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amat. theatrical for two yrs; toured
Australasia and India with Joseph
Blascheck as Australian "Margaret
Cooper," 1914-'16; winner many
prizes at mus. comp., Ball, and else-

ATTSTIKT, Ida P.; L.A.B.. L.T.C.L.; b.
Ball.; d. of J. F. Austin; educ.
Pleasant-st. S.S.; pianiste since 5
yrs. of age; winner sev. prizes Ball,
(three gold medals) and other
comp.; at ten yrs. won lower div.
cert, with honors; later higher div..
Intermed., advanced and final, with
L.A.B. dip., '14; awarded special
cert, of Royal Acad. for going
through all stages with honors;
matrlc. in music. Melb. Univ. Con-
serv.. '08; A.T.C.L.. '12; L.T.C.L.,
"14 (highest marks for Vic.); later
took part in sev. operas with Miss
Malyon at Marshall Hall Conserva-
torium; accomp. Miss Clarice Mai-
yon' s operatic club; vocal student
Miss Malyon's Melb. studio.
AVZWT, Prank Alex.; b. Brown Hill
75; s. of 1. Wm. A vent (who arr.
N.Z. from Devon in early 60's and
was In Ball, for Eureka Stockade of
which was an eye witness in '54,
becoming a pioneer builder of gold-
field); educ. Brown Hill 8.S., master
builder and contractor since '9S;
built some of finest houses in dis-
trict: pres. Master Builders' and
Contractor*' Assoc. '12-13; sec. and
P.O. of Wend. Lodge G.U.O.O.F.:
alo P. Dtst. O. nnit was G.M. of
Order In Vic. '14-15, mbr. vestry 8t.


John's Ang. Ch.; mbr. Ball. North
Rec. Club; mbr. exec. Ball. North
Progress Association.

BAILEY, Alf. Jas.; b. Wattle Farm,
Mt. Rowan, '67; s. of 1. Wm. Bailey
(b. '37, and pioneer pastoralist,
sportsman, and min. co. investor);
educ. Dimelow's Coll. (Ball.), and
G'long G.S.; later admitted to Vic.
bar, and mbr. legal firm of Bailey,
Wynne & Coldham, '97-'10; active
cricketer for 20 yrs.; rep. bowler &
batsman in all local teams against
International & inter-State elevens;
past office-bearer Ball C.C. ; rep.
oarsman at coll., and unbeaten in
"head of river" contests while row-
ing with Geelong G.S.; later mbr. &
str. Wend. R.C.; ex-capt. Ball. F.C.;
ex-capt. G'long G.S. f. & c. teams;
one of oldest mbrs. Wend. Tennis
Club; pres. since '10; mbr. and ex-
pres. Ball. G.C.; champ., '12 & '15;
mbr. Diocesan Cath. Bd.

BAILEY, Walter Lewis; b. Ball., '69;
s. of 1. Thos. Bailey (pioneer min.
investor) ; g.s. of 1. Walter Craig
(of Craig's Hotel, and one-time
noted sportsman, owner of Nimble-
foot, Melb. Cup winner '70) ; educ.
Ball. Coll; visited Broken Hill in
early youth, when that now famous
silver field had but one windlass
shaft: remained there 5 yrs.; later
moved to W. Aust.; rep. of E. Row-
lands, Ltd., since '03; pres. Old Coll.
club, '15; active mbr. Ball. R.C.,
Ball. F.C. and Ball. City C.C. in past
yrs.; mbr. Cent. & Wend. B. clubs;
mbr. Ball. Turf Club Committee.

BAIRD, Cr. John.; J.P.; s. of 1. Robert
Baird; b. Ayrshire (Scot.), '60; arr.
Aust. with parents, '70; educ. Blow-
hard S.S. and Ball. Coll.; mbr. Ball.
Shire Cl. since 1900; pres., '07; gaz.
J.P. '05; one of fdrs. Learmonth
Mas. Lodge; first W.M., '95; sec.
since '14; P.J.G.W. of Vic.; ex-
pres. Mech. Inst.; elder and treas.
L' Presbyt. Ch.; v.-p. Ball.
A. & P. Cl., and rep. on Vic. Cham-
ber of Agric. since '05; rep. Vic.
Sheep Breeders' Assoc. at Nat. S.B.
Conf. Liverpool (Eng.), '10.

