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inco '04; previously in horse car
coys, service; one of fdrs. and
first hon. sec. and at present sec.
of Ball. Division Fed. Tramway
Employees Assoc.; rep. of Div. on
Fed. Arbitration Ct. and on Refer-
ence Bd. for disputes; fought in S.
African war as trooper in Marquis
of TtilLirbardlne's 2nd Scottish
Horce (for Colonials) wounded in
action: Queen's medal with five bars
(Cape Col., Orange F. State, Natal.
. Africa and Transvaal).

DATZT, Jai. Henry; b Ball.; of
w. \\' Pavey. (col. of '65); educ.
Hawthorn 8.S.; became mgr. and
later prop, business of H. P. Ste-
vens, manufacturing furrier, Stnrt
t.. Ball. '11; well-known public
humorist and society entertainer-
winner of many prizes at comp. at
Ball, and other centers; winner
humorous song at Ball. '08-08-10;
prof, engagements with Eng. Pier-
rot* and other touring fo's; fre-
quent performer for charitable,
patriotic and other purposes.

DAVUY, John, b Miners' Rest '74: s of
Patrick Davey (col. of early '50's) ;
educ. Miners' Rest S.S. and St. P.
Coll.; licensee Commercial hotel,
Armstrong-st.. N. since '06; hon.
sec. S. Ball. F. C. for 3 yrs.; del. on
Ball. F.L. (6 yrs); sec. Lai Lai T.C.
since '09.

DAVXE6, Alfred; b. Mt. Macedon
summit '65; s of Chas. Da vies
(early col.); settled Ball. '09, builder
and inventor; designer and paten-
tee of device for decanting and
measuring oils and other liquids;
semi septic middenstead, portable
starting gates; adjustable gate
hinge; safety petrol holder; ink &
bottling decanters, bowlers' mea-
sure, propless clothes lines, liquid
measure, anti-fly screen, etc.; pro-
moter Davies patent syndicate, 520
Macarthur-st., Ball. N.; mbr. Ball.
Welsh Cymrodorion.

DAVIES, David Wm.; b Carisbrook: &
of Isaac Davies (of Carmarthen R.
Wales) ; arr. Ball, in early youth
joined Gas. Go's, service as Jun.
clerk '80; sec. '14; general mgr.,
"15; ident. with choral societies
from youth, cond. Welsh* Choir,
Sebast. for 15 yrs.; cond. Ball. Or-
pheus male choir with sucoess at
Ball., Melb., and other Eisteddfods;
first cond. Ball. Choral Union; treas.
St. Andrew's branch P.M. A.; musi-
cal judge Sebas. Cambrian Soc.
comp., and at Ball, and Stawell
Frtsteddfods; first chairman Plea-
sant-st. S.S. com.

DAVIES, Cr. Qeo.; J.P.; b. Melb., '52;
s of Geo. Davies (pioneer settler in
Vic.) ; prop. Invermay Dairy, mbr.
Bungaree Shire Cl. since '90; thrice
pres. ; chairman Invermay S.S. com.
and mbr. of old Bd. of Advice; V.P.
and later pres. old Soldier's Hill

DAVIES, Harry; s of 1. Harry Davies
(fdr. of firm of H. Davies & Co
later H. Davies & Co. Prop. Ltd.)
the Big Store, Sturt-st.; educ. Ball.
Coll.; dir. of H. Davies & Co. Prop,
mbr. Wend. R.C. com. sev. yrs.;
now patron; l.g. Ball. Orph.

DAVTES, Cr. Jam. J.P. ; farmer and
grazier, of Valley farm. Napoleons;
mbr. B'yong Shire Cl. since about
'86; twice pres.; also J.P. : P.G. Old
Wellington Lodge I.O.O.F., also P.
Dlst. G.M. ; first sec. Cong. Sunday
sch. Napoleons; b. Llano ver (Wales)
'46; s. of 1. Cr. J. Davies, earliest
settler of Dog Trap Creek (now
Napoleons) ; arr. with parents in
early 50's; educ. Hastie's sch.
B'yong.; witnessed some of earliest
gold rushes and took part in Kitty's

DAY-IBS, John; h Talbot '64; s of 1.
Henry Davies, educ. Talbot s. : mbr.
Talbot Dor. Cl. '88-'94. mayor '83-94;
and estab. bakery business Eurekn-
st. '94: ores. Ball. E. A.N.A. 'OS:
mbr. Ball. Mas. Lodge, elder Talbot



Pres. Ch. 'S6-'94; elder St. John's
Pres. Ch. t Ball. E. since 1900; pres.
St. John's Fellowship Assoc. sev.

