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s of Wm. Cates (col. of early "50's);
educ. Alfredton S.S. and Pleas.-st.
S.S.. Ball.; green keeper and later
prof, golfer of Ball. G.C. since '03;
importer of golfing material; broke
record of Ball, rinks (71) thrice
during '14: scoring 69, 67, and 64;
won N. Dlst. champ, at Kyneton,
open champ. Woodend and prof,
match Ynrra Tarra 'IS.

CATRON. Lieut. Joseph B. T.; 8. of
Wm. Catron (nat. of Ball., now mhr.
teaching staff Humffrav-st., 8.S.,
BRll. K.); b. Kllmore '91: educ.
Swanston St. S.S., G'long: won
amat. cham. G'long & West. dlwt.
boxing and wrestling (in hth


depts) '10; ex-v-capt. G'long Guild
Harr. Club, rep. Christ Church H.
C. in 10 mile C.C.C. '08; ex-mbr.
G'long F.B. and rep. brigade at
four demonst. gained sen. rank in
pairs in Corio Bay R.C.; first pres.
of "Anzac" R.C. (1st div. A.I.F.);
awarded Royal Life Saving Soc.
cert, and bronze medal; ex-amat.
champ, skater; for some yrs. held
world s record; millt. career extends
back to jun. cadets; later lieut. sen.
cadets ("Old Blues") '7-10, capt. &
2nd in command 69th l.att. Sen.
cadets (Nat. service) '10-12; 2nd
lieut. 70th Ball. Inf. '12-14; on
mobilisation of forces for defence,
Aug. '14, was in charge of armed
guard of Col. ammun. works, Melb ;
lieut. 8th Batt. A.I.F. Gallipoli
campaign '14-'15; at defence of Is-
malia, landing at Anzac (off. in
charge of disembarkation of 8th
Batt. and portion of 7th Batt.) ;
assault on Krithia (battle of Achi
Baba) ; wounded while in charge of
platoon of Ballarat boys; invalided
to Eng.; for some time ad jut. of
Anzac base depot at Weymouth,
(Eng.); ret. to Aust. on furlough
Mch. '16; later joined reinforce-
ments of 8th Batt. A.I.F.

CAX78ON, Wm. Jas.; b. Smythesdale
'78; s. of 1. Jas. Causon; educ.
Smythesdale S.S.; Ball. dtst. tra-
velling rep. of Mitchell & Co., agric.
etc. implement manufrs. of W.
Footscray; P.G. and ex-Sec, of
Smythesdale Lodge M.U.I.O.O.F.
also P.G.M. of Ball, dist.: pte. ad-
dress, "Aberfeldie," 402 Wend,

CHALMERS, Rev. Cha*. H. H.; Th.L.;
s of Cr. Edward Chalmers (four
times mayor of Talbot) ; b Talbot;
educ. Talbot S.S. and St. Aidan's
Theol. Coll. Ball. (Th. L. 2nd class);
won comp. ent. exam. '10; winner
Winter-Cooke reading prize '11;
second do. '12; reader in charge
Koroit, Carisbrook and Forrest;
ord. deacon '13; priest '14; curate,
Casterton '13-14; vicar St. Matt-
hew's Wend, and bursar and assist,
lect. St. Aidan's Theol. Coll. since
'14; ex-hon. sec. Talbot Rifle Club,
F.B., C.C. and F.C.; capt. St. Aidan's
Tennis team; chap. Wend. Hosp. for
Insane; mbr. Wend. Rec. Club.

CHAMBERLAIN, Edwin C.; b Ball. E.
'73; s of 1. El W. G. Chamberlain:
educ. Queen-st. S.S. and Vic. Coll.;
assist, sec. Benev. Asylum sev. yrs.;
a/ct. for 1. Jos. Cowley, ironfounder
'05; sec. and one of principals Cow-
ley & Co., Prop. Ltd., builders of
State ry. trucks & Cowley boilers,
latter being distrib. in South Seas
and throughout Aust., V.P. Golden
Pt. F.C.; one of fdrs. and mbr. first
com. Ball, branch Vic. Inst. of Sees.
mbr. Ball. Munitions com.

