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nres. South-st. Soc. and mbr. since
'81; pres. City A.N.A. '97. also mbr.
^uildinp com.; active advocate of
Federation of States; mbr. Queen

Carnival Competitions Committee.

BEST. Bev. Joaepli; Th. L.; s. of 1. Cr.
Hy. Best, J.P., (of Grt. Western &
pioneer of West. Vic.) ; b. Great
western '80; educ. Stawell S. of M.
and St. Aidan's Theol. Coll.. Ball.;
ord. deacon '04; priest '08; vicar St.
Aidan's, Berringa, '05; St. George's.
Nhill. '07; St. Paul's. Linton, ^12:
and St. John's, Ball. N. '15; vol. for
active service in great war;
chaplain 39th Ballarat Battn.

BIBBY, Cr. Wm. H.; b. Ball. '75; s. of
Thos. Bibby (col. of '52); educ. In-
vermay S.S.; farmer of Invermay;
ent. Bungaree Shire Cl. '07; mbr.
finance com.; mbr. St. James (Ner-
rina) Ang. Church com.; mbr. Ball.
N. Rec. Club and Invermay S.S.

BICKEBTON, Brlff. Hy. I..; b London;
s of Wm. Bickerton (stockbroker);
grad. Lond. Training Coll. of Sal-
vation Army, for seven yrs. educ.
officer Fed. Training Coll., Melb.;
successively cadet, lieut, capt, en-
sign, ad jut. staff capt, major and
brig, in N.S.W., N.Z., Queensland,
(Provincial C.O.); and Vic., has
served as pte. sec. to Comm. McKie
& Chief Sec. Peart; app. brig, and
div. commander Ball. div. (West
Vic.) Feb. '15.

BICKETT, Jas. Millhlnch, J.P.; b.
near Girvan, (Scot.) '26; arr. Melb.
'49; spent ensuing five yrs. varied
experiences on Vic. and N.S.W. gold
diggings and sheep runs: closely
associated with Ball, and B"yong
goldfields in early '50's, mbr. first
B'yong mining court; '56; elected
to Ball. Mining Bd. '62; chairman
'68; and during term received H.R.
H. Duke of Edinburgh; clerk '74 till
'14; (when mine was abolished);
was legal mgr. many min. co's of
Ball, and dist.; one of fdrs. Ball. S.
of Mines, '70; mbr. Cl. and V.P. for
many yrs.; one of earliest J.'sP. of
Ball.; early mbr. Old Col. Assoc.;
pres. Mech. Inst. '83, '93 and '01;
hon. sec. Burns and Moore Statue
com., mbr. com. and l.g. Ball Orph.
since '94; pres. 1900; and mbr. Cl.
Fine Art Gallery for many yrs.

BIBSS, Pred P.; b. Ball. '84; s. of John
Birss; educ. Urq-st. S.S.; pres. City
branch A.N.A. '13: mbr. com. Miners
T.C.; and com. Christ Ch. Y.M.C.;
V.P. Ball. Harr. Club; mbr. Orion
Mas. Lodge; first sec Sun. Sch. F*
ball Assoc. '05; first sec. St. An-
drews F.C. '05: sec. Friday F. Assoc
'08-13; sec. Soldiers Hill F.C. '08;
tobacconist, etc.. Lyd-st. N.

BLACKMAN, Capt. I. vie Aubrey, s. of
Wm. Blackman: b. Miner's Rest '90;
educ. Miners' Rest S.S.. Ball. Cent.
S.S. and Gren. Coll. (ent. schol.) ;
assist. Sec. and A/ct Grand Natio-
nal Eisteddfod, Ball, for sev. yrs.;
hon. sec. Ball. N. Tennis Club;
joined 7th A.I.R. as 2nd lieut '12;
later of 71st Regt. ; comm. as lieut.



n A I F. Egyptian & Gallipoli cam-
paigns '14. '15; prom, capt on ser-
vice-participated Ismalia skirmish
landing at Gaba Tepe & battles of
Cape Helles; invalided to Eng. lat-

BlJJraiY? CP. John C.; b Berringa,
62; s of H. Blakely (col of early
50*8); educ. Berringa, S.S.; farmer
and grazier of Managh Vale. Ber-
rinea; mbr. Grenville Shire Cl.
since '93; pres. '99-00 and '08-9; mbr.
Berringa R.C. Ch. com. and assoc.
with other district institutions.