DAWSON, Fred; s of Wm. Dawson
(pioneer trader of Ball, and fdr. W.
Dawson Propty. Ltd., Ironmongery
merchs. ); b Ball. '63; educ. Gren.
Coll.; mbr. firm W. Dawson Propty.
ex-mbr. Imp. F.C., City R.C. (sen.
rank) and Wend. C.C. ; rink capt.
and mbr. com. Ball. B.C.; hon. sec
Ball. C.E. Union, 7 yrs.; pres. Burn-
bank-st Meth. C.E. Soc., and sen.
class leader in Sun. Sch.

DAWSON. Arch.; b Ball. '71; s of 1.
Wm. Dawson, educ. Ball, and Gren.
Coll.; dir. W. Dawson Prop. Ltd.:
ex-mbr. Wend. R. C.; mbr. Ball. R.
C. ; mbr. three Vic. eight crews (won
Aust. champ, twice) ; rowed eight
times in Vic. eight-oared champ,
won thrice; mbr. 15 winning sen.
eight events and str. of 11 winning
crews; mbr. two winning sen. pair
and one sen. four crews and sev.
minor events; mbr. Ball. Imp F.C.,
15 yrs., won sev. trophies; ex-mbr.
Wend. & North City C.C. and won
batting avge. sev. yrs. in Jun.
cricket; won sev. college, Eight
Hours Day and A.N.A. foot races,
and numerous swimming races from
under 10 to under 18 yrs.; won
under 16 yrs. (club medal) and
second under 18 yrs. at opening of
Town Baths.

DAWSON, Walter J>.; mgr. of W.
Dawaon Prop. Ltd.; hardware
merch.; b Ball. '69; s of 1. Wm. Daw-
son, educ. Gren. Coll.; capt. of Coll.
c. and f. clubs; playing mbr. Ball.
Imp. F.C. 14 yrs.: ex-capt. v.c. and
com.; now v.p.; mbr. eight rep. lea-
gue teams, capt. comb. Friday
Assoc. teams, ex-mbr. Wend,. Ball.
City, Grocers (capt.), Lexton (capt)
& N. City (vice-capt.) C.C.; mbr.
sev. rep. Ball, teams agst. inter-
national and interstate elevens; has
rowed with City, Wend, and Ball.
R.C., rowed bow in six Vic. champ,
eights, also mbr. Ball. Club, win-
ners of Grand Challenge Cup Eight
at first and second Henley-on-Yarra
regattas '04 '05; champ, sculler of
Vic. '94; selected to rep. Vic. in
Aust. Sculling Champ, at Brisbane
*05; but rowed in eight oared champ,
instead; owing to bus. reasons de-
clined eight invitations in other
yrs. to row in Vic. boat; coached
Ball. R.C. since '95; now capt.;
coached Vic. eight in Aust. champ,
at Perth '06: winner numerous
swimming- races.

DAWSON, John Alex.; J.P.; M.I.E.E..
b '63: s of 1. ex-sgt. Dawson (Vic.
pol. force, now resident G'long) ;
educ. S.S. and private tuition; in
elect, branch Vic. Telegraph ser-
vice '78-88; dept. lect. on telegraphy
at G'long and on staff Gordon Coll.
<3 yrs.); later chair, of elect, eng.

S. of Mines, Ball. '91-96; supervis-
ing eng. at erection of first electric
lighting plant, Ball. '95; mainly
instrumental in formation (in Lon-
don of Melb., Adelaide and Gee-
long electric lighting cos., '96-99;
faz. J.P. '06; floated Electric Hyd.
luicing Co., Snake Valley in Ball,
and Melb.; and managing dir. and
chief elect, eng. for 5 yrs.; pio-
neered wolfram industry in Linton
dist.; now farmer and grazier of
Carngham and Pitfleld Plains; ad-
dress Coniston Park, Carngham.

