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O.C. A. Co rifle team that won
Peter Dawson Shield. '13: 70th Inf.
Mess sec., '13-'15; mbr. Ball R.C.

WALKES, Chas.; J.P.; b. Lond.: arr.
Aust. with parents in childhood; s.
of 1. Samuel Walker (first resident
clergyman pariah of Smythesdale
& Scarsdale) ; served on Bank of
Aust. staff in Vic., N.S.W. & Tas.
branches many yrs. ; settled Ball.
'85, and estab. auct. & agency bus..
I-.yd.-st.; hon. sec. old Ball. Hunt
Club; judge. Linton, Rokewood.
Carngham & Smeaton T.C.; judge.
Ball. Trott. Club; gas. J.P., '11; &
regular attendant City Court, never
missing witting when in Ball.; own-
er & exhib. champ. Jersey "Gaiety*' ;
successful sheep breeder ft wool
grower, broke world's record for
greasy crossbred fleece which yiel-
ded 23jd. per Ib. G'long wool sales,
Jan. 27, 1916; address: Drummond-
st. N.. and Lightwood Park. Carng-

WAX.KEB, Capt. Stan. ; b. Ball., 'f .;
s. of above; educ. Ball. Coll.; assoc.
"Mth firm of C. Walker ft Co., sev.
y/B.; Lieut, of A.L.H. ft Orderly
Officer of 18th Brig., *13-'14; Capt.
Trop. Exped. Force. '14-'16: dlr. of
Public Works and King's Harbour
Master, Raboul. after capture of
German New Guinea by Aust.
arms, '15; later on active service in
European War zone with 6th Brig.
A. I. P.; ex-pres. Ball. Motor Cycle
Club; record holder M.C. race,
Wyckliffe-road ft Ball.; rode Adel.
to 8yd., 1169 miles. In 51h. BOmln..
April, '12: winner Carey Cup. B'yong
hill climb.. May, '14; week later
rode to summit of Mount in res-
ponse to challenge.

WAXtXZB, Geoff ry Slwyn; . of
Chas. Walker: b. Ball.; educ. G'long
Coll.: mbr. CTwealth Mtd. Cadet
Corps that visited Europe and
U.8.A.. '14-'15; ft served for six
months on Home defence ft secret
service duties In Eng. : bugler 6th
Exped. Force on active service.
European War sone, '15-'16.

WALKER, Or. Thorn,; b. Bungaree,
72: mbr. Bungaree Shire Cl. since
'08: pre*.. '12; farmer ft lie. Bol-
wnrrah hotel.

WAI. I., Jonathan B.; b. Sebas. '47;
n. of John Wall; b. Durham (Eng.):
arr. Aust.. '57: succeeded father as
Town Clerk of Sebas. Bor., '02;
ec. Sebas. Free Lib. for 18 yrs.;
treas. Holy Trinity Ch.; now mbr.

com.; pres. Old Boys' Assoc., '11;
life patron Sebas. Cambrian Soc. ;
P.M. Sebas. Mas. Lodge.
WALL, Bobert; b. Durham (Eng.).
'50; arr. Cres., '65; studied S. of
Mines. Ball., in spare time; emp.
as eng. driver various alluvial
mines in Cres. dist. ; sec. Cres.
branch Min. Eng. Drivers' Assoc.,
'83-'OS>; also ex-pres.; mbr. conf.
for same period; also mbr. of exec,
of Amalg. E.D. Assoc.; sexton Cres.
Cemet. since '84; pres. Cres. Hosp.,
09-'12; sec., '15; P.M. Havilah Mas.
Lodge; P.O. Dir. Cer. ; an active
G.J.W., '11; P.J.G.D... P.M. Ball.
Mark Lodge (2 yrs.); Grand Insp.
of Workings of Mark lodges

