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with hime that he may Come ashore before the uesell Comes

to Sant Johns Riuer to suue trubble if any french man a

ware should be hare which is the gouernors desire : and dus

expect the bayer hare of by the nn'ddell of aprill or Latter

end att furdist if Longer Stayinge will be lofFt to treat with

them : and if the bayer be not sent hare back againe with

all expedition from boston we shall be all be put in Irons

which are priznors and itt will be uery harde with vs and if

it had not beene for me the gouenor would not have Lett

this mane Come : to boston for he is very Loft to trust the

Inglish any more be cause y® Cap^ of the gallie has Serued

him so noe more att present but desireinge you will ])e

mindfull of vs : your Humbell Seruant

Nathaniel Sunderland


To Thee

Gouenor and Consell

of Boston

g'' Sent


Proposalls to defend our selves and to offend our Enimys.

That there be forthwith Raised 300 or 400 able Choice
and picked Englishmen, and 100 Indians to be sent to Nor-
idgwock or Wennepessiockit as it shall be «Tudged best by
the Lift. Govoror & Councill, and that they be well pro-
vided for both as to provision and Ammunition.


And vessells to wait on them, to transport them from
place to place as occasion shall present. And that when the
Army is out on said service that they procecute the war and
pursue the Enimy as it shall be Judged l)est by the major
part of the Commission officers then in said service

2 And if it be Thought too Late for this year that then
said Designe be followed as vigourously as may be in the
spring of the year as soon as Conveniently it may be to
prevent their ffishing and Raising Corne and to distress the
Enimy in their seuerall head Quarters.

3 And for the Securing the ffronteer Towns that the
seuerall Towns here after mentioned shall be strenothened
and supplyed with an adition of men with what they have
already to keep garrison and the defence of the Towns as
ffolloweth Amesberry 4. haverhill 4 Billiraca 4. Chelmes-
ford 6 Dunstable 6. Groton 2. Marlborrow 3.

The Towns already have as flblloweth Amesberry 4.
haverhill 12 men. Billirica 4. Chelmesford 6. Dunstable 6.
Groton 10. Lancaster 14.

And that these severall souldiers be disposed of into the
severall garrisons and for the defence of the I'owns as the
Lift. Govornor shall order.

And if it be thought not Convenient to send tforthwith
to the Enimys head Quarters then so many as wants of the
ffoot souldiers to supply the severall Towns as afforesaid to
be taken out of the company, vnder the command of Major

4 And that there be a scout of 30 troopers to scout and
Quarter at the seueral Towns here after mentioned Haver-
hill 6. Billiraca 4 Chelmesford 4. Dunstable 4 Groton 4.
Lancaster 4. Maulbery 4 and the Limitation of the severall
scouts to be ordered by the Right Honorable Lift. Govenor.

And Beeing sensable of gods hand against vs in the many
trebles that are Now vpon vs desire a day of fasting &
prayer May be aj)ointed.


Petition of Joseph Hammond in behalf of John Leighton

To his Excellency the R' Hon"'* Rich^ Earle of
Bellomont Cap' Gen'" and Governo'' in Cheife of
his Maj"*^' Province of the Massachusetts Bay in
New EngP &c'* the hon"^'' Council ;ind Repre-
sentatives now convened in Gen""" Assembly-
The Petition ot Joseph Ilanniiond of Kit-
tery for himself and in y° behalf of .John
Leijrhton of said Kittery
Humbly Sheweth

That yo"" Petition's since the Late Warr
began with the ffrench and Indians, have
quartered Severall Souldiers Posted in
said Towne, and also layd out and Ex-
pended Money for a Supply of provision
for the s*^ Souldiers in his Maj"*"' Service
in their March (as p the acco'' thereof
herewith presented may appear) for w*^''
they have not been reiubursed out of the
Publick Treasury.

