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dale, '|,2); Town Clerk of Scars-
dale since '01; also C.P.S.; mbr
Ball. Mining Bd., '89-'14; sev. times
' e *- ch ai"nan Scarsdale
AdvIce : se c- Scarsdale

ilf F K nd> , * Rmythesilale Ath-
letic Club; mbr. com. Scarsdale Old
Boya Assoc.

claimed to be the first white girl
born in Ballarat; b. site of BarkTv

f i <4(P' iT Tulll a Pastoral run
5-1-40; 11 yrs. before gold dis-
covered in Viet.; d. of 1 Francfa
Magill (who was' a shepherd 1 imjor-



ted by pioneer pastoralist, Yuille) ; j
taken to G'long 12 months later &"
there educ.; ret to Ball, at age of
15; m. 1. Wm. Penhalluriack at Ball.
2n-8-'57, reared 5 sons 7 drs.; has
40 g. children and 10 g.g. children;
now residing with son Thos., 16
Otway St., B.B., has recollections
of many aboriginal ceremonials and

PENHALLTJRIACZ:, PranciB ; b. Ball.
E.. '61; s. of above; educ. Eu-
reka-st. S.S. and Bagshaw's (1st
class cert, bookkeeper) ; estab. bus.
of plumber, gasfitter, etc., P.O. place,
Ball. E., '85; mbr. Ball. E. Town
Cl., '06-'15; mayor, *12-'13; ex-mbr.
Water Comm.; one of fdrs. & mbr.
com. Vic. B.C.; one of fdrs. Eureka
Stockade Beautiflcatlon Com.; rep.
of Town Cl. on Ball. E. Pub. Lib.;
mbr. Aust. Exhib. Comm., Ball.;
mbr. Barkly-st. Meth Ch. Trust;
mbr. M.U.I.O.O.F. for 40 yrs.

PENNEY, Howard; s. of 1. James
Penney; b. Ball. '78; educ. Pleas.-st.
& Urq.-st. S.S.; mbr. & mgr. firm
of Penney & Sons, wool & skin buy-
ers; served in K. Coy. V.M.R. as
pte. for 8 yrs.; then joined No. 4
Army Med. Corps as Corp., & prom.
8gt.; mbr. famous K. Co. V.M.R.
team that won many Lloyd-Lindsay

6 other mtd. contests in Melb. &
other parts of Vic.; mbr. Ball. F.C.

7 yrs.; ex-v.-capt.; com. and sel.
com., & one of leading goalkickers;
rnl.r. Hall. Trott. Club committee.

PERKINS, Wm.; b. G'long, '57; mbr.
composing staff Ball. "Courier,"
".>!: printer & publisher since '10;
mbr. Ball. F.B. since '81; later ap-
paratus officer; one of fdtion mhrs.
old Albion Imp. F.C. (now 8. Ball.);
player for sev. yrs.; also active
cricketer; winner of sev. Sheffield
heps, on pedest. track; mbr. City
B.C.; champ, rink of B.B.A., '04-'05.

PHELAN, Bv. Pierc* John; b. G'long
"90; s. of Pierce Phelan (col. of
early 80's); educ. Cent. Coll. G'long
and theologically at Manly Coif
(N.S.W.); ord. r !3: app. to Koroit
and later to St. Patrick's catlie<lrnl
parish. Ball., acting chaplain Hall.
mllit. camp, '15-16; spiritual direc-
tor Holy Family Confraternltv.
chaplain St. Patrick's Coll. arid
Benev. Asylum; an inter-collegiate
footballer, nnd keen golfer and

tennis player.


. Cr. Job* Trmncl*; J.P.;
mbr. dunes Bor. Cl. since '88; ser-
ved four terms as mayor: gaz. J.P.
'13; v. prea. Clunes A. A P. soc.;
mbr. old sen. Bd. of Advice; actively
Ident. with various local movements
for many yrs. past; b. Cornwall '46;
arr. Vic. '2: s. of 1. J. F. Phillips
Twho was imported l>y Port Phillip
O.M. Coy. In '51 an an exp. miner
and who was an eye-witness of
Kuifka stockade. Ball.); resided
Talbot for 13 yrs.; settled Clunes

"76; engaged for many yrs. in con-
ducting puddling machine for min-
ers; and later became timber con-
tractor "5nd wood merchant.

