Gas Co.. aud. Ball. Trustees Co.;
treaft. City and Town Mission sev.
yr.; stock brokr * a/ct.. Lyd.-st.;
l.g. Benev. Asylur-; mbr. S. of Mines

HUMPHRIES, Albert W.; b. Melb.,
'79; s. of W. HuirphJies (Vic. Rys.);
educ. Port Melb. S.S.; mbr. staff
Suttons Prop. Ltr.. nince '00; transf.
Ball, branch as warehouse mgr., '02;
well-known publi entertainer (solo
barit. & pianist): won numerous
prizes at comp. : 'ending soprano St.
John's C. of B. (Melb.) choir, '93-6) ;
Melb.; ent. Educ. Pept. as student
mbr. Melb. Philharmonic Soc. choir
1900-4; hon. sec. Ball. East B.C.; '11-
'14; club champ '!3-'14; hon. sec
Golden Point SS Com., since '14;
org. Ball. Mas. Ledgrt
; HUNT, Very Rev. Cornelias J.; B.A.:
C.S.S.R. (Cong, of Most Holy Re-
deemer) ; Rector, Redemptorists'
Monastery, Wend.; b Co. Limerick
(Ire.); educ. Murtfret Coll. Limer-
ick, and All Hallows Coll., Dublin;
B.A. of Royal Irish Univ., Dublin;
joined Redemptorists' Order in Ire-
land, and after filliner sev. appoint-
ments in Eng. and Ireland, reached
Aust., '92; rector Redemptorists*
Monastery, Perth, for some yrs., and
now in second term as Rector of
Wend. Monastery; important ad-
ditions and improvements to Wend.
Monastery, including erection of
beautiful chapel effected during his

HUNTER, Capt Alex.; A.S.A.A.
(Eng.); b. Ball.- s of 1. Alex. Hun-
ter, J.P. (early plrneer) ; educ. Gren.
Coll.; public a/ct. & c-st. agent, Arm-
strong-st.. Ball since '97; Govt.
Mun. Aud.: lie. aud. under Coy's
Act; 2nd-Li*ut 7th A.I.R., '04;
Lieut., '05; Capt.. '08; 2nd in com-
mand 70th Regt., '15; detailed for
special duty on hvim<? service during
war, "14-15; mbr. B'yong Bor. Cl.
since '08; mayor, *14-'15; chairman
B'yong Recruiting Com., and other
patriotic moverr.ontr; addresses
Ball, and B'yong

HURLEY. Thos.; TnFp of Ball. No. 1
Sch. Dist., since April, '13; b. Cere
(G'long), '64; a. of 1. John Hurley
(col. of '55)- e.^uc. Flinders S.3..
G'long, and Teachers' Train. Coll..
in training under G. F. Link, at
Mentone, '82; staMonod successively
at Lurg, Benalla, Rverton, Elm-
hurst, (sen. mas f er h.s. : first head-
master Bendigo h.s., '06-7; then app.
inspector Western District & Ball.:
ex-pres. Teachers' Union of Vic., Jb
helped to secure *he abolition of old
results system, and the broadening:
of school programme; mbr cl. Royal
Soc. of St. George, and cl. Sch. of

FUSSEY, John; b. Heathcote; educ.
H-cote SS.: settled Ball.. '08. as
mgr. of Ball. Butter Factory (Hol-
densen Neilson Prc-pty.); with
which firm he has been assoc. 81
years; pres. 8t V'nrent de Paul's
Soc.. St. Allplus' bronrh: v.-p. St.
Alipius' Hall Com. and choir; mbr.



com. St. P Day Feet.; ex-pres. and
ex-sec. Heathccre and Kyabram
H.A.C.B.S , and ex-pres. Kyabram
T.C.; keen follower oT open cours-

XBVTHO, Murdoch; C.E.; b. Ball. '59:
s. of 1. Robert Irving (col. of '62 &
pioneer min. investor) ; educ. Low-
ther's sch. and Ball. Coll.; later
studied civil eng. ; for seven yrs.
eng. oi' sewerage works under Melb.
and Metrop. Bd. of Works; later
sec. and eng. of Shires of Birchip
and Yarrawonga; sec., eng., etc., of
Shire of Ball, since '13; v.p. Lear-
month Bowling club; v. capt Lear-
month Rifle club; organist Lear-
month Masonic Lodge; composer
and writer of song " Austra-
lia's Federal Banner"; invented and
patented improved peep sight for
rifles, combining wind gauge and
the Vernier elevator, providing a
simple means of adjustment to
overcom_e sudden changes of light
and variations of wind: (approved
by Victorian Rifle Association).

