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Public & Comm. for taking affi-
davits in all States of C'wealth &
High Court of Aust.; Parity, agent
State of Vic.; Chancellor of Ang.
Dioc. of Bal. since '07; one of reps.
In Synod; mbr. Dioc. Cl., Bd. of
Electors, & various other bds.;
Dioc. Trustee; l.g. & mbr. Hosp.
Com. since '07.

NEVETT, Elizabeth; m. Horatio
Arthur Nevett; foundress Child-
ren's Home, Ball. B., '98; pres.
since inception; fdtn. mbr. & first
& existing pres. Ball, branch
A.W.N.L.; pres. A.W.N.L. Club;
v.-p. Cent. Exec. A.W.N.L. for term;
hon. treas., Queen Victoria Memori-
al Women's Ward, Ball. Hosp., '99;
probationer State Neg. Child. Dept.;
mbr. Ladies' Exec. Ball. Recruiting

NEYETT, Arthur Hereward; 8. of
above; b. Ball.; educ. Ball. Coll. &
G'long G.S.; articled to father and
admitted to practise as barrister
& solicitor, '02; mbr. firm of Nevett
& Nevett since '07; mbr. com.
Wend. Tennis Club for many yrs.;
club champ, sev. yrs.; one of fdrs.
& first pres. present Tennis Assoc.,
'13; active mbr. & ex-v.-c. & treas.
Wend. R.C. for lengthy period; one
of fdrs. & first com Wend. Rec.
Club, '12-*13; mbr. Ball. Prog. Assoc
com.; v.-p. Old Coll. Assoc.; mbr.
Ball. Old Collegians Assoc. Cl.

NEVILLE, ThoB., J.P.; b. Co. Galway
(Ire.), '42; arr. Aust., '65; farming
pursuits at Clark's Hill since '68;
mbr. Bungaree Shire Cl., '79-'99;
also ex-pres. ; gaz. J.P.; hon. treas.
R.C. Ch., Clark's Hill, sev. yrs.

KEVTLLE, Michael; s. of Thomas
Neville, J.P.; b. Clark's Hill,
'83; educ. Pootilla S.S. & St. P.
Coll. (matric. "99); 12 yrs. service
in Nat. Bank; mgr. Wallace Butter
Factory (Ball, depot), since '08;
mbr Nazareth House Com.; office-
bearer Wallace Race Club; mbr. St.
P. Y.M.C. & Wend. Rec. Club; and
ex-mbr. Essendon A.N.A. and De-

bating Club; hon. sec. Ball, branch
St. P. Old. Coll. Assoc.

NEWTON, Michael; b. Limerick,
(Ire.), '51; s. of 1. W. M. Newton;
Station exp. at Mt. Gambler (S.A.)
for sev. yrs.; licensee Brophy's
(later Newton's) hotel, Sturt-st.,
Ball., '84-14; one of earliest mbrs.
Miners' T.C.; steward & starter
from inception for 27 yrs.; also
of B'gee, B'beet, Wallace & B'yong
T.C. (9 yrs.); Ball. T.C.; since '00;
ex-pres. Miners' T.C.: v.-p. B'beet
T.C.; mbr. A. & P. Cl.; Gun Club,
& B'beet Coursing Club com.; mgr.
& starter St. P. Fest. Races; mbr.
old Ball. Hunt Club; supporter of
various sporting & athletic inst. ;
mbr. Red Cross Carnival Com.;
l.g. Hosp. & Orph.

NICE, 8yd.; s. of Jas. Nice; b. Ball.
E., '88; educ. Golden Pt. S.S., and
later commercially; ledger keeper
for A. M. Greenfield & Co.; one of
fdrs. St. Paul's Tennis Club, '04;
sec., '05; one of fdrs. & first sec.
of second Tennis Assoc., & assisted
to estab. present Assoc. in 'IS;
hcpr. & mbr. exec; mbr. St. Paul's

' NICHOLLS, Oeo. Hy.; s. of 1. R. U.
Nicholls (pioneer Ball. hort. & col.
of '56); b. Ball., '71; educ. Bain's
H.S.; mgr. of R. U. Nicholls & Co.'s
depot, Armstrong-st. N.; vicar's
warden & treas. St. John's Ch. of
Eng. since '07; mbr. Dioc. Home
Miss. Exec., & Bd. of Missions; &
supplementary mbr. of Prov. Syn-
od; mbr. Hort. Soc. com. sev. yrs;
constant & successful exhib., hort.
sections. Ball. & other dist. agric. &
hort. shows for many yrs.; in
younger days was successful ped-
estrian and rider of high bicycle.

