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MACLEOD, John; b. Isle of Raasay,
(Scot.), '42; s of 1. John MacLeod
(of Raasay, capt. of Home Guards
Yeomanry; ship owner & merchant;
and direct descendant of Clan Mac
Leod); arr. Aust. '54; and few yrs.
later estab. in business as merch.,
cr. Sturt & Ascot-sts.; & now head
of wholesale distributing firm of
John Macleod Propty. Ltd.; Lyd.-
st.; with Hon. T. D. Wanliss one of
prom. Ball. Trustees, FJxecrs., etc.,
Co., '90; chm. for sev. yrs.; dir. Land
Mortgage and Gas. Co.'s; sole sur-
viving mbr. of Old Ball. Building
Soc. ; vice-president Ball. Hosp.
Com.; pres Benev Asylum Com., '01;
l.g. Orph.; mbr. Art Gallery Cl.;
trustee and one of fdrs. Wend. Rec.
Club; mbr. Cent. B.C.; ardent chor-
alist and vocalist for many yrs.;
has sung freely for public & charit.
objects; mbr original Philharmonic
Soc., and later of Liedertafel and of
St. Andrew's Kirk choir; mbr. St.
Andrew's Kirk Bd for sey. yrs.;
sen. elder; revisited Grt. Brit., etc.,

MADDEN, Cr. Wm. Albert; b. Mag-
pie, '60; s. of 1. John Madden; educ.
Mt. Clear, Mt. Pleas., Sebas. and
Cent (Ball.) S.S.; hair dresser and
tobacconist, Albert-st., Sebas., since
'90; mbr. Sebas. Bor. Cl. '02-'13;
mayor, '08-'09; ret. to make pro-
longed visit to pearling grounds off
Broome, W.A. ; returned, May, '15;
re-elected to Cl., Oct., '15; first pres.
Sebas Y.M.C., '08; life patron Sebas.
Cambrian Soc.

MADDERN, Richard; b. Ball., '60; s.
of 1. Richard Maddern; educ. Mt.
Pleas. S.S., Flinders S.S. Geelong,
and Cent. Training Inst., Melb. ; be-
came m'ging a/ct. for 1. David
Cooke, '82; became mbr. firm of D.
Cooke & Co., auct., etc., '88; now
R. Maddern & Sons; F.P.I.A.; one of
original mbrs. South-st. Deb. Soc.
('79); sev. times pres.; chairman of
Ball Bank. Co.; dir. Gas. Co.; pres.
S. of Mines Cl., '10-'13; mbr. Art
Gallery Cl.; ex-mbr. Hosp. & Benev.
Asylum Com.; l.g. Orph. & Benev.
Asylum; pres. Cent. B.C., "07-
-08; aucl. sev public inst. ; trustee
Newington A.N.A.

MADSEN, Rev. Alfred; b. Mary-
borough, '64; s. of 1. H. Madsen;
educ. Maryborough S.S. and Suther-
land's G.S.; served 5 yrs. with W.
H. Warton, solicitor; became pro-
bationer of Prim Meth. Ch.; 4 yrs.
in Ball.; ordained '86 (one of the
youngest ministers ordained) ; sta-
tioned successively, Murtoa, Laun-
ceston, Cres., Burwood, Eaglehawk,
Malvern, Hamilton, Ball., Burwood.
L/ceston; trans, to G'long at time of
union of Meth. Churches; later Al-
bert Park, Clifton Hill & Ball. W.
since '13; sec. Prim Meth Conf., '93;
pres., '96; chairman G'long & Ball.

Synod. '14-'15; sec. Meth. Conf., '15;
elected pres. at 1916 conference;
m. Mary, d. of 1. Francis Anderson,
of Woodlands, Moonambel, '90;
publications " The Question of
Baptism," and " Reply to Rev.
Father (now Bishop) Cleary on 'The
Orange Society'"; sub-ed. "The
Spectator," '11-'14; ed, "The Senti-
nel" (off. org. of L.O.L.), '07-'14; 1.
g| of Ball. Benev. Asylum.

