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worker in St. John's parish move-
ments; hon. sec. Ladies' Work Par-
ty; assist, sec, Ball. Brau. Red Cross Soc.

Z2DDY, John Lovell; b. Delmorton,
N.S.W.), '77; s. of 1. James Eddy
mine mgr. and one time Cr. of Ball.
B.);educ. Humffray-st. S.S. and Wil-
son's Univ. Coll.; assist, lib. Ball.
Public Library in early youth: lib.
'98-1915; collector for Ball. Hosp.
15; W.M., Ball. Mas. Lodge, '04; sec.
since '06: one of fdrs. and auditor
Victoria B.C.; champ. (2 yrs.); once
runner-up; mbr. Ball. E. Red Cross
Soc. Exec.

EDGAR, Cr. Arch Aitken; b. Scars-
dale, '68: s. of 1. J. Edgar (second
Town Clerk of Brown's & Scarsdale
Bor., and col. of '55); educ. Scars-
dale SS.; mbr. Bor. Cl. since '95;
mayor '03-'06, '09-'10, and in '15:
when borough merged into Shire of
Grenville; pres. Scarsdale A.N.A.,
'02- mbr. com. Old Boys' Assoc.;
com. Scarsdale T.C., and trustee of
race course; com. Relief Fund, old
Bd. of Advice, and Presby. Ch. com.
and choir.

ED GAB, John James; b. Ball., s. of L
John Edgar; educ. Scarsdale S.S ;
one of pioneers of Apollo Bay For-
esf ret. to Scarsdale, '90; and car-
ried on business until '11, when re-
tired; mbr. Brown's & Scarsdale
Bor. Cl. for sev. yrs; ex-mayor; ex-
mbr Relief Fund, Lib. Com., and
Scarsdale T.C. Com.; promoter and
dir sev. mining co.'s.; mbr. Ball.
Stock Exch. since '11, now mbr
com mbr. Ball. Com. Scarsdale Old

Rv's. Warrenheip); educ. Dorcas-st.
S S., Sth. Melb. and ptely.; mbr.
commercial staff "Evg. Echo." Ball.;
ident. with sen. cadets at maug of
national service '10; transf citizen
forces '14: O.R. Sgt. of 70th Reg...
on mobilisation of troops on out-
break of war '14; O.R. Sgt. 18th
'; and later milit

TRos Stewart Gladstone, Dunferrn-

ine (Scot.): "* C? 1 - ^SfcSSfcSr
Michael's Liverpool; curator Ball.
E Mun. Gardens snce '91; the first
to introduce chrysanthemum grow
ine in Ball., when at R. U. Nicholls
Lurserv; ; one of if not the first to
lay carpet bedding in Ball., making
special disolay for visit Prince (now
Kine-) George; W.M., Ball. M as.
Lod4 'ft 2; P G.J.D. of Vic.; mbr. cl.
Roy Poc. St. George; vestryman
St. Paul's Ang. Ch.; mbr. Ball. B.C.;
mbr. com- Hort. Soc. sev. yrs.

ELLINGSEN, Major Oeo.; b. Sebas.:
educ. Urq.-st. S.S. and Melb. Univ.
(Dip. Educ.);s. of 1. Lawrence Kl-

lingsen, of Sebas.- ent. Educ. Dept.,
'S3; stationed Ball., Waubra, GipiJ.s-
land and Beaufort district schs. ; re-
turning to old school, Urq.-st., as
ilrst male assist., '11; prize essayist
Ball, comp.; joined Vic. Rangers,
Ararat, as pte . '09- Sgt.. '00; 2nd
Lieut., '04; Lieut.. '06; 7th A.I.R.,
11; 70th Inf., July, '12; Capt., Au^.,
'12; Major, '15; C.O. 70th Inf., '15:
C.O. Ball. Active Service Training
Depot short period. '15.

