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F. M. Claxton, est. agent; and like
latter became mayor of City; mbr.
firm Brokenshire & Coltman, est.
agents & auct., since '82; mbr. City
Cl. since '96; mayor, '01-'02; '06-'07;
and '13-'14; during terms received
three Gov.-Gen.'s in Ball.; on behalf
of Soldiers' Statue Com., prest'd
Prince (now King) George with gol-
den trowel to lay statue fdtion. stone
'01; mbr. S. of Mines and Art Gall.
Cls. ; sen. supt. Lyd.-st. Meth. Sun.
Sen. 16 yrs., also treas.; trustee of
Sch. sev. yrs.; ex-pres. Band of
Hope; P.C.R. Excelsior Tent.I.O.R.;
mbr. com. Ball. Aux. Brit. & Foreign
Bible Soc. ; ex-sec, and ex-pres. Ball.
C.C.; capt. Ball, teams agst. three
Eng. XI.; v.-p. N. City C.C.; ex-
pres. Y.M.C.A.; v.-p. Soldiers' Hill
B.C.; pres. Ball. Choral Soc. sev.
yrs.; one of fdrs. Sun. Sch. Cricket
Assoc.; resided Ligar-st., Ball. N.
for 58 years.

BROOKS, Wm.; b. Ball., '75; a. of 1.
John Brooks; educ. Cent. S.S.; one
of fdrs. Ball. Butchers' Union; first
sec., '97-'13; one of fdrs. Fed. Meat
Indust. Employees' Union., '04; Fed.
trustee & del. to Fed. conf.; att.
strike conf.. '14; org. sec. for Vic.
since '13; B.B.U. del. on Ball. T. &
Li. Cl.; pres. Ball. Trades and
Labor Council and Eight Hours'
Com., '03-'04; Employees' rep. on
Butchers' Wages Bd., '00-15; one of
fdrs. Ball. Hare & Hounds. '93:
winner 5 mile hep. '94; later mbr. E.
Ball. Harr. Club, and del on Ball.
Centre V.A.A.A.: pres. Newington
A.N.A.. '03: sec. Ball. City F.B., '01-
11; treas. '12-13: treas. Ball. F.B.
Demonstration. '08; ex-sec. B'yong
Masonic Lodge; mbr. Ball. Mark
Lodge; and V7A.L.; l.g. Ball. Hosp.,
Benev. Asylum and Orph.; mbr. dep.
to Vic. Premier to protest agst. en-
forced closing of Pnoenlx Foundry,

BROOK, Cr. Al.; J.P.; b. Mt. Plean..
'61: s. of 1. Geo. Broom (col. of '53.
and pioneer builder of Ball; built
R.C. Bishops' Palace * St. Allpius'
R.C. Ch, Ball E.); educ. Mt. Pleas.

S.S.; settled Cres., '81; building
& contracting sev yrs.; assisted in
erection Prim. Meth. Ch.; estab. as
mon. sculptor & mason, '93; mbr.
Creswick Bor. Cl. since "06; mayor,
'11; gaz. J.P., '11; ex-pres. Creswick
A.N.A.; mbr. Cres. Hosp. Com. and
St. John's Ang Ch. Com.

BROPHY, John; b. Redan, '57; s. of 1.
Dan. Brophy (M.L.A., Ball. E., '77-
83, and mayor City, *75-'76); educ.
St. Patrick's Coll., Melb. & Bain's
H.S., Ball.; matric. & entered Civil
Service; later Commercial B., Ball.,
and E.S.A. Bank, Adel. and Melb.;
joined firm of Brophy, Foley & Co.,
produce merch., succeeding to fath-
er's interest and partnering 1. R. S.
Foley, and later Tim. Foley, & ex-
tending branches to Melb. & country
districts; playing mbr. Ball, and
Norwood (S.A.) F.C.; rep. S.A. in
inter-State matches Adel. & Melb.;
one of fdtn. mbrs. City R.C.; pres.
for sev. yrs.