PHILLIPS, Thos.; b. Launceston
(Cornwall), '33; arr. Aust., '49;
settled Cres., '53; one of fdrs. & now
father of Miners' Assoc. of Vic.;
twice branch pres.; trustee for Vic.
88-'13; treas. for Vic. of F.M.E.A.
since '06; regularly attended
annual conf. for many yrs.; was
"black-listed" at sev. dist. mines
on a/c of unionistlc activity, & for
time was compelled to seek work
in Tas.; steward of N. Cres. Meth.

PHILLIPS, Cha. C.; J.P.; b. St.
Ives (Cornwall), '45; arr. Ball, with
father, Robert Phillips (one of pi-
oneer gold diggers), '51; mining
pursuits for 18 yrs.; h.t. Rocky
Lead S.S. for 34 yrs.; gaz. J.P., '07;
sec. Smeaton A. & P. Soc. since '08;
pres. Rocky Lead Public Hall; sec.

St. George's Ch. of Eng.

PHILLIPS, Lieut. Wm.; b. Ball., '58;
s. of 1. Wm. Phillips (col. of early
50's); educ. Watty's Sch., Sebas.;
Joined postal service as carrier.
'80; trans, to mail room as sorter
'89; now one of sen. sorters; joined
old 3rd Batt of Vol.. '78, as pte.-
pte. to sgt. in 3rd Batt. Inf.: col-
fgt. 7th A.I.R.; Q.-M. Sgt. to Q.-M.
70th Inf., with comm. of Lieut.'
called do duty G'long camp '15-1:
pres. 3rd Batt. Club; P.G. & trustee
Sebas. Lodge, M.U.I.O.O.F. ; G.M.
Ball. dist.. '95; mbr. vestry St.
John's Ang. Ch.

PHILLIPS, Sgt. Wm. Jai. Pnrton; F.
of above; b. Sebas. '85; educ. Mac-
art hur-st. S.S.: non-comm. off. of
3rd batt. Inf. for 6 yrs.: served aft
A.B. in Imp. Navy '07-12: on active
service aH sgt. of A.I.F. 'l.'-ie; was
active mbr of Ball. Choral Soc. for
nome yrs.

PHILPOT, Bam.; b. Ball. E.. '73; .
of 1. S. Phllpot (col. since '72): ap-
prenticed to 1. John Twentyman.
tailor) : estab. bus. on own a/c at
8 Peel-st. N.. '03: military & civ-
ilian tailor; official tailor for supply
of uniforms to officers & non-com,
officers of H.M. forces, & to offi-
cers of Salvation Army: installed
electrically driven sewing machine
plant, '11; patron Ball F.C.; mbr.
Military Club com.; mbr. Ball. K
branch A.N.A.

FXaraBBTOV, rrank; b. Ball.. '58; a,
of 1. Wm. Pinker ton (pioneer rain,
investor); educ. Ball. Coll.; art. to
Hon. Agar Wynne; admitted to
practise as barr. & sol.. '85; mbr.
firm Salter & Pinkerton OsUb. '<)
'85; practising on own a/c since ';
Comm. for taking affidavits in Vic.
A N.S.W.; sol. to various institu-
tions; l.g. Eenev. Asylum.



PITTARD, Cr. Alf. J.; J.F.; b. Ball.;
educ. Armstrong's (Cent.) S.; mbr.
firm J. A. Pittard & Son, Bridge,
Sturt & Lyd.-sts., boot warehouse-
men; gaz. J.P., '03; mbr. Town Cl.,
Ball. F., since '08; mayor, '13; ex-
mbr. Water Comm.; rep. of Cl. on
Alfred Hall Com.; pres. Benev.
Asylum, '14-15; pres. Orph. '15-16;
pres. Ball. E. A.N.A., '02; mbr.
Ball. Public Lib. Com.; Church-
warden St. Paul's Ang. Ch.; mbr.
Diocesan Home Miss. Exec.; chair-
man Unemployed Relief Fund; v.-p.
Town & City Mission Cl. ; mbr.
exec. Ball. E. Red Cross Soc.; mbr.
Entertainment com.. "Forward Bal-
larat" movement; m. Alice, d. of
Cr. G. Crocker. J.P.. '95.

