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tion to brig. & batt. C.O.'s & men;
a successful rifle shot; winner sev.
important matches & well up in ag-
gregates; joined City F.B., '04; bari-
tone vocalist, and prize winner at
sev. comp.; freq. sung at charit &
other concerts; mbr. firm of Wiles
& Watts, electro-platers, '04-'J5;
estab. cooker manufactory to sup-
ply Fed. Govt. with 150 cookers. '16.

WILLIAMS, Lieut-Col. Alfred Wll-
longrhby; V.D.; b. Ball., '60; s. of 1.
Robert Williams; educ. by parents;
Joined Educ. Dept. as p.t., '75; sta-
tioned Ball, dist for 10 yrs.: later
at B*go & Melb.: first male assist..
Macftrthur-st. S.S. since '07; joined
vol. forces nearly 40 yrs. ago, as
pte. rose from pte. to capt. '8.V89;
Major, 7th A.I.R.. "05: Lt.-Col.. '12:
militia ad jut.. '02-'06; area officer
sen. cadets since '10; awarded V.D.
for long & meritorious service;
Judge or cadet comp. of South-st.
Society; assist, ndjut.-gen. Vic.
training camps 1916.

WILLIAMS, rrank B.; b. Ball., '87;
s. of above; educ. Elaine S.S. ft Ball.
Coll.; ent. Crown Law Dept.. '07;
stationed as assist, c.p.s. at Melb ,
Ball., Benalla & Kilmore (reliev-
ing) and at Ball. Cltv ct. again,
'14-16; app. Comm. for taking Affi-
davits. '08: mbr. Ball. City A.N.A.

A North nee. flub.

WILLIAMS. Frank; J P.:s. of 1. John
Williams: b. Ball. E.. '>; educ.
Humffrny-st. 8.S. ft Bain's H.8.;
mbr. firm Williams the Shopmen for
many yrs.; now raging, dir Williami



the Shoemen Propty. Ltd.; control-
ling 20 branches in Melb., Hall.,
B'go., West. & N.W. dist.; mbr.
City Cl. '01-'04; taking seat as
strong advocate of amalgamation
with Ball. E. Town Cl.; vol. retiring
after Ball. B. ratepayers recorded
majority agst. amalg. (Ball. City
voting in favor of amalg.); dir. Lai
Lai Firebrick Coy., & ex-dir. Vic.
Coal & Iron Coy. Ltd. (of which
one of a syndicate formed to ex-
ploit the brown coal & iron resour-
ces of Lai Lai; constant supporter
of mining & other inst.; mbr.
Y.M.C.A. Bd. sev. yrs.; gaz. J.P.,
13; mbr. Ball. G.C.; visited Great
Britain '97.

WILLIAMS, Fred J.; b. Ball. E., '70;
s. of 1. John Williams; educ. Humf-
fray-st. S.S.; dir. of Williams the
Shoemen Propy. Ltd.; pres. South-
st. Soc., '00, '02, '08 & "09; one of
fdrs. Progress Assoc.; pres. City
A.N.A., "00; an enthusiastic mun.
amalgamationist; one of fdrs. &
for some time hon. sec. Greater
Ball. League; but recently retired
from active advocacy on a/c of lack
of public interest, while still con-
sidering amalgamation essential
to Ballarat's prosperity; one of
fdrs. & first v.p., Wend. Rec. Club;
pres. & rink capt. since '14; mbr.
exec. Ball. B.A.; visited Great
Britain '10.