Yo"" Petitionees doe therefore humbl}'-
Pray that the Accompts thereof That
has been avouched by Majo"" ffrost
and now p'sented to this hon""*^ Court
may be allowed & ord's given for
the payment of the same

And Yo"" Petition""^ as in duty
bound shall ever pray &c

Letter ~ L^ Grov. Stoughton to Major Front
For Maj'' Frost.

S"" Cap"^ Chubb and L* Brackett are design*^ w^'* some
Forces to range the woods as far as Casco Bay, for disrest-


ing and annoying of y^ Enemy, if God shall grant them op-
portunity, and it's probable that their provisions may be so
far expended before their return as that they may be in want.
If so and that they should desire any recruits out of the
Stores with you, I direct and order y*^ you Supply them
w*^ w' is necessary, So far as you can Spare, takeing an
accompt of w* you do in that respect

I am &\

Letter from John Hill

Sacoo fals fort Mary April y« ^^^ 1695
An Please your Hon'' After due Respects pre-
sented these are to Inform your Hon"" of y® Loss
of three of my men since I haue been Absent :
y^ forth of this Instant being out of bread y*
sar" sent three men to Wels for a supply y^
freset being uery high one of them wass
drownded In Moussora Riuer : the other two :
one wass forst to Return Ivack a gaine y^ other
got to AVels I Could not get home til this morn-
ing because there was no pasing y® Riuers and
I brought A Little bread A Long with me from
Wels thorow A great deal of dificulty yeasto ..
day morning two ot my men ware about two
gun shots of from y"" fort geting ground nuts
for to Eat with thare meat y*^ Indians Came upon
them kild one and Carried away y® other : thay
Judg thare was not Aboue four or fine Indians :
since I haue bene gon thare Is about twenty feet
of y* fort wall fel down by Reason of which we
are in a great deal of dainger should y® Enemy
make an asalt upon us : I humbly craue your
honour would speedyly send y* masons If thay
are not allrcdy with gouch — that we may be In


a better way of defence : I humbly Craue your
Hon'' would grant me nine men more: for I
haue now but one and twenty which number Is
two small by Reason we ly so Remote : and y*
Enemy will without dought Know now how
those Indiuns ware Kild here Last fall : I Re-
maine your Hon" Humble saruant to Command -

John Hill
peter Abut drownded
thire nams ~ deliuerance Rich Kild

Sam" Dean Carried away

Letter from Charles ffrost

Kittery Aprill : 30 : 1695

May it please
yo'' Honno''

yesterday I gaue yo"" Honn"" : an account of a yong
Indian : who was taken nere my Garison about
three yers & a halfe since : & Run away from
the Indianes the 16 : Instant Came to Saco fort
the 25 : sent from thence by a gard to me I
haue now sent him to Boston to be Conuaid to
yo' Hon"" for yo"" pleasure about him : he is one
that w'as brought up amongst the Inglish : &
hath fought for us against the Indian Enemie :
he is sent by m"^ Robert Mooer : master of the
Breginteen Mary of Boston : who Came in her
from Medero : he pretends to be uerie willing to
Serue the Inglish against the Indianes : hee is
Cald by the name of Hector ; So with my hum-
ble serues to yo"^ Honn""

I am yo"" Hon" humble seruent

Charles ffrost


Letter from Pasco Chubb.

York: 10: May: 1695:
Hon-^ S -

Last week arrived at York m'' Thomas Waters with the 2
french men from boston bound to Pemmaquid, desired of
me a couple of my men to accompany him, & guard him
thither, & urging his necessity so much, as also the verball
orders pretended from maj'' Walley. I sent one of my men
with him ; presumeing upon y'' Same account I sent 5 or 6
a little before with m'' Goughe to Sawco only required &
requested of me by s'' Goughe by words without any writ-
ten order Immediately from yourselves, which man Cap* :
March has upon what grounds I know not detained from
mee, without sending me any account why he has so done,
I therefore request your honours for some order for the re-
turn of said man whose name is Joseph Benjamin, unto me
or else another man In his Room, as also that I may not be
put upon it to Send away any more without Immediate
orders from yourselves. & am

your Humble Servant

Pasco Chubb.