BAIRD. Major Matthew; M.L.A.;
mbr. for Ball. West; b. L'month,
'79; s. of 1. Robert Baird; educ.
L'month S.S.; served 4th Vic. Con-
tingent (S. African war, '01), which
hunted De Wet through Cape Col-
ony for sev. months (clasps. Rhod-
esia and Cape Col) ;ret. Vic., '02; att.
Univ. Coll., Ball, (matric., '04); art.
to bro. Robert, and admitted to Vic.
bar, '10; mbr. firm of Baird &
Baird, barr. & sol., Lyd.-st., S ,
since '10; M.L.A. for Ball. W. since
Nov. '11; ret. with increased major-
ity, 14; mbr. Special Com. on Hous-
ing: joined 7th A.I.R. as lieut., '10;
capt. '13: passed for major. '14:
capt. 23rd batt. A.I.F.. Gallipoli
campaign and promoted on field.

'15-'16; pres. Ba'l branch S.
African Sold. Assoc, '12; mbr. Sold.
Statue Memorial Com. since '10;
pres. L'month A.N.A., '05; pres.
Ball. City A.N.A., '13; pres. Ball.
Choral Union, '15; v.-p. City Band
since '13; mbr. sev. debating soc.
and teams, and successful debater
and orator, South St. Soc.; m. Ruby,
d. of G. K. Coutts, J.P.

BAIBD, Robert; s. of 1. Robert Baird;
b. L'month, '70; educ. Blowhard
S.S. and Ball. Coll.; articled to Mit-
chell, Nevett & Robinson; and ad-
mitted to Vic. bar as barr. & sol.,
'98; standing counsel in Ball, for
Shops & Factories Dept., and Soc.
for Prevention of Cruelty to Ani-
mals; elder St. And. Kirk since '07;
treas. St. And. Sun. sen., and mbr.
Cent. S.S. committee.

BAKES, Chav.; b. Ball. E., '82; s. of
Wm. Baker; educ. Humffray-st. S.S.
and St. Pat. Coll.; rep. footballer &
cricketer; ex-capt. St. Hilda & Vic.
elevens; rep. Viet. agst. Eng., S.
Aust., N.S.W. & Tas.; scored 109 for
Ball, against N.S.W. ; 76 & 66 agst.
Bng. ; runner-up for three seasons;
batting average St. Kilda C.C.; win-
ner batting avge. New Ball. Golden
City & Vic. C.C.; coach St. Patrick's
Coll. C.C.; in football, rep. Vic.
agst. S. Aust., and Ball. agst. N.Z.,
Vic. & Bgo. leagues; capt. S. Ball.
F.C., '14.

BAKER, Edwin; b. Staffordshire
(Eng.), '49; arr. Ball., '64; Vic. Rys.
service. '75-'ll; one of prom. Ry.
Emp. Carnival for Orph.: first pres..
'02- r 05; l.g. Orph., and "The Baker''
summer-house erected in grounds in
recognition of services; mbr. Orph.
Com. since '06; pres., '12; W.M. Or-
ion Mas. Lodge, '83; a life mbr.;
P.J.G.D. of Vic.; P.M. Ball. Mark
Lodge; pres. Ironworkers' and Poly-
technic assoc., '15-'16; pres. Ball. E.
Rifle Club.

BALPOUR, Ja.; b. Eaglehawk, '62:
s. of 1. Jas. Balfour (sgt. of old
"Black Watch," who arr. Aust. with
29th Highlanders in 40's); educ.
Eaglehawk S.S.; goods checker
Ball. W. Ry. Station since "89; on
of fdrs. Ry. Amb. Corps, Ball.; hon.
instr. & demonstrator since '00;
mbr. Ry. Carnival Com.; l.g. Orph.;
Oond. Amb. Class for recruits going
on active service in order to fit them
for first aid work, '15.

