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cufque habuimus, occafione feodi quod aliquis de nobis
tenuit per j&Crvitium militare, & de Abbatiis que funda-
te fuerint in feodo alterius quam noftro, in quibus domi-
nus feodi dixerit fe jus habere ; & cum redierimus, vel fi
remanferimus a peregrinatione noftra, fuper hiis conque-
rentibus plenam jufticiam ftatim exhibebimus.

LXIII. Nullus capiatur Jjec imprifonetur, propter ap-
pellum femine, de morte alterius, quam viri fui.

LXIV. Omnes fines, qui injufte & contra legem terre
facta funt nobifcum, & omnia amerciamenta facia injufte
& contra legem terre, omnino condonentur, vel fiat
inde per judicium viginti quinque Baronum de quibus
fit ttt;ntio inferius in fecuritate pacis, vel per judicium
majoris partis eorundem , una cum predicto Stephano
Cantuarienii Archiepifcopo, fi interefie poterit, & aliis
quos iecum ad hoc vocare voluerit ; & fi interefie non
poterit, nichilominus procedat negotium fine eo. Ita
quod, fi aliquis vel aliqui, de predidb's J)iginti quinque
Baronibus, fuerint in fimili querela, amoveantur, quan-
tum ad hoc judicium, & alii loco illorum per refiduos
tie eifdem viginti quinque tantum ad hoc faciendum electi,
&jurati fubftituantur.

LXV. Si nos difiaifivimus, vel elongavimus Walenfes
de terris, vel libertatibus, vel rebus a'uis, fine legali judicio
parium fuorum, eis ftatim reddantur ; & fi contentio fu-
per hoc orta fuerit, tunc inde fiat in Marchia per judi-
cium parium fuorum ; de tenementis Anglie, iecundum
legem Anghe, de tenementis Wallie, fecundum legem
Wallie, de tenementis Marchie, fecundem legem Marchie :
idem facient Walenfes nobis & noftris.


into in each County, by twelve Knights of the (
Shire, chofen by the moft creditab!>. Perfons in the fame
County, and upon Oath ; and, within forty days alter

- the (aid Inqueft, be utterly aboliihcd, Jo as never to be

' reltored [a).

' LVII. We will immediately give up all Hoftagcs and
1 Engagements, delivered unto us by our / !j/h Subjecis,
as Securites for tJicir keeping the Peace, and yielding us
' faithful Service.

' LVIII. We will entirely remove from our Bailiwick*.

' the Relations of Gerard de Athyes, fo as that for the futu.e

' they ftiall have no Bailiwick in England. We will alio

' remove Engelard de Cygony, Andrew, Peter, and Gyon,

' de Canutes, Gyon de Cygony, Geoffrey de Aiartyn, and his

' Brothers, Philip Mark, and his Brothers, and his Ne-

' phew Geoffrey, and their whole Retinue.

' LIX. A11J as foon as Peace is rcftorcJ, we will fend
' out of the Kingdom all foreign Soldiers, Crofsbowrhen,
' and Stipendiaries, who are come with Horfes and Arms]
' to the Injury of our People.

* LX. If any one hath been difpoflefled, or deprived by
' us without the legal Judgment ot his Peers, of his Lands,
' Caftles, Liberties or Right, we will forthwith reftore them
' to him ; and if any difpute arifes upon this head, let the
' matter be decided by the five and twenty Barons here-
' after mentioned (1), for the preservation of the Peace.

* LXI. As for all thofe things, of which any Perfon
' has without the legal Judgment of his Peers been difpof-
' felled or deprived, either by King Henry our Father, or
' our Brother King Richard, and which we have in our
c hands, or are poffefled by others, 2nd we are bound tu
' warrant and make good, we fhall have a reipite, till the
' Term ufually allowed the Croifes ; excepting thole
' things about which there is a Suit depending, or whereof
' an Inqueft hath been made by our order, before we un-
' dertook the Crufade. But when we return fn-m our
' Pilgrimage, or if we do not perform it, we will immc-
' diately caufe full Juftice to be adminiftred therein.

' LXII. The fame refpite we fhall have for difafforefting
' the Forefts, which Henry our Father, or our Brother
' Richard have afforefted ; and for the Wardfhip of the
' Lands which are in another's Fee, in the fame manner
' as we have hitherto enjoyed thofe Wardfhips, by reafon
' of a Fee held of us by Knight's Service j and for the Ab-
« bies founded in any other Fee than our own, in which
' the Lord of the Fee claims a Right : And when we re-
' turn from our Pilgrimage, or if we fhould not perform
' it, we will immediately do full Juftice to all the Com-
' plainants in this behalf.

