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Yo*" ffriends and Neighl/y


^Proposals hy the Committee of Militia of Salem.

Its Humbly proposed by y^ Comitte of Militia of Salem

Oetob - 31, 1691.

That Considering y® 111 Circumstances y* wee are under
y* Expectation wee may Justly haue of y® ffrench & Indian
Enemies coming downe vpon Our ffrontiers Especially
Straw berry Banke y* likelihood y*^ Our Enimies will driue
in Our frontiers vpon vs Naked & Seize thier prouisions &
Estates by which they will be inabled to proceed further
vpon us &c : & the little Incouragement that Our Souldiers
haue had & may haue for time to come to Serue vs against
y® Common Enemie —

That their being 7 Regiments in this CoUony (besides Our
Westerne Regiment) that there be 50 able good men de-
tached Out of Each Regiment Equaly proportioned On y®
Townes where Said Regiment belongs & y' y*" respectiue
Townes for y* Encouragement of y® Souldiers detached doe
prouide good and Sufficient armes & Engage to pay y'' wages
in mony or other good pay to Content —

y*^ the Gouerment doe take care to prouide Stores of pro-
uision & amunition in Conuenient places at y* publique
Charge —

That y* Gentlemen of Pascataqua & Plymoth Collony be
treated withall & pswaded to beare thier Shares thereof —

That Good Able Hardy Officers be appointed to manage
this affaire & these together with all y^ forces of Hampshire
& Main & Salsbury Newbury & places adjacent be at y^
order direcon & absolute Comand of Some One Sutable pson
Impowered Sufficiently for that end for Managing y® Warr
as well for finding Out y" Enemie & destroying y'" as for y®
viiie defence of those Townes —

M^ Mathers rj.^^^ ^^^ humblc Adress be Sent to y-" Maj"*''

letter to 111' "^ •'

A(i;u.i winthrop praying an Early Settlement according to y®
Kings Royall word :


That y*" be Endeauors by Our friends in England to haue
Inspecons of y^ french Kings Measures relating to These
parts & in case any Ships of warr be fitted to attempt These
parts : that a proportionable Strength be asked of Our King
to be Sent for y® preseruacou of this Territorie from de-

y' a line be Set for y* friend Indians on pain of death to
be found without it —

y* due care be taken about all y® french amongst vs in
perticular y* Captiues y* are incouueniently and dangerously
Scattered amongst vs.

y' Care be taken y* y* Countrey be not too much of pro-
uision by forreign Transportation./

Letter from W^ Vaughan to G-ov. Bradstreet

Portsm° 17"> Nouemb"- 1691
Much Hon'"'^

The bearer Cap" March comes to give yo"" Hono" Account
of the Condition of the Soldiers in these parts, and the Nec-
esar}"- Occasion of present Supplyes, Ensigne Hill that Com-
mands those at Wells, came here With m"" Wheelwright, and
Saith they haue allrealy Killed So many Cattle for the Soul-
dires, that they haue hardly left where with to Sustain their
one family's this winter & that many famylyes haue hardly
bread to eat, Soe that without present help they are unable
to stand ; the Soildiers In all Parts haue allsoe, Soe great
a want of clothing that they are untitt for any Service, I hope
your Honers are forwarding a Dispatch of men and Necesa-
ries for the Defence of the Country this winter, Soe as to
giue the Enemy a repulse whereever thay Shall make an


Attack vpon us, otherwise wee shall be in a Miserable Con-
dition, I am

Your Hon''' Humble Seru"
//\Ym Yaughan/

" Order to several Majors as to collection of provisions,

^c, for Soldiers.''''

These serve to give cover to the Treasurers Orders to the
Constables of the respective Towns within yo' Regiment
which I am Ordered to inclose and direct unto yo' self, and
to desire you to forward them unto the Committee of Militia
in the Severall Towns to shew forth to the Constables, and
to urge them unto a speedy complyance therewith, in the
gathering and paying in unto some Suitable person to be
appointed by the s'^ Committee in each Towne, a Supply of
Provisions and Cloathing for the Support of the Souldiers
that are and shall be improved in their Maj"*'* Service, or
that which shall purchase the same, to the Sum mentioned
in s^ Order, that so direction may be given for the distribu-
tion thereof accordingly ; The Country cannot be unsensible
that there is not otherwise in the Treasury to provide the
same, and without which it will be impracticable to do what
is of absolute Necessity for the defence of their Majesties
Interests, and Subjects against the Cogimon Enemy ffrench
and Indians.

Yo'' Countenance and encouragemnt in this matter may be
very Serviceable, and is no way doubted of.

