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A.N.A. ; chairman S.S. Com.; trustee
Mech. Inst. ; chairman L'month R.C.
ch. com.; actively assoc. with dist.
sporting clubs; mbr. Ball. A. & P.
Cl.; l.g. Hosp.

BY AN, Lieut. Patrick P.; D.C.M.; b.
Smythesdale '83: s. of Ellen and 1.

Patrick Ryan (pioneer farmer, of
Smythes.)- educ. Smythes. S.S. and
C.B.S. E. Melb.; for some yrs. assoc.
with firm of J. P. Madden & Co.
(uncle) legal mgrs.; enlisted for ac-
tive service in European war as
sgt. in 6th Light Horse. A.I.F. an<:
voluntarily served as infantry when
L.H. unit discarded; took part in
operations at Gallipoli; mentioned
in despatches and awarded
for leading bombing attack for 4s
hours and continuing without re-
lief; later prom, to comm. as 2nd.
lieut. for service in France.

BYAN, Warrant Off Timothy Juatine ;
s. of T. F. Ryan; b. Fernihurst, '78;
joined Vic. Defence Dept. as gunner
Roy. Art., '00; served S. African
war as Squad. Sgt-Mjr. 6th Batt. A.
C. Horse, '00-2 (King's medal); ret.
Aust. & passed Sch. of Gunnery,
Syd.; app. Sgt.-Gunner & trans, to
W.A. ; mounted guns of Fremantle
defences; Inst. Staff, Vic., sinc<-
'06; passed with honors at school
of map reading, field sketching &
eng., topography, signalling, small
arms, musketry (with distinction,
highest of Vic. candidates) ; succes-
sively attached 5th & 7th A.I.R. &
70th inf.; h.q. ISth brig., an-^
musketry instructor Pt. Melb. ami
Ball. Training Depot for active ser-
vice soldiers; vol. for active ser-
vice, '15, but retained for training
recruits; mbr. 7th Reg. team whlc'i
won Schumacher Cup, '08; V.R./
medallist, '07 & '09; ex-v.-p. Q' cliff
A.N.A.; W.M., Sebas. Mas. Lodgp,
'15-16; pres. Ball. Military Club, '10.

SAGE, Edwin; F.I.G.C.M.; Licentiate
Mus. V.C.M. (Lon.); b. Ball. '65; .=.
of W. H. & M. Sage; educ. Mt. Pleas.
S.S. ; musically by G. Herbert.
R.A.M. & D. J. Montague; choir-
master & org. Skipton-st. Metb.
Ch., 6J yrs.; do., St. John's Presbyt.
Ch., 14J yrs.; do., St. Paul's Anp.
Ch., since '12: org. Sebas. Mas.
Lodge & Ball. Lodge of Mark Map-
ter Masons; Ball. Sec. Vic. Coll.
Mus. (Lond.), since '12; sen. honors
V.CM. & Lie. of Music. V.C.M. :
Fellow Incorp. Guild of Ch. MUF ,
Lond.; 1st prize winner composition
vocal quartet Ball. G. N. Eisted-
dfod '00.

SAINSBEBY, Jame; b. Glamorgar-
shire (S. Wales), '52; s. of 1. James
Salnsbery (col. of "53);settled Ball ,
'68; butcher, Vic.-st., for sev. yrs :
ret., '02; mbr. Pioneer Lodp
I.O.O.F. for over 40 yrs.; N.G., '7f>:
sec. since '04; rep. on Grand Lodg"
& Ball. dlst. ; one of oldest mbrs. o'
Ball. Mas. Lodge; tyler since about

SAT.MON", Norman Stanley; s. of 1.
John Salmon (mgr. Nat. Bank); b.
Brighton, '64; educ. Ch. of Enr-
G.S.. Melb.: served Bank of S.A. rt
Adel. & Melb.: ret. '90; farming ft
pastoral pursuits for some yrs.:
estab. bus. as a/ct. & comm. agent.