WILLIAMS. Oeo.: b. Canterbury,
(Kent). '63; s. of 1. Richard Will-
lams; arr. Aust. '70; educ. Dimsey's
& Williams' Sch.; assoc. with C.S.
Benoit. Sun Fdry., Mair-st. Ball.;
manufrs. of Sun grates & agric.
implement castings; mbr. Galatea
(later Ball. Imp.) F.C. from 18 yrs.
of age; playing mbr. sev yrs.; del.
of B.I. F.C. on Ball. F. League since ;
League's inception, '92; treas. of I
club since '85; treas. of League since
inception, & never missed one mtg.;
old mbr. Ball. City F.B. for 20 yrs.;
(l.s. medal); eng., & later lieut.,
sev. yrs.; track performer 18 yrs.,
& in" many winning teams; rep.
brigade at Launceston & Albury
dem., & mbr. of team that won 8
prizes at Geelong dem., '93; a re-
cord not since eclipsed by any
brigade; mbr. Ball Lodge, M.U.
I.O.O.F.; I.e. Ball. Hosp. & Benev.
Asylum: mbr. Red Cross Carnival

WILLIAMS, Metii. ; b. Forest Creek,
Castlemaine, '67; s. of 1. Methuselah
Williams (pioneer gold digger);
arr Ball., '82; playing mbr. Bulch s
Model Band for sev. yrs.; later of
City of Ball. Band; sec. Mary-
borough Band for few yrs.; and
shortly afterwards returned to Ball..
& helped to estab. Vic. Band Assoc.;
becoming del of Maryborough Band
& mbr. of first executive; pres. V.
B.A., '11-'12; official rep. at various
contests; P.G. Loyal Ball. Lodge,

M.U.I.O.O.F.; del. at movable com.
and conf.; mbr. com. Ball. Welsh
Cymrodoriou .

WILLIAMS, Capt. Moreton David; s
of 1. Mjr. John Chas. Williams; b.
Ball. '84; served in ranks of 7th
Regt., A.I.F., Ball, from pte. to
sgt.; obt. comm. '06; qual. by exam,
for translation to Royal Aust. Garr.
Artillery and attached South Head
fort (N.S.W.J; as coy. officer '08-
11; Albany fort (W.A.) '11-12; S.
Channel fort (Vic.) '12-15; prom,
capt. '13; capt. Aust. Siege train on
active service since '15; completed
training in Eng.; operations in
France 1916.

WILLIAMS, Briff.-Cten. Robert Er-
nest; V.D.; J.P. ; acting State Com-
mandant; b. Ball., '55; s. of 1. Robt.
Williams (pioneer sch. master) ;
educ. Pleas.-st. S.S. & by father;
Jun. clerk for Norton & Bradbury,
min. co. mgrs., "67; sch. teacher sev.
yrs.; later followed journalism;
mbr. Ball. "Courier" reporting staff
"Argus" cpt., & ed., "Courier" suc-
cessively; City Mun. Clerk & Treas.
since '02; gaz. J.P., '11; pte., Ball.
Vol. Rangers, '81; Lieut., 3rd Batt.
Inf., '83; Capt.. '84; Major, '86;
Lieut.-Col. & C.O. 3rd Batt. '95-'02;
Col. & O.C. 18th Brigade, 'OS-'ll :
acting Com. of 3rd (Vic.) Milit
dist., & Brig.-Gen., '15-16; Defenr-e
Dept. rep. on State War. Cl. ; hon
Col. 71st. Regiment: W.M. Orion
Masonic Lodge, '82; also life
mbr. & P.J.G.W. of Vic.; P.M.Mark
Lodge; P.Z. Yarrowee Chapter; mbr.
S. of Mines Cl.; pres. City Free
Lib., '935; v.-p. Lyric Orch. ; I.e.
Benev. Asylum; m. Clara, d. of J.
C. Hylton, (formerly of Vic. public

