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Grenville, Vic. Assembly, June, '04.
and became strong advocate of
abolition of royalty, and of min.
reform, including ventilation; mbr.
of special commtees that enquired
into tied houses, and the Col. Mut.
Ass. Coy's affairs; resigned Gren-
ville seat, Feb., '13, to contest Ball.
Fed. seat, for which he was re-
turned, May 31st, '13; & re-elected
Sep. '14; with increased majority;
was suspended by Speaker John-
son for rest of session on Nov. 11,
"13, for criticising the Speaker out-
side the House, and declining to
apologise; but suspension removed
next session; was sec. Allendale
A.N.A. for many yrs., and claims
record for having introduced the
greatest no. of new mbrs (700);
one of fdrs. of Hollybush Social
Democratic Club, '02; v.-c. & cham-
pion rover South Ball. F.C. in
"nineties"; sec. Hollybush branch
U.A.O.D., '01; mbr Cent. Exec.
P.L.C., '13; enlisted for active ser-
vice European war 1916.
McGREGOR, John Thompson; b'.
Ball. E., '77; s. of Alex. McGregor;
mbr. firm of A. McGregor & Sons,
house & machinery removers; educ.
Queen-st. S.S. ; fdn. mbr. Caled. Soc.
Pipe Band, '08; later band sgt. ; v.-
p., Caled. Soc. Cl.; W.M. Ball. Mas.
Lodge, '12; mbr. bd. of St. John's
Presbyt Ch.; fdtion mbr. St. John's
C.C., and East Ball. Harr. Club.
McGREGOR, Hon. Robert; M.L.A.;
Mbr. for Ball. E. in Legis. Assem-
bly of Vic. since '94; b. Ball. E.,
'53; s. of 1. Chas. McGregor; educ.
Eureka-st. S.S., & resided in same
neighbourhood since boyhood; mer-



chant, '82-'93; now gen. comm.
agent: contested Ball. E. lor Vic. Leg is.
Assembly, "91 ; elected "94; hon. membr
Peacock Govt., '01-2; accompanied
Prince (now King) George to N.Z.
as official rep. of Vic. Govt., '01;
mbr Royal Comm. on Perishable
Products; deputy chairman of
Legis. Assembly, and mbr. sev.
House Convn pres. City A.N.A.,
'86; hon. mbr. Ball. E. A.N.A.;
snpt. Golden Point Meth. Sun. Sch. many
yr.; mbr. Mech. Inst. Com.; v.-p. East Ball
Harr. C.; pres. Ball. Lyric Orch. Society

McrVEB, Samuel; s. of 1. Kenneth
Mclver; b. Talbot, '64; arr. Ball,
few yrs. later; educ. Mt. Pleasant
8.S.; stove, oven, etc., manufac-
turer, Lyd.-st., N.; designer and
patentee Mclver camp oven; suc-
cessful trial at Milit. Camp, Ball.,
'15; pres. Ball. E. branch A.N.A.,
'03; mbr. Ball.F.B. under old vol.
system, and sec. Ball. F.B. Club
(exclusively composed of survivors
of old brigade) for many yrs.;
strong advocate of mun. amalga-
mation in Ball., and as such con-
tested Ball. F-. Town Cl. seat, '11;
v.-p. Greater Hall. League: v.-pros.
Aust. Manufactures Exhibition, '07.

lIcINTYKE, Tliomas Hewman; b.
Belfast, '46; s. of Head Constable
James Mclntyre; Joined Irish Con-
stabulary, '63; soon afterwards
transferred to military police; on
reaching Aust. few yrs. later, be-
came school teacher; but Joined
Vic. police force. '69; was stationed
in N.E. dlst. during raids of Ke'.ly
bushrangers, '78; sole survivor of
police party of four surprised and
attacked by the bushrangers on
Oct. 28. '78; Sgt. Kennedy & Con-
stables Scanlon & Lonlgan being
murdered; escaped on horseback,
after being disarmed and seeing
two comrades shot dead; received
State pension a little later for ser-
vices rendered; in charge of Wend,
powder magazine (or pat 15 yrs ; wrote
"True Narrative of Kelly Bushrangers"