Lyd.-st., Ball.. '08; active mbr.
B'yong Ch. of Eng.;mbr. Ball. Ang.
Synod; mbr. cl. St. Aidan's Theol.
Coll.; bus. mgr. "Church Chron-
icle"; capt. B'yong Rifle Club;
chairman Ball. Dist. Rifle Club
Union, '14-'15; mbr. V.R.A. Cl.
SAMPSON, Stephen; Inspector of
Police; b. Cres., '56; s. of 1. John
Sampson, of Cres., & later Ball.;
joined Vic. Police Force (three days
before capture of Kellys (bush-
rangers) '80; stationed chiefly Wim-
mera & Bourke dist. ; chief clerk at
list. supt. offices at Stawell, Sale
& Melb. during past 25 yrs. : prom,
insp., Melb., '12; & Ball.,
'14; mbr. Ball & Cent. B.C.; leading
pennant bowler, Melb. & Ballarat.

SAMPSON, Sydney; M.H.R.; for Wtm-
mera since 06: b. Cres.; s. of 1. John
Sampson (early pioneer) ; selected
land in Wimmera in early manhood
and followed agric. pursuits while
also propr. and ed. of "Warrackna-
beal Herald"; by Journalistic ac-
tivity and progressive citizenship
helped to secure water supply for
Wimmera and improvement in land
laws and material development
of the district, which led to invi-
tation to contest Wimmera seat in
House of Reps.; winning in a big
field; was mbr. of Royal Harvester.
Grant to Tasmania and Fruit Com-
missions; also mbr. of Federal Pub-
lic Works, Library and Standing
orders committees.

SAMPSON, Wm. J.; b. Mt. Pleas.;
educ. Mt. Pleas. S.S. ; composer of
sacred songs & anthems. "Saved
from the Deep," "Hour of Peace."
"Across the Bar," "The Strain Up-
raise," "Angels of Light"; pub-
lished in Fng. S.S. Anniv. volumes;
also national ode, "Hail thee, Aus-
tralia!" inspired by Australia's part
In Great war; cond. Mt. Pleas.
Meth. Choir at age of 17; org. and
choirmaster , St. Mary's Ch. of Eng.,
Perth, 5 yrs. ; solo flautist & prize-
winner Ball. Eisteddfod; frequent
concert prf. for charlt., etc., pur-

SAHSOM, William; b. G'long, '57; 8.
<>f i. Wm. Ransom; educ. Brown
Hill d.s.; practical miner for 44
yrs.; mgr. successvely of Sailors'
Keef, Stleglltz; Parker's United.
< '.onions ; Wellington. Gippslnml;
N. Birthday. N. Moonlight & Birth-
day Tunnel. Berrlnga: A N. New
Jubilee, Scars.; old time mbr. Ball.
KM., and of brig. comp. teams
many yrs. ; mbr. rep. team In N.Z. ;
prof, pedestrian. '74-'92; ex-champ,
mile runner of Ball. & dist.; heat
O. Cronk In half-mile chall. match.
'78; bent A. K. Bird (Eng. champ.),
tn 10-mile match at Melh.. '78; af-
terwards challenging nil-comers
wthout response; ran with success
In various States; first hcpr. Ball.
Harrier Club.

E ART OKI, Fred C.; b. Stawell '71; s.
of 1. Chas. Sartori (of Dimboola.
who arr. Aust. from Switzerland In
early days of colony) ; educ. Dim
boola S.S. ; sec. Ancient Briton lodge
U.A.O.D., '92-07; also P. Arch and
P.P. of District; mbr. Ball. City B.
C. for 15 yrs. and club champ. '03-
4; thrice runner-up; mbr. Ball. B.C.
since '06; capt. B.B.C. rink, runners-
up in B.B.A. champ. '12-13, also mbr.
A. B. Berry's City rink and H. L.
Pobjoy's Ball, rink runners-up in
other yrs. ; rink capt. and rep. Assoc.
player for sev. yrs.; with W. A.
Drew runners-up in big open pairs
tournament some yrs. ago; keen
billiardist and enthusiastic crick-
eter for sev. yrs. in Friday Asso<-

SATJEB, Major 'Francis J.; V.D.; b.
B'yong, '68: educ. C. B. Sch., Ball.;
joined public service, '82; C.P.S. at
Ball, for many yrs.; now at Colac:
pte. 3rd Batt. Inf., '85; later prom.
Lieut., Capt. & Major; continuously
serving in 7th, 70th, 71st & 72nd
Inf. Regts.; now C.O. 72nd Regt.;
h.q. at Colac: n warded l.s. medal.
'05, & V.D. 'ij; I.e. Rail. Benev.