MAGILI,, Alex.; s. of 1. Alex. Maglll
(one of fdrs. of Magill & Coghlan,
brewers); b. W'heip, '62; educ.
W'heip Sch.. C.B. Sch., Ball., and
St. P. Coll., Melb.: farming pursuits
15 yrs., in N.E. dist. ; mbr. firm of
Elliott & Magill, maltsters, Ball,
(formed into Prop. Co. Ltd., '14);
since '97; one of oldest mbrs. of
City B.C.; pres., '06-'07; rink capt.
sev. yrs.; mbr. B.B.A. champ, rink,
'04-'05; pres., Miners' T.C., '15; mbr.
com. B'beet T.C., and mbr. Ball.
T.C.; v.p. Ball. Trot. Club; one of
fdrs. and ex-pres. Ball. Handball
Club; playing mbr. S. Ball. F.C. sev.
yrs.; v.-p. St. P. Old Coll. Assoc.

MAKER, John; b. Wend., '69; s. of
John Maher; educ. C.B. Sch., Ball.
W. ; track foreman Electric Supply
Co. since '95; mbr. Wend. R.C. since
'85; previously steered winning
crews; gained sen. rank; rowed bow
in winning crew in champ, four in
'94; champ, eight, '94; and winning
Vic. crew in interstate race, '94;
won about 30 regatta events; capt.
and mbr. com. of Wend. R.C.. sev.
yrs.; and in recent yrs successfully
coached club crews; also coach St.
P. Coll. crews; playing mbr. and ex-
capt. Ball. Imp. F.C. for 18 yrs.:
retired '09; now mbr. com.; mbr. all
rep. League teams while following
game; and champ, goalkicker of
League; batting avge. Electric Sup-
ply C.C., '08.

MALYON, Edwin E.; b. Ball., '76; s.
of W. H. Malyon (who estab. phar-
macy in Sturt-st. in '55, and later
discovered ligmolliene, a special
skin preparation) ; has managed
pharmacy since father's demise in
'11; educ. Pleas.-st. S.S. and Ball.
Coll.; three yrs. exp. with Felton,
Grimwade & Co (wholesale firm);
vice-commodore Ball. Yacht Club,
'13-'15; rear-commodore, *15-'16;
successfully skippered sev boats,
inc. Spindrift (later the Crescent):
winner Hutton Cup, '04; built and
sailed the Arawa, winner Taylor
Cup, '13; mbr City A.N.A. & Yarr.
Mas. Lodge; Club Old Coll., Ball. &
C.T.A., Melb.

MANN", Major Tho.; b. Sydney, '46;
s. of .1 S. F. Mann (early col.) ; educ.
C. of Eng. G.S., Melb., and Melb.
TTniv.; barr. & sol.; mbr. firm of
Pearson & Mann, since '84; admit-
ted to practise, '76; comm. for tak-
ing affidavits, N.S.W. and Q'land.;



settled Ball., '67; many yrs. military!
service, commencing with Southern
Rifles, Prahran; Lieut. Vol. Hang-
ers, Ball., '73-'83; Capt. & Adjut.
3rd Inf.; Major & C.O. Rail detach-
ment V.M.R,; retired '96; playing
mbr. Call. F.C., '74-'75; gained sen.
rank as mbr. Call. R.C.

MANN, Lieut. Frank De Courcey; s.
of above; b. Ball.; educ. St. Pat.
Coll.; articled to Pearson & Mann,
barristers & solicitors,; qual. to
practise about 1910; later practised
in Melb. ; for sev. yrs. active mbr.
Ball. F.C. and Wend. R.C.; enlisted
for active service in European war
'15; passed through officers sch. &
obt. comm. in 10th brig. A.I.F. for
service abroad, 1916.

HARK, Joseph; b. Ball., '76; s. of 1.
John Mark (col. of early '50's) ;
educ. Mt. Pleas. S.S.; mbr. staff
Harry Davies & Co. Prop. Ltd.
since '03; Wimmera dist. traveller
Jnce '08; one of hon. sees, of Lyd.-
st. Meth. Sun. Sch. for 14 yrs.; also
leader of Comrades' Class for some
yrs.; pres. of Y.M.C. for some yrs.,
and twice pres. of old Lyd.-st.
M.I. A.