' LXIII. No Man fhall be taken or imprifoned, upon
c the Appeal of a Woman, for the death of any other
' Man than her Husband.

* LXIV. All unjufl and illegal Fines, and all Amercia-
' ments impofed unjuftly, and contrary to the Law of the
' Land, fhall be entirely forgiven or elfe be left to the de-
' cilion, of the five and twenty Barons hereafter menti-
' oned, for the prefervation of the Peace, or of the major
« part of them, together with the aforefaid Stephen Arch"
' bifhop of Canterbury, if ha can be prefent, and others
' whom he fhall think fit to take along with him : And
' if he cannot be prefent, the Bufinefs fhall notwithftand-
' ing go on without him. But fo, that if one or more of
' the forefaid five and twenty Barons be Plaintiffs in the
' fame caufe, they fhall be let alide, as to what concerns
' this particular Affair ; and others be chofen in their
' room out of the faid five and twenty, and fvvorn by the
' reft to decide that matter.

' LXV. If we have dilTeifed or difpoJI'elTed the IFelJli of
' any Lands, Liberties, or other things, without the legal

* Judgment of their Peers, they ftiall immediately be re-
« ftored to them. And if any Difpute arifes upon this
' head, the matter fhall be determined in the Marches,
« by the Judgment of their Peers : For Tenements in
' England according to the Law of England : For Tenc-
' ments in Wales according to the Law of Wales : The

* fame fhall the 11 eljh do to us and our Subjects.


(a) 54. [No Freeman for the future fhall give or fell any more of his Land, but fo that out of the Refidue, the
Service due to the Lord of the Fee may he fuiriciently performed. J

(1) Their Names, according to M. Pens, were the Earls of Clare, Albemarle, C.'ci/ler, Wutcbtfier, Ptrtfird, Earl Soger, Earl RJert, Eirl Martfcatl
junior, Robert i ilz.-Wah,r fenior, Gilhct de Clare, Euftucc de Vcja, Hu(b Bigvd, William de Mur.bray, the Mayer of Lmdm, Gilbert a La* n
de Re, the Conftable of Cbrller, Richard de Perci, Job* FltB-Rtbtrt, rTMUtm Mulct. Ci fhy je i' v K •-.■ ' d, MurA If. am ' | ..•'

Ricoari dt MuntSibet. /;'.;.',„,../, v*,.,,. r. ,•-,-,

Ricoari dc Muxtfitbtt, ll'.!!>j K it Aibir.ey, p. z-'iz



Vol. 1.

LXVI. De omnibus autem illis de quibus aliquis Wa-
lcnfium diffaifitus fuerit, vel elongatus, fine legali judicio
pafium fuorum, -r per Henricum regem patrem noftrum
vel Ricardum regem fratrem noftrum, que nos in manu
noftra lwbemus, vel que alii tenent, que nos oporteat
warantizare, refpectum habebimus ufque ad communem
terminum cruce-fignatorum : illis exceptis de quibus pla-
citum motum fuit vel inquifitio facta per preceptum nof-
trum, ante fufceptionem crucis noftre j cum autem redie-
rimus, vel li forte remanferimus a peregrinatione noftra,
flatim eis inde plenam jufticiam exhibebimus, fecundum
leges Walenfium, & partes predictas.

* LXVI. As for all thofe things, of which any Weljh-
man hath, without the legal Judgment of his Peers
been diffeifed or deprived, by King Henry our Father,
or our Brother King Richard, and which we either
have in our hands, or others are putrefied of, and we
are obliged to warrant it ; we fhall have a reipite till
the time generally allowed the Croifes : Excepting
thofe things about which a Suit is depending, or where-
of an Inqueft hath been made by our order, before
we undertook the Crufade. But when we return, or
if we flay at home and do not perfoim our Pilgrimage,
we will immediately do them full Jultice according to
the Laws of the Wrljh, and of the Parts afore-men-

LXVII. Nos reddemus filium Lewelini flatim, & om- ' LXVII. We will without delay difmifs the Son of

nes obfides de Wallia, & cartas que nobis liberate fuerunt ' Lewelln, and all the Wcljh Hoftages, and releafe them

in fecuritatem pacis. ' "" om the Engagements they entered into with us for

' the prefervation of the Peace.

