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later with Maddern, Cooke & Co.;
and estab. firm of Cooke & Co. '14;
mbr. com. South-st. Soc. since '05;
V.P. '07-8; pres. '11-12; gaz. J.P. '15;
app. land tax valuer '12; one of
fdrs. and first sec. Lyd-st. Y.M.C. ;
identified with various sporting
organisations, inc. Ball. Yacht, City
Rowing and Ball. Hare & Hounds
clubs; held comm. In 7th A.I.R.

CORBET, John Boyd; A.I.A.V.;
(final exam.) '15; mbr. Ball, branch
I.I.A.V. ; public a/ct., aud. and sec.;
sec. City A.N.A. since '04; also mbr.
Building com.; hon. sec, Macarthur-
st. S.S., com. since "14; assist, hon.
sec. Belgan Relief Fund: mbr. com.
City Free Lib. and Soldier's Hill
B.C.; b Ball. '83; B of 1. A. H. Cor-
bet; educ. Cent. S.S.; joined A.I.F.
for active service 1916
COBJTEII.I.E, Thoi. C.; b Fitzroy, '52;
s of Thos. Corneille, (of Irish Con-
stabulary, who settled Vic. on its
separation from N.S.W.) ; educ.
Twining* s Acad., Hawthorn; an
actor in early life; assoc. with Rig-
nold, Cres wick, Darrell and other
actors and tragedians in sev. tours
Of Aust. and N.Z. ; subsequently
teacher of eloc. in N.Z. and later in
Ball. ; frequent performer for charit.
and other objects; old time contrib.
to "Punch", etc.; one of fdrs. of
Scarsdale branch F.M.E.A.; sec. two

COTTON, Thos. Win.; b Derby (Eng.)
'65; followed fugitive Journalism in
Eng. before coming to Aust. in '87;
joined literary staff of "Age" and in
'92 accepted literary post in Ball.
"Courier"; sub-ed. '97 and editor
'02 in succession to Col. R. E. Wil-
liams; and has since closely applied
himself to his responsibilities.
COCTQI.E, G-eo. Hy.; b. Maryborough
'57; s. of 1. John Vail Cougle (a pio-
neer of Clunes, Maryborough, etc.
mining fields and later farmer and
grazier) : educ. Clunes S.S. and
dunes G.S. (Rev. T. M. B. Phillips.
M.L.A.) ; draper, Havelock St. Beau-