FOB JOY, Barry .; b. Wallingford
(Eng.), '58; s. of Wm. Pobjoy (col.
of early '50's); successively lie. of
Pavilion Hotel (Eastern Oval),
Southern Cross, Unicorn & Golden
City hotels; rink capt. (A penn-
ant) Ball. B.C.; thrice club champ ;
B.B.A. champ, of champ., '03-'(M,
'07-'08, *14-'15; runner-up '13-'14;
mbr. B.B.A. champ, rink. '02 & '15:
capt. Ball E. e. 1. tourn. winning rink
*16; one of capts. Ball, team that
won Marks & Chalk shields out-
right; old mbr. Ball. C.C.; mbr. of
sev. rep. teams that met Eng. &
other first-class elevens; for sev.
yrs. held the batting avge. of B.
C.C., scored 100 for B.C.C. aerst. S.
Tas. at Hobart about '76 (then
youth of 18); B.C.C. score 182;
enthusiast in coursing many yrs.
ago: divided Waterloo Purse with
"Picar.ninny" about 25 yrs. ago.

POLSON, Major Angus Sutherland
Murray; B.A.; principal of Ball.
Coll. ; b. Oamaru (N.Z.), '69; s. of
Angus Poison of "Balruddery," N.
Otago (formerly of Vic.) ; educ
Otago Boys' H.S., & N.Z. Univ.
winner sev. sch. prizes & exhib.
four schol.; B.A. of N.Z. Univ.
first place in Dominion Civil Service
exam.; Major of N.Z. milit. forces
reserve; hon. v.-p. of Navy League
of Grt. Brit., in recognition of ser-
vices rendered to League policy in
N.Z.; elder St. Andrew's Kirk, Ball.;
mbr. Ball. Y.M.C A. Bd.; chairman
Ball, branch Soudan United Mission,
& of local advisory com. Aust. Stu-
dents' Christian Union; mbr. Ball.
Caled. Soc. Cl.; spent 26 yrs. on
sec. sch. staffs in N.Z.; 17 yrs. with
Napier Boys' H.S. (six yrs. 2nd mas-
ter & eleven yrs. principal) ; re-
moval from which to Ball. Coll., in
'13, keoily regretted: m. Jessie, d.
of 1. V.'m. Strachan, Dunedin; mgrr.
& ed. of "Scindian" (Napier H. S.
paper) ; and of "The Minervan,"
(Bail. Coll. Jubilee paper); also
Wrote sev. sch. songs.

PORTER. Wm.; b. Wangaratta, '67;
s. of "Wm. Porter (col. since '50's) ;

educ. Castlemaine S.S.; arr. Ball.,
'87; dept. mgr. at sev. local drapery
emporiums; mgr. of Wolf Flegel-
taub's wholesale & retail drapery
warehouse since ,07; also executor
of est. ; v.-p. Ball. Anglers' Club;
mbr. com. Fish Acclimatisation
Soc.; & com. old Sparrow Club; a
keen angler & sport.

POYNTON, Cr. David; b. Illabarook.
'76; s. of Alex. Poynton (col. of
50's); grazier & farmer "The Wat-
tles," Illabarook; educ. Illabarook
S.S. ; mbr. Gren. Shire Cl. since '06;
pres., '08; contested Gren. seat in
Legis. Assembly In Lib. interest.
'14; pres. Illabarook Rokewood
Junction & Pitfleld T.C.; mbr.
Miners' T.C. & I'barook S.S. Com.