CHAMBERLAIN, Ernett C.; b Ball.
E. '76: s of 1. E. W. G. Chamberlain;

educ. Queen-st. S.S., Vic. Coll. and
S. of M. (where obtained Govt. cert,
for bookkeeping at age of 16) ; for
some yrs. mgr. branch of P.W. &
Co., carriers; now co-prop, and
mgr. firm of Phillips & Chamber-
lain, produce merchs. (estab. early
*60's); succeeded father on Orph.
com.; sec. sev. return mayoral balls.
Ball. E.; one of fdrs. and first V.P.
of St. Paul's Y.M.C.

CHAMPION, John; b Cornwall '41; s
of 1. James Champion ( a Cornish
mine captain), arr. Aust. '62, mine
contracting and shaft sinking for
some yrs.; later mgr. Haddon, De
Murska, Lone Hand, Hepburn Est.,
Smeaton Reserve, Midas Consols
mines in turn; ret. '91; mbr. sev.
G.M. co. bds., Hepburn Est., Berry
No. 1., Grand Duke, Duke United,
Hepburn Ext., Prince of Wales and
Bonshaw, Speedwell, Band & Loch
and Woah Hawp No. 1, also Morn-
ing Star, Brilliant and other West-
ralian mines; no fatal accident oc-
curred at any time during his re-
gime as mgr; sole survivor original
Ball, party of mine contractors; ac-
tive mbr. Pleasant-st. Meth. Ch. and
teacher of Bible class since '64.

CHAMPION, Cr. W. J.; b. Mt. Pleas.
Ball. E. '66; s. of 1. H. Champion
(col. of early 50's, a pioneer digger
and later orchardist) ; educ. Mt.
Pleas. S.S.; assoc. drapery business
for many yrs.; connected with Pat-
terson, Laing & Bruce, wholesale
softgoodsmen for many yrs. Melb.
and Ball., later with John Snow
& Co. of Ball. & J. J. Listen
and Co., taking over latter business
at Clunes '01; mbr. Clunes Bor. Cl.
since '14; mbr. Water Comm. and
Progress Assoc.; pres. Clunes F.C.
'15; mbr. Hosp. com.; P.C.R. Morn-
ing Star Tent I.O.R.; jun. supt.
Clunes Meth. Sun. Sch. since '10;
also treas.; supt. Clunes Jun. C.E.

CHANDLER, Wm. Hy.; b Croydon
(Eng.) '62; arr. Aust. '74; after pas-
toral pursuits in N.S.W.; studied
architecture and commenced prac-
tice Melb. about '85; later toured
Europe to gain modern ideas of
architecture; practised three vrs.
in Sth. Africa and settled Ball. ''99;
mbr. firm R. M. West, Chandler &
Co.,; later of Barlow, Molloy and
Chandler, architects and Doepel &
Chandler, auct. and gen. comm.
agents; designed Y.M.C. A. hall,
Coliseum. St. Peter's Hall, and St.
Aidan s Coll. and many residences;
sworn valuator and lie. auctioneer-
pres. South-st. Soc. '06; lay canon,
mbr. Ang. Syn. and Cath. Chapter,
mbr. Royal Arch Chapter, mbr.
Cent. Bowl. Club, keen amat. theatri-
and official valuator of Ball, dio-
cese, warden St. Peter's Ch.: hon.
treas. Belgian Relief Fund '14-15;
W.M. Yarrowee Mas. Lodge, '13-14;



cal, assisted in leading local opera-
tic and dram, productions for past
15 yrs.; "Pooh Bah" (Mikado);
"Strephen," (lolanthe); "Pippo,"
(La Mascotte"); "Henri," (Les
Cloches de Cornville"); with Mrs.
Russell Coldham promoted very
successful dram, entertainment in
aid of Red Cross, '15.