fort, since '82; P.M. and treas. Fiery
Creek Mas. Lodge, also G. Steward
about '04; P.M. B'fort Mark Lodge;
trustee B'fort A.N.A.. mbr. Red
Cross Band com.; ez-treas. Mech.
Inst.; mbr. B'fort Presbyt. Ch. Bd.
COUI.TEB, Major Graham; a. of
Irvine Coulter; b. Ball. '79; educ.
Gren. Coll.; a/ct. & aud. sev. dist.
min cos.; served Sth. African war
'99-01 as pte. 1st Vic. Cont. (Queen's
medal and clasps) ; rejoined 3rd
Batt. Ball.; as lleut. '01; lieut. 7th
A.I.R. '03; capt. '05; adjut. for term;
area officer (national service) '10-
12; Gallipoli and Egyptian cam-
paigns '14-16 (inc. Ismalia skirmish
landing at Gaba Tepe. assaults on
Achi Baba and Krithia, etc., prom,
mjr. on field; acting lieut-col. com-
manding portion of 1915-16 and
during evacuation of peninsula; ex-
capt. Ball. City R.C. and ex-mbr.
com. and playing mbr. Ball. F.C.
COULTER. Major Leslie J.; s. of Ir-
vineCoulter; b. Ball. '89; educ. Ball.
Coll. and Sch. of Mines (dip. S.M.
B.) ; filled appointments at Cather-
ine Reef mine B'go and later at Mt.
Lyell mines (Tas.) as draughtsman
and eng.; presented with colors of
Mt. Lyell coy. for bravery in res-
cue work on occasion of disaster
few yrs. ago; mbr. Aust. Inst. of
Min. Eng.; took part in operations
In France during EHiropean war as
rnjr. of Miners' Corps A.I.F. ; obt.
comm. shortly after enlisting; later
became capt. and mjr. on service,
holding coy. command and second-
in-command of corps.
COUBTKEY, Major O. A.; L.L.M.,
R.C.P. &S.. Edin.; & L.F.P.S., Glas.;
J.P.: b. C'maine; a. of 1. T. W.
Courtney (early resident of C'malno
and principal of Assoc. Training
school); educated Assoc. Train-
ing ch.; Melb. G.S., Melb. Univ.. ft
Coll. of Surgeons. Edin.; practised
at L'month since '95; gaz. J.P. 1912;
ident. with nearly an public and
sporting instit. of L'month, Inc.
Rifle Club; ex-pres. Ball. Dist.
Rifle Club Union; military enthus-
iast slnre boyhood. Joining vol
forces before cadets corps establi-
shed, later in cadet corps. 6 yrs
with Vic. Garr. Artillery, Rifle
Club movement, one of pioneers
I/month detachment Vic. Mtd.
Rifle*; joining ranks, subsequently
troop and squadron leader: comm.
a* 2nd lieut. 9th L. Horse '04; lleut.
'05; capt. '08: c.o. 19th L H. '12-15:
app. mjr. and squadron leader In
4th L.H. Brig. A.I.F. in Gallipolt
campaign 'IK: served four months
in flrlnir line: then invalided to Enr.
and later app. to mod. staff Aust.
camp at Weymouth (En*.) for
shortneriod. ret. to Aust. 1916.
COUTTS. Geo. Keith. J.I'.; b Mont-
rose (Scot.) '37; educ. Mont rose
Acad.; arr. Aust. (Champion of the
Bear maiden voyage) '53; estab. as
merch. c./r. Sturt and Doveton-sts.,

Ball. '57; ret. about '95; gaz. J.P.
about '85; one of oldest justices in
Ball.; hon. rep. Society for Preven-
tion Cruelty to Animals; pres. old
Ball. Orch. Soc. (cond. A. T. Tur-
ner) ; one of the fdrs. of the old
Ball. Traders' Assoc.; mbr. of
Benev. Asylum com. since '78; (the
oldest mbr. of com.) ; ex-mbr. St.
Andrew's Kirk Bd.
COWARD, Albert Clarence; s of
Albert Coward; b Ball. '93; educ.
Humflfray-st. S.S.; treas. F*ball
Umpires' Assoc. '13; mbr. St. Paul's
Tennis Club; runner-up assoc. open
gents' doubles '15; on active service
with No. 6 Field Amb. Corps. 6th
Brig. A.I.F.. Gallipoli campaign '15-

COWDELL, Oeo.; s of Thos. Cowdell.
b Wolverhampton (Eng.) and arr.
Aust. with parents at age of 6;
settling in Ball.; educ. St. Paul's
d.s.. and Dimelow's Coll.; identified
with drapery bus. in Ball, for many
yrs.; firstly with H. & C. E. Smith.
Etxhib. Mart, Ball. E., and for 22
yrs. with H. Davles & Co.; mbr.
firm of Cowdell. Tonner & Ellis
(C.T. & E. corner) since Sept 1910;
was sec. Ball. Lodge I.O.O.F. '86-01;
and actively interested in Order in
later yrs.