BLANCHriELD. Sn. Const., Bich-
ard: b B'fort '57; s of Pierce
Blanchfield; joined Vic. Police
Force '85; sen. const. '96; stationed
successively Melb.. Carlton, Stawell
Ball. City; in charge Redan since
12; iron quoit thrower of long
standing; champ, of Victoria since
1910; since unchallenged; champ, of
Ball. '08-9; keen cricketer for many
yrs.; capt. Stawell C.C. '90-01; (batt.
avge. several yrs. and occasionally
bowl, avge) ; played for Stawell
agst Stoddart's Eng. Eleven; also
played in Maryborough dist. cricket.

BX.EZABD, Major Xvie: b. Lanca-
shire <Eng.) "78; s. of W. H. Ble-
zard; arr. N.Z. at age of 7, and
later resided at \V. Maitland (N.S
W.); settled Ball. '95; joined old
3rd batt. Inf. as pte.; served in Sth.
African war as pte. of 3rd Vic.
mtd. cont.; (Queen's medal with
five bars) ; wounded at Fauresmith
and inval. home; comm. as lieut.
7th A.I.F. Ball. '04; and Vic. Ran-
gers, Echuca since '07: capt. '10:
E Coy. comdr. of 67th Inf. '12-14; on
outbreak of European war enlisted
for active service and was comdr.
of D. Coy. 7th batt. A.I.F. in Galli-
poli campaign, taking part in opera-
tions at Ismalia and landing at An-
xac, when he was severely wounded
and later invalided home; prom,
mjr. and app. second in command
of 7th batt. while on service; since
given camp duties in Victoria.

BLIGHT, John Ambrose, J.P.: b. Ply-
mouth (Kng.) '49; arr. Melb. with
parents '62: settled Ball. '55. per-
manently '78: educ. Specimen Hill
Sch.: accompanied father on trip
to Fhg. '80; joined father In busi-
ness as Blight & Son, estate, fin. A
comm. agents at Lydiard-st. S. :
sportsman in younger days: mbr.
Hunt Club, rode New Babylon to
second position (after falling) in
flrst Old Eng. Steeplechase at Dow-
ling Forest: followed the hounds
and took part In many nmat. steeple
chases: mbr. Old P. of Wales Light
Horse for 15 yrs.: winner many
prizes for swordsmanship and rid-
ing: frequent performer as come-
dian In nl<l of charities: nmat.
walker nnd pert, and won many
events; keen rifle shot and won
Nursery Stakes V.R.A. mtg. '79 (400

comp.); first sec. (hon.) Miners T.C.;
sec. Lai Lai T.C. 21 yrs.; sec. Lie,
Viet. Assoc. and Her Majesty's
Theatre propty. 12 yrs.; pres. City
F. Lib. com. '93 and '04; now V.P.
and trustee; trustee Old Col. Assoc;
pres. for sev. yrs. past; hon. aud.
Old Colonists' Club, Benevolent
Asylum and Orphanage; gazetted
J.P. '12; mging dir. Ball. Advertis-
ing Co.; m. May, d of 1. Isaac Jones,
of Carngham.

BLIGHT, Join Wfeit*; b Mt. Pleasr-
ant '57; s of Peter Blight (the old-
est identity of Mt. Pleasant), educ.
Mt. Pleas. Nat. S.; app. jun. teacher
Mt. Pleas. S.S. '73 (at inception of
State Educat. system) : later at
Cent. S.S. and successively h.t. at
Mt. Pleas. B'yong. Queen-st. (Ball.)
Humffray-st Ball. E.; last named
since '15; treas. S.S. Teachers Club;
cond. several S.S. choirs at public
functions; cond. Lyd.-st. Meth. Sun
Sch. choir; old time cricketer,
(played agst. Spofforth's first Aust,
XI.); rink capt. Cent. B.C. and mbr.
Ball. Liedertafel.