DEANE, Cha. Maslen; b Lond. '71; 8.
of Dr. C. M. Deane (of Mathinna,
Tas., formerly of G'long) ; educ.
G'long Coll. and S. of Mines, Ball,
(cert, assaying raetall. and chem.) :
resident South Sea Island '90-95;
later chemist for Ashcroft's sul-
phide process, Cockle's Creek (N.S.
\V.); and mgr. Hans Irvine's cya-
nide plant; gen. metallurgist Ball.
S. of Mines staff; '98-11; now licen-
sed auct. and property salesman for
David Walker, Sturt- st.,; hon. sec.
Ball. North Rec. Club 5 yrs.; treas.
3 yrs.; capt. A rink sev. yrs.; later
V.P.; ex-mbr. Ball. Liedertafel,
various Ball. comp. choirs, St.
John's and St. Paul's C. of J3.
choirs; P.O. North Star, M.U.I.O.O.
F.; mbr. C. of E.M.S.

DESBLE. Lieut. Col. Arthur Vincent;
b. Ball. '79; a. of 1. Jos. Deeble (pio-
neer of Ball.) ; educ. Macarthur-st.
S.S., Miss Kennedy B.A. (Malric
class); later B.A. (at 21 yrs.). and
M.A. (at 26 yrs.) of Melb. Univ.;
joined Vic. teaching service in early
manhood and later master Gordon
Coll., G'long, and first principal
Essendon H.S. just before war
broke out; comm. as 2nd lieut. 10th
A.L.H. '10; lieut. llth A.L.H. '12;
capt. 29th A.L.H. '12; comm. as
major 8th batt. L.H. Brig, of A.I.F.
on active service, Gallipoli cam-
paign '16; led 2nd line in famous
charge of Turkish position at Lone-
some Pine, Aug. 8, '15; described as
one of most gallant charges in his-
tory; prom, lieut. col. on service;
afterwards invalided to Eng. on
furlough and later rejoined A.I.F.
for further service as batt. com-
mander 1916.

DEEBLE, Oeo. E.; b. Ball. '77; s. of 1.
Jos. Deeble (col. of early RO's. who
estab. business in Bourke St., Melb.
but on discovery of gold at Ball,
moved to this center, opening dra-
pery warehouse at old Exhibition
Mart site Ball. E.; later at site of
City Hall. Belling property to the
newly estab. Borough of Ba.ll. W.
(now City of Ball.); and finally on
site of Bank of Vic., Lyd. St., re-
tiring from business on selling out
to Bank) ; educ. Macarthur St. S.S.,
and Bain's H.S.; in Bank of Vic.
service for 3 yrs.; later with Cam-
eron & Sutherland (machinery
merchs.), estab. on own a/c as



mach. merch. at Lyd. St. N. '11 ;
auditor sev. min. coys.; mbr. Ball.
City R.C. sev. yrs. ; for many yrs.
a keen bandsman, played with 3rd
Batt. Militia Band (hon. sec). Ball.
City and Prout's Ball, bands.

DENNISTON, Cha. E.; mging. dir
Doveton Mill Co., b. Yorkshire
(EHig.); arr. Aust. '74; settled Ball.,
"80; ent. Doveton Mill, Ball., as jun-
ior, '84; became mging. dir., 1900:
co-founder & partner with brother
H. B., of firm of Denniston & Co.,
Propty. Ltd., clothing manufrs.,
Melb.; one of fdrs. Ball. North Rec.
Club (bowls and tennis), ,96; pres.,
'09-10; ex-sec. & treas.; now v.-p. ;
rink capt. and rep. in sev. assoc.
champs.; club champ., '99-'02-'05;
runner-up Ball 4-Dowl champ., Ti-
skippered champ, rinks, '09,-'12-'13
and '15; runner-up, '06; ex-capt. Gol-
den City Cyc. Club, and City R.C.;
hon. sec. Automobile Club.