COWLZT, Ralph, B.; s of 1. Jos. Cow-
ley, (fdr. of Cowley's Eureka Enp.
works, now Cowley's Prop. Ltd.)
'90; b Ball. 'S3; mgr. Cowley's fdy.
'08-14; one of fdrs., rink capt. and
mbr. com. Vic. B.C.; pres. Golden
Pt. F.C. '13-14; ex-pres. Cowley's
C.C. (premiers); mbr. Ball. Rifle
Club com. for sev. yrs.; l.g. Benev.
Asylum; owner of Rathfarnham,
Vic. Grand National Hurdle win-
ner (trained by H. J. Smerdon. and
ridden by A. A. Martinez) '15.
COX, Frank; s of Francis Cox (pio-
neer farmer of Miners' Rest); b
Miners' Rest "82; educ. Miners' Rest
S.S. and Gren. Coll. Ball.; chief
agent Com. Union Ins. Soc. for
Learmonth, Miners' Rest, Waubra.
and Windermere; V.P. Windermere
A.N.A., 1904; sec. since '05; sec.
Cemet. Trust; sec. Miners' Rest C.C.
(sev. yrs.); registrar of births,
marr. and deaths; well-known dist.
vocalist and frequent performer for
charity, and other purposes; mbr.
Lyd.-st. Meth. choir.
COX, Wm.; s of Wm. Cox (pioneer
clipper); one of earliest white
natives of Ball.; b. '53: grocer, etc
c/r. Hum/Tray and Wllls-sts.. Ball.
E. for 43 yrs. (24 yrs. with brothers
Lakeland who estab. the business) :
l.K. Benev. Asylum: one of earliest
members of Ball. City A.N.A. (24th
on membership list); W.M. St
John's Mas. Lodge '14.
COX. Wm. H.; s or above; b Ball. '80-
educ. HumfTray-st. S.S.: aanoc. with
father s grocery business for many
yrs.; one of fdr. Ball, branch



Grocers' Employees' Union, pres.
'14; country rep. of Union on Gro-
cer's Wages Board since '09; mbr.
Ball. E. branch A.N.A.

CRADDOCK, John; b Smythesdale '57
s of 1. Chas. Craddock, (pioneer-
blacksmith of Smythesdale and
col. of '53); educ. Scarsdale C.S.;
mbr. Ball. Stock Exch. since '90;
mbr. Exch. com. for sev. yrs. past;
sec. Ball. com. of Scarsdale Old
Boy's Assoc.; mbr. Ball. Lodge

CRAIG, Fred.; b Kingston '82; s of
John Craig; educ. Kingston S.S.;
gunner Royal Aust. Art Q'cliff '01-
4; joined Vic. Police Force '04;
transferred plain clothes criminal
investigation dept. 1911; stationed
at Ball. City for sev. yrs.; pres.
Kingston, A.N.A. '00; (then only 18
yrs. of age and youngest pres. in i
the Assoc.); hon. sec. Ball. & Dist. |
Home Defence Assoc. '15.

CRAVEN, Geo. W.; b. Malvern, '55: s.
of Sept. Craven. C.E. (col. of 50);
settled Ball., '60; educ. Roseinb-
bloom's Nat. S. ; for 31 yrs. forward-
Ing clerk for B. B. & Co., carriers;
joined Pioneer Lodge, I.O.O.F., '89;
later P.G. ; chm. Finance com., and
dispensary del.; continuing in office
since '91; ex-pres. B.U.F.S. Disp.;
ex-pres. Ball. Ironworkers' and
Polytech. Society.

CRAWFORD. Robert; s. of 1. A. Craw-
ford (one of Ball, pioneer drapers,
and original propr. of premises now
occupied by John Snow & Co., Ltd.) ;
b. Castlemaine: educ. Ball. Coll (dux I
'81); mbr. firm Crawford, Dowling
& Seymour (formerly Hepburn,
Dowling & Crawford), stock & sta-
tion etc., agents; rink capt. A pen-
nant, Cent. B.C.; winner sev. Club
heps., and runner-up Club Champ.,
*11-'12; mbr. B.B.A. champ, rink '13-
'14; mbr. St. Andrew's Kirk Ed.;
mbr. cl. Ball. Caled. Soc.

CREED Cr. John; b. Smythesdale '68;
s. of 1. Edwin Creed (col. of early
60's); mbr. of firm of Creed Bros.,
prod, merch. & chaffcutters of
Scarsdale. estah. by father X- un^le
(the 1. Cr. Creed) in early fiO's;
mbr. Smythes. Bor. Cl. 1905-15;
also ex-mayor; mbr. Gren. Shire Cl.
since shire absorbed bor. '15; ex-
pres. Smythes. A.C., Mech. Inst., &
T.C.; now trustee of Mech. Inst.;
lieut. Smythes. F.B. for many yrs.
(l.s. medal) ; active sport In yo'un-
ger days.