BODYCOMB, Thos.; J.P.; b. Glamor-
ganshire (S. Wales) '29; app. fore-
man of pattern makers at Llansatt
Engine foundry before completing
apprenticeship; arr. Aust. '54: and
estab. diggers' supply store at Hard
Hills, bringing iron and timber
from Melb. per bullock dray; was
in Ball, on occasion Eureka Stock-
ade Dec. 3, '54; helped to bury fallen
soldiers and diggers on that evgr.
and procured screen for Capt. Wise
who was mortally wounded in leg:
ent. Phoenix fdry as fifth man '55;
few months later app. mgr., ret.
'10; on closing of fdry. (which had
supplied Vic. Govt. with 356 engines
dating from Mch. '73); one of oldest
Justices of peace in Vic.; one of
Idrs. Welsh Cong. ch. '56; mbr. and
office bearer Ball. Cong. Ch., Daw-
son-st. since '60; mbr. Exhib. Comm.
since '78: ex-pres.

BOXiTON, Thos. B.; b. Ball. '75; s. of
E. H. Bolton; educ. Cent. S.S., a/ct.
for Brokenshire and Coltman, with
which firm assoc. since '90: mbr.
Loyal Vic. Lodge M.U.I.O.O.F.; P.O.
and sec. since '03: G.M. Ball. dlst.
'07; pres. Juv. Lodge '11: sec. Ball.
Total Abstin. Soc.: aud. B.U.F.S.

BOLTON. Lt.-Col. Wm. Kinsey; V.D.;
b. Cheshire (Eng.) '61 : s. of John
Hnmmersley Bolton. (15 yrs. service
with Cheshire Yeomanry), arr.
Aust. '69: edtic. duffs s. Cheshire:
Darlington (Vic.) and S. of Mines,
Syd.; public works Insp. at Bgo and
Ball, for 25 yrs.: mbr. Ball. 8. of
Mines Cl. : served Southern Rifles
Prnhran nnd fiyd. Art., vol. for
Soudan Exped. but helng raw re-
cruit wns not srrepted: mobilised
with V.M.R. during maritime strike;
lleut. 3rd batt. Inf. Ball. '91; capt.



7; major 7th A.I.R. '03; lieut-col.
10; O.C. 70th Rest. "12; in charge
officers' team at inaug. of C'wealth
8yd. '00; won officers teams shoot-
ing match; mobilised for defence of
Heads, Q'Cliff Aug. '14; C.Cfc* 8th
batt. 1st A.I.F. Egyptian and Gal-
lipoli campaigns '14-15; led batt.
to Ismalia to repel Turks Feb. '15;
landed at Gaba Tepe Apl '15; as-
sault of Achi Baba (Cape Helles)
Apl-May '15; C.O. Hosp. ship "Bal-
larat" Aug. '15; on furlough; O.C.
Ball. Training Depot, Oct. '16;
Club Commercial.

BOWES, Georglna Maria ("Mona
Marie," poetess); b. Lend. '48; d. of
1. John Tickner, arr. Melb. '57; re-
sided Ararat, Ampitheatre, Moon-
ambel. Lamplough and Lands-
borough diggings in early times;
assist, teacher Indust. Sch. Prince's
Bridge, Melb. '68; prom, to G'long
and Ball. S.S. '69; m. 1. Wm. Bones,
auct. and est. agent, Ball. '73; pro-
lific writer of poems and verses for
publication in book form and for
daily press of Ball., G'long, B'go,
and other centres; and for "Aus-
tralasian" "Every Lady's Journal,"
"Advocate," "Syd. Mail," "Otago
Witness" and "Public Opinion"
(U.S.A.) ; four books of prose and
verse published; letters of appro
elation from 1. Queen Victoria,
Queen Alexandria (when princess).
Duchess of Albany, and Earl of
Hopetoun, and many others.

