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Tyng and the rest of the Cheife Officers, Those that were
sick to their owne homes Those that were fitt for service
to posts that required their Assistance there being force suf-
ficient Left as they Judged to Defend the ffort. True it is
that afterwards that flbrt and about Twenty houses were
taken and Destroyed by the Indians But it was Imputed to
the Careless security of the Garrison and not want of Men
The Towne being Surprized att noonday and noe scout

New Dart Was Destroyed all but four or five houses, And

mouth New Towne all but one by the Indians in the time

of S"" Edmond Andross's Government, Done as
was supposed in revenge of S"" Edmonds seizing Monsier
Casteens house and takeing thence all his Amies and Mer-
chandize and household Goods in time of profound peace
The said Casteen haveing Maried an Indian Sachems dauijh-
ter And so the Indians were allyed to his interests. The
Townes being Destroyed and the inhabitants sent to Boston
by S"" Edmond A ffort was needless thel"e being nothing to

Redoubt on There being no Inhabitants there after that
Pamrascotty Dartmouth was Destroyed and Deserted Colt
Tyng and Major Thomas Savage Officers in S''
Edmonds Army and one of them of his Councell Advised
the deserting that place And the Insignificant fforts of fl'ort
ffort Ann ^uu pegipscott &c as vsclcss there being no plan-
pegipscott tation in many Miles of them Colt MackGregory


was seized by his owne Souldiers in regard of his Cruelty
and Severity towards them, Severall for that reason haveing
Deserted him before the Revolution.

Being a ffort Erected att the Charge of the

Sagadehock ° °

ffishermen they with drawing their ffishery in the
fall of the yeare the Garrison was with drawne att their
Owne Instance.

rainioiitbin A ffort built formerly by the jNIasachusetts
CascoeBaye Qoion^^e is Still Continued and better furnished
and provided then in S"" Edmonds time Cap*^ Lockheart a
reputed papist was by order of Councell for that reason dis-
mist and Silvauus Davis an Inhabitant of thtit place and
formerly Comander of that ffort put in his roome, here it
Avas the Indians Career was stopt and they defeated by the
forces raised since the Revolution by the vnited Colonyes.

fibrt was deserted in S*" Edmonds time for want

Saeoe River . .

of necessaryes and provisions for the souldiers
and Cap* fflo^'d himselfe made A prisoner by S"" Edmond
vpon his Comeing to Aske provision for the necessary sub-
sistance of that Garrison.

, , We know of no ffort there.

Keiuiebunk —

Wells— is still well Inhabited and many houses there

ffortifyed and Cap' Willard with his Company posted there
by order of the Councell for their Securitye —
Merimack And Many other places vpon the Revohition

^'^^"^' changed the officers thcv could not Trust But

]\Iajor henchman keeps both his station and Comand there
All our ffrontier Townes haue had recruits sent them by
order of Councell for the security of the Country which was
much neglected and weakned in s'' Edmonds time by Draw-
ing Souldiers thence to build and supply the Trifling fforts
before menconed.

ConnecUcott Continues as it was only Colt Treate finding
River. ^^ occasiou for so great force as was sent Thither

b}'^ S' Edmond drew them off before the Revolution After


■which that Colony reassumed their ancient Government.
Chose the said CoH Treate Governor and hath suffered no
Damage by the Indians. Tlie sloope and Brigantine with
other vessells pretended to be prest for his Ma"®^ vse in the
service of the Country, were chcifly imployed to cary Soul-
diers to and fro att S"" Edmonds pleasure Wee know not
that they were att all made use of for the security of the
Coast or ffishery or that they were titt for that purpose or
need be so imployed att that season of the yeare, True it is
there was great Complaint that those who served with them
were never payed which made s'' Edmonds Government
more uneasy. The standing fforces s'' Edmond was reputed
to have brought with him to New England were about 120
Men which he posted att })emaquid, Boston and the Castle.
Some of Which dyed, Some deserted in S"" Edmonds time
And when the warr with the Indians broke out he took part
of them att Boston and att the Castle with him for that ser-
vice what became of them S"" Edmond can best tell we are
well assured not a man perished by the hands of the Indians
nor any Indian was hurt by them or any of his forces.