CHAPMAN, Robert E.; b W. Maitland
(N.S.W.) s of Rev. Robert Chap-
man (Anglican) educ. St. John's G.
S., Newcastle; Bank of N.S.W. ser-
vice since '68; served at h.q. and
various branches, mgr. Ball, branch
since "92; one of oldest mbrs. Ball.
G.C., hon. sec. for 10 yrs.; mbr.
com. sev. yrs. and pres. 4 yrs., mbr.
Ball. Ang. Synod, Cath. Chapter,
trustee of Ball. Dioc. and mbr. Dioc.
Cl. Fin. Com. and Superannuation
Fund Club. Ballarat.

CHATHAM, John; M.L.A. for Gren-
ville since '13; mbr. Royal Comm.
on Closer Settlement; one of far-
mer's reps, on Advisory com. of
Vic. Wheat Comm.; b. Napoleons,
'66; s of 1. Jas. Chatham (col. of
'56); educ. Napoleon S.S.; successi-
vely woodcarter, saw-miller, ry.
navvy, ry. contractor, (on Bacchus
Marsh Ballan & Birregurra For-
rest sections) ; min. contractor at
Rokewood, Pitfleld and farming and
orcharding since "02; pioneer wheat
grower of Western Plains; mbr.
Rokewood A.N.A. and P.L.L.

CHIRNSIDE. Capt. Robert Gordon:
Chevalier Legion of Honor; s. of
1. Robert Cnirnside. of Carran-
ballac est., near Skipton; mbr.
Hampden Shire Cl. sev. yrs.; parti-
cipated Gallipoli campaign as Staff
Officer to Major-Gen. Sir W. T.
Bridges; O.C. Aust. Imp. Forces,
and later A.D.C. to Lieut.-Gen. Sir
Wm. Birdwood (Com.-in-Chief
"Anzac" division); Gallipoli and
French campaigns, '15-16; decora-
ted by French Govt. with Legion of
Honor In recognition of special
Bervices to French arms during
Franco-British evacuation of Pen-
in KUln.

CHRISTY, Wm. A. b Ball. '66: e of 1.
David Christy; educ. DimeloVs
Coll.; assist, father as min. and
elect, registrar Ball. W. '86-89,
succeeding to these positions on
father's death '89: ex- V.C. and capt.
of Ball. F.C.: ex-sec, and treas.
Ball. C.C. and active playing mbr.;
top scorer for rep. Ball, team agst.
Shaw and Lillywhite's Eng. eleven,
and successful all round player in
Inter city matches; rink capt. Cent.
B.C., since '12; active mbr. Ball.
G.C.: P.M. Trrowe Mas. Lodge:
P.G.J.D. of Vic.: P.M. Mark Lodge;
mbr. St. Peter'* vestry.

CLAKK. Cr. Henry; J.P.; b. Ball. '62;
of ThoH. Clark, educ. Sebas. S.8.;
butcher at Albert-st. Sebas. for
many yrs.; mbr. Bebas. Bor. Cl.

since '90; mayor '95, '02, '14; W.M.
Sebas. Mas. Lodge 1900; sec. since
'03;ex-foreman Sebas. F.B. ; one of
fdrs. and pres. (1914) Sebas. Old
Boys' Assoc.; life patron Sebas.
Cambrian Soc. and Sebas. C.C. and
supporter of other sporting clubs.

CLABK, Lawrence; b. Dumfermline,
(Scot.) '31; col. of early 60's; \ma
associated with 1. bro. Robert Cl*rk
J.P. at the establishment of he
"Courier" in June '67; for many yrs.
collector; one of earliest mbrs. of
Cent. B. C. and City R.C.

CLARK, Morton S.; b Beech worth '66
s.of John Sitch Clark) educ. Beech.
G.S.; joined Crown Law Dept. '72;
stationed Beechworth, Ball., then
relieving for five yrs.; Ball, 'long
and Ball.; Clerk of Petty Sessions,
deputy sheriff, prothonotory, clerk
of warden courts for Ball, dist;
comm. for taking affidavits Vic. and
N.S.W.; fdtn. mbr. and promoter
Ball. City A.N.A. '76; the senior
mbr Orion Masonic Lodge; W.M.
'81 hon. sec. old Albion F.C. Ball.

