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record score of 6 hits, 6 rounds, in
28 sees. the best 12-pounder per-
formance in light quick-firing gun
laying test, Hobart, Dec. '11; vis-
ited Kng.. and studied at submarine
Coll.. Gosport. (Eng). passing ex-
am, for gunnery torpedo work;
awarded three "very good" cert.,
coring 298 out of poss. 300 pts.;
posted to H.M. Aust. submarine
A.E.2. '13; ret. to Aust., July, '14;
and called to active service. Grm.
New Guinea operations. Aug.:
present at taking of Rnbaul, etc..
Sept.; later served In Dardanelles
campaign, and trans. t.> H.M s
it, munition xhlp. June. 'IV

later attached to Italian submarine
and now serving on Brit, submarine
MONTAGUE, David J.; b. Hereford-
shire (Eng.); (both parents musi-
cal; mother a fine singer); started
pianoforte at 12 yrs. under parish
organist; later studied harmony &
counterpoint under successful
composer; approaching manhood,
continued studies in London in
vocal. violin, piano, harmony,
c'point, etc., under leading masters
of continent; then followed suc-
cessful career as concert & operatic
singer (leading basso in opera
coy.) ; subsequently settled BalL.
and here and elsewhere became suc-
cessful Ch. org. & choirmaster, and
conductor of choral societies, orch., brass
& military hands. & adjudicator of compi.

MOONEY, Jas. Tliog.; b. Cape Clear;
s. of 1. Wm. Mooney; educ. Cape
Clear S.S. & Gren. Coll.; clerk in
office of uncle, 1. J. P. Roberts, &
later joined Vic. Rys. signalling
branch, '89; stationed Queenscliff,
W'heip, Ball. W. & E.; hon. sec.
people's services at Alfred Hall '99:
inaug. Pleasant Sun. Afternoon,
Aug., '99; successively addressed by
leading Statesmen of the time;
pres. Ball. City branch A.N.A., '04;
one of fdrs., in '01, and hon. sec.
Sun. Sch. Choristers (successful at
leading prov. comp., winning 11
choral champ.) ; hon. sec. Ball.
Y.M.C A., and rep. It at conf. at
Adel., '02; Syd., '03; mbr. of bd.
for many yrs.; inaug. Y.M.C.A.
tent at B'beet camp (one of first in
Aust.), '03; org. sec. of teams of
100 young men in Y.M.C.A. building
fund campaign, '07; founder or
Y.M.C.A. Tennis Club. '04; one of
fdrs. Ball. Choral soc. (champions
sev. occasions) mgd trip to Too-
woomba (Q.) Eisteddfod of So-
ciety's choir of 70 voices (winning
all big events). *07; the founder
Choral Union (champ., Ball.. '10);
and organised successful trips of
85-volce choirs to Syd., '10-'ll
(champ., '11); ex-v.p., now chair-
man of com.;sec. Ball. Lledertafel:
org. numerous efforts on behalf of
charities, raising altogether many
hundreds of pds. ; life governor
Orphanage & Hosp.; pres Ball. Rxhib. com
& chairman ol fourexhibs.: mbr.
Queen Cam ival Cotnpet'nscotn.; m Maud
Ross, of Suininr i Hill, Syd. '11
MOORE, Rev. Alex. Henderson; K.V;
pastor of Scots' Ch.; . of 1. Rev.
A. M. Moore (minister of Reformed
Presbyt. Ch., G'long. for 39 yra.);
b. G'long; educ G'long Coll. (under
1. Dr. Oeo. Morrison); teacher at
Gren. Coll.. Ball.; Caulfleld G.S..
and G'long Coll., studied Melb.
Univ.. and took B.A. degree, '90;
studied theology Ormond Coll. or-
dained first minister Presbvt. Ch.,
W. Perth. '98; first clerk. Presby-
tery of Perth: acting pastor St.
And. Kirk, Dal]., '03; called to


Scots' Ch., Ball. N.. Dec., '03; Mod.
Ball. Presbytery, '11; clerk, '14-'16;
first lect. Normal Coll. for Sun.
Sch. Teachers, '05-'09; pres. Ball.
W. Schools' Religious Instruction
League; has for sev. yrs. given
Bible lessons, Macarthur-st. and
Black Hill S.S.