S"" I make bold to Renew &
to urge my request, y' 1 may
have Liberty to go home to my
family as soon as may be, & also
to come to Boston :

Lieut. G-ov. Stoughton to Capt. John Everett

Boston, June 6'' 1695.
Cap"« John Everett

I have written unto y*' President & Council of
New^Hampshirc to pay and Satisfy yo"" Selfe
and Company the proportion of yo"" wages due
from that Province by order of their General


Assembly, being one third part ; And haveing
Occasion for a Company of Souldiers to wait
upon the Comissiou"^' : intended for Pemaquid
during their negotiation with the Indians there ;
I Order that you and yo"" Company attend thsit
Service ; whereto you must be in a readiness to
Embarque upon the arrival of the Vessell that
shall be sent to take you in by which also shall
come Supplys of Clothing &c. faile not to be
ready for that Service for his Maj*^ being neces-
sary to be forthw^'' prosecuted

yo"" Lo : Friend. W. S.


To the Hon^''"^ William Stoughton Esq^ Leiv' Gov-
erno'' and Command"" in Cheife of his Maj^**^
Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New Eng-
land with the Hon"' Council and Representatives
of the same now Assembled in Gen'" Court held
att Boston June 8*'^ 1695

The Petition of John Alden sen"" of Boston-
Humbly Shevveth

That yo"" Petition' in the yeares 1691 & 92 was
Imployed by the hon"^*^ Gov' Bradstreet and Council To goe
to Sagatehock in the Sloop Mary to buy the Captives of the
Indians, and afterwards in the months of Aprill & May in
the yeare 1694 was ord'*^ by the late GoV his Ex''^ S' W""
Phips to goe with his vessell thrice to Penobscott to Stay
with his Vessell for captives, w*^'' accordingly he did.

That y*" charges of y*" severall voyages For hire of
said Vessell and provisioning her therein, ac-
cording to y^ underwritten accompt amounts to
One hundred and Two pounds Twelve shillings



and Tenn pence of which hitherto nothing has
been rec*^ by him

Your Petition' doth therefore humbly En-
treat the favour of this high & hon"""!*
Court to consider the premisses by being
pleased to order unto him the payment
of said Moneys, and that if need shall
require he may be Admitted to declare
his case Before yo"" hono""^

And Yo"^ Petition"^ as in duty bound
shall ever pray-

An Account of money due to John Alden from
the Country for service done
Ordered by Governo"" Bradstreet and Coun-^

cil to goe to Sagatehock in the Sloope y £10 : 00 : 00
Mary to buy y'' Captives J

For the hire of my Vessell on the same Ser-"]

vice for Captives to Casco Bay and y 18 : 00 : 00

Penobscott in March and Aprill 92 j

Ordered by Governo'' Phips in Aprill &

May 1694 to Penobscott thrice to Kene-

beck and there to stay for y*^ Captives,

charges of Vessell men & provisions

y £74 : 12 ; 00

£102 12. 10
John Alden


To the Hon""^'^ W"" Staughton Esq"" Lieut*
GoV and CoiTiander in chief of His Maj"'=*
Province of the Massachusets Bay in New
England, with the Hon'^ Council & Rep-
resentatives thereof, now convened in


Gen^' Court held at Boston June 13'^
The Petition of Nathanael Hall Your Supplicant
Humbly sbevveth.

That, whereas Your Petitioner hath Ijeen greatly
importuned by His-Excellency Sir William
Phips Go'' to serve in an Expedition to Pem-
aquid, at the time of the building of the Fort
there, & withail was promised by His Ex-
cellency and Maj"" Richards not less than six
pounds per month which encouragement, with
the duty he owed to God & his People, induced
Yo"" Petitioner to undertake so difficult and hard
a piece of service ; And yet after twenty six
weeks service on his return with leave & order,
He has not received more then four Pounds
g month, which is something grieveous to Yo""
Petitioner : He doth therefore humbly pray, if
any thing can be alledged, that he hath been
any waves unfaithful or negligent in said ser-
vice, that he may be made sensible of it ; if not,
that Your Honours will be pleased so far to con-
sider your Petitioner, as to doe for him what mav
be just and honourable. —
Also, when Your Petitioner had served with his
own Medicines in the Cure of many sick &
wounded seamen & soldiers on their Return from
Canada, he made conscience to charge' in his
Account as reasonably as could be afforded, &
the Surgeons that were appointed to audite his
Accompt, found it reasonable : Yet nothwith-
standing, he received but twenty two pounds,
whereas his Accompt amounted to twenty seven
pounds odd money.