CLARK, Thos. Wm. b G'long dist. '49
s of 1. Thos. Clark (one of first
mbrs. Cres. Road Bd. and later of
Cres. Shire Cl. ; also one of first
mbrs. Upper Tarra Shire Cl. & twice
pres.); educ. Flinders S.S., G'long;
mbr. A.M.P. staff '75-15; mgr. Ball,
branch since '89-15; ex-sec, and ex-
treas and occupied other offices
Neil-st. Meth. Ch.; Sun. Sch. tr. for
over 45 yrs.; P.C.R. Excelsior Tent
I.O.R., treas. Ball. No-Licence Lea-
gue, '15; mbr. com. Ball. Aux. Brit,
and Foreign Bible Soc.

CLARK, Cr. Wm. Ben.; J.P.; b Wheip
'72; s of Wm. Clark (early identity
of dist.); educ. Whelp S.S. and
Bain's H.S., Ball.; farmer and gra-
zier of Dunnstown; rate coll. B'yong
Shire '02-8; mbr. B'yong Shire Cl.
'08; pres. '14-15; contested W'heip
State seat as Liberal '12and '14;
gaz. J.P. '15; mbr. A. & P. Cl.; trus-
tee Dunnstown Mech. Inst. ; V.P.
Lai Lai T.C. ; mbr. Bungaree T.C.;
com._and steward Wallace T.C.

CLARKE, Rev. Adam; Town and City
missionary; b W'bool "80; s of
Daniel Clarke (artist) ; educ. Wbool
S.S. and Lawson's Coll.; ent. on
evangelical work '01; spent one yr.
as touring evangelist Meth. Ch. &
minister in charge at N. Brisbane
for 7 yrs.; then resumed evangeli-
cal work in Vic. and S.A.; Ball, mis-
sionary since '14; supt. Canadian
Home Ball. E.; hon. sec. Citizens'
Unemployment Relief Fund. '15.

CLARKE, Cr. John; J.P.; b Aberdeen-
shire (Scot.) '36; arr. Aust. with
father (David Clarke one of the
earliest mgrn. Langl Kal Kal Ffe-
tate and later co-prop. Buangor
FMate) In 40's; during this period
had stirring encounter with bush-
ranger who attacked homestead;
purchased Piggoreet W. estate, *55;


a successful grazier; mbr. Gren.
Shire Cl. since '70; six times pres.;
gaz. J.P. '70; elder Linton Pres. Ch.
and rep. on Ball. Presbyt. for
many yrs.

CLARKE, David; s. of above; b. Emu
Hill; educ. Ball, and Gren. Coll.;
first prov. winner Supreme Court
Judges' 50 prize at final exam,
barr. and sol. '96; practised Lyd.-st.
Ball, since '96, pres. Ball. Law Inst.
'14-15; mbr. Ball. G.C. for 20 yrs.;
open champ. '03, '04, '05, and '09;
won Flinders G.C. open champ, and
gold medal; keen horticulturist and
V.P. Ball. Hort. Soc.; grazier and

vjmbr. A. & P. Cl.

CLEGG, Qeo. Win. F.R.V.I.A.; b. Ball.
'70; s of 1. Thos Clegg (col. of early
50's and pioneer merch.) ; educ. Ball.
Coll.; art. to Tappin & Gilbert, ar-
chitects '85; practised with Wm.
Miller '98-14 (for firm's record see
W. Miller's biog.); now mbr. firm
Clegg & Morrow; instructor in
architecture and building construc-
tion Ball. S. of Mines; Fellow Royal
Vic. Inst. Architects.

CLEGG, Jo*. Wm. b G'long '83; s of
Wm. Clegg; educ. Cent. S.S. and
Vic. Coll., Ball.; wholesale saddler
and collar maker. Ball.; capt. Ball.
Swimming Club (8 yrs.); in 1904,
2nd in Vic. J-mile champ.; 1905
champ, of Ball, all distances; 1-mile
Vic. champ. 2nd J-mile, 3rd J-mile
and one mile Aust. champ, to B. B.