POYSER, Oeo. Emery; completed 4SJ
yrs. service in Educ. Dept. '16; b.
Cres. '54; s. of 1. Matthew Poyser
(of Ponder' s End, London; col. of
'53 and pioneer of Cres.); educ.
Cres. Meth. s. ; qual. by exam, at
C'maine for teacher, mbr. staff B';r>
S.S. '73-76: h.t. Pannoomilloo '76-8r:
3rd assist, at Urq.-st., (Ball.) '90-
04; h.t. Spring Mt. '04-9; h.t. Bald
Hills '09-16; then retiring; hohls
Dept. cert, of competency as tr.;
also for drill and phys. culture; hon
sec. Ball. S.S. Trs. Union for 5 yrs.;
sec. of first Vic. Trs. Congress nt
Ball, about '95: circuit steward El-
more Meth. circuit (10 yrs.); a
Meth local preacher for over 30
yrs.; ex-supt. Eyre-st. Prim. Meth.
Sun. sch. (8 yrs.); active spirit in
Hand of Hope movement for manv
yrs.: ex-pres. and playing mbr. Eyre
st. Sun. sch. C.C. and with four sons
playing mbr. Baptist C.C. sev. se i-

I-HSNDEKGAST, Or. ThO.; 8., of
Thos. Prendergast (col. of 60's);
b. Newlyn, '71; educ. Newlyn and
Cres. S.S., & C.B. S., Ball.; mbr.
Bungaree Shire Cl. since '00; pres.
'06-'07 & '14-'15; mbr. Ball. A. & P.
Cl. ; & mbr. com. Bur.garee T.C. ;
mbr. com. & steward Wallace T.C.;
farmer, Clark's Hill

PRICE, Edward Hargreaveg; mging.
dir. of E. Lucas & Co Prop. Ltd.;
wholesale clothing manufrs., Dove-
ton-st., S., Ball.; b. Ball., '78; s. of
1. John Price & of Eleanor LUCPS
(who founded firm of E. Lucas &
Co., in '78, commencing with one
machine; firm now employs 500
persons, and distributes in all
States of C'wealth); l.g. & mbr.
com. Ball. Benev. Asylum; v.p.
Indust. Exhib. Comm.; mbr. Infor-
mation com. "Forward Ballarat"

PRIDHAM, Sydney Herbert; supt.
Ball. Mun. Abattoirs; b. Fleming-
ton, '84; s. of Alf Pridham
(wholesale butcher, of Melb.) ; suc-
cessively meat insp. of State Agric.
Dept., Melb. : meat in.n. of Cent.
Bd. of Health, Melb.; insp. & chief



meat insp. Shire of Oakleigh and
Mulgrave; and since '13 supt. Ball.
Abattoirs, & chief meat insp. of
liall. dist. municipalities; advised
on construction and equipment of
Ball. Abattoirs.

PRINOLE, Percival John; M.I.M.K..
M.I.E.E. ; b. Lond.; educ. Sch. of
Elect. Eng., Lond.; apprent. loco,
shops of Dubs & Co.. Glas.; & later
app. by Prof. Forbes on research
work, and assisted him to perfect
his electricity meter; at age of 20
mgr. Drake & Gorham's Birming-
ham works; later assist, eng. Brush
Coy., & charge of h.o. Worcester
Lancaster & St. Luke's e.l. con-
tracts; invented surface contact
system of tramways ("Pringle &
Kent") to reduce large number of
magnets & automatic appliances,
which met with wide approval;
eng. in charge of Brush Coy.'s
Wandsworth district e.l. contract,
supervising erection of 200,000 i
plant, & carrying out many import- j
ant works at Sheffield. Hudders- '
field & Leicester; app. similar post
under the Midland E.P. Corp. (the
pioneer power Coy.) '00; & super-
vised erection extensive plant, sub-
stations, etc., & hat' charge of
starting of \Volverh? mpton Dist.
e.p. Tram System; app. Bor. elect.
eng.& tramways mgr. to Burton-
on-Trent Corporation, '03; invented
improved method of carting trolley
standards, safety overhead cross-
ing with spring points a two-blade
tramway track cleaner, device for
automatically testing 1 tension of
trolley booms, a trolley wire car,
ensuring smooth running with cir-
cular wire, the "Pringle" grove
skid emergency brake: mbr. exec,
cl. & of special brake com. of Light
Rys. Assoc., Eng, '09-'] 1; gen. mgr.
& eng. of E.S. Co. of Vic (which
controls e.l. & p. estnb. & tram-
ways at Ball., B'go.. Coolgardie)
since '11; also consult, eng. & as-
sessor to Met. Tramway Bd., '16;
pres. Ball. Employers' Association;
mbr. Utilities com. of "Forward
Ballarat" movement.