ELLIOTT, Colonel Harold Edward;
b. W. Charlton '78; s. of 1. Thos.
Elliott (mining investor, later of
-Elsinore," Ball.); educ. Ball. Coll.
(dux '97); and Melb. Univ.; qual.
as barrister and solicitor of Vic.
Sup. Court '07; practising at North-
cote since '09; served Sth. African
war in ranks of Vic. Cont.; opera-
tions in Rhodesia, Orange River
Colony, Transvaal and Cape Colony,
King's and Queen's medals and Dis-
tinguished Conduct Medal for con-
spicuous gallantry in an engage-
ment with Gen. De Wets commando,
near Colesburg; comm. as lieut.
5th A.I.R. Melb. '04; cant. '09; adJut.
10-11; mjr. 0th Inf. Melb. 'l2;
o.c. 58th Inf. Reg. Melb. 13-14;
lieut. col. commanding 7th batt. 1st
A.I.F. in Gallipoli operations from
landing at Anzac '15; wounded in
action; and temporarily out of ac-
tion; colonel in command 9f 15th
Inf. Brigade during operations in
France 1916.

ELLIOTT, Percival D. P.; s. of 1.
Hy Francis Elliott (first native-
born mayor of City, 1900); b. Ball.,
'81- educ. Urq.-st. S.S. and St. P.
Coll.; mbr firm of Elliott & Magill
Prop., Ltd., maltsters: treas. Weml.
R.C. (3 yrs.); hon. sec. since '14;
senior oarsman: treas. Regatta As-
soc. 6 yrs.; playinsr mbr. Ball. F.C ;
v.-c. since '13; playing mbr. Kal-
goorlie F.C., '05; and Boulder Star
F.C., '06; mbr. Red Cross Carnival
Com. and A.quatic Carnival Com.

ELLIS, Cr. Tom. W.; b. New York
(U.S.A.): educ. Gillespie's S., Edin-
burgh' travelled continent exten-
sively, and arr. in Aust., '08; spent
two yrs. in Q'land.; settled Cres..
'10; purchasing bakery bus. at N.
Cres., and taking over Q'land. Ins.
Aeency: elected tc Cres. Bor. Cl.,
'13; clerk of courso Cres. T.C.; mbr.
Cres. B.C., and Coursing Club;
served in Westmoreland and Cum-
berland Imp. Yeomanry and Royal
r.ucks. Inf.

ELLIS, Wm.; arr. Adel., 49, from
Sancreed, Cornwall (where born in
44): arr. Ball, diggings, '53: Castle-
maine, '62; later Brown's field,
Ball, apiin, '68; working at New-
inerton, Band & Albion, No. 3; Park;
Winter's Freehold (shift boss) ;
Stawell (shift boss) Band of Hope



Deep Lead, mines, Stawell; ret.
Ball. '7S, and became mbr. Stock
Sych.; mbr. com. for sev. yrs.;
supt. Pleas.-st. Meth. Sun. Sen.. IS
yrs.; first identified with Sch in '68:
teacher and later class leader for 28
vrs.' trus-'tee Pleas.-st. Meth. Ch. ;
dir. sev. G.M. co.'s of Ball. & dist-
rict; m Ellen Curnow, d. of 1. Thos.
Curnow, '72.

ELLIS, Wm., e. s. of above: b. Ball.,
'74- educ Pleasant-st. S.S.; assoc.
with H. Davies & Co., drapers, as
salesman; later with Craig, Wil-
liamson & Thomas; and country rep.
H. Davirs & Co.; mbr. firm Cowdell,
Tonner & Ellis, drapers, etc., cr. of
BrHge & Grenvil!e-sts. since '10;
P.O. Ball. Lodge G.U.O.O.F.; mbr.
Ball. R.C. sev. yrs.- mbr. Pleas.-st.
Meth. Ch. Choir since boyhood (solo

ELS WORTH, Cr. Wm.; s. of 1. ex-Cr
J. R. Kls worth; b. Ball. E., '71; educ.
Eurka-st. S.8. and Ball. Coll.:
propr. business of J. R. Elsworth &
Sons, fertilisers and flock manufrs.,
Hall. E.; elected to Town Cl. of
Ball. E. Aug. 15: pres. Ball. E.
A.N.A,, '03; mbr. Red Cross Carnival
com.; mbr. exec. Ball. E. Red Cross
Foe.; mbr. Ball. F.C. many yrs :
mbr. com. and del. on Ball. F.league;
life mbr. league; hon. sec. Ball.
R.C. 4 yrs.: hon. seo. Regatta Assoc
19 yrs.; v.-p. since "12; life mbr.
assoc. since '10; senior oarsman.