I,TOBAN John; s. of 1 Lawrence
Moran'; b. Kyneton; educ. Ball. Coll.
and Bains. H.S.; mbr. firm of Mac-
leod & Booth, stock & station
salesmen, Ball.; for some time
auct.; pres. Ball.. Commercial Club
'15-16; for sev. yrs. treas Ball.
Rowing Club; auditor Ball. A. & P.
Society; hon. aud. B'beet T.C.: ex-
aud. Miners' T. C.

KORAN, Tho. P.; b. dunes, '65; s.
of 1. Sgt. Laurence Moran (Vic.
Police) ; educ. Learmonth S.S., and
Jennings' P.S., Ball.; rep. Ball.
Hardware Coy. since '89; mbr.
C.T.A.; mbr. Ball. R.C. for 30 yrs.;
ex-v.-p. & com.; ex-mbr. Regatta
Assn.; starter at annual regattas
since '90; mbr. S. Ball. F.C.; com.
for sev. yrs.; ex-pres. Ball. E.
Harrier Club; v.-p. Ball. Center
V.A.A.A; ex-corn. Miners' T.C.;
dir. Birthday Tunnel, Ajax, Ajax.
Cent., Nuggety Ajax, & N. Hope
G.M. Co.'s; mbr. Ball. A. & P. Cl.;
Clubs Com. (ex-pres.); O.C.A., &
C.T., and Stock Exch., Melb:

MOBEY, Jas. Matthew; mtd. Cons-
table; b. B'go, '72; s. of 1. Samuel
Morey (mine mgr.) ; joined P. Force .
'96; resigned to serve in S. African)
war with 3rd. Vic. Cont., '00; re-
turned 18 mos. later and selected as
one of returned soldiers to rep.
Vic. at Coronation of King Edward
VII.; been stationed Ball. 4J yrs.;
pree. Newington A.N.A., '15; mbr.
branch debating team; active mbr.
Numurkah F.B. for 10 yrs., and
regularly competed at demonstra-

T.'ORGAN, Walter M.; s. of 1. S. J.
Morgan (Ball, pioneer); b. Ball.,
'71; educ. Cent. S.S.; estab. Sports
Depot, 6 Armstrong-st., N., '00;
enlisted for military service '15,
corp. clerk at Ball. Training depot;
champ. Ball. B.C., '13; mbr. B.B.A.
champ, rink (Ball.), '10-11 & '16; mbr.
unbeaten Vic. rink agst. Tas., N.S.
W. & Q., at Brisbane, 13; mbr Ball.
rink, runners-up Aust. Champ, at
Melb., '13; rep. cricketer 25 yrs.; ret.
'15; joined Britannia C.C., '90; one
of fdrs. Sun. Sch. Assoc., '91; mbr.
Brit. 1st XI., '92-3; and with suc-
cessive not-out scores aggregated
400 before his first wicket fell;
scored 98 at Daylesford and 90 at
Rocky Lead, being offered 10/6 to
retire, which he did, but declined
the half-guinea; joined Ball. C.C.,
"94; scored 452 for avge. of 90.4, &
took 40 wkts. for 4.8 runs per wkt.,
'36-7; avged. 105.7 runs per wkt.,