Ball. Gym. Club, one of fdrs. Ball.
Harrier Club; V.P. E. Ball. Harr.
Club; also life patron; v.-pres. and
hon. hcpr. Ball. Local Center
V.A.A.A. and Eight Hours' Day
Sports; C.R. Excelsior Tent, I.O.R.,

COCHRAN, John Bennie; b. Maxwel-
ton-st., Paisley (Scot) '46; col of
'52; with sister the oldest surviving
resident of B'fort district; shep-
herd boy on Goldsmith's (later
Simpson's) Tra walla station '52-4;
worked Waterloo diggings '54; back
at Trawalla diggings also Fiery
Creek rush '55-7, Jock's Gully '58;
later followed various grades of
manual labor from bullock-driving
to carrying and contracting; erected
Ball.-Stawell teleg. line '85; for 18
yrs. agent leading daily newspapers
now pastoral interests; one of first
attendants Prim. Meth. Ch. and
Sch. (father was one of promoters
building scheme); one of promo-
ters new ch. building scheme;
one of fdrs. B'fort Thistle Club,
(chief '08), Mas. lodge; Lodge No.
88, L.O.L & Progress Tent, I.O.R.,
an active Liberal campaigner for
many years.

CODE, Percy; s of E. T. Code (con-
ductor Code's Melb. band) b Melb.
'88; musician since age of 8 (violin
& piano) commenced study of cor-
net under father '99; won sop. cor-
net solo contest Ball. '08 and "09;

ino one miie AUSI. cnamp. to Jts. K.

Kiernan); first Victorian to gain! Launcestpn '10; champ, cornetist of

Aust. standard time cert. 1906 1st '
Vic. J-mile and mile champ, (re-
cords) 2nd J-mile (stand, cert.);

1907 2nd each Vic. mile, J-mile,
500 yds.; 300 yds.; and 220 yds.

1908 1st 1-mile and 220 yds champ,
of Brit. Columbia, and 1st in team
squadron champ.; 1911 2nd Vic. 1-
mile champ.; mbr. Ball. Harrier
Club sev. yrs., now V.P. ; won sev.
club c.c. and road races; finished
first in Vic. 5 mile C.C.C. 1904; but
owing to following wrong trail was
disqualified; runner-up lightweight
amat. boxing champ, of Ball. "06;
beaten in semi-finals Vic. champ.,
Melb. "06; between 1902-8 won over
20 medals and numerous trophies In
running and swimming handicaps.

CLOSE, Capt. Chap. Wm. Nelson; b
Limerick (Ire.); '77; s. of James
Close of Limerick; educ. St. Mun-
chin's Coll. (Lim.) & All Hallow's,
(Dub.); ord. priest '01, arr. Aust.
same year, and app. to St. Patrick's
Cath. Ball.; administrator St. Ali-
pin's parish Ball. E. '10-15; mbr. St.
Patrick's Day Fest. com.; capt.
chap. A.I.F. on active service Euro-
pean war '15-16.

CLOTZ, Chas. "ML; b Ball. '72; educ.
Pleas-st. S.S. ; hairdresser and to-
bacconist, Sturt-st.. Ball, since '95;
mbr. Ball. City F.B. since '94; ex-
app. officer and now treas; mbr. sev.
victorious comp. teams; mbr. Old

Aust. '10; principal trumpeter Mar-
shall Hall orch., Melb., some yrs.;
toured world with Besses o' th'
Barn Band as solo cornetist '11,
completed mus. studies in Eng. ;
cond. City of Ball. Band since 1912,
(won B grade band contest Ball.
'12, '13, '14); cond. Ball. Orph. and
City Bands at 1914 contests, winn-
ing 5 out of 6 possible first prizes;
reg. adjud. all band assoc. of
C'wealth; composed and arranged
sev. brass band numbers; coached
Maryborough (Q.) naval band,
champ, of Q'land; cond. Ball. Choral
Union; bandmaster Ballarat Infan-
trv Band '15-16.