WALLIS, Or. Win. Hy.; pres. of
Grenville Shire Cl.; b. Sebas., '69;
s. of 1. Robert Wallis (pioneer of
50's); educ. Cherrytree S.S. and
Bain's H.S.,; farmer & grazier many
yrs.; mbr. Gren. Shire Cl. since
'98; thrice pres.; pres. of combined
Shire ft Scarsdale & Smythesdale
Boroughs when amalgamated, '15;
elected mbr. Sebas. Bor. Cl. '16;
mbr. V.M.R-. K. Coy.; in ranks for
llyrs.; Q.M.S. 2 yrs.; Lieut. & Q.M.
2 yrs.; mbr. of champ. Lloyd-Llnd
say team that competed with suc-
cess in different parts of Vic.; G.M.
Ball. dist. M.U.I.O.O.F.. '03; P.O.
Sebas. Lodge; mbr. Ball. A.H.S.
! Cl.; chairman Cambrian Hill S.S.
om. ; also Justice of Peace.

WALSH, Cr. Daniel; b. Bungaree '71;
s. of 1. John Walsh, of Rungaree;
educ. B'gee S.S., farmer & grazier
succeeded father as prop, of B'gee
property: elected mbr. B'gee Shtre
Cl. 1912; mbr. B'gee T.C. committee.

WALSH, Er-Cr. Thos.; b Pall. E.; s.
of 1. Michael Walsh, of Leigh Ck
(who arr. Aust. '52; and was eye
witness of Eureka Stockade flght of
'54); educ. Leigh Creek C.S.; far-
mer and grazier of "Lakeview,"
Leigh Creek: (succeeded 1. father
as propr.); mbr. R'yong Shire Cl.
91-00: mbr. B'gee T.C. com. and R.
Catholic Church committee.

WALTON, Capt. David; b. Dean. '70;
s. of 1. John Walton (early col.);
educ. Dean S.S. ft Cent. Training
Sch., Ball.: joined Vic. Educ. Service
'88. as jun. tr.; stationed at Dean;
later at Wstown.. B'go. Junction.
B'heet. Amphitheatre: & now h.t. at
Smeaton: joined 7th A.I.R., Ball.,
as 2nd Lieut.. '05: Lieut., '07; Capt.,
'11; 71st Inf., "12; unattached, '14;
sec. Officers' Mess. '10-'ll; sec. ft
or*. 8.8. Athletic Assoc.. 'I0-'ll.

WABBTTBTON Oil.; b Adel.. '82; 0.
of Geo. Warburton (for many yrs.
draughtsman at S. of Mines): educ.
Urq.-st. 8.8.: tailor ft outfitter. 328
Sturt-st. : playing mbr. Ball F.C.
sev. yrs.: vlce-capt., '10: capt., "11;
W.M. Sebas. Mas. Lodge.

WABD. David JM.; b. W'stown. '77;
mbr. old W'stown family; educ. St.



Mary's Sch., Wstown., & C.B. Coll.,
E. Melb.; Ball. rep. of Banks & Co..
eoftgoods warehousemen, since '03;
steward & mbr. com. Miners' T.C. ;
humorous reciter, after-dinner hu-
morist & raconteur, & amat. theat-
rical; frequent performer for charit-
able & social objects; mbr. St. P.
Day Fest. Com., & St. P. Social
Club; also C.T.A. Club, Melb.

WARBLE, Hy. T.; b. W'heip, '57; e.
of 1. Hy. Wardle (fdr. of firm of
Stephens & Wardle, '78-'93; and
Wardle & Son, '93); educ. Martin's
N.S., Ball.; mbr. firm Wardle and
Son, timber, etc., merch., Doveton-
st., S.; treas. Ball. City F.B. for
sev. yrs.; & for 23 yrs. active mbr.,
& 18 yrs. mbr. of dem. teams; W.M.,
St. John's Mas. Lodge, '09; one of
promoters & first chairman Lai Lai
Fire Brick Co.; treas. Ball. A. & P.
Soc.; one of earliest mbrs. City

WARNER, Margaret J.; b. Wstown;
d. of 1. E. W. Reay (ship master);
& sister of Lieut.-Col. W. T. Reay
formerly ed. of Melb. "Herald" ; now
Lond. rep. of .'Herald," & C.O. Civ
Guards, Lond.); m. Geo. H. Warner,
'82; arr. Ball., '82; mbr. com. Ladies'
Benev. Clothing Soc., 14 yrs.; mbr.
Ladies of Charity Com., 20 yrs.;
probation officer Neglected Child.
Dept. for 17 yrs.: fdr. & first sec
(4 yrs.) of Ball. Creche (estab.
): pres. Ball. City Croq. Club, '12.