MARSH, ex-Capt. J. T.; b. Lond., '50;
s. of 1. W. H. Marsh; arr. Aust. in
infancy; educ. at Adel., and settled
Ball., '63; assoc. with hat making
trade since '65; hatter to 1. Lord
Hopetoun (Gov.-General), '90; treas.
and later capt. City F.B.; l.s medal
(35 yrs); supt St John's Ang. Sun
Sch. for many yrs.; one of few sur-
viving early mbrs. St. John's ves-
trv; W.M. St. John's Mas. Lodge,
'89; v.-p. Ball. Rifle Club, '15.

MARSHALL, Joseph; b. South port
(Eng.). '89; s. of Robert Marshall
(contractor); educ. S'port P.S. and
privately; Jun., and later conveyan-
cing, clerk in solicitor's office; after-
wards joined reporting staff of
Southport "Visitor" (5 yrs.); cert,
shorthand writer; arr. W. Aust., '12;
ed. Bunbury "Herald" for year;
Joined reporting staff Ball. " Star,"
r !3: mbr Ball, branch Aust. Journal-
ists' Assoc., and St. John's Presbyt.
T.M.C., and deb team; ex-mbr. Nat.
Union of Journalists, Eng., & S'port

ABTEX.X., Frd. J., J.P.; F.R.H.S.;
a. of 1. W. J. H. Martell. of Lond.,
and later of G'long; tr. in Educ.
Dept.. '69-'75; drawing master Ball,
dist., '75-'93: elected mbr. Sch. of
Mines Cl., '80; later v.-p.; director
and registrar. '95-'14; now vocation-
al officer; one of fdrs. Art Gallery,
and for some time Govt. rep. on Cl. ;
ex-pres. original Teachers' Union of
Vic.; ex-pres. Amat. Photog. Assoc.;
ex-sec, and ex-pres. Science Soc. ;
fas. J.P., '13; mbr. Hort. Soc. com.
sev. yrs.; Fellow of Royal Hort.
Soc. of Fug. ; ex-pres. Progress
Assoc.; now v.-p.; v.-p. Ball. Poultry
* Dog Soc.; pres. South-st. Soc..

'14; mbr. Art Gallery Cl.; mbr. Com-
petitions com. of Queen Carnival.
MARTELL, Florence; d. ot 1. L. E.
Cutter; b. Melb.; educ. Beazley's n.s.
(Ball.) and jL.owther's p.s. (Ball.);
trainee of Educ. Dept. and later
asst. tr. Ballan S.S.; m. F. J. Mar-
tell at Ball. '78; ident. \vith many
charit. movements; org. Hosp. ball
which realised about 1,000, and re-
ceived appointment as l.g. ; joint
hon. sec Queen Victoria Women's
ward, Ball. Hosp. '99; later org.
Orph. poster ball; one of fdrs Ball,
branch, A.W.N.L.; and of Ball,
branch Women's Lib. League; now
v. p. W.L.L.; v. p. Ball. dist. Nurs-
ing soc.: one 01 fdrs. Ladies' Art

MARTELL, Dr. Harold H. P.; L.R.C.
P., L.F.P.S.; J.P.; s. of above; b.
Ball. '80; educ. Pleas-st. S.S., Gren.
Coll., Miss Kennedy's B.A. classes
and Sch. of Mines (studying mat-
eria medica and chem. under 1. Dr.
Usher) ; apprent. to J. W. Scott,
chemist: later spent some time at
South Sea Islands as assayer for
party prospecting for copper; later
studied at Durham. Ed in. and
Glas. Univ. taking degrees; med.
officer Stirling Hosp. for Insane
and emigrant ships to New York,
Montreal and Melb.; practised at
Hillgrove, N.S.W., also res. surgeon
Hillgrovfi Hosp.; later Quarantine
officer Thursday Island and Sydney
and med officer at Kurri Kurrl (N.
S.W.) Hosp.; gaz. J.P. 1914: enlisted
for active service on outbreak of
war and app. to New Guinea ex-
pedition: present at taking of Ra-
houl, and mbr. of force that chased
Germans into interior of mainland,
acting P.M.O. at Raboul Hosp.; ret.
to Sydney in charge of prisoners
of war '15; later med. officer Sey-
mour camp; now practising at