LXVIII. Nos faciemus Alexandre Regi Scottorum, de
fororibus fuis & obfidibus reddendis, & libertatibus fuis,
& jure fuo, fecundum formam in qua faciemus aliis ba-
ronibus noflris Anglie, nifi aliter efle debeat per cartas quas
habemus de Willielmo patre ipfius, quondam rege Scotto-
rum ; & hoc erit per judicium parium fuorum in curia

LXIX. Omnes autem iflas confuetudines predictas, &
libertates quas nos conceffiffimus in regno noftro tenen-
das, quantum ad nos pertinet erga noflros omnes de regno
noftro, tarn clerici quam laici obfenent, quantum ad fe
pertinet erga fuos.

LXX. Cum autem pro Deo, & ad emendationem
regni noflri, & ad melius fopiendam difcordiam inter
nos & barones noflros ortam, hec omnia predicta con-
celTerimus, volentes ea integra & firma Habilitate gau-
dere .'., facimus & concedimus eis fecuritatem fub-
fcriptam ; videlicet quod barones eligant viginti quinque
barones de regno , quos voluerint , qui debeant pro
totis viribus fuis , obfervare , tenere , & facere obfer-
vari , pacem & libertates quas eis concefiimus , & hac
prefenti carta noftra confirmavimus. Ita fcilicet quod fi
nos, vel jufticiarius nofter, vel Ballivi noflri, vel aliquis
de Miniftris noflris, in aliquo erga aliquem deliquerimus,
vel aliquem articulorum pacis aut fecuritatis tranfgrefli
fuerimus, & delictum oftenfum fuerit quatuor baronibus
de predictis viginti quinque baronibus, i I II quatuor barones
accedant ad nos, vel ad jufticiarium noftrum fi fuerimus
extra regnum, proponentes nobis excefTum, petent, ut
exceifum ilium fine dilatione faciamus emendari : & fi
nos excefTum non emendaverimus, vel fi fuerimus ex-
tra regnum jufticiarius nofter non emendaverit , infra
tempus quadraginta dierum, computandum a tempore quo
monftratum fuerit nobis, vel jufticiario noftro, fi extra
regnum fuerimus, predicti quatuor Barones referent cau-
fam illam ad refiduos de viginti quinque baronibus, &
illi viginti quinque barones cum communa totius terre,
diftringent tk gravabunt nos modis omnibus quibus pote-
runt, fcilicet per captionem caftrorum, terrarum, pof-
feffionum, & aliis modis quibus poterunt donee fuerit e-
mendatum fecundum arbitrium eorum ; falva perfona
noftra, 5c Kegine noftre, & liberorum noftrorum, &
cum fuerit emendatum intendent nobis ficut prius fece-

LXXE Et quicunque voluerit de terra, juret, quod ad
predicta omnia exequenda parebit mandatis predicforum
viginti quinque baronum, & quod gravabit nos pro pofle
fuo cum ipfis ; & nos pubblice & libere damus licentiam
jurandi cuilibet qui jurare voluerit, Sc nulli unquam ju-
rare prohibebimus.

LXXIE Omnes autem illos de terra qui per fe &
fponte fua noluerint jurare viginti quinque baronibus de dif-
tringendo & gravando nos cum eis, faciemus jurare eofdem
de mandato noftro, ficut prediftum eft.

LXXIII. Et fi aliquis de viginti quinque baronibus de-
ceflerit, vel a terra recefTerit, vel aliquo alio modo impe-
ditus fuerit, quo minus ifla predicta poflent exequi, qui
refidui fuerint de predidtis viginti quinque baronibus, eli-
gant alium loco ipfius, pro arbitrio fuo, qui fimili modo
erit juratus quo & ceteri.


* LXVIII. We fhall treat with Alexander King of

' Scots, concerning the reftoring of his Sifters and Hof-

' tages, and his Right and Liberties, in the fame form

' and manner as we fhall do to the reft of our Ba-

4 rons of England ; unlefs by the Engagements which

4 his Father JVilliam late King of Scots hath entered

' into with us it ought to be otherwife ; and this

' fhall be left to the Determination of his Peers in our

' Court.

' LXIX. All the aforefaid Cuftoms and Liberties
' which we have granted, to be holden in our Kinc-
' dom, as much as it belongs to us towards our People ;
' all our Subjects, as well Clergy as Laity, fhall ob-
' ferve as far as they are concerned, towards their De-
' pendents.

