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the Inhabitan'' of this Province in that place Therefore yo''
Peticon"" Earnestly implores that this Hon"^'*^ Court will take
the matter into their Serious Grave and Judicious Conside-
racon and not Suffer the Privilidges w*^'' b}' their Royall
Ma"'" & their Royall predecesso''' by their Royal Charters
have given and Granted to and entrusted you with to be
violated intruded on and rendered insignificant by such who
designe not the Welfare of this their Ma"'''' Province and to
Order remedy and redress as to your great Wisdomes shall
seem meet And direct yo"^ Peticon'" what he shall and ought
to doe Yo'" Peticon"" looking upon you as his Polestarr to con-
duct him and direct him out of the Labyrinth of this Ardu-
ous Atlayre Which if this Great and bono'"'' Court shall
Vouchsafe to grant it shall alwayes maintain in yo"" peticon°'
a thankfull Remembrance and due acknowledg""* of the
same — .

And yo'" Peticon"" as in Duty bound shall always pray &c

William Peprell

Reed July 11"' 1(593.

Sent into y'' house of Represen-
tatives July. IP" 1G93.


Read at the Council Board June IH'*^
l(i93. John Usher Esq'' being present.

Petition of John Wheelwright.

To his Exilencey S"" W" Phips Kn* Capt" Gener" and
Gov"" in Cheife of their Maj*' province of the Massatusets
Bay in New England-

And y*-" Honour'"" their Maj'^ Councill in said province.
Together with y*^ honoured hous of Deputyes, all assembled
in Geiierall Court sitting in Boston (p"" his Exelenc'' Espes-
ciall CoiTiand) Xovem - y*^ (8"^ 1693

John Wheelwright of Wells in y" County of York in the
province afors'^ his petetion afors*^ most Humbley sheweth,
y^ ..ince it hath pleased y*^ allwise god to suffer A Long and
bloody warr to happen amongst vs, and it hath fallen very
sorely vpon this poore County, and your ExeP' poore pet-
tetioner hath felt A great share thereof, whereby I (as well
as others) am reduced to great nessessetyes, and since it
hath (of late) pleased god to grant vs a little respit If it
continue, I think it my duty to be putting my selfe in y^
best way y* I caii to recrute, and to gitt into some feizable
vyay to y* End y^ I may be better able to bare vp in all pub-
licque charges, And there being A place vpon Cape porpos
River, not far from Wells, it Lyeth about sixteen Miles
from y*' sea ; about six Miles vpinto y*" Countrey aboue y*"
bounds of y® Townes, which place is very Convenient to
build A sjiwmill vpon, which may not only be A pri-
vate but A pul)licque bennifett and it is adioyning to
j\r' Simons his ffarme on y" south west side of y*" river and
those GentleiTi. that have bought y* farme of M"" Simons,
Intend to build A sawmill there, and Your petetion'' is de-
sirous to Joyne with them therein, y*' which I Aprehend we
Cannot legaly do without this Honourab''' Courts leaue, be-


cause it is land y^ is Volgerly Called Comon or Countrey
land y* is on one side y® river, y"" other side is propriaty as
afors'', now since y'' land belongs to their Maj*% my humble
prayer to your Exelencey & your hon""^ is y' you would be
pleas to grant me a liberty to sett A Sawmill there, with A
liberty to cutt some timber, in y* countrey land, for y*^ sup-
ply of s'' Mill, on y* side, for they y* own y*' Other side
haue timber Enough, and this y* I request is only A pitch-
pine-plaine there is no Masts nor such like trees thereabouts
and will be no daiiiage to their Maj'^ vpon y* account ; and
as I haue both with person and Estate borne my part, in
their Maj'* servis ag"' y" ffrench and Indian E^iiemy hilhertoo,
so I hope (If need require) I shall redely do againe, not
only in y* but all bounden duty, so not doubting of A fa-
vourable answer, I forbare to trouble your Exel'^^ & this
hon^'® Court with any moor words but rest, subscribing my
selfe your most Humble serv'

Jn° Wheelwright

Upon Reading the within Petition in Council Nov"^ 13'''-
1693, Ordered That Francis Hooke and Charles Frost Esq^
and m"" Jonathan Hammond of Wells be a Committee to
make Inquiry if there be any Claims to the Land Petitioned
for, and a general Survey of the Quantity and Quality
thereof and to Report the same in order to granting the
Pet' what he moves for.~

^ Js* Addington Secfy./

the within Petition being Read the Represcntatiues
haue voted their Concurrance to what is aboue
written Boston Novtir 14"> 93.