r.'cKENZIE, Donald; J.P.; b. Moray-
shire (Scot.), '33; s. of Donald
McKenzie: arr. Aust., '54; settled
Carngham as farmer and grazier,
'58: resident Ball, since '88; mbr.
first Road Bd. of Riponshlre; later
mbr. Ripon Shire Cl.: pres. '85;
gaz. J.P., '85; active Liberal cam-
paigner for many yrs.; chairman
of com. for sev. Lib. candidates;
elected elder Carngham Presbyt.
Ch., '6(5; now elder, St. Andrew's
Kirk: rep. on Ball. Presbytery for
nearly 50 yrs.; now hon. treas. ; rep.
sev. congregations on Presbyt. As-
semblv of Vic.: l.g. Benev. Asylum
and Hop. ; v.-p. Ball. Cnled. 8oc. ;
supt. St. Andrew's brunch Sun
Si-h. since *8!: pres. P*11. ntv
RC. 'ft7-v ..f M f T.O.O.F.:

ex-mhr Carniham nnd Bull. Kill? Chihn:
IM Mary McKacharn. of Arjcyle <Scot.) 61

McKEWZIE, George; b. Ball., '64; .
of 1. John McKenzie (pioneer mbr.
of Ball. Stock Exch.); educ. Low-
ther's Soh (Errard-st.) ; lie. Royal
Mail Hotel, Sebas.; playing mbr.
Ball. Imp. F.C. for many yrs.; sev.
yrs. capt. ; del. on Ball. F. League
for many yrs.; life hon. mbr. for
services rendered; also capt. of
assoc. teams in inter-league mat-
ches; l.g. Benev. Asylum; one of
earliest mbrs. City A.N.A.; old time
mbr. Wend. C.C.: one time active,
and now hon., mbr. Ball. City P.B.

MCKENZIE, Pearl; d. of J. B.
McKenzie; b. L' month; educ. Humf-
fray-st. S.S., Ball.; record of many
successes at Ball. G'long, L'ceston,
etc., comp. in eloc. & musical sec-
tions; obt. poss. 100 pts. in under
14 yrs. piano comp. at G'long; won
open piano event at Stawell. & Jun.
eloc. champion at L'ceston. "'.
yrs.: third grand aggreg. elor.
champ., Ball., "15; trained & contf.
Imperial team for action songs
one 1st, two 2nd., Ball., '11; 1st.
'12; 2nd, '13; & 1st & 2nd at Laun-
ceston, '14; also won humorous song comp
on occasion s, & one of in ost successful a 1 1
round eotnp. at Ballarat for several years

McKlsSOCK, Senator Andrew Nelson ,-
h. Ball., '75; s. of 1. John McKissock
(early resident of Ball., b. Adel..
'41); educ. St. Paul's S.S.: apprent.
to F. W. Niven, printer; M.L.A. for
Ball. W.. '09-'ii, in Labor interest:
unseated '11; contested C'wealth
Senate, '13; elected to Senate, '14:
rep. Typo. Union on T. & L. CT.
since '00; twice pres. T. & L. CT..
& Eight Hours' Com.: marshal : ~
Eight Hours' procession; pres. Vic.-
Riverina branch A.W.U.. '07-13:
v.-p., '1. r >: pres. Ball, branch Tram
Emp. Fed. & Elect. Workers* Un ;
ex-pres. Ball. P.L.C. ex-robr. Cent
Exec.: P.G.M. N. Star Lodge, M.IT.
I.O.O.F., mbr. Urq.-st. S.S. com. :
v.-p. Choral Union: served tn
3rd Battn Militia, and on visitlnr
S. Africa, '93, fought in Matabel<>
war, and present at relief of Bula-
wayo, and acted ns scout under
col. (now Mjr.-Gen.) Sir R. B. Powel; ptib-
licly welcomed back to Ballarat. "96