WASTEtl,. Victor H.; F.V.O.A.; b
Oakleigh, '86; s. of 1. W. H. Wast-
ell (b. Lond., '28; col. of '52), educ
Roxburgh Coll.. Armadale; estab. as
ophthalmic optician, Sturt-st., Ball
(Camp Hill), since '10; elected Fel-
low Vic. Optical Assoc. (qual. by
exam.). '12; one of fdrs. and later
treas. Ball. Lacrosse Club; enthusi-
astic angler; mbr. com. & later vp
Ball. Anglers' Club; mbr. Ball. Rifle
Club. Cent. C.C., & Yarrowee Mae.

WATSON", John; of Tas. police force-
s. of Wm. Watson, of Snake Valley;
Joined Tas. police force sev. yrs
ago; awarded King's medal for
bravery in rescuing, single-handed,
a trooper in an almost lifeless con-
dition, from a drunken, hostile mob
at Lovett (Tas.) during Jan., 1915;
received medal from governor, Sir
W. E. Macartney at public cere-
mony at Hobart.

WATTS, Alfred; b. Lara, '68: s. of
John Watts (col. of '54); educ. Bull-
arook S.S.; farming pursuits for
many yrs. at Bullarook, Boort,
Gippsland, and again at Bullarook,
where prop, of threshing machine:
a pp. Mun. clerk of works & foreman
Ball. East, about '03: later health
inspector of Town in conjunction
with present duties; one of fdrs.
Vic. B.C.: rink capt.: club champ.,
'12-'13; mbr. com.; mbr. Ball. Mas.
Lodge; P.C.R. Flowers of Forest

Tent, I.O.R.

WAY, Cr. Oeo.; J.P.; b. Dunnstown,
'61; s. of 1. ex-Cr. Samuel Way (pi-
oneer settler); educ. Lai Lai S.S.;
mbr. B'yong Shire CL, since '94
twice pres.; rep of Cl. on reserves
com.; ex-pres. Lai Lai T.C.; playing
mbr. Lai Lai & Scotsburn F.C.; capt.
Lai Lai C.C., 20 yrs.; chairman
Clarendon Cemetery Trust; gaz.
J.P., '03; mbr. com. Lai Lai R.C. Ch.;
treas. Lai Lai branch Cath. Fed.

WEBB, Lieut. Oeo. Hy.; b. Lond., '71;
educ. Marsden Coll., Kent; Joined
Rifle Brig, as pte., '88; became sen.
drill instr. & reg. gym. instr. ; app.
gym. instr C. of E. G.S., Geelong,
and in '11 app. lieut. instr. on
phys. training staff of C'wealth
milit. forces, No. 3 milit. dist. (Vic.)
'11; swim, champ, of Dover, '86-8;
swam the sea between Belfast &
Carrickfergus (Hi miles); winner
of 15 champ, medals; awarded Brit.
Royal Humane Soc Medal for sav-
ing nine lives from drowning, Lond..

WEDDELL, Major Robert E.; s. of
Jas. Weddell (of Vic. Educ. Dept.),
b. G'long '82; educ. G'long Coll.; be-
came pupil tr. Golden Pt. S.S. Ball.;
later mbr. teaching staffs of Ball.
C. of E. G. S.; Hawthorn G.S.:
Scotch Coll.. Melb. (where he capt.
cadet corps): comm. as 2nd lieut.
7th A.I.R. Ball. '04; res. of off. '06:
Q.M. 71st Regt. '12; lieut. '13; capt.
'14; later area officer Shepparton:
capt. and later mjr. 7th batt. 1st
Inf. brig. A.I.F. Egyptian and Gal-
lipoli campaign '15; took part in
Ismalia skirmish landing at Anzac
(Gallipoli); battle of Krithia. etc.;
(then acting C.O. of batt.: slightly
wounded and invalided to Eng. ; ret
to Aust. 1916; C.O. Ball. Reinforce-
ments camp, July 1916.