MARTIN. Edgar; ex-Police Supt.: b.
Spring Hill (nr. Cres.), '55; s. of 1.
Jas. Martin (grazier, of Mt. Fyans,
Streatham: who was b. Tas. '28);
g.s. of 1. Jas. Martin (sailsmaster
for Crown Colony of Van Diemnn's
Land later Tas.) : educ. Spring Hill
& Mt. Prospect Sch.; joined Garr.
Art., Melb.. '76; police force. '78;
stationed chiefly in Ball. & dist.;
became supt. at Ball., '14; & given
command of G'long dist., '14-'15;
retired and settled Ball., '15; re-
creations, bowls, cycling & music.

MARTIN, Jas.; h. Castlemaine, '62;
ft. of 1. Thos. Martin (col. of early
50's) ; educ. C'maine S.S.: ident.
with prov. press many yrs.; at
C'maine, 24 yrs.; "Argus" rep., 15
yrs.: mbr. lit. staff "The Age."
MHlv, 2 yrs.; ed. Horsham "Times"
2 yrs.; mbr. Ball. "Courier" staff
yrs: printer & stationer, Peel-st.,
Ball E.. since '13: Ident with Mas.
A Oddfellows in past yrs.; del.
Shepparton Band on Vic Band As-
oc.; mbr. Ball. E. A.N.A.



MARTIN, John; b. Hale (Eng.). '59;
air. Aust.. '65; educ. Stawell S.S.;
foreman Williams' steam hammer
works, Ball.; estab. eng. works and
smithy (Ry Govt. contractors),
Humffray-st., Ball. E.; supplied
gates Ball. E. bot. gardens; P.O.
tower top section; Ball. W. Ry.
station gates; mbr. Ball, lodge
I.O.O.F., since '81; N.G., '84; app to
Grand Lodge. '97; G.M., 1906; and
tnst. Lodges at Daylesford, Wsr-
racknabeal, and Ararat; also Re-
becca female lodge. Ball.; sec. Re-
becca lodge since '11; sec. Soc. Hall
Com. since '05; ex-pres. U.P.S.
Disp. com.; trustee Barkly-st. Meth.
Ch.; ex-supt. Sun. Sen.; sec. Old
Bible Christian Ch., Humffray-st.
MARTIN, John; b. Ball., '65; s. of 1.
David Martin; educ. Mt. Pleas. S.S.,
& Training Coll., Melb.; Educ. Dept.
service since '83; successively at S.
Boort, Springvale, Bunker's Hill
(h.t.); Urq.-st., Ball.; Cent. (1st
assist); and B'yong (h.t.); v.-p.
Ball, branch Teachers' Union, '13;
assist, sec. Ball. S.S. Ath. Assoc.,
*10; ex-capt. and ex-hon. sec. Ball.
East B.C.; now rink capt. North
Rec. Club; ex-lieut. Jun. Cadets;
mbr. St. John's Presbyt. choir; and
Ball. Mas. Lodge.

MARTIN, Michael; C.E.; s. of 1. Cr.
John Martin, of Ross* Creek and
Sebas.; educ. C.B. Sch., and St. P.
Coll., Ball.; art. to 1. John Lynch,
C.E., '94; assist, eng. Mildura Irrig.
Trust, "97-'00; later eng. State
Water Supply; unemployed work 1
construction, Birchip; also eng. at
Trawool reservoir, and two yrs. at
Fed. Capital site; Govt. min. surv.,
Ball, dist., since '12; eng. & surv.,
Gren. Shire Cl., since '13; acting-
eng. Bungaree Shire Cl., '15-'16;
cert, land & min. surv., mun. surv.,
and hyd. eng.; mbr. cl Vic. section
and mbr Fed. cl. of Inst. of Local
Govt. Eng. of Aust.; v.-p. St. P.
Old Coll Assoc.