r-P.OCTEB, Tho.; b. Devon (Eng.),
'.':.': arr. Aust., '75; min. pursuits
for 35 yrs. ; two yrs. In N.Z. ; then
app. eng. old City of Ball.. & also
emp. at Band & Albion Co.'s mines
in late '70's; later mgr. Duke S..
Duke N. and Grand Duke mines
(Maryborough dist); 10 yrs. as
< onsult. eng., & ret. to Ball, to mge.
Star of East mine. '00-'09; dlr. of
ev. min. co.'a; mbr. Christ Ch.
Pro. Cath. Vestry

FKOUT. Arthur; b. Ball . '72; a. of 1.
Samuel Prout (f<*r. of Prout's Ball.
Brass Hand, which originated in
Knit. .MM] was translated to Ball.
'54; 12 players salltnr together for

Aust.); educ. Humffray-st. S.S.;
joined Prout's Band at age of six
yrs.; succeeded father as conductor
"94; also bandmaster for sev. yrs.
of 3rd Batt. Inf.. 7th A.I.R.. 70th
Regt, and Orphanage bands, and
visiting bandmaster of Beaufort,
Berringa, Linton, Lea i month and
St. Joseph's Home bands; has won
scores of prizes with Prout's Band
In Ball. & other centers; mostly
quicksteps; but numerous selec-
tions; also won at Tasmania with
Berringa band; held rank of War-
rant-Officer at ret.: keen rifle shot.
& mbr. 7th Regt. Schumacher Cup
team, '08; l.g. Ball Orph.

FBYOS, Cr. Jos. b. Sebas., '66; 8. of
John Pryor (early col.); educ.
Garibaldi Sch.; mun. contractor
since '90; rink capt., Ball. East B.
C.; pres., '15-'16; mbr. Ball. City
A.N.A. since '85; contested Ball. E.
Town Cl. seat. '15. elected Aug. 1916

PHYOK, Lieut. Wm.; s. of above; b.
Ball. E.. '94; eduo. Ml Pleas. S.S.
& S. of Mines( schol. winner. '07);
mbr. Ball. E. mun. staff, '08-'15;
assist. Town Clerk since '12; Vic.
S.S. rifle shooting champ., '08; hon.
sec. Golden Pt. Jun. F.C.. '13-'15;
after jun. & sen cadet training,
joined A.L.H. machine gun section
as pte., '12; on notive service with
21st Batt. 3rd A.I F., Gallipoli and
Egyptian campaigns, '15-'16; prom,
sgt. on service; and passed for
comm. rank at the Royal railit.
coll., Duntroon, 1916.

PULLUM, Walter Ja.; b. Lond., '66:
s. of Geo. Pullum; educ. The Priory.
N. Lond.; arr. Aust., '?6; mbr. firm
Coles & Pullum, Stock & station
salesmen & auct., since '96; (succ.
to O'Farrell & Son, estab. '58):
first hon. sec. Alexandra Croquet
Club; mbr. com & .v.-p. Hort. Soc.;
mbr. vestry St. Peter's Ang. Ch.:
mbr. St. Peter'? C.E.M.S.; mbr.
exec. Citizens' Home Defence Corps
mbr. Finance com. "Forward Bal-
larat" movement.