EVAHS, Sfft. C.; b. Miners' Rest, '64;
s. of Edward Evans, farmer; educ.
Miners' Rest S.S.: joined Vic. Art.
'83; joined Vic. police force '84; sen-
ronst., 05; sg*., '12; stationed in
turn at Portland, Gt. Western (off.
In charge) 4J yrs.; Ball. North (in
charge) 4J yrs ; Ball. North (in
cnarge) 3 yrs. Footcray (In charpe)
'15: ex-lion, sec. TV>rtland B.C.-
leader Ball. N. Rec. Club A pennant
Tin!-:, '12-'14; ex-sec. Gt. Western
rifle club.

EVAWS, David; s of 1. W. D. Evans,
of Glamorganshire. S. Wales; b. S.
Wales, '62; arr. Aust., '63; educ.
Watty's S.. Sebas.; grocer, wine &
spirit merch., cr. Lyons & Eyre-sts.,
since 1900; W.M.. St. John's Mas
T,odge. '05; mbr com. Ball. B.C., 10
"rs. ; now v.-p.: mbr. B.B.A. champ,
rink. '02-'03: mbr. Dloc. Cath. Bd.;
parishioners' warden Christ Ch .
Cah.: tr., treas. ind sec. of Sun.
Sch. for 21 yrs.; acting supt. for
jerlod; rep Skipton Band on V.B.A.

EVANS, Cr. Hugh; . of Gershom
Evnn^ (dist. pioneer); b. Happy
Valley. 'fi j ; mbr. flrm H. FHrans &
Ton, undertakers & embalmers,
Maln-st.. I all K. since '12; * under-
takers & Ironmongers, Egerton.
*inre '95: mbr. Ballan Shire Cl. since
'04; mbr. Egerton rec. reserve and
cemetery trusts: P.M. Egerton Mas.
:e. and mbr. Egerton Tent.

EVAWS, John, a. of 1. Wm. Evans,

(who arr. Sebas. from S. Wales in
'64); b. Sebas. '74; educ. Sebas. S.S.;
for some yrs. mgr. Austin's Sebas.
Jam Factory; now identified with
Ball. Jam Coy. Ltd.; mbr. Sebas.
F.B. since about '00; served app. off.
and foreman, lieut since '09; mbr.
numerous dem. teams; pres. Sebas.
branch A.N.A. about '00; sec. since
'01; also ex-hon, sec, Sebas. C.C. ;
assist, sec. Sebas. Old Boys' Assoc.;
auditor old Mechanics' Institute.

EVANS, Robert Hy.; b. G'long, '58; s.
of 1. Geo. Evans (for sev. yrs. Town
Clerk of N. Melb.); educ. N. Melb
G.S.; principal in firm of R. H.
Evans & Co., general storekeepers,
and merchants, Rokewood since '94;
ePtab. by late W. H. White in '56):
trustee Rokewood public gardens
and actively identified with various
movements for benefit of district.

EVE BALL. Wm. J.; s. of W. J.
Everall; b Ball., '72; educ. Urq.-st.
S.S.; saddler. PeeVst. N.. Ball. E.;
served 3rd Batt. Inf. Ball., pte. to
.?gt.; with 1st & 5th Vic. Cont. in S.
African war, '99-'02; severely
wounded at Waggon Drift; awarded
S. African medal with five clasps;
one of fdrs. S. African Soldiers'
As=oc., Ball, branch

EWITT8. Jogiah; b. Lond., '41; emp.
at father's publishing and book-
selling business at Paternoster-rd.
before setting out for Aust. in '61 ;
estab. business as bookseller and
stationer, old Theatre Royal build-
ings, Sturt-st, Ball., in early sixties;
later removed to 111, Sturt-st.; one
of oldest mbrs. Baptist Ch., Dawson-
st.: serving as deacon and treas..
and teacher In Sun. Sch. for manv
yrs.- N.O. Loyal Ball. Lodge.
M.U.I.O.O.F., '80; revisited places in
London and Canterbury (where
oduc.), '10.