NICHOLLS, Percy L.; b. Somerset-
shire (Engl), '75; s. of 1. Jos. Nich-
olls; arr. Aust. & settled Ball., '89;
assoc. with "Ball. Star" since '93.
firstly as jun. clerk, later as mgr.
& co-prop.; mbr. of firm of R. W.
Baxter & Co. since '09; for many
yrs. actively connected with de-
bating soc. in Pall.; one of prom. &
first Premier of Societies' "Parlia-
ment; mbr. & ex-chm. Pleas.-st.
S.S. Com.; hon. treas. Citizens'
Home Defence Assoc.; mbr. City
Free Lib. Com.; hon. aud. Hort.

NICHOLLS, Win. J.; b. Clunes, '71;
s. of W. H. Nicholls (col. of early
50's); educ. Clunes S.S. & private-
ly; connected with Clunes "Guar-
dian," Murchison (W.A.) "Times,"
Pitfleld "Banner" (co-prop.), & Ber-
ringa "Herald" (prop. & ed.) ; C.P.S.
at Berringa since '12; Comm. for
taking affidavits; sec. Berringa
Prog. Assoc.; ex-pres. Berringa
A.N.A.; official reporter Leigh Shire



Cl., and sev. institutions in Ber-
ringa dist. ; pres. Berringa & Scars-
dale Dist. S.S. Com. Assoc.

NICHOLSON, Alexander; Sub-In-
spector of Police; b. Melb., '62;
reared on father's farm at Raglan
W.; joined police force, '83; sta-
tioned Ball. E. & Sebas.; in charge
of Wend., 'S4; & recommended for
special promotion for facing and
arresting an armed man at Parade
hotel, and highly commended by
Justice Sir Hartley Williams at
trial; awarded police valor badge,
one of the earliest recipients; was
shot at four times in the encounter,
but only slightly wounded; pro-
moted S.C., '02; charge of Beaufort,
'04; 2nd class Sgt., '09; charge Ball.
City station. '11-'16; 1st class Sgt.,
'12; sub-inspector, "16; pres. Ball.
E. A.N.A., '01; Beaufort A.N.A., '06;
ft Newington (Ball.) A.N.A., '15-
'16; del. at eight conf.; W.M. Fiery
Creek Mas. Lodge. B'fort. '10; twice
chief of B'fort Thistle Club; elder
B'fort Presbyt. Ch., '07; and of St.
Andrew's Kirk. Ball., '13-16; mbr.
Ball Presbytery three yrs.; mbr.
Newington A.N.A. deb. team, '13-
"16; l.g. Hosp. ft Benev. Asylum;
mbr. Red Cross Carnival Com.

KICKOX.80N, Alfred E.; b. Ball.; a.
of 1. William Nicholls; educ. Rose-
inblum's & Lowther's Sch.; builder
ft contractor for 25 yrs.; exec, con-
tracts throughout Western Diat. ;
W.M. Ball. Mas. Lodge, '08; W.M. .
Ball. Mark Lodge. '15-'16; served in
3rd Batt. Milit.; ret. with rank of
Sgt.; toured Grt. Brit. ft cont.,
'11 - 12.

NIXON. Wm.; F.I.A.A., A.I.A.V.;
mbr. firm of Bell, Lambert & Nixon,
auct. & gen. comm. agents & a/cts.,
since '10; formerly a/ct. for Cuth-
bert, Morrow & Must, solicitors; b.
Goulburn dist.: s. of Allan Nixon. ft
g.s. of John Allan (one of earliest
residents of O'long) ; He. auditor;
Fellow Aus-t. Inst. Incorp. A/cts.,
ft Assoc. Incorp. Inst. of A/cts.,
Vic.; one of fdra. & pres. Ball,
branch I.I.A.V.. '14-16: aud. S. of
Mines Cl.; I.I.A.V. : and sev. sport-
inst.: mbr. com. Commercial Club.