BROUGH, James C.; W.O. (2nd class) ;
b. Lancashire (Eng.), '47; s. of 1.
Wm. Brough (col. of '53, & pioneer
of Eight Hours' Movement in Vic.) ;
arr. Aust., '53; settled Ball., '59;
Joined Vol. Milit. Forces, '73 (pte. &
corp.); later col.-sgt. Militia Inf.;
Joined Perm. Staff, '85; (the first
militia sgt. to pass exam) ; served
as drill instructor 17 yrs.; ret. '02,
after 30 yrs. service; hon. drill
instr. Ball. F.B. since '89; (winners
15 1st, 4 2nd, and 3 3rd discip-
line prizes) ; discipline Judge C class
brig., F.B. Dem., since '99; City
mun. officer since '02; hon. drill
instr. Citizens' Home Defence Corps,
'15-16; hon. gym. instr. Orph. (win-
ners many comp. displays) '03-12;
instr. 3rd Batt. gym. club sev. yrs. ;
l.g. Orph.; took part in first Eight
Hours Day procession In Melb.:
keen angler and mbr. Ball. Anglers

BROUGH, Warrant Officer Wm. Thos.
s. of above; b. Gong Gong '79; educ.
Pootilla. Queen st. and Humffray
st. (Ball. E.) S.S.; ins. sgt. in old
5th batt. Jun. cadets; from bugler
to corp. in 3rd batt. Inf.; served
Sth. African campaign "99-01;
Queen's medal with two bars
"Orange F.S. and S. Africa,"; took
part in Pink Hill battle and present
at Magersfontein affair; later took
course in phys. drill and gym. at
Aldershot (Eng.) ret. to Viet, and
Joined police force '02; served 131
yrs. in force: enlisted for active
service European war: and appt.
Regt. Sgt. MJr. 39th batt. 10th Inf.
brig. A.I.F. : later Warrant Officer:
for some time drill Instr. Ball, and
Gren. ColL; mbr. 3rd Batt. Gym.
club and gym. Instr. Ball. E. Sch.
of Art. for time; keen rifle shot, for
sev. yrs. a "back marker"; mbr.
numerous winning teams & winner
sev. trophies: winner club swing-
Ing champ. Ball.Ejchlb. '96.



BROWN. Oeo. Alex.; b. Elaine, '68; s.
of Geo. Brown (Vic. Rys., & col. of
52); educ. Elaine S.S.; ent service
Broadbent Bros. & Co. (estab. '65).
as clerk in Hamilton office, '86;
opened Coleraine office as mgr., '86;
later mgr. Avoca & Horsham offices;
prop, interest, '01; settled Ball., '07
as prop, controlling 25 branches; ex-
pres. & ex-starter Horsham T.C.;
sev. yrs. sec. Horsham branch A.N.
A.; P.M. Horsham Mas. Lodge; Ball,
dir. Lond. & Lancashire Ins. Co.;
mbr. com. Ball. N. Rec. Club. (Obit,
during compilation of book).

BROWN, Hy. A. C.; b. Cape Clear,
'71; s. of 1. Thos. Brown (col. of '52
and pioneer baker and storekeeper
of Cape Clear) ; educ. Cape Clear
S.S.; joined Vic. (now C' wealth.) P.
& T Service as asst. line repairer,
'90; later line foreman and line ins-
pector; served 18 yrs. in under-
grounding of metrop. telenh. wires;
now off. in charge of teleph. and
teleg. construction work, Ball, and
N.w. dist.; ex-pres. Northcote Hor-
tic. Soc. ; mbr. com, Ball. Hortic.
Soc.; won many prizes at Ball, and
dist. hortic. shows for various ex-
hib., chiefly of sweet peas; also
prize veget. grower; ex-supt. West
Melb., N'cote and Ball. Baptist Sun-
day Schools.