SAUNDERS, Charles; b. Bail., '65; ?.
of 1. Chas. Saunders (City & street
garden curator for 45 yrs.); educ.
Mt. Pleas. S.S.: builder & cont for
many yrs.; also bowling-green
maker: one of fdrs. Ball. City B.C.;
pres. '09-10; rink capt. for sev yrs.:
club champ '11-12. also 1916; run-
ner-up 6 yrs.; runner-up B.B.A.
champ., '09-'10; (the first bowler
other than Ball, and Cent, club
members to reach finals) ; win-
ner ser. trophies; fdtion. mbr.

6 hon. sec. Reserve F.C. (premiers

7 yrs.); assoc. with L.O.L. about 3T>
yrs.); fdtion mbr. & sec. from In-
ception Lord Roberts lodge.

SAUNDERS, Fred.; s. of 1. Chas.
Saunders: b. Ball., '73; educated
Urq.-st. 8.S.; builder & cont.; mbr.
com. Builders' & Contractors' Assor.
sev. yrB. ; pres., '15; ex-sec. All
Saints' & St. Peter's Sun. Sch. C.C.
(bowling avjre.); ex-mbr. Ball. City
C.C., & Perth B.C., '96; winning
club trophies in first yr. : first hor.
Bee. Gulldford B.C. (Perth), *8:
(won first club trophy); mbr. Ball.
City B.C.: pres., '14-'15; rink capt.
since '11; rep. player & skipper
Assoc. rinks; mbr. exec. B.B.A.:
played into semi finals of V.B.A.
champ, gaining 4th place, being
beaten by ultimate champion: won
selection test for rep. of B.B.A. In
Vic. B. champ. "IS. mbr. S. of Mines
Cl.: mbr. exec. St. Peter's branch

SATER8, Wm. .; b. Ball. E.. '7K: *
of 1. John Sayers; educ. St. Paul's
S.S. A Bain's H.S.: building pursuits
for sev. yr*.: playing mhr. Ball. C.C.
nev. seasons, nnd played agnt. three
Eng. elevens; mbr. Ball. P.P.: bowl-
ing champ, of Aust., '13; mbr.



B.B.A. champ, rink, '07-'08; '09-'10
'10-'ll and '15-16.

8CABPF, Ja.; b. Shildon (Elne.) '63;
a bandsman since '74; mbr. Shildon
Temp. Band in youth; arr. Aust.
'84, settling at Ball.; successively
b.m. of Phoenix Fdry., 5 yrs.
Bulch's Model (later Ball. City) 17
yrs.; Nazareth House, 2 yrs.; Ara-
rat Citizens 2 yrs.; Learmonth, 2
yrs.; St. Arnaud, 1 yr. ; later busi-
ness pursuits at St. Arnaud, for
time b.m. of old 3rd Battl. band &
since '15 corp. instr. of Ball, mili-
tary camp bands; has won sev.
provincial contests with various
bands; also assoc. with Geo. Her-
bert's, H.M. Theatre and Lieder-
tafel orchestras in past years.
SCHWIEOEK, Henry; b. Ball. '75; B.
of 1. F. A. Schwieger (col. of '64;
and co-prop, of old Union fdry.);
educ. Urq.-st. S.S. and ptely; mbr.
Vic. Educ. service for sev. yrs. and
ret. in '07 to become asst. sec. Royal
Agric. Soc. of Vic.. Melb. ; apptd.
sec. '11; also sec. Vic. Chamber of
Agric.; editor and sec. four stud
publications; old time amateur ath-
lete and mbr Ball. E. Harrier Club;
holds open record for cycle run
Ball, to Melb. 3h. 56min. estab.
Mch. 2. '98; and since undisturbed
(vide Miller's "Sporting Guide.");
SCOTT, Cr. Andrew; b. near B'yong
'55; s. of 1. Andrew Scott (who arr.
from Scot, in 1838 and taking up
grazing land at Yuu-long, Scots-
burn formerly Scott's marsh be-
came one of earliest inland settlers
of Vic.; later pioneering in Wim-
mera and Mai lee and acquiring
Warracknabeal station from which
name of subsequent township ori-
ginated) ; educ. Scotch Coll.. Melb.:
nastoral pursuits at Warracknabeal
for some yrs, settled again at Yuu-
long '89; grazier and farmer and
successful breeder and exhibitor
pure shorthorn cattle; mbr. Ball.
A. & P. Cl.; mbr. B'yong Shire Cl.,
since 1913; elder B'yong Presbyt.
oh.; rep. on Ball. Presbytery and
Vic. Presbyterian Assembly.