BALLHAUSEN, Herman; b. Ball..
'69; s. of 1. Louis Ballhausen (pion-
eer battery prop.); educ. Ball. Coll.;
joined Union Bank service, Ball.,
85: a/c Nat. Bank, Fremantle
(W.A.), '96; ret. Vic., '00; assist,
sec. Ball. Benev. Asylum, '01-'08:
mbr. bd. since '15; hon. sec. Charity
Sunday Com. since '03; inaug. Char-
ity Saty. '09; and since annually
org. collections; l.g. Hosp., Benev.
&Orph. Asylums in recognition of
Charity Sun. labors; treas. Ball. R.


C., '02-'05; pres. Mech. Inst. Com.
'14-'15; also assist, org. of Red
Cross, etc.. collections.
BAMBBICK, Barry; b. Camperdown,
and settled in Ball, with father in
early youth; educ. St. Patrick's
Coll.; prominent society entertainer;
successful humorist, Irish comedian
and ventriloquist, starring with
"Tango Teddy" ; mbr com. St. Pat-
rick's O.C. Assoc.; assist, sec. Ball.
Handball Club, and winner Vic. &
S.A. pairs and singles h'ball champ.,
*07 (unbeaten); unchallenged cham.
of Aust., '08; champ, of St. Patrick's
Coll., '05-'06; won handicap tourna-
ment from 25 pts. bhd. scr. (record
back mark In Vic.); successful ped-
estrian (100 to 440 yds.);flrst Ball,
rep. in Vic. amat. billiard champ..
Melb., '09; but beaten by current
champion; won St. Pat. club tourna-
ment, '08; claims unfinished practice
break of 1,000 (anchor stroke), '08
(vide "Ball. Star." Oct. 15. '08); met
A. Jones, of Melb., for open champ.
of Ball., '09; Jones won. and ne-
gotiations for second match sug-
gested by H Bambrick fell through ;
H. B. later recognised champ, of
Ball.; partnered A. E. Williams
(English billiardist) in Vic. tour.
11: and played with sev. noted
billiardists in exhib. games.

BABAGWANATH, 'Win.; Dip. Geol.;
8. of Wm. Baragwanath (mining
surveyor); b. Durham Lead, '78;
educ. S.S.; Vic. Coll. & S. of Mines;
where gained dip. in geol. ; art.
Robert Allan, and later ent. Geol.
Survey Branch of Vic. Mines Dept.,
'97; stationed Walhalla. Castle-
maine. Woods Point and Ball., since
*06: now sen. field geol. in charge
Ball, mining dist. g.s. party; holds
fleld geol. ("07), land & surveying
C02), and min. surveying ('03)
cert.; assist, field geol., '03-'07; sen.
fleld geol., '15; mbr. Surveyors' Inst.
and Aust. Inst. of Min. Frig.; con-
trib. freely to Dept. records, and
reports on most gold fields of Vic.
published by Dept.

BAJlCIiAY, Henry, ex-Gov. Rail Gaol;
8 of Jas. Barclay, b Kilmore '63;
Joined Penal Department. Pentridge
as warder '84; sen. warder Rendlgo
'94; gov. H.M. prison Sale '99; gov.
H M. prison. Ball. '13: gov. H M.
prison, Geelonr, '15; hon. sec. Sale
Pre*by. Ch. '05-13; mbr. com. Ebe-
nezer Pres. Ch.. Ball. '13; A.D.
Drl da Lodge, Sale '11.