BBOWN", Robert A.; s. of Daniel
Brown; b. Melb.; educ. Cox's C.S.,
Soldiers' Hill and C.C.G.S.; settled
Ball, in early youth; builder & con-
tractor for many yrs.; erected City

. courthouse, '03; A.M.P. building
abattoirs ('14), S. African Soldiers'
Statue, and other public works; W.
M. Ball. Mas. Lodge, '09; visited S.
Africa, '95, and attached to Royal
Engineers for special service in
Natal & Transvaal during Boer war,
1900-'02; mbr. com. Ball. Master
Builders' Assoc.

BBOWN, Wm.; b. Bunker's Hill; educ.
B.H.S.S. and Ball. Sch of Mines;
with W. L. Carnegie estab. firm of
W. Brown & Co., cycle and motor
builders, Sturt-st., Ball.; one time
champ, cyclist of Ball.; W.M. St.
John's Mas. Lodge, '13; now Dir. of
Cer. ; one of fdtion. mbrs. & hcpr.,
Ball. Motor Cycling Club; first capt.
Ball. Bicycle Cub, 1900.

BROWNE, Dodwell Henry; b. Wel-
lington (N.Z.), '60; arr. Vic., '60;
practical miner since '66; expert in
alluvial; has managed mines in all
leading Vic. fields, viz., Smeaton,
Ballarat, Maryborough, Ararat,
Kutherglen; one of pioneers of
State coal mine, Wonthaggi, '09;
for some time assoc. with Bewick,
Moreing & Co.; mbr. mine mgrs
assoc.. and Aust. Inst. Mln. Eng;
has reported on leading fields of the
:ate for coy. promoters.

BROWNE, -Olymnem M.; s. of Jas. U.
Browne (of Daylesford) ; b. D'ford,

'70; educ. Coomoora S.S.; h.t. sev.
State sch., and transf. to Alfredton
Observation School; inaug. training
sch., '08; h.m. new Training Coll.,
Melb., '15; sent forward 500 train-
ees for State teaching service whilst
at Alfredton; one of prom, and off.
bearers Ball. Teachers' Club; mbr.
Ball. City A.N.A., and St. John's
Mas. Lodge; and patron Golden Pt.

BUCHANAN, Jan.; b. Ball. E., '77; s.
of James Buchanan; educ. S.S. and
Ball. Univ. Coll.; ent. office of Geo.
Buchanan (uncle), sharebroker, '97;
mbr. Ball. Stock Exch. since '01;
mbr. Melb. Stock Exch. since April,
'15; W.M., Yarrowee Mas. Lodge,
'12; mbr. com. Ball. City R.C. many
yrs.; mbr. Wend. Rec. Club; ex-
pres. Buffalo Club; Club Commer-

EULEY, Arthur A.; M.A.; b. Geelongr,
'54; s. of 1. James Buley (who was
assoc. with some of earliest build-
ing enterprises of Ball dist., incl.
Benev. Asylum and Union Bank);
educ. Gren. Coll.; dux & matric. '68;
M.A., Melb. Univ. (1st clas&honors)
mbr. staff Gren. Coll., two periods;
principal, 'SO-'IO; then app. staff
Ball. A.H.S.; trans. Melb. H.S., '12;
pte. 3rd batt. Inf., when estab., '84;
given commission, '85; capt. & CO
A Coy., '94; reserve '98; one of first
10 shots of batt. top scorer & best
average inter-batt. match, Syd.; en-
couraged rifle shooting at Gren.
Coll., team from Coll. (trained by
S.M. Brough), winning South-st. So-
ciety's Cadet Comp., and taking Sir
H. Cuthbert Shield three yrs. in
succession for all-round effective-
ness; educated many well-known
men, incl. Chief Justice Nicholls.
(Tas.), Judges Eagleson & Wasley
(Vic.), and B. O'Dowd, poet, litera-
teur and librarian; succeeded father
as mbr. Aust. Exhib. Comm.; ex-
trustee and circ. steward Lyd.-st.
Meth. Ch.; ex-supt. Sun. Sch.; sec.
L.P. assoc. (30 yrs.); on preaching
plan for 40 years.