DICXENSON, Ex-Cr. Thos.; J.P.; b.
Sebastopol. '81; (s. of 1. ex-cr. and
mayor Dickenson); grazier, Sebas.,
mbr. Sebas. Borough Cl., '06-'15;
mayor, '13; gaz. J.P. '09; v.-p. Min-
ers T.C. ; mbr. Ball. T.C.; mbr. com.
& steward B'beet & B'yong T.C.;
pres. Sebas. Y.M.C., '13; pres. Sebas.
Tennis Club, '15; life patron Cam-
brian Soc.. ;

DICKIE. John; J.P.; b. Stirling, '52;
s. of Wm. and Janet Dickie (pioneer
settlers in district) ; arr. Aust. with
parents, '54; landed Portland: sett-
led Miners' Rest. '55; educ. Miners'
Rest, Windermere and Dowling For-
est S.S.; farmer and grazier: mbr.
Ball, shire Cl., 9 yrs.; pres., '11; gaz.
J.P., '02; elder B'beet Presby. Ch.;
mbr. Learmonth Cemetery Trust;
mbr. Cl. Ball. A. & P. Soc., and
j/ month B.C.

DIXEEN. Cr. Wm.; b. B'yong, '77; s.
of Patrick Dineen (early colonist),
and g.s. of George Innes, (one of
earliest gold discoverers); educ.
B'yong S.S.; mbr. B'yong Shire Cl.
since 14; farmer, B'yong.

DXTTY, Ja. B.; b. Co. Derry (Ire.)
'34: s. of 1. John Ditty (merch. and
farmer), arr. Aust. about "56; joined
commercial staff of Maglll & Cogh-
lan, brewers. Ball. '61; later with
Tulloch & McLaren, and Coghlan &
Tulloch (Ball. Brewing Co.), ret. in
1912 after 50 yrs.' service as tra-
veller: now settled St. Kilda: an all
round sport and supporter of nearly
every sporting club of dist.; v.p.
1*1 Lai T.C.. mbr. Ball. T.C.: v.p.
Ball. Fish Acclim. Society and v.p.
Ball. Anglers' Club, for many yrs.
mbr. Ball. Gun Club and Commer-
cial Club; v.p. Ball. Bowling Club
sev. yrs.; one of oldest mbrs. Cent:
B.C. now mbr. St. Kllda B.C., l.g.
Benev. Asylum; recreations chiefly
bowling and angling.

DOEPEZ., Edmond; b. Ball., '67: s, of
1. Fred. Doepel; entd. Smith Wynne

& Morrison's mining office in '69*
later with J. R. Pascoe, and a/ct.
Cuthbert, Wynne. Morrow & Must,
for 26 years; mbr. firm Doepel and
Chandler, house, land, comm. and in-
surance agents since '04; Ball. sees.
National Mutual Life Assoc. & Com-
mercial Union Insurance Co.; P.M.
Yarrowee Mas. Lodge and P.J.G.L).
of Vic.; P.M. Mark Lodge, and P.P.
Royal Arch Chapter; pres. Mech.
Inst., '11; fdtn. mbr. Liedertafel: &
mbr. Hosp. Com.; hon. treas. Queen
Carnival for Red Cross, etc.. 1916.

DOUGLAS, Cr. John S.; b. Roxburgh-
shire (Scot.), '34; arr. Aust., '54;
settled Ball., '55; and since resided
in this district; estab. Roxburgh
"Model" Dairy Farm, Smythe's-rd.,
under style J. S. Douglas & Sons;
ret. from active business '98; and
residing at Quambi, Ball.; mbr.
Grenville Shire Cl. since '90; pres.
five terms; has sat on Ball.
City p.c. bench at times; ex-mbr.
Ball. Benev. Asylum Bd.; Old Col.
Assoc.; A. & P. Cl. and Caled Son.:
elder St. Andrew's Kirk since '03;
l.g. Ball. Hosp.; m. Jane, d. of Thos.
Telfer, of Cherrytree, '62; club Old

DOWDELL, Capt. Frank P.; b. Ho-
bart; educ. Hutchins' S.; joined
E. S. & A. Bank service at Syd., '84;
mgr. of various branches in N.S.W.
and Vic. since '90; mgr. Ball, branch
since '12; joined 1st A.L.H. (N.S.W.
Lancers) at Syd. as 2nd Lieut., '05;
Lieut., '07; Capt. & C.O. 56th Batt.
Sen. Cadets, '10-'12; Capt. 70th Ball.
Inf. Reg.. '15; called up for duty at
Ball. Training Camp for active ser-
vice trainees, Oct., '15; keen rifle
shot for many yrs.; mbr. Ball. G.C.;
Club Ballarat.