CROCKER, Cr. Geo.; J.P.; the senior
master draper of Ball.; estab. in
bus. '63: and at Hall of Commerce
since '77: mbr. City Cl. since '05:
mayor '12-'13: mbr. Water Comm.,
'11-'13; gaz. J.P.. '14; b. Somerset-
shire (Eng.), '49; s. of 1. Robert

f^rrkflrtu* VA*I ol + A A T^- n- -fn*, rTA*-l . .*

Eng. for 70th an-
niversary wedding of parents (who

tenarians), '04; one of oldest mbrs.
Ball. Liedertafel; now v.p. ; mbr. cl.
Ball. A.H.S.; v.-p. Ball. Royal Soc.
of St. George; lay canon Ball. Ang.
dioc.; mbr. syn. for St. Peter's Ch.;
trustee & sen. dioc. cr.; mbr. bds.
of nominators & electors; Ch. war-
den & treas., St. Peter's Ch.; mbr.
Ch. choir many yrs.; l.g. Hosp. and
mbr of C. of E. G.S. Cl.

CROCKER, Edwin; s of above; b.
Ball., '79; educ. Gren. Coll.; mgr.
Hall of Commerce drapery empori-
um; undertook business & pleasure
tour of Grt. Britain, the Continent
& U.S.A., '10; vestryman St. Peter's
Ang. Ch.: mbr. Ch. choir & other
comp. choirs; mbr. Ball. Rifle Club.

CROSSX.EY, Leslie; b. Ball. '08: s. of
1. John Crossley; educ. Cent. S.S.;
for some yrs. mgr. of carrying and
forwarding business of John Croe>8-
ley; gained sen. rank in eights as
mbr. of Ball. Rowing Club, also
mbr. of com.; played league f'ball
with Golden Pt. F.C. : also keen
cricketer; served in war as corp. of
8th batt. A.I.F., took part in Ismalia
affair and landing at Gallipoli;
wounded on landing and invalided
to England.

CROSTEWAITE, Cr. Daniel, J.P.; b.
Cumberland (Eng.) '51; arr. Vic. '59
settled at Italian Gully with par-
ents: educ. Italian Gully sch.; estab.
as gen. merch. & storekeeper at
Italian Gully (now conducted by
Crosthwaite Bros.), mbr. Soarsdale
Bor. Cl. sine '04, mayor 'OS; now
mbr. Gren. Shire Cl.; gaz. J.P. '09;
active mbr. Scarsdale Meth. Ch.,
filled various offices, and for 10 yrs.
circuit steward of Scarsdale: for 51
yrs. scholar, tr. and supt. Sun. Sch.
actively ident. with various local
movements; has resided same loca-
lity for 57 yrs.

CROtTGEY, James; b. Ball. E.. '71; s.
of 1. Jas. Crougey (col. of '53. left
C'maine for Ball, on Eureka Day,
'54); boot maker, Vic.-st. for many
yrs.; mbr. Ball. E. A.N.A.; pres. '98;
assist, sec. since '99; rep. on B.U.
F.S. Disp.; mbr. Ball. F. Brig, for 14
yrs.; 4 yrs. foreman: mbr. several
dem. teams & rep. brigade at Laun-
ceston. '02; ex-playing mbr and ex-
capt. Ball. F.C.; took part in mem-
orial match with C'wood; one of pro-
moters Sun. Sch C.A. ; capt. Barkly-
st. Meth. C.C. (pennant winners)
sev. yrs.; took 10 wks. for 11 runs Magpie (all clean howled);
highest scorer 125 n.o. in Sun. Sch.
Assoc. and for Ball. dist. cricket in
season '94-5; aud. Vic. Band Assoc.
CRUMP, 8. Ii. ; principal Clarendon
Ladies' Coll., Ball, since '03: d. of 1.
Rev. J. Crump, Meth. Min. of N.Z.;
b. Auckland; trained for teaching at
Christchurch and Dunedin Normal

schools: special studv of music
under Robert Porter, of Wellington,

received congratulations of King and Herr Karl Schmidt, of Auck.