WILLIAMS, TliOB. A.; b. Ball., '69;
s. of 1. John Williams (col. of early
*50's; mother b. Melb., '43); educ.
St. Paul's S.S. & Bain's H.S. (dux &
matric., '84); app. teleg. clerk, Vic
Rys., Melb., '85; transf. Ball., '86:
Spencer-st.. Melb., '87; Ball, since
'88; & Off. in charge since '?;
Instr. in teleg., Ball. S. of Mines,
sev. yrs.; mbr. Ball. B.C. since
91; hon. sec., '93-'95; & '00-2; v.-p..
'06-'14; pres. '14-'15 (during club's
jubilee yr.) and in '15-'16; rink capt.
many yrs.; first sec. Ball. B Assoc.;
(estab. '94); & still "up"; mbr.
exec. & sel. com.; rink capt. of rep.
B.B.A. teams; eight times club
champion since 1895; five time-?
B.B.A. champ., '10, '11, '12. '14 & '1C:
also winner country 4-bowl champ,
of Vic. '16; twice runner-up; capt.
B.B.A. champ, rink (Ball. B.C.)
'02, '06, '08, '10, '11, '16; runner-up,
15; capt. rink of Ball, players for
Vic. at Aust. B. Carnival, '14; & un-
beaten by any rink in any inter-
State games; capt. runners-up
(Ball. B.C. rink) in rink champ, of
Aust., '13: ex-pres. Ball. Ry. Emp.
Orph. Carnival; l.-g. Orph.; v.-p.



Vic. Band Assoc.

WILLIAMSON, Herbert B.; b. Beech-
worth; '60: s. of J. B. Williamson
(col. of '52 and for 40 vrs. sec. of
Chiltern Shire); educ. Chiltern S.S.
under Mr. (now Lt. Col. J. S. Mar-
shall) ; joined Educ. service '76 as
p.t. at Chiltern S.S.; h.t. at Bre-
min, Greta, Docken Pins., Gooram,
Tylden and Hawkesdale; asst. tr.
Flinders sen. G'long, and prom, to
class IV. ; '05-6; trs. to Penshurst
and prom, to class III., '06-9; later
h.t. Germantown (now Grovedale.
G'long) Linton and at Redan since
Jan. r !4; matric. '85; later obt. 7
certs, for teaching sciences, also
swimming and life saving certs.;
one of earliest teachers to specialize
in school garden work; at Hawkes-
dale won the earliest A.N.A. prize
(Warrnambool district) for the best
school garden and grounds, also
sev. money prizes given by Educ.
I>ept.; during '05 conducted classes
in elect, ana heat at Gordon Tech.
Coll.. G'long; keen nature student
specializing In botany, possessing
an almost complete Victorian Herb-
arium, recognised as an authority
on Victorian plants; among other
hobbies are photography, bee-keep-
ing and music; cond. School flute
bands at Penshurst and Linton and
a Juvenile orchestra at Linton; mbr.
P.allarat Science Society.
WILLIAMSON, Cr. Win. Trevor;
mbr. Smythesdale Bor. Cl. since
'02; twice mayor; mbr. Gren. Shire
Cl. on absorption of Bor.. '15; b.
Smythes.. '70: B. of 1. John Dean
Williamson (col of early '50's);
educ. Smythes. S.S. ft Ball. Coll.;
min. investor & comm. agent;
prom. & dir. sev. min co.'s; sec.
Smythesdale A.C. ; sec. Mech. Inst.
ft Lib.; mbr. com. Scarsdale T.C.;
one of mgrs. of Common, & mbr.
Cemetery Trust.

WILSON, David; b. Bradford (Eng.),
'49; B. of 1. David Wilson; served
apprent. in Yorkshire Woollen Mills,
ft with parents emigrated to U.S.A.,
'68; obt. valuable exp. in respon-
sible positions in Lawrence, Mass.;
A Providence, Rhode Island, incl.
mgement. of Geneva Worsted Mills;
came to Vic. on an intended visit,
'90; but permanently settled at Ball.;
obtained appointment at Sunnyside
mills; now in charge of worsted
rtopt ; mbr. Recruiting Exec.. Ball.
Kast. '16; pres. ft hon. org. Mt.
Pleas, branch People's Lib. Party;
an active Lib. campaigner ft chair-
man sev. candidates' com. during

many yrs. past.
WILSON. Edward ;