McLEAW. John C. J.; b. Avoca, '77;
s. of Jas. K. McLean (of Edin.) :
educ. AVOCA S.S. : arr. Ball, as local
rep. of D. & W. Murray (softgoods -
men), '95; previously rep. L. Stev-
enson A Sons, Ltd. at G'long an- 1
Ball.: actively ident. with
circles in Ball.: mbr. Lledertafet
com.; taken part in sev. operatic,
etc., productions; mbr. various
comp. choirs: mbr. Caled. Soc. Cl..
A musical dlr. : mbr. com. St. An-
drew'* branch P.M. A., mbr. St. Andrew's
Kirk Bd.: mbr. Cent. B. C.; patron City Bli-l

M^-T.EISH, John lire; s. of Wm.
M'-I.elsh (mine mgr.): b. Scarsdslf.
'70: educ. Trunk Lead A Bunkerv'
Hill S.S.; est. & comm. agent. Lyd -



at., Ball., since '07; agent City
Mutual Life Assoc., and Alliance
Fire Ins. Co.; treas. Ball. B.C.,
ll-'lS; mbr. Ball. El A.N.A.; aec.
old Waverley C.C. sev. yrs.; one of
fdrs., and later sec. & treas. Buf-
falo Club; ex-mbr. Ball. C.C. com.;
sec. Mining Mgrs.' Assoc. since '15.

KcMANAMNY, Supt. Patrick: b. Ball.
'64, s. of 1. Michael McManamny
(an early col. and first licensee of
Mack's Hotel, Vic-st., Ball. E) :
educ. C.B.S. Ball. W.; Joined police
force "87; & six mos. later transf.
to C.I. branch; reaching rank of
sgt. detective; ret. to uniformed
police with rank of sub- insp. '10.
later inspector and supt., for some
time supt. of C.I. branch, Melb.;
app. supt. of Ball, police dist. "16:
many yrs. engaged on nearly all
important crime investigations of
Victoria; one of earliest mbrs. Ball.
City A.N.A. and of Wend. R.C. also
playing mbr. Ball. Imp. F.C. for
sev. yrs.

McMANAMinr, Tho. 7rancii: b. Ball.
E. '76; s. of 1. Jas. McManamny
(col. of early 50's and pioneer wine
and spirit merch.) ; nephew of 1.
Most Rev. Dr. Moore (2nd R.C. Bp.
of Ball.) and bro. of 1. Very Rev.
Dr. McManamny; and cousin of
Supt. MeManamny: educ. Jesuit
Coll. Adel.; and Holy Ghost (now
St. Patrick's) Coll. Ball.; was the
first scholar of latter coll. enrolled;
v.p. St. P. Coll. Old Boys' Assoc.;
pastoral pursuits in N.S.W. sev.
yrs. and succeeded to family in-
terest in Mack's Hotel, Ball. E.
(which has been held by family for
over fiO vrs.) '11; now sole propr. ;
pres. Vic. B.C. "13-14; patron S. Ball
F.C.; mbr. Ball. Miners' T.C. and
Ballarat Trotting club

r-cMANAMNY, Margaret (Maggie);
d. of 1. Rd. Sherlock; educ Conv. of
Mercy, Ball. E.: and musically by
Chevalier De Fittipaldi; teacher of
vocal music and voice production,
etc.. for about 20 yrs.; 5. Bond-st.,
Ball. E.; mbr. Ball. Liedertafel. &
principal soprano for many yrs.;
leading lady in numerous grand &
comic opera productions, notably,
"Maritana," Bohemian Girl," "Gir-
ofle, Girofla," "Golden Legend,"
" The Rose Maiden," and various
oratorios; principal soloist & org.
St. Alipius' R.C. Ch., 'OO-'IO; princi-
pal soloist St. P. Cath., since '10;
gold medallist old Ball Eisteddfod;
and winner soprano solo Rev. yrs.
in succession at South-st. Society's
comp.: a favorite on nearly every
concert platform in Western Vic.
TJcMILT,AN, David; b. Ball., '78; .
of John McMillan (a survivor
of original mech staff of the
"Courier"): apprent to 1. C. Boyd
(pioneer printer of Ball.); assist.-
printer "Kvp. Echo" since '10; del.
of Typo. Union on T. & L. Cl. since
'09, & Eight Hours' Com. since '05;

first sec. Ball. E. P.L.C.; sec and
del. Golden Pt.F.C. (before club
joined League) ; sec. Golden Pt.
A grade F.C.; treas. A grade F.
Assoc. at inception; played cricket
with Grocers' Friday Club, Eben-
ezer Sun. Sen. Team, and Burnie
(Tas.) C.C.