DOWNING, Jennie Grae-me; d of Dr.
Wm. Thomson, of S. Yarra; b. S.
Yarra: educ. Mrs. Tripp's Ladies'
Coll., Toorak; m. 1. Ben. Dowling,
'77; settled Ball. '86; one of fdrs.
and first treas. Ladies' Art Assoc.,
later v.p. and pres.; one of fdn.
Ball, branch A.W.N.L., now v.p. of
branch and hon. sec. of A.W.N.L.
Club; hon. sec. Childrens' Home
(Ball. E.) since '08; mbr. exec. Ball.
Red Cross Society; also mbr. Red
Cross Carnival committee.

DOWLING, Orae-mc; s. of 1. Ben.
Dowling. and g.s. of 1. Hon. T. Dow-
ling, M.L.C. of Jellalabad Est., Dar-
lington. Vic.; b. Kortnong. Camper-
down. '80; educ. Ball. Coll.; mbr. &
auct. of firm of Crawford. Dowling
& Seymour, stock & station sales-
men: pte. 3rd batt Inf., '97; Lieut.,
'00; Capt. 7th Regt.. '03; Res. of OfT.,
'10: capt. G.C. '15-'1<5; ex-capt. Ball.
F.C.; mbr. Ball. Coll. Cl. and Old
Coll. Cl.. and A. A P. Cl.

DO WIT, Richard Hy.; C.P.S. at Cren-
wlck since '09; joined Crown Law
Dept. '88: nerved in Titles office.
Melb., and later as clerk of cts ;



comm. for taking affidavits in Vic.;
cpt. Creswick S.S. com.; hon. sec.
Cres. Aux. B. & F. Bible Soc.; supt.
Cres. Meth. Sun. Sch.; ex-pres. and
ex-hon. sec. Cres. Hort. Soc.; hon.
sec. Cres. Recruiting com.; hon. sec.
Cres. S.S. Swimming Basin move-
ment; b. Padstow, (Cornwall) '69;
B. of 1. Rev. R. Down, (Meth. minis-
ter of many yrs. 1 service in Vic.);
educated Ballarat College.

DOWNEB, Tho. W.; b. Bays water
(Eng.), '54; arr. Aust. in early
youth; manufacturing chemist since
80; foreman W. Cornell's laboratory
*89-'92; also traveller; estab. firm of
T. Downer & Co., cordial and condi-
ment manufacturers, Sebas., about
'93; an expert in limelight pictures,
tableaux and cinematography for 30
yrs.; revisited Eng. some yrs. ago,
and procured electric plant to estab.
permanent cinema theaters in Ball.,
but was forestalled by another; was
the first Ball. dist. resident to enter
cinema picture bus.; mgr. Pathe's
Pictures Ltd. in recent years.

DOWNEK, Tom.; b. Sebas., '77; e. of
Thos. Downer; educ. Sebas. S.S.;
mbr. firm of T. Downer & Co. for
some yrs.; now cordial maker for
Eureka Brewing Co.; one of fdrs.
and first sec. Sebas. Choral Soc.;
P.C.R. Sebastopol Tent I.O.R.; ex-
jun. supt. Juvenile Tent, and ex-
mbr. Ball. Dist. Cl. of Juv. Tents;
treas. Sebas. Meth. Ch. Trust; mbr.
com. Mech. Inst. and Y.M.C. sev.
yrs.; patron Sebas. C.C.