Edward VII., and who became cen- ' Univ.; later on teaching staffs.



Meth. Lad. Coll.. Melb., and Bris-
bane Girls' G.S. ; principal Clarendon
Coll., '03; and St. Andrew's Presbyt.
Girls' Coll.. '12; pres. Ball. Women's
Branch Lib. Party; sec. Ladies'
Parsonage Com. of Lyd.-st. Meth.
Ch.; sec. Ball. Y.W.C.A. sev. yrs.;
mbr. Women's Exec. Recruiting Com

CRUMP, Eva.; b. Nelson, (N.Z.); d. of
Rev. J. Crump; matric. from Meth.
Ladies' Coll., Melb. (honors in Eng.
& French): teaching exp. in N.Z. &
Viet.; now v.-principal Clarendon
Ladies' Coll., Ball.;sec .Ball. Dist.
Nursing Soc.; treas. Ball. Women's
Branch of Lib. Party.

CRUMP, Ida; M.A.; b. Oamaru (N.Z.);
d. of Rev. J. Crump; educ. Nelson
Girls' Coll. (on an Educ. Bd.'s Schol-
arship); won three yrs. Univ. Jun.
Schol.. and took B.A. degree & won
the Tinline Sen. Schol. awarded bv
N.Z. Univ. for English; and passed
M.A. degree, taking 1st class honors
in modern lang. ; settled Ball., '04;
now on staff Clarendon Coll.

CRUMP, Mabel; M.A.; A.T.C.L.; b.
Xew Plymouth (N.Z.); d. of Rev. J.
Crump; educ. Meth. Lad. Coll.. Melb.
(matric.); Arts course at Auckland
Univ.; M.A. of N.Z. Univ. (honors in
botany) ; teaching & coaching exo.
In Auckland & Melb.; special study
of music, and Assoc. Trin. Coll.,
Lond.; on teaching staff Clarendon

CURNOW, decile; L.L.C.M.: s. of W.
E. Curnow; b. Ball., '87; educ.
HumCtray-st. S.S.; mus. career since
10 yrs.; prize winner piano comp. at
Melb., Ball. & G'long; chorister at
early age; Lie. Lond. Coll. of Mus.
(high marks) '07; org. & choir mas-
ter Neil-st. Meth Ch.. '10-'15; org. &
choir master St. Peter's Ch. of
& Lyd.-st Meth. Inst. since '16;
given numerous successful org. re-
citals; accomp. Choral Union (win-
ners 1200 cash ft valuable shields.
Ball. & Syd.) ; accomp. & solo pianist
for leading prof, artists visiting
Ball.; highly spoken of by 1. Prof.
Peterson (one time adjud. at Ball.),
and Prof. Moore, exam. R. Acad. of
Mus.; cond. Ball. Mus. Soc.. win-
ners 2nd class Choral Contest at
Ball.. '14.

CinurOW, Stanley; L.A.B.; s. of W.
E. Curnow: b. Ball. E., '90; eduo.
Queen-st. A. HumfTray-st . S.S. :
gained Assoc. Bd.'s adv. cert, with
honors for Aust. in violin, '09; Lie..
1910- won numerous prizes for vio-
lin playing at Ball.. G'long & Melb..
(open class): mbr. Lyric Orch. Soc
A Lledertafel Orch.: dept. mgr. and
buyer. H. Pavles ft Co.. Prop.. T.M.

CUTWTOW. Tno.; b. Cornwall, '65;
arr. Aust. with parents when child:
Joined E<lur. Dept. service, and sta-
tioned nt Olenrowan. '76; few yrs.
later transferred to Ball., as assist
at Cent., Humffray-st., and latterly

Urq.-st. S.S.; ret. '15; W.M. St.
John's Mas. Lodge, '87; treas. Ball.
City F.B. (under vol. system, and
later when Country F.B. Bd. took
brig, over); was sec. for sev. yrs.;
recipient of State grants totalling
1000 in recognition of his act of
warning and stopping train con-
veying police to Glenrowan (on
learning that portion of rly. line had
been removed by one of Kelly s') to
capture the Kelly gang of bush-
ranpers, '80.