Natha : Byfield Speaker

In p''suance of this order within writen Wee whose names
are Vnder writen being appoynted therevnto haue ben vpon
the place and doe finde the falls to be within the Towns


bounds of Wells but the timber Chefely with out which

must Come down the Riuer by water a Considerable way.

Dated in Wells this 18^^ May 1694

Francis Hooke

Charles fFrost ^ Committee

Jona" Haiiioud

Petition of Sam} Wheelwright ^ TF"* Screven

To his Exellency
S'' William Phipps Knight Cap* Gen'^ and Gov'' of their
Majestys province of the Masathusets in New England
and the honored Councill and Representatives convened
in great and Gen" assembly in Boston this 10 of instant
November 1693

The Most humble pettition of Sam'^ Wheehvrite and Will"*
Screven in behalf of the County of York, allies, province of
Maine most humbly sheweth

That wheras for a long Time Notwithstanding the sev-
erall circomstances of goverment we have always had a
superiour Court : but Now since this Goverment by w^hich
we hoped To Enjoy our former priveledges. a superiour
Court is Taken from us and men may be sued to Boston in
any action above ten pounds, which besides the loss of so
Great a priveledge, will be greatly detrimental! to poor men
in our County, wherfore your humble pettitioners pray
your honours serious Concideration in this matter as also a
Restoration of our so long inioyed and much desired prive-
ledg of a Superiour Court as in other Countys : wherby your
humble petitioners shall be oblidged ever to pray.

William Screven
Sam" Wheelwright


Voted & past in the Affirmative & sent vp to his Excell
& Councill for their Concurrance.
Boston Novb - 22*^ 1693

Natha' Byfield Speaker


Read, Voted and past in the Affirmative Novemb'" 23***
1693. in Council

Js^ Addington Secfy

Petition of Sam'' Wheelwright in hehalf of Wells and York^

To his Excellencie the Governor, the Honourable

Councell and Representatives in Generall Court


The humble request and motion of Samuel Wheelwright

by the desire and in the behalfe of the Towns of Wells and

York which Towns he is chosen to represent in this great

Assembly :

This Honoured Court is we doubt not very sensible of the
great and awfull Providences we have been & are yet labor-
boring under whereby we have been deprived of the minis-
try and through our great and extraordinary losses we are
disinabled for the support of such to preach the Gospel to
us as we doe earnestly desire. Therfore we humbly re-
quest that this Honoured Court would so far favor us in our
low Estate as to encourage us with such present mainte-
nance of a Minister in each place : as we when we have and
shall do our utmost may be short of hopeing that it will not
be long if the Lord continue peace and prosperity but we
shall be able as formerly to maintaine the ministry amongst
us without any charge to the publick. Your granting our
request will very much oblige your Petitioners who shall as
in duty bound ever pray &c.
The 15 of Nov: 1693.

Sam" Wheelwright
Read 1 time 15. 1693
Read 2'' time afternoon


Au accompt of Sould" dyeted in his Miij^'s Service

in Yorkc in the Yeare 1694 by Old - of Maj^

Hook and are yet Unpayd —

Billitting £ s d

Aurther Bragodon 1 man from 16 Aprill to |

y^ 20 Sep-" 22 weekes 3 days j

Jer. Moulton 1 man from 16 Aprill 20 Sep'r |

s Uo 07 Oo
following 22 weeks 3 days j

& one more from 16 Aprill to y° 3*^ June 7 ) ^. „

weekes at 3* p j

Abram Prebell 1 man from y^ 16 Aprill to ) , „ /^^ ^^

y« 20"' Septr 22 weeks 3 days )