PURDUE, Lieut. Valentin* Crofton;
s. of 1. T. W. Purdue (pioneer of
Ball.); b. Ball., '82; educ. Pleas.-st.
S.S. & Univ. Coll.: mbr. firm Pur-
due & Son, saddlers, specially ca-
tering for hunters & jockeys; one of
two fdrs. and mbr. com. Trot Club;
starter Ball. Trotting Club, ft Cressy
T.C. ; clerk of course for sev. yrs.
of Ball. Miners' A B'beet T.C.; suc-
cessful amat. rider; one of first
mbrs. No. JO A.M.C.; sgt.-mjr. ant?
later lieut. & O.C. Ball, detachment
Army Service Corps. '14-'1: posted
to Ball, active service training
depot; Sept., '15; mbr. Ball. Harr.
Club; since '00: hon. sec. & trens .
ft Inter pres., '14-'15; del. on Ball,
center VJLA.A.; v.-p. since '14:
2nd In 440 yds. hurdles champ, of



Vic., & 3rd In 120 yds. hurdles
champ, of Vic., '09.

QTJINI.AN, Cr. Michael; b. Warren-
heip, '61; s. of Stephen Quinlan (re-
tired farmer of Warrenheip, and
col. of '54); educ. Leigh Creek S.S.;
mbr. Bungaree Shire Cl. since '10.

SAIN, William; b. Kirkcudbrightshire
(Scot.), '39; assoc. with drapery
trade for 57 yrs.; arr. Aust., '62;
settled L'month, '64; C.P.S. since
'69; "Courier" cpt. since '68; reg.
of vital statistics since '74; one of
fdrs., ex-pres. & hon. sec. L'month
B.C.; first pres. Ball. B. Assoc. '94-
'95; trustee & hon. sec. Mech. Inst.;
sec. & treas. Cemetery Trust; Chap.
& P.M. L'month Mas. Lodge; hon.
sec. L'month Presbyt. Ch. since "65;
supt., & for many yrs. tr. in Sun.
.Sch.; treas. Ball. Presbytery for
some yrs; Govt., mun. & coy. aud.
since '92; l.g. Ball. Benev. Asylum;
toured Brit. Isles & Cont., '13.

RAMAOE, Wallace Wm.; b. Ball.,
'60; s. of 1. Adam Ramage; educ.
Roseinblum's Molloy's & Watty's
Nat. Sch.; boot maker & repairer,
Main -st., Ball. E.; first, sec. Mas-
ter Bootmakers' etc., Assoc., since
'11; mbr. com. & lib. Ball. Lieder-
tafel since "96; taken part in sev.
operatic performances; mbr. Sebas.
Mus. Soc. ; mbr. first S.S. choir
(formed to sing before H.R.H. Duke
of Edinburgh, when visiting Ball.,
*67); pres. Ball. E. A.N.A., '93; one
of fdrs. & first assist, sec. Vic.
Band Assoc.; sen. v.-p. ; del. Beau-
fort Town Band; life subscriber
Ball. Hosp.; mbr. com. Ball. B.C

r,AMSAY, Robert Hamilton; s. of 1.
J. C. Ramsay; b. Ball., '86; educ.
Urq.-st. S.S. & Ball. Coll. (matric.);
art. to H. G. Troup (barr. & sol.),
'06; admitted to bar, '11; practising
as barr. & sol., Lyd.-st., since '11;
sec. Ball. Law Assoc., since '14;
originator of Dist. cricket in Ball.;
first sec. Ball. Dist. Cricket Assoc.:
sec. S. City C.C. since '11; one of
fdrs. & first sec. Ball. Lacrosse
Club, '11-'12.