Boston Nov"" 1691 g Concilium/

" Letter from Grov^ Eaton of B. Is.''

Honered Neighbors

Yours of the 30*^ ocf we Receved and haue perused : of
the which we are truly senseble and it hath impretion upon
our spirits considering the distress & Afflictions that hath


been & are upon this Country and doe Really smppoothise
with the AtEcted also that hath not been to our selues or at
our own doors : and wee doe beleiue you haue been willing
& at Charge to Assist us : and we are thankfull to you
therfore : and so we are willing & know it is our dewty to
be willing & outt our proportionall Charge for their Majes-
tys Interest in detfence of all English men ; but we haue
hinderances from doeing as wee would : it is thus with us :
We Cannot Rais niony by tax : but as it is Aparent : &
thretned that it will not be : but by blud shed : we haue A.
Rate to pay y** charge we haue been at all Redy : & are not
otherwise Able to gitt it : ol though tor their Majestys in-
terest & our own SafFty : & so for y*' most part lyeth yett
unpaid : : olthough but few Amongst us of the ftaction for
y*^ papist or french form of Grouerment or of thos that are
for him that was King James : but who are in disguis : or
who couertly would haue it so ; under the name of King

but we are sattistied that ther is noe Cans for Any espe-
tially for Any in Magestrasy in this Contry to be in Any
maner Slack to propegatt the Caus that King William is

Although we think that som people Are Afraid to doe
Justly for fear or doubting that y*" french party might pre-
uaile & that then it might be wors for them for so doeing.

So for A man to keepe his mony blindeth him to make
Any Exscus therfore : And it was so that Cap' Gilbert who
you sent heither did say that the best farme upon block
Island should haue been his : for if it had been taken by y*
Enimy he doubted not but to haue Retaken it Againe : & thay
said his stavins: so long was ther fore ; but we are sattistied
that not Any blame did so belong to you : thay say that
Connedy exspedition was only propagatted for som pvrtic-
ullor interest & not for their Mujestys & as defence at hom
was negletted : and that from Amongst you : y'' french &

Doc. Vol. v. 20


indions are shuerly suplyed w*'' Amonition : & gained Ex-
sesiuely by trading w**^ y*^ indians : and thay say that y*^ In-
dians had some Just cans of offence that Corn was promest
them for harm thay Receued by Sawmils soylling their
fishing this could not be Cald truth: And "that many pre-
tend purchas of great tracts of Land & not as they had
Athority from Any under y*^ King to purchas as it was not
for A township — and that y*^ indians toke notis that A
soruoy was taken of All y*^ Contry on this side y^ lake : and
that when their Kings would sell no more land : that then
y^ English would caus other Kings that would so doe or
would say it was all theirs AlRedy : and that what Euer
Any indian did it was but as for A Raccoon to put his paw
to it : & many other griuences that y" indians haue taken
notis of.

Although we doe not Esteem our capasitys as large as
yours or that it should ouer Reach yours ; but as we know
somtims wise men may Receive benifit by her^ fools : our
Aduis is that as King William hath done to y® french that
so you would give forth Just terms how y'' indians might
haue peace : And how wee & french in this Contry might
not warr Against on Another or Asolt on Another in Each
others limits untill the higher power would not Exscus us
from so doing : for what we can for or Against y*^ proseod-
ing in Urop : l)ut if that so doing will not preuaill for peace
that then A generall Contrebution be oathered through out
y^ Collonys & that thes in magastracy or Any as thay haue
power in Each County may proportion y" tax : & if Any
will pay more that to be taken notis of: & all that will not
so pay : to be now only so taken notis of for it is in uain
now to be Against Enimys Abroad as we make Enimys at
home : but for you to make Apeer that y'' Enimy may

haue noc su[)ly from Amongst you & then for their majes-
tys interest & all our Countrymens Rclcoff some should be
imployed as well in defensiue warr & all at home for them


to be sopplyed : And all particular interests to be laid
Aside : we herd that y'' Gouernor of York sent mesengers
in to plimoth CoUony : (that by Athority ther) thos that
had Adresed to him should not be molested concernino or
About y*' warr or if thay ware he would subject y*^ moles-
tors or y*" like. So with our desirs to the highest : Euen
to him who Rules ouer y^ Kingdoms of men & alters &
changeth them as pleaseth him) that he may keepe both } ou
& us as we may doe & liue only to his Glory & do our
dewty to all English men, So y*' Lord will be our stay in
time of aduersity/

We Remain your friends in

the behalf of as many of

y® Councell as then present

as knowing it is y*" mind of

us all
Newport Rhoad Island

the 19'" of y^ O-^" nouembe""

John Easton G"

Reed Novemb - 26. 1691.