COGHLAN, Chas.; b. Ball. '84: s. of
1. Jas. Coghlan, J.P.; educ. C.B. s.
Ball. W. and St. P. Coll.: pastornl
pursuits for many yrs.; after spend-
ing some time at Yanco station (N.
S.W.) became farmer and graaier
at Ceres, Learmonth, '01; owner of
several well-known racehorses and
also trained numerous winners
carrying own colors; mbr. of nearly
all district turf clubs: also mbr.
com. of Ball, and B'beet Coursing

COGHLAN". Jas. Joseph s of 1. Jas.
Coghlan. J.P., (pioneer brewer of
Ball.); b Wheip; educ. C.B. s. Ball.;
ex-pres. B'yong Shire Cl.; pres.
Wheip C.C.; mbr. Ball. T.C.;
Miners' T. C.; Lai Lai T.C.; al?o
served as steward and on com. ; mbr.



Old Ball. Hunt Club com.; dir. Ball.
Brewing Co.

COOHIiAH, Jarpr; s. of 1. J. Coghlan,
J.P.; b Ball.; '88; educ. St. P. Coll..
Ball, and Mentone Coll., Melb.; dir.
Ball. Brewing Co.; with brothers
owned Four Flush, Chester Maid.
Central Green, Silver Voice and
other well-known race horses; V.P.
and ex-treas. 8. Ball. F.C.; V.P.
B'beet Coursing Club, for sev. yrs.;
mbr. com. & steward Ballarat T.C.;
treas. and steward B'beet T.C. and
Picnic T.C.; 3rd in Syd. to Melb.
motor car reliability trial '12; and
successful in other motor contests;
patron various sporting clubs; mbr.
Red Cross Carnival com.; amateur
theatrical; enlisted for active ser-
vice European war. appointed to
Motor Transport column, A.I.F..

COGHLAN, Cr. Oiwald; mbr. Ball.
Shire Cl. since '14; s. of 1. J. Cogh-
lan, J.P.; b Ball. '86; educ. C.B.s.,
Ball, and Mentone Coll.. Melb.; far-
mer and grazier. Miners Rest; pres.
Miners Rest Tennis Club; pres.
Ball. & B'beet Picnic T.C.; mbr.
com. Ball. T. C.; mbr. com. and
steward B'beet T.C.; successful
amat. rider at Picnic T.C. mtgs. ;
mbr. of well-known family of sports
and part owner sev. racehorses.

COHEN, Harry; b. Melb. '57; s. of 1.
Joe Cohen (col. of *52); educ. St.
Peter's Sch. E. Melb.: settled Ball.
'77, Ident. with hotel business in
Lyd. St. since taking over Grand
Hotel licence in "77; mgr. Cosmo-
politan Hotel adjoining since early
'90's; mbr. Ball. B.C. since about
'05; mbr. com., an A pennant player
In sev. premier teams; also mbr.
nearly all rep. B.B.A, rinks, mbr.
champ, rink '16; runner-up '15; mbr.
H. L. Pobjoy's rink, winner Ball. E.
e.l. tourn. '16; mbr. com. of Ball.
Hebrew cong. and Philanthropic
Soc. for sev. yrs.: pres. Ball. Imp.
F.C. for second term.

COLDHAM, PranciB Buell: 8 of
John Coldham, (grazier, Grassdale
Est., and early identity of Western
dist.); b Hamilton; educ. Ham. Coll.
Brighton G.S. (dux '89) and Melb.
Univ. (won Supreme Court Judges'
exhibition and 50 prize at the final
exam. '96): took trip to Kng. ; and
admitted to Vic. bar '97: with Hon.
Agar Wynne ft A. J. Bailey estab.
legal flrm of Bailey. Wynne & Cold-
ham. Ball. '97: practised alone since
1910; active lib. politician and cam-
paigner, delected lib. candidate for
Ball. Fed. seat '14: chairman Red
Croiwi Carnival com. and Sold. Camp
Comfort* com.: mbr. com. Wend.
Tennis Club; Champ. '07. '08. and
f ll-'12: mbr. A. A P. Cl.: V.P. city
Free Lib. com.: mbr. Wend. R.C.
ev. ym. (sn. rank): pre*. Ball.
O.C.. '115-16: mbr. City Recruiting
com.; mhr. Ball. T.C. com.; mbr.
Ball. com. Lady Henneasy's League.