Mathew Austen 1 man from y" 16 Aprill to ) ^^ ^_

y'' 20^" Sep*r 22 weeks 3 days |

& one more from y*" 16 Aprill to y*" 3 July \ q.-, ,o

11 weeks 1 day at 3^ p f

James Plaistead 1 man from 3 July to y*^ ^ q-. , . ^

20 Seph- 11 weeks 2 days at 3^ p |

Henry Milburry 1 man from 16 Aprill to ) ^^ „

y^ 20 Sep*r 22 weeks 3 days at 3' p )

Thomas Traffton 1 man fro 16 Aprill to y'' ) ^„ ^_ ^^

20 Sep' - 22 weeks 3 days at 3^ p (

24 13 06
The aboves^ is a true & faithfull accompt
taken by me

Abra : Preble ^Lieu'

This may Certyfy y* haveing pervsed y^ Books find the
above Ace" major fi'rancis Hook hath taken out debentures
for y^ whole sum July 30"' 1698

John Walley

Petition of TF'" Screven in hehalf of Kittery.

To the Right Honorable His Exelency S'' William Phips
Knight & governor of their magesties teretories in New


England y* honoured Coiincell and Representatiues in

Generall Court Assembled
The hunibl petition of William Screven in behalf of y*
towne of Kittry : shevveth : y' whereas our towne as well as
others in our County hath ben y** seat of war for about fiue
years : haue ben forsed to Close garrezon to build our forte-
fications watch ward scout & sum times March after y*
Enemy vpon Allarom or sudden surprisals : & this att our
one Cost : as sum of ours wounded others killed, others
greatly straightened & brought low : besids y® care of seu-
erall pore which wee are Oblidged in duty to take care of:
sum are begining y^ world again : & att present are pore &
low ;^wherfore I humbly pray this honred Court : to pas
by y^ pore town of Kittry in y® Next tax; I hope wee shall
bee more Able an other yeare & hope willing also to doe
what wee Can to help to y" suport of gouerment : y^ which
if your honors pleas to grant you will oblidg your petitioner
& town by double bonds alwais to pray :

William Screueh
June 18 : 1694 : octob'' 16 : much more may bee s*^ g thee


Voted y* when the s*^ Towne haue made theire re-
turne of what it is If y'' house se cause when y*'^
know what y® suiii is y''^ shal be willing to
Consd'' his request in behalf of s** Towne.

Petition of John Wheelwright

To his Excelency the Govenor Honoured Counsill

& Representatiues in Genirell Court Assembled,

May : 30 : 1694

The Humble Petition of John Wheelwright sheweth that

whereas I haue obtained a Grant of a falls for a saw mill

Upon Mousum Reuer as allso of sum timber for suply of A


mill within the towneship of Wells : Humbly Pray this
Honoured Coart to grant me youre Petishiner Liberty to
Cut timber on the Province Coraons nere s'' Reuer for a
suply for my mill as allso a Liberty of the streame to bringe
timber to s'' mill, & youre Petishiner shall Eu"" Pray

John Wheelwright
Indorsed [In council] " Read 21° June 1694."


Whereas Jn° Wheelwright of the Town of Wells by his
petition hath prayed that this Great & Gen' Court would
please to Grant him liberty of felling Cutting and Carrying
of Timber from off the Lands of or within this province at
or near adjacent to his Sawmill Grant by the Town of Wells
upon a certain Stream called y® River of Mousum as g his
s^ Petition is more at large Ex]3ressed.