Letter from Tho'^ Hinckley, Gov'^ to Gov. Bradstreet .

Barnestable Novt). 13, 1691
Hona'^'^''^ Sir

Your Hon"^^ L'" of 30'" of Octbr last in y'^ name of the
Councill I received and Couiunicated to such of y® Councill
here as I could conveniently obteyn to advise w'" & some
other of our principall men : who notwthstanding our de-
sire to sympathize w"' you in those growing distresses y"
good pleasure of God sees meet to exercise you vnder, and
to aflfoord you y® best assistance we can. Yet such is the


distressed conditio Gods holy and righteous hand hath left
this Colony in, for want of some expresse fro their Ma"''^ of
their owning vs in our p''sent station till theire further pleas-
ure : that sev^'all of our Towns at least considerable num-
bers of their inhabitants do renounce and disclaym any author-
ity that we haue here — & forceably refuse to pay y'^ Rates
made for y® payment of y'^ souldiers heretofore sent forth
(on your motion) for the defence of their Ma"** interest &
y** CoiSon safety of their Subjects and are now also further
animated to cast off y^ yoke of Gov''ment, not only by what
they received fro Gov''nor Sloughter, but also by a L"" lately
to them from the p^sent Gov^^nor of N : York, (as is credi-
bly informed) directing them to pay no Rates till their Ma"*^^
pleasure be known, w'^'^ begins to spread also into some
other of our towns and takes w"' some male contented
theirin. So that thino-s beins: at p'sent so out of course cS;
in confusion we are not in any capacity to exert any power
to send men or provissions as you expect and their Ma"**
interest & their Subjects call for, till their Ma"*^^ pleasure be
known, to strengthen our hands and allay those pverse
mutinous spirits, and therefore in vayn to call a Gen*^all
Court to advise [about] that affayre ; But must in y*
way of humbling our selves vnder his mighty hand Coiiiitt
owr all to him, who will judge his people & repent himself
concerning his servants when he sees their power is gon,
and will take his own time to avenoje the blood of his ser-
vants & render vengeance to his adversaries, and will be
nicrcifull to his land and to his people according to his gra-
cious promise in hope whereof, w"' all due respects p''sented
I rest

Your Hono""*
in all humble & ready Service to my power

Tho^ Hinckley
ReC* Novenily25« 1691./


'■'■Letter from Sed^y Ally 7i of Con* concerning illness of

magistrates, — & contribution for families of

Soldiers at East'^ "

Hartford Deceinb'- 3'' 1691.
Hon""- S'-

Your letter of Octob"' 30"' 1691, I receiued & posted it
to our Goveruo' whoe called a court to meet at Hartford
November 19"' last past, but by Reason of the Sickness
that some of our Magistrates were at that time visited with ;
there did not meet a number sufficient to keep a Generall
court, & so were not capacited to Answer the contents of
your Hono""' Letter, yet the magistrates & deputies then met
did aduise the Governo'" to order that there be a free & vol-
unteery contribution made throughout this colony for the
releife of the garrisoned souldiers Imployed against the
comon enemie in the eastern partes & the poore famelyes
yet remayning there or forced away from their habitations
in distresse & want, which contribution will speedily ])e
put in practice, & your Hono'' may w"' in a shorte time If
oppertunety presents haue an acco' of what shall be gatherd.

we haue no News here to present you w*'' but shall be
glad to hear from your parts what is communicable. & corns
to your hands, o'" Gent" simpathize with you in the many
sorowes & troubles that you at p'sent labour under by the
conion enemie & disturbences in your partes, the Good Lord
in his own way & Time grant a Good Issue & saue & bless
his poore people which w"' humble seruice to your hono' &,
the Gent" of your Councill, is all at p''sent from your
Humble seruant

This is by desire of o"" Gov""

John : AUyn

J^gd x"r 11^^691.


*' Letter from F. Hooke & N. Fryer about attack on York,

Jan. 25, 1691."

Piscataqua the 25, 169^
Hon'"^ Gentlemen

May it please yo"" hon""' thes are to giue yo" an account
that this day the towne of Yorke is besett with the enemy
many we know iskild, and are still fyring. it is to be feared
the whole towne will be destroyed and what more the Lord
knowes ; but our sircumstances ar such, as we canht thinke
to stand long without God moue yo'' hon''* hearts to send
speedy releife & what euer yo" doe hasten withall expedi-
tion or both our prouinces will be gone Capt Flood is gon
with his Company for York ; fiffteen from the great Island
& som from the poynt but we feare all will be to Little
purpos if God in mercy doe not deuert them. Som wants
that we cannot think of, this is only in generall the pertick-
ulars at present we cannot say only lean all to yo"" hon"
serious consideration & in great hast remayne Yo"" hon''*

humble serua*^

we expect euery Francis Hooke

moment the enemy Nath ffryer

to be alsoe upon us

ther is serten Neus com of 137 pasons keld And cared
Away M"" Domer is found dead And his wife carrd Away
I cannot understand that ther was Aoue one honerd

Dr. BradstreeCs Letter, &c.