BOOTH, Eliza Hanien; L.L.C.M.; b.
Ball. d. of John F. Booth (piano
tuner) ; educ. Cent, and Macarthur
St. S.S.; teacher of music (piano
and theory) "Merton," Drummond-
st. N. ; obt. L.L.C.M. and won local
book prize for highest pts. in Ball.:
successful teacher, her pupils hav-
ing won distinction certificates of
Assoc. Bd. and L.C.M. book prize:
hon. asst. pianist Ball. Choral
Union '15: frequently assisted local
and district charity, etc. concerts;
mbr. com. Macarthur-st. Old Scho-
lars' Association.

BOOTH, Norman; b Ball. '76; s of 1.
Wm. H. Booth (fdr. of firm of
Macleod and Booth, stock, & station
agents) ; educ. Bain's H.S. and Ball.
Coll.; assoc. with firm of Macleod
& Booth for 16 yrs, latterly as
auct.; mbr. A.& P. Cl., Old Col. Club,
pres. '14-15: life mbr. Old Col. As-
soc; mbr. Wendouree R.C.; sec. and
treas, 6 years; now V.P. ; del. Reg-
atta Assoc.; sec. old Ball. Rowing

BOBWICK, Peter; b. Orkney Isl. '41;
drove mail coach Stromness to Kirk-
wall in boyhood; aboard whaler
True Love through Arctic regions
(to near where explorer Franklin's
remains discovered) '60; later voy-
aged twice to Arctic and after much
exp. of N. American waters sailed
for Aust' 62; and joined trader that!
conveyed the first locomotive to '

N.Z.; later joined gold rushes in
Vic. and settled Ball. '81; mbr. Ball.
Stock Exch. for 35 prs.; mbr. sev.
mining co. bds. and supporter var-
ious public institutions.

BOSHES, Chan.; b. Wend. '75; s. of 1.
David Bosher; educ. Wend. S.S.;
in Water Supply service since about
'90; foreman in charge of reticula-
tion system since '07, also sole
charge of Commission's works for
two yrs. period pending appoint-
ment of consult, eng.; received
framed complimentary letter from
Ball. F.B. Dem. Com. for services
in supervising water supply for
demonstration at Ball. '15; ex-tr.
Wend. Meth. Sun. Sen.; one of fdrs.
ex-pres. and ex-sec. Wend. C.E.
Soc., also mbr. C.E. Union exec.;
ex-pres. Brown Hill C.E. Soc., ex-
Sun. Sch. tr. and trustee of Brown
Hill Meth. Ch.; keen cricketer for
sev. yrs. and ex-sec. Wend. Meth.
Sun. Sch. Cricket Club.

BOSHER, David Tho.; b. Wend. '67;
s. of 1. David Bosher; educ. Wend.
S.S. and Gren. Coll.; A/ct and Aud.;
Aud. N. Woah Hawp, New Nor-
manby Last Chance & N. Hope G.
M. Cos.; A/ct. Vic. United G.M.
Co.; first Sec. Ball. Mineowners
Assoc. wh. merged into Ball, branch
Vic. Chamber of Mines; still Sec.:
Aud. Ball. City A.N.A. for about 10
yrs.; now acting sec.; active mbr.
old Wend. C.C. (won bowling avge
sev. yrs.) ; and Wend. Sun Sch. C.C.
hon. sec. Wend. Meth. S.S. about 25
yrs.; mbr. Ball. N. Rec. Club; hon.
treas. & ex-aud. & com.; jun. cham-
pion one year.

BOSHEB, Fred. Arthur; s. of 1. David
Bosher; b. Wend.; educ. Wend. S.S.
and Sch. of Mines; for many yrs.
mgr. of 1. father's bus. of produce
and wood mercht.; now sole prop.;
fdtion mbr. old Wend. Drum & Fife
band '96; from pte. to sgt. of old
3rd batt. militia and 7th Regt.; one
of reps, at C'wealth Inaugural
celebration Syd., '00; crack rifle
shot, won poss. cert, at 500 yds.;
later served 9th A.L.H. and fdtn.
mbr. No. 3 Mtd. Bearer Co., A.A.M.
C. (now Field Amb.) being Regt.
No. 1; ranking as staff sgt. and sgt.-
mjr. ; ex -hon. sec Alfredton M.I. A.
and ex-treas. Wend. M.I. A' one of
fdrs. Wend. F.B. and mbr. Citizens'
com. that estab. same; mbr. St.
Matthew's vestry and choir; cpt.
Wend. S.S. committee.