EWXN8, Alf. E.; s. of above; b. Ball..
'TO; educ. Bain's H.8. : and since
identified with father's business,
latterly as mgr.; mbr. Progress As-
soc. since '13; pres., "15: sec. Baptist
O.E Soc.. and pres. Baptist C.C.
(premiers) '10-'ll): deacon Baptist
Ch. for many yrs.. and chairman 8e
leader of Y.M. class sev. yrs.; dir.
V.M.C.A.; chairman of intermediate
dept. & of special com. (religious
vork); active worker in vnrlou.s
other departments of T.M.C.A.;
mbr. EHuc. com. "Forward Balla-
rat" movement.

EV/INS. Lieut. Herbert; s. of Joslah
Kwlns; b. Ball., '74; educ. Bain's
HP.: assoc. with father In bus.
since '95- Lieut. Sen. Cadets on In-
n\it. of National service, '11; transf.
"Oth Inf.. Citizens' Forces. '14; at-
tached to training camps. 'IB: adlut
'15-16: vol. for active service IS-
luit rejected by me<1. bd.: fdn. mhi.
Y.M.C.A. tennis club; v.-p. '11; mhr

EYRES. Charl**; b. Bath



of Charles Eyres; arr. Viet, with
parents, "53; Joined Ball. Bankng
Co.'s service as Jim. clerk on the es-
tablishment of the bank, '65; assist,
mpr., '85' and mgr., '91; ret from
active service, '15 after participat-
ing in Jubilee of bank; choir-
master and org., Lyd.-st. Meth Ch.
choir for 48 yrs.; app. hon. org., '13;
ali,o mbr. Church Trust; mbr. Art
Gallery Cl.; hon. aud. Ball. Aux.
B. & F Bible Soc.; v.-p. Lyric Orch.

FA1RI.IE, Walter John; b. Lex ton; s.
of W. Fatrlie. J.P.; educ. Lexton S.
S ; joined Educ. Dopt. service, '87;
stationed successively at S. Melb.,
Chnrlton (h.t.), Murrudoc (h.t.),
Invermav (h.t.), Pleas.-st. Ball.
(1st assist.), Casterton (h.t.), and
Erown Hill, Ball. E. (h.t.); one of
fdrs. Ball, branch Vic. Teachers'
UP ion and Club: first hon. sec.
branch; later treas , v.-p. & pres.;
mbr. Vic. exec. sev. yrs.; v.-p. '15;
hon. sec. Teachers' Hort. Soc., 09-
12; pres. Ball. City A.N.A., '07; del.
sev. conferences; hon. sec. City
branch build, com., '12-'13; J.W.,
Yarrowee Mas. Lodge, '14; pres.
Scots' Y.M.C.; mbr. Educ. com.
"Forward Ballarat" movement.

FARGHEH, ThOB. G.; b. Ball., '67; S.
of Jas. Fargher (col. of '62); educ.
Ura.-st. S.S.- builder & contractor,
Bra'dshaw-st.. Ball. E.; mbr. Ball.
Rifle Club since '90; hon. sec. 4 yrs.;
capt., '12-'13; v -p., '15; sev. visits
to S. Africa; one of top scorers for
Witwatersrand Rifles team, winners
Hamilton Cup at Transvaal Bisley,
'05; won pros, match, N.S.W. W.
Dist. Rifle Assoc., Bathurst, with
record score for Martini-Henri
rifle in Assoc. Hatches 35, 500 yds..
34, 600 yds. (poss. 70); one of
Queen's 30, V R.A mtg., Williams-
town, '00- W.M. Ball. Mas. Lodge.
*15-'16; mbr. Ball. E. Men's Red
Cross Soc. Fxec.