KANKINE, Lieut. Col. Hobert; D.S.O.:
b. Chatham, Kent (Eng.) '68; s. of
1. Wm. Hy. Rankine; .LP.; educ. Sir
Jos. Williamson's sch., Rochester,
(Kent); served in 1st. vol. batt. of
Hampshire Regt., Aldershot; arr.
Aust. 1900; lieut. 2nd batt. Inf..
Melb. '01; capt. 6th A.I.R. '06 and 1
of Vic. Scottish Regt. '08; mjr. '11;
mjr. 52nd Inf. '12; militia ad<ut.
'05-8; area officer Elsternwick 10-
14: mjr. of 14th batt. 4th brig. A.
I. P. in Egyptian and Gallipoli
campaigns r !4-15; took part in op-
erations at Ismalia, landing at An-
ac Apl. 25 '15; battle of Gaba Tepe
decorated by H.M. King George V.
(personally) with D.S.O. for "gal-
lantly leading an assault resulting
in the capture of a most important

post on night of 26th-27th April '15
during operations near Gaba Tepe
and subsequently holding that posi-
tion against repeated attacks for
five days without relief" vide
"Military Journal"; also mentioned
in despatches by Gen. Sir Ian
Hamilton; later invalided to Ens.
and subsequently ret. to -Aust.;
prom, lieut. col. and app. C.O. 39th
Ball. batt. 10th brig. AXF. for fur-
ther service abroad 1916; pte. add-
ress, Dunmore, Avoca Av., St.

RATCLirrE, Lieut. Herbert J.; b.
Ball. '89; s. of 1. Wm. Ratcliffe;
educ. Univ. Coll., Ball.; for some
yrs. asst. Registrar Ang. Bishops
Registry, Ball.; and later a/ct. to
Archbishop of Syd.; a successful
concert baritone in Ball., Melb., and
Syd. and left for Eng. in Apl. 1914
to study at Royal Acad. of Music,
Lond.; broke off studies to enlist
for active service, '15; obt. comm.
in llth batt. Royal Fusilers; after
undergoing training for 10 mos."
served in Egypt as mbr. of Head
qrs. staff of 34th brig, of Field
Artillery and A.D.C. to Gen. com-
manding, also acting as brig, cen-
sor; later participated French cam-

RATCX.I7FE, Wm.; b. Haddon, '87; s.
of 1. Thos. Ratcliffe (native of
Ball.) and g.s. of 1. Wm. Ratcliffe
(pioneer of Canadian goldfleld. Ball.
E.); educ. Haddon S.S. and C.l:.
Sch.. Ball. W.; foreman of R. M.
Goodfellow's cordial factory s-v.
yrs.; now mbr. firm of Kierce and
Ratcliffe, trading as R. M. Goon-
fellow & Co. Bridge-st. ; sec. and ev-
pres. Ball. No. 2 branch H.A.C.B.S :
hon. treas. Nazareth House Benefit
com.; mbr. St. Pat. club; hon. se<-.
managing com. of annual commun-
ion breakfast of Catholic men of

BAWOBTH, Cteo.; a. of 1. Zacb.
Raworth: b. Miners' Rest. *6fi;
educ. Wend. S.S. ; estab. music
warehouse & agency, Allan & Co.,
Ltd., at Bridge-st., '11; choir cond.
& Sun. Sch. tr.. Wend. Meth. Ch. for
many yrs.; mbr. old Soldiers' Hill
Drum & Fife Band. & Citv branrh
A.N.A.; an active cricketer since
youth, and still "not out"; mbr. old
Wend. C.C., & later with North
City C.C.; active mbr. Wend.. City
& Ball. R.C. many yrs.; gaining
sen. rank.

BEAD, Quartermaster Tred. J.; b.
Ball., '73; s. of 1. B. D. Reid (col.
of '63); educ. Wend. & Macarthur-
st. S.S.; inspector Ball. Gas Co.
sev. yrs.: pte. to sgt. 3rd Batt. Inf.,
Ball.: col.-sgt. 7th Inf. Regt: Q.M.-
sgt. & later lieut (Feb., '13) and
Q.M. 71st Regt. (July, '13); keen
rifle shot; v.-p. 71st Regt. Rifle
Club; mbr. team that won Schu-
macher Empire Cup, '08 (scored
'99; mbr. detachment at inaug.


C' wealth at Sydney, 1900; Q.M. Ball,
depot for active service training.
'15; sec. sgts.' mess, '12-13; sec.
officers' mess, '15.