BUUS, Walter H.; b. Ball., '78; van
prop, for many yrs.; served South
African war with 5th Vic. Cont.;
wounded at Wilmaransrust (night
attack); S. African medal with five
clasps; (Cape Col., Orange Riv., Col
Trans., and 1901-2); "very good"
discharge; ret. Ball., '02; fdr and
first sec. Ball, branch S. African
Sold ers' Assoc.; v.-p. S. African
Soldiers' Assoc. of Aust.. 1913-14-
mbr. Viet, exec.; sec. Soldiers' Stat-
A XT"' , m<; P res - Newington branch

enlisted for active ' service ' with
A I.F., but invalided and discharged
after sev. weeks' training.

BTJ17CE. ChfLB. ^Tv * Tt fv*Ae ' ~~ r > ~ ,.f

_ ,^' n^^ M ^9*> " v^res., 10, S. or
T. G. Bunce; educ. Cres. S.S. and
Cres. G.S.; mbr. Ball. Stock



Bince '97; mgr. Ball, business of F.
W. Hoist, sharebroker, since 08,
assoc. with sev. sporting institu-
tions for many years; was sec. ana
cant., and now v.-p. Ball. City R.C.;
and sec and treas. Ball. Regatta
Assoc. for three yrs.; sec. Ball,
amat. boxing & wrestling contests;
ex-playing mbr. Ball. Imp. F.C., and
ex-mbr. Ball. City F.B.. successfully
comp. at annual dems.;was sec. of
Venetian Water Carnival at Lake
Wend. hon. sec. Citizens' Home De-
fence League, '15-16; mbr. Com.
Ball. Stock Exchange.

BUNTING, ex-Cr Geo..; b. Talbot,
'68; settled Ball, as auct. & comm.
agent, '90; now State land assessor
and valuer, and agent for Guardian
and Col. Mutual Life Assoc.; mbr.
Ball. E. Town Cl., '06-'09; Town
valuer, '11-'12; pres. City A.N.A. '96;
ex-pres. Ball, centre V.A.A.A.; Ball.
Rifle Club, V.B.A.. and East Ball.
Harr. club.

BURGESS. Alfred Augustus; b. Bal-
moral, '65; s. of Fred. Burgess; educ
Connewirricoo S.S., and privately;
S.S. tr. in charge of Nangeela, Tel-
angatuk. Delegate River, Noradjuha
and Caramut, '90-'08; followed pas-
toral and farming pursuits for some
yrs., and later building enterprises
with bro.; settled Ball., '14; enthus.
rifle shot for 32 yrs; at times mbr.
Harrow, Chetwynd, Nareen, Pigeon
Ponds, Casterton, Noradjuha (capt)
Warrnambool. Northcote (v.-p.),
Colllngwood, and now Ball. (com. &
hcpr.) rifle clubs; formed Border
Club of Snowy River men, 1900; sec
of sev. clubs; mbr. winning Vic
team Cwealth match, Adel. (top
scorer, 49 out of 50, 900 yds.): Gor-
don Highlanders' Match, and 5th in
King's Prize. '08: well up In King's
Prize. Vic., N.S.W. and Tas. R. A.
matches; won V.R.A. clasp, Colllng-
wood, '13; V.R.A. Medal & Champ..
Ball. R. Union, '09; scored 54 "bulls"
out of 65 shots, 600 yds., at Norad-
juha; recognised exponent of rifle
shooting and successful teams
coach; hon. coach Ball. Rifle Club
and patriotic bodies: rink oapt. and
treas. Ball. R.C.; mbr. Ball. com.
Lady Hennessy's Patriotic League

BtTRBOW. Con.; b Kent (Eng.) *?!
s of 1. Thomas Burrow (who fought
with Grenadier Guards In battle of
Alma, Crimean war): drummer
Orenadier Guards at age of 11; ac-
companied Guards to Kgvptlan cam-
paign under Gen. Wolsely and
Arabl Pasha '82: present at battle of
Tcl-el-Keblr and occupation of
Plro (Egyptian medal and clasp;
Khedive bronze medal): Instructio-
nal sgt.-mjr. Vic. millt. forces chiefly
with 3rd batt. Pall. '84-1: ret. Eng.
nd completed 21 yrs.' service with
Gren. Guard*. *tlred with rank of