FARMER, Oeo. b. Ball., '54; s. of 1.
John Farmer-' succeeded father in
control of ham curing bus., Ball. E ,
79; since cultivated extensive ex-
port trade in Eastern and Oriental
countries and in all Aust. States;
gold medallist of several ex-
hibit, in London. & champion ham
curer of CTwealth at Syd, '07-15;
and Melb.. '05-14; won first prize for
hams and export bacon at Aust.
Manufactures' Exhib., Melb. '07;
fdtn. mbr. Ball. City A.N.A.; pres.

FARMER, James; b. Magpie, '57; s.
of 1. John Farmer (pioneer bacon &
ham curer) ; educ. Finlay's & Hur-
ley's C.S.; mbr. firm of G. and J.
Farmer until '90; pres. Ball. Gun
Club; a keen sportsman; mbr. com.
and steward Miners' T.C.; mbr.
com. and steward Ball. Trotting
Club; mbr. Ball. T.C.; Clubs Old
col. and Buffalo.

FARRELL, Edwin JTo.; b. Scarsdale,
'64; s. of Thos Farrell (col. of '52);

educ. Scarsdale S.S.; Joined Vic.
Rys., '84; clerical staff; (clerk in
loco, office, Pall., since '91); W.M.
Yarrowee Ma. Lodge, '06-'07; now
sec.; P.J.G.D. of Vic. since '13; pres.
City branch A.N.A., '97; mbr. build-
ing com.; pres Ball, branch Ball,
branch Rys. Inst.; del. St. Hilda
band, V.B.A. and mbr. exec. ; mbr.
com. Ball. B.C.; Ball. com. Scars-
dale Old Boys' Assoc.; mbr. Ry.
Carnival com.- 1 g. Hospital.

FAULI,, Tho. Oeo., b. Ball. W., '79;
a. of G. T. Faull (mine mgr.); educ.
Urq.-st. S.S.; salesman for W. H.
Jones, boot warehouseman, Bridge-
st., '96-' 10; then succeeding to pro-
prietorship; hon. sec. E. Ball. Harr.
Club, '04-05; capt., '06-'07; winner
2J mile hep. and club champ., '05;
mbr. Ball, centre (V.A.A.A.) exec.;
hon. sec. Ball Yacht Club. '13-'14;
capt., '14-'16; hon. sec. Ball. B.
Swimming Club, '08; mbr. Ball.
Mas. Lodge and Ball. R.C.

FEEHY, Cr. Ja.; J.P.; pres. of Ball,
shire; b. Windermere, '68; s. of 1.
Cr. M. Feery; educ. Windermere S.
S.; farmer of Windermere; mbr.
Ball. Shire Cl. since '99; pres., '06 &
'15; gaz. J.P., '06; one of fdrs.
B'beet & W'mere T.C.; pres. & stew-
ard for sev yrs.; one of fdrs. & ex-
pres. of Wmere branch A.N.A.; v.-p.
B'beet Coursine Club; one of fdrs.
and mgr. B'beet and Wmere Farm-
ers' Co-op. Soc.; mbr. com. Lear-
month R.C. Church.

FENNER ,Chai.; B.Sc.; Dip. Educ.:
F.G.S.;Science Principal Ball. S. of
Mines; b. Talbot, '84; s. of John
Fenner (of Mt. Greenoch); educ.
Dunach S.S.; mbr. Talbot "Leader"
composing staff sev. yrs.; Educ.
Dept. service from '01, at Rocky
Lead, & in Portland dist.; later obt.
cert. & Diploma Educ. at Teachers'
Training Coll, Melb.; during science
course at Melb Univ. gained exhib.
In geol. & biol.; 1st class final hon-
ors in geol., also Kernot Research
Schol. & B.Sc. degree, '13; later
head master Mansfield A.H.S., '13;
lect. on geol. & mineralogy, S. of
Mines, Ball., '14; Science Principal
since '15; first pres. Ball. Science
Soc., '15; author of "Physiography
of Mansfield District"; "Occurrence
of Quartz in Basalt"; (Roy. Soc. of
Vic.; elected fellow Geol. Soc. Lond. '15;
r v.p. S. ofM. Students' Assoc.; pres Sch.
Field Naturalists' Club.