We have not an exact Inventory of the provisions and
stores found in the Garrisons att the time of the happy Rev-
olution But can averr that the principall Garrisons were sup-
plyed from Boston And the Men that were sent out for the
Reinforcement of the Army were furnished with necessaryes
for warr att the Charge of perticular persons and not one
penny from the Treasury.

All which Account aforesaid we have either by our owne
knowledo;e or the best Informacons which were from time to
time transmitted to the Government during our aboade in
New England.

The Occasion of our present Distress is the warr between
the two Crownes of England and ffrance which prevents all
our supply es from England and by the Act of Navigation
we cannot have them elsewhere That as our stores are less-


ened so our necessityes are Increased the fFrench being a po-
tent Enemy and a near Neighbour Wee need not hibour
vnder greater Inconveniences And the Mischeifes of the In-
terruption in our antient Goverment not yett recovered
Wee therefore humbly propose that for a present Releife
the Vesscll may be dispatched with Convoy and leave given
to merchants to shipp amies and Amunition as follovveth
Viz' 1000 ffuzies 200 Barrelis pistoll powder 50 Barrells
Common Powder 20 Tunn Lead. Where])y We shall be able
(God blessing Endeavors) to Defend our selves And if his
Ma'y shall think fitt to attempt the Reduction of Canada
(now soe prejudicial! to their Ma"''* Colonyes in America)
we shall with all chearfullness and resolution give our vtmost
assistance thereto Not Doubting But his Ma'^ will of his
Inviola])le Justice and Royall Bounty Continue and Estab-
lish to vs our Ancient Rights and priviledges.
May 30"' 1690./

Commissioners to Impress provisions.

Ordered that Mess""^ John Foster, Edward Bromfield and
Joseph Parson, Comission" for the Warr or any of them be
and are hereby Impowred to take up and (if need be with
the assistance of a Constable) to Impi'ess on the Country's
acco' all such Provisions as they shall from time to time re-
ceive Order from the Governour and Council, for the Sup-
py of such Forces as are or shalbe sent forth against the
comon Enemy : And all Constables are hereby Ordered
to be aiding and assisting to the said Comission""' or either
of them in the Execution of this order upon their demand

May 80 1690 past in the affirmative

by the Deputies

Ebenezer Prout Clerk/
Consented to by the Governo"" & Magistrates

Atf Is-* Addington Sec'"V


Majo^ Ro¥ Pike Commander in CTilef.

Order'' 1)}^ y* Deputies that maj"" Kobert Pike be Comande''
In Cheife of the forces that are gon & goeing Eastward for
the Destruction of y* CoiTion trench &, Indian Eneniie.

The Hon""*^ niairistrates Consentinor

Boston May : 30" 161)0

Consent'' to by the Governo"'

and Magistrates.

Ebenezer Front [clerk]

Atf Is" Addington/

A detachment of 400 soldiers Ordered for service.

Ordered that there be a detachment of ffour hundred able
Souldiers well appointed with Arnies and Aiuunition for
their Ma"^* Service against the couion Enemy, out of the
militia of this Colony (those already posted in the Eastern
parts except Cap"*" Wiswalls Conip** to be Esteem'' part of
that number) Two hundred to be improved chielBy for the
security of Havarill, Aimsbury, Exiter, Dover, Kittery,
Yorke & Wells Frontier Towns, the other two hundred to
be improved chiefly for Security Bradford, Andover, Dun-
stable, Chelmsford, Groton, Lancaster, & ]\rarll)orough,
ffourscore of this two hundred to be Troopers ; the whole to
be divided into Compan}'* of ffifty to each and to be put
under suitable Comanders with full Comon to prosecute and
destroy the Enemy in all parts as opportunity shall present
either b}^ jo3ming two or more Company^ together or in
smaller pty^ and to be constantly kept together moveing up
and down in their respective stations on the outside of the
Towns whereto they shalbe assigned, for the defence of such
Towns and to offend the Enemy, the Frontier Towns to send
out two or three of their own Inhabitants who are acquainted
with the woods daily for Scouting : S'' Troopers to be diuided


Into four gts as well as the foot, & to be Comanded by y*
cheif officer of y^ foot, & y' one Cap* be Cofnander of one
Hundred, & the Leu* to Comand half y** Company vnder
him while seperated.