'97-8; scored four cent, in eight
inn. of two matches (vide "Wis-
den's Annual") in Friday cricket;
and aggregated 1573 runs for avge.
of 72 runs in all Friday & Sat.
matches, '05-6; highest scores, 240
agst. Ball. A. team, in '98; and 235
n.o. agst. New Ball. '02-3; one of
prom. dist. cricket '10; and avged.
47 for 23 inn., and took 142 wkts.
for 13.9 per wkt. in five seasons;
altogether scored between 90 & 100
cent, in cricketing career; scored
36 for Vic. agst. Tas.; 135 agst.
Vic. on M.C.C. ground; 66 agst.
Eng. XI.; frequently capt. Ball,
teams agst. international & other
elevens; capt. of local teams sev.
times, and hon. sec. North City
C.C.; champ. Ball. G.C., '01, '02, '06.
'08, '10, '11, '13 & '14; amat. record
of links, 151 (2 rds.), '10; open
champ. Stawell, M'borough, B'fort,
& Ararat, '14; mbr. champ, choir of
Ball. Eisteddfod, 5 yrs. in succes-
sion; and also of winning quartet
& trio; mbr. Liedertafel and St.
Andrew's choirs since "95.

MOBKELL, Q.-M.S. Oeo. Hy.; a. of
Samuel Morrell; b. Ball. W., '85;
educ. Pleas-st. S.S.; pte 7th A.I.R.,
'04; sgt., '07; col.-sgt., '09; R.Q.M.S.
70th regt. '13; on active service as
Q.M.S. 23rd batt. A.I.F. in Gallipoli
& French campgns, '15-16; hon. sec.
70th A.I.R. Sgrts.' Mess, '13; first
assist, sec. 70th Regt. Rifle Club;
mbr. sev. successful rifle teams;
ex-mbr. City F.B. ; one of fdrs. and
first lieut. Wend. F.B., '13; sec..
'14; ex-mbr. Enterprise F.C.; later
Jun. F. Assoc. umpire for eight yrs.

MOBBEI.Ii, Wm. Hy.; b. Ball.; tea &
prov. merch., Armstrong-st., N.,
since '96; rink capt. & mbr. com.,
Ball. N. Rec. Club sev. yrs.; club
champ., '05-6, '11-12, & '13-'14; capt.
rink into B.B.A. semi-final '14-'16;
B.B.A. champ, rink, '08-9; mbr.
Scots Ch. Bd. ; sec. & treas. Grocers'
C.C., sev yrs.; treas. Master Gro-
cers' Assoc.; ex-capt. Old Princess
F.C. ; one time champ, athlete old
Ball. gym. ; l.g. Benev. Asylum.

MOBBIS, Cha.; J.P.; b. Lond., '48;
arr. Aust. with father (C. Morris,
of Bermondsey), '54; educ. St.
Stephen's, Richmond; settled Ball.,
'67; estab. business in Sturt-st.,
'69; later Bridge-st.; estab. whole-
sale box making industry, Lyd.-st.,
Ball., '00; mging. dir. Morris Manu-
facturing Co. (with which is identi-
fied the Morris & Walker Propty.
Ltd.); mbr. Excelsior Tent, I.O.R.,
since '67; C.R., '90; D.C.R., '72:
gaz. J.P., 88; elder & rep. of Ch. of
Christ, Dawson-st., & chairman of
cong. ; reg for celebration of
marriages, '88; m. Miss B. Wynne
(sec. Excelsior Female Tent, I.O.R.),



MORBIS, Herbert; s. of above; b.
Ball. '77; educ. Cent. S.S.; qualified
pharmacist; assist, dispenser, Melb.
Disp., '03-'10; mgr. Ball. U.F.S.
Disp. since '10; trustee Ch. of
Christ, Ball.; treas. Sun. Sch.; mbr.
Y.M.C.A. Tennis Club.

MOBBJS, Cha. Bowen; 8. of 1. Sam-
uel Morris (merch. of Ball. E.);
bro. of F. P. Morris, hymn writer,
Daylesford, and cousin of Madame
Ada Crossley Muecke) ; b. Ball. E.,
'79; educ. Queen-st. S.S.utr of org.
& piano; org. Neil-st. Meth. Ch.,
'02-'06: org. A choirmaster Congre-
gational Ch., '06-'08; org. & choir-
master, Scots Ch. since '09.