h. Ararat '60; s. of

1. C. Wliso (col. of 50's); educ.
Ararat 83.: settled P-nll. *7>; mbr.
old Hall. Vol. Torres '79-88; Jrd
Tintt. Milit. Inf. 'JH-03: 7th Rert.
03-12: the sen. pte. of the CTwealth
Mllit Forces, bavin* refuted many
Invitations to take higher rank: has
the right to wear uniform at cere-

monial parades and milit. functions;
v.p. Ball. Milit. Club; for many yrs.
mbr. Regt. Rifle Club: one of fdrs.
old 3rd Batt. Club and mbr. first
com.; mbr. rep. rifle teams for
many yrs., and on one occasion
scored 7 "bulls" for 7 shots in
rapid firing test (the possible and
rarely equalled in Australia) ; in
business as bootmaker. Mair-st.
WILSON, Pred. B.; b. Belfast (N.
Ire.); '42; arr. Ball., '59; "father"
of Ball, hotelkeepers; managed
dining room Sayers' Hotel, '65;
later licensee Cumberland & Dur-
ham Hotel, Bridge-st.; lie. Buck's
Head Hotel, Bridge-st., since '75;
(excepting for short interval); one
of fdrs. Ball. Land. Mortgage Coy.;
elected dir., '15; generous patron
many local clubs and institutions.
WILSON, Frederick Samuel Boick; s.
of above; b. Ball.; educ. Humffray
St. S.S. and Gren. Coll.; with Chas.
Campbell estab. firm of Campbell,
Wilson Propty. Ltd., photo engra-
vers and commercial artists, Lon-
don Bank Chambers, Ball '10; pre-
viously litho. artist engraver with
Troedel & Co., Melb. and F. W.
Niven & Co.. Ball.; also Europ. and
American experience "93-5; awar-
ded prize Vic. Govt. oomp. design
for war stamps '01; won CTwealth
Govt. comp. design for trade work


WILSON, George; b. Dundee (Scot.);
arr. Vic., '53, (with parents); sea-
faring & mining pursuits sev. yrs.;
eng. driver Star of East O.M. 21
yrs.; ret., '10; W.M. Prince of Wales
Mas. Lodge. Smythesdale (Irish
constit.); '02; app. first dep. dir. of
cer. by G.M., Sir W. J. Clarke, '98;
G.S.D. of Vic., by Sir A. J. Peacock
'02; (coronation honor); P.M. Mark
Lodge & P.P. Yarrowee Royal Arch
Chapter; P.G., Excelsior Lodge,
I.O.O.F.; sec. Ball, branch Eng.
Drivers' Assoc. since '14.
WILSON, Capt. Oeo. ; b. B'fort '76; s.
of 1. Geo. Wilson (an early col.) :
educ. B'fort S.S.; carrier, B'fort:
Joined TTfort Fire Brig. '05; lieut.
10; capt. since '14; also ex-sec.:
mbr. B'fort A.N.A. since "13; served
com. and v. p., pres. '15-16; ex-hon.
sec. B'fort Rifle club: Arch Druid
old B'fort U.A.O.D.. '12; enlisted
for active service thrice in '15-16
before passing med. exam.; Joined
39th Hall. batt. reinforcements. 1916
WILSON, Bev. John Green; b. As-
patria. Cumberland (Eng.). S7; s. of
1. Jos. Wilson: educ. Cavendish
Theol. Coll., Manchester: ord. Cong,
minister; arr. Aust., '63: pastor of
Cong. Ch.. Sebas. ft Napoleons,, '64-
'73 & pastor Cong. Ch.. Stawell.
73-'75: admitted to Presbyt. Ch. of
Vic.. '75; ft pioneered at Traralgon.
19 yrs.: ft Denlson. 11 yrs.; also
estab. mission stations in dist.:
ret. to Sebas.. '08: superannuated &
since minister emeritus supplying



pulpits in Ball, dist.; Presbyt. Chap. \
Wend. Hospital for Insane; rep. St. I
Andrew's Kirk on Ball. Presbytery; '
mbr. com. Ball. Aux. British and
Foreign Bible Soc.; convener of
architectural com. Presbyt. Assem-
bly of Vic., for sev. yrs. ; l.g. Kail.
Benevolent Asylum.