Vot*^ in the affirmative by the Gov"" & Magistrates.

4° June. 1690./ // Is^ Addington Sec^

Consented to by y^ Deputies

Neh. Jewet p Ordy

Sixty of the 400 Soldiers to be under the command of

Cap' Floyd/

Ordered that Sixt}-^ of the ffour hundred Souldiers ap-
pointed to 1)6 raysed by Order of this Court be put under
the comand of Cap"'' John Floyd, and forthw"^ posted at
Portsmouth in East Hampshire for the farther Enforcem'
and strengthning of that Post. And otherwise to be im-
proved ag* the coinon Enemy as they shalbe Ordered.
Boston 10**^ June 1690./.

Past in the affirmative by the
Gov"' and Magistrates the
Deputy* consenting

Is'' Addington ^Q(f^
Consented to by the Deputies

Ebenezer Prout Clerk./

Petition of Jane Ryly/

To the Hour'' Gov"" and Council sitting in Boston,

The Humble petition of Jane Kyly Resident in Charles-
town Shcweth

That yo"" Petition" Husband ,Tohn Ryly with yo'' Petition""
& two Children Inhabiting at Kennebeck, were the last


yeare forced by the Enemy from their Ilubittition, since
which they have resided in Charlestowne, where they have
nothing to niaintaine them but the dayly labour of yo'' Peti-
tions^ said Husband, who about a moneth agoe was in said
Town Impressed into the Country's service, and hastned
away to the Eastward, not having opportunity to Address
yo' Hono" in order to a dismission. Yo"" Petition"" & lier
two small Children, in the mean while being in extream
want, having nothing wherewith to feed and cloath them.

Yo"" Petition"" therefore Humbly prayes, that yo"^ Hono"
will please to grant an Order to the Commander at "Wells
(under whom he is) that yo"" Petition''' Husband may be
discharged from that service, and may have Liberty to re-
turn to his poor family, or if that cannot be granted, that
som other way (such as to your wisdoms shall seem meet)
may be taken, that yo' Petition"" & her two young Children
may not perish for lack of bread./

And yo"" Petition"" shall ever })ray &c./

Letter from Ci/prlan Soiitliaclc to his Father and Blather.

S' Johns in Newfoundland June 18''^ 1690
Hono"* Father and Mother

S"" Having this Oppertunit}' to give an Account of my
Voyage ; the 29"' day of A])ril I set saile from Boston under
the Comand of S"" W'" Phips, he having a Ship with 42
Guns, and 300 men, and my Ship 119 men 20 Guns, and 4
Pattereroes, and three Katches and One Bark with Sixty
five men in each to Atack Port Royal. May 11"' at eight
a Clock in the mornino- we arrived at Port Roval and Landed
our men, so they Surrendered up the Fort without firing
One Gun at us ; We sent the Gov"" and Souldiers and two
Priests to Boston, which beins; in Number in all Eiirhtv
four; and Sixty four Planters which have taken the Oath of