CURTIS, Edwin Samuel; s. of 1.
Edwin Curtis (J.P. and one time Cr.
of Ball. E., and col. of '52); educ.
St. Paul's S.S. ; produce merch. for
many years; ret. '06; sec. Master
Bakers' Assoc., 6 yrs.; sec. Master
Grocers' Assoc. since '10; active
cricketer for many yrs.; mbr. City
Wesley. Peel-st. Meth. & Ball. C.C.:
mbr. Lyd.-st. Meth. Ch. Choir for 25
yrs.; and mbr. various comp. choirs
during same period; active mbr.
Soldiers' Hill B.C.

GUSHING, ez-Cr. Tho.; J.P.; b. Lake
Goldsmith. '69; s. of 1. Cr. Hugh
Cushing. of Ripon Shire; educ. Lake
Goldsmith S.S. ; propr. drapery bus..
Albert-st., Cres., since '01; mbr.
Cres. Bor. Cl. for 6 yrs.; ex-pres.
Cres. Hosp.; Cres. A.N.A.; and mbr.
Cres Cemet Trust; gaz. J.P., '14;
mbr. Cres. B.C. Com.

CUTHBERT, John He Aden; s. of I.
Sir Henry Cuthbert. K.C.M.G. (one
of pioneer sol. of Ball.: and mbr. of
sev. Vic. Cabinets): b. Ball.. '84;
educ. Ball. Coll.; sec. Cent. Bowl.
Club, '07; pres., '10-'ll: pres. S.
Ball. F.C., '07; playing mbr. for 3
seasons: l.-g. Orph.

CUTHBERTSOH, Cr. Jas.; b. New-
castle-on-Tyne (Eng.) '46; s. of 1.
Geo. Cuthbertson (who assisted
Robert Stephenson to build the
"Rocket" the first locomotive on
the Liverpool-Manchester ry.. which
won first prize of 500 for the best
loco, engine Oct. 15, 1829; and who
on arrival in Ball, in early BO's
erected the first steam engine on
the Frenchman's Load (Sebastopol
Hill) for claim No. 35): edu<*.
Price's sch.. Rcotchmans; farmer &
prazier of "Tyne" farm Raglan ft
also of "Lake View." Nerrin Ner-
rln; also threshing machine propr.
and mining prospector and inves-
tor; mhr. Rlpon Shire Cl. since 'IP:
flllod nearly nil offices in B'fort
M>t_h/>dlnt Church.

CUTTER, Lawrence S. ; b. Tall. '6S:
s. of 1. 1,. E. Putter (col. of early
CO's, and foreman for W. Morgan,
fdr. of coachbnlldlng works. Lyd.-
st.. S.. T.3: later mbr. firm Cutter A
Lever. A lator L. K fntter. built
rv.hb ft Co.'s Leviathan conch: prire
exhibitor Interns*. Exhlb.. G6-'K7-
and Centennial Exhlb.. 'SS); now
carrying on business with brother*;



pioneer builders of motor car bodies
in Ball., '06; mbr. Old Col. Assoc. &
Club, and old time mbr. Ball. R.C.;
trustee N. Star Lodge, M.U.I.O.O.F.

CUTTER, Be*. X. It.; a. of above; b.
Hall., '91; educ. Pleas.-st. 8.S.. Ball.
A.H.S. and Tech. Art Sen.; was
jun. teacher S.S. Miners Rest; mbr.
Teaching Staff Tech. Art S., one of
first teachers Jun. Tech. Sch.; fdr.
& first sec. A.H.S. Old Students'
Reunion Com.; sec. A.H.S. sports
sev. yrs. ; sporting contributor to
"Sporting World."