SCOTT, J.W.; b. Ball., '56; s. of John
Scott (col. of '53); educ. Ball. Coll.;
matric. at 17, and apprent. to 1. Hy.
Brind, chemist; one of three candi-
dates who passed Vic. Pharmacy
Bd's first exam.: chemist & drugg-
ist, 415 Sturt-st.; one of oldest
mbrs. Ball. City A.N.A.; pres., '80;
mbr. Art Gallery cl for sev. yrs.

SCOTT, Major Sober*; M.D.; Glas. &
Melb. Univ.; b. B'yong, '60; s. of 1.
Robert Scott (pioneer pastoralist;
col. of '39); resident surgeon Ball.
Hosp., '86; mbr. hon. staff about 25
years; ex-pres. Ball. & District
Caled. Soc.; pres Ball. Hort Soc
sev. yrs. past; mbr. Art Gallery cl.;
mbr. cl. St. Andrew's P.M. A.; dlr.
Trustees' etc.. Co.; ex-pres. & active
mbr. City R.C.; mbr. Ball. Coll. cl.;
exam. & lect. Amb. Assoc.; hon.

Major, A.M.C.; reserve since '09;
v.p. Lyric Orch. Soc.; pres. Cent.
B.C., '08-'09; pres. Ball. Automobile
Club; ex-prea. Ball. Division B.M.A.
mbr. com. of Ballarat Turf Club;
Clubs Ball, and Old Colonists.'

SCHMIDT, Khelta; (nee Madden); d.
of Cr. W. Madden, of Sebas.; educ.
Sebas. S.S; prominent in Ballarat
amat theatricals, & frequent prize-
taker. Ball & other comp. ; winner
of over 200 prizes; organiser of
charlt., &c., concerts; successful
monologue artist; professional tour
of Vic. & Tas., '10; & Vic., '13; l.g.
Ball. Orph. for services rendered.

SCUUJXt, JM. Hy.; ex-M.P.; b. Tra-
walla, '76; s. of 1. John Scullin;
educ. Trawalla S.S. & evg. classes,
at Ball. ;business pursuits sev. yrs.;
contested Ball, seat agst Prime
Minister Deakin, '06; Fed. mbr. for
Corangamite, "10-'13; mging. dir.
"Evg. Echo," Ball., since '13; State
org. of P.L.L., '07-'10; mbr. champ,
deb. team, South-st. Soc., about '04;
since adjud. on deb. & orations sev.
occasions; also adjud. numerous de-
bates of lit. & deb. soc. & y. m. clubs
of various denominations; ex-pres.
Cath. Y.M. Soc.; v.-p. Unemployed
Fund Com., "15; l.g. Benev. Asylum.
'EAGER, Hy. John Bray; b. Lond. '74;
educ. Orph. working sch.. Haver-
stock Hill (Lond.); arr. Aust. '88;
for 18 yrs. with Jas. McEwan and
Son, hardware merchs., Melb.; since
'09, mgr. for Hawkes Gros., gen.
merchs. B'fort; ex-pres. B'fort Town
Band; hon. sec. St. John's Ang. ch..
B'fort; v. pres. Mech. Inst.; v.p.
B'fort Athletic club: S.D. Fiery
Creek Mas. lodge, J.O. B'fort Mark
lodge: also ident. with mining en-
terprises of district.

BELLECK, Cap* Horace 7.; b. B'yong.
'86; s. of 1. Harry Francis Selleck;
educ. Macarthur-st. S.S., Ball.; mbr.
com. staff "The Courier" since '03;
joined 7th A.I.R. as pte.. '03; sgt.,
'07: & lleut. '12; adjut. of 70th Inf.,
& capt. '15; vol. for active service,
& attached Ball. & met. training
camps for active service, '15:
app. capt. & coy. comdr. 10th brig.
A.I.F. r !6; treas. 70th Inf. Rifle
Club; pres. 70th Inf. Band; mbr. 7th
Regt. 8-oared crew, winners. '99-'10
'12: ex-sec, military gym. class.

SEW ABB, Stephen; J.P.; s. of 1. Thos.
Seward; b. Melb., '54; educ. Melb.
G.S. : (str. first sch. crew in Head
of River contests); farming pur-
suits for many yrs. at Diggora,
Rochester; stock & station agent,
Echuca, '79-'82; mbr. Dchuca Bor.
Cl.., & sec. Shire of Echuca. '82-'98;
sec. Campaspe Irrlg. Trust (10 yrs.):
fee. Rochester A. & P. Soc. (18
yrs.) ; lie. Lester's Hotel. Ball.. '98-
03: & Craig's Royal Hotel, Ball.,
since '03; active sport for many
yrs.; pres. & starter. Rochester
Sports Club, 16 yrs.; starter, Roch-
ester Jockey Club, 16 yrs.; judge


& steward of Ball.. B'beet & B'yong
T.C.; ex-pres. Bail. Regatta Assoc. ;
v.-pres. Vic. Rowing Assoc. '15-16;
referee of Ball, regattas; pres. Ball.
K.C. (12 yrs.); v.-pres. Red Cross
A -quatic Carnival Com.; mbr. Ball.
V. League Investigation Com.; mbr.
A. & P. Cl.; active mbr. Cent. B.C.
& Ball. O.C.; life mbr. \Vendouree
Tennis Club.

SHANNON, Jam**; b. Sebas.. '80;
educ. Redan R.C. Pte. Sen.; played
tenor horn in Bulch's old Model
Band, '92; lib. for sev. yrs.; sec. &
treas. City Band since '06; del. on
Vic. Band Assoc.; officially rep.
V.B.A. at sev. country contests;
sec. Ball. F. Assoc. since '13; sec.
Jun. F. League, '08-'ll; sec. Redan
F.C. sev. yrs.; mbr. Red Cross Car-
nival Com.; sec. Poultry Soc. '16.

SHATTOCK, Tom. K-; A.I./'A.V.; b.
C'arlton, '74; 8. of L Edward Shatt-
ock (col. of early 50's, & one of
early officers of Viet. Lands
Dept.); educ. Ascot Vale S.S.; a/ct.
James Tyler A Co.. Ball. E.. since
'95; mbr. Ball, branch I.I.A.V.;
elected associate, Feb., '15; co-sec.
"Shop B 4 9" movement (which
brought about closing of business
houses at 9 p.m.. Fridays' about
04; first hon. sec. Ball. Anglers'
Club; pres. Ball. City A.N.A.. 'OS;
ex-sec. Pleas.-st S.S. Com.. 3 yr*.;
active mbr. Cent. B.C.; mbr. Fin-
ance com. "Forward Ballarat"
mstr. a/ctcy School of Mines'

SHAW, Edgar H.; A.I.' A.V.; b. Ball.,
79; s. of 1. Wm. Henry Shaw (one
of promoters A first mgr. Phoenix
Fdry., Ball.); educ. Caulfleld G.S.;
ent. service Bank of Australasia,
96; mostly stationed Ball, branch;
passed final exam. I.I.A.V., A elect-

f. d ,?*5L OC >15; one of fdr - & "ibr.
"all. Cl. I.I.A.V.: treas Wend. Ten-
nis Club; mbr. Wend. Rowing Club.

SHAW, Hnry; b. Melb., '77: B. of 1
Jeo. Q. Shaw (of O.G. A W B'
Shaw, merch.); educ. Scotch Coll.
& Melb. Univ.; admitted to Vic.
bar. '99; practised In Rail, as Webb
A Shaw; gee. Ball. Trustees. Ac.,
Coy.. *03-'09: mbr. firm Cuthbert
Morrow A Must since '09; hon.
solicitor. Ball. Orph.: Comm. for
affidavits. N.S.W. A 8. A.; mbr. cl.
Ball. Law Int.: hon. sec. Wend.
Tennis Club sev. yrs.: hon. sec.
Ball. Coll. Cl. since '10: mbr. St.
Andrew's Kirk Bd.; first pres. St.
Andrew's branch P.M.A. (estab
5); mbr. exec. Rail, A Dist. Home
Defence Asuoc.. '15.

SHELLET. John Js.; g. of 1. Jer
Shellev (pioneer of Ball.); h. Ball
'72: educ. St. Aliplus' Srh.. Ball. E.
A C.B. Sch.: one of fdrs. ('92) and

lf te . r * eo< trea(l ' V - P- * nre*. of
Hall. C.Y.M.8.; on* of fdrs. 8t P.
Club: first pres.. '03; hon. sec.
OB-'0-'ft7; co-hon. see. f wealth
Pair, '02; hon. sec. Fed. Fair, '07;

hon. sec. & mgr. Empire Fair, '11;
each time the proceeds of these
fairs broke previous records; Em-
pire Fair yielded 4,089 profit to
R.C. inst.; active worker in charit.
carnival, '06; mgr. annual winter
tournaments sev. yrs.; mbr. com.
H.A.C.B.S., & del. on B.U.F.S. Disp.
com.; gen. adviser Ladies. H.A.C,
B.S.; l.-g. Ball. Benev Asylum; es-
tab. business as gen. ironmonger &
hardware merch., Bridge-st., '14; l.g.
Benevolent Asylum.

SHEPHEED, ex-Cr. Joseph; J.P.; b.
Sandford (Eng.), '33; arr. Aust...
Jan., '51; settled G'long, & at Lin-
ton since '61; mbr Gren. Shire Cl.,
'70-'15; ret. voluntarily; sev. times
pres. supt. and later sec., Linton
Presbyt. Sun. Sch. since '74; elder
of Ch. for many yrs., and assoc.
with many movements for benefit
Of district; one of fdrs. and twice
pres. of Linton & Happy Valley
Relief Fund; gaz. J.P. many yrs.
ago: life sub. Ball. Hosp.

3HEPPABD, Corp. Albert; D.C.M.; a
of Geo. Sheppard (painter & paper-
hanger, of Rowe-st., Ball. E.);
served Gallipoli campaign in Euro-
pean War as Corp. of No. 2 Coy.
Field Eng., 1st A.I.F.; awarded
Distinguished Conduct Medal for
"conspicious gallantry in tunnelling
to open communication with captu-
red position. Although over-come
by an explosion of gases, on recov-
ery he completed his work under a
heavy fire. vide "Army Orders ;
took part in landing at Gaba Tepe
and served about eights months' in
firing line before being invalided to
Eng.; previously joined Royal Aust.
Eng. and serving at Swan Tsl. when
war declared; b. Ball. E. '94: educ.
Macarthur-st, S.S. and Vedette

SHEPPABD, Ssrt.-Mjr. Chas.; b. Ball.
E.. '89; s. of Geo. Sheppard: educ.
Maoarthur-st. S S. & Sen. of Mines;
served Gallipoli campaign in Euro-
pean war as sgt. of No. 2 coy. Field
Eng. 1st div. A.I.F.: awarded by
President Poincare (with approval
of King George V.) the French
medaille mllitaire decoration for
distinguished service and valor in
action; was serving in Roynl Aust.
eng. when war declared and landed
with first division at Gallipoli. Apl.
25. 1915; afterwards serving sev.
months of trench warfare 1 later
prom, sgt.-mjr. for operations in