COLEBKOOK, Rev. Canon Thos. Alx.
b Reading (Eng.) '66; s of 1. Aid,
G. W. Colebrook, of Reading), edac.
Clewer's sch., Windsor), arr. Aust.
*85; assoc. with Ball. dist. Journal-
ism for few yrs.; then took holy
orders, studied St. Aldan's C.T.
Coll.; ord. deacon '03; priest '05;
during coll. course was student
minister at H.T. ch., Sebas., and St.
Stephen's, Ball. E., and became
priest in charge; as. comm. for
Cath. Fund, raised 15,000 cash, '06-
9; vicar St. Paul's Ball. El since '10;
canon '14; hon. sec. Home Miss.
Fund exec, since ordination and
worked hard to augment fund; freq.
engaged on dep. work in many cen-
ters of dioc.; mbr. most of dloc.
bds. and corns.; ed. "Church Chroni-
cle" for some time; mbr. Ball.
Public Lib. com.; mbr. exec. C.E.
M.S.; chap. St. John's Mas. Lodge
and grand chap, of Vic.; active sup-
porter Ball. Amat. Boxing & Wrest-
ling Assoc.; mbr. exec. Ball. E., Red
Cross Soc. and mbr. Town Recruit-
ing exec.; appointed vicar of Cam-
perdown 1916.

COLES, Cha. J.; s of Chas. Coles
(merch. of Melb.); b St. Ktlda '6S:
educ. Melb. G.S.; wool auctioneer
for Tounghusband, Row & Co. for
7 yrs.; and with W. J. Pullum toolc
over as going concern business of
O'Farrell & Sons, stock and station
agents and live stock salesmen,
(wh. was estab. in Ball, in IS 58) in
'96; mbr. A. & P. Cl.; Miners T.C.
(steward sev. yrs.). Ball T.C.; Club

COIiTMAK, Wm.; J.P.; b. Leicester-
shire (Eng.) '43; arr. Aust. '57:
settled Ball. '64, and later engaged
on old "Evening Post" as a/c. : then
app. to office staff of Hon. J. Camp-
bell; mbr. firm Brokenshtre & Colt-
man, auct. & est. agents since '82:
gaz. J.P. '89; P.M. Prime of Wales
Mas. Lodge; and D.G.A. Dir. Cer.;
P.M. Ball. Mark Lodge; pres. old
Blue Ribbon Union: chairman
Cemetery Trust, P.D.C.R. I.O.R. of
Victoria: P.C.R. and ex-sec. Excel-
sior Tent I.O.R.; mbr. Benev. Asy-
lum com. for nearly 30 yrs.: pres.
,98; l.g. Benev. Asylum & Hosp.;
circuit steward Ball. W. Meth. cir-
cuit; rep. Lydiard St. Ch. at annual
and general conf.: ex-pres. Local
Preachers' Assoc., Vic.: ex-chairman
Ball, branch: V.P. Ball. No Licence
League '15; V.P. Ball. Aux. Brit. *
Foreign Bible Soc.: rink capt. Cent.
B.C.; pres. '00-1; mbr. B.B.A. champ,
rink (Cent. B.C.) '03-4; V.P. Art