FENTON, Wm.; b. Newtown (Tas.),
'50; arr. Ball., '67; now foreman of
smithy at Cowley's iron works; sole
survivor of fdrs. of Ironworkers' &
Polytechnic Assoc. (founded "82);
mbr. S. of Mines cl.: cpt. Ball. E.
School Bd. of Advice for 28 yrs., un-
til board abolished; organising an-
nual excursion each year; P. C.
Ranger old A.O.F. (disbanded '11);
active campaigner in poll tics; one
of fdrs. old Loyal Lib. league; sec.



of old Educ. Defence league.

FERGUSON, Jamei; Govt. auditor; b.
Sebas. ; educ. Whatty's Sch. Sebas.
and Fitzroy S.S.; s. of 1. Thos. Fer-
guson (col. of '57 and first rate col-
lector and revenue officer of Bor. of
Sebas.); joined Vic. P. & Teleg-. ser-
vice '79; transf. to State audit office
'94; one of fdrs. Sebas. Old Boys'
Assoc. ; pres. '14; G.M. Protestant
Alliance Friendly Society of Aus-
tralasia '08-11; ex- v.p. and ex-sec,
of Federal Cl. of Alliance.

PIQGIS, Samral Ernest; s. of 1.
Samuel Figgis: educ. Victor's Gren.
Coll. and S of Mines; mgingr. en p.
Ball. Gas Co. many yrs. ; gen. mgr
*13-'15; mging. dir. Col. Gas Co.,
Melb., from '15: visited Eng. to gain
ideas for modernising Ball. Gas
"Works, 'IS; mbr. S. of Mines cl. for
many yrs.; pres. Mech. Inst., '12:
mbr. Cent B.C.; champ., '05, '09 and
'11; dist. champ, of champions, '05:
No. 3 in champ rink, '07; old time
mbr. Ball. C.C., & one of best known
cricketers; coached by T. "Wills and
S. Cosstick famous ground bowlers,
and Midwinter, the famous inter-
national; held bowling avge. of club
many yrs.; played with rep. teams
against Bligh's Shaw & Lillywhite's
Eng. & Aust. Elevens; mbr. St. And-
rew's Kirk choir many yrs., and
leader of Girls' Sun. Sch. Bible
Class; a well-known concert basso:
keen horticulturist and bulb grower,
and one of earliest to experiment
with success in color photography.

PIOOIS, Wm. Harold; b. Dalston
(Eng.), '46; s. of 1. Samuel Figgis
(first sec. Ball. Gas Co.; app. '60);
arr. Aust. with parents, '52; Ball.,
'60; joined Ball. Gas Co.'s service
'61; succeeded father as mgr. & sec.
of Co., '79; retired '14; one of oldest
mbrs. Congregational Ch.; deacon
& sec., and Sun. Sch. supt. for many
yrs.; treas. Ball. Aux. B. & F. Bible
So*.; first capt. "Evening Star" C.C.;
'65; one of oldest mbrs. Ball. C.C. :
scored 97 not out for second eleven
when lad of 15: scored 53 (highest)
agst. Grace's Eng. eleven, '71; old
time mbr. Ball. F.C.; one of oldest
mbrs., v.-p. and life patron, Ball.
B.C.; active pennant player; trustee
Ball. Female Refuge.

FINDI.AY, Lieut. Chas.; s. of 1. David
Findlay; b. Echuca '82; settled Ball.
Jn childhood: educ. Pleas. St. S.8.
Ball.; joined 3rd batt. inf. and rose
to rank of sgt. in 7th A.I.R.; comm.
as 2nd lleut. and C.O. of M. gun sec-
tion. 70th Inf. Regt. '14; 2nd lleut.
and m. gun section commander 8th
batt. A.I.F. 1st Inf. brigade Galll-
poli and Egyptian campaigns '14-16;
took part In Tsmalla skirmish. In-
vasion of Turkey, participated In
first landing at Anzac; assault
on Achl Baba; after three mos. on
fighting front was prom, to rank
of 1st lleut. and attached to brig.

staff with charge of 17 gun sections
then invalided to Eng. for sev. mos.;
ret. to front '16; P.G. Wend. Lodg*
G.U.O.O.F.; has played fball with
sev. teams; favorite tenor soloist,
freq. heard for charit. and other
purposes; mbr. Scots ch. choir and
Ballarat Choral Society.