In answer to which Petition this Court have Graunted

and hereby do Graunt liberty unto s*^ Petitioner paying into

the Province Treasury yearly 5^ to make use of any Timber

up or near adjacent to s*^ River for the next twenty year

(not prohibited b}^ their ma"^* most Gracious Charter for

masts &c provided also that none of their ma*"'^ subject be

by this Act or Graunt Restrained from building any mill or

mils up s*^ streame or from felling and floating down of

Timb"" & Improving the same when such liberty from s"*

Gen' Court shall be by them first obteincd

Voted & past in the aj95rmative

by the house of Representatives &

sent up to his Ex*=y for Consent
June 5, 1694

Nehemiah Jewet Speaker



The Deposition of Capt" John March Comander of
their Ma"*^* fort at Pemaquid called William
Henry who Deposeth and Saith
That sometime in the month of Jan""}^ 169f : he the De-
ponent was at Boston in New England upon a certain wharfe
coinonly called McKellums or Cap" John ffoster Esq"
wharfe in Comp"^ of Cap" Nathaniell Hatch then Comander
of their Ma''*'' Sloop Mary it being then about Eight of the
Clock in the morning and there found his Exc^ S'' William
Phips Kn*^ Gov"" &c And Cap" Short then Coinander of their
Ma"^* Ship None such discoursing with his Exc^ his Exc^
charging him the said Cap" Shoi-t that by letting the men
belonging to their Ma"*" Ship None such aforesaid goe in
Merchants Imploy their Ma"" Service was neglected, which
Cap" Short denyed alledging that it was false, the Gov'' still
charo;'d him with it Saying that he could Prove it, upon
which happened some Angry discourse on both Sides And
Cap" Short lifted up his cane, then the Gov'" Sayd you do
intend to Strike mee do You, and with his Cane gave the
said Cap" Short a small touch on his Shoulder, Cap" Short
thereupon with all Imaginable Violence strook the Gov"", on
the head and other parts of his body then the Gov" threw
him the said Cap" Short on the ground and went from said
Cap" but said Cap" rising followed the Gov'" Strook him
again with his Cane then Gov"" threw him the said Cap" on
the oTound a<!:ain and broke his head. And further he the

Deponent Sayes not

As Witness his hand in Boston

the 17'" day of Sepf 1694

John March
And further he the afores*^ Deponant Adds, That
On the Evening before the afores'' difference
being in Company with Cap' Short, asked s''
Short whether his men were ready which he
had promised should go with us in their Ma"'''


Sloop the Mary to Pemaquid ; s*^ Short replyed
No but he would wait on the Governo' in the
Morning, I the Deponent Replyed I thought he
need not, unless he would let the Governour have
the men desired, which s'' Short said he Scorned
to do, or words to that purpose. Witness my
hand at Boston day above mentioned.

John March
Sworn in Council, Sepf 17° 1694.
Is^ Addington Secry

York, Kitt.ery ^ Wells, Tax abated. Oct. 23, 1694.
Upon a Representation made of the impoverishment of
the County of Yorke by reason of the great desolations
made upon them lying Frontier to y*" Enemy and the Inhab-
itants there being taken off from their business and con-
stantly upon duty for their defence,

Voted and Granted, That the seual Towns of
Yorke Kittery & Wells, be abated their respec-
tive proportions to y*" late Tax or Assessment
23 Octob"" 1694 past in y'' affirmatiuc by y*= House

of Rcpresentatiues & sent up to
his Exc' & Council

for Consent
Nehemiah Jewet Speaker
Vof^ a Concurrancc in Council
Oct" 23<i 1694. W Addington Secry/.

Petition ''Nov"- 1694:'

To his Excellency y*^ Governour & Council and y'^ honourall
The Petition of William Tomson Most humbly sheweth

That whereas your Petitioner was prest by May""
Swain in y"" Province of Main to attend their
Doc. Vol. v. 26


Maj"" Service in y^ Warrs against y® Comon en-
emy and remained twele months in y' Service
under y'' Comand of maj'' Church Gen" and
Sydrick Walton Cap' in which service your poor
petition'' was wounded, having his Thigh-Bone
miserably Broke, of which wound he is not yet
recovered but is now under y^ Chirurgeons
hands in Boston
These are therefore humbly to intreat yo"" Excel-
lency and this Honor" Court, that I may have
Consideration for y® loss of my Limb as afores''
and may have some Competent allowance aforded
me as to yo'' Excellency and this Honor" Court
shall seem meet. And yo"" Petitioner shall (as in
duty bound) Ever pray for yo"' Excellency &c.