WILSON, John P.; J.P.; b. Cres., '56;
s. of 1. Jos. Wilson (pioneer con-
tractor); educ. Pearce's sch., B'yong;
merch at B'yong many yrs.; auct.,
house, land & estate agent, 35 Lyd.-
st, S., Ball., since '10; chief agent
Liverpool & London & Globe Ins.
Coy.; mbr. B'yong Bor. Cl for many
yrs.; thrice mayor; gaz. J.P. about
'01; pres. B'yong Mech. Inst., B.C..
& Relief Fund Com.; v.-p. & stew-
ard B'yong T. C.; pres. Soldiers' Hill
B.C., '15-' 16.

WILSON, Cr. ThoB. A.; M.B.; Ch.B.;
JP.; mbr. Cres. Bor Cl. since '99;
mayor, '05 & '10; Med. Officer at
Cres. Hosp. many yrs. past; prac-
tising at Cres. since '98; ex-pres.
Cres. Bowling & Tennis Clubs, &
Mech. Inst.; P.M. Cres. Havilah
Mas. Lodge; v.-p. Cres. Coursing
Club; mbr. Cres. Recruiting Exec.;
b Lancefield, '68; s. of Joseph Wil-
son, of "Roseneath," Lancefield;
educ. Scotch Coll. & Melb. Univ.,
graduating '92; later resident Med.
Officer Children's & Women's Hosp., .
Melb., & Cres. Hosp.; m. Jessie,'
Ellen, d. of 1. Wm. Graham.

WINNEXE, His Honor, Henry I
Christian; B.A.; LL.B.; Judge of
Gen. Sessions & County Court,
Court of Mines, etc. at Ball, since
'13; b. Talbot. '74: s. of 1. Christian
Winneke: educ. Talbot & Majorca
S.S.; Dookie Agric. Coll.; Scotch
r-oll., Melb.; & Ormond Coll (Melb.
Univ.); B.A., '97; LL.B., '98; ad-
mitted to Vic. Bar '02; practised
Melb. till '13; when raised to Vic.
C.C. Bench as resident judge at
Pall.; mbr. Fitzroy City Cl., '11-'13:
rep. of Cl. on Melb. Tramways
Trust; when practising was coun-
sel for enginedriver at Richmond rv.
disaster trial; and for public at
roronial investigation of West Melb.
Ry. disaster; also Cohuna Land en-
f'uiry; active athlete in college
days, & mbr. Scotch College eight-
oared crew; Ormond & Scotch Coll.
F.C.; & later Fitzroy F.C.

WOOD, Capt. Norman; b. S. Melb.,
'69; educ. S. Melb. S.S. & G.S.; set-
tled Ball, '97; mbr. S. Melb. F.B.,
'S6-'97; also sec.; one of fdrs. and
first capt. "Wend. F.B.. (estab. '13);
clarionette & oboe player; mbr.
Curlew Club Orch., Fitzroy; Bo-
hemian Lyric & Indep. Ch. Orch.,
Melb., for sev. yrs.; mbr. Ball. Lyric
Orch. since '97; assisted numerous
charit efforts.

WOODFrarE, Harry; b. Waterloo, "78;
s. of 1. Wm. Woodfine (early col.);
o>luc. Waterloo S.S.; mgr. David

Walker's furniture dept. ; one of
fdrs. & pres. since '12, of Ball.
Grocers' FJmp. Assoc.: mbr. com.
Ball. W. branch Lib. League; v.-p.
Christ Ch. Deb. Club; v.-p. Ball.
Anglers' Club; mbr. com. City
A.N.A.; patron Vic. C.C.: mbr. V.
B.A.; rep. Kingsville (Footscray)
Band; mbr. Welsh Christian Ch.
Choir & Choral Soc. (winners Too-
woomba Eisteddfod, '07.