Further, Your Petitioner by an Act of a


General Court holden at Plimouth, formerly
had a Pension allowed him during life, in com-
pensation for the loss of the use of one of his Amies,
which was occasioned by a dangerous wound he received at
the Narraganset-fEght, but has fallen short of five pounds g
year of said Pension, ever since the arrival of Sir Edmond
Andross ; yet has he not been backward to pay all rates and
taxes imposed on him, nor would he now appear, if he could
comfortably comply with what his rates and engagements

Therefore he doth humbly pray your Honours, that You
would candidly consider the Premisses, and doe for him as
Justice and Your great Wisdom shall direct.

So shall your Petitioner

ever pray/

Your Petitioner humbly conceives that there is due to him

ftbr Wages at Pemaquid £13 ,, 00 „ 00

ffor what he did for sick & wounded men £05 ,, 00 ,, 00

By Arreares in his Pension 9 yeares £45 ,, 00 ,, 00

£63 ,, 00 ,, 00

Nov : 30"' 1695
This Petition Read & Voted That Cap^ Nath : Hall shall
haue fifty pounds paid out of the Treasury of this Province
in flfuU for his Wages at Pemiquid (yet due) & for what
he did for Sick and wounded men, and for all he demands
for his stypend or pension of five pounds a yeare duering
his life (in Plymouth late Colony)- But this Lycence
granted him to keep an Ordinary in Yarmouth in the County
/■ of Barnstable by y^ late General! Court in Plymouth is
J Still to Remaine him & his Assignes According to that

Courts Grant

Past in the afiirmatiue & Sent up to the hon*^'®
L* Gou"" and Councill for a Concurrance.

William Bond Speaker


Voted DeS: IP" 1695,,

December 11'" 1095
Vof* a concLUTunce in Council aftei" y"
liueing out of the three lines and halfe,
made by the Representatives

Is'"* Addington Secfy

Capt John Everett to L* (xov. Stoughton

May it please
y Hon'-

Y''=' I Received and forthwith attended yo'' Order
of being in a readyness to wait ui)on y® Comis-
sioners motion for Pemaquid during their Nego-
tiation with y"* Indians their. I haue once and
again made a})plication to y" President and
Council of this Province for paym' of their third
of Wages according to agreem' who inform mee
that they haue lately writt to y"" Hon'' and Coun-
cill concerning it. for y" accomodation of my
Souldiers I haue almost Expended the whole
sum, would therefore humbly Supplicate y'' that
y'' Gen*™ here may make Speedy pay"" accord-
ing to pportion :=

Yo' Hon-^^
Newcastle Most humble Serv'

,Iune 17*" 1695. John Everett

Grrant to the County of York. June 21^ 1695.

In answere to the motion of the County of York setting
forth their inability to raise Money for their defraying of
County Charges by reason of their poverty occasioned by

Doc. Vol. v. 27


the War, and praying that y" Fines in the hand of their
Sheriff may be granted them for Repairing of their Jail,

This Court do Order that Mr. Treasurer doe pay to
the Treasurer of York Ten pounds out of the Fines in
the Sheriff's hand toward the repairing of their County

Orderly Read in the house of Representatives June 21"' :

Voted in the affirmative — Sent upto the hon'''*' L* Gou""
& Councill-

die gdict.

Vot*^ a concurrance in Council.