upon Reading the above Petition of W"' Tom-
son, Voted that there be pd the Sum of Twenty
Pounds out of the Publick Treasury to m"" Tim**
Thornton to husband it for s*^ Tomson that he
may be cloathed & his Cure be effected, past
in the affirmative by the house of Representa-
tives & sent up to his Ex"^ & Council for Consent

Nehemiah Jewet Speaker

3° 9^'' 1694, The Council voted their concurrance for Ten

pounds to be p'' as above

Is'' Addington Secry


Benjamin Jackson of Boston in their Maj"" Province of
of the Massachusetts Bay in New England maketh oath that
])cin<' secretary to his Excellency S'' William Phips Gover-
nour of their Maj"'^'* Province afforesaid and Clerk of the
Admiralty by appoyntni' of the said S"" William Phips as


Vice admirall, by vertue of an order from the said S'
William Phips hee writt an order to Captain Richard Short
then Comander of their Maj"'" Ship Nonsuch (of w'^'' what
is before written is a true Coppy) and that the originall was
signed by the said S"* William Phips and Delivered to the
said Captain Short by this Dei)onent, And this Deponent
saith that the said S'' William Phips signed the said order
before hee went to Pemaquid and went thither him selfe
expecting Captain Short would follow according to the
order But when the said S'' William Phips returned to Bos-
ton hee Declared in the hearing of this Deponent that the
said Captain Short was not arrived there according as he
expected although the wind had been long enough faire
for his goeing thither And that his neglecting to come had
hindred his Excellency from putting a designe in Execu-
tion aoainst the Indians w'^'^ was his main end in goeins:
thither and the Governour was informed that Captain Shorts
neglect was occasioned by his stopping or goeing out of his
way nere Piscataqua wheras his order Directed him to
Sayle directly to Pemaquid. This Deponent further Saith
that if there should bee by mistake in Copying any difler-
ence in words between the originall order to Captain Short
and this Coppy Yett hee solleonly Declares upon oath they

are both of the same import

Benj" Jackson

Sworn before the Lieu* Gou"" & the

Council November 15'" 1694

Is" Addington Secry

Letter = Johyi Welch to the Gov^ ^ Council

Sants Johns Riuer fleabary y« 22'" 169 J

Honered Surs my Request and my mens is to you — that

you will Sende a small vessell with fore or fine mene to y*

Riuer of Sant Johns to Redeaine vs, for we are prisners

hare, and it is very hardc with vs to be prisners soe nare


our habitasions and families and Cannot git home: but du
not dought butt that you will be Charritibill to vs : In send-
ing e forthwith for the gouener of Sant Johns and Capt
Cattis is very much displeas that The Capt of the galle
should come with a flag of truse vpon treatie to Redeame
m"" Sunderline and bringe the goueners Letter of boston to
the gouener of Sant Johns River : and sende a letter hime
selfe to y*" gouener of Sant Johns Riuer that he was Come
to Redeame m'' Sunderline and had brought the money
which he agreaed for, his vesell and goods and Thomas
boys, which the gouener of Sant Johns was very glad that
the gouener of Boston : and Capt of the galle had Ritt : Soe
Kindely and had brought the prisner and mony : which
maide all dispach he Could in sendeing m'" Sunderline
doune to y^ Riuers mouth but when he Came doune Capt
mouls had burned a barke and was gone and went to pisa-
maguade and burned a house of a pore mans ; which he took
and sent vp the River to the gouener of Sant Johns with
the Letters and tould hime he had l)eene att his hous att
pisamaguade : and promised hime he would not burne it,
nor due hime any damage which maid all the hast he Could
vp the Riuer : and down : againe but Capt mouls neuer staid
tor answer or Letter from the gouener of Sant Johns which
the gouener is very much trubled and angrie for he had a
packett to Sende from the gouener of Canada to the gouener
of boston and his one Letter : which makes vs prizners fare
the worse and will make a great man}^ more hare after if
such things be dune which was neuer knowne to Come with
a flair of truse and burne a vesell and house which the o-ou-
oner of Sant Johns Expetes Sattisfaction for : the damage :
and the bay or hareof Cane giue you an a count allsoe of itt
for lie was the mane that Capt molds tuk : and sent vp the
Riuer with the Letters to the gouener.