BOSSENCE, Wm. T.; b Ball.; s of 1.
W. H. Bossence; tailor and outfitter
76 Bridge-st., org. Barkly-st. Meth.
Ch. since "91; treas. since '02; mbr.
ch-trust and circuit steward; org.
B'yong Mas. Lodge; barit-soloist;
frequently heard on behalf of
charit., etc., objects; settled Melb.,

BOUBKE, John Patrick; s. of Richard
Bourke (pioneer farmer, of Clark's
Hill); b Ball. '72; educ. C.B.S., Ball.



W.; rep. of Hy. Leggo, w. Kenna
and Ball. Brewing Co. in turn; mbr.
Ball. R.C. for 26 years., held every
office from com. to capt. in 22 yrs.'
membership, coached regatta crews
and champ, pairs and in recog. of
services elected life hon mbr. '15;
mbr. Regatta Assoc. Com. 20 yrs.;
mbr. B. R. C. famous tug-of-war
team who won 22 pulls; V.P. Ball.
F.C. and playing mbr. two seasons;
one of promoters Ball. amat. boxing
and wrestling tourney; one of fdrs.
St. P. Social Club; pres. '15; ex-pres.
C.Y.M.S. and mbr. St. P. Fest. com.

BOTJSTEAD, Wm,; org. and choir
master St. And. Kirk, Ball, since
'87; cond. St. And. Ch. B'fort, since
'10; org. Orion Mas. Lodge since
'89; W.M. '99; org. St. John's Mas.
Lodge and Tarrowee Royal Arch
Chapter since '93; also org. Ball.
Mark Lodge; P.O. Org. of Vic.
(app. by G.M. Lord Brassey) since
1897; P.G. Dir. of Ceremonies,
1916; V.P. Lyric Orch. Soc.; l.g.
Benev. Asylum; b Abergynolwyn
(N. Wales) '66; s. of 1. Wm. Bou-
stead (loco supt. Talyllon Ry.) ;
educ. Towyn Acad. and Lond. Org.
Sch. and Internat. Coll. of Music;
arr. Aust. and settled Ball. '86;
cond. winning choir chief choral
comp. Ball. Eisteddfod '98 and '90;
cond. Ball, and Dist. Ch. Choir
Union (formed for improvement of
ch. music) '92-6; cond. Ball. Mus.
Soc. for contest purposes '90-6;
which won sev. prizes; adjud. sev.
comp. at Ball, and other parts of

BRADBY, John BTuffh; s. of Walter
Bradby, b. Ball. '76; educ.
Humftray-st. S.S.; mbr. firm of J.
Gunn & Co., wholesale fruiterers;
one of fdrs. Vic. B.C. Ball. E., pres.
1911-13; rink capt. 1913-15; ex-
playing mbr. and V.P. Ball. Imp
F.C.; V.P. Vic. F.C.; V.P. Vic. C.C.
mbr. Ball. Trotting Club; and mbr.
Ball. Mas. Lodge.

BRADBY, Walter; b Ball. E. '80; s of
Walter Bradby, educ. Humffray-st.
8.8. ; mbr. firm Gunn & Co., Tdtlon
mbr. and later V.P. and pres. ('11-
12), of Ball. E. B.C.: V.P. Ball. Imp.
F.C. '11-13; pres. 1913-14; pres
Ball. Dog and Poultry Soc. sev yrs.;
S.W. Rail. Masonic Lodge.