WEEKS, Lieut. Daniel B.; s. of Wm.
Weeks (of Lond.); b. Lond., '72;
joined H.M. Royal Fusiliers (King
George, hon. col.) as pte., '91; served
over 12 yrs. in India; successively
at Quetta, Hyderabad, Sindh, Kar-
achi, Mhow, Nasirabad, Burmah :
passed te Meiktila Sch. of Mus-
ketry; then posted to Calcutta
& Dum Dum; served Sikkim-Thibet
expedition, '03-'04 (King's Medal *
clasp, "Gyantse"); later Lebong &
DarjeelSng; & on ret. to Eng. quar-
tered at Parkhurst (Isle of Wight),
& Dublin; instructor Royal Fusil-
iers' Depot. Hounslow; received dis-
charge endorsed "exemplary con-
duct," rank of col.-sgt., & awarded
l.s. (18 yrs.); arr. Aust., '12:
three yrs. instr. staff as S.S.M. :
served with 8th Batt. A.I.F. at
Egypt, Ismalia & Gallipoli, landing
with first division at Gaba Tepe. fc
taking part in assault on Achi Baba :
prom. Lieut.; wounded at Cap*
Helles, invalid, home, *14-'15; camp
adjut., Ball. Training Depot, Oct.,
1915; operations in France, 1916



WEIB, Wm. Chas.; b. Mt. Pleasant,
'72; s. of 1. D. Weir (col. of '53, &
pioneer roadster bet. G'long and
Ball, in pre. ry. era, & resident of
Mt. Pleas, for 54 yrs.) ; educ. Mt.
Pleas. S.S.; saddler and harness
manufr., 41 Armstrong-st., N.; one
of fdrs. Ball. E. Harr. Club, '92;
winner first teams' race, 21 miles;
ex-capt., ex-sec. & del. on Ballarat
center of V.A.A.A.; fdtion. mbr.
Soldiers' Hill B.C.; rink capt. and
mbr. com. for two yrs.; now mbr.
Ball. B.C.; one of fdrs., & for 10
yrs. pres. & hon. sec. old Black Hill
Lit. & Deb. Soc. (one of strongest
of contemporary inst.); mbr. Scots
Ch. Bd. sev. yrs.; elder & session
clerk, & leader Y.M. Class in Sun.

WELLINGTON, Capt. Nelson Fred-
erick; b. Ball., '89; s. of Nelson
Wellington; educ. Golden Pt. S.S.;
assist. Town Clerk of Ball. East;
later sec. of Shire of Orbost; comm.
as Lieut. 7th A.I.R., '09; trans, res.
of off., '12; re-comm. as Capt. 24th
Batt. A.I.F. on active service, Gal-
lipoli & Egyptian campaigns, '15-
16; participated in Lone Pine en-
gagement; com. of coy. that garris-
oned cent, section of this frontal
position during week preceding day
of evacuation of Anxac; was aboard
transport "Southland" when It was
torpedoed by enemy submarine in
Aegean Sea. Aug., '15; & remaining
on vessel, had charge of party of
volunteers who kept engines of
ship under full steam until land
reached; mentioned in orders for
irallantry on that occasion.
,BT, Hrri; b. Ball.. '59; a. of 1.
K \ \Vtst (one of earliest mus. of
i:..ll.); educ. Specimen Hill Sch.;
pianoforte tuner for Suttons Prop.
Ltd.. since '03; one of fdrs. Ball.
Lyric Orch.; fdr. West's String
Hand, which supplied all leading
theatrical co.'s at H.M. theatre for
many yrs. past; solo flautist for
public & charlt. objects; mbr. old
Ball. Drum & Fife Band, est. '70;
l.g. Ball. Orph.