MCNEIL, Jamei Alex.; b. Mary-
borough, '62; s. of 1. Sam. McNeil
(ex sea capt.); wood merch.. Ball.
E. Ry. Station, since '80; mbr. Ball.
E. Town Cl., 'OO-'ll; mayor '10-'ll;
served term on Water Comm.; one
of promoters Co-operative Distrib.
Soc.; dir. sev. yrs.; one of fdrs. &
first pres. Greater Ball. League; &
strong advocate of mun. amalga-
mation; after adverse vote recorded
by ratepayers of Ball.. E., in "02, he
resigned seat in Cl. as protest, but
was returned unopposed as straight-
out amalgamationist; unseated 11;
mbr Single Tax League of Vic. and
Ball. A.H.S. CL; one of fdrs. and
first hon. sec. (3 yrs.) Decentral-
isation League of Vic., estab. '12.
McNEILL, John; b. Millicent (S.A.);
arr. Vic., '95; shearing, min. and
farm, pursuits for many yrs.; later
A.W.U. organiser; contested Glen-
elg seat Legis. Assembly, '06; re-
sumed org. for Vic.-Riverina dipt.
(B yrs.); later app. sec. Charleville
(Q.) branch A.W.U., and contested
Dalby seat; app. sec. Vic.-Riverina
dist. at Ball.. '13; v.-p. Ball. P.L.C.;
pres. Ball. T. & L. CL; dir. "Evg^
Echo" Coy.

McPHAIL. John; b. Argyleshire
(Scot.), '44; s. of 1. Alex. McPhail
(min. eng.) ; arr. Aust., '54; thrice
re-visited Scot.; Jockey, cross-
country rider and horse trainer.
Ball. & dist., for 30 yrs.; numerous
winning mounts; rode Reindeer, 3-
mile steeple, Fleminston. '69: Hot-
spur, Flemington Hurdle, '70-'71;
trained Simpleton, Hans Breitman,
successful Steeplers; rode & trained
successful horses for 1. R. Orr, W.
Bailey, Andrew Chirnside, and self;
followed bookmaking for many yr..,
and in recent yrs. has been the of-
ficial supervisor of bookmakers on
various Aust. courses.
McTAOGART, Ebenezer B.; b. Gins.
(Scot.), '51; arr. Aust. with parent .
'54; educ. N. Melb. G.S., & Fitzroy
Public Sch.; seafaring between
Singapore, Java, Siam, China, Japan
N.Z. & W.A.. '67-'72; clerk Vic.
Rys., '72; station master, '77; teleg.
insp., '85; later station master at
Bendigo and Seymour, and Dist.
Traffic Supt., Maryborough, '97;
Ball.. '02-'10; ret. on a/c failing
health; during regime at Ball,
placed Ry. Picnic day business on
satisfactory basis; almoner Yarro-
wee Mas. Lodge.

MEAOAN, Kathleen; Dip. Univ.;
L.A.B.; b. Ball.; mus. staff, Conv.



of Mercy, Ball. E.. since '95; suc-
cessful comp. violin and piano
events, Ball, comp., for sev. yrs.;
won three scholarships at Melb.
Univ. Conserv.; also Edward Goll
scholarship, Marshall Hall Con-
serv.; accomplished pianiste, and
official accomp. Ball, competitions.

MEDWELL, ChM.; b. L'month '73; s.
of 1. John Medwell; educ. L'month
S.S. ; produce dealer, L'month since
about '95; one of earliest mbrs.
L'month branch A.N.A.; pres. '95;
secty. '95-12; W.M. L'month Mas.
Lodge '15; pres. Public Library
com. '15; pres. L'month B.C. '15;
mbr. Presbyt. Ch. Ed.; an active
force in various institutions.

