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about fifty : as we Judg : I would pray youu hon"" : y' my
number of men may be Inlargd for I haue but twenty In all
now : we are as diligent as we can In finishing y^ fort :
haueing no more to troble your hon"" with I Remaine your
hon" humble saruant to Command —

J ohn Hi ll-


To the Honoured Lev' Govern'' Councill and Repre-
sentatives assembled Aug. 14, 1695
The humble Petition of James Emery Representative for y^
Town of Kittery

Humbly beggeth this Honoured Court to take into
their serious Consideration the present Deplor-


able Conditions of those Towns of their Gov-
ernient which do lye On y« IMn^ast Side of

Piscataqua River Namely Kittery, York, and Wells who
have a long time been, and still are under great Suffering
by reason of the present wasting Warr ; and being brought
very low thereby are incapacitated for the discharge of such
publique Duty that hath been Imposed upon us.

Wee are not unsensible that tis a Time wherein Taxes lye
heavy On Our Brethren In other places and therfore An
hard time to l)egg In, Also wee know that many Towns are
Exposed to Danger, Yet there are no Towns in the Prov-
ince that do tast so deeply of y* Cupp As Wells. York, Bar-
wick alias Newitchawannick, who have our Hands much
taken from Our Labours, by Watching, Warding, Frequent
Alarms, many of Us are driven from Our Homes, Much of
Our Stock is killed by y*^ Heathen : Many Of Our Able
Men removed from Us, And Many thinking of Moveing if
they knew whither to goe. Haveing man}' poor Widdows
Among Us, And publique Charge growing On Us by Sev-
eral Poor in Our Own Towns, likewise wee are often neces-
sitated to Relieve the Souldiers, And wee daily grow more
& more feeble and deplorable daily Walking and working
with fear. Trembling & Jeopardy of life. Needing rather to
have somthing given to Support Us, than to have any thing
taken from Us// Wee humbly Crave Therfore the hon-
oured Court wold consider Us And give us Ease by omit-
ting to Impose any Rates upon Us till such time Providence
shall Inable Us to do duty in that ^Matter, Also wee begg
That the Honoured Court Wold Shew the Same fatherly
Compassion to the Upper part of Kittery conmionly called
Newitchawannick as they have done to Our Neighbours of
York and Wells, brought very low, and laboui'ing under y®
Same Need for to Support y*^ Ministry In that poor place
That so they may not turn heathen but that the Poor may
have the Gospel preached among them


Which will heartily Oblidge Your lmin))lc Supplicants
James Emery In the behalf of the Rest

Rec^&read 21^* (9,) 95
Read y* second time 23** In ansvv^ to s*^ petition

Voted, y' ten pounds be allowed for this year If it appear
they be Supplyed with such a Minister —

Past in y*" affirmative in the house of Representatives &
Sent up to the Hon''''' L* Gov'' & Councill for Concurrance

William Bond. Speaker.

Letter Barth^ : Gedney to Isaac Addington Esq

Salem August 23^' 1695

Since the mischeife done on the Isle of Shoal Shallops
the same Barque yesterday about one of the clock took M''*
Craties fishing Barque within fower Leagues of Marblehead
the perticulars whereof the Bearer will Informe which Hath
provoked the fishermen of Salem & Marblehead to offer
themselves to pursue the Enemy forthwith to the number of
40 or fifty & we have a Ketch Suitable that Sailes very well
& Can procure a shallop suitable to tend & asist & being
Advised that major Browne ketch that was taken and other
ther booty Is In a hab"^ at or not far from Casco bay I have
Incouraged then- undertakeing if the Hon'"''''' the Leift GoV
pleas to send a blanck Commission with order to Insert his
name that shall be Appointed to conduct this affaire I shall
Indeavo"" to procure a fit person.

It will be needful to Give Cap* Steven Sewall order for
takeing up provition &, Amunition suitable there is some
Bread pouder & shott that was Returned by Litherby In
the hands of major Higginson which help towards it : I am
of opinion this designe is Rationall & if It pleas god may


have good Succes therefore lutreat yo"" self to promote the
same & Give It the utmost dispach. thus In hast
Subscribe my self

yo'' Assured freind & Serv"

Barth" Gedney
Capt Sewall still persisting in his desire of being
releast from his Registers place by Reason of the
hurries of his other ocations I Request a Line
or twoe whither it be taken for granted that by
the Late Law Inabling the Justices of the sev-
erall Judicatories & Courts of Justice to chuse
there own clercks : doth Inable the Judges of
probate &c to chuse their Register I know In
the makeing that Law It was Intended but I
thinck not soe fully Exprest) or to direct what
is farther to be done I Judg m' Jn° Croad a fitt
person haueing assisted Cap* Sewall therin
hitherto Barth° Gedney

[In the hand-writing of Secretary Addington]
Sixty pound allowance
granf^ for Encouragem*-.
Isaak Addington Esq"
In Boston

Letter - Capt. Pasco Chubb ^ Lieut Brackett to Lieut. Gov.