MATHES, Henry; J.P.; arr. Aust.,
'80; thrice mayor of Sebas.; ex-
pres. Mech. Inst.; mbr Ball. Cemet.
Trust; P.G. Steward of Mas. Lodge
of Vic.; conducted bakery business
at Sebas. for 36 yrs.; identified with
many public movements.
MATTHEWS, Major I-eslie W.; b.
Maryborough, '88; s. of J. D. Matth-
ews; educ. Amherst & Ararat S.S.;
and S. of Mines, Ball. (c. eng.
course) ; in Educ. Dept. service, '06-
"10; stationed at Pleas.-st., Ball.,
Beaufort and Ararat; 2nd Lieut.
Vic. Rangers, Ararat, '07: Lieut.
OS; Capt, '11; trans. 73rd Inf., '12;
area officer, Boulder City, W.A., '12;
Ball., '13-'14; on active service in
Gallipoli & French campaigns with
23rd Batt., A.I.EIF., '16-'1$; prom.
Major on field.
MAUGHAN, George; C.E.; b. Piggor-

eet, '65; s. of 1. Wm. Maughan (one
time mgr. Madame Berry G.M. Co..
and pioneer min. mgr. of col.);
educ. Piggoreet S.S. & Cres. G.S.;
lie. land surv., '83; consulting min.
eng. & surv., sev. min. co.'s; arbi-
trator between New Jubilee G.M.
C. and miners as to whether certain
drive was incline drive or rise, '13;
Town clerk, eng. & surv. of Cres.
Bor. since '94; cons. eng. & surv..
Town of Ball. E., since '13; one time
sec. and shire eng. of Mt. Franklin
Shire and Daylesford Borough.
MAWSON, Edward; b. Bradford.
(England), '49; enlisted 19th Foot
infantry) as pte, '67; joined Regt.
at Rawl Pindee (Punjaub, India)
'68; took part in punitive exped. to
Black Mountain tribes, '68: ret Eng.
'72; served various home garrisons,
and stationed again in India with
2nd Princess of Wales' Own York-
shire Regt., '74-'77; served in Home
garrisons till Feb., '89; retired with
rank of warrant officer on pension;
arr. Aust. April, '89; & app. instruct.
Castlemaine 2 yrs.; trs. Ball, with
rank of W.O. '92; ret. '1911; app. to
Provost staff of CTwealth Forces '12
comm. as hon. lieut. '15; completed
471 yrs. milit. service- 22| yrs.
Imp. and 25 yrs. Colonial; awarded
medals for l.s. and good conduct in
Imp. forces and for l.s. and good
conduct and meritorious service
Col. forces.

MAT, Wm. Jos. s. of Chas. May, of
Ball. W.; b. Ball., '90; educ. Pleas.-
st. S.S.; joined 7th A.I.R., '10; vol.
and accepted for active service with
No. 6 Field Amb., 3rd Exped. Force,
but invalided home after sev. weeks'
training owing to accident; ex-treas.
Essex F.C., and ex-mbr. Hopetoun

McADAM, Wm. Jag.; b. Melb. '82; e.
of Alex McAdam; educ. Macarthur
St. S.S.; fdr. and first sec. Ball,
branch Bread Carters' Un.; "11-16;
pres. State Cl. of Fed. Bread Car-
ters' Un. of Aust.; ex-treas and
asst. sec. Ball. Carters' & Drivers'
Un.; del. on Ball. T. & L. Cl. of C.
& D. Un. ; and now of Bread Carters'
Un.; mbr. Ball, district electoral
els. (Fed. & State), of P.L.L.; ex-
hon. sec. Ball. North and Soldiers
Hill P.L.L; sec. Ball, branches of
Mun. Emp., Textile Workers' and
Implement Makers Unions; keen
cricketer and footballer, ex. sec.
Ball. N. F. C. (2nd rate) and 2nd
Rate F'ball Association.
MCCAI.I.UM, Malcolm; b. Ball. E., '54;
s. of 1. John Arch. McCallum (one
of pioneers of Ball.) ;educ. Finlay's
Sch.; identified with boot trade in
Ball, for 40 yrs.; for sev. yrs. mbr.
of firm of Scott & McCallum; di-
rected Aust. & N.Z. tour of McCal-
lum Family of Soc. Entertainers,
'08-'10; now gen. mgr. of Brisbane
Theatres of Wests, Ltd.; one of
fdre. Ball. Masonic Lodge; sec. for