WEST, W. Hantrie; commenced r
life as a chorister boy at Kind's
Coll., Cambridge (Etag.) native
city; studied organ under Sir Gep.
Elvey. Mus. Doc., at St. George
Windsor; app. org. Royal Milit
Coll.. Sandhurst (Eng.). in i 70; & at
St. John's Ch., Invercargill, NZ
74; at Wellington estab. choral &
operatic nocietles; cond. Gilbert &
Sullivan's principal operas, A ora-
torios, inc. "Messiah." "Judas.
"Creation." "Elijah." Ac.; app. org.,
St. John".. Soldiers' Hill. Baft, 'ft ;
8t. Patrick's Cath.. in '94: and *t


Soc of Vlf.: locnl sec. A academic
mbr. of Trin. Coll.. Lond : v.-p.
Lyric Orch. Soc. ft mus. adjud. at


various comp. ; actively engaged in
advancing mus. interests in this
city for many yrs.

WEST, Haydn; A.T.C.L.; b. Welling-
ton (N.Z.), '82; s. of above; educ.
Pleas.-st. S.S. & Gren. Coll., Ball.;
completed mus. studies at Melb.
Univ. Conserv.; successively org.
St. Pat. Cath., St. John's Ang. Ch.;
mus. dir. St. Pat. Cath., & choir-
master Lyd.-st. Meth. Ch.; also
cond. L'month Choral Soc., Ball.
Choral Soc. & St. Pat. Coll. Juv.
Choir (winners Juv. choir champ,
at Ball. sev. yrs.);cond. B.C.S. to
victory in Aust. Choral Champ, at
Ball., '06, '07, '09, '11, '12 & '15;
also Q'land Champ at Toowoomba,
'07; mus. adjud. at L'ceston, etc.,
oomp. sev. yrs.; m. Belle, d. of Hon.
R. McGregor, M.L.A.

WESTH, Laurence John; b. B'yong,
'70; s. of 1. Cornelius Westh; educ.
B'yong S.S. & Vic. Coll.. Ball.; cleri-
cal staff Ball. Woollen & Worsted
Coy. since '91; a/ct. since '10; v.-p.,
rink capt & aud., Ball. City B.C.;
capt. B'yong F.B., '97-'02.

WHEAL, Bertram Graham; s. of 1.
D. J. Wheal (ident. with boot trade
in Ball, for many yrs. and one time
chief pres. of In Vic.); b.
Ball. '2; mgr. Geo. Strong & Sons'
boot and shoe warehouse, Sturt-st..
Ball, since '04; hon. sec. Lyd.-st.
Meth. ch. trust, society steward '12-
16; circuit steward Ball. West
Meth. circuit; tr. in Lyd.-st Sun.
sch.: for some yrs. hon. sec. Lyd.-
st. Y.M.C.: mbr. Ball. City A.N.A.

WHIDBUBN, Hilda; b. Daylesford: d.
of 1. Jas. M. Whidburn; educ. Mac-
arthur-st. S.S. & Miss Bell's P.S.;
tr. of dramatic & eloo. art in Ball.
& Melb. since '05; toured Aust. with
Steele-Payne's & Whidburn family
society entertainers as sop. vocal-
ist, elocutionist & monologue artist;
lady champ. South-st. Soc. Eistedd-
fod, '06 (100 per cent.) ;record hold-
er with bro. for dramatic dialogue
wins; wrote winning dialogues 3
yrs., namely, "Pop, "Christmas
Wish," & "In Olden Days"; mbr. of
sev. winning dramatic and opera
scenes, Bnll. & other comp.; ap-
peared In leading roles in numerous
local dram, productions; & drnm.
coach to Ball. MuM? & Dram. Soc.;
rlrnmntised "Pixie O'Shaughnessy.