FINLAYSOW, John A.; b. G'long, '60;
s. of Wm. Finlayson; educ. Cox's
Sch., Ball.; mbr. "The Star" publish-
ing staff since "73; publisher since
'95; for 50 yrs. assoc. with Neil-st.
Meth. Ch. & Sun. Sch.: mbr. trust
and ex-circuit steward; supt. Sun.
Sch.; one of fdrs. Ball. Imp. F.C.;
playing mbr. for many yrs.; mbr.
Ball. N. Rec. Club; rink capt. since
'14; jun. champ.. '13-'14; runner-up
sen. champ., '14-'15.

FINTjAYSOHT, Wm. Gtovan; b. "Wood-
stock, Canada, '55; s. of Wm. Fin-
layson (col. of '62); arr. Ball, at age
of 7, and educ. Ball. Coll.; after soft
goods experience. Flinders-1.. Melb.,
est. bus. of Insurance & est. agent,
Ball.; promoter and first mgr. Ball.
Land Mortgage Co., "87; which coy.
has paid regular dividends since in-
ception; still mgr.; mbr City CL.
'98-'01; pres. City Free Lib. four
terms; mbr. com. & v.-p. Hort. Soc.
sev. yrs.; pres. Ball. Hosp. Com.,
'09-10; one time mbr. Ball. R.C.;
mbr. Com. Club com.; mbr. Aust.
Inst of Incorp. A/cts.

PINliAYSON, Fred.; s. of above; b.
Ball.. '80; educ. S.S. and Bain's H.S.
(matric. '94); law student and clerk,
Salter & Pinkerton's office 8 yrs.;
assist, mgr. Land Mortgage Co.
since '08; mbr. com. Ball. F.C.; hon.
sec., '07-'09; hon. sec. Ball. R.C.;
mbr. for 8 yrs.; hon. sec. St. And-
rew's C.C.; mbr. com. & playing mbr.
N. City C.C. (district cricket). '10-
'12; mbr. City Band com., and del.
for S. Melb. band on V.B.A.; gee.
City Free Lib. since '08.

FI8KEN, Arch- J.; J.P.; pres. of
B'yong shire: b. Lai Lai, '66; s. of L
A. Fisken, J.P. (of Lai Lai estate.
col. since 40; and first chairman of
B'yong Road Bd. prior to estab. of
municipality): educ. Radley Coll.
(Eng.), and Magdalen Coll., Oxford
Univ. (Eng.): grazier, Lai Lai es-
tate; mbr. B'yong Shire Cl. since
'94; pres.. '97. '04 and '15 (in which
year borough of B'yong was ab-
sorbed by Shire); mbr. cl. Ball. A.
ft P. Soc.; chairman B'yong Recruit-
Ing exec.; breeder and exhibitor of
prize Clydesdale and Arab horses.
Club- Ballarat.

PITCHES, Geo. K.; Insp. of mines; b.
Amherst; s. of 1. Hy. Fitches; identi-
fied with mining since 10 yrs. ofage.
and later took mining course at S.
of Mines; engr. & mgr. Indicator &
Bulleman mines. Ball., '80; later
eng. driver in charge Lord Harry,
eng. driver Band & Albion, pitman,
and later eng. driver & mgr. South
Star. Scbaa.; State Insp of mines



since '99;P.M. Sebas. Mas. Lodge,
and P.M. Ball. Mark Lodge, and P.P.
Royal Arch Chapter; mbr. Sen. of
Mines cl.

riTZGEKALD, David; b. Glenorchy.
64; s. of 1. D. K. Fitzgerald (col. of
'54, per the ship Marcipoli, and one
of earliest ret. officers of Kara Kara
electorate); educ. Stawell d.s. ; far-
ming and grazing pursuits, N.W.
district sev. yrs. ; settled Ball. '10;
mgr. Ball, office of Mitchell Bros. &
White, auct. and gen. comm. agents,
and chief agents Yorkshire Ins. Co.
since '11; hon. sec. Glenorchy T.C.
for 17 yrs.; mbr. Nazareth House
Ben. com.; and St. P. Fest. com.