20 yrs., and now the sen. mbr.; |
pres. Ball. Shop "B.4.9." (before
nine) movement; served Vol. Rang-
ers. Ball.. '79-*83; mbr. old Vol.
drum & fife band; pte. to col.-sgt.
of 3rd Battn.; pres. 3rd. Batt. club;
mbr Batt. Rifle Team at Adel.. '87;
hon. sec. St. John's Presbyt. Ch.. 12
yrs.; sec. Excelsior Tent, I.O.R.,
'"91-3; hon. sec. second Philharmonic
Soc.; and mbr. various comp. choirs.

McCALLUM, Malcolm Montague; b.
Ball., '76; s. of above; educ. Humf-
fray-st. S.S. and Vic. Coll.; joined
"Courier" lit. staff, '99; resigned to
join "Evg. Echo' 1 staff. ^12-'16:
cpt. of Melb. "Herald" since '04;
first hon. sec. St. John's Presbyt.
CC., '93-4 ; one of Mrs. Jun. Sun. Sch
Cricket Assoc., '93; one of fdrs. &
later vice-capt East Ball. Harr.
Club; hon sec Ball. Harr. Club,
'01-'03; v.-p. since '04; assist, sec.
Ball E. A.N.A., '98-'99; founder &
first hon sec., and later v.-p. & rink
capt. No. 2 team of Wend. Rec
Club, '12-'16; one of fdrs. Wend.
F.B., and mbr. citizens' com. that
estab. same, '13; one of fdrs. and
first v.-p. Ball. Press Assoc., '10;
pres. Ball. (list. Aust. Journalists'
Assoc., '13; one of fdrs. and first
v.-p., Ball. Tennis Assoc., '14; mbr.
Ballarat City branch of A.N.A.;
claims to be the oldest of second
generation of Ball, natives whose
both parents were born here;
author of " Ballarat Citizens and
Sports", estab. the McCallum Pub-
lishing Coy., 1916; pte. address:
"Rossarden," Wendouree, Ballarat,
telephone 349.

McCALLUM, John Arch.; s. of 1. John
Arch. McCallum; b Ball. '60; educ.
Finlay's Sch. : assoc. with boot trade
for 40 yrs.; for some time mgr. for
1. \Vm. Scott; and prop. Reliable
boot store, 87, Bridge-st., since '06;
one of oldest workers in connection
with Sunday services at Societies'
Hall; supt. Sun. Sch. since '95.

MCCALLUM, Clem. ; s. of above; educ.
Humffray-st. S.S. and Mt. Pleas. S
8.: pte. in Sth batt. 1st A.I.F. on
active service Gallipoli and French
campaigns '14-16; one of earliest to
volunteer; took part in Ismalia
Kkirmish Feb. '15; landed at Anzac
Gallipoli, Apl. '15; took part In at-
tack on Achi Baba and subsequent
engagements and served In trenches
until evacuation of Gallipoli Dec.
'15 (with exception of short fur-
lough at Lemnos) ; invalided to
Egypt but rejoined batt. in French
campaign. 1916, (his bro. Corp. Aus-
tin McCallum was killed in action
at Gallipoli. May 8, 1915).

McCONNFiili, Thos. John; b. Belfast
(Ire.) '51; arr. Aunt, and settled
Ball. '63; educ. Kent's Sch Ball. B.,
Joined V. Rys. rolling stock branch
74, retired 12: sinew practising as
engineer 116 Will St. B.E.; cert.

eng. by Bd. of Examiners; mbr.
Kail. Old. Col. Assoc, also l.g.:
W.M. St. John's Mas. Lodge '86;
also P.J.G.D. of Vic.; S W. Bail.
Mark Lodge and Dist. Pep. G. Dir.
of Cer. ; mbr. Arbitration com. of
Ball. Lodge M.U.I.O.O.F.; club
Old Col.