York: 31 August: 1695
Hon'-'^ S -

We have been In Expectation of more men, to make up
a flying army, for the ofl:ending the Enemy, and Defending


our frontiers ; but there are none come, & being sensible of
the great benefit hereof, that the Enemy may be molested,
& the little good we are capable of doing for this respect, as
long as we are thus housed up In garrison, we have there-
fore thought meet to move your hon'' : that myself & Lef :
Brackett may be Impowred to take out a Detachment of
about 3 score or 4 score men out of our 2 Companies & to
Scout y*" woods as far as Casco Bay. we have named it to
maj'' Frost & others who do highly approve of the thing.
we desire order for it, as also for a Pilott. Ave may have
occasion for Provisions as we come back, it may be conven-
ient that we have an order to Sawco for a supply if we should
be in want : thus In Readiness to serue our country in such
an Expedition we are willing, our King & your hon''s & are

Pasco Chubb Cap* :

Antony Brackett ; Lef :

We have a o-ood Pilott here
that is ready & willing,
viz. Cap* : Honniwell :

''YorJce and Kittery Pet''''"- SepV 1695:'

To the Hon'i the Leff Governour and Councill the
Request of your humble Petitioners Sendeth
Greeting & humbly Sheweth
That whereas we have Receaved a warrant from m*^ Treas-
urer to assess the Ratable Inhabitants of our Respective
Townes; we your petitioners as In duty we are obliged, are
ready to obey them as far as we are able, but In as much
as In sd warrants are Excepted all Such who thro' age. In-
firmity, or Poverty In the Discretion of the Select men or
Trustees are rendred uncapeable to Contribute towards the
Publick charge, we humbly conceive that few or none of


our Inhabitants can be so assessed by us, because we have
none but must come under one of those Denominations, for
our County haveing been the Seat of the warr these 7
years current, are extremely wasted & Impoverished, and
Weakned thereby both In person & Estate, more by far
than any other part of the Province, being continually Con-
fined to our garrisons, wherein we may Easily & quickly
Indeed Expend what we have, but with difficulty & Jeop-
ardy retreive our unaccountable Losses, besides, the con-
tinued alarms we are accosted withall, whereby we are
obliged to be In arms upon Every report or approach of
the Enemy does abundantly disappoint & discompose for
buisiness, and being In actuall & personall Service upon
Every such Emergency by watching & warding, & Scout-
ing, Exposes all unto Poverty Enough ; for tis allwayes
with our own arms, our own ammunition, our own Provi-
sion, we are Indeed by an act of the Gen"" assembly con-
tined here, and cannot remove now, without the Loss of
our Possessions, or else we should quickly & vnanimously
pluck up stakes & be gone, & betake ourselves to some
other Place, where we might live tho poorly yet safely &
securely, our poor are here Increaseing upon us, & our wid-
dowes Every day, the Patronage of them & of our ophans
is recommended both unto yourselves & us, for tho we do
with all thankfullness acknowledge the Security we Enjoy
under your Government, & owe all that we are & have unto
it ; yet what can be Expected now we are become Insol-
vent : besides necessity is laid upon us to uphold the minis-
try amongst us, that we may not perish for lack of vision ;
and that is more than we are able to doe : upon such vrgent
considerations only do we humbly & Earnestly address your
Hon'' that a Supersedeas may l)e Granted unto Each of
those warrants ; that the Rigour thereof may not be Ex-
acted upon us, but that the Execution thereof may be


suspended. & so shall your lluuible Petitioners Ever pray
for &c.

''John Hancock Conini""

for York ^ ^^'''''^''"'^ >'."""^" ] Select
I James Phiisteed ^men for

[Lues Bane j York

William flernald


John Shapleiirh

T,,., ^ . " Mnen for
LhhuGonisen ^j..^^^.^

Richard Cutt

Letter- Charles Frost to Lieut. Grov. Stoughton

ffrom Kittery : Sep' 7"' : 1695
May it please yo"" Honnor =

On Lords day last the Enemie Alaromd wels by
shotting of Many guns in the woods nere the
garisons : on monday A party of Souldiers from
Barwick & York went out noe signe of them
only seuerall Cowes wanting that were wont to
Com home on wendsday morning last the In-
dianes beset Cap' Hamonds garison at Kittery
a bout thirty of them as they Judge wonded
one main in the garison throw both thies thev
being Close under the garrison put his gunn
throw^ a Litle Cranes of the pallosadoes, there
being but fower menu in the garison at that
time : they beate them of Soe they went a waie
into the woods Carring a waie three of there
wounded menu Left behind them a french pistol
hatchet a small bag in which was his beads Cru-
selix Almanick : & : som other tromperey ; leue-
ing much blod behind them a bout the garison,


the same day they were on the upper End of
york & a bout the Same number : our men haue
bin ranffen the woods Cