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'05; str. club crew which won Vic.
Eisrht-oared Champ., '04; & Henley-
on-Yarra Grand Challenge Cup
Eights, '04 & '05; str. Vic. 8-oared
crew which won Aust. Champ, at
Brisbane, '04; also bow in Vic. crew
at Brisbane "99; str. Ball, crew run-
ners-up '02: bow, '03; keen rifle shot
whilst at Swan Hili, '11-'13.

STJrPREN, Charles Edward; s. of
John Suffren: educ. Cent. S.S. ; dept.
mgr. Tunbridge & Sons; champion
sculler of Ball., "OO-'OS; runner-up
Vic. Champ. Sculls one yr.; 3rd
another yr.: str. Ball. crew. 2nd
Champ. Pairs of Vic.. '02; rowed
thrice in Ball, crew, each time
runners-up Vic. Four-oared Champ.,
'02. '03 & '04: rowed with Ballarnt
crew, winners Grand Chall. Cup
Eights, Henley-on-Yarra. '04 & '05;
and Champ, of Vic., '04; rowed with
Vic. crew In Interstate Champ..
Adel. * Perth; v.-p., ex-capt. & ex-
sec. Ball. Harr. Club: C.C.C. per-
formances: Vic. 6-mile 2nd, '03:
2nd. '05; 6th, '06; 1st, '07; 1st. '08;
3rd. '09: Vic. 10-mile 4th. '98: llth.
'99; 3rd. '03; 1st. '08; Aust. 5-mile
at 8yd. 1st, '08 (also N.8.W.
champ medal); ran 6th in 2fi-mllo
Marathon. Brisbane. '09: time. 3h.
28m. 3nec.. boating; standard time:
Track champ, record 3rd Q'lanrl
3-mlle. '09; 1st Vic. one A three-
mile. '09; 1st Ball, center half, one



& three-mile, & 2nd in weight-
putting, '08; 1st Ball, center half,
one & three-mile, '09; also several
club & open hep. events.

SULLIVAN, Patrick P.; b. Millbrook.
'76; s. of 1. M. Sullivan (one of
earliest settlers of diet.; & col. of
'52); educ. C.B. S., Ball.; prop. &
d. "Gordon Advertiser" since '94;
ex-pres. Gordons Tennis Club; mbr.
com. Egerton Progress Assoc.; sup-
porter leading sporting instit.;
toured Europe & U.S.A., '08; trav-
elled Australasia extensively, and
contrib. travel notes to met. and
other Journals.

SUTHERLAND, John; b. Soldiers'
Hill, '77; s. of 1. Alex. Sutherland
(early col.); educ. Black Hill S.S..
Gren. Coll., & S. of Mines (elect,
eng. course) ; assist, elect, eng. dept..
S. of Mines (under Prof. W. Huey
Steele) '96; in charge of elect, dept.,
'98; later also lect. & dem. elect,
trade classes; and vice-chairman
Trade Board; now principal of
elect, eng. dept.; one of fdrs. and
mbr. flrst com. Soldiers' Hill B.C.;
rink capt. for sev. yrs.

SUTHERLAND, Peter BOM; b. Suth-
erlandshire (Scot.), '65; s. of John
Sutherland (who was b. in 1786, &
who fought with Rossshire Buff
Highlanders in battle of Quatre
Bras, prior to battle of Waterloo,
1815); educ. at Rossshire & Aber-
deen; arr. Aust.. '85; estab. firm of
Cameron & Sutherland, machinery
merchts. at Ball., '95; & later at
Melb., Syd. & B'go.; held comm. in
3rd Batt. Inf., Ball.; now on re-
serve; dir. of nearly 20 mining &
investment co.'s. Inc. Maude Reefs.
Mines Assets Purchase Co.; Bodan-
gora. Central Plateau, River Jna
South, Butler's Tin, Elsinore Tin,
Hart's Tin; Clubs Stock Exch.,
Melb.; Old Col. & Commercial, Ball.

BUTTON, Prd.; b. Ball. '64; s. of
1. R. H. Sutton (founder of firm of
R. H. Sutton & Co., pioneer music,
etc., sellers, of Ball.; est. '54);
mging. dir of Buttons' Prop. Ltd.,
music sellers & piano importers, of
Ball., Melb.. B'go & G'long; nnd
agencies Lond., New York & Chic-
ago; mbr. Hosp. Com. since '05;
pres. '12-'13; first pres. Lyric Orch.j
now patron; first pres. Vic. Band
Assoc., now life patron; ex-pres.
Routh-st. Soc.; flrst chm. Electro
Hyd. Sluicing Coy.; chairman Eu-
reka T. C. & Tile Coy.; first sec.
Ball. Jun. C. Assoc. (about '77);
won Dip. Technological Comm.
many yrs. ago; rink capt. and twice
pres. Cent. Bowling Club.

GWAW, Andrew; b. Ball '55; s. of 1.
Jas. Swan, (col. of '52), educ. Eu-
reka St. Sch., collector of Orph.
since '03; Joint treas. and org. of
Wattle Day. Belgian Flag Day.
Rose Day, Anzac Day, Wounded
Soldiers Day, Aust. Day and other

Patriotic Charity Sunday collec-
tions; hon. sec. and mgr. of old
Lornes Froliques (which raised
much money for charitv). ex- hon.
sec. Ball. Bellringers Club and
with bros. David & William gave
popular handbell selections for sev.
yrs.; mbr. Ball. Liedertafel chorus,
also St. Andrew's and St. John's
Presbty. Ch. choirs manv yrs.; also
solo baritone.

SWAN, Robert; b. Fifeshire (Scot.),
'52; s. of 1. Robert Swan (col. of
'54, & mgr of Buninyong Est. till
'57); arr. Aust., '54; educ. Winde-
mere S.S. ; farmer & grazier; Rose-
dale farm, Windemere; v.-p. Ball.
A. & P. Cl. since '01; mbr. B'beet
Presbyt. Ch. Bd., 30 yrs.; mbr. old
Sch. Bd. of Advice throughout Its
existence; chairman for sev. vrs. ;
successful exhib. draught horse
stock, & judge at many Vic. shows.

SWAN, Robert; s. of 1. Jas. Swan
(col. of '52 and pioneer farmer of
dist.); b. B'beet '69; educ. Surman's
sch., Cardigan; farmer and grazier,
Lakeview farm, B'beet, since early
manhood; mbr. Ball. A. & P. Cl.; ex-
capt. B'beet Rifle Club (5 yrs.), now
cant. L'month Rifle club, mbr.
B'beet and Windermere Bd. of Ad-
vice many yrs.; mbr. B'beet and
Wmere Presbyt. ch. bd. for 25 yrs.:
now elder; also supt. Sun. sch.; suc-
cessful breeder and exhib. of
draught stock at Ball, and other
dist. shows.

SWENSON, Wm. Edward; b. Camber-
well (Eng.) '45; arr. Aust. '62; es-
tab. as tanner, currier and leather
dresser at Sunnyside, Ball. East '87,
now principal of firm of W. E.
Swenson & Sons; successful exhi-
bitors various exhibitions, mbr.
com. Aust. Manufacturers Exhib.
'06; vestryman St. Stephens Ch. of
Eng. '72-15; also Supt. Sun. sch. 28
vrs.; mbr. Prov. Synod: life mbr.
Ball. Old Col. Association.

SYMONS, Henry W.; b. Ball., '63; s.
of 1. Henry J. Symons (col. of earlv
'50's, & pioneer butcher of Ball.);
assoc. with father in business for
many yrs.: now mcrr. & ro-pron.'
also farmer of Mt. Rowan: educ.
Ball. Coll.: mbr. Ball. Shire Cl..
*93-'14: pres. '98-'99: '04-'5 & 'lO-'ll:
one of Common mgrs. for sev. vr<!. ;
mbr. Ball. Coll. Cl.: first pres. Ball.
Old Coll. Assoc.frnbr. Ball. A.H.R.
Cl.; one of fdrs. Wend. Rec. Club:
mbr. St. Peter's vestry.

SYMONS, Val.; b. Ball., '82; s. of 1.
H. J. Symons; assoc. with father's
business for many yrs.; now co-
prop.; educ. Pleas.-st. S.S. & Ball.
Coll.; one of fdrs. Wend. Rec. Club;
v.-p. '15; winner first club comp.
(pres. trophy), '15; one of promot-
ers & mbr. prov. com. Wend. F.B.,
'13: hon. sec. St. Matthew's Ch. of
Eng., Wend.; mbr. Ball. Hort. Soc.
for sev. yrs.; enthusiastic amat.
hortic.; won numerous prizes at



various shows, inc cup for best
roses & dahlias; ex-mbr. Wend. R.
C., & mbr. sev. successful crews.
TAIT, Cr. Oeo.; J.P.; b. Ores., '56; s.
of 1. Cr. John Tait (pioneer of
Cres.); educ. Cres. G.S. ; mbr. firm
Tait & Son since '87; mbr. Cres.
Bor. Cl.; twice mayor; P.M. Cres.
Havilah Mas. Lodge; P.S.G.D. of
Vic.; P.P. Royal Arch Yarrowee
Chapter; mbr. Ball. Mark Mas.
Lodge; treas. Cres. Mech. Inst. ;
twice pres. Cres. B.C.; ex-pres. Cres.
A.N.A.; mbr. Cemet. Trust; hon. sec.
St. Andrew's Presbyt. Ch.; hon,
auditor, Creswick F.B.

TANK, Joseph Win.; b. Cres., '62;
educ. Cres. G.S.: followed mining
on Berry & Midas leads for sev.
yrs. ; later at W. Aust. ; thence to
Bogara (West Africa), & to East
Siberia on behalf of London invest-
ors; mgr. Aust. Midas Estates '10-
'12; mbr. Inst. Min. Met. Lond., '08;
joined Min. Mgrs.' Assoc. of Aust.,
'05; pres. Ball, branch, '12; sec., '15;
first pres. Wend. Rec. Club, '12-'14;
now life hon. mbr.; l.g. Cres. Hosp.
(The compiler regrets that Mr. Tank
died during compilation of book).

TAYI.OR, Alex. McLennan; b. Ball.
E., '83; B. of 1. Wm. Taylor; educ.
Humffray-st. & Cent. S.S. & Gren.
Coll. (by winning ent. schol.) ;
guard of Vic. Rys.; pres. City
branch A.N.A.. '06 (the youngest in
hist, of branch) conf. del., '08; mbr.
bd. of dir. since "10; v.-p. '13; chief
pres., '14 (one of youngest to date);
inaug. A.N.A. recruiting movement
during term of office; mbr. Ball. E.
branch com., '15; v.p. '16; ex-pres.
St. John's Y.M.C.; first pres. Ball.
Lit. & Deb. Union, '12; mbr. and
active worker in sev. Y.M. clubs, &
freq. adjud. of debates; mbr. Golden
Pt. Sn. F.C.. & del. on Ball F.
league; active supporter of sev.
legitimate sporting clubs; mbr. &
conf. del. Vic. Rys. Un.; l.g. Orph.
& Hosp.; mbr. Ball. E. Recruiting

TA-XXOB. Cr. Gilbert; J.P.: b. Shet-
land Isles (N. Scot.); s. of 1. Walter
Taylor, (of Dean col of '48); arr.
Aust. with parents in Infancy '76;
educ. Dean 8 S. & Cres G.8.. farmer
and grazier, of "Fairvlew, Dean;
mbr. Cre*. Shire Cl. since '10; gaz.
J.P. '10; prw. Dean Mech. Inst.
since '04; mbr. of dep. that induced
Minister of Educ. to establish Dean
Rtmntary High Sen. '12 (one of
finest in State) : successful breeder
and exhib. of Clydesdale home* inc.
rhamplon stallion Lord Dunbar
(from imported stock).

TAYT.OK, Robert: b Black Hill. '64;
it, of 1. Wm. ("King") Taylor (col.
'."3. & pioneer boat builder); educ.
RoaeinnlunV* * Potter's 8ch.: as-
sisted father In bunt building many
TH. : llr. Kent Hotel. '*: * Lake
View Hotel since '98; successful

caterer & lessee of sporting booths;
prop, of well-known fleet of steam-
ers & sailers, inc. "Gem," "Lord
Roberts" & "Ballarat," at Lake
Wend.; suggested and constructed
at own expense Fairy-land pas-
sage to Gardens; popularly known
as the "Lake commodore"; v.-com.
Ball. Y.C.; v.-pres. Ball. Fish Ac-
climat. Soc.; one of fdrs., mbr.
com. & ex-pres. , Ball. Anglers'
Club; supporter of various sport-
ing institutions.

TERBY, Charles Mltchel; b. Elles-
borough, Bucks. (Eng.), '61; s. of 1.
Dr. C. M. Terry (who was born in
17R8); educ. Queen Eliz. G.S. and
King's Coll., Lond.; arr. Aust. '83;
joined Bank of Australasia at Melb.
'84; mbr. h.o. staff for 25 yrs., ris-
ing to a/ct. ; app. mgr. Albury
branch, '08; mgr. Ball, branch since
'09; mbr. Cent. B.C.; Club Ballarat

THOMAS, Alfred C.; b. G'long, '64;
s. of 1. Wm. Jackson Thomas (of
H.M. Customs; col. of '38); educ.
Geelong Coll.; articled to 1. Henry
Speed (b. & s., Geelong); admitted
to Vic. bar, '87; practised as b. & s.
successively at Melb., Korumburra
& Perth, and at Ball, since '13; act-
ive mbr. Soldiers' Hill B.C.. Ball.
Mas. lx>dge. & Newington A.N.A.

THOMAS, Edward; b. Happy Valley
'68; s. of 1. T. Thomas (min. inves-
tor and col. of 50's) ; educ. Happy
Valley S.S. ; propr. and publisher
of the Ball, and district "Farmer?'
Gazettes" since 1913; W.M. Prince
of Wales Mas. lodge. Smythesdale
'99; sec. since '00; P.O. Std. Bearer
of Vic.; P.M. Smythesdale Mark
lodpe and now secretary.

THOMAS, Eric; L.D.S.; M.A.C.B.;
dentist; practising Bridge-st., Ball-
since '07; b. Brighton, '81; s. of
Jns. Thomas, of Brighton; educ.
Brighton G.S.; mbr. Aust. Coll. of
Dentistry; grad. Dentists' Coll.,
Melb. Univ.: rink capt. Cent B.C.;
played Into semi-finals of B.B.A.
single-handed champ, three seasons;
recoar. as amat. champ, billiardist
of Ball.; mbr. Ball. Golf Club.

THOMAS, Herman Stanley; .s. of I. C.
H. Thomas (col. of '56, pioneer store
keeper and mine mgr. of Ball.: one
of fdrs. Ball. Woollen Co. and dlr.
for 30 yrs.): educ. Pleas. -st. S.S..
Gren. Coll.. Ball. Coll. and com-
mercially: toured Europe. America,
and about two thirds of world '07-9:
later ass or. with D. Walker's
agency bus. until '15; mhr. Rill.
Automobile Club.. Ball. X. Tennis
Club pennnnt tenm: runner-up for
rvjlleg* Oun 2 yrn.: mbr. old J th
Ball. A.M.C. 3 VTW. : now on active)
service nbro/ul with No. r Aust.
casualty clearing hospital i A.M <".).

THOMAS, Thorn. *; h Hnpny Val-
ley, '73: s. of 1. Thou. Thomas: educ.
H. Valley R.S.: nettled Ball.. '8:
fl**oc. with CTwealth Postal Dept..
Tall. W., sev. yrs.; dir. St. DavfdX



Welsh Ch. choir since '04; cond.
Welsh Choir that won chief choral
contest, ON. Eisteddfod, Ball., '01;
successful writer of vocal and ine-
trum. compositions; visited Eng.,
*08-'09, & studied adv. music at
Durham Univ.; successful at ex-
aminations; obt. cert. Tonic Sol-Fa
Coll.: sen. honors, Trin. Coll., Lend.;
A.L.C.M. & Licent. of Mus., Vic.
Educ. Dept.

THOMSON, Andrew Stewart; a. of
John C. Stewart Thomson (first
treas. Ball. Miners' Assoc.) : b.
Ball. W., '67; educ. Cent, and Mt.
Pleas. S.S.; sec. Carters' & Drivers'
Un., since '13; pres. T. & L. Cl., '15-
16; hon. sec. Ball. Sth. P.L.L.; pres.
Ball. W. P.L.C., '15; v.-p. Ball. Fed.
Lab. Campaign Cl., '15; sec Degree
Lodge, I.O.O.F.; mbr. com. Soldiers'
Hill F.B. (up till its disbandment) ;
mbr. Red Cross Carnival Com., and
mbr. City Recruiting Exec.; sec.
Ball, branch Liquor Trade Employ-
ees Union; pres. Vic. Carters' and
Drivers' conr., Melbourne "16.

THOMPSON, Win. Daniel; mining co.
mgr.: b. Ball., '58; s. of 1. Wm.
Thompson (col. of early '50's);
etluc. Cox's Sch. & Bain's H.S.;
clerk in 1. S. W. Smyth's min. office;
later partnered Hon. J. McWhae as
mgrs. of sev. min. co.'s, taking sole
mgement in late '80's; now mgr.
N. Woah Hawp, New Normanby,
Last Chance, N. Hope Co.'s; dir.
Beaufort Deep Leads Co.; v.-p. Vic.
Chamber of Mines: chairman Ball.
branch; pres. Ball. Mine Owners'
Assoc.; one of earliest trustees City
A.N.A.; rink capt. Cent. B.C. for
few yrs. ; one of fdrs. Wend. Rec.
Club, & Wend. R.C.; one of earliest
mbrs South-st. Soc.; for some yre.
hon. cond. Wend. Meth. Ch. choir,
(k Sun. Sch. choir; supt. of Sun. Sch.
for 10 yrs.; v.-p. Benev. Asylum
Com : one of earliest mbrs. Wend.
C.C.. & successful batsman for
manv yrs.

""TITESFIEI.D, Thog.; b. Ball., <2:
s of 1 Thos. Thursfield (col. of
52): educ. Cent. C.C., Gren. Coll. &

5 of Mines (elect. & mech. eng.
course): elect, eng. since '95; eng.
for erection first e.l. plant, Ball.,
95- now elect & mech. eng., Lyons-
st N.; electrified Sunshine Har-
vester Works, State Coal Mine,
Wonthaggi, Ball. Hosp., Ben. Asy-
lum, Orph., & other public inst.;
sec. old Court Unity. A.O.F.; mbr.
Yarrowee Mas. Lodge: Loyal Hand
M.U.I.O.O.F., & Old Col. Club; l.g.
Orphanage TT.II

THWAITES, Alice; b. Emerald I
Melb. : d. of Louis Myers, & cousin
of I,alla Miranda (Aust. vocalist),

6 mbr. of well-known mus family:
educ. Smith's Sch.. Albert Park: m.
1 Hv. J. Thwaites, stockbroker,
Ball ' '04; lie. Union Hotel, Sturt-
St , Ball., since '03; previously as-

soc. with Williamson, Garner and
Musgrove's Italian Opera Co., as
mhr. of chorus; also took part in
blue ballet, and ballad singer at
Melb. Opera House; leader J. C.
Williamson's Royal Comic Opera
chorus; understudy to principal
lady; & minor parts in "Sign of the
Cross," & other dramas; leader of
"Geisha Girl" chorus; "Katisha" in
"Mikado," & "Buttercup" in "H.M.S.
Pinafore," when produced by Ball.
Liedertafel; assisted in production
of "Olivette" by Ball. Juv. Opera
Co.; hon. mbr. Ball. Liedertafel, &
assisted in stage management of

various operas produced locally.

TILY, Oeo.; R.A.M.A.; b. Carl ton,
'78; s. of Matthew Tily (col. of early
60's) ; educ. Carlton S.S.; mgr. mun.
baths, Ball. E., & Theurapeutical
Inst since '07; reg Aust. Massage
Assoc., '05; treas. Ball. E. Swim-
ming Club; office bearer Ball. Mas.
Lodge; ex-mbr. Carlton gym. club;
& Turn Verein; instr. sev. Metrop.
gym. clubs; rep. Vic. in 25-mile bi-
cycle road race to Campbellfield ;
staff-sgt. Massage Corps on active
service in Great War, '15-'16.

TZPPETT, Albert; b. Dean '81; s. of 1.
John Tippett, educ. Newlyn S.S.;
mbr. firm of Tippett Bros . farmers,
graziers and stud farmers, of Scrub
Hill farm, Newlyn; for many yrs.
successful breeders & exhibitors of
imp. high-class Clydesdales and
Shorthorn cattle, taking prizes at
leading inter-state shows as well
as most district shows, owner of
Fearl Prince and Newlyn Charm-
ing Duke (Shorthorns) and Glad-
brook (Clydesdales) an acknowled-
ged judge of stock, mbr. Royal Vic.
& N.S.W. A. & P. societies.

TIPPETT, Herbert John; b. Newlyn
'72: s. of 1. John Tippett (col. of
1856, farmer and grazier of
Scrub Hill farm Newlyn); educ.
Newlyn S.S. and Cres. G.S.; farm-
ing and grazing pursuits until '06,
when joined Adam & David Ron-
aldson in estab. firm of Ronaldson
Bros. & Tippett, oil en/Tine, etc.,
builders '06; now outdoor rep. of
firm. mbr. Ball. Rifle Club.

TITHEBIDGE, Wm.; b. Ball., '72;
mbr. firm Titheridge & Growcott,
house, land & est. agents, Lyd. &
Main-sts., Ball.; rep. United Ins.
Co.; State Land Tax assessor:
sworn valuator; pres. Ball. East
A.N.A., '99; W.M., Ball. Mas. Lodge,
'03; treas. for 9 yrs.; D.G. Dir. Cer.
Grand Lodge of Vic., '12-'13; Insp.
of Mas. Lodge workings; pres. Ex-
hil>. Comm.: pres- & ex- treas. Ball.
Pub. Lib.: mbr. Orph. Com.: one of
frlrs. & ex-treas. Ball. E. B.C.; mbr.
exec. Fiall. E. Red Cross Soc.

TOI.STH.TTP, Pred. T.; b. Campbell's
Creek '72; s. of 1. C. T. Tolstrup
(an early colonist): educ. C'maine
G.S.; mg'r. National Bank at Lear-



month since '12; previously statio-
ned at Newstead, Richmond, S.
Melb. Prahran, C'maine, Boort.
Swan Hill. B'go; and Bacchus
Marsh, dating from '88, as clerk,
a/ct and mgr. ; hon. sec. L'month
Bowling Club; pres. L'month Mech.
Inst. ; pres. L'month F.C. and v. p.
of Cricket Club; office bearer
Masonic lodge.

TOMPKINS, Chas. W.; b. B'fort, '60;
s. of 1. Joel Tompkins; educ. ptely.
& matric. ; a/ct. Ball. Hardware Co.
since '97; C.R.Excelsior Tent, I.O.R.
& supt. Excelsior Juv. Tent, '90;
W.M. St. John's Mas. Lodge, '10;
pres. Vic. Band Assoc., '11; oft*, rep.
at sev. band contests; hon. sec.
City B.C. since '10; Jun. champ.,
'14-'15; active mbr. com. and lib.
Lyric Orch. Soc.; after-dinner hu-
morist & raconteur, & frequent per-
former for charit. & social pur-

TOMPKINS, Stanley Win.; .s. .of
above; h. Ball. '92; educ. Cent. S.S.
and Ball. W. Tech. Art. Sch. (en-
trance schol. winner) ; completed
full course at Ball. T.A.S. and app.
Asst. Art Master at Swinburne
Tech. Coll. Glenferrie '11; now
Principal Art Master; won 1st
prize poster design at Aust. Manuf.
Ebthib.. Melb. '12; with A.M. Lil-
burne & H. B. Herbert held success-
ful exhlh. and sale of art designs,
etc. at Centreway, Melb., '14; a
well-known metrop. violinist; for-
merly (in youth) with bro. Norman
a successful comp. violinist in solos
duets, etc., at Melb., Ball., etc.,
comp.; silver medallist of Assoc.

TONXIH, Cr. Ernert Maxwell; J.P.;
h. B'yong, '76; s. of 1. Edwin Ton-
kin, & nephew of Gen. Winfield
Scott (who commanded U.S.A. army
which conquered Mexico) ; duo.
Univ. Coll., Ball.; mbr B'yong Bor.
Cl. since '06; mayor, '13-'14; gat.
J.P.. '15; P.O. B'yong Lodge M II.
I.O.O.F.; O.M. Ball, dist., '11; P.M.
R'yonic Mas. Lodge; aud. & ex-
pres. B'yong A.N.A.: ex-pres. B'yong
B.C.; now v.-p. : mbr. com. B'yong
T.C. : mbr. Ball. Choral Soc. sev.
yrs.. taking part in champ, choral
contests at Ball., Toowoomba and
8yd.: alno mbr. B'yong nrov. choir;
spent some yrs. In S. Africa as for-
warding clerk Randall & Hudson,
Durban, & cpdence clerk Malcolm-
ness ft Co., East London; ret. to
U'yong. '03, & estab. business as
men. march.; r.-p. B'yong; Old Boys'

TOlfKIH, John Harold; b. Ball.: . of
1. Stephen Tonkin (col. of '50's. A
one of pioneer stockbrokers of Ball.;
mbr. old Royal Stock Exch.); educ.
Mt. Plens. 8.S.; joined Aust. Mut.
Prov. Soc. service. '88: served 16
yrs. In Melb. head office: 10 yrs.
dint. sec. In charge of Warrnambool
office; app. dlst. sec. In charge of

Ball, office, '15; mbr. Ball. Y.M.C.A.

TONKS, Capt. Qeo. Bagnell; b. Gong
Gong, '77; s. of 1. Hy. Tonks (col.
of '55); educ. Pootilla & Eureka-st.
S.S.; eng. & foreman fitter Cowleys
Prop. Ltd; mbr. Ball. Rifle Club
since '06; hon. sec., '12-'14; capt.,
'14-'16; one of promoters & mbr.
exec. Ball. Citizens' Home Defence
Corps, '15; served 7 yrs. in old 3rd
Batt. Militia; P.O., N. Star Lodge.
M.U.I.O.O.P.; mbr. Eureka Stock-
ado Beautification committee.

TONNER, Henry C.; s. of 1. John
Tonner; h. Ball., '67; educ. Pleas.-
st. S.S. ; for 26 yrs. assoc. with H.
Davies, & dept. mgr. for sev. yrs. ;
Joined in estab. firm of Cowdel',
Tonner & Ellis, "C.T.E." corner.
Bridge-st., '10; one of oldest mbri*.
Ball. R.C. ; str. sev. club crews to
victory; gained sen. rank, & mbr.
winning eights at leading regattas.
& in Vic. eight-oared champ.; mbr.
com. sev. yrs.; also v.-capt., capt.,
& now v.-p. & life mbr.: mbr.
Regatta Assoc. sev. yrs.; mbr.
Hort. Soc.; successful rosarian;
mbr. Ball. City A.N.A.; Club Vic.

TOOP, Thos. B.; s. of 1. Thos. Toop
(gardener), & P-s. of Thns. Toop.
also gardener, of Blandford (Eng.) ;
b. Notts. (Eog.); head gardener for
R. Doughty, of N?*ts.; arr. Melb.,
'89; app. gardener Ball. City bo*.
gardens, '90; later gardener Clunes
Hosp. ; ret. to Ball. City gardens:
app. foreman, '13: curator in charge
14: P.G. Wend. Lodge G.U.O.O.F.;
rtist. del. and Past District Master:
ex-pres. & ex-sec, of Wend. M.I.A.;
mbr. & Judge, Ball. Hort. Soc.

TRAHAR, ex-Capt. Win.; b. Ball., '58:
s. of 1. Richard Trnhar (the first
Iron smelter in Ball., & built first
stenm engine, which Is now at
Ringwood vide Withers' "Hist, of
Ball."): mbr. firm Trahar Bros.,
founders * Ironmongers. Channel-
st.. Ball. E.; & chairman of bd. of
Cowleys Prop. Ltd.; mbr. Ball. F.B.
for 32} yrs.; successively eng.
officer, lieut, (9 yrs.), capt. (17
yrs.): retired. "11; (1.8. medal and
clasps) : successful on track at P.
B. dem., '81-'95: winning numerous
events, particularly In ladder rac-
ing: mbr. B.F.B. team which visited
Dunedin (N.Z.) and flyd. (thrice):
pres. Vic. Country F.B. Asuoc.. '00:
v.-p. Ball. Gun Club sev. yrs.: won
& divided sev. Important stakes;
pre*. old Ball. E. Sparrow Club:
gained sen. rank as mbr. Ball. City
R.C.; ex-pres. Old Col. Club; mbr.
Com. Club; mbr. Meoh. Inst. Com.:
mbr. Kxhlh. Commission.

THE AD WELl, Win. Jas.; b. O'lonr.
'70; 9. of 1. Jas. Treadwell (col. of
'53):educ. Noradjuhn 8.8. ; in bus.
as merch. at Noradjuha until 'Of;



estab. as bicycle & motor mech. at
Armstrong -St., Ball., sev. yrs. ago;
hon. sec. Ball. B.C. since '08; rep.
assoc. bowler; mbr. of Ball, club
rink, runners-up In Aust. Rink
Champ., Melb., '13; mbr. of B.B.A.
champ, rink '09-'ll; mbr. Ball, club
rink, unbeaten in Interstate games,
Brisbane, *13-'14; mbr. exec. Ball.
B. Assoc.; pres. Ball. Rifle Club,
'15-'16; capt.. '09-'14; pres. Vic. Band
Assoc., '15-'16; dir. Ball. Furniture
Co.; ex-pres. & ex-sec. Noradjuha
Mech. Inst.; P.M. Natimuk Mas.
Lodge; fdr. & ex-capt. (10 yrs.)
Noradjuha Rifle Club; x-capt. Nor-
adjuha C.C.;mbr. Ball. Milit. Club;
ex-pres. Ball. N. City C.C.

TBEOASKIS, Ernest P.; L.I. A.V.;
b. Ball.; s. of Thos. Tregaskis (col.
of '60); educ. Cent. S.S.; a/ct. for
Wm. Williams, min. co. mgr.; act-
ing mgr. of sev. mining co.'s dur-
ing '15; app. to staff of Rankin,
Morrison & Co., public a/cts. Melb..
1; pres. Ball. City A.N.A.. and
conf. del., '15; treas. Ball. N. Rec.
Club; played into finals of country
single-handed champ., Melb., '14;
mbr. Ball. North rink, runners-up
Country champ, of Victoria , '16;
ex-society steward Neil-st. Meth.
Ch.; ex-dir. Y.M.C.A.; mbr. Ball.
Rifle Club, & mbr. 7th Regt. Rifle
team that won Schumacher Em-
pire contest, '08; passed final exam.
L.I.A.V., '15; lie. aud. com.; mbr.
Red Cross Carnival Committee.

TREKARDO, Qeo. D.; b. Ball., '71;
mbr. firm Trekardo Bros., butchers,
Sturt-st., Ball. W.; prominent in
athletic circles many yrs.; str. two
m. eights & seven jun. fours & prs.
for Ball. R.C.; successful sprinter
& cyclist (high & safety) at Ball.
& West. Dist. sports mtgs.; won
won Butchers' Cup, 130 yds. foot
race, from scr. ; W.M. Yarrowee
Mas. Lodge, '15-'16; conducts dan-
cing class St. P. Hall: dancing mas-
ter Ball. High Sen. Past Students'

THEKARDO, John H.; b. Ball., '69;
a. of 1. Stephen Trekardo; mbr. firm
Trekardo Bros., butchers, Sturt-st.,
Ball. W., since '89; boxing & ath-
letic enthusiast; capt. Ball. A.C.,
for several years (which orig-
inated from his pte. boxing class) ;
referee V.A.A.A. amat. boxing
champs., Melb.: & also Ball, centre

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