WOOIiCOCK, John; s. of 1. Wm.
Woolcock (col. of '54): educ. Kent's
Sch., Barkly-st.; carrying on smithy
& shoeing forge estab. by father at
Humffray-st, N., in "70: breeder of
trotting blood stock at Smythes.-
rd.; bred Dashaway, Flitaway (well-
known track performers), & Crown
Derby, champ trotting stallion at
Ball, '11, '12, '13, '14: mbr. Peoples'
Lib. Party: contested Ball. E. Mun.
Cl. seat, '15: mbr. com. Ball. East
Public Library; treas. Barkly-gt.
Meth. Ch.; served all lay positions
in Ch., & rep. at conf.: teacher In
Sun. Sch., & mbr. Church Choir con-
tinuously for 45 yrs.; pres. Master
Farriers' Association.

WOOLCOCK, .Vivian; b. Cornwall
'47; arr. in Aust. with parents;
'53; ident. with mus. life of Ball,
for 45 yrs.; fdtion. mbr. Ball.
Liedertafel; mbr. com. many yr*. :
now hon. mhr. ; principal part in all
local operatic productions &. orator-
ios as prin. solo tenor: solo tenor
in various Ang. Ch. choirs: rond.
St. Paul's & St. Peter's Ch. choir
some yrs.; l.g. Ball. Hosp.; tyler,
St. John's Orion & Yarrowee "Mart
lodges: & stage dir. South -st. Soc.
Eisteddfod many years.

WOOLCOTT, James Dyer; J.P. ; mbr
Ball. City Cl., '07-*10: then fee.:
chairman Ball. Stock Exch. 19 yr.
(during which period gaz. J.P.) ;
previously sec. for some yrs.; stock
broker since '85; dir. Ball. Trustees,
etc., Co.: treas & mbr Cl. S. of
Mines; pres. City Free Lib.. '09;
treas. Com. Club; mhr. Old Col. As-
soc.; one of fdrs. Wend Rer. Cluh:
v.-p. Wend. R.C.; b. Somerset
(Eng.): pastoral pursuits in N.Z.
for eight yrs.: subsequently stock-
dealing in Vic.; taking sheep
through to Queensland.

WOTHERSPOON, Archie Lindsay;
mbr. firm J. R. Wotherspoon & Co.,
B'fort: P.M. Fiery Creek Mas. lodge
P.G.D.C. of Vic.: P.M. B'fort Mark
loTTg-e and P.A.G.P. of Vic.: l.g. Free-
masons Homes. Melb.: v. p. and ex-
pres. B'fort Golf club: mbr. Thistle
club; hon. sec. Presbvt. church
since '09; also elder of ch. and supt.
sun. sch.; mbr. Red Cross and other
patriotic committees: one of fdrs.
old B'fort Brass Rand: b. B'fort '80:
ft. of 1. J. Wotherspoon: educ. Mi
Greenwood's r> s. and Gren Coll..

WOTHEKSFOOXT, John Robertson ;
J.P. : P. of 1. John Wothevspoon (col.
of '54 and mbr. firm Wotherspoon



Bros. & Coy., gen. merchs. B'fort) ;
b. B'fort '70; educ. Chute S.S. and
Ball. Coll. C82-6); one of principals
firm of J. R. Wotherspoon & Co.,
merch., B'fort; J.P. since '91; (one
of youngest yet appointed in Vic.);
dir. Ball. Eureka Terra-cotta & Tile
Coy.;chm. Hope, N. Hope G.M. co's,
one of original syndicate that pros-
pected Hope field; P.M. Fiery Creek
Mas lodge, also P.J.G.D. of Vic.;
mbr. B'fort Presbyt. ch. com. and
B'fort Athletic club com. etc.