HEID, Chas. Johnrtone; J.P.; mgr.
Kank of Vic., Ball.; b. Croydon
(Eng.). '46; s. of Jas. Reid (merch...
Lond.); educ. Christ's Hosp. Sen.,
Newgate-st., (Lond.) ; accountancy
exp. in Lond.;arr. Aust, '68; joined
Bank of Vic. as clerk in head office,
'69; a/ct. Rushworth branch '72;
mgr. Murchison, '73; Avoca, '83; St.
Arnaud, '86; Ball., '02; gaz. J.P.,
'74; P.M., St. Arnaud Mas. Lodge;
l.g. Vic. Blind Asylum; Club Com-

REID, William David; for some yrs.
mging. clerk for J. W. Trumble
(barr. & sol.), Nhill; now mging.
clerk for David Clarke LL.B.. Ball.;
pres. Vic. Band Assoc., '14; del. for
Horsham Band; N.O. Loyal Ball.
Lodge, M.U.I.O.O.F., '11; v.-p.
Ball. F.C.

BEIDY, Rev. Donal Aloyilni; b. near
Killarney, Co. Kerry (Ire.). '84;
educ. at St. Brendan's Seminary,
Killarney, & Maynooth Coll.; ord.
priest, diocese of Kerry, June. '09;
arr. Ball., Oct.. '09; attached SL
Patrick's Cath.; assist, priest in
Donald-Watchem parish '10-'15;
assist, priest St. Alipius* Church,
Ball. E.; chap. St. Joseph's Home,
Sebas.. & H.A.C.B. Soc. (Men's
branch); director Sacred Heart
Sodality (Women's branch), Ball.;
lion. sec. Ball. East Branch of Cath.

EEPSHAUGB, John Henry; I>lp.
Agric.; s. of Peter Refshauge (mine
mgr.); b. Yackandandah, '62; educ.
Yack. S.S. & Beech worth G.S.;
joined State teaching service at
Yack., '77; completed training
course, & gained 1st class cert, at
age of 19; won Dip. Agric. '84: h.t.
Primary Sch. at Buckland, Mans
field; later St. James', Yarram,
Stratford, Mortlake; head master
A.H.S., Sale. '05-'10; principal Ball.
A.H.S. since '10; pres. Ball. A.H.S.
Old Students' Ansoc.; publication
"Text Book on Agriculture" (Aust.

REsrtWGTOW, John; b. Wellington
(N.Z.). '48; s. of John Remington
(col. of '42): arr. Melb.. '70; mgr.
Melb. Stock Exch. Club for 8 yrs.:
licensee Lester's Hotel, Sturt-st.,
Ball., since '03; supporter of sport-
ing & chnrlt. institutions.

REMTRY, J.R. ; h. Devonport, Devon-
shire (Eng.). '46; H. of 1. J. R.
Remfry (ship builder, of naval
dockyard, Devennort; subseq. c.
Sch. principal. & postmaster at
Heywood. Vic.): educ. by uncle. 1.
Rev. W. H. Remfry (linguist and
scholar), and at Nat. Soh.. Port-
land: monitor Portland Sch., *1;

assist, father at Bridgewater and
Heywood; later taught at Wattle
Hill and Branxholme; assoc. with
Vic. Educ. Dept. for 25J yrs., at
Geelong E., '90; Mt. Pleas., '95: re-
tiring, '06, owing to temporary
breakdown in health; a successful
trainer of teachers and scholars;
when at Branxholme, engaged in
scientific research on eucalypts, to
ascertain if species could be deter-
mined from microscopical exami-
nation of structure of leaves, re-
suts of which published by Royal
Soc., Melb.. at Soc. expense; one
of earliest to take up microscopical
photography; cabinetmaking was
favorite recreation in younger day. c ,
and attaining to prof, skill, he built
In every particular a handsome two-
manual pipe organ, with independ-
ent pedal, bass, etc.; active mbr.
Ball. Science Soc.; and lectured
before mbrs. sev. occasions.

REW, John Spring 1 ; b. Heavitree.

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