NOACK. Cr. Hy.; b. B'yong. '65; a. of
Hy. Noack (col. of '49); educ.
B'yong & Scotnburn S.S.; mgr.
B'yong Butter Factory since "93;
mbr. ft ex-mayor B'yong Bor. Cl.;
cpt. B'yong S.H. Com.; P.C.R. Oarl-
baldl Tent. I.O.R.

JTOBTXCOTT. Capt. John; b. Ores.
'90: B. of John Northcott (merch.
Lyd.-st. N. Ball.); educ. Dean S.S.
and by A. A. Buley, M.A.: after
cadet training nt Colac joined Light
Horse at Ball, and app. ntaff-ngt.
9th A. L.H. . Hal).; became 2nd llout
9th A.L.H., '08; lieut. '10; adjut.
'10-11; capt. '11; app. to Admin. &
Instr. staff as Heat. '12; attac-

hed to 6th milit. dist. (Tas.) for
gen. instr. duties '12; prom. capt.
passed for major; and app. adjut-
'14; capt. of 3rd L.H. brig. A.I.F.,
Gallipoli campaign '14-15; took part
in flrst landing at Anzac and woun-
ded in four places on April '26, sec-
ond day of invasion of Turkey, dur-
ing Turks' counter attack: invali-
ded to Eng. and ret. Vic. Dec. '15;
app. to staff Royal milit. coll., Dun-
troon '16.

NOBTHCOTT, Or. Wm. Palmer; J.P.;
b. Devonshire (Etag.), '50; arr.
Aust., '68; boot merch., Cres., since
'72; mbr. Cres. Bor. Cl. since '83;
five times mayor; ex-pres. Cres.
Hosp. ft Mech. Inst.; P.M., Cres.
Havilah Mas. Lodge; P.J.G.W. of
Vic.; P.P. Yarrowee Royal Arch
Chapter: treas. P. of Wales Lodge,
M.U.I. O.O.F. since '85; G.M., '81;
treas. Cres. branch Miners' Assor.
since '90; supt. Meth. Sun. Sch.
since '75; pres. Cres. B.C., '13-'15;
ex-pres. & now treas. Cres. Patri-
j)tlc Fund.

WUNZT, Cr. Walter; b. Chepstowe; a.
of Jas. Nunn (col. of early '50's;
now living ret. in Eng.) ; farmer &
grazier, of Fairlie, Haddon; mbr.
Gren. Shire Cl. since "11: chairman
& treas. Haddon S.S. Com.; mbr.
Carngham & Snake Valley T.C., &
supporter dist. sporting institutions.

NtTNW, Wm. Gate*; s. of Oh as. Nunn
(of Tungamah); joined Crown Law
Dept., '88; transf. to Ball., '01, aa
assist. C.P.S.; sen. assist. Clerk of
Courts; assist. Registrar of County
Ct. since '08; also C.P.S. at Sebas-
topol; comm. for taking affidavits;
one of fdrs. & first pres. Urq.-st.
S.S. Committee.

OAJTES, Oeo. Sgt.; b. Ball.. '68; a. of
1. James Oakes: educ. Humfltray-st.
S.S.: 28 yrs. military service, peace
& active: successively pte. Ball.
Rangers, '78-'81; at bombardment of
Alexandria, under Lord Beresford,
82: Marrickville (N.S.W.) Vol., '83;
with N.S.W. Cont. through Soudan
campaign, '84 (medals and clasps') :
pte. 3rd Battn. Militia. Ball.. '85:
with Dr. (now Sir L. S.) Jameson
in S. African raid. '95-6; later pte.
7th Inf. Regt., Ball.: scoutmaster
Ball. Boy Scouts; vol. sev. timea
for active service in European war
of *14-'16; served as Sgt. of Army
Corps at Queenscliff on mobilisa-
tion of troops for defensive pur-
poses: the first Ball, native to fight
for the Empire.