WHIDBUBW. Wm. Kicol; b. Tandoit.
'66- s of 1. Ja*. Whidburn; educ.
Yandoit & Franklinford S.S. nnd
Daylesford G.S.; app. clerk Ball. W.
PO May, "86; successively in
chance of State Sav. Bank. Money
Order Dept. A CweaKh Sav. Bank;
senior clerical assist, and assist,
elect, re*.: app. CTwealth Div. Ret.
Officer, ftnll. Elect.. '14: for some
vr. sec. old Shakenarinn Soc.:
frequently nnsoc. with late John
Robsnn in Shakesp. rtrnm. ft other
pro.lurtionn. tnklng leading parts;



frequent performer on eloc. plat-
form; successful trainer of eloc.
candidates for exam. & comp.; ad-
Jud. at sev. eloc. & lit. comp. & de-
bates; stage mgr. of Liedertafel
operatic prod.; close student of
Chas. Dickens; reprod. sev. of Dic-
kens' works in monologue; memor-
ised Christmas Carol," & freq. re-
cited it in public; has recited 90
selections in six nights; coached
from earliest period the Whidburn
family of dramatic artists; won
champ, of eloc. of Ball. comp. about
20 yrs. ago; & coached sev. subse-
quent champions; W.M. St. John's
Mas. Lodge, '08.

WHITE, Alfred Ernest; b. Ball. '67;
s. of 1. T. W. White (pioneer of
Ball, goldfields.col. of '52; and later
one of earliest tailors of Ball.);
educ. Cent. S.S. and Bains. H. S.;
assocr tailoring bus. since '82; now
tailor and outfitter cr. Sturt and
Camp Sts., Ball. ; one of f drs. second
T.M.C.A in Ball.; first hon. sec.,
later pres. and treas.; pres of
Building Campaign com. '04; asroc.
with J. T. Mooney in initiating
field service work at B'beet camp
(thought to be first in Aust.) '03;
sec. Wellington (N.Z.)) Y.M.C.A.,
'03-4; mbr. Bd. and later elder
Ebenezer Presbyt. Ch. and leader
of Y.M. class in Sun. Ren. 21 yrs.;
ex-pres. Sun Sch. Cricket Assoc. &
active mbr. Ebenezer & Drapers'
etc. C.C.; rink capt. Ball. N. Rec.
Club, pres '14-15; also rep. inter-
assoc player; joint hon. sec. Red
Cross Carnival com '15; hon. sec.
platform sub-com. of Citizens' Re-
cruiting committee; hon. sec. Field
Service of T.M.C.A. at Ball. 'T5-16.

WHITE, Edward; b. Ball., '74: s of
J. Edward White; painter, decora-
tor & signwriter, Sturt-st.: mbr.
firm of J. E. White & Son; active
mbr. Ball. City B.C.; since '03; club
champ., '06-7, '08-10, '14-15; sev.
times runner-up; runner-up Ball. B.
Assoc. champ., '15; rink capt. of club
& rep. assoc. player: winner first
e.1. tourn., Ball. E., '13

WHITE, Hilton; b. Ball., '90; s. of 1.
Alex. H. White (early col., and co-
fdr. of maltstiag firm of Cane &
White, Wend.); now mgr. for Joe
White, maltster, Wend.: educ. Ball.
Coll.; mbr. com. Wend. Tennis club:
com. Ball. Hort. Soc., & com. Ball.
Y.C. ; skipper of well-known yacht
Acrospire I.

WHITE, Joe; b. Ball.; s. of 1. A. H.
White (one of pioneer maltsters of
Ball.: estab. firm of Cane & White,
Wend., '66) : carried on Wend, busi-
ness for some yrs.: now managing
dir. Joe White Prop. Ltd.. Collinsr-
wood (est. '13): an enthusiastic
yachtsman; sec. & capt. Ball. Y.C.
for sev. yrs.; now v.-p. ; owner &
skipper Acrospire: winner Shoppe*
cup (3 yrs. & outright); Shoppee