SHERRY, Andrew Aliplus; s. of John
Sherry: b. Ball.. '84: educ. C.B. Sch.:
tea, coffee, etc.. meroh.. Malr-st. :
actively assoc. with Naxareth House
and St. Joseph's Home Benefit Com.
for many yrs.: sev. yrs. pren. Ball.
H.. \.C.Ii.S.. '12: mbr. St. P. Day
:in<1 St. Patrick's riub.

SH-BEREISEN. Alf. Bd.; b. New
Norfolk (Tas.). '78: educ. New
Norfolk S.S. : after business experi-
ence at N.N., transf. to S. Melb..



becoming prop, of coach building
business, '02-'05; then purchased
Cobb & Co.'s livery & letting
stables, Ball., &estab. garage; now
grazier of Eilden, Mount Mercer; &
Wendouree; one of fdrs. Ball. Trot-
ting Club ('12); pres., '13-'14; one of
first rink captains & mbr. com.
Wendouree Rec. Club; runner-up
club championship '16; sec. New
Norfolk R.C. (2 yrs.); enthusiastic
in open coursing, and successful
poultry (W. Leg.) breeder; scored
high points at Burnley competi-
tion, '15-'16.

SIM, Chas. Robert; b. Ball., '61; a. of
1. Robert Sim (who estab timber
yards & saw mills at Humffray-st..
Ball. B., '54; educ. Bain's U.S.,
Ball., & Collegiate Coll. (Hobart);
prop, of timber yds. since death
of father in '97; v.-p. Ball. F.C.;
mbr. com., time keeper & steward
Ball. T.C.; mbr. Miners' & B'beet
T.C. ; supporter various sporting
institutions; Clubs Ball., Com. &
Old Colonists.

SIM, Lieut. Chas. Stanley; R.N.; s. of
above; b. Ball. '90; educ. Ball. Coll.;
joined mercantile marine as ap-
prent. on Loch Carron, '05; later
3rd and 2nd officer of the Ainsdale;
3rd officer of the Port Lincoln; qua-
lified as master mariner in London
in 1914 and posted as 1st officer on
ship Ariadne (which was subse-
quently sunk by German raider
Moewe) ; on outbreak of war, was
accepted on Royal Navy Reserve
and qualified as lieut. on active list
after three months' preparation at
Chatham Naval Coll. and now on
active service with Imperial Navy
in parts at present unknown.

SIMMONS, Hyman S.; J.P.; s. of 1.
A. M. Simmons; b. Ball. E., '64;
educ. Roseinblum's Sch. & McFar-
lane's Coll.; furniture and picture
retailer. Vic. & Lyd.-sts. since '90;
paz. J.P., '12; one of oldest mbrs.
Ball. City A.N.A.: later, one of fdrs.
Ball. E. branch ('86); pres., '89; one
of fdrs. Newlngton A.N.A., '00; sec.
since '03; mbr. first com.; attended
sev. conf. for Ball. E. and New.
branches; for many yrs. contrib. to
contemporary press, and one of old-
est cpts. in Vic., being rep. of
'Wimmera Star" for 34 yrs.; also
cpt. "Daily Telegraph," etc.; pres.
Pall. Heb. congregation, & ex-pres.
Jewish Philanthropic Soc.

SIMPSON, Edwin; b. Castlemaine; s.
of 1. Sam. Simpson (min. investor
& col. of '54) ; educ. Napoleons
soh.; land & est. agent, Lyd.-st ,
Ball., for sev. yrs.; mbr. firm S.
Simpson & Sons.,
pioneers of the Mallee. & manufrs.
of agric. implements, Mallee rollers
& stump jump ploughs, etc.; on
own a/c. pastoralist at sev. centres
in Wimmera & Westn. districts, &
at Bannockburn & Ball.; actively

interested in choral music since
youth; rabr. Ball. Liedertafel and
Scot's Ch. choir; m. Ada, d. of the 1.
Sam Morris, of Ball. E., '92; [obit.
July 1916].