O'DAY, Patrick; mglng. dir. P. O'Day
Prop. Ltd.: gen merch., of Rungnrfe
ft FUnders-st.,. Melb; b. Ball., "65:
a. of 1. Pat. O'Day (col. of *50):
educ. Carey'a Sch., Ball. E., an<t
Rrown Hill S.S. ; mbr. firm of P. ft
T. O'Day. storekeepers. Brown Hill.
'80-'90; estab. aa gen merch. lit
Bungaree since '90; Prop. Co. reg.



'15; mbr. Bungaree Shire Cl. for 15
yrs.; thrice pres.

ODGEBS, Cr. Bichard; s. of Richard
Oclgers; b. Linton, '60; educ. Nap-
oleons S.S.; grazier, Magpie; mbr.
B'yong Shire Cl. since '04; pres. '12:
mbr. Sebas. Bor. Council 14-16
chairman Sebas. S.S. Com.; dir.
Meth. Ch. Trust; life patron Sebas.
Ch. Trust; life patron Sebas. Cam-
Cambrian Society.

ODLUM, ThoB. B.; b. Ball., '72; educ.
Mt. Pleas. S.S.; mbr. Ball. Water
Comm. staff since '87; active mbr.
& hon. treas. Ball. Golf Club; hon.
sec. Citizen's Recruiting Com., '15,
& Fed. Recruiting Campaign for
Ball. City, '16; active mbr. Ball. C.
C. & Ball. E. Tennis Club for some
yrs.; mbr. Ball. com. Lady Hen-
nessy's Pat"iotic League.

OGIEK, Tlu>.; b. Clunes, '75; s. of
Nicholas Ogier; educ. Macarthur-st.
S.S., Ball.; tailor & outfitter, Sturt-
st., Ball. West; spent sev. yrs. in
W.A.; Joined Boujder branch A.N.A.,
'05; and Ball. CiTy branch, '12; pres.
& conf del., '14; acting assist, sec-
retary, '16-' 17; fdtn. mbr. and first
capt. East Ball. Harr. Club; suc-
cessful amateur and, later, prof,

OG-iliVIE, ex-Cr. John; J.P.; b.
B'yong; mbr. B'yong Bor. Cl. for 9
yrs.; mayor one term; gaz. J.P.
about '10: also dep. coroner; v.-p.
B'yong Old Boys' Assoc. mining
prospector & investor; one of earli-
est on Boulder (W.A.) field, & built
the first house in Boulder City.

OLDEN, Major Olof t.; V.D.; b.
Ball., '63; s. of 1. O. S. Olden (col.
of '53 & mbr. Ball. Stock Exch.) ;
educ. Mt. Pleas. S.S. & S. of Mines
metall. course) ; for some yrs. mbr.
teaching staff Ball. Coll. (science
master); later public gold assayer;
served in old Metrop. Rifles, Sub-
marine Eng., & Mtd. Rifles; Lieut.
3rd Inf. Battn., Ball., '95; Capt., '01;
Capt. 7th A.I.R.. '03: Major. '11;
sen. major 70th Inf., '12; area offi-
cer, Korumburra, '11-'15; transport
fluty, European war, '15-'16; for
some yrs. v.-capt. Ball. T.C.. and
tnbr. St. And. Kirk, Christ Ch. &
I.iedertafel choirs.

OI.IVEB, Jas.; mbr. firm of Oliver &
Stevens, boot manufrs. since '87;
b. Ball.. '60: s. of 1. John Oliver;
educ, Watty's Sch., Sebas.; mbr.
City A.N.A. since '85; pres., '05;
mbr. building com. & del Sheppar-
ton conf.; W.M. Orion Mas. Lodge,
15-16; mbr. Aust. Indust. Exhib.
oomm., Ball., since '07; pres. '13-14;
treas. Aust. Manuf. Exhib. '06; pres.
Ball. U.F.S. Disp. Bd., '15-16; mbr.
Benev. Asylum Com.. Ball. City
B.C.; Urq.-st. S.S. Com.; & v.-p.
Y.M.C.A. Bd.