BAmXEB. Oeo. Hendcnon; b Ball.
'64: s. of 1. Chan. Barker (City aud.)
educ. Ball. Coll.: 16 yrn. a/ct. ex-
perience under father; 12 yrii. on
Bnnk of Australasia staff and pio-
neered the Bank at Broken Hill;
nelng mbr. of first staff there: mbr.
Innt. Inrorp. A/ct.: lie. Oovt. mull-
tor: legal mgr. Britannia. Ool<l>n
Reefs and Eganstown G.M. CO.'B;

hon. sec. Queen Vic. Statue com. '97
one time active mbr. City R.C.
BARKER, John Martin, J.P.; b BalL
'64; s of 1. Chas. Barker (City audi-
tor); educ. Ball. Coll.; mbr. Ball.
Stock Exch. since '01; aud. Ball.
Ang. diocese and leading mining
cos.; pres. Aust. Inst. A/c. since
'13; treas. City Free Library; pres.
'08 dir. Ball. Bank Co.; pres. Hosp.
'07-8; also l.g.; pres. Cent. B. C.
'06-7; mbr. City Cl. '99-14; mayor
1904-5 and 1911-12; rep. on Water
Comm four terms; app. Govt. mbr.
of comm. '13-14; propounded scheme
for helping Govt. to finance build-
ing of Ry. workshops, Ball., during
mayoral term '12; Cl. offered to pay 4
per cent. int. on outlay of 40,000
for period of 10 yrs.; pres. Soldiers'
Statue com.; acting City treas. 1915;
trustee Newington A.N.A.
BARKEB, Dr. Walter Herb.; B.A.
Cantab. M.A. (Melb.); M.R.C.S.,
(Eng.); L.R.C.P. and L.M. (Edin.):
b London, s of Samuel Barker, M.D.;
of Brighton (Eng.); educ. Brighton
Coll. (Eng.); Clare Coll. Camb.;
mbr. med. staff St. Bartholomew
Hosp. (Lon.); med. off. Hants
County Asylum; arr. Aust. "87; now
sen. supt. Viet. Lunacy Dept., sta-
tioned Ararat and Kew as med.
supt. Hosp. for Insane, now med.
off. Wend. Hosp. for Insane, Receiv-
ing House, and H.M. prison, Pall.,
hon. consultant mentaB dis. BalL
Hosp.; stroked Clare Coll. eight;
mbr. Old Brlghtonians (Eng.)
Assoc.; served 2nd battn. Royal
Sussex Regt. (Territ.): now O.C.
70th battln. Senior Cadets, Ball.;
retired capt. of R.A.A.M.C.; V.P.
Ball. Yacht Club; mbr. Ball. Golf
Club: publications Mental Disea-
ses (Cassels & Co.).
BARNES, P.W.; b Learmonth 1S62:
s of Thos. C. Barnes, mbr. firm of
Barnes & Son, undertakers, L'month
for many years, purchased business
of Jordan & Tippett. Ball. '13; now
trading as P. W. Barnes & Son:
W.M. L'month Mas. Lodge 1908; ex
pres. L'month A.N.A. ; ex -pres. Pub-
lic Library and mbr. Hall com.; ex-
mbr. com. Presby. Ch. and ex-
teacher in Sun. School; enthusiast
in howls, cricket and fball.
BARNES, Iiient. Dougrla*; b L'month
1890. s of above: educ. Learmonth
R.S.. and C. of E.G.S.. Ball.; mbr.
firm of F. W. Barnes & Son, under-
takers and embalmers: joined 7th
Regt. Ball, as pte. '08; corp. '10;
lleut. G Coy. 71st City of Ball.
Rifles '12: C.O. Signalling Corp*
'12; C.O. Mobilisation Depot. Ball.,
Aug. '14: on active service Gall!
poll campaign with 2.1rd bnttn. SrtJ
Exp. Force a* signalling and com-
munication officer. '15: wounded in
action In French campaign. nnd In-
valided to England; hon. aec.



Ball. Presby. Fellowship Union and
St. Andrew's branch, assist, sec. St.
Andrew's Y.M.S., before leaving for
front, mbr. City A.N.A. and St.
John's Mas. Lodge.