SIMPSON, Staff-Capt. By.; b. Lond ,
'64; s. of Wm. W. Simpson, of
Grimsby (Eng.); joined Sal. Army
as cadet, '84; served in various
parts of Aust. & N.Z.; attended
first annual World's Congress,
Lond., '05; and re-visited England,
'11; app. Divisional Sec., Ball., '12;
transf. Melb., '15.

SIMPSON, Murray Willi*; b. Bir-
chip. '94; s. of Lewis L. Simpson;
educ. Ball. G.S. & Ball. Coll.; on
active service with No 6 Field
Amb.. 3rd A.I.F.. Gallipoli & French
campaigns, '15-'16; sports sec.
Ball. Coll., '09; mbr. Ball. Motor
Cycling Club; winner hill climbing
contest. '13.

SINCLAIR, Cr. Robert Alfred Btui-
bar; J P. ; pres. of Ripon Shire; b.
B'fort, '63; s. of Robert Sinclair (of
B'fort, col. of early '50's); educ.
B'fort S.S.; gen. merch., Neil-st
B'fort for many yrs.; mbr. of
Wotherspoon & Coy.; mbr. Ripon
Shire Cl. since '97; pres. for fourth
time; gaz. J.P.. '01; also deputy
coroner; mbr. B'fort F.B. for 25
yrs.; capt., '97-'12; ex-pres. Coun-
try F.B. Assoc; ex-pres. B'fort
A.N.A., Athletic Club, and Mech.
Inst.; P.M. Fiery Creek Mas. Lodge,
& P.A.G.D.C. of Vic.; pres. Patri-
otic, Belgian& Red Cross Fund
com.; pres Red Cross Brass Band:
l.g. Ball. Hosp.; app. hon. Red Cross
supervisor, Egypt, 1916.

SLATER, Cr. Adam; J.P.; mbr. Ripon
Shire Cl. since about '05; pres. about
'09-10; gaz. J.P. about '04: pres.
Skipton Public Lib. for about 8
vrs. and also mbr. of original build-
ing com.: treas. Skipton Mas. lodge:
pres. Skipton Gun club; chairman
Cemetery trust: mbr. Skipton
Presbyt. ch. com. for about 25 yrs.
past; life mbr. Rail. Old Col. Assoc.:
mbr. Linton-Skipton Ry. Trust; b.
Roxburghshire (S. Scot.) '49; arr.
Vic. '54; contractor for some yrs.
and grazier of "Springbank," Skip-
ton for past 35 years.

SLEEP, Lieut.-Col. John T.; J.I*.; n.
near Plymouth (Eng.). '37; arr.
Vic., '56; settled Ball., '57; watch-
maker & jeweller for many yrs.:
Joiner '60 and comm. as Lieut., old
Vol. forces. '64: ret. '94 with rank
of Lieut.-Col.; O.C. Victorian Rifle
shooting team which toured Great
Brit., Eur., & U.S.A., & won many
prizes, '76: O.C. Vic. rifle shootinsr
team for Eng.. '86: one of the most
successful rifle shots in Vic. for
many yrs.; gaz. J.P., '74: ret. officer
Ball." W. State electorate: ex-mbr.
Hosp. Com.: l.g. Orph., Hosp. and
Benev. Asylum: one of fdrs. City
F.B.;one of earliest mbrs. Old. Col.
Assoc. & Club, & Ball, and Com.



Clubs; also identified with chief
sporting inst.; settled on estate at
S Gippsland in recent yrs.
bliOAW, John T.; J.P.; b. Clunes '65;
e. a. of 1. John Sloan (who arr. from
Scot. '5S and engaged in business
and farming at Clunes till "82, when
he became valuer, rate collector &
inspector for Cres. Shire for 28
yrs.); educ. S.S. and Cres. G.S.;

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