ORB, James Albert (Bert); s. of 1.
Robert Orr, (pioneer farrier of Ball.

and col. of early no's) ; educ. Cent.
S.S. and Bal.. Coll. and three yrn.
course on anatomy and pathology
of the hoof with A. B. Callow (vet.
surgeon) ; succeeded 1. father as
farrier at Vic. lane, Ball. W.; one
of two fdrs. Ball. Trotting Club;
mbr. of com. and clerk of course:
has ridden numerous winners of
hep. trots; invented and patented
collapsible portable connibination
tent a"hd hammock for use of con-
valescent soldiers '15; favorably re-
ported on by military officers.

O8BOBNE, John H.; M.A.; LL.B.;
s. of 1. John Osborne (of Cres.-rd.,
Ball. W.; col. of '55); educ. Macar-
thur-st. S.S.; & S. of Mines; M.A.
of Melb. Univ., '90; LL.B., '92; ad-
mitted to Vic. bar, '98, but has not
practised prof.; joined Educ.Dept.,
81; h.t., Broomfield S.S., '07-'08;
later on staff of Warrnambool and
Sale H.S., & h.t. Campbell's Creek
S.S.; principal (the first) Colac A.
H.S.; '11-14; h.t. Cent. S.S., Ball-
since '14; ret. to Primary sch. at
own reauest.

OWEN, Hug-to. Jones; b. Sebas.;
educ. Sebas. S.S.: s. of 1. Hugh J.
Owen; mbr. Welsh Ch. (Arm-
strong-st.) choir many yrs.; mbr.
numerous successful quartet, etc.,
parties at Ball. & other comp. ; suc-
cessful bass soloist at Ball., G'long
& Toowoomba comp.; mbr. Ball.
Choral Soc. & Union choirs (in
champ, contests) ; hon. choir mas-
ter Burnbank-st. Meth. Choir; and
ex-assist, choir master Welsh
Choir; played Softgoods Assoo.
cricket, & best Assoc. bowler (2

OWEN, Owen Henry; b. Egerton, '78:
. of 1. Hugh J. Owen; educ. Sebae.
& Cent. S.S.; photographer since
'95; estab. bus. at Sturt-st.. '03; a
successful basso vocalist: mbr.
sev. winning quartets, etc.. Ball. &
other comp.; mbr. sev. successful
comp. choirs; mbr. & deputy-cond.
Welsh Ch. choir, & leader anniv.
choir: mbr. St. David's sch. & choir:
deacon of Ch., and mbr. com. and
supt. of Sun. Sch.; V.G. Pioneer
Lodge, I.O.O.F. : active cricketer in
Sun. Sch. & Friday Assoc.

FAIiMEB, Wm.; b. Ball. E., '57; s. of
1. John Palmer (pioneer slipper
manufr.); educ. Finlay's Sch., BalL
E.; boot & slipper manufr. for many
yrs.: collector Benev. Asylum since
1913; Wor. Master Buninyong
Mas. Lodge, '11; mbr. Ball. F.C..
'85-'12: a life mbr.; umpire in inter-
national & sen. cricket matches for
B.C.C. for many yrs.; one of earli-
est mbrs. Vic. Band Assoc. as del
of Richmond City Band: rep. of
City Council on the City of Ballarat
Band Com.; mbr. City A.N.A. since
'85; mbr. Ball. B.C. since '10; mbr.
St. Paul's Ang. vestry.

PABXIN, Capt. Tom; J.P.; mbr.



Ores. Shire CL; pres., '08-'09; b.
'70; educ. G'long G.S. (won School
Cup, '88-'S9); and str. Vic. School
crew in first inter-Col, eight-oared
race agst. N.S.W. crew on Bar-
won. 'S8; also str. Vic. crew on
Parramatta N.S.W. '89; rowed 6
in Vic. crew in inter-Col, champ,
eight-oared race, '91; capt. G'long
F.C.; '91; rep. Vic. agst. S.A. at
Aclel., '91; served with Vic. cont.
In S. African war 'OO-'Ol; severely
wounded at Haartebeestfontein,
Feb. 16th, '01; and invalided to
England; Queen's & King's medals
with six bars; owner of Pendennis.
winner of coursing Derby '09; en-
thusiastic mtr. Cres. Coursing Club.