COLTMAW. Wm. T. ("W. to W.") 8 Of
above: b Ball. '68; educ. Cent.. Mac-
arthur-st. and ML Plena. S.S. (W. H.
Nicholl'n matric. clans); Indentured
to carpentering and contracting
trade under 1. Jas. Buley: subse-
quently his foreman; estab. as Urn-



ber march, c/r. Cres. Rd. and Dove-
ton-st., 1902; and installed unique
system in contracting, supplying
buildings of various kinds many
parts of Vic.; treas. South-St. Soc.
(Grand Nat. Eisteddfod.); specially
Interested in physical culture and
calisthenics, inducing S.S. Soc. to
make same prominent in annual
carnival; was strong factor In
building of Coliseum; fdr. and ex-
pres. Lydiard-st. Meth. Y.M.C, and
fdr. and first pres. Lydiard-st Ins-
titute; one of fdrs. and mbr. Infor-
mation committee of "Forward
Ballarat" movement; active spirit
in promoting railway extension
and other public movements ;
mbr. Ball. Recruiting com.; P.M.
Prince of Wales Mas. Lodge, per-
forming mbr. Liedertafel for sev.
yrs. ; travelled extensively Aust.
States and N.Z.; recreations bowls,
motoring and travel.

COMMONS.Fred W.; b Linton, '60;
educ. Parkin's s.; visited Eng. for
experience in monumental sculp-
turing '76; and on returning Ball,
estab. business at c/r. Webster-st.
and Cres.-rd.; fdr. and first sec. old
Chamber of Commerce; W.M. Orion
Mas. Lodge, '94; later sec.and treas.
for 17 yrs.; app. P.S.G.D., ex-capt.
and life mbr. Ball. R.C.; ex-capt.
Ball. Rifle Club; successful shot,
winner Queen's badges at Sydney
and Melb.; mbr. Vic. Inter-State
team at Syd. and winner aggregate
honors of N.S.W. Rifle Assoc. '98.

COMMONS, Mario, s of above; mbr.
firm Commons & Sons, monumental
sculptors, Cres.-rd.; b Ball. '90;
educ. Ball. Coll.; mbr. staff Com.
Bank, at Ball, and Beulah before
Joining firm named; active mbr. and
coach Ball. R.C.; sculling champ, of
Ball. (2 yrs.); one of fdrs. and for
some time capt. Jeparit R.C. and
largely instrumental in popularis-
ing rowing in the Wimmera; V.P.
Ball. Harr. Club.

COMB1E, Allan; b Ball. '77; s of John
Comrie (City herdsman for past 52
yrs.); educ. "Wend. S.S.; mbr. K Co.
V.M.R. for 17 yrs.; latterly squad-
ron major, mbr. of team that won
many mtd. comp. at Ball., Melb. and
other Vic. centers; won single and
aggreg. champ. Maryborough '95;
ex-piper and mbr. Cf. Caled. Soc.:
winner many piping contests at
various Highland gatherings; Judge
of piping at Hamilton since '06; and
fit other centers.

CONLON, Rev. Michael; b. Co. Sligo,
(Ire.) '85; s. of 1. Michael Conlon
(of Sligo); educ. Summer Hill sch.
Sligo, and All Hallow's Coll. Dub-
lin; ord. priest by Most Rev. Dr.
Donnelly at Dublin '11; arr. Aust.
and attached to St. Patrick's Cath-
edral parish Ball, since Nov. '11;
chaplain Benev. Asylum, Wend.
Hosp. for Insane, and Nazareth

House, Spiritual Director Women's
branch Sacred Heart Sodality; mbr.
St. P. club, has excelled in almost
all depts. of athletics; was one of
foremost athletes of All Hallow's
Coll.; won aggregate of all compe-
titions 4 yrs. in succession; a
champ, at weight putting (Irish
rules) jumping and running; and
generally unbeaten at putting the
16 or 281b. shot; beaten on tape by
Jos. Lee, (champ, sprinter of Lei-
nster) '07; mbr. All Hallow's Coll.
F.C. (Brit. Assoc. rules); capt. 2
yrs.; active mbr. Michael Davitt's
Old Irish League while in Ireland.
COOKS, Robert John, J.P.; b Ball. '78:
s of ex-cr. David Cooke, J.P. (one
time mayor of City) ; educ. Gren.
Coll.; assoc. with firm of D. Cooke
& Co., auct. and est. agents; and

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