Allegiance to their Maj*'*'^ we left there, and setting up the
Kings Jack for them to govern all that shall come there by
a Power from S^ W" Phips to Six of them : 22'^' May have-
ing sent all the Amunition, and all the Stores of Warr, and
all other Plunder for Boston in the Fleet ; The Generall
gave me a Discharge from him so he went for Boston, and I
steered for Cape Sal)les, and the 25 Instant we came to
Bathechr Harbour ; with my Ship and a Tender, and at 4
a clock in the afternoone, there came off 40 French Indians
in Cano's which we fought, and killed 2 and wounded me 4
men, so we set saile that Night and, the 29*"^ Instant, we got
at Leave haufe, and at 12 a clock at night I sent up my
Long boat with 15 men, and tooke them all, and the Plant-
ers swore allegiance to their Maj^'" so we left them there and
sent the Souldiers to Boston, and so set Saile for Cansaw,
and the 3'' of June I Arrived here at 5 a Clock in the After-
noone, the 4 Instant I putt 50 men into my Tender with my
self, and left my Lieu' with the Ship at Cansaw ; so I made
Saile for Shabocter Fort, which being 7 Leagues from mv
Ship, and at 4 a clock in the Morning, I landed my men
and they fired a Gun for to Alarme the Indians, and at 5 a
Clock in the Morning I came within great Gun shot of the
Fort, so they fired Eight Great Guns, and 3 Pattereroes at
us, comeing over a Sandy beach, and when we came to their
Beach, which was within Pistol Shot of the Fort, no more
than One man at a time Could go over so we sallyed up at
the Fort at Once and they killed me three men, and wounded
me Six, so we fought them Six houres, and they beat us off
from the Fort, and about Pistol shot from the Fort, we gott
into a Great house, where I found 4 barrcUs of Gun Pow-
der, and I made fire balls and Arrows, and we sallyed up
againe to the Trenches, and there got in my self with 4 men
more, so that their Great Guns could not hurt us, and we
threw severall l)alls into the Fort, at last it mA into the
House of Gaurd and set Fire, and in One houres time the


Fort was all on Fire. And then the Gov"" struck the Flag,
and he with his Souldiers and the Priests came out, and then
the Fort in One half houres time blew up with the Powder
that was in it, and the Granado shells too, so I was 5 days
demolishing of it; which the Gov"" now Affirms on board my
Ship that the Fort stood the French King in 3000£. Ster-
ling within these two Yeares buildins:, which was of Stone
and Plaister of Paris, it was built with Stack Ared all round,
and Trenched ; I have seized severall Ships of the French
which I will give a full account of by the first Oppertunity.

Dear Father give a full Account of my Voyage to the
Lords of the Admiralty, or whome it may concerne. I will
send a full Account of all my Voyage by Aug'* I had sent
the full now, but haveing no Oppertunity but by Bilboa
which is a long way about ; by the first Oppertunity I will
send the Gov'' of Shackbocker for London, and severall Soul-
diers which I have on board my Ship now. I have cleered
all the French from Nova Scotia and some parts of New-
foundland. Per chance is taken this Winter by the English ;
for the English hearts are all brisk in this Cold Country.
S'' I am very well, thanks be to God for it, I had a small
wound in my Belly, but is almost well againe ; and at this
Harb"^ here is 5 Saile of Merchants Ships bound to Bilboa
and Lisbon, and I intend to convoy them 100 Leagues of
the Shore, for the IP'' of June there was at the Bay of Bulls
a French man of Warr and has plundered them all, but I
have cruised all about the Coast, and cannot find him, so I
desire your Prayers to Almighty God. S"" I would have you
give an Account to the Lords of the Admiralty that I have
5 Great Guns to the Fort of S' Johns weiohinj>: 2300 wei^'-ht
each Gunn, and severall things for mounting of them with
my Owne men, for out of three hundred men belonging to
the Harbour no more than 15 I could see for to help me to
mount them; and the IP" of May the Bay of Bulls was
plundered by a French man of Warr, and 2 English Ships,

Doc. Vol. v. 9


and 1 Katcli Loaden with provisions was taken out of the
Harbour, and this Winter Great Perchance was taken by
some English, but the French have it againe and it is very
Strong by Reason of Ships that are there ; But as soon as
my Men are Refreshed I will (an't please God) make a Vig-
orous Attempt in taking Great Perchance from the French
againe with Gods Assistance, if no strength comes from
France again, which Newfoundland is much afraid of, hav-
ing a Great Many Enemies amongst themselves, and Irish
men a great many. I shall give an Account of all my Pro-
ceedings to the Lords of the Admiralty by the first Op-

Dear S"" let me hear by the first Oppertunity from your
self, and send how all things are there, and direct your Letf
for me to Sam" Checkley in Boston, and there it will be

So I rest

Your Dutifull Son till Death

Cyprian Southaicke/

Petition of John Kinsley in behalf of a child of
Abraham Collins.