MOBBIS, John; b. Ball. W.. '75; s.
of Wm. Morris; mbr. firm W. Morris
& Sons, mon. sculptors, Creswlck-
rd., since '08; cond. United Meth.
Ch. choir, Peel-st., Ball., '94-'05;
Daylesford Presbyt. Ch. cholr.'OS-
"08; produced "Gondoliers" & "The
Sorcerer" comic operas, Dayles-
ford. '07 and '08; cond. Bap. Ch.
choir, Dawson-st., '08-'10; & Eben-
exer Ch. choir since '14; cond.
Choral Union since '13; won second
Choral contest. Ball, contests, '14;
2ml at Launceston, '14; champ,
choir of Tas., '15.

MOBBISEY, John E.; b. Redan, '81;
educ. C.B. Sch., Ball. W.; mbr.
teaching staff C.B. Coll., Kalgoor-
lie. W.A.. '07; St. P. Coll., BalL,
since '04 (excepting break of one
yr. when in Kalgoorlie) ; active
mbr. S. Ball. F.C., 12 yrs.; ex-capt., '
v.-c. A sec.; capt. Rys. F.C. (W.A.
Goldflelds Assoc.), '07; and also
capt. Assoc. team, '07; coached St.
P. Coll. ft C.B. Coll. teams, which
were defeated but once; sec. St. P.
Coll. sports com.; sec. Ball. Christy
Minstrel Coy.: active in charitable
efforts: mbr. St. P. Day Fest. Com.,
* St. P. Old Coll. Assoc Com.; mbr.
Ball. Handball Club for sev. yrs.;
wide exp. amat. theatricals, and
toured Vic. A Tas. with Whidburn
Dram. Coy.: hon. dlr. Ball. Dram.
Coy. for sev. yrs., and well-known
comedian on Ball. A dlst. concert
platforms; hon. stage mgr. St. P.
Day Fe*t.. Red Cross Carnival and
Nazareth House benefit dramas.
MOBBISON, Ma for William; M.A.,
M.P.. Olas. & Melb. Univ.; b. Elgin
(Scot.). '56; resident surgeon Ball.
Hosp. '85; mbr. Hon. Medical staff
many yrs.: app. l.g. In recognition
of services: mbr. Art Gallery Cl.;
mbr. St. And. Kirk Bd.; hon. major
A.M.C. reserve since '09: mbr. Ball.
'.II. I').; Club Ballarat.
MOBBOW. Knrh Gordon; n. of 1.
Hugh Wilson Morrow (of Cuthbert.
Morrow A Must); b. Ball., '85; edur.
Bull. Coll. A Ormond Coll. (Melb.
Univ.): admitted to Vic. Bar. '07;
practising as barr. A sol. at Ball.

since '07; mbr. firm of Cuthbert,
Morrow A Must.; sol. for City of
Ball.; mbr. Ball. Coll. Cl.; enlisted
active service, 39th Ball. Batt., '16.
MOBBOW, Wm. ChM.; b. Ball.. '74;
s. of Henry Morrow (pioneer miii.
investor, and col. of 50's) ; educ.
Macarthur-st. S.S., Univ. Coll., and
S. of Mines; at latter institution
was pupil in architecture of G. W.
Clegg, his present partner In firm
of Clegg & Morrow. Col. Mutual
Chambers, Lyd.-st. ; was a building
contractor for some yrs.; ex-rink
capt. & mbr Soldiers' Hill B.C.;
active mbr. of competitive choirs
of Choral Society, Choral Union and
other choral institutions, & soloist;
mbr. City F. Lib. com.