MEDWELL, Cr. Richard I..; b.
L'month, '66; s, of 1. John Medwell
(early identity); educ. L'month
S.S.; produce merch. for many yrs.;
mbr. Ball. Shire Cl. since '10; one
of fdrs. L'month A.N.A.; active
mbr. Mech. Inst., Mas. Lodge, and
Bowling Club.

MENZIES. Ja>. M.L.A.; J.P.; mbr. for
Lowan in Vic. Legi-s. Assembly
since '06; succeeding Mr. (now Sir)
W. H. Irvine". K.C., who res. seat;
was the selected Liberal candidata;
previously contested the seat in
opp. to the then ret. mbr. Mr. J.
Stanley; since re-elected without
opposition; mbr. of Finance com. of
House; mbr. Royal Comm. on Hous-
ing, '14-16; mbr. Vic. Bd. of Abori-
gines;" ex-mbr. Vic. Com. on Vacci-
nation; ex-inbr. Dimboola Shire Cl.
(17 yrs.); thrice pres.; b. Ball.; s. of
1. Robert Menzies (col. of '54; pio-
neer storekeeper and merch. of
Ball.) ; educ. Lowther's and Menzie's
den. sohs.; after business exp. in
Ball, settled in Jeparit as merch.
'93; latterly agric. pursuits, near

MEKLIN, Botort S.; b. Sebas.. '62;
8. of Thos. Merlin (col. of '53); one
of fdrs. Ball. P.L.C.; pres. Ball. Sth.
P.L.L., '13-' 14; one of fdrs. Ball,
branch of Fed. Carters' & Drivers'
l"n.; pres., '16; mbr. of first C. &
D. Wages Bd. (3 yrs.); att. every
conf. of Un., inc. Federal Conf. at
Hti.sbane. '14; sec. O'long branch
C. ft D. Un., '14-M6; rep. Ball,
branch on T. ft L. Cl. for term;
collector "Evg. Fteho" since '16;
mbr. Sebas. Old Boys' Asnociation.

MMTON. Wm. b. B. Melb. '71; 8. of
1. Alex. Meston (coL of early 60's) :
educ. Albert Park pte. sch. and
Scotch Coll. Melb. ; joined Bank of
X.S.W. staff Melb. '88; attached
h.o. sev. yr.; became a/ct. at Ball,
branch '13: prom. mgr. at Creswlrk
'14; mbr. Cres. Recruiting and Pat-
riotic committee*, also mbr. Bel-
gian Relief com.: mbr. Library
<-<m. trea*. Cres. Hasp.. Benev. Soc-
iety. Coarlng and T.C.. acting hon.
wee. Cres. Howling and Tennis

I, ZdMt. Qo. Manock; M.B.:

s. of Geo. Merz; b. Prahran, '91;
educ. Humffray-st. S.S., Ball., and
Gren. Coll. (ent. schol. dux) and
jun. and jun. and sen. P.S.
exam.; won exhib. prize of 200,
tenable at Melb. Univ.; took M.B.
degree, Aug., '14; obt. Comm. 2nd
Lieut. Univ. Rifles, '13; Lieut, and
Instr. C' wealth Aviation Corps, '14;
served New Guinea campaign, '14-
'15; Persian Gulf operations, Jul>
& Aug., '15. (The compiler regrets
that Lieut. Merz was killed in ac-
tion near Busra, Aug. '15; being
attacked by Arabs upon aeroplane
falling through engine failure).