BRADFORD, Wm. b G'long '51; of
1. Wm. Bradford (col. of '49, who
settled with family at Ball. '61. be-
fore Golden Pt. lead discovered):
educ. Pope's and COX'H Sch., Sold.
Hill, practical miner for many yrs.:
later consulting mining expert;
contrlb. to Ball, press under notn
de plume "Crunh.'; also "Aust. Mn.
Standard": author of "Indicator
series on gold mining" ^Illustrated)
and by authority of State Minos
Dept. wrote 12 Illustrated "Bulle-
tins on Vic. Mines"; composed pat-
riotic song "British Liberty" for

S.S. ; mgr. at various periods of
Rhy's Khold; N. Parker's and Bull-
arook (also battery mgr.), mines;
at age of 33 became comp. track
cyclist on high machine and later
safety "bikes" and won sev. heps,
from back marks.

BRADLEY, Egbert C.; b. Syd., '86; s.
of Chas. Bradley, of Bathurst,
(Eng.); educ Parkside P.S., Adel.;
and ptely.; after bus. exp. Joined
Adel. T.M.C.A staff, as sec. of so-
cial membership and billiard corns.,
& chm. Sun. afternoon Bible class;
an expert amat. boxer & wrestler,
and for period acting instr. boxing
& wrestling classes of Adel. Y.M.C,
A.; mbr. staff (premier) basket-ball
team, & winner graceful swimming
champ.; assist, gen. sec. Adel., '13;
gen. sec. Ball. Y.M.C. A., '14-'15;
mgr. Y.M.C.A. canteen, A.I.F. camp.
Ball., Aug-Nov., '15; then transf. to
Adel. camp; recreations billiards,
draughts and chess

BRAWN, Hon. Fred., J.P.; M.L.C.;
mbr. for Wellington prov. since '07;
mayor of Ball. City; b. Cres., '57; s.
of 1. Jas. Brawn; educ. Cres. G.S.;
stock broker for 25 yrs.; now farmer
& grazier, Dowling Forest; ex-vice
chm. Ball Stock Exch.; mbr. City
Cl. since '04; mayor '07-'08, & '15-
'16; mbr. Royal Comm. on Closer
Settlement & Housing Comm.; Govt.
rep & chm. Ball. Water Comm. since
'08; pres. Hosp. Com., '14-'15; ex-
pres. & now v.-p. Ball. Y.C.; v.-p. &
steward Ball. T.C.; v.-p. Ball. A.H.S.
Cl.; mbr. A. & P. Cl.; chm. Com-
mon mgrs.; v.p. Wend. R.C.; v.p.
Choral Union; pres. Ball. Recruit-
Ing Committee '15-16.

BRAY, John; b. Ball.. '61; s. of Cald-
er Bray (one time champ. Cornish
wrestler, and col. of early *50's);
educ. Cox's and Hogg's sen.; estab.
coach building business, Armstrong-
st., N., Ball., '01; apprent. L. E.
Cutter, Ball., and for 15 yrs. at
Pickles' carr. works, Melb. ; well-
known vocalist, and mbr. Lyd.-st.
Meth. Ch. Choir since .98; & assoc.
with sev. Ball. & met. romp, choirs:
champ, footballer of *80's; known aa
"Fleetfoot," playing mbr. of "Rough
& Ready" & Galatea F.C., and one
of fdrs. Ball. Imp. F.C. : one of sen.
mbrs. Ball. Mas. Lodge; mbr. Ex-
celsior Tent, I.O.R.; l.g. Hosp.

BBAKENOR, Wm.; b. Shropshire
(Scot.) '32; art. architect & surv.,
Birmingham, 10 yrs.: arr. Aust. '57;
draughtsman City of Melb. 3 yrs.;
later built Ball. Cattle Yards, '62;
and then estab. Onttle Yards Inn;
practised as architect until recent
yrs.; designed many public, etc.,
buildings & Hy. trucking yds.: first
prlremnn for Flpmlnr:tr>n Sheep and
Cattle Yds.: followed Ball, hounds,
and mbr. old Hunt Club; flag-stew-
ard old Ball. Coursing Club; bred
sev. crack hounds & jumpers, and



closely assoc. with 1. Adam Lindsay
Gordon, the poet, in many a country
chase; hon. treas. A. & P. Soc.