BARNES, Senator John, b Hamilton,
S A., '68; farming, shearing and
mining pursuits from early youth,
and became identified with indust.
unionism as mbr. Barrier Miners
Union (Broken Hill), later shearer's
org. and shed rep. (9 yrs.) ; polit.
org. A.W.U. '09-11, sec. Vict-River
ina branch (h.o. Ball.) 1911-13;
Pres. '14; mbr. Austn. Exec., 1913;
elected C'wealth Senate for Vic. '13;
ret. head of poll (double dissn.)
1914; ex-pres. Ball. P.L.C.; V.P.
P.L.C. of Vic. '15; dir. "Evg. Echo;"
mbr. Fed. Prices Adjustment Board

BARROW, Pred.; b '61; s of 1. W. H.
Barrow; educ. Cox's Sch.; mbr.
South-et. Deb. Soc. since inception;
also ex-pres.; pres. Ironworker's &
Polytechnic Assoc. '11-12; sec. Cent.
S.S.'com. since '11; mbr. Dioc. Synod
and Sch. Bd. and mbr. exec. C. of E.
M.S.; one of first students Ball. Art
Sch.; mbr. St. Paul's vestry, ex-mbr.
All Saints' vestry; Ball. rep. on
Cl. of Master Masons Assoc. of Vic.;
mbr. firm of Barrow & Son, monu-
mental masons.

BAXTER, Robert Wilson; b. Old
Meldrum, Aberdeenshire (Scot.),
'50; educ. Glas. Acad., and at Lend.;
three yrs. service on Com. Bank
of Scot., at Newburgh, Fife; arr.
Aust., '74; settling at Stawell; be-
came gen. mgr. "Pleas. Creek
News" (then a daily); later estab.
"Stawell Times"; arr. Ball., '97;
estab. firm of R. W. Baxter & Co.,
gen. printers & publishers, & prop,
the "Star" and other journals.

BAXTER, George S.; s. of above; b.
Stawell, '84; educ. Stawell S.S % Har-
vard Coll., Stawell, & Gren. Coll.,
Ball.; mbr. of firm of Baxter and
Stubbs, printers & publishers (es-
tab. '05); mgr. of printing branch;
also mbr. firm of R. W. Baxter &
Co., proprs. "The Star"; mbr. St.
Andrew's Kirk Board.

BEACHAM, Edward, b. Clunes '68; s.
of John Beacham, educ. Clunes S.S.;
for 11 yrs. resident of Allen dale:
settled Ball. '03; lie. Corner, Beac-
ham's and Unicorn hotels successi-
vely; first pres. Golden Pt. A grade
F.C.; pres. Golden Pt. Sen. F.C. 9
yrs., elected life patron '12; pres.
Ball. Jun. F. Assoc. sev. yrs.; pres.
C. grade F. Assoc. since '13; mbr.
Gun Club com. sev. yrs.; winner
sev. heps, and in sev. big divides:
one of fdrs. Ball. East B.C., pres.
'09-10; v.-p. Ball, branch Licensed
Victuallers' Association.

BEAUMONT, Alice; d. of 1. L. FA
Cutter; b. London; arr. Aust. in
childhood; educ. Quinlan's Ladies'
Coll. Ball, and musically by 1. Mrs.

W. Little; m. Jas. Beaumont (of
H.M. Customs, Sth. Aust. who died
few yrs. later) ; reg. tr. piano and
organ, 1007 Mair st., Ball.; ident.
with musical life of Ball, since
girlhood; at age of 14 yrs. was hon.
pianiste of fine art concerts in early
days of Mech. Inst.; one of first
mbrs. Ball, branch A.W.N.L., also
mbr. com.; promoted successful
Belgian Relief fund and Cres. Hoap.
concerts 1915; assisted in many
public charit. and church efforts
throughout district without regard
to denomination.