' LXX. And, whereas for the Honour of God, and the
' Amendment of our Kingdoai, and for quieting the Dif-

* cord that has arifen between us and our Barons, we
' have granted all the things aforefaid ; willing to ren-
' der them firm and lafting, we do give and grant our
' Subjects the following Security ; namely, that the Ba-
' rons may chufe five and twenty Barons of the King-

* dom, whom they think convenient, who fhall take
' care, with all their might, to hold and obferve, and
' caufe to be obferved, the Peace and Liberties we have

* granted them, and by this our prefent Charter confirm-
' ed. So as that, if we, our Jufticiary, our Bailiffs, or

* any of our Officers, fhall in any cafe fail in the perform-

* ance of them, towards any Perfon ; or fhall break
' through any of thefe Articles of Peace and Security,

* and the Offence is notified to four Barons, chofen out of
' the five and twenty aforementioned, the faid four Barons
' fhall repair to us, or our Jufticiary if we are out of the

* Realm ; and laying open the Grievance, fhall petition
' to have it redreffed without delay ; and if it is not re-
' dreffed by us, or, if we fhould chance to be out of the
' Realm , if it is not redreffed by our Jufticiary within
' forty Days, reckoning from the time it has been noti-
' fied to us, or to our Jufticiary if we fhould be out of the
' Realm ; the four Barons aforefaid fhall lay the Caufe be-
c fore the reft of the five and twenty Barons ; and the
' faid five and twenty Barons, together with the Com-
' munity of the whole Kingdom, fhall diftrain and diflrefs
' us all the ways poffible ; namely, by feizing our Caftles,
' Lands, Poffeffions, and in any other manner they can,
' till the Grievance is redreffed according to their Pleafure,

* faving harmlefs our own Perfon, and the Perfon of our
' Queen and Children ; and when it is redreffed, they fhall
' obey us as before.

' LXXI. And any Perfon whatfoever in the Kingdom
' may fvvear, that he will obey the Orders of the five
' and twenty Barons aforefaid, in the Execution of the

* Premiffes, an«Lthat he will diflrefs us, jointly with them,
' to the utmoft of his Power ; and we give publick and
' free Liberty to any one that will fivear to them, and
' never fhall hinder any Perfon from taking the fame
' Oath.

' LXXII. As for all thofe of our Subjects, who will
not, of their own accord, fwear to join the five and
twenty Barons, in diflraining and diftreffing us, we will
iffue our Order to make them take the fame Oath, as

' LXXIII. And if any one of the five and twenty Ba-
rons dies, or goes out of the Kingdom, or is hindered
any other way, from putting the things aforefaid in ex-
ecution ; the reft of the faid five and twenty Barons may
chufe another in his room, at their difcretion, who fhall
be fworn in like manner, as the reft.


Book VIII.

7. f O H R


LXXIV. In omnibus autem, q'ie iftis viginti quinque
baronibus cominittuntur e'xequenda, fi forte ipli viginti
quinque prefentes fuerint, 5c inter (e fuper re aliqua dif-
cordaverint, vcl aliqiii ex eis fummoniti, nolint, vel nc-
queant interefle, fatum habeatur & firmum, quod major
pars eorum qui prefentes fuerint providerit, vel prcceperit,
ac fi omiici viginti quinque in hoc c mfenfiflent, & predidti
viginti quinque jurent quod omnia antedicta fideliter obfer-
vabunt & pro toto polle fuo facient obfervari.

LXXV. Et nos nichil impetrabimus ab aliquo, per nos,
hec per alium, per quod aliqua iftarum conceffioftum &
libertatum revocetur vel miniialur, 8j li .iliquid tale impe-
tratum fuerit irritum lit & inane ; & numquam eo utemur
per nos, r.ec per alium.

LXXVI. Et orhnes malas voluntates, indignationes, &
rancores ortos internes & homines noftros, clericos & laicos,
a tempore difcordie, plenc omnibus remilimus, & condo-
navimus. Preterea, omnes tranfgreffiones i.tctas occafione
ejuidem difcordie, a pafcha anno rcgni noftri fextodecimo,
nfque ad pacem reformatam, plene remihmus omnibus cle-
ricis & laicis, & quantum ad nos pertinet plene condona-
vi mux

LXXVII. Et infuper, fectmus eis fieri litteras teftimo-
niales patentes dorriini Stepjiani Canttrarienfis archiepifcopi,

d.immi Henrici Dublinienfts archiepifcopi, 5c epilcoporum
predidtorum, & magiftti Pandulti, fuper fecuritate ifta, &
conccilionibus preiatis.