DOWWHra, Win. J.; b. Ball., '82: s. of
John Downing (early col. of Have-
lock-st.) ; educ. Black Hill & Humf-
fray-st. S.S., and privately by Miss
Kennedy, B.A.; mbr. Ball, staff Nat.
Bank, '00-'03; Bank of Africa staff,
Capetown & Bulawayo; during past
10 yrs. has been trading, big game
hunting and contracting in Rhod-
esia and the Congo, and North of
the Zambesi; toured Grt. Brit., the
Cont., U.S.A. and Canada in "06; re-
visited Ball., '14-'15.

SKEW, Wm. Albert; b. Ball., '75; s.
of Wm. Drew (pioneer builder);
educ. Lowther's S., Errard & Urq -
sts.; hotel broker & comm. agent,
Armstrong-st., N., since "01; valuer
of hotels before Licenses Reduction
Bd.; pres. Ball. City B.C., '10-'ll;
pennant player for sev. yrs.

D RINNAN, Cedric; s. of 1. J. F.
Drinnan (mgr. of Titanga station,
nr. Lismore); b. Camperdown, '88;
educ. Skipton S. S.; clerk in Ball,
office of A.W.U. , since '11: first
hon. sec. of Ball, division of Fed.
Clerks' Un. of Aust.: Un. del. on
T. & L. Cl.. & Eight Hours' Day

DBtTHMOND, JM.; mgr. Co-op. Dis-
tribution Soc., Ltd.; b. Ball. "87; B.
of Peter Drummond (col. of '52 and
now 87 yrs. of age); educ.Cox'a 8.;

20 yrs. at Phoenix fdry.; one of
promoters, first sec. and now mgr.
of Co-op. Distrib. Soc., Ltd. (foun-
ded '96); pres. Lyd.-st. M.I.A., '06;
first sec. Humffray-st. S.S. Com. (es-
tab. '11); l.g. and mbr. Benev Asy-
lum Com. since .09; v.-p. '13; pres.,
'14-'16; l.g. Orph.; mbr. session St.
Andrew's Kirk; mbr. com. Ball. N.
Rec. Club.

DtJBBEKLIN, Benjamin J.; b. Chel-
tenham Eng) ; arr. Vic. with par-
ents; late firm of Dubberlin & Co.,
boot manufrs.; agent A.M. P. Ins.
Soc. since '08; now manager of
Hans Irvine's wine saloon, Sturt
street; a keen militiaman and
first-class rifle shot for many yrs.;
Joined old Vol. Drum & Fife Band,
'65; later assoc. with 3rd battn. Inf.
as sen. sgt. at its inception in '83;
next Coy. Sgt.-Mjr. & Q.M.S. of 3rd
battn. and 7th Regt., and ret. "12,
with hon. rank of warrant officer;
best shot in 3rd. battn., '91-'92; won
N.R.A champ, medal (later Queen's
prize) ; tied for Queen's prize an-
other year, and in later yrs. second
and third to Queen's prize winner;
mbr. 7th Reg. team which won Em-
pire contest, '08; and mbr. Ball-
hausen Shield winning teams, '05-
'08; winner many Vic. and inter-
State matches; P.M. Ball. Mas.

DUDLEY, Major John C. W.; b. Ball.,
'72; s. of 1. David Dudley (col. of
'54, and for 30 yrs. on Vic. Rys.) ;
educ. Central & Mt. Pleas. S.S. (W.
H. Nicholls & T. Gray) ; joined Ball.
City mun. staff '88; later assist. City
clerk; sec. G'long Harbor Trust, '10-
'14; sec. Metrop. Fire Brig. Bd., '14-
'16; joined 3rd batt. Inf. as pte. '00:
Lieut. 7th A.I.R. and later Capt. and
Major; 2nd in command 70th Regt.,
G'long, '12-'14; O.C. 56th and 53rd
Inf. Regts. '14-'15; Assist Q.M. Gen.
of Vic., '15: keen rifle shot, & mbr.
7th A.I.R. team, winners of Schu-
macher Empire Cup, '08; and Ball-
hausen Shield comp., with Imp.
Guards regts., '05-*08; top scorer '06;
top scorer inter-Reg, match (5th,
6th, 7th and 8th Regts) : active cric-
keter for 12 yrs.; mbr. Ball, team v.
Stoddart's Eng. Eleven; successful
vocalist, and mbr. sev. winning
choirs at Ball, and Toowoomba Eis-