shield (one yr.); Hitchcock shield
(2 yrs.); Colac cup (one yr.) ; and
many other trophies; owner & skip-
per Acrospire II. for some yrs.;
winner Ball, day, Albert Park day &
Colac day at Colac regatta; one of
fdrs. Wend. Rec. Club.
WHITE, I,ieut.-Col. Alex. Hy.; b.
Ball., '82; B. of 1. Alex. Hy. White,
of Wend.; dir. Joe White Prop Ltd.,
maltsters, Collingwood, since '13;
for some yrs. active mbr. Wend.
Tennis Club; Ball. Y.C. & G.C.; &
Ball. Caled. Soc.; 2nd Lieut. 9th
A.L.H., Ball., '04; Lieut., '05; Capt.
3rd L.H. Brig., '11; 5th L.H. Brig.,
'12; Major, '14; Brig. Major, '14;
Lieut.-Col. & O.C. 8th Batt. L.H. of
A.I.F., Gallipoli campaign, '15. (The
author regrets to have to record
that Lieut.-Col. White was killed in
action while bravely leading his
batt. in a charge of a Turkish pos-
ition, Aug., '15, for which he was
mentioned in despatches by Gen.
Sir Ian Hamilton).

WHITE, Wm.; J.P. ; s. of 1. Thomas
White; b. Ball., '63; educ. Brown
Hill S.S.; mbr. firm Lyons & White,
tailors & outfitters, Bridge-st., since
'98; gaz. J.P., '11; mbr. Benev.
Asylum Bd. since '06: also l.g.;
pres., '09; pres. Ball. U.F.S. Disp..
'03; del. of H.A.C.B.S. on Disp.
Com.: sev. times pres. H.A.C.B.S.;
treas. since '11; mbr. Orph. Com.;
treas. St. P Day Fete, '12; pres. St.
P. branch St. Vincent de Paul Soc.,
Ml; mbr. Miners' T.C. since '92.

WHITESIDE, Annie E.; d. of I. J.
B. Ware (one of earliest min. coy.
mgrs. of Ball) ; m. Myles Ernest
Whiteside. of Ball.; mbr. old City
Sch. Bd. of Advice: chair 3 yrs.;
pres. Ball branch W.C.T.U., 3 yrs.;
one of fdrs. & pres.. Ball. District
Nursing Soc. since '13; hon. major
of Ball. Red Cross Soc.; active
worker in Lyd.-st. Meth. Ch. and
Sun. Sch. tr. for many yrs.; mbr.
Ball. Com. Neglected Child. Dept.;
for some time pres.: also probation
officer: also v.p. Lady Hennessy's
Patriotic League.

WHITESIDE, Lieut- Eric; s. of above;
b. Ball., '86; educ. Pleas-st. S.S. &
Dookie Agric ColL; Ball. rep. of J.
B. Tickle & Son. Ltd.; & G. & R.
Wills & Co.. Ltd.: joined A.L.H.,
Ball., as pte., '10; 2nd Lieut., '12:
hon. sec. Officers' Mess at camps;
recreations riding & motoring.

WHITING, Richard A.; b. Ball., '83;
P. of Oeo. Whiting (col. of '53):
educ. C.B. Sch., Skipton-st.: for 9
yrs. on meeh. staff of "Star" : prin-
ter in charge of merh & composing
dept. since '12: ex-capt. East Ball.
Harr. Club: ex-capt. Ball. Harr.
Club: now hcpr. : ex-mbr. council
Ball, local center V.A.A.A. for 7
yrs.; rep. E. Ball. * Ball. Harr.
Clubs; sec. Ball. Swimming Club
'04; ex-Lieut, sen. cadets; later Ice.-



corp. 3rd Battn. Inf. ;& sgt. 7th
Regt. Inf.; ex-sec. St. Alipius'
branch Cath. Fed.; sec. St. Alipius'
hall com.

WHITXiA, Richard; b. Carngham,
'68; s. of 1. Jas. Whitla (early col.);
educ. Snake Valley S.S. & Vic. Coll.;
assoc. postal dept. since '88; joint
sec. Police & Postal Charities' Car-
nival since '05; l.g. Ball. Hosp. in
recognition of carnival activities;
sec. Ball. Christian Endeavor Union ;
mbr. Local Preachers' Assoc., Melb.
& Ball. Circuits for 18 yrs. ; also on
preaching plan; mbr. Lyd.-st. Meth.
Ch., & tr. in Sun. Sch.; mbr. Red
Cross Carnival Com.