PARNELI., John; b. San Francisco,
'53; arr. Aust '57; boot maker and
corn specialist; Doveton-st., N.; 52
yrs. in the boot trade; sole surviv-
ing mbr. & ex-pres., of the original
Y.M.C.A. in Ball.; mbr. present Bd.
and leader of boys' club; closely
assoc. with 1. Martin Hosking
(first Town Miss'y). in preaching
and social work.; sec. York-st. Miss.
Ch.; and York-st. Sun. Sch. for sev.
yrs.; mbr. Christian Brass Band,
& Y.M.C.A. orchestra; and choir-
master of Town Mission choir dur-
ing late '70's.

PA8CO, Richard; b. Cres., '62; 8. of
1. Anthony Pascp (col. of '54. and
in that year estab. building, con-
tracting & undertaking bus. at
Cres.) ; educ. Cres. Nat. Sch. and
Cres. G.S. ; carried on business of \
A. Pasco & Son. Albert-st.. Cres.,
since father's death in '04; mbr.
Cres. Hosp. Com.; capt. Cres. F.B.
for 3 yrs.; mbr. Cres. Havilab
Mas. Lodge.

PATEBSON, David McMurtrie; b.
Ball. W., '73: s. of 1. John Paterson
(pioneer contractor, & col. of '52);
sec. Old Col. Assoc. & Club: ex-
capt., treas. & sec. Ball. Yacht
Club sev. yrs.; now v.-p.; skipper
Humming Bird & other successful
boats; won at Colac & Albert Park
with Cynthia; hon. aud. Caled.
Soc.; actively identified with choral
societies for sev. yrs.; mbr. Lierter-
tafel & Choral Union committee.

PATERSOV, I,iut. Wm. John: s. of
John Paterson (native of Ball.) and
g.n. of 1. John Paterson (who fought
with diggers in Eureka Stockade):
b. Wbool '87: educ. W'bool S.S. and
Coll. and later Melb. Univ. (Teach-
er's course) ; joined Educ. Dept. as
Jun. teacher '12; mbr. Ball. Jun.
Tech. sch. staff '13-'15: enlisted for
active service and qual. at military
sch. sgts. class exam, for comm
rank: obt. comm. June '16. xnrf
posted to 4th Reinforcements 3!>th
Ballarat batt. for service In France:
x-lieut. 71 A batt. Senior Cadet h:
winner 220 yd*, amat. champ, of
Vic. '09; 440 yds. amnt. champ, of

Vic. and 440 yds. Inter-'Varsity
champion 1910.

PAULL, Thos. M.; s. of 1. Edwin
Paull; b. Ball. E., '59; educ. Gren.
Coll.; mging. clerk for Nevett &
Nevett (barr. & sol.) ; fdtion mbr.
Ball. E. A.N.A., '86; first aud.;
treas., '87; pres., '88; sec. since '93;
conf. del. five times; W.M. Ball.
Lodge, 'OO-'Ol; l.g. Ball. Hosp.

PEACOCK, Hon. Six Alex. Jas.;
K.C.M.G., M.L.A.; Premier of Vic.;
b. Cres., '61; s. of 1. Jas. Hy. Pea-
cock (early col. of Cres.); educ.
Cres. G.S.; one of fdrs. Cres. branch
A.N.A. ; sec. for 20 yrs.; later pres.
of branch and thrice Chief Pres. of
Assoc.; Trustee Cent. Fund; M.L.A.
for Allendale (formerly Clunes &
Allendale) since '89; hon. min. '90-
-92; Min. of Educ. & P.M.G., '92-3;
Chief Sec. & Min of Educ., '94-99;
Chief sec. & Min of Labor. '00-01;
Premier, Feb., 01; June, '02; and
during latter term Prince (now
King) George visited Melb.; in-
vested K.C.M.G., '02; Chief Sec..
'07-8; Min. of Educ. & Labor, '13-
'14; Premier & Treas. since '14; one
of framers of C'wealth Constitu-
tion, '97-8; "father" of Vic. Shop*
& Factories' Act; G.M. Mas. Order
of Vic., '00-5; P.M. Cres. Havllah
Lodge; dir. & legal mgr. many
leading g. m. co.'s; ex-pres. Legal
Mgrs.' Inst. of Vic.; mbr. Ball.
Ang. Gen & Prov. Synods; m. Millie,
d. of 1. J. B. Holden, of Pt. Fairy.
'01; pres. Ballarat Queen Carnival-
address: Parlt. House, Melb.; pte.
address: "Glemsford " Crcawick.