Honered Surs our hops is that you will be mindefull of vs
you pore Cuntrie men which are prizners and sende a small


uesell with fore or fine mene for vs and Thomas boys which
is a prisner tharc and any other french prizners that is thare
at boston for the gouener of Sant Johns ordered me to Rite
for the prizners : for he has beene the means of agreat many
sent to boston : and nauer had wone Sent to Sant Johns
which he wonders att itt and ses he wolnot treat with the
galb'e if she Comes beCase Cap* molds has phiid such a trik
for he he will not trust himc agine : but ordered me to Kite
to you as itt is before mentioned to sende a small uesell
with fore or hue mene and the bayer hare of and Thomas
boys desireinge your Honers to order the master to take the
bayer hare of: his Connow into the uesell : and when he
Comes prittie nare the Riuers mouth of Sant Johns : that he
may Come ine furst with his Connue to saue trubble if any
french mane of war Shuld be thare : Honered surs we hope
you will send the bayer hare of in fine or six days after his
ariuall to boston away for the gouenor of Sant Johns ex-
pects hime with all spead : thathee may be hare be the Last
of Aprill or suner if yow Can possibill and would be very
glad that things went better and that the Capt of the galle
had not dune as hee has : and if your Honers dunot Consid-
der and sende for vs we shall sufer very nuich and agreat
many more for the gouerer will keepe all the prizners that
is taken hare after and giue vs to the Injens for out I know
for the Sauage is mad to haue vs : but hope you will Con-
sider our Condishon and be mindefull of us ; noe, more butt
your humbell Seruant

John Welch :
To Thee
Gouenor and Counsell
of Boston

g"" Sent



a. Sunderland to the Gov. and Council

Sants Johns Riuer ffeabaiy y« 22'" 169|
Honered Surs my Request is to you that you will be
mindefuU of me which am a prizner att the Riuer of Sant
Johns : that Thomas boys and any other prisners att boston
may bee sent to the Riuer of Sant Jons and that you will
be pleased to Considder how long I haue beene hare b}-'
Reasone of Keeping Thomas boys which Is the Cap* of the
galles fort Samuell mould for If he had Staid butt two dayes
Longer att the Riuers mouth I had Come with hime to bos-
ton and the gouenors Letters of Cannada and the gouenors
of Sant Johns Rmer had Come but haue Laid hare a great
while ; and wold Saued agreat deale of trubble for the gou-
enor is ver}' angry that Capt Molds should Come with a flag
of truse to Redeame mee and brought the gouenors Letter
of boston and sent a letter to the gouenor of Sant Johns
that he was Come for me and had brought Thomas boys
and my mony which I agreed with y'' Capt for my vesell
and goods which the Gouenor tuck itt very well and Sent
mee downe with all spead : which when I came downe to
the Riuers moth Capt molds was gone which was a great
deale of trubble to me to trauell vp againe twentie flue
leasjs one the Ise : and Capt moulds burning a uesell which
makes the gouenor very angry Coming one such aCount to
parley which was neuer knowne before : and burnt ahouse
a pisamaquadie : which makes vs pore prisners fan-e the
worse : and Exspects sattisfactione for them : Cominge one
the aCount as he did — promisinge the mane that he would
stay till he Came which maid all the hast he Could : and
before he Came dune the uesell was gone and burned his
house att pisamaquade which the bareer hare of will ineforme
you of all his actions. Honered Surs I hope you will be
very kinde to the bayer hare of and that you would despach
hime in fine or six Dayes after his ariuall att boston and
send asmall uesell with fore or fine men: for if you send


the galle the gouenor will not Treat with hur because Capt

moulds has serued hime so basely: but if you will send a

small uesell as is mentioned before he will treat with you

and noe harme shall come to them desireinge your Honers to

order the master to bring the bayers Connue in the uesell

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