CTTTTEB. Alf. B.; b. Ball. '70; s. of 1.
Li. E. Cutter; mbr. of firm and bus
rep. L. E. Cutter & Sons; ex-pres.
Ball. Master Coachbuilders' Assoc.,
and Country Employers' rep. on
Wages Bd. since '10; old mbr. Ball.
Rifle Club, and winner sev. trophies;
hon. treas. Liedertafel since '08:
taken part as principal barit. in lead-
ing operatic & oratorio productions
" Captaine Robert" ("Tambour
Major") ; "Les Marquiss" ("Les
Cloches de Cornville"); "Lord
Mount Ararat" (" lolanthe ") ;
champ, barit., Ball. Comp., '98; won
aggregate for barit. solo 2 yrs. in
succession; has sung frequently for
charity; served com. Ball. R.C.; ex-
pres. Old Col. Club, and mbr. O.C.
Assoc.; mbr. City B.C., and pennant
player; l.-g. Hosp.; mbr. S. of Mines

C1TTTSB, Cha. P.; b. Ball., '69; s. of
1. L. E. Cutter; educ. Armstrong's
Sen. Cadets (old blues), '08; corp.
Sch., Dana-st., and St. Paul's S.S. ;
mgr. paint shop, L. E. Cutter and
Sons; mbr. Ball. R.C., and kept
Club's fleet of boats in repair for
many yrs.; patron Imp. F.C.

DALE, Capt. Trank Johnson; O.C.
Permanent Guard, Domain, Melb.;
served in Gallipoli campaign as
Capt. of 8th Batt. A.I.F., at defence
of Ismalia, landing at Gaba Teoe
with 1st A.I.F., and assault on Achi
Baba, Apl.-May, '15; invalided home
Sept., '15; held comm. in Citizen
Forces since '01; for many years
mging. clerk for 1. H. S. Barrett,
harr. & sol.. Ball.

r* AX TON, Walter A.; b. Ball, (on site
of St. Paul's Churchyard), '64; s. of
1. W. H. Dalton (ftltn. mbr. & officer
of St. Paul's Ch. of E. : one of earli-
est mbrs. Ball. F.B., Pioneer Lodge,
I.O.O.F. ; previous to which was
master mariner) ; educ. St. Paul's
S.S.; served in Vol. Rifle Rangers &
3rd Batt. Inf.; pres. Ball. E. elec-
toral cl. of P.L.C.; pres. Ball. P.L.C.:
rabr. Eureka Stockade Com.; spent
some years in N.Z.

D ALTON, llent. Herman A.; b. Ball.,
'93; s. of W. A. Dalton; educ. Eu-
reka-st. S.S. and privately; joined
and later lieut. Sen. Cadets (nation-
al service) ; trans. Citizen Forces as
rorp., and prom. 2nd lieut. 70th Inf.,
Feb., '14;O.C. Reg. depot, 70th Inf.

on mobilisation of forces for home
defence in early stages of war, Aug.
14; app. 2nd lieut., 8th Batt. First
A.I.F., Sept., '14; participated Is-
malia defence, Feb., '15; landing at
Gaba Tepe, Gallipoli campaign, In
April; assault on Achl Baba (Cape
Holies) May; prom. 1st lieut. on
field; invalided home on furlough,
Aug.-Nov., '15; assist adjut., Ball.
Training Camp, Dec., '15; pres. Ball.
Returned Soldiers' Club '15-16; offi-
cer in charge Enlisting Depot, Ball,
and reinstated in A.I.F. for further
service abroad, 1916.

DAX.TOJT, Cr. Pet*r; J.P.; b. Smythes-
dale '62; s. of 1. John Dalton; educ.
Smythes. Cath. Sch. & later S.S.;
succeeded father in bus. as boot-
maker, Smythesdale; mbr. Gren.
Shire Cl. (as one of the mbrs. of
the absorbed Bor. of Smythesdale)
'15-16; treas. of Smythes. Bor. for
about 10 yrs.; gaz. J.P. '06; treas.
Smythes. A.C. & Cemet. Trust; ex-
treas. Public Lib. Com.; mbr.
Smythes. F.B. for 33 yrs. (l.s. medal
and clasps) ; for many yrs. hon.
sec.; sev. yrs. Ball. "Courier" cpt.