LXXVIII. Quare volumus 5c firmiter precipimus, quod
Anglicana ecclefia libera fit, & quod homines in regno 110-
ftro habeant, & tene.mt, omnes prefatas libertates, jura,
& conceffiones", bene & in pace, libere 5c quicte, plene
& integre, fibi & heredibus fuis, de nobis & heredibus no-
ftris in omnibus rebus & locis in perpetuum, ficut predic-
tum eft.

LXXIX. Juratum eft tarn autem ex parte noftra, quam
ex parte baronum, (]uod hec omnia fupradidta, bona ride,
5c imc malo ingenio obfervabuntuf.

Teftibus lupradidtis, 5V multis aliis. Data per manum
noftram in prato quod vocatur Runingmede inter
Windelefor. & Stanes quinto decimo die j unii anno
regni noftri feptimo decimo.

o — Deleantur per eofdem ita quod nos hoc fciamus prius
vel Juftici.-.rius noftcr fi in Anglia non fuerimus.

— o Emuhm autem rej'peclum habebimus, if eodem modo
de Juilicia exiiihcnda, 2De fojetttB BCaftojCftandis vcl
rcmanfuris foreftis.

4- Parhim forum in Angl. vel in Wullia.

.*. Gander e in perpetuum.

Examined end compared with the Original in the Cotto-
nian Library,

By David Cassley, Deputy-Librarian.

' FA'XIV. In all things that art committed to the
charge of the fe five and twenty Baron-, if, when I
are all aflembled together, they fhould happen to difagree
about any matter, or Ionic of them, when fummoned,
will not, or cannot come; whatever is agreed upon, or
enjoyned by the major part of thole who ate prefent,
fhall be reputed as firm and valid, aa if all the fivt
twenty had given their Content, and the forefaid li .
id twenty fhall fwear, that all the I'rcmiiics they Ik II

faithfully obferve, and caufe with

their power to be

' LXXV. And we will not, !»v ourfelves, or others,
' procure any thing, whereby any of thefi conceffions and
' liberties be revoked, or leflened ; and if any fitch thin]
' he obtained, let it be null and void ; neither fhall we
' ever make ufe of it, either by ourfelves, or any 01

' LXXVI. And all the Ill-will, Anger, and Malice,
* that hath arifen between us and our Subjects, ot the
' Clergy and Laity, from the firfl breaking out of the
' diflenlion between us, we do fully remit and forgr. e.
' Moreover all TrefpalTes occafioned by the faid diflenlion,
' from Eajler, in the fixteenth year of our Reign, till the
' Reftoration of Peace and Tranquillity, we hereby entirelv
' remit, to all, Clergy as well as Laity, and as far as in us
' lies, do fully forgive.

' LXXVII. We have moreover granted them our Let-
' ters Patents teftimonial of Stephen Lord Archbifhop of
' Canterbury, Henry Lord Archbifhop of Dublin, and the
' Bifhops aforefaid, as alfo of Matter Pandulpb, for the
' Security and Conceffions aforefaid.

LXXVIII. Wherefore we will and firmly enjoin, that
' the Church of England be free, and that all Men in our
' Kingdom, have and hold, all the forefaid Liberties,
' Rights, and conceffions, truly and peaceably, freely and
' quietly, fully and wholly, to themfelves and their Heirs,
' of Us and our Heirs, in all things and places for ever,
' as is aforefaid.

' LXXIX. It is alfo fworn, as well on our part, as
' on the part of the Barons, that all the things aforefaid
' fhall faithfully and fincerely be obferved. '

Given under our hand, in the prefenee of the IFitneffes
above-named, and many others, in the Meadow ealled
Runingmede, between Windelefore and Stanes, the
i^th day of June, in the 17 th year of our Reign.

1 o-— So as we are firft acquainted therewith, or our
' Jufticiary, if we fhould not be in England.

' — o And in the fame manner, about adminiftring
c Juftice, deafforefting the Forefb, or letting them con-
* tinue.