Portsm° January y« 26 : 169^
To the Hon''"' the Gouern"" and Councill of y" Massatuset
Collony in N. England.
May it please your honours I make bold with All humble
submission to acquaint yo' Honours that I am Altogather


out of Medicens for gunn shott wounds as for y^ first Inten-
tions — and as wee haue had verry lamentable Incursions
soe lately at York and killing and wounding & Carrying
away, as your Hon" haue already heard wee humbly hope,
and how suddainly we may haue y"" like God only knows
— w''^^ in his Mercie preuent. and should I be Commanded to
march out with an armie speedely such things must be
procured but Cannot be had here, and for those few medi-
cens y^ were last sent Some of them might be prop'' for y^
last Intentions but not for ye first, I haue made bold to In-
timate vnderneath what medisens may be proper

humbly subscribe that I am Yo"" Hon""' most Ready and

humbly denoted Seru*

Humphry Bradstreet

Electuarium lenitivum 2£

Pilula Rudij i£

Ollum catellorium 2£

Olium hypericonis Cum gumis 3£

Olium hyperici Simp. 2£

Olium Terebinthani 2£

Olium Succini 13

Vnguent de minio Suce rubrum camphra 1£

Vng album 1£ Vng Nicotiona 1£

Vng Dialthea 1£

Vng Diapumphologus 1£

Vng : populeon 1£

Vn • anodinum 1£

yng : Egiptiacum 1£

fflos Vnguentorum 1£

Emplasf Sticticum 1£

Empla — Diapallma 1£

Emp* diachylon Cum gum 1£

Emp° Diacalcitheos 1£

Sperrit of wine 1£

Gum Galbanum 43


gum Elemni 53

Gum olibauum 43

Gum. Vphorbium 33

Hordium oalicum 6£

Petition of the InJiabitants of the Isles of Slioles.

The honourable Gouernour and Counsell of the
Massathusets Collony Sitting- in Boston
The humble petition of the Inhabitants of
Isles of Sholes
Much hon'"'^ & worthy Gentlemen.

The prouidence of almighty god (whose judgements are
past finding out) hauing to our great horror and amazement,
lately caused [us to be] eye-witnesses, of the sad destruc-
tion and ouerthrow of our n [neighbors of] the Towne of
Yorke, by the common enemies (partly occasioned [by want
of] Security the common fore runner of desolation) ac-
count our selues to [haue been] thereby sufficiently warned
and therefore also obliged in point of discretion to arme
ourselues accordingly. Especially being deeply sensible how
we lye exposed as (marks or Butts for our Enemies) round
about both from Sea & land to shoot theire meleuolent
arrows against as also if there should be an Attacke either
by the Indians or French how uncapable we are (our men
being almost all att Sea euery day & somtimes a whole
weeke together) to make any resistance against them, but
must of necessity without a Speedy releife & assistance be
forced to quitt and totally forsake the place which will not
only be destructiue to us, but a great disaduantage, (as we
conceiue) to the publick Interest, inasmuch as the Islands
will be left as Receptacles and lurking places for our ene-
mies. And therefore hope that th6 we are but small branches


sprung into this remote part upon the sea yet we shall not
want your countenance and kindness as y" matter may

And to that end we beseach and intreat your honours
that we may not be left to the fauour of our enemies (whose
mercies are cruelty) nor to that confusion of Gouernement
under which these Islands haue so long groaned, but you
will please to send us a man of strict & good conduct with
a comission for a captame that may joyne with the heads of
this place to bare Rule and keep ordour amongst us for want
whereof we are so much debilitated by the desolating dis-
temper Diuision. as also with the said Captaine & under his
command we desire Fourty sufficient souldiers fitt for Ser-
uice, whose charge both for meat drinke and wages we will
att our own cost freelv disburst and discharge, accordins: to
Souldiers allowance : please also to send with y*^ captaine
such ordours & liberties as your honours shall think most
proper and conduceing to the generall wellfare of his maj-
esties subjects in this place.