DAX.TOJT, Bev. Canon Win.; s. of
Thos. Dalton, of Isleworth (Eng.);
b. '57; educ. Isleworth Church Sch.,
Ealing Deanery G.S., Peterborough
Training Coll. for Church School-
masters; asst. Master in Newark-
on-Trent Church Day Schools, later
Head Master Callington and Bere
Regis Church Schools; arr. Aust.,
'86; residing first at Maldon; later
Stipendiary Reader, Upper King
River District, Dioc. of Melb.; Ord.
Deacon, '91; Priest, '92, by Bishop
of Melb.; Minister of Numurkah,
'91-'95; Vicar of Ballina, N.S.W., '95;
Vicar of Gunnedah,- N.S.W.. '01; Vi-
car of St. Arnaud, '04; Stawell, '10;
St John's, Ball., '11-'15: Rural Dean
Richmond River, N.S.W.. '99-'1900:
Rural Dean, Tamworth, N.S.W.; '02-
'04; Rural Dean, St. Arnaud. '04-'10:
Canon of Grafton and Armidale, '98;
Canon of Ball., '13; Exam. Chap, to
Bishop of Ball. '11; mbr. dioc. cl. of
Ball.; ret. from parish work at end
of "14, retaining Chaplaincy, etc.,
and supplying temporary parish
duty where required; mbr. exec.
Ball. C.E.M.S.; address, Hill Crest,

DABCY, Jo.; b Hamilton '60; mbr.
Ball. City F.B. many yrs.; regular
mbr. dem. teams (winners Y coupl-
ing and alarm and disabled hose
and ladder & alarm & rush Dayles-
ford, '88; hose eights, hose and 1.,
Ararat, hose eights, h. & 1. and Y
coup., Ball., hose eights h. & 1.
Daylesford, '89; won ladder race
Christ Church, N.Z. '86; won impor-
tant open prof. heps. '80-6; inc.
Wimmera half-mile, '81; Mary-
borough hep., St. P. Day hep.. Ball,
and Trades hep. Ball. '84, H.A.C.B.S.
hep. '85; Sheff., Trades & Firemens'



heps., sen. F'ball hep. Melb. C.C. '8*.
and many other events; rink capt.
Ball. City B.C., '14-16; Jun. champ.
'13; mbr. S. Ball. F.C. for some yrs.

DABX, Wm. 3.; b Mt. Prospect '61 s
of Daniel Dark; educ. St. Paul's s.
Ball. E. ; tobacconist, etc., Bridge-st.,
Ball., since '90; mbr. Ball. F.B. since
'82; apparatus off. and later fore-
man since '87; l.s. medal with
clasps; winner over 50 medals and
trophies at F.B. dem. and ath.
sports (inc. Snow cup for double
stream event) ; patron and suppor-
ter various sporting clubs.

DABXiINO, Alfred; b Ball. E., a of 1.
Francis Darling (one time carrier
in employ B.B. & Co. and estab.
carrying business of F. Darling in
*94); educ. Humftray-st. S.S. and
Gren. Coll.; estab. business of A.
Darling & Co., carriers and for-
warding agents '07; h.q. in Ball.,
with agencies in nearly all parts or
world; capt. Gren. Coll. F. & C.
teams; playing mbr. Imperial F.C.
'OS-OS; ex-mbr. Waverley Friday
C.C.; and capt. North City 2nd XI.,
'10-12; treas. North City Senior
C.C.; mbr. Black Hill S.S. Com.;
Loyal Ball. Lodge MLU.I.O.O.F.
Ball. City A.N.A, and Ball. B.C.; on
active service with A.I.F. '15-16.

DATE, John Edward Tracy, M.A.; b.
Ball. '82; s of 1. E. P. Date (for
many years identified with teaching
prof, in Ball, originally of Christ
Church School, later State educa-
tionalist and latterly principal
Vedette Coll.); educ. by father;
matric. '97; B.A. Melb. Univ. 1903;
M.A. 1907, principal Vedette Coll.
07-11; mbr. staff Ball. A.H.Sch!

DAVBT, Alfred; b. Ball. '82; s. of 1.
W. H. Davey. (col. of early 60's);
educ. Macarthur-st. s.s.; in Elect.
Supply Coys, service as motorman

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