DTTPF, David; Insp. of Factories; s. of
Robert Duff; b. Carl ton; educ.
Carlton S.S. and Model S.: succes-
sively assoc. with State Educ., Chief
Sec., and Factories Departments;
Insp. of Factories, Ball., since '02;
now in charge of Ball, dist.; pres.
Carlton A.N.A., '93; pres. Newlngton
A.N.A., '04; now assist, sec; del. at

21 A.N.A Conf. as rep. of Carlton &
Newington branches: pres. Ball. Ex-
hib. Com., '14; del. Vic. Band Assoc.
for Collingwood Band since '02;
pres., '10; sec. Ball. Choral Union



since '13; managed trips to Laun-
ceston comps., '14-'15-'16; life mbr.
Carlton C. & F. Club.

917777, Rev. Bernard; b. Ballyduff.
co. Longford, Ireland. '84; educ. St.
Mary's Classical School, Moyne, and
All Hallows Coll.. Dublin; ord.
priest and arr. Ball., '10; attached to
St. Alipius' Ch.. Ball. E.; attends
churches at B'yong, Napoleons and
Hardies' Hill; chap. Convent of
Mercy, Ballarat E.

X>UVH, Cr. J. .; J.P.; b. Devonshire
(Eng.); arr. Aust., '66; mbr. Town
CL, Ball. E., since '87; four times
mayor: rep. Ball. E. in Legis. As-
sembly, '91-4; sev. terms as Water
Commr. ; v.p. 8. of Mines Cl.; l.g. &
ex-pres. Benev. Asylum; l.g. & ex-
pres. Orphanage; ex-chairman Ball.
E. Bd. of Advice, dir. sev. mining
co.'s in past yrs., and supporter
various sporting clubs; W.M. Orion
Mas. Lodge, '88; P.S.G.D. of Vic.;
first pres. Ball. El B.C., '06-'08.

DITTO, John V.; s. of above; b. Dev-
onshire (Eng. , '63; arr. Aust.. '66;
educ. Dimsey's P.S., Golden Point,
and Central S.S.; joined Vic. Rys.
service, '84; guard since '89; one of
promoters Ry. Carnival for Orph.;
2nd pres., '05; now treas. ; made l.g.
of Orph., with Mrs. Dunn, in recog-
nition of services rendered; pres.
Orph., '10; pres. Guards & Shunters
Society, '10-'ll; v.-p. Ball, branch
Rys. Inst. ; com. V.R. Union; mbr.
Orion Mas. Lodge; Ball. B.C.; Can-
adian Rifle Club; vestryman St
Paul's Ang. Church.

DITTO, .Qneeaie; L.L.C.M.; d. of
above; b. Ball. E.; teacher of music
since '11: A.L.C.M., '12; L.L.C.M.,
.13; org. St. Paul's Sun. School since
f !2; trained choirs for production of
sev. successful cantatas; teacher
St. Paul's Sun. Sch. since '12; and
mbr. St. Paul's Ch. Choir; m. J. C.
Marchant of Sydney, 1915.

DUKSTAN, Thos.; b. Ball. E, '69; B.
of 1. John Dunstan (col. of '54);
educ. Golden Point S.8.; leather and
grindery merch., Bridge-st., Ball. E.,
ince '00; one of fdrs. Ball. E. B.C..
04; rink capt. and mbr. com.; club
champ., '07 and '09; two yrs.; runner
up three yrs.: B.B.A. rink capt.;
mbr. B.R.A. champ, rink one year.

DTTIfSTAN, lieut. Win.; V.C.; b. Ball..
'95; . of W. J. Dunstan; educ. Gol-
den Pt. S.S.; clerk at Snows Ltd.;
Lieut. Sen. Cadet 70th Batt.; passed
for Capt.; transf. to Citizen Forces
as Lieut. 70th Regt.. '14; on active
net-vice. European war with 7th
batt.. 6th relnf., as Coy. Sgt.-MaJ.;
warded Victoria Cross for brilliant
service in holding, with Lieut. Tubb
and L.-Corp. Burton, a trench
against a strong body of Turks in
the battle of of Lon Pine RMr*.
Gallipoll. Aug.. 191D;wounded ft ret.
home invalided; Joint hon. ec. Ret.
Soldiers' Club; mbr. Ball. E. A.N.A.

area officer Ball. 1916.