BECKMAN, Insp. Hy. Chas.; b. Ball.
'56; s. of 1. Hy. L. Beckman (col. of
early 50's, settling first at Melb. &
two yrs. later at Ball., in height of
gold digging boom; built first crush-
Ing mill at Golden Pt.) ; educ. Low-
ther*s Sch.; joined Vic. police force
'80; transf. mtd. branch, Ball. 41
yrs.; Yandoit 10 yrs.; also Clerk of
Courts; opened Brown Hill P.S.
July "94; highly complimented by
Judge Casey, for work in a cattle-
stealing case; prom. sen. const.
'99; trans. Ball. N.; prom. 2nd class
sgt.; then took charge Ball. City.;
prom. 1st class sgt. *09; sub. insp.
r ll ; transf. Russel-st. thence to
Warrnambool '13; prom. insp. '15;
retired '16; received public tokens
of appreciation at Yandoit, Brown
Hill, Ball. N. & Ball. City: deeply
interested in Sun. sch. work at all
places named, and supt. Sun sch. at
Yandoit, Neil-st. and N. Carlton;
trained children for Sun. sch. anniv.
over 20 yrs.; ex-conductor of Ch.
choirs at Brown Hill, Neil-st., N.
Carlton and Wbool; ex-mbr. of
Ball. Orpheus Male Choir; chm. of
Choral Union; mbr. of other kind-
red soc. in comp. work at Ball.,
Sydney, Toowoomba and L'ceston,
and successful in male quartettes,
being acceptable tenor, also in con-
cert work.

EEGGS, Eon. Theodore; M.L.C., J.P.:
b. '59; s. of 1. Francis Beggs, of
Eurambeen Estate, col. of '50);
educ. ptely.; resided at Eurambeen
since infancy; grazier and pro-
prietor Eurambeen est.; elected to
Legis. Cl. of Vic. as one of mbrs.
Nelson prov., '10; re-elected unop-
posed, '16; mbr. (& past pres.) Rip-
onshire Cl. for 22 yrs.; retiring few
yrs. ago; mbr. Cls. of Ball, and
Beaufort-Stockyard Hill A. & P.
societies; mbr. Cl. of Pastoralists'
Assoc. of Victoria.

BEITH, Capt. Duncan; b. Ball. '90; s.
of Duncan Beith (Vic. Rys.):
educ. Macarthur-st. and Humffray-
st. S.S.; joined Vic. Rys. as jun.
clerk '05; clerk in h.o. Melb. '13-15
pte. to Lieut, in 7th A.I.R. ; on ac-
tive service Gallipoli and France as
Capt. 23rd batt. A.I.F. '15-16: supt.
of Ry. Amb. Corps, Ball. '11-13;
treas. Sandringham Tennis Club,

BEITH, Lieut. Gordon; b. Ball. '94;


s. of Duncan Beith (of Vic. Rys.
Ball.) ; educ. Macarthur and Hum
ffray-sts. S.S.; clerical staff Ball. D
T.S. office Vic. Rys.; served in sen
cadets and one of first quota transf
to Citizen Forces '12; later lient
70th Inf. Regt.; enlisted for active
service '15 (had to go to Sydney
before overcoming medical objec-
tions) ; took part in Gallipoli opera-
tions serving in front trenches at
Lone Pine; severely wounded and
invalided home.

BEI.Ii, Alexander; b. Scarsdale '66; s.
of 1. Robert Bell (col. of early 50's,
who estab. store at Scarsdale in
early mining period and who foun-
ded flrm of R. Bell & Sons, grocers,
wine and spirit merchs., Lydiard-
st., Ball. In '90); educ. Scarsdale
S.S. and Ball. Coll; now carrying on
bus. of Alex. Bell & Son, Lyd.-st.;
partner father in estab. Bailarat bus ;
mbr. Ball. com. of Scarsdale Old
Boys' Assoc. ; W.M. Orion Mas.
Lodge '01; now treas.; P.S.G.D. of
Vic.; mbr. cl. of Ball. Elmp. & Pro-
ducers' Assoc.; an old time racing
cyclist, winner numerous events at
Ball. Melb. and other centers from
back marks; clubs Old Col. and
Commercial., Cr. Alex.; b. Dumfermline,
(Scot.) '50, arr. Vic. early youth;
educ. Carisbrook S.S.; identified
with grocery business 50 yrs. ago
and traded at Ball. South for sev-
eral yrs., then retiring; later estab.
as auct. and share broker; mbr. flrm
of Bell, Lambert & Co., now Bell,
Lambert & Nixon; mbr. Stock Bxch
ince '92; mbr. City Cl. "91-99; and
again since '10; mayor '96-7; served
one term on Water Commission;
existing chairman Ball. Woollen
Mill Co., and visited Ehig. In Coy's
Interests '14; dir. Britannia G.M.
and Ball. Land Mortgage Go's since
inception; chairman old Horse
Tramway Co.; pres. Queen Statue
Com. and mbr. Burns and Moore
Statue Com.; g.m. St. Andrew's
Order (defunct) '77; trustee Ball,
branch A.M. A. for many yrs.; one