MOBSHEAD, Lieut. Col. Leslie Jft.;
b. Ball. '89; s. of 1. "Wm. Morshead;
educ. Mt. Pleas. S.S. and Teachers'
Training Coll.; served in Educ.
Dept. tin 1912; later tr. at Armadale
Ch. of Eng. Coll. 15 mos. : and waa
master at Melb G.S. when war de-
clared in Aug. '14; enlisted for ac-
tive service and went to Egvpt with
2nd. batt. 1st brig. A.I.F.; prom,
capt. Jan. '15; and major June 1
on field: took part in invasion of
Gallipot! landing at Anzac. Battle
of Gaba Tepe. May 8, '15: defence
of Anzac May 18; Lone Pine charge
Aug. 8. etc.; led first line in charge;
mentioned in despatches by Gen.
Sir Ian Hamilton for "excellent
work In maintaining and consolid-
ating the left flank of the 2nd batt.
wh. was persistently attacked with
machine guns rifles and bombs, but
was maintained throughout. By
MJr. Morshead's example and ac-
tions he rallied the men and kept
them at their posts when demorali-
sed by heavy casualties from bombs
and his actions effectually kept the
enemy at bay and prevented a break
through the line, thus alloMKng the
3rd batt. to move forward and gain
a depth of about 50 or 60 yds"; sub-
sequently Invalided to Eng. and
thence to Aust.; prom. Lieut. Col.
and C.O. 3Srd batt. of new Aust.
division for further service '!:
(one of youngest colonels In Brit-
ish army).

MOBSHEAD, Wm. Bennison; b. Rh<>-
ola. '78: s. of 1. Wm. Morshead (col.
of f 52. who arr. in Ball, in gold dig-
ring era and was an eye-witne or
Eureka stockade of '54, but not n
participant: he was a mbr. of
party that mined on site of present
stork exchange); educ. Mt. Pleas -
8.S.: Identified with soft goods an-1
tailoring bus. for sev. yrs. prior to
establishing tailoring and outfitt-
ing and ladles' costumlerlng empor-
ium nt 5 Rrtdsre-st.. in 1908.

MORTON, I.letit.-Col. Oeo. P.; b. Ball.
E.. '81: educ. Cent. S.S. and Oren.
Coll.: Jun, mun. clerk. City hal'.
'99: rate collector, '01: assist Cltv
clerk. '10: appointed acting rlt -
clerk 1915; passed mun. clerks'


exam., '09; pte. 3rd Batt. Inf., '99;
sgt., '00; Lieut. 7th Regt.. '04;
Capt., '09; Major, '11; O.C. 71st City
of Ball. Inf., '12; Lieut.-Col., '13
(youngest In C'wealth at time);
O.C. 23rd Batt. 3rd A.I.F., on active
service, '15; but invalided home
from Egypt, following severe ill-
ness & operation; signalling officer
7th Regt.. '05; shooting capt. of
coy. which won V.R.A. plates comp.,
'04; mbr. 7th A.I.R. that won Schu-
macher Empire Cup, '08; ex-pres.
71st Regt. Rifle Club; v.-p. City
R.C.; P.M. Ball. Lodge. M.U.I.O.O.F.;
hon. sec. Ball. City Recreation exec.
'16; office-bearer Yarrowee Mas.
Lodge and Soldiers' Hill B.C.

SZOBTON, Mabel L. B.; b. Ball.;
<1. of George Punshon; for some yrs
teacher of music (piano & vocal,
counterpoint, harmony, etc.);
"Azalea," Seymour-st. : educ. musi-
cally at MarshaM -Hall Conserv. of
Mus., Melb. ; w'rner piano schol.
three yrs. in succession; studied
singing, piano, harmony & counter-
point; hon. pianlste Ladies' Art
Assoc. since '09; selected by Assoc.
to educ. its schol. winners; ap-
peared with success at Conserv.
students' recitals, Melb.; gave
three public recitals one operatic
("Lucie de Lammermoor." "Mar-
guerite" in "Faust," and " De
Freyscitz"), and two pianoforte
at Her Majesty's Theatre, Ball.;
also sung with success on concert
platform, & solo pianiste & ac-
companiste; m. Lieut.-Col. Morton,
April. 1916.

fcrOYLE, David; b. Ball., '65; a. of
Thos. Moyle (col. since early 50's) ;
educ. Oldham's and Armstrong's
Sch.; tailor & outfitter, 306 Sturt-
st., since '03; ex-supt. Jun. Div.
Lyd.-st. Meth Inst.; now sen. supt.;
v.-p. of Inst., *12-'13; v.-p.
Y.M.C.; pres. Ball, branch Local
Preachers' Assoc., '03; mbr. Lyd.-
st. Meth. Ch. Trust. (Obit., 1916).