DTTTHXE, John B.; b. Launceston; s.
of 1. Alex. Duthie; educated
Armstrongs and McFarlane's S.
Ball.; Joined staff of H. Brind and
Oo., distillers and maltsters, as jun.
clerk, '82; now sec Brind Propty..
Ltd.; one of fdrs. and for 20 years
pres. and now life mbr. of Ball.
Harriers' Club; pres. Bali, centre
V.A.A.A. sev. yrs.; hon. sec. Bt.
Andrew's Sun. Sch. for about 35
yrs. mbr. com. Ball. F.C. for 18
yrs. now life mbr. of club; hon.
sec. Ball. N. Rec, Club for some
yrs. retiring 1915 to take pres.;
leader B.B.A. champ, rink, '15; mbr.
exec. Ball. B. Assoc.

EABLY, JM.; b. Swords (Ire.), '82;
s. of Peter Early (hotel keeper and
farmer); educ. Nat. Bd. Sch., and
Trin. Coll.; at age of 17 won Schol.
Exhib. worth 20, and passed law
exam.. Trin. Coll., with merit; won
Vic. Memorial prize, and admitted
to practise at King's Inns. Dublin;
after practising at Dublin sev yrs..
left to settle in Ball., '12; admitted
to practise as barr. & sol. in Vic..
"15; DOW practising at corner of
Dana & Doveton-sts., Ball.; hon. sec.
Nazareth House and St. Joseph's
Home Benefit Com.; mbr. Red Cross
Carnival Com.; chief ranger Ball.
Irish Nat. Foresters'; mbr. of Grand
Lodge judicial com.; mbr. C.Y.M.S.
com., and St. Vincent de Paul soc.:
published " Treatise on Workers'
Compensation Act," '15.

EAJBI.Y, Peter; b. Dublin, '69; s. of 1.
Peter Early; arr. Aust., '89; settled
in Ball, as hotel broker, Ins. & com.
agent, Doveton-st. S., '00; chief
agent Batavia Sea & Fire Ins. co.;
first sec. Ball. Lie. Vic. Association;
agent A.M.P. Soc.; mbr. Nazareth
House and St. Joseph's Home Com.:
St. Patrick's Day Com.; I.N.F., and
Miners' T.C.; varied experiences be-
fore settling in Ballarat.

EASON, Cr. Oeo.: J.P.; e. of 1. Cr. O.
Ffcson (col. of '56); b. Scotsburn.
'65; educ. B'yong 1 S S... Roseinblum's
(Ball.), and Scotsburn S.S.; farmer
and gniier of Srotsburn for manv
yrs.; mbr. B'yonr Shire Cl. since
'00; twice prei. ; mbr. B'yong Bor.
Cl., '12-15; ga*. J.P. '03; ex-pre*.
B'yonrr Old Boys' Assoc.; dlr.
B'yong Butter Co.; mbr. com. LA!
Lai & R'yong T.O. (steward); Ball.
A. ft P. Cl.: Scotsburn S.S. Com.;
vestryman Holy Trin. Ch.; succesn-
ful breeder & exhibitor light blood
stock l.g. Rail. Hosp.

EDDllfOTOW. Annie Eliiabth; d. of
1. H. G. Rddington. (of "The Gums."
Penshurnt. and Rallanpelch estate);

f. d. of 1 rapt. John Eddington (of
it Royals); b. Penshurst; edur.
Ball. Coll.; Dloc. Sec. of Girl**
Friendly Soc. Bine* '95; Ball. rep. on
O.F S. prov. cl. ; one of promoters
G.F.S. Lodge and Home. Lyons-it.:


mbr. Dioc. Bd. of Missions, Dioc.Sch.
Bd., and Home Mission exec.; active

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