PEADY, Ex-C*. Jos. Hy.; b Sebas. V.fl;
s of 1. Jas. D. Peady (an early col.) :
master butcher ^eel-st. for many
yrs.; mbr. Ball. E Town Cl. '90-02;
mayor '98; ex-mbr. Water Comm;
gz. J.P. '91: Town valuer for pev.
yrs.; W.M. Ball. Mas. Lodge "<":
State collector Ball. Orph. since '06;
pres. '97.

*>EARCE, Cr. Isaiah; J.P.; b. Cornwall
'44, arr. Aust. '61; per s.s. "Ort.
Britain," (which brought out first
Eng. cricket team) ; In '73, estnb.
with brother James and Wm. T:.<>-
mas a public battery at Canadians
(now known as Penrce Bros, bat-
tery) and took over Queen Vic.
lease and later promoted N. Woah
Hawp and New Normanby G.M.
Co.'s; mbr. Ball. El Town Cl. sine*
"88; mayor '93-4, '01-2 (during wh.
term Prince (now King) George
visited Ball.); '08-9. & '14-15; Govt.
rep. on Water Comm. since '94; gax.
J.P. '92: mbr. Orph. com. since '94;
pres. '99; mbr. Benev. Asylum com.
since '06; ex-v.-p. : mbr. Ball. Lib.
com.; ex-prc*. Hnll. C.C. and Ball.
!:'.: mhr. 8. of Mines Cl. for sev.
yrs.: ex-pres. Exhlb. comm.: patron
i;..i,i,.ii rt {(-. ntul Hall. E. B.C.;
revisited England 1800.



FEARCE, lit. Joe. Wm.; s. of above;
b. Ball.; educ. Golden Pt. S..S
Geelong College and Ballarat School
of Mines; assist, mgr. N. Woah
Hawp mine sev. yrs.; on active ser-
vice Gallipoli and French cam-
paigns as Lieut 21st Batt. A.I.F..
15; was aboard transport "South-
land when torpedoed in Aegean
Sea, & mentioned in orders for re-
maining on ship & leading aux.
vol. party of stokers to stokehole
in order to drive ship at maximum
speed to nearest land; also took
part in French campaign 1916.

PEAHCE, Jan. b Sunnyside, Ball. E.;
s of 1. Jas. Pearce (one of fdrs. of
Pearce Bros., battery & pioneer
mine mgr.); educ. Lowther's Sch.,
Bain's H.S., & Dimeiow's Coll.;
mining investor & co. prop. Pearces'
battery mbr. Meth. Ch. Trust;
pres. Y.M.C.A. since '13; mbr. cl.
Vic. Chamber of Mines; mbr. Hosp.
Com., since '04; pres. 'lO-'ll.

PEABCE, John; b. Cornwall, '53; arr.
Aust. with parents in infancy; prac-
tical miner for many yrs.; mgr.
New Normanby mine since'87; supt.
N. Woah Hawp mine for sev. yrs.
past; pres. Mine Managers' Assoc.,
11; old time enthusiastic cricketer.

."PEARCE, Wm. John; s. of 1. Andrew
Pearce (mine mgr.); b. Ball. W.;
educ. Pleas.-st. S.S. & S. of Mines
Icert. assay. & chem.) ; mgr. First
Chance mine, '03; & Last Chance
mine (of which 1. father was mgr.
for many yrs.) since '09; treas.
Hall, branch Mine Mgrs' Assoc, '08;
V>res. '13; treas. & ex-pres. Buffalo
club; successful cultivator & ex-
tiib. of daffodils, hyacinths, etc.;
with bros. Jas. & Chas. has bred
prize poultry since youth; prize-
taker leading met. & prov. shows
in all classes of birds for many yrs.;
one of the foremost prizetakers in
the States; Buff Orpington strain
famous through C'wealth.