I;OYI.E, Wm. Cnas.; b. B'go., '79; s.
of John Moyle; educ. S. Aust. S.S.;
held responsible position with York-
shire Ins. Co. sev. yrs.; mgr. Ball,
branch Ins. Office of Aust., Ltd.
since '11; mbr. St. Andrew's Kirk
Bd.; hon. sec. St. Andrew's branch
P.M. A.; mbr. of Cl. of P.M.A. of
Vic.; one of fdrs. & first v.-p. Ball,
branch of People's Partv, elected
pres., 1916; also member cent-
ral exec.; sec. Ball. conf. of Lib.
14-'15; mbr. Queen's Carnival com-
petitions committee

ItrrjIB, John Wm.; b. Melb., '81; s. of
Richard Muir, (chiropodist of
Melb., and later Ball.): educ. Humf-
f ray and Pleas.-sts. S.S. ; mgr. for W.
F. Coltman, timber merch.; pres.
International Correspondence Sch.
Students' Assoc. since '11; ex-pres.
& ex-treas. Lyd.-st. Y.M.C.; one of

fdrs., and treas. & rink capt. (No.
2 team) Wend. Rec. Club; mbr.
com. Ball. Hort. Soc.; enthusiastic-
horticulturist & successful exhib-
itor; office-bearer Yarrowee Mas.
Lodge; one time gym. instructor of
Ball. E. Art School, Black Hill.
Town Mission, & Ladies'
gym. clubs; mbr. com. and convener
Publicity com. of "Forward Ballar-
at" movement; first hon. sec. Pleas. -
st. S.S. Old Boys' Association.

MUIB, iicut. David; b. Ball. educ.
Cent. S.S.; active mbr. Ball. R.C.
for sev. yrs. also mbr com; mbr.
com. Ball. F.C.; fought in Euro-
pean war as non. comm. off. with
8th batt. 1st div., A.I.F., took part
in Ismalia skirmish and operations
in Gallipoli, from landing until eva-
cuation '15; later French campaign.
'16: prom, lieut. whilst on service.

MULCAHY, Bev. Michael; b. Traleo.
Co. Kerry (Ire.) 'S3; educ. the Sem-
inary, Tralee; and All Hallows Coll.
Dublin; ord. by Most Rev. Dr.
O'Connor, June '06; arr. Aust. Nov.
'06; officiated for short period at
Swan Hill and for 15 months at
Warracknabeal; transf. to Ball,
diocese (St. Alipius parish Ball. E. >
'08-11; pte. sec. late Bishop Higgins
'11-15; address, "The Palace," Pal-

MUNBO, John; b. Forfarshire
(Scot.), May, '29; seafaring until
36 yrs. old; was passenger on S.F.
London, which foundered in Bay oJ
Biscay with 220 souls aboard, Jan.
llth, '66; with others he took to
the only boat that lived in a nig!,
sea and cold rough weather, an<i
drifted for 24 hrs.; rescued by
Italian barque, and landed at Fal-
mouth; gave evidence at Marine
Court's enquiry, and came out to
Vic. in S.S. "Great Britain," sett-
ling in Ball., '68; believed to be the
last of shipwrecked party. G. V.
Brooke, famous actor, went down
in same ship.