MIDDLETON, Clarice; d. of 1. W.
H. Malyon, (pioneer chemist of
Ball.); m. Thos. Leslie Middleton;
educ. Queen's Coll., Ball.; after pre-
liminary mus. and dram, study,
accepted lengthy engagement with
J. C. Williamson Dramatic Coy..
Aust. and N.Z. tour, '99-'00; won
ent. scholarship Marshall-Hall Con-
serv. of Mus., Melb., '01; won sev.
continuance scholarships in ensu-
ing six yrs.; appeared with fellow-
students in opera as " Hansel "
"Hansel & Greta"), His Majesty's
Melb.; performed at sev. student?'
recitals, and as soloist at Melb.
Town Hall; gave successful public
recital as "Dame Page" in "Merry
Wives of Windsor," at Her Majes-
ty's, Ball., under auspices Citizens-'
com.; later estab. operatic clasp.
Ball., and with students produce^
sev. operettas "Sylvia," "Nautical
Knot" and "Bui Bui"; toured Grt.
Brit, and Cont. in '13-'15 for adv
study of music in all branches,
hearing leading artists of the time:
app. teaching staff. Melb. Univ.
Conserv. (vocal music), '15.

MIDDLETON, Wm. Henry; pres. F.
of Mines Cl. since '13; pres. Art
Gall. Cl. since '14; pres. Progress
Assoc., '10-'12; treas. Fed. Progress
Assoc. of Vic., since '12; mbr. Ang
Synod ft Dioc. Cl.; Cath. Bd.: buil-
ding & fin. com.; fdtn. mbr. Ch. of
Eng. G.S. Cl.; hon. sec. All Saint*'
Ang Ch.. sev. yrs.; b. Wedderburn.
'64; s. of 1. Edwd. C. Middleton
(col. of '50); educ. Russell's den.
Sch., B'yong.; mbr. firm of Middle-
ton ft Morris since '88; now sole
prop.; plumber & gasfltter. ami
patentee Crescent Air Petrol Ga."
machine; mbr. Educ. com. "Forward
Ballarat" movement; v.p. Ball. Em-
ployers' Assoc.; pres. Vic. Tech.
Sch. Association.

MIDDLETON, Leli J.; f. of
above: b. Hall.. 'S>1; educ. Ball. G.S.
and Sch. of Mines; (grad. min. eng.
A urv., '10); assist, mun. eng.
City of Ball., '11-'15; lecturer on
mathematics and demonstrator in
phviilca. S. of Mines; Lieut. 7th
A.I.R., '10-'l2; one of fdrs. La-
croaie Club. '12; hon. sec. Wend.



Tennis Club; one of promoters &
first hon. sec. Ball. Tennis Assoc.
sports master Sch. of Mines. '

MILLER, Robert; b. Waratah (Tas.).
'84; settled Cres. dist., '98; joined
Cres. P.L.C., '04; pres. '06; sec.
since '07; one of fdrs. Ball. Fed.
Campaign Labor Cl.; v.-p. '12;
pres. since '13; sec. Allendale
electorate Labor Cl. since '14;
country employees' rep. on Fuel.
Fodder & Chaffcutters' Wages Bd.
since '12

MILLER, Bobert Ja.; s. of John
Miller, of Co. Tyrone (Ire.) ; b. Ball.,
'63; undertaker & embalmer, Arm-
strong-st., S., since '00; pres. Vic.
Band Assoc., '13; del. Rush worth
Band, '05-'14; Brighton Band, '14-
15; old time mbr. and supporter
Prout's Band; pres., '10-'13; treas.,
13-14; N.G. Pioneer Lodge, I.O.O.F.,
07; D.D.G.M. Ball, dist., '12; P.
Arch, Coronation Lodge, U.A.O.D.,
'11; assist, sec. & press cpt.
Ancient Briton Lodge, U.A.O.D.,
11; mbr. Ball. UuF.S. Disp.
Com.; treas. South-st. Deb. Soc.,
sev. yrs.; mbr. City & Newington
A.N.A.; active mbr. Ironworkers'
Assoc., sev. yrs.; mbr. exec. Worn-
out Miners' Sustentation Fund, &
active worker various charitable
movements; mbr. S. Ball. F.C. ;
patron Golden Pt. F.C.; promoter
and supporter sev. dist. min. co.'s.