=^=: Is* Addington Secry

L* Grov. Stoughton to Capt, Everett
Cap"« Everett

The Governm* of N. Hampshire have written unto
me desiring that yo"" Selfe and your Comp*
might be ordered to yo"" Post w^ith them upon
yo"" return back from Pemaquid and have as-
sured the payment of their proportion of wages
both for time past & future. Upon which I have
consented to yo"" return thither and do accord-
ingly so Order you to land yo'' men at Piscata-
qua ; and dispose them to their late Posts ; that
the}'^ may there attend his Maj'^^ Service. And
to that End, Acquaint the Comissioners, and
master of y*^ Sloop with this Order ; that so
they may direct, that y^ Sloop touch at Piscata-
qua to put yo'' Selfe and Company on shore there.

Boston June. 27° 1695

yo"" Lo. Friend

W. S.


Vote upon the Application of the Governor of New York.

Whereas the Hon'''® the L' Governo"" has been pleased to
lay before the CounciU and Assembly A Letter receiued
from his Excellency the Govern o"" of New York, durinji:
this Sitting of the Generall Assembly here, In which he
makes application unto his Hono"" for a Quota of three hun-
dred and fifty men to be Posted at Alban}^.

We humbly oflerr

That We are in no Capacity to Answer his Exc'y' De-
mand for y® said Quota, without apparent hazard of Ex-
poseing his Maj"''^ Interests within this Province, haveing
not nien Sufficient to preserve our own ffrontiers, which
are of so Large Extent, and to offend the Enemy, by
whome we may rationally Expect to be Suddainly Assaulted,
and are Necessitated, to apply unto our Neighbours for

All which we haue humbly Represented & laid before his

Orderly read in the house of Rep''sentatiues,
Voted in y*" Affirmatiue, and Sent up to y*
Hon'*'® L'^ Governo'' and Councill for Concur-
rence & Consent-
June : 21'^ 1695z

William Bond Speaker

Read in Council and Voted a concurrance

die gdict

Is" Addington Secry

John Pike to Lieut. Gov. Stoughton

Pemmaquid July. 4. 1695
I need not trouble your Honour with any relation
of our late transactions because y'^ Commission''s
are now Returning home — We understand y'


neither y'' Council nor your honour did approve
our former treaty with y'^ Indians.
We plainly told y"", we Could make no Truce or
Agreemets with y'" ule.^s y'' Councill approved
therof, & if were not so expressed in our Letter,
it was for Lack of time to word it Riffht, but
Could not get y" Captives out of y'' hands by
any thing Less than what was done. I presume
the Gentlemen sent hither to treate, are suffi-
ciently Convinced, there is nothing to be Gained
of this Subtle & deceitful enemy by holding y"^
to strict tearms, neither will y''^ be held to y*"
own words & promises. But what I always
thought, is now apparent, they only Aymed at
y** getting of Bommazeen &c. in all y"" pretences,
which not according with y'' expectation, y'^^
seem little Concerned about peace, & went off
with much discontent — Tis also evident they
have been Frenchified both in spirit & apparell

since their former treaty with us 1 have

acquainted y^ Gentlemen sent hither, with my
necessity of Returning home, (as I formerly
signified it to your honour,) w*^'^ is strongly
urged vpon me by y*^ danger of y*^ enemy &
spreading sickness in those parts — Craving leave
to subscribe my sclfe yo"" Honours humble
serv' John Pike

Letter '•'•from Maj^ Charles Front " to Lieut. Gov. William


Kittery in the County of York. 29*^ July 1695.

May it Please yo'* Hon'

// Since my Last to you there

has ben Seur" Small Scouts of Indians discouerd in Seuer"

parts of o"" Towne l)ut of Late has done no damage, and


Seuenill of o"" Inhiibitants and men for want of Iniployment
are gone out of o"" parts into Newhanipsh'' & Some y' are
house keepers haue holy deserted us of Late by w'^'' we are
nmch weakened. — I haue ben w"' the Authority In New-
hamsh"" for assistants if there shoukl be Occasion and they
cannot moue a Man out of the Prouince w"'out Perticular
order from theire Le* Gouern'' & Councill, as by this coppy
of the Law here Incloased. you may please to peruise &
see as by yo"" Letter the 25^'' of May Last yo"" Hon"^ was
pleased to writt me wee might haue assistants from them in
case of an Attack but here you may see to the Contrary.
So y*^ we are in a Verry weak Condition Considering wee
are a ffrontiere to the Enimie.