of oldest mbrs. South-st. Debating
Society: mbr. Cl. Old Col. Assoc;
W.M. Yarrowee Masonic Lodge
'08-9; mbr. Benev. Asylum com.;
pres. City B.C. '96-7; clubs Com.
and Old Col.

BENWETT, Alfred, B of Alfred Ben-
nett (pioneer of Ball, dint.) b.
Scarsdale '63: educ. Lowther's Sch.
(Erranl-st.) Ball.; ent. Vic. Postal
Dept. as tele*, messenger '77; sta-
tioned Ball. (4 yra); telegraphist
Cent. Exch. Melb. (3 yrs.); Bendigo.
(3 yrs.); Maryborough (one yr.);
en. tele*. Ball. (sev. yr.); p.m.
Ararat (4 yrs.). inspecting branch
Bendigo dint. (3 yrs.); p.m. Ball.
15; mbr. special com. to Investi-
gate tele*, ystema of Cwealth *15:
ex-prea. Ararat O. C.; and identified

various local bodies whilst In Ara-

BENNETT, lient Cyril, s of above; b
Ball. '94; educ. Urquhart-st., Wen-
douree and Ararat S.S.; pte. and
corp. Vol. Sen. Cadets, corp. 71st
battn. Sen. Cadets, 2nd lieut '12;
lieut. '13; area officer, '15; vol. for
active service with A.I.F.. but In-
valided during training.
BENNETT, Lt-Col. Alf. Wilton; V.D. ;
b Ball. '66; mbr. flrm of W. Ben-
nett & Sons, watchmakers and jew-
ellers, Bridge-st. (estab. by father
. '62); ed. Gren. Coll.; pres. Ball.
City R.C.; Regatta Assoc. and Ball.
Dist. Rifle Club Union; ex-pres.
Ball. Rifle Club (now V.P.); Ball.
Exhb. comm. ; ex-sec, and ex-pres.
Ball. Swimming Club; p.m. Yarra-
wee Mas. Lodge; l.g. Mas. Homes,
Melb. and Old Soldiers' Home. Drys-
dale; treas. Soldiers' Statue Memo-
rial Fund; official timekeeper Ball,
and Miners' T.C. and Eight Hours
Anniv. Sports; V.P. East Ball. H.C.;
joined 3rd battn. Inf. as pte. '83;
filled all ranks up to major, gaining
comn. rank '85; lieut-col. 7th A.I.R.
'07; unattached '12; O.C. 18th Bri-
gade '15; capt. victorious 7th Rgt.
In Schumacher Empire Shooting
Comp. "08; and in all Ballhausen
Shield home and home matches with
British Guard teams; ex-pres. 7th
Regt. Rifle Club; C.O. batt. A.I.F.
operations In France, '15-16.
BENNETT, Supt. Bobt. H., b Barra-
bool Hills, nr. Geelong '56; joined
Police Force '76, attached many
stations, extending to n. s., e. and
w. limits of State; was at Merino
when Kelly bushrangers broka
away, and spent six months with
search party; prom. sen. const, at
Wycheproof, sgt. at Bairnsdale,
sub-insp. Fitzroy, supt. Warrnam-
bool, and transf. to charge of Ball,
police dlst. '13; awarded cert, of
merit, decorated by Lady Tennyson
with R.H.S. medal for saving life
of drowning child at B'dale, at risk
of own life.
BENOIT, Cha. S.; b Ball. '59; a of