McCONNELI., Walter Kobert; b. Ball.
E., '70; educ. St. Paul's S.S.; sig-
nalling staff Vic. Rys., '89-'94;
house, land & property agent, Lyrt.-
st. S.. since '04; agent sev. ins. co.'s;
pres. Ballarat Bast A.N.A. 'OS: ex-
pres. Ball, branch Amalg. Soc. of
Ry. Emp.; ex-steward Vic. Rys.
Mutual Benefit Soc.; pres. Sold-
iers' Hill B.C., '13-' 14; one of pro-
moters, first sec. and now dir. of
Ball. Furniture Co.; mbr. Meth. L.
P. Society; sec. Ball. Indust. Exhlb..
'06; sec. Aust. Manufactures Ex-
hib., '07, and Ball. Exhib., '09.

McCONNON, Edgar J. A.; Dip. Min.
Engin., A.I.M.E.: b. Hobart- s. of EL
T. McOonnon: educ. Hutchins" Sch.
Hobart, and Ball. S. of Mines, ob-
taining dip. of min. eng., '01; and
assoc. cert., '04; joined S. of M.
staff as demonstrator on eng., '04;
lect. on mech. eng.. '12; chairman
Trade Board of School '16; v.-p. S.
of M. Students Assoc. one of fdrs.
Y.M.C.A. Tennis Club; hon. sec.
since '04; one of fdrs. and v.-p.
Ball, and dist. Tennis Assoc., '11;
mbr. Y.M.C.A. Bd. since '05; hon.
sec. since '08; chairman junior dept.
elected Assoc. of Mech. Engineers.
London, 1916.

MCDONAI.D, Alex. Evan; s. of 1. ex-
mayor J. G. McDonald, J.P.; b.
Happy Valley; educ. Gren. Coll.;
joined father in business as mon.
sculptor, '85; now m'ging bus. for
estate: mbr. Hosp. Com. since
father's demise In '01; also I.-K :
pres., '08-'09; now v.-p.; mbr. St.
John's Mas. Lodge since '83; W.M..
90; app. P.S.G.D. of Vic. by Lord
Brassey (G.M.), '93; G. Jun. War-
den. '14; v.-p. St. Andrew's Kirk

MCDONALD, BeccU; b. Ball.; d. of I.
Cr. J. G. McDonald; hon. sec.
Ladles' Art Assoc. since '05; man-
aged Annual Art Exhibition; pro-
moter and hon. sec. Wattle Day
celebration for charities; one o'f
fdrs. and first hon. sec. Ball, branch
Vic. League of Vic., since '10; one
of fdrs. and first hon. sec. Ball,
branch Red Cross Soc.; mbr. Wom-
en's Exec. Ball. Recruiting Com.;
or*, and managed prov. tour of
concert coy. in aid of Wounded
Soldiers' Fund, '15; I.e. Hosp. and
Orph. : Red Cross Queen, Queen Carn'l '16

MCDONALD, John; M.A.; Melb.
Univ.; b. Isle of Skye (Scot.); arr.
Aust. early youth; educ. by L J.
H. Pope and J. Lowther, & special
classes Ball. Coll.; mbr. State



teaching service from '69 till 'OS;
on start" Urq.-st. and Cent. S.S.,
and later h.t. Ury.-st & Humffray-
-st. S.S. ; has prepared many suc-
cessful candidates for Univ. schol.
& exhib., and civil service exams.:
conducted Ball. S.S. choir, Melb.
Elxhib., '94; assoc. with St. John's
& St. Andrew's Ch. choirs for over
half century; one time cond. St.
Andrew's Kirk choir; v.-p. Lyric
Orch. Soc.