MUNTZ, Edward Jas.; B.C.E. tx
Woodend '70; s. of 1. Joseph Muntz
(who arr. Vic. from Co. Down N.
Ire. '62); educ. Wesley Coll. ami
Melb. Univ.; grad. Bach. Civil Enp.
'94; asst. eng. Shire of Waranga an^
later eng.-ln-charge of works
Echuca and Waranga Water Trust :
had charge of irrigation channel
works for supplying Elchuca village
settlement '98-9; sec. and eng. Shin;
of Lowan (Nhill) '99-00; eng. Shire
of Ripon (Beaufort), since '00; also
shire treas.; acting eng. Lexton
Shire '16; ex pres. B'fort A.N.A.:
mbr. Cemetery Trust: P.M. and sec.
Fiery Creek Mas. Lodge and P.S.G.
D. of Vic.; P.M. and sec. Beaufort
Mark Lodge and G.J.W. of Vic.; P.
P. Royal Arch (Yarrowee Chapter) :
mbr. vestry B'fort Ang. church,
also hon. lay reader; hon. sec.
Roaufort C.E.M.S.

MUBPHY, Bead; ex-P.M., Warden &
Coroner of Ball, (list.; e. s. of



1. Hon. H. M. Murphy, M.L.C.
(pioneer legislator); inventor of
Victoria torpedo, favorably report-
ed on by experts; purchased by
coy., which paid the inventor 500
per annum for a period, but
which failed to sell rights to Imp.
(Jovt. on account of the tremendous
expense involved in substituting
the Victoria for the existing tor-
pedo; author of "Beyond the Ice"
(a philosophical novel, which
claimed to be the only practical
scheme of Socialism which rewards
individual effort, and adequately
provides for every member of the
community) ; and "The Blakely
Tragedy" (written in London, and
depicting the awful ravages of
social evils).

MURPHY, W. X.; J.P.; b. Ball. '66; s
of 1. John Murphy (col. of early
'40's; sec. old Meredith Road Bd. &
later of shire and whose wife
landed Aust. '40) ; educ. Holy Ghost
(later St. P.) Coll. Ball.; opened
drapery bus. at Boolara (S. Gipps-
land) '85; mbr. first Morwell Shire
Cl. about '90); gaz. J.P. '93; mbr.
Meredith Shire Cl. '97-9; ret. to
Ball, about '00 as rep. of soft goods
houses, now agent for Makower,
McBeath & Co., J. F. & H. Roberts,
Jos. Pickles & Sons. J. C. Rice, etc.,
pres. St. P. Club (for third time);
hon. sec. St. P. parochial Debt
Union, and Ball, branch Aust.
Catholic Fed.; ex-hon sec. St. P.
branch St. Vincent de Paul Soc. ;
rink capt. Cent. B.C.; for many yrs.
keen cricketer and one of leading
batmen and bowlers of old City &
Ball. C.C. (one of fdrs. of former

MURRAY. Agrn: b. Ayrshire, near
Hums' mon. (Scot.), '37; arr. Aust.,
'! ; m. John Paul Murray (later
Cr., Ball. City, & J.P.). '61; settled
on station near Murray River for
many yrs.; resided Ball, since early
'SO's; for some yrs. Bible reader at
Hosp. & Benev. Asylum; mbr.
Mothers' Com., and Boarded-out
Oilldren's Com.: founded Women's
Prayer Union. '84; pres. for many
yrs.; organised & promoted bran-
ches throughout district; founded
Murray Memorial Chinese Mission,
& built mission halls, GoldenPoint
'during gold rush). Main Road A
T.ittle Bendigo; main supporter of
these missions: also founded and
with help of friends In Ball., built
leper wards at Champa, Bombay
& Chandoja (India): and has helped
leper missions in China, Japan and
Corea; for sev. yr. on Ladies'
Clothing Com.; l.g. Benev. Asylum.

MURRAY. Enirnl; d. of 1. J. H.
Vansreelen (who arr. Vic. Amster-
dam '52); also of French descent on
maternal side; b. and edur. in Vic.:
m. Eric 8. L. Murray at Scot*, ch..