FEARSE, Cr. Richard; J.P;. mbr. City
Cl. since '99; mayor, '03-4; '08-9;
'14-15; sev. terms on Water Comm.;
mbr. B'yong Forest Trust; gaz.
J.P., '95; b. Launceston, Cornwall, i
*36; farming pursuits till 20 yrs. of I
age; then m. Ann Bray, & sailed for
Aust.; arr. May '56; drove to Ball.,
& engaged at diggings for six yrs.;
then -estab. store in Skipton-st.;
since which time has been in con-
stant occupation; founder of first
Sun. Sch. at Cabbage-tree, near
Cres., in '50's.

PEARSON, John Byrne; b. Portland;
s. of John Pearson (of Lond., early
rol. of Vic.) ; educ. St. Stephen's
Richmond, & Gren. Coll., Ball.; ad-
mitted to Vic. bar. '83; practised
as barr. & sol. with C. M. Watson
T)avid Madden & later Thos. Mann,
T3.A., successively; mbr. firm Pear-
eon & Mann, Lyd.-st., Ball.; Comm.

for taking affidavits of Victoria &
Q'land; mbr. Ball. Hosp. Com. since
'96; pres. '03-4; pres. Mech. Inst.
Com. '09-10 & '16-17; ex-pres. Ball.
Dist. Law Assoc.; ex-pres. Ball.
Club, & Ball. City C.C.; treas. &
steward Ball. T.C.; counsel for
Ball. & Miners' T.C.; mbr. investi-
gation com. Ball. F. League; l.g.
Benev. Asylum; frequent visitor to
Eastern & Oriental climes.

PEARSON, 8. W. H.; b. Ball.; s. of 1.
R. Pearson (b. Tas., '33); educ.
Cent. & Mt. Pleas. S.S.; one of pro-
moters Ball. Litho. & Printing Co.;
ret. to estab. chief agency for T.
Cook & Son, shipping agents; and
United Ins. Coy., 'OS; pres. South-
st-Spc., '10-11; Ball. & dist. sec.
M.U.I. O.O.F.. since '08: Dist. G.M.,
'03-4; mbr. Vic. bd. of dir., '05-7-
twice N.G. Hand of Friendship
Lodge; pres. Juv. Lodge, '12; pres
Ball, Town & City Mission, '14-15;
now hon. sec.; hon. sec. Lyd.-st.
Meth. Sun. Sch. '03-13; formerly
lib.; supt. since '13; pres. U.F.S.
Disp. Com., '00; sec. since '02; hon.
sec. Lyd.-st M.I. A. for 15 yrs
mbr Lyd.-st. Meth. Ch Trust; one
of prom. Co.op. Distrib. Society
chairman '04-14; l.g. Ball. Orph.i
mbr. Red Cross Carnival Com., &
pres. Lyd.-st. Men's branch of Red
Cro.s? Soc.; mbr. exec. United
Friendly Societies of Victoria.

PEART, John J.; B.A.; b. Smythee-
dale; s. of 1. Robert Peart (col
since '50's); educ. Campbell's Sch
Scarsdale; B.A. of Melb. Univ.; suc-
cessively stationed at Golden Lake
(h.t.). Castlemaine, Cathcart (h.t.)
Majorca (h.t), St Arnaud (assist.
h.t.), Maryborough (h.t.), & Pleas -
st. (h.t.); transf. G'lons:, '16: pres.
Ball, branch Vic. Teachers' Union
14-15; mbr. of Cent. Exec.; cond.
Pleas.-st. Meth. Ch. Choir. '12-14-
also cond. Sun. Sch Anniv. Choh :
cond. S.S. choirs in sev. musicr.i
productions, notably "Holiday Con-
cert" & "Flowers of the Forest," at
Her Majesty's theatre; mbr. Wes-
ley & Meth. Ladies' Coll. conf. com-

PENDER, Claud; b. B'yong, '60; s
of l. Claud Pender (settled Scars-

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