TIiEAY, Wm. Hy.; b. Ball., '70; s. of
1. W. H. Fleay; educ. Pleas.-st. S.S.
and Ball. Coll.; apprent. and later
partner of 1. E. Towl pioneer chem.
and druggist of Ball.) ; estab. phar-
macy on own account, '07; one of
country reps, on Pharmacy Bd. of
Vic.; hon. sec. Citizens' Camp Hill
<Sturt-st.) Improvement Fund com.,
*14; mbr. S. of Mines cl.; mbr.
Macarthur-st. S.S. com., and Citi-
zens' Unemployed Relief com.

ITEMING, Robert Winning-; b. Cole-
raine (Ire.), '69; arr. Ball. '95; prop.
R. M. Goodfellow & Co., cordial,
etc., manufrs. *96-'16; v.-commo-
dore Ball. Yacht Club for sev. yrs.,
and skippered "Humming Bird" in
winning sev. dist. yacht races; won
15-mile hep. at Colac three yrs. in
succession; credited to be the first
motor car owner in Ball., and the
first to introduce motor delivery

riiETCKER, Thos. Moore; s. of 1. J.
T. Fletcher (col. of '56): b. Ball.
76; educ. Macarthur S.S. and S. of
Mines; consulting mining expert &
mech. mining eng. for past 20 yrs.;
mbr. Institutes of mech. min. eng.
of Mexico and of Seattle (N. Ame-
rica), has visited nearly every min-
ing field extant; one of earliest at
Coolgardie W.A. ('95), and Klon-
dyke, N. America ('97) rushes; mbr.
of Pioneer Assoc. or each centre,
also located at Corderillas (S. Am-
erica) and Mexico fields for some
yrs.; mining adviser of Pres. Por-
fierod Diaz of Republic of Mexico
for some time; now mbr. of firm of
Flefche.r & Cox, consulting mining,
etc. engineers of 14 Queen Vic. st.,
Xiondon; one of earliest to fly at
Hendon aerodrome (Eng.) -served
S. African War with Field Intelli-
gence corps '01-2 (King's & Queen's
medals with bars) ; later mbr. Field
Intelligence corps, Pretoria; during
Chilian and Mexican revolutions
was capt. of guard of British lega-
tion; one of pioneer mbrs. of Ball.
Harrier Club and mbr. winning
C.C.C. teams and won sev. club and
open heps.; revisits Ballarat fre-

TLOHM. Clias.; s. of 1. Lewis Flohm;
b. Liverpool (Eng.); arr. Aust. with
parents in early youth; mbr. & mgr.

firm of L. Flohm & Sons, drapers
and importers, Lyd.-st. N.; mbr.
com. Hebrew Congregation many
yrs..; hon. aud. Jewish Philanth-
ropic Soc.; W.M. Sebas. Mas. Lodge.
'93-'95; P.G.D.C. of Vic. since '89;
P.J.G.W. of Vic. since '10; mbr.
Mas. Bd. of Gen. Purposes for 13
yrs.; v.-p. '05; leader Ball. Lyric
Orch., '05-'15; also mbr. com.; leader
Liedertafel Orch.; champ, of Ball.
Gym., '89; recreation the violin.

FOIiEY, Most Rev. Daniel, D.D.;
Roman Catholic Bishop of Ball.- h.
Co. Cork (Ire.) '65; educ. Fermoy
Seminary and Maynooth Coll. (tak-
ing full ecclesiastical course) ; ord.
'89; shortly afterwards came to
Aust. at request of late Bishop
Moore and attached Ball, diocese;
successivly assist, priest at Hamil-
ton and Bungaree, and priest in
charge at Nhill, Cres., Terang; ir-
removable pastor of last named
parish; for some yrs. a Diocesan
examiner; app. Bishop of Ball. 1916.

POLEY, Timothy; b. Ball., '67; s. of
1. Timothy Foley (col. since '54);
educ. St. Paul's S.S. and St. Alipius'
C.S.; jun. clerk with P. W. & Co., &

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