SULLER, Tho. Craig 1 ; s. of 1. Alex.
Miller, J.P. (early col., and fdr. of
firm of Alex. Miller & Sons, tailors
& outfitters, Bridge-st.) ; educ.
Bain's H.S.; mgr. Alex. Miller and
Sons' emporium; pres. Ball. Hosp.,
'13-'14; l.g. & pres. Orph., '11-'12;
W.M., St. John's Mas. Lodge, '97;
P.J.G.W.. Grand Lodge of Vic.;
mbr. Bd. of General Purposes; l.g.
Masonic Homes; one of fdrs. & ex-
pres. of Ball. Caled. Soc.; pres.
Mecb. Inst., '10; mbr. Art Gallery

MILLER, Win.; s. of 1. Alex. Miller,
J.P.: b. Ball., '73; educ. Bain's H.S.
(dux, '90); art. to 1. Jas. Piper,
architect; joined Geo. W. Clegg in
firm of Clegg & Miller, architects,
'95; retired to take post of sec.,
Fiureka Terra Cotta & Tile Co. (of
which one of promoters) ; with G.
W. Cleprg designed Queen Victoria
Women's Ward of Ball. Hosp.,
Orph., and other public buildings
in Ball. & W. dist.; 3rd prize winner
for design for Auckland Town Hall;
3rd prize winner Aust. design for
Queen Victoria Hosp., Melb.; design
accepted. '02; one of fdrs. & v.-p.
Ball. Harr. Club; v.-p. & ex-hcpr.
Ball. Center V.A.A.A.; rep. mbr. of
club in half-mile to 10-mile and
other champs, for 10 yrs.; third
place in 50-mile walk (to 25-mile
post from Melb. Haymarket and re-

. turn). Apl. 30. '96. in 10J hours-

mbr. exec. Amat. Boxing & Wrest-
ling; fdr. & first hon. sec. Soldiers'
Hill B.C.; pres., '11-'12; winner
pres. trophy, '15; discovered prac-
ticability of utilising abandoned
slum heaps for manufacture lo-
cally of terra cotta ware, now
specialised by Eureka T. C. & T.
Company; mbr. Public Utilities
com. of "Forward Ballarat" move-

MILLS. ChaB. J.; b. C'maine '64; s. of
1. J. W. Mills (who wrote and pub-
lished "The Lays of Wendouree"
(book of poems) about '80; col. of
'54); educ. Cox's sch. Ball. N.;
builder, contractor and carpenter.
Chancery Lane, Ball. W., for many
yrs. as mbr. firm of Mills & Son,
now sole principal; contracting in
Sth. Africa '96-9 and '03-7; for some
yrs. mbr. Wanderers' orch and
Milit. Band (Johannesburg) the
leading org. of kind in Africa;
playing clarionet instrument; also
idtion. mbr. Ball. Lyric orch.; 3rd
batt. milit. band. Curlew orch, etc..
for many yrs.; mbr. Ball. Master
Builders' and Contractors' Assoc.;
and fdtion. mbr. Wend. R.C.

MITCHELL, Clive Leslie; 8. of Win
Thos. Mitchell; b. Broadford' '96;
educ. Broadford S.S. & Ball. A.H.S.;
in Union Bank service '12-'15; pte.
70th Regt., '13; sgt.. '14; on active
service with No. 6 Field Amb., 3rd
A.I.F., Gallipoli and French cam-
paigns, '15-'16; mbr. St. Paul's
Tennis Club, and runner-up Ball.
I Assoc. open gents' doubles, '15.
I MITCHELL, Sgt. Frederick Allan; b.
Wend., '94: s. of Fred. Mitchell;
educ. Wend. S.S.; joined No. 30
A.M.C., Ball., '12; staff-sgt., '15; on
active service Egyptian, Gallipoli
and French campaigns with No. 6
Field Amb., 3rd A.I.F., '15-'16;
fdtion. mbr. Wend. Rec. Club; hon.
sec. Tennis Club, '13-14; fdtion mbr.
Wend. F.B.; mbr. Milit. Club and