That the great God of heauen will please to blesse your
honours with assistance to uanquish & ouercome our insult-
ing Enemies & be y'' lustrum*^ of peace & settlement
amongst us, is & shall be the hearty prayers of your most
humble s'vants and petitioners, in y*" name & att y'^ desire
of y** rest &c. Roge Kelly

Isles of Sholes John flabes

Jan. 26. 1692. James Blagdon

Richard Wellcom

thomas dimond

the marke of / fi ]\ ) Rich : Ambros

the marke oi IX/ W" Lakeman


Letter from Oajp* John Floyd to the Governor and


Janua'-y 27, 1691
To the Hon"^ Gouernour & Councill

These informe your Honors of my welfare w* my Com-
panies although our neighbours haue been exposed to great
outrages of the heathen : w'' news in part we trust you haue
already heard : The 25 of this instant I haueing information
that York was destroyed made the greatest hast that I
could w*^ my Company for their releife if there ware any left
w'^ I did hardly expect : when we came we found Cap*
Alcocks & Leiv* Prebles Carlsons both standing the great-
est part of the whole town was burnd & robd & the
Heathen had Killd & Caried Captive 140=48 of which are
killd & 3 or 4 wounded & the rest Caried away : M"" Dum
that man of God who hath stood in the gap to defend us by
his prayers is barbarously murthered stript naked Cut &
mangled by these sons of Beliall, his wife & family Carried
Captive so that there is not only a famine of bread among
them by reason of the Indians Carriing away so much of
their provision but also a famine of hearing the word of
God : Their Case is dolefull & miserable & calls for great
compassion : If the place so much of it as is left be kept it
must be by a speedy supply of men & provision I haue
Caused all the inhabitants to be in three garisons 2 at Yorke
& the other at Scotland I haue left 12 men there ; w'^ is more
then they can provide for one week : for there is a hundred
souls in Cap* Alcok' house that haue their whole dependance
upon him for bread & likewise at Leiv' Prebles for the
houses are all burnd & rcfied except half a duzen or ther-
about they haue carried away 2 o 3 C" of powd"" by information
& haue Carried away all the Leads from the windows as well
as puter & other lead for their supply of shot ; A captive
boy that run away from them that night giues information
that there was al)Out a hundred of Indians & no french,
there is about seventeen or eighteen houses burned : It is


thought they will be at Amaros Coggin speedily & if men
could be sent away they might happily giue them a great
blow but they must haue rackets for the snow is very deep.

I haue sent you here inclosed Theodore Adkinsons Let-
ter & there treaty w* the flag of truce.

The Country store of provision is spent w* us at Stra-
bary bank we haue livd on the inhal)itants a fortnight or
3 weeks some of whome haue not sufficient for their wifes
& children & many of my men are destitute of shoos &
almost naked for want of clothing.

I would intreat a speedy supply or I must be necessi-
tated to send them home.

ffarther I would intreat the favor of your Hon''^ that I

may haue Liberty to come down to settle mine affaires at

home I came away in such hast I could not leaue things as

I would haue done & also to Confer w' your Hon'' what may

be most advantagious for the Estern parts : Not else but

your prayers for Me & mine

I Remaine

Yours to Comand

Cap* Allcock being at work at Cape nuttick & young m""
wheel right & his wife making there escape toward Wells
informed him the town was beset & they went to Wells to-
gether & he i'cturned again the same night

Yours as aboue

John flioyd Capt
The Indians Incampd that night they went away at Cape
Nuttick pond about 5 miles from the town of Yorke. & left
30 of their cheifest men for their rearguard that night : the
snow being so deep we Could not follow them.



The Honr*^ Governour

& Councill Resident

In Boston Q D. G

Post Hast for the

Countries Service.


Letter from Rev. George Burrough & others.

To y® hon""*^ : Gouern"' : & Councel at Boston
Jan : 27'" 169i )>
We doubt not but your hon" : (before now) have receiu'd
y* SoiTowfull tideings of y^ death & captiuity of aboue an
hundred persons at Yorke, of y*" burning of houses, y*^ kill-
ing and wounding of Cattle, Sheep & horses (Jan : 25'" : by
y° Indians, in number one hundred, or (supposed to be) y"^
about, both by those of y*^ Towne who saw y™, & by a Cap-
tive youth who made his escape from y™, as y** beholding of
y® Pillours of Smoke, y*^ rageing of y*^ mercyless flames, y*^
insultations of y*^ heathen enemy, shooting, hacking, (not
haueing regard to y® earnest supplication of men, women,
or Children, with sharpe cryes & bitter teares in most hum-
ble manner,) & dragging aw^ay others, (& none to help). is

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