VBATHAZiXi Cr. Stephen; b. Smy-
thesdale. '50; 53. or ). Richard
WrathiH ird adopted son of 1.
Harry Wrathall (uncle, tha pioneer
coach proprietor of the grldfields)
educ. Smythosdale C.S.; enraged in
printing bus. for past 40 yrs.: now
propr, of f he Ceeloner Printing
Works- publisher of "Geelonp: ana
'Western Di j*rtct Stock and Station
Journal"; m>r. G'long City Coun-
oil "16; mbr. com. Victoria Coursing
dub; owner of "Tallinn" station
and success -'ul breeder, importer
and exhibitor of pure stud Suffolk
Punch hois< a and Rornny Marsh

VMGHT. Thos. Jo-; b. G'long., '50;
3. of 1. Alderman G. Wright; educ.
G'long C. of E. d.s., after serving on
publishing staff of old G'long
Chronicle" Joined Viet. Postal Ser-
vice as messenger, Ararat: teleg. '
operator at G'long, Melb.. C'maine
and p.m. at Dayleaford, Ararat,
Echuca, Hamilton. C'maine, G'long
and Ball.; (sen. p.m. of Vic.); ret.
14: Div. Ret. Officer of C'wealth,

w&XGHT. rd. C.: s. of above: b.
Arar?.t '92; educ. Csnt. Coll. G'lonjv
undertook tour of Grt. Brit, and
Europe '12-'13; later studied photo-
graphy at Lond. photog. Inst. and
obt. Diploma of Inst.; subsequently
settled New York on staff of leading
flrm: returned Ball. '16: Inter en-
listed for active service and posted
Co Aviation corps as photographer;
qual. by exam, heading class of 40
candidates; attached to A.I.F. for
service in France as photographer
on aeroplanes: for some time mbr.
of Y.M.C.A. Camera Club. Ballarat.

VATES, Or. John Thoma; J.P.; pres
of Cre. Shire; mbr. Cres Shire Cl.
since '98; now prea. for third term;
gar. J.P. '10; prea. Smeaton. Spring
Hill A Bullnrook A. A P. 8oc.; one
of fdrs. Mt. Prospect branch A.N.A.:
ex-pre*. & ex-sec.: cpt. State School
com.: mbr. Mt. Prospect Cemetery
Trust; b. Mt. Prospect; s. of 1. Cr.
Chan. Yates (col. of early ffO'a):
educ. Mt. Prospect fi 8.. farmer and
grazier of "Falrfleld," Newlyn;
breeder and exhlb. of prlre stock

with HUCC6M.

YOUDAN, Constable Wm. Arthur; b.

Melb.. T 69: *. of Wm. A. Youdnn
(valet to 1. G. V. Brooke. En*, ac-
tor A tragedian. A fought In Mr\orl
war); g.s. of Capt. Elliott, R.N.; A

g.g.s. of Col. Elliott, R.Eng.; and
descendant of 1. Earl of Minto;
served five yrs. in Vic. Perm. Art.,
'90-'95; enthusiastic rifle shot;
Joined Vic. Police Force, '06; sta-
tioned successively Melb.. St. Kilda,
Ball. (10 yrs.), & Scarsdale (const,
in charge) since '13: awarded valor
badge for closing \vith armed des-
perado named Geo. Shaw, who had
Just killed Const. Johnston, of St.
Kilda, and who previously killed
Sen.-Const. Guilfoyle, of Syd.;
also awarded 50 by N.S.W. Govt.
for arresting Shaw, and received
purse of sovs. from citizens of St.
Kilda. Shaw, when closed with,
shot himself dead.

YOUNG, Chas.; b. Ball., '70; s. of L
Robert Young (col. of '48): educ.
Macarthur-st. S.S.; mbr. flrm of
Young & Hawkesford. plumbers,
etc.; rink capt. Ball. N. Rec. Club
for sev. yrs.; Jun. champ., '09-'10;
sen. champ., 'Il- t 12; mbr. B.B.A.
champ, rink '12; & mbr. rink that
was 2nd in B.B.A. champ. '16; rep.
cricketer many yrs.; holds Sun. Sen.
Assoc. record score of 258 not out,
playing for Scots agst. Baptist:
winner batt. avge. of Assoc. for 4
seasons: capt. sev. seasons: playing
mbr. Ball. F.C. three seasons.