IB WIN, 'Walter James.; s. of 1. Wm.
Irwin (pioneer of Ball.; 1'see of Star
hotel, Ball. E, '52- during Eureka
riot era, and where papers and re-
ports relating to stockade were
burned; first 1'see Provincial hotel);
b. Ball., '70; educ. Ball. Coll.; Joined
Bank of Viet, stzff at Ball, as jun.
clerk; now accountant.

JAOO, Francis; b. Brighton (Eng.),
'34; arr. Aust. '60, and estab. boot
bus. in Skipton-st Ball., and later
Bridge & Sturt-sts. (now carried on
by gs., Francis Suttf.n); one of the
oldest mbrs. Cent. P.C.; pres., '04-5;
life mbr. Old Col. Assoc.; mbr. Meth.
Ch for 60 yrs.; trustee Lyd.-st. Ch. ;
re-visited Eng., '90-2; and m. Jane,
d. of Capt. Stephen Tregarthen, of
Penzance, Cornwall, shortly after.

.TAMES, Bev. M C.; vicar of St.
Peter's C. of E.; Capt.-Chap. of
C' wealth Milit. Forces; b. Launces-
ton '77; s of C. H James; educ.
L'ceston H.S.; ord. deacon, "01;
priest, '02. by Bishop Green; curate
of Ararat, '02-3: incumbent, Talbot,
'03-6; Merino, '06-11; vicar, Caster-
ton, '11-'12; St. Peter's, Ball., since
'13; chaplain on H.M. transport to
Egypt with A.I.F. '15; rural dean,
Hamilton, '11; Ball. Sth. '13; Chap.
Yarrowee Mas. Lodge & Ball. Benev.
Asylum since '13; mbr. Dioc. Cl., St.
Aidan's Theol. Coll.. & C. of E. G.S.

JAMIESON, Lieut. Boy; s. of James
Jamieson; b. Ball.. '95; educ. Ball.
Coll.; Capt. Coll. R.C.; Lieut. Ball.
Sen. Cadets, '13; visited Grt. Brit.,
Europe and U.S.A. with Austn. Mtd.
Cadets, '14-.15; was in Eng. when
European war broke out; on Imperi-
al service for six mos.; ret. Aust.,
Mav, '15; on active service with Sth
Brigade 6th A.I.F., European cam-
paign. 1915- f 16.

JAMIESON, Samuel; b. Ball., '56; s. of
1. Sam. Jamieson; educ. Lowther's
Sch.; merchant tailor, Bridge-st. for
many yrs.; one of earliest mbrs.
Bulch's Model Band (now City of
Ball. Band); hon. sec. sev. yrs.;
pres. V.B.A., '08; sec. since '09; N.G.
Ball. Lodge, M.U.I.O.O.F., '99 & '12;
G.M. Ball, dist., '10; ex-pres. Ball.
U.F.S. DUp. Com.; hon. sec. Eben-
ezer Presbyt. Ch. for 20 yrs.; also
Sun. Sch. tr.; W.M. St. John's Mas.
Lodge, '11 (jubilee yr.) ; mbr. com.
and ex-hon. sec. Ball. B.C.; l.g.
Orph.; lie. auctioneer '16.

JANSEN, John William; b. Talbot '70;
s. of Carl Jansen (col. of early 50's) ;
educ. Talbot S.S.and Maryborough
G.S.; mbr. staff of Harry Davies &
Co., drapers, for 23 yrs.; for some
time dept. mgr.; mbr. firm J. & R.
Jansen, drapers & clothiers, 321
Sturt-st. ; pres. Softgoods Quad.
Club; mbr. Vic. Softgoods Assoc.;
Ball. B.C., Ball. R.C., and City

JEBB, Cr. Charles W.; J.P.; b. Cres.
'69; s. of 1. Cr. J. T. Jebb, J.P. (col.
of '56) ; educ. Cres. S.S. and G.S.. &
King's Coll., Melb.; prop, drapery
business, Albert-st., Cres. (est. by
father in *50's); mbr. Cres. Bor. Cl.
since '02; mayor '08, and *14-'16);
gaz. J.P. '13; mbr. Lib. Com.; Sess-
ion Clerk St. Andrew's Presbyt. Ch.

JELBAKT, Tho., J.P.; g.s. of 1. John
Jelbart (a pioneer of Methodism, &
contemp. of John Wesley) ; b. near

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