BRAZENOR, Major John Alex. Smyth;
s. of above; b. Ball., '77; educ. Alf-
redton S.S. & Ball. Coll.; practised
as architect with father sev. yrs.;
Sec. Ball. A. & P. Soc. since '04; l.g.
Orph.; pte. V.M.R., '97; Lieut., '03;
Capt. 19th A.L.H., '05; Adjut., '04;
mbr. champ Lloyd-Lindsay team,
rep. old V.M.R.: Q.-M. 19th A.L.H.,
09; Area Officer Sen. Cadets, '11-'13;
first C.O. 18th A.S.C.. Ball., '14-'15;
O.C. the A.S.C. on active service in
the great war in France, "16.

BRAZENOK, Major Wm.; b. Ball. '88;
s. of Wm. Brazenor; educ. Pleasant-
st. S.S.; a/ct. Water Comm. sev. yrs.
ex-hon. sec. St. And. Y.M.C.; v.-p.
71st City of Ball. Inf. Rifle Club;
hon. sec. Cent. C.C., '10-'12; pte 7th
A.I.R., '08; Capt. & Adjut., '12-'13;
Area OfCcer, Sen. Cadets, '13-' 15;
Capt. 23rd Batt. A.I.F., on active
service Gallipoli and French cam-
paipns'15-16; prom, major on field.

BREHENY, John; s. of John J. Bre-
heny; b. G'long, '95; educ. C.B. S.,
Adel. ; brewer-in-charge Brehenv
Brothers & Kenna's W'heip,
Brewery ("B.K." ale); mbr. of well-
known Aust. family of brewers
(numbering 12); probably the lar-
gest brewing family in the world;
like other mbrs. of family, a keen
handballer; has rep. Vic. & S.A.
teams in inter-State matches.

BRENNAN, Chas. Herbert; b. Ball.
'81; s. of 1. Constable Brennan (of
Vic. police; col. of '54) ; educ. Cent.
S.S.; ident. with J. Thomas' supply
store, Sturt st., since '98; mgr. since
'09; one of earliest mbrs. E. Ball.
Harriers Club; winner first 2J mile
club race; ex-capt. and ex-pres. ;
rep. on Ball, center, V.A.A.A. ; v-
pres. of center; mbr. St. Patrick's

SHEW, Capt. Henry, F.Z.S., F.R.S.A.,
F.R.A.O.A., F.R.C.I.; b. Liverpool
(Eng.), '63; s. of 1. Richard Brew;
educ. March Taylor's G.S.; arr Aust.
85; settled Ball., '01; pte. 1st Lan-
cashire Vol. Art., B. battery; & later
of Field Art.. Vic., and 3rd batt.
Milit., Ball.; Lieut. A.I.R., '05; Capt..
'09; do., 70th Inf. '12; O.C. 70th Inf.,
*15; transport duty to war zone,
'16; mbr. Schumacher Cup winning
team, '08; hon. pastor St. David's
Ch., Eyre-st. ; pres. Ball. Royal Soc.
of St. George; v.-p. Ironworkers' &
Polytech. Assoc.; Insp. of Public
Works, Ball., since '13; Fell. Zool.
(Lond.) Royal Col. Inst. and Royal
Aust. Ornithol. Union.

BRIDGES. Bear-Admiral Walter B..;
of "Trawalla" estate. Trawalla: F.
R.G.S.: J.P.; b. Lond. "43; s. of 1.
John Bridges: ent. H.M. Navy ns
Cadet, '56: attached to H.M.S. Vic-
tory, and later H.M.S. Royal Albert
flagship of Admiral Lord Lyons),

Medit. station; reached Crimea
about close of war; served on Aust.
Station, '71-80; Comdr. of H.M.S.'s
Wolvereine and Ganges; ret. after
30 yrs. service, '86; m. d. of John
Wilson, of Woodlands, '80; acquired
Trawalla estate (Vic.), '87; pastor-
alist and sheep breeder, winning
many prizes with Merinos; gaz. J.P.,
'87; ex-cr. and ex-pres. Ripon Shire;
v.-p. Ball. A. & P. Soc.; mbr. cl. Vic.
Emp. Fed.; mbr. Ball. Synod, Cath.
Chapter, bd. of Electors, and rep. on
Gen. & Prov. Synod; l.g. Ball. Hosp.,
Benev. Asylum and Orphanage.