S'' here is one Moses Dodey of Newbery y* has ben Seuer"
weeks 111 w"' a Swelling but now is Something better but
not fit for Seruice & if yo'* Hon"" pleas* to giue ord'" to the
Millitia at Newbery he may be dismist & an other man Sent
in his Roome So haueing no more to Trouble yo"" Hon"" w*'^
at Present I Remaine yo"" Hon""' Most

Humble Seruant

Charles ffrost =

Instructions Aug, ^, 1695.
Province of
y« Massa : Bay. By the R* Hon'^'« the Lieu* GoV & Com-

ander in Chief.
Instructions for m'' Matthew Carey.
Whereas my Selte and Council have appointed you to
undertake a Voyage to Canada in the Briganteen Tryal,
Jonathan Lambert Master designed thither for the fletching
oft' the English Prisoners, pursuant to the Permission and
Passport given by Count Frontenac Governo'" of Canada
you are to observe the following Instructions.-

You are not to permit the Vessel 1 to pass higher up the
River of S* Lawrence or Canadti, than to Tadousae or the


River of Sagueuay, but to stop at s'' place, where you may
expect to meet some persons on behalfe of y® Governo"^ to
conduct you to him.

At yo"^ first waiting upon the Governo"" present him with
my Letter herewith deliu'^ you, which will Informe him of
yo'' character and the Occasion of yo'^ coming.

You are to Endeavo'' to make him sensible of the kind
treatment & good usage which y^ fi'rench Prisoners have at
all times received here and the liberty that has been given
to them of disposing themselves at their own pleasure, and
that there are none detained here as such; nor has advan-
tage at any time been taken to put any of them to a ran-
some or to purchase their Liberty, but whilst they have
remained here, they have had the benefit of their own Vol-
untary agreement.

Give him also to understand That it is not from a desire
or our need of y^ Comp'^ of any of the French Nation that
any of them have resided here their own profit and advan-
tage onely obligeing their Stay ; had the English that fall
into the hands of the French, the like liberty allow** them
to return at pleasui'e, It would be as much as would be

You are to insinuate the great charge the Governm' here
are now at in Seting out this Vessell not onely for fetching
home the English Prisoners ; But for the return of theirs.
And have remitted home from hence near a hundred pris-
oners at one time.

If you find y^ Governo"" has Expectation of receiving any-
thing in way of ransome for the Prisoners, It is more than
I have understood in the Cartel or Accord made betwixt
the two Crowns for Exchange of Prisoners, to which Count
Frontcnac refers himselfe And had there been more of their
Nation here as Prisoners I should have willingly released
them in Exchange althO it were then for one, and I hope to
find the like generosity from liini.


[But if there be a preinptory insisting to be reimbursed
what may be pretended to have been paid to the Indians for
recoverino- them out of their hands, and that you Cannot
obtain y*^ Prisoners on any other Terms you must receive
the Gov'"^" demands, and Value yo"" selfe upont he Governm'
here to order payment.]

Note. The paragraph in brackets erased in original.

The Season of the year advances apace ; which forbids
yo' long stay, and calls for all possible dispatch, so that you
must not divert, but Endeavour as speedy a return as
may be.

Boston Aug' 2'! 1G95

Letter John Hill to U Grov. Stoughton

Sacoe fals fort jNIary August y^ 7 : 1695
An Please your Hon"" : yeasterday morning : y*" Indians :
Kild one of my men with In gun shoot of y'^ fort : Tho haly
by name and staid here all day after Kiliug of Cattle and
now and then fireing at y^ fort til night and then drawd of:
and I suppose are gon westward : thay ware In number

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