' 1 -r Either in England or Wales, •

' .'. For ever.-—

There are two Copies of this Charter in the Cotton Library, ivhieh are as old as the time of King John. One has Jlill
ihe Broad Seal, though fame of it was melted by the Flames, which on Odtober2 3. 1731, confumed part of the abovefaid
Library, and which a/Jo made a few Letters of the Charter not legible : But they ivere f applied out of the other by the learned
Mr. David C.ifslev, from tvhofe Copy this is printed ; and are dijlinguiflied above by IglacK ILCHCfS. Both Charters were
irijiblv writ by the fame Hand. That which hath no Seal, has two Slits at the bottom, from which, without quejlion, hung
■ v Seah ■— Thefiw words printed here at the end, are placed Jo in the Original, and referred to by the fame Marks.

N* 15. V o t. I.

e c e




Vol L



Granted by King JOHN to his Subjefts in the Tear

1215 (2).

JOHANNES Dei gratia, rex Angliae, &c. Sciatis
quod intuitu Dei k pro falute animae noftras & ani-
marum anteceflbrum & fucceflbrum, ad exaltatio-
nem fanc~fce ecclefire, Si emendationem regni noftri ;
fpontanca & bona voluntate noftra dedimus, & con-
ceflimus pro nobis & haeredibus noftris, has libertates fub-
fcriptas, habcndas & tenendas in regno noftro Angliae in

I. In primis omnes forefta; quas rex Henricus avus nofter
afforeftavit, videantur per probos & legales homines; & fi
bofcum aliquem alium quam fuam dominicum, afforeftave-
rit ad damnum illius cujus bofcus fuerit, ftatim deafforef-
tetur. Et fi bofcum fuum proprium afforeftaverit, re-
maneat forefta, falva communia de herbagio & rebus
aliis in eadcm forefta, illis qui earn prius habere con-

II. Homines qui manent extra foreftam, non veniant de
c:ctero coram jufticiariis noftris de forefta, per communes
fubmonitiones ; nifi fint in placito, vel plegii alicujus vel
aliquorum qui attachiati funt propter foreftam : omnes
autem bofci qui fuerunt aftbreftati per regem Richardum
fratrem noftrum, ftatim deaffbreftentur ; nifi fuerint do-
minici bofci noftri.

III. Archiepifcopi, epifcopi, abbates, priores, comites,
barones, milites, & libere tenentes, qui bofcos habent in
forefta, habeant bofcos fuos ficut eos habuerunt tempore
prima; coronationis praedicti regis Henrici avi noftri ; ita
quod quieti fint in perpetuum de omnibus purprefturis, vaftis
$i affartis fa&is in illis bofcis poft illud tempus, ufque ad
principium fecundi anni coronationis noftrae. Et qui de
cxtero vaftum, purprefturam, vel aflartum facient fine li-
centia noftra in illis bofcis, de vaftis, purprefturis, & afTartis

IV. Regardatores noftri eant per foreftas, ad faciendum
regardum, ficnt fieri confuevit tempore prims coronationis
pradi&i regis Henrici avi noftri, & non aliter.

V. Inquifitio vel vifus de expeditatione canum exiften-
tium in forefta de cstero fiat, quando fieri debet regardum ;
fcilicet de tertio anno in tertium annum ; & tunc fiat per
vifum & teftimonium legalium hominum, & non aliter.
Et ille cujus canis inventus fuerit tunc non expeditatus, pro
mifericordia det tres folidos ; & de caetero nullus bos capia-
tur pro expeditatione. Talis autem expeditatio fit per affi-
fam communiter, quod tres ortelli afcindantur de pede ante-
rior! five poleta. Non expeditentur canes de csetero, nifi
in loci's ubi expeditari folent tempore prima? coronationis
prardieti Henrici regis avi noftri.

VI. Nullus foreftarius vel bedellus , faciat de cstero
fcotallum, vel colligat garbas , vel avenam, vel bladum
aliud, vel agnos, vel porcellos, nee aliquam colle<£tam fa-
ciat ; & per vifum & facramentum duodecim regardatorum,
quando facient regardum, tot foreftarii ponantur ad foreftas




HN, by the Grace of God, King of England,
&c. Know ye, that for the honour of God,
and the health of our Soul, and the Souls of our
Anceftors and Succeflbrs, and for the exaltation
of Holy Church, and for the reformation of our
igdom, We have of our free and good Will given
and granted for Us and our Heirs, thefe Liberties here-
after fpecified, to be had and obferved in our Kingdom

Online LibraryM. (Paul) Rapin de ThoyrasThe history of England : written in French (Volume 1) → online text (page 123 of 360)