YOUNG, John B.; s. of 1. Robert
Young b. Ball., '72; educ. Ball. Coll.;
tailor & outfitter, Armstrong-st. N.,
since '03; active mbr. & office bear-
er, old Ball. Gym.; champ, two yrs.;
one of fdrs. Ball. H.C.; took part
in first paper chase in Ball., '91:
first capt. Ball. H.C. now v.-p. and
life hon. mbr.; rep. club on V.A.AA.
Cl. sev. yrs.: v.-p. Ball, center
V.A.A.A.: active mbr. old Ball.
Swimming Club: won Ball. Grand
Hep. comp. agst Aust. cracks, '89;
3rd same hep., '90; won sev. other
hops.: also successful cyclist on
both high & safety machines; pres.
Ball. E. F.C. (A grade); v.-p. BalL
North F.C.

YOUNG, Ex-Capt. Robert; b. Ball..
'63: s. of 1. Robert Young (one of
earliest Ball, pioneers; arr. *48)J
mbr. Ball. F.B. from '81: lleut.,
sev. yrs.; capt. for five yrs.: pres.
Country F.B. Assoc.. '11-'12: suc-
cessful on track many yrs.: helped
to win shield at Sydney: also mbr.
Chrlstchurch (N.Z.) &Launceston
(Tns.) teams: successful pedestrian
Ball. & West. dlst. mtgs.: Inter
hcpr. V.A.L. for 15 yrs.: playing
mbr. & ex-rapt. Ball. Imp. F.C.:
also served on committee.

YOUNG, Samnl; bnrr. & PO!., B'fort.
since '00; h. O'long: educ. G'long
Coll. (dux '92): admitted to prac-
Mse as b. & R. '00: actively as*oc. in
exec, capacity with nenrly nil pub-
lic A sport. Inst.: nurcensful In
mnny ath. Jiports, Inc. tennl*. golf.
cvcllng. swimming nnrl foothnll; en-
listed for active service, 1916.



YOXTHQ, Tho.; b. Barrhead (Scot.),
'60; educ. Cent. S.S. & Cox's Sch.,
Ball.; mbr. "Courier" composing
staff since '87; active spirit in
typographical union circles; sec.
Ball. Soc. since about '95; attended
sev. important conf. at Syd., Perth,
etc.; one of earliest mbrs. Ball.
City B.C.; v.-p. for some yrs.; also
club champ., '07-N)8, '11-'12, '13-'14.

TOUHO, Win., b. Ball., '73; s. of L
Robert Young (pioneer tailor of
Ball.; originally Young & White-
side, & later Young & Ince); educ.

Ball. Coll.; tailor & outfitter, 34
Sturt-st., since '00; active mbr. old
Ball. Gym. Club; later assist, instr.
St. And. Gym. Club; one of fdrs.
Ball. Harr. Club, '91; amat. track
cyclist for sev. yrs.; winner Ball.
Old Colleg. & other heps.; active
mbr. Ball. Swimming Club, & win-
ner numerous heps.; served in 3rd
Batt. Inf. ranks; mbr. Ball. Rifle-
Club; JD. St. John's Mas. Lodge-,
mbr. St. Andrew's Kirk Bd., & City
Bowling Club Committee

" We sball all meet again at the last roll call."


Geo. Farmer's











Quality and Purity are the first essentials in the Peoples' Food
Supply, and particularly so in regard to the Peoples' Milk. O ur
Business has stood the test in both respects. Public opinion proves it.


Gbe flMire niMlk Suppliers
DEPOT 1109 Sturt St. Ballarat. 'Phone, 671

Sole Distributors of Certified Bottled
Milk, recommended by Medical Faculty.

For Old and Young aud officially sanctioned by
City and Town Councils and Medical Associations

First Quality Butter (only) Made on the Premises

Q. KILGOUR and A. J. ROSS (formerly Government Dairy Supervisor) Proprietors

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