Col. Sgt. '8-9; l.s. medal; rejoined
3rd batt. Ball, as sgt. '89; later Col.
Sgt.; went on reserve few yrs. later;
best shot in batt. '92-3, 1900-2 best
shot Vic. Milit. Forces '92-3; rep.
batt. in inter-State matches with
success; later lie. Robin Hood,
Union and Wheat Sheaf hotels,
chief steward Royal Millt. Coll.
Duntroon, Canberra, portion of '12;
master and sec. Ball. Benev. Asy-
lum since '12; also l.g.; one of fdrs.
later sec. and now mbr. Cl. of
Royal Soc. of 6t. George; one of
fdrs. and ex-pres. 3rd batt. club;
mbr. Progress Assoc. com.; mbr.
Citizens' Recruit com. "16; and Fed.
Recruit com. '16; hon. drill instr.
Citizens' Home Defence Corps '16-
16: mbr. Ball. com. Lady Hennes-
sv s Patriotic League.

BURROW, Sgt. Arthur Alfred; s of
Con. Burrow, b Ball. Joined 7th Inf.
Regt. Ball, as pte. and qualified for
com. rank of 2nd lieut. ; but did not
accept; on active service with 8th
batt. 1st. Aust. Exp. force 1914-15
with rank of platoon sgt.

BURROW, Lieut. Sydney, s of Con.
Burrow, b Vic. Barracks Melb., '86;
bugler 3rd batt. Ball. '97; Joined
Vic. Garrison Art. in later yrs. and
attended Sch. of Gunnery, Syd. and
app. Sgt. MJr. of Ascot Vale and
later Camperdown areas under new
defence scheme of cumpulsorr
training '10-14; on active service
firstly as Sgt. MJr. Signallers' Corps
7th batt. 1st A.I.F.; prom. Reg.
Quarter Master Sgt. at Egypt Jan.
1915; transferred to Grenadier
Guards April 1915 with comm. as
Lieut. '15.

BURRO WES, Major Herbert O. A. D. ;
b. S. Melb. *82; s. of 1. Dr. Wm. O'D
Burrowes (col. of 50's) ; g.s. of Rev.
John Burrowes, 1st Ang. clergyman
Of Brighton (Tas.) and of 1. Phillip
Emmeit, asst. Controller-General of
Convicts in early days of Tasmania:
educ. Yarra Park S.S., Richmond:
mbr. staff Coles Book Arcade and
Robertson & Co., Melb. for sev. yrs.
hon. librarian Ch. of Eng. G.8..
Melb.; pte. In 2nd batt. Inf. '02-7:
oomm. as 2nd lleut. 6th A.I.R..
Melb. '07; capt. '11; later capt. of
3rd and 56th Inf.; area officer for
some yrs., also mbr. of A. and I.
staff; enlisted for active service a
capt. of 39th Ballarat regt. 10th
brig. A.I.F. '16; later prom. mjr. and
second in command.

CADDT, Wm.; b Ball. '94; B of Ja0.
Caddy: left for S. Africa with par-
ents '98, educ. Germlston S.S., and
J*burgh Univ.: capt. Caled. C.C..
Germiston '07-11: best bat. avffe. 89
for 27 inn.; highest score In sen.
cricket 196: mbr. 8. City (Ball.)
C.C. '12-16; helped his teams to win
five cups; Joined SOth A.M.C.. Ball-
as pte. '12; on active service Galll-
poli and French campaign* with No.