WHYKES, John; J.P.; b. Truro,
Cornwall, "45; arr. Aust., '67; tailor
& outfitter, Sturt-st., Ball., until
'03. when retired to take up insp.
duties under Ball. City Cl.; mbr.
City Cl. '95-'08; vol. ret.; mayor,
'00-1 & '05-6; during first term re-
ceived Prince (now King) George
& Princess (now Queen) Mary on
their official visit to Ball.; served
two terns on Water Comm.; gaz.
J.P. about '90; mbr. Ball. Stock
Exch. for 20 yrs.; dir. sev. mining
cos.; hon. sec. City B.C. sev. yrs.;
pres., '00-'02; ex-pres. Ball. Bowl.
Assoc.: pres. South Ball. F.C. sev.
yrs.; N.O. Ball. Lodge M.U.I.O.O.F.,
'72: also mbr. Old Col. Assoc.; re-
visited Eng. for Col. Exhlb., '86.

WIGHTMAN, Oeo. 7.; b. Alexandra;
s. of R. Wlghtman; educ. Alex-
andra S.S.; apprent. as eng. Phoe-
nix Fdry., Ball.; exp. as elect, eng.
at A. U. Alcock's E.L. power works,
Richmond; proceeded to W.A., *9S;
served as mln. eng. at the Boulder
& Kalgoorlie, being one of earliest
on gold field; ret. Ball.. '02. and
studied min. eng. 3 yrs.; also tr. of
mech. drawing ft mln. eng. while
filling post of min. eng. at Vic.
Utd. g.m.; also had exp. as min. eng
Gippsland, Broken Hill. & on N.E.
coast of N.S.W.. & S. Olenflne. Pit-
field; prart. as consult, eng.; A fore-
man eng. ft works mgr. at Cowlevs
Prop. Ltd., Ball. E.. since '12; W.M.
Orion I.odgf: dir. Bullarnt Furniture Coy

WIOBTWICX, Woman; b. Ball., '62;
s. of 1. Edmund Wightwick (pioneer
of Ball. E.. A Town rate coll. for
25 yr.); educ. St. Paul's S.S.; mbr.
"Courier" composing staff many
yrs.: also Sydney typo, exp.; be-
came licensee Vic. Hotel. Ararat.
'12; Stag Hotel, Learmonth, '15; on*
time mbr. Ball. F.B.: spent few yrs.
In Syd. from about '90; ft nerved as
capt. Standard Brewery F.B., re-
ceiving Illuminated address from
Ins. coys, in recognition of "gallant
efforts, watchfulness, heroic con-
duct and well sustained labor*" In
extinguishing the recent fire In
Syd. (which fire destroyed block of
l.xiiMlngs between Pitt ft Castle-
rafh-sti.); hon. sec. * treas. Ball.

B.C., 2 yrs.; mbr. B.B.A. champ rink
(leader of Ball, rink), '01-02. '05-06.
07-'08, '09-10; pres. Ararat F.C., '14-
'15; pres. Ararat Citizens' Band, '12-
'15; del. of V.B.A., '15-16; v.-p. Ara-
rat A.C., & mbr. com. Ararat T.C.

WILES. James P.; designer & paten-
tee Wiles' Travelling Kitchen; b.
Clunes, 'S3; s. of 1. James Wiles;
educ. S.S., Ball.; joined old 3rd
Batt. Militia, '99; joined 5th Viet.
Cont. for Sth African campaign,
*01-'02 by subterfuge, after being
thrice rejected; (S. African medal
& five clasps) ; one of the few sur-
vivors of the Woolmarannsrust dis-
aster; later signed on as rough
rider at Stellenbosch remount depot.
Cape Col., under Imp. Govt., to
break in N. American remounts;
sustained severe fall through sad-
dle slipping, & drew discharge;
joined 7th A.I.R.. Ball., '03; & com-
pleted term; ret. with rank of sgt.;
from close observations under
peace & war conditions determined
that system of cooking in field
needed improvement, and invented
& patented, in Dec., '13, the Wiles
travelling kitchen, which, after sev.
trials before special military boards,
under worst conditions, was adopt-
ed by Defence Dept. for service In
present war; giving keen satisfac-

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