C. G. Benoit, educ. Holden's Plea-
sant-st. S.S.; Iron moulder Munro'a
agric. Imp. works; Alfredton, for
many yrs.; with G. Williams estab.
"Sun" fdry. Malr-st.. 1903, distribu-
ting "Sun" grates, flreolaces (cop-
per frames) etc. in all States of
C'wcalth: one of promoters and
mbr. first board of G. Munro Propty.
Ltrt. (1911), agric. imp. manufrs.
BERRY. Cr. Andrew B.; b Mary-
borough: s of 1. Andrew Berry (for
many yrs. registrar Ball. S. of
Mines); educ. Pall. Coll.; mbr Ball.
"Star" composing staff until '89
when joined J. L. Anderson In estab.
printing and bookbinding bus. of
T>rrv. Anderson & Co.; published
"Sporting World" every Sat. for
past 25 yrs.; now Berry, Anderson



Prop. Ltd.; playing mbr. Ball. F.C.
12 yrs.; sec. and pres. 18 yrs.; pres.
Ball. F. Assoc. since '07; mbr. Inves-
tig. Com.; one of fdrs. City B.C.;
pres. '03-4; champ. '13-14; rink capt.
for 15 yrs.; ex-pres. B.B.A., now
mbr. exec, and selection com.; capt.
rep. rinks in annual inter Assoc.
matches; pres. City Lib. '98; mbr.
com. Miners' T.C. for 12 yrs; V.P.
Wend. R.C., Ball. Harr. Club and
Ball. Y.C., the sen. mbr. Orion Mas.
Lodge, mbr. Art Gall. Cl.; l.g Benev.
Asylum; mbr. City Cl. since '14;
visited Europe and U.S.A. on bus.
and pleasure '12-13, and played for
N.S.W. agst. London Bowling Club.

BEBBY, Henry B.; .F.V.I.S. s of
above; b Ball. '84; educ. Ball. Coll.;
mbr. firm Berry, Anderson & Co.
Pty. Ltd., printers and publishers;
In 1910 toured Grt. Britain and U.
S.A. to study modern printing me-
thods; hon. sec. Ball. Yacht Club
since '13; mbr. Progress Assoc.; one
of fdrs. Ball, branch of Vic. Inst. of
Secretaries, elected Fell, of V.I. of
S. '15.

BEBBY, Benj. s of 1. Sir Graham
Berry, K.C.M.G. (ex-premier of
Vic.) b Prahran, educ. G'long G.S.;
State Treasury dept. since youth;
at G'long, Melb. B'go and Ball, re-
ceiving paymaster at latter two
centers; transf. Ball. '10.

BEBBY, Kate; b. Melb.: educ. Glen-
ferrie H. S.; m Benj. Berry '87; re-
sident B'go '89-10; actively interes-
ted in politics; joined B'go branch
A.W.N.L.; pres. 3 yrs.; sec. 2 yrs:
and for 8 yrs. hon. org.; settled
Ball. '10, org. sec. Ball. A.W.N.L.
for Ball. Fed. elect., mbr. Cent. CL,
sec. Ball, elect, com. since '13; ac-
tive and forceful campaigner and
platform speaker; by invitation
toured Tasmania on behalf of A.
W.N.L. for State election '12: hon.
sec. for Ball, of Empire Trade De-
fence Association.

BEBBYMAN, Boy; b Ball. '95; s of
John Berryman, g.s. of John Stew-
art; educ. Pleasant-st. S.S.; associa-
ted with firm of John Stewart &
Co., produce merch.; V.-Capt. Wend.
Rec. Tennis Club 1914; milit ex-
perience with jun Cadets, senior
Cadets (sgt. 71 A battn.); trans-
ferred Citizen Forces as corp. mac-
hine gun section 71st City of Ball.
Inf. '13; corp. 1st A.S.C., Ball. '14;
on active service in European war.

E^SEMEBES, Frank; b Dunedin (N.
Z.) '67; s of Wm. J. Besemeres
(pioneer literateur scholar and
press contrib ("Quince"); settled
Ball. dist. with parents in child-
hood; educ. Cres. S.S.; "Speedy"
auct. 67 Lyd-st. N., since '14; thrice

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