Milton July 4'" 1690
To the Right Worshipfull Gour"'' Bradstreet and the Rest of

honourable authority of the Massachusets Collony vnto

whome the Humble petition may come.

Right Honnorable these lines Giue your honners to vnder-
stand that Abraham Collins formerly of Casco-bay in the
Easterne parts being drawn off from thence in to these parts
by the Destress of Warre with a Child a bout 18 monthes
old the said child he s*^ Collins put to Nuss to a person in
Boston a while but disliking the place he Remoued s'^ Child
to Milton & put it to Nuss to a person in s*^ Milton for six-
weeks after which time the select men of said Milton saw


meet to warn the person that ke})t s'' Collins his Child to
deliuer s"^ child to its farther who then was in my imploy and
did desire me to Giue him housroom till he could provide a
settlment for his s*^ Child accordingly I did he the said Col-
lins Engaging withall to prouide for his s"^ Child within such
a time and to carrie it to Ipswich to its Grandmother on the
twentie third day of June IGUO which was on a monday but
s*^ Collins Neglected till the Next wensday after we hearing
that s'' Collins was at a Neighbors hous I and my wife went
and deliuered s'^ Child Named Benjamin Collins to its father
before two witnesses viz William Denison and Mary his wife
vpon which s^ Collins left s** Child in the street and we took
notice of the Child and when we say that s** Collins nor any
other person took no notice or care of s" Child and that no
person could be found to Releiue it & that it must perish if
we did not take care of it then I took it and carried it to a
Nurss withall ingaging to do my best to se that shee should
be sattisfyed for her Cost & Charg where it dus continue to
this day & your petitioner humbly praj^s y"" honners to ishew
out some order how & after what maner s'^ Child shall)e
setled and jMaintained not knowing my selfe obleiged any
more then anie other perticuler pson

Your Worship most Humble petitioner & seruant

John Kinsley/

Abstract of Letters from M^ Usher.

Boston 4**' July 1690.

All Ships lye now und"" an eml)argoe w*^^ is to continue
to y^ 10*'' of Deceb"" next, & y' if any ship or Vessell is found
to take any provissions or other Goods on board (w^'^outt
liberty tirst obtained from y® Governo"" & Councill) shall for-
feitt both Ship & Goods. This Goverm' is now fitting outt
a fleett in ord"" to y*" takeing of Canada, for y^ effecting of


w'^'' they haue taken up fine Ships for Ships of War, viz*
Cap* Mellose ship. Cap' Gilberts ship, Tho Canter ship Cap'
parsons ship ; Cap' Doleberrys ship ; w"' Two fine ships &
alioutt 26 Saile of other Vessells, they design aboutt 3000
Men & intend to saile hence in 14 dayes, Cap* Mellowes,
Cap' Gilbert's ships is alredy fitted & sent outt to Cruce in
y* Chanell & to look for a Fi'ench pj-ivateer, whoe we haue
enformation lyes aljoutt Cape Cod & hass taken 23 small
vessells w*^^ belongs to this Country, the mony for y" carry-
ing on this Exspedition is raised by Subscriptions some
200' some 100' some 50' some less tis judged there will be
enough Subscribed to sett outt y'' fleett, y*^ Subscribers are
promised to be pd out of y*" phind'^ if any gott, Otherwise
to be pd by y*" Country when able —

The Manques mett a Considerable Number of Fren & In-
dians Comeing over y'' Lake, where they had a fight, y^
Manques lost aboutt 55 y" French &c lost 40 od y" French
was so Humerus for y** Manqres soe they fled y'' French sent