MITCHELL, Edward J.; b. Ball., '77:
erluc. Bain's H.S.; joined staff Pall
Trustees, Exec., &c. Co. as junior
clerk, "Ji; later securities clerk:
sec. since '09; treas. Ball. Golf
Club., '12-'14; now mbr. com.; mbr.
Cent. B.C.; one of fdrs. and first
pres. Ball, branch of Vic. Inst. of
Sees.; mbr. Ball. com. Lady Hen-
nessy's Patriotic League

MITCHELL, Capt. Henry; V.D.; b.
Chatham (Eng.), '52; arr. Vic., '54;
Ball., '57; with Educ. Dept. for 46
yrs.; retiring '12; for 31 yrs. tr. at
Mt. Clear; hon. sec. Ball. Teachers'
Club: pte. in old Vic. Ranerers. '70;
later in 3rd Batt. Inf.: retiring with
rank of Capt. &. Q.-M.; & awarded
Volunteer Decoration.

MITCHELL, Major Jas. Thos.; M.B.
& Ch.M. Aberdeen, and M.D., Melb.
Fniv.: M.R.C.S., Eng.; medical off.
C'wealth Milit. Forces, attached
A.I.F., '15; supt. Convalescent Rest



Home for sick and wounded Sol-
diers, Clifton Springs, '16; b. Adel.,
'56; a. of 1. T. J. Mitchell, banker
(col. of '38); hon. consult, surgeon
& phys. Ball. Hosp., many yrs.; 1.
g. Hosp.; W.M. Yarrowee Mas.
Lodge, 'OO-'Ol; v.-p. Y.M.C.A., '12-
*15; ex-supt. Lyd.-st. Meth. Inst..;
ex-pres. Royal Soc. of St. George 1 :
ex-pres. Ball. div. B.M.A. ; v.-p. &
ex-pres. Lyric Orch. Soc.; expres. & ex-rink
capt. Cent. B.C. pres. Ball. Mus. Soc.
MITCHELL, ex-Cr. Jame; J.P.;
farmer & grazier, Windermere; b.
Waubra. '58; s. of 1. Cr. J. Mitchell
early identity); gaz. J.P., '05; ent-
ered Ball. Shire Cl. '9B; twice pres
vol. retired '15; chairman Cardigan
S.S. Com.; mbr. com. Windermere
Mech Inst.; mbr. Ball. A. 4 P. Cl.; frequen
exhibitor stock at dist. shows & prize take
MITCHELL, Richard; s. of 1. R. S
Mitchell; b. near Newcastle (Eng.J
'52; arr. Aust. '61; settled Ball
educ. Stallard's Ball. G.S. & Gren
Coll.; a roamer in nearly all States
of Aust. for about 25 yrs. ; perman-
ently settling down about 1900; v
pres. Ball. Gun club and winner
numerous trophy stakes; mbr. Ball
Anglers' club and Fish Acclim
Soc. com.; mbr. Cent. B.C. and lea-
der in pennant rinks for sev. vrJ.;
life subscriber Ball. Hosp.; life
mbr. Mech. Inst.: mbr. Cl. of Ball.
Old Col. Assoc., club Old Col..; re-
creation<: angling, shooting and bowl
MITCHELL, TlxoB.; s. of 1. Richard
S. Mitchell one of earliest resi-
dents of Ball.: col. of '52; died '06;
owner of Mitchell's buildings
Snow's, etc.); b. Newcastle (Eng.),
'50; educ. Stallard's G.S. and Gren.
Coll., Ball.; managed father's Inter-
ests many yrs.; one of fdrs. & mbr.
com. Ball. Anglers' Club; mbr. com.
of Ball. Fish Acclimatisation Soc.;
mbr. old Sparrow Club com.; won
Kynoch trophy, '94; l.g. Hosp. &
Orph; Receatlons fishing, shoot-
ing & gardening; address. Blythe-
wopfl. Creswiok Road, Ballarat.
MITCHELL, Renben; s. of above: b.
Tiall.. '94; educ. Macarthur-st S.S.
A Dates' Vedette Coll.: cadet on
H.M.S. Psyche at age of 15; later
<>n H.M.S. Challenger; mbr. of team
of Challenger that obtained world's

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