6 Field Amb. A.I.F., '15-16.
CAIRNS, Mary Alice; wife of 1. Rev
Dr. T. R. Cairns (pastor St. And-
rew's Kirk. Ball. '85-13); settled
Ball. '85; mbr. Female Refuge com
since '85; four times pres. ; mbr
Ladies' Benevo. Clothing Soc. com
for sev. yrs.; pres. St. Andrew's
branch and V.P. Vic. Exec, of Pres-
byt. Womens" Missionary Union o:
Vic. sev. yrs.; pres. League

CAIBNS, Rev. P. Water*; b Glasgow
a of Capt. Andrew Cairns (mariner)
educ. Glas. P.S. and Divinity Hall
and Lond. Soc. of Arts; brought up
in Estab. Church of Scot., but after
commercial career ent. Baptist
ministry; arr. Aust. '85; first pastor
Bundaberg Bap. Church; remaining
there 3 yrs.; later Warrnambool 3
yrs.; S. Yarra, 4 yrs.; Burnie (Tas.)
3 yrs.; Perth, 6 yrs.; Vic.-st., Ball.
E., 1915; V.P. Bap. Union of W.A.
'13; pres. '14; ex-pres. Foreign and
Home Mission com.; ex-chairman
Bap. Clergy Training Coll, Perth.
CAIiliOW, Major Andrew E.; vet. sur-
geon; b Ramsey, (Isle of Man where
ancestors long settled) '67; s of
Thos. Callow (who travelled U.S.A.,
India, China (during Civil War) and
settled at Brighton, Melb. In 50's):
educ. Melb. G.S.; for some yrs.
active ch. and temp, worker, athlete
horseman and agric. (amat. gar-
dener) and won first and all minor
prizes at Cheltenham champ,
ploughing mtg. at age of 17 yrs.;
also won principal and other events
at Manx Assoc. Sports mtg., Aspen-
dale '90; passed Vet. Bds. first
exam, (distinction) '90; and final
(credit) '92; practised prof. Brigh-
ton 2 yrs.; settled Ball. '96; bring-
ing best credentials of Vet. Bd. and
Coll. and commendation of Vic.
Govt.; mbr. cl. and vet. surgeon of
A. & P. Soc.; v.s. to B'beet and
Bungaree T.C.; pte. in V.M.R. in
98 to major in '13 of 19th A.L.H.,;
O.C. Vet. Corps during visit of
Prince (now King, George) '02; Re-
mount Off. during S. African War
"99-02; m. Ethel, d of Nat. Cooke,

CAMERON, Dug-aid; s. of Ewan
Cameron (early pioneer of Linton) ;
b. G'long '54; educ. Linton G.S., and
Nat. S. ; builder, paymaster, Linton
and Scarsdale ry. works '89; settled
Ball. '91; City Clerk of Works and
ass't eng. '99; health off. '12; acting
asst. City Clerk '15-16; rep. Scots
Ch. on Ball. Presbyt. sev. yrs.; mbr.
Cl. of Churches; sec. Presbyt. Lay

reachers' Assoc.; elder Scots Ch.;
un. Sch tr. for 42 yrs.; at Linton
and Ball.

CAMPBELL, Arch, Brown, M.B.. B.S. ;
b '73; comm. as capt. A.A.M.C. Ball.
'10; major 1913; O.C. 30th Light
Horse Field Amb. 1915; also med.

officer 70a batt. Ball, training area;
pres. Ball. Red Cross Soc., 1915;
rep. Ball, cricketer, against Eng-
lish, Sth. African, eta. elevens;
as bowler and batsman; one of best
perf. agst. Sth. Africans; ex-capt.
Ball, and Cent. C.C.; exam. & lect.
Ballarat Ambulance Association.
CAMPBELL, Cnas. E.; with F. S. B.
Wilson, estata. firm of Campbell,
Wilson, Propty. Ltd., photo engra-
vers and commercial artists, Lon-
don Bank Chambers '10; b. Ball., s.
of Edward E. Campbell; (col. of
early '50's); educ. Macarthur St.
S.S.; Gren. Coll. & S. of Mines;
mbr. S. of Mines staff as instruc-
tor in photography since about '00*
for some time held comn. in 3rd
Batt. Inf., Ball. '01-3.