5 persons some say more to y^ Manqres well clad w"' flags'
of truce in there hands, to treatt for peace butt y^ M : being
jealous of some mischiefe plotting after some time striped
them of y"** Robes, & Roasted & destroyed all saucing one
pson w'^'' they say is a French Knight whoe is in a Leislers

July 7"' in y" morning
M' Gale barque arived here w"' aboutt 50 men she was
taken by a French privateer, yesterda\' y'' 6^" July came a
post to Town from Exeter whoe came thence y" 5 att Noon

6 giues an Acco" of Cap' Hcllons Garison being taken by
y'' Indians, & y' aboutt 50 of our men mett w"' aboutt 60
Indians whoe fought them retreating to there Garrison,
aboutt 8 of our men gott into y'' Garrison y® rest are Scat-
tered abroad in y" woods, Exeter is now besett w"' y^-In-
dians w'"'' I fear will be lost/


7 in y« After Xoon
just now is come a post to Town, giving Acco" of Exeters
being besett w"' y*^ Indians, where they mctt w^'' drye
blowes ; they killed 8 persons there whoe they intercepted
as they were goeing to y® releife of a Garrison then engaiged,
Cap* Flood & Cap' Wizwell was sent outt w"' a design to
destroy y® Indians corne, hutt comeing near White hall our
Scouts & y* Indian Scouts Scurmaged & then our Conip''
drew in a halfe Moon (w*^'' consisted of 132 men) 60 whereof
was Indians where comeing on y*' French & Indians early in
y* morning as they were att Breakfast, fell on them & kild
& scalpd 40 Indians & French & recouered A greatt deale
of there baggage butt y*^ Enemy ralliing a gain came up &
engaiged our men in which engagem' we had much y® worse
of itt, y^ Enemy being to Numerus for us, soe our men was
Forced to flye. Cap' Flood w"' 60 more recovered Strabury
Banck. 20 whereof is Indians y'' rest is judged to be cutt
of y^ Enemy recovered nioste of his baggage, again this
morning Amesberry was moste of itt on fyer by another
party of Indians, Essex moste of itt — in Amies, goeing
to releiue those parts & 250 men ordered from Charlestown
side ; if some care be nott taken I fear there will soone
come .... doers tis indeed charge ....

End:) N. England 4: 7 July 1690./ Abstract of Letters
Re&^ 16. 8ej)t: 1690. From M^ Usher./

Lett^ from New England.

Falmouth July y« 8"» 1690/
Honoured S"".

It's my duty to Accquainte of my Ariveall here with some

Prosecedings of New England sence your departure That


upon y® 17*'' of May last y*' Indians with seuerall french did
set upon Cascoe and burnt y® fort and towne and tooke all
before them Carrying away men weomen & Childrin and did
send into Piscatqua that they would be there suddenly ;
samon falls taken Mojor frost besett and all y^ Rest of y*
Provence of Maine deserted Yorke Excepted : I am afraid
that this sommer they will doe a greate deale of damage
nioore then they can expect if they have not Releife from
England, it is the Generall descourse, but they make little
Resistance nor take any Care, Vpon y® 19 of May we sailed
and 40 : Sea S E B E' from Cape Sables y« 24*" of May : we
mett a french Man of Warr of 30 Gunns who came along
our side and bid us strike for y*^ King of france, and fired a
broadside into us, but in two hours we satisfied him, wee
would not goe, disableing hime in such a manner I ques-
tion whether he got in to y" Shore safe, and thanks be to
God lost but very few men : and came to litle damage. Our
Cap* & master was killed and 3 men more and 7 men
wounded :

We hope in some small time to injoy y'' happeynesse to
Pay our Respects to you and hope shall not be out of your
mind : Paul Mayen dyed of his Wounds : We Remaine
S"" Your humble seruan*^ to Command '

W"' Banton/
Tho : Pound/

In hast to Sauc y*' Post/

S'' Wee humbly desire your hon-
ours do favor us with a line or
tow for we know not how long
we shall stay here/

We came with y"^ mast shipps —

From on thoir Majesties Ship Rose
Cap* Condon Coniand'/


Extract of a Letter to S"" Edraond Andros from on

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