Melb. '77; settled Ball. '87; for 29
yrs. past an active worker on be-
half of Ladies' Benev. Clothing
soc.; ex-pres. and hon. secty since
about 1900, mbr. com. Female
Home for sev. yrs.; one of fdtion.
mbs. Ladles' Art Assoc. ; mbr. exec.
Queen Victoria Womens' Ward
(Ball. Hosp.) fund '99; and later
pres. Charities carnival: nominated
for Hosp. l.g. but declined; active
worker Orph. Jubilee fair '16; hon.
sec. Soldiers' Club '16; mbr. Red
Cross carnival com. and com. Ball,
branch, Vic. League of Victoria.

MUST, Philip Win.; b. Portland, '59:
s. of 1. Thos. Must (early col. and
merch.); educ. G'long Coll.; mbr.
legal firm of Cuthbert, Morrow &
Must, and sole survivor of original
firm of Cuthbert, Wynne, Morrow
& Must (1887); Notary Public &
Comm. for taking affidavits in
Aust. States & Fiji; Advocate of
Ang. Diocese of Ball.; mbr. Synod
for St. Stephen's, Portland; mbr.
Dioc. Cl. & Finance Com.; Cath.
Bd. & C. of Eng-. G.S Cl.: Parish-
ioners' Warde.., Christ Ch. pro-
Cath.; for -30 yrs. ni^r. of Melb.
C.C.; keen cricketer & footballer at

NANSCAWEN, Walter J.; b. Ball.
'92; s. of Richard Nanscawen (mgr.
R. Graham & Son's boot factory):
educ. C.B. Sch., Skipton-st. ; ledger
keeper Ball. Brewing Co. since '09;
pres. Ball. C.Y.M.S., '14; treas. S.
Ball. F.C., '14; sec. St. P. Social
Club; sec. & playing mbr. S. City
F.C.; playing mbr. & ex -sec. S. City
C.C.; com. St. Vincent de Paul Soc.;
aud. Ball. H.A.C.B.S.

NAPLES, Thos. Cha.; b. Bungaree.
'59; s. of 1. Chas. Naples (of Mavis
Bush Farm, Dean) ; educ. dunes T.
S.; qual. for State teaching service,
but preferred farming pursuits; In
later yrs. undertook shipping horses
between Aust. & India, Java, Maur-
itius, Sumatra. Penang, Sth Africa
& China; as result of practical ex-
perience in horse buying, was ap-
pointed remount agent of C' wealth
Defence r>epL after outbreak of
war, '14-'15; taking remounts to
war zone. 1916; m. Tlllie. d. of 1.
Jon. Curthoys, J.P.. '90.

KASE, Cr. Albert !.; J.P.; mbr. Cre.
Shire Cl. since '97; twice pres.; ore*.
I 'Ulna Mech. lust.; pres. National
Coursing Club and Cres. Coursing
Club; patron and follower of open
coursing; mbr. Smeaton Cemetery
Trust; b. Ulllna '69: s. of 1. G. L.
Nase, (col. of T.2); educ. Ball. Coll.
succeeded 1. father ns propr. Clo-
ven Hill estate, Ullina.

NETTLE, John li., J.P.: b. St. Agnes.
Cornwall, '45; local min. & bus. pur-
suits till '66: arr. Ball.. '67; joined
father & bros. as battery grating
manufrs.: later mbr. flrm of Nettle
Bros.; re-visited Eng., '96; ret.



Hall.. '97; P.G.W.P. Sons of Temp,
order; supt. Barkly-st. Meth. Sun.
Sch. for 12 yrs.; trustee Barkly-st.
Ch. and class leader Neil-st. Meth.
Sun. Sch.; gaz. J.P.. '12 (Obit. '16).

NEVETT, Horatio Arthur; b. London,
'49; matrlc. Lond. Univ., '65; arr.
Melb., Sept., '66; articled to Alfred
Mitchell, solicitor, Ball., & admitted
to practise as solicitor; at once be-
coming- mbr. firm of Randall, Mit-
chell & Nevett, '72; practised in
Ball, until present day; son, Arthur
H., admitted to partnership, '07;
firm now Nevett & Nevett; Notary

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