CAMPBELL, Henry Arch.; b Ma it-
land, N.S.W. '60; s of Walter Camp-
bell (principal of Newtown, Scars-
dale Sch. ) educ. by father, visited
Eng. '77-83, where studied for and
passed public service exam.; on re-
turn to Ball, was 7 yrs. each with
Hon. R. T. Vale, bookseller, etc., and
W. Little, auct. etc.; & 14 yrs. rep.
Ball. Trustees etc Co.; sec. Ball.
Cemetery Trust since '13; hon. sec.
Ball. Aux. B. & F. Bible Soc.; elder
and session clerk and for some time
on managing com. Ebenezer Presby.
Ch.; for 32 yrs. assoc. with Sun.
Sch. as teacher and supt. ; 32 yrs.
in choir (9 yrs. hon. cond.); mbr.
Ebenezer C.C. for 15 yrs.; sec. sev.

CAMPBELL, Hal.; b Ball. '75; s of J.
M. Campbell, (botanist and curator
and early col.); educ. Cent. S. Ball,
and King's Coll., Melb; dir. J. C.
Williamson operatic and dramatic
co's.; toured East with Janet Wal-
dorf Shak. Co. and U.S.A. with
Marie Cahill and Aborn operatic
co.'s revisited Aust. with J. C. Wil-
liamson Coy.; wrote ballets and
incidental music for "Jack & Jill'
and cond. chorus; wrote music var-
ious Julius Knight co's.; composed
music and book of opera "Rajah of
Bhong" prod, at Great Northern
Theatre, Chicago, for 4 yrs.' run:
composed and written 230 songs
and ballads, later mus. dir. Coli-
seum, Ball, and breeder and exhibi-
tor magpie pigeons and writer on
"pigeonic" lore, judged at sev.
shows and enthusiast in bird nature

CAMPIGLI, Don.; D.C.M.: b. Piggo-
reet; educ. Piggoreet S.S.; mbr. of
well-known Piggoreet family; sor-
of J. L. Campigli, now of W'mstown; ser-
ved in European war as pte. in Sth
batt. A.I.F.; one of earliest to vol-
unteer, took part in landing and
early operations at Gallipoli; awar-
ded Distinguished Conduct medal
"for gallantry in twice carrying in
wounded men, under heavy fire on



2a dl in?afiSid 2 ho5 : later W Unded ! ex^ret fffXS Slftl U^ioT*
CANNON Edwin J.; b. Deniliquin. CARNEGIE, Wm. tanglands; b For-
CANNUW, s.S. and Bennett's farshire (Scot.); arr. Aust. '86;

MJ3- educ. U'quin S.S. and Bennett's farshire (scot.j; .rr. AU B , . oo,

Acad Latrobe. (Tas.) apprent. to varied experiences on silver, lead

Vlburv "Banner" later mbr. Laun- ! and goldfields of Aust.; stockbroker

ceston 'Examiner" composing staff) Brok. Hill '87-90; later at W. Tas.;

CCblOIl flUUU Cl v." t' o M T,. rn^f Rail StnpU Rxoh.

cest-uii*^* *j

2 yrs.; Melb. "Daily Telegraph 10
yrs ; Ball. "Courier" since 93;
reader since '10; one of fdrs. N.
Tas. Typo. Soc.; pres. Ball, branch
Tvpo. Soc. '00-10; "Father" of
Courier" "Chapel" '00-10; rep. of
Soc at three conf.; official umpire
Sen Dist. Cricket Assoc. for some
yrs. past, and old time enthusiastic

CANNON, Edwin 3.; a. of above; b.
Ball. '95; educ. C.B. s. Skipton-st.;
winner black and white drawing
Aust. Indust. Exhlb., Ball. '13-14;
assist, teacher Ball. West Tech. Art
Sch. and following com. art course
at Ball. W. T.A.S. when vol. for ac-
tive service; awarded Vic. sen.
tech. schol. (to be exercised at close
of war) '15; sketch artist and cari-
caturist Ball. "Star" until July '15;
served with sen. cadets and later
71st Inf. Regt.; on active service
with A.I.F. from July '15.