BKIND, Caroline Ann*, b. G'long;
educ. at Lamington (Eng.) ; ret.
Aust., '79; m. Hy. Brind at Ball., '81;
mbr. com. Ball. Female Refuge, '02;
one of fdrs. Ladies' Art Assoc., '90;
v.-p. '07; pres., '10; mbr. com. V. L.
of Vic.; mbr. Red Cross Soc. and
Christ Ch. Workers' Guild; pres.
Christ Ch. Decorators' Guild; v.p.
Ball, branch Friendly Union of
Soldiers' Wives and Mothers.

BRIND, Major Eric; s. of above; b.
Ball., '84; educ. Ball. Coll.;mbr. firm
H. Brind & Co., Ltd., distillers and
maltsters; 2nd Lieut. 7th A.I.R., '11;
Lieut. & Adjut. 70th Inf., '13; Capt.
& Adjut.23rd Batt. 3rd A.I.F., on ac-
tive service Gallipoli campaign, '15;
also operations in France, 1916;
v.-p. 70th Inf. Rifle Club; active
mbr. Wend. R.C., 14 yrs (gained sen.
rank); hon. sec., '08-'13; mbr. Vic.
Eight at Syd., '11; public vocalist, &
mbr. Ball. Liedertafel.

BRIND, Lieut. Edwin Francis; b.
Ball. '76; s. of 1. Hy. Brind; educ.
Ball. Coll. and Sch. of Mines: qual.
assayer; pastoral pursuits at Ter-
rowinnie (N.S.W.) later opal digg-
ing at White Cliffs (N.S.W.) ; later
at Brind's distillery, Dunnstown:
mgr. of Bundaberg (Q.) distillery
'15-16; for some yrs. active mbr. of
Wend. R.C. and later S. Ball, and
Ball. F.C. ; enlisted for active ser-
vice and obt. comm. as lieut. miners'
corps A.I.F. for service abroad '16.

BRIND, iloyd; b. Ball., '82; s. of 1.
Hy. Brind; educ. Ball. Coll. & S. of
Mines (Chem. course) : assoc. with
H Brind & Co., distillers & malt-
sters many yrs.; now mgng. dir.
Brind & Co.. Prop., Ltd.; co-treas.
Ball. Red Cross Soc.; & hon. org.
special day collections: mbr. Red
Cross Carnival & Aquatic Carnival
coins.; hon. org. Wattle Day collec-
tions & Relplan Relief Fund; hon.
sec. & dux ('15) Amb. Assoc. First
Aid Class; mbr. Christ Ch. Cath.
Vestry; ex-hon. sec. & ex-cant. Ball.
F.C. ; ex-hon. sec. Ball. Handball
Club; active mbr. Wend. R.C. sev.
yrs.; now patron; mbr. Entertain-
ment com. "Forward Pallarat"

BBITTAIH. John; F.R.A.S.: F.R.C.T.;
b. Pyle, Glamorganshire. Wales, '60;
arr. Aust. with parents, '70; educ.
S.S. and S. of Mines; late lect. in as-



tronomy, S. of Mines; now supt. of)
Mun. Observatory, Mt. Pleas.; and
Mun. Valuer, Ball. E. ; 16 yrs. ser-
vice as pte & N.C.O. old 3rd Batt.. &
7th A.I.R.; well-known writer and
lecturer on astronomy and micros-
copy; author of "Plain Science
Talks," " Science Notes," and " As-
tronomy for the Month " ; active
mbr. Meth. Local Preachers' Assoc.;
v.p. S. of M. Field Naturalists Club;
hon. sec. Ball. E. Recruiting Com-
mittee; Recreations photography,
microscopy, and scientific literature.

BROXENSHIRE, Jas. Job; b. Wor-
cester (Eng.), '52; a. of 1. Jas. Bro-
kenshire; educ. ptely. & evg. class-
es; one of earliest students S. of
Mines, Ball.; arr. Aust with parents
when child; settling Ball.; jun. clerk
to 1 Sam. Walker, sharebroker and

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