McDONALD, Hon. John Young-;
M.L.C.; J.P.; b. Leith (Scot.), '37;
with five brothers arr. in Aust.,
'65; mining pursuits for few yrs. ;
and estab. business of plumbing &
slating, Sturt-st., '59; retired about
'87; gaz. J.P. about '88; mbr. Vic.
Legis. Cl., Wellington prov., since
'98; lion, minister Bent Govt., 'OS;
chairman Gas Co. Bd.; dir. Trus-
tees Exec., etc., Co.; one of earliest
mbrs. City F.B. ; l.g. and ex-mbr.
com. Benev. Asylum; l.g. Orph. ;
ex-pres. Caled. Soc.; ex-pres. Com.
Club; pres. Mech. Inst., '96 & '06;
mbr. S. of Mines Cl. ; first pres.
City B.C., '95-6.

McDONALD, S.S.-Mjr. Win. Leslie;
b. Clunes, '87; s. of J. G. McDon-
ald (h.t. Clunes S.S., 18 yrs., and
one of earliest mbrs. Vol. Milit.
Forces) ; educ. Tooronga-rd. S.S.
(E. Malvern), and Work. Men's
Coll.; after teaching and bus. exp.
Joined Aust. Signal. Corps, '06;
joined Instruc. Staff, Ball, area,
71B., '10; instruct, of A.H.S. team
that won 18th brigade & was third
in No. 3 district (Vic.) champ.,
'13; Vic. champions & runners-up
C'wealth champ, at Brisbane. '14;
and won A. grade Cadet champ.,
South-st. Ball, carnival, '13-'14;
drum-mjr. Caled Soc. Pipe Band,
'14; and drilled band for pipe band
contest (top pts. for drill), '14.
McGOLDRICX. Harry; b. Snake
Valley, '69; s. of 1. John McGold-
rick; educ. Armstrong's Cent. Sch.,
Ball., & Mt. Pleas. S.S.; theatrical
agent and turf club sec.; Lynn's
Chambers, Lyd-st., S.; in earlier
times was touring mgr. for L. J.
Lohr, Steele-Paynes, McAdoo's
Minstrels, etc.; ret. to Ball., '95;
since assoc. with Her Majesty's
theatre; rep. of Ben. J. Fuller,
vaudeville mgr.; sec. Ball., B'yong
and B'beet T. Clubs, Windermere
A.N.A. race mtgs., and Ball. Trot.
Club; one time playing mbr. Ball.
F.C.. and S. Imp. C.C.
McGOWAN, Arthur Gerald; M.B.;
Ch.B.; b. Ball.; s. of 1. Sam. McGow-
an (an early principal of firm of
Broadbent Bros. & Coy.) ; educ.
Ball. Coll. & Melb Univ. (qual. as
above. '97); practising Drummond-
st., N. Ball.; C'wealth Med. Officer
for Ball, dist.; also Med. Officer of
Tall. Benev. Asylum; Club, Ballarat
McGOWAN, John Jas.; s. of 1. Sam. 1

McGowan (sev. yrs. head of firm of
Broadbent Bros. & Co.); b. Ball.;
educ. Ball. Coll.; art. to 1. Sir Hy.
Cuthbert, and in '92 admitted to
practise as barr. & sol. ; now prac-
tising Lyd.-st., S.; treas. Ball.
Coll. CL, and in that capacity act-
ively identified with building fund
of new Coll., '12-'13; treas. St. An-
drew's Kirk; mbr Kirk choir for
many yrs.; mbr. Hosp. Com.; ex-
pres. Ball. Law Assoc.; comm. for
taking affidavits; mbr. Art Gallery

McGKATH, David; J.P.; b. North of
Ire., '49; arr. Aust., '51; one of old
time mayors of Bor. of Browns &
Scarsdale; estab. gen. store Allen-
dale, '84; gaz. J.P., '87; mbr. Cres-
wick Shire Cl., '85-'00; twice pres.;
chairman Allendale prospecting
Com.; treas. & ex-pres. Allendale
Mech. Inst.; fdr. and for many yrs.
past pres. of Allendale Relief Fd.;
has mastered Esperanto language.
McGBATH, David Charles, M.P.; b.
Newtown, '72; s. of above; educ.
Newtown S.S. & Cres. G.S.; store-
keeping at Clementston for sev.
yrs. ; removed to Pitfleld, '00, and
opened store; elected member for

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