CARL YON, Thos. B.; b. Collingwood.
s. of 1. C. Carlyon (col. of 51);
educ. Echuca S.S.; settled Ball, as
licensee Carlyon's hotel '96; licen-
see Wood's (now Carlyon's) hotel,
c/r. Spencer and Bourke-sts.. Melb.
since '14; reconstructed hotel 15;
an active oarsman for many yrs.,
firstly as mbr. Echuca East R C..
won amat. champ, sculls of Vic. 96;
ex-mbr. and patron BalL Regatta
Assoc. and supporter local rowing
clubs; also v. p. Ball. Imp. F.C. and
ex-mbr. com. Miners' Turf Club:
owner of "Brown Hawk." Waterloo
Cup winner, 1916.

CARMICHAEL, Rev. Canon John
Campbell; b. Glas. (Scot.); s. of 1.
John Oarmichael. ironmaster; educ.
Glas. H.S., and Andersonian Univ.;
and Moore Theol. Coll. Syd.; ord.
deacon '85; priest '90; curate St.
Mark's, Brown Hill '88-92; vicar
St. John's, Sold. Hill '93-06; vicar
of Portland since '06; rural dean of
Ball. '01; canon '02: rep. on Gen. &
Prov. Synod and Bd. of Electors;
chap, to H.M. Aust. Navy since '07.

CARMICHAEL, John Graham; b. On
tario (Canada). '53; B. of 1. Dugnld
Carmlchael (who emigrated from
Scot, to Canada In early 40's) arr.
Aust. 'S4: settled Ball. '95; agric.
pursuits in Canada for sev. yrs.:
later took up photography and
came to Aust. In Interests Canadian
publishing firm, now following
photo*., enlarging, etc., 612 Leith
St.. Redan; originally a Prenbyt.
now native worker In Methodism,
mbr. Skipton St. (Ball.) Ch.: mbr.
tru*t fev. yrs.; hon. sec. for 5 yrs ;
supt. Sun. Sch. "07-16; mhr. Ball,
w. circuit Local Preachers' Assoc.;

and B'go; mbr. Ball. Stock Exch.
since '95; mbr. com. sev. yrs.; mbr.
firm W. Brown & Co., motor and
cycle builders and eng.; 8 Sturt-st.;
ex-capt. and mbr. com. Ball. G.C.;
and winner sev. club heps.; W.M.
St. John's Mas. Lodge.
CARROLL, Joseph; b. Kent. 1833;
settled Aust. in infancy with father
who was tailor of 21st Royal Fusil-
iers and who accompanied convict
guard to Tas.; arr. Hobart, after

diggers at Ball.; after following
other rushes settled Ball. & entered
service of Water Comm., '63; later
became foreman and retired 08:
was pioneer bandsman of G'long &
later of Ball Hill.

CARSTAIBS, Cr. Jas. Leslie; J.P.: b.
Fife (Scot.) '61; arr. Aust. '80; pas-
toral pursuits in Queensland for
many yrs.; still holding interest
therein; mgr. of Carngham Est. for
Capt. P. Russell '02-7 and again
since '14; mbr. Ripon Shire Cl. since
'14; gaz. J.P. of Queensland about 25
or 30 yrs. ago; mbr. Linton-Skipton
Railway Trust.

CARTER, Cr. Pred Howard; b Broom-
field '74; s of 1. L. R. Carter (col. of
'51; discoverer of gold at Broom-
fleld Gully; later grazier, of Scale
Park. Clunes); educ. N. Clunes S.S.;
settled Whittlesea for some yrs.;
purchased Springhead Estate, Dean
12; mbr. Whittlesea Shire Cl. '07-
12; elected Creswick Shire Cl. '15;
mbr. Ball. A. & P. Cl.: served S.
African war 1900-1 with 4th Vic.
contingent; Queen's and King's
medals (five clasps).

CARTHEW, Wm. J.; J.P.; b. Dover.
(Eng) '74; s of John Carthew (eng.
of Ball.); educ. Cent. S.S.; butcher
Skipton and Drummond-sts since
'95: gaz. J.P. '10; one of fdrs. Ball.
Trott. Club, pres. '15-17; l.g. Orphv

GATES. E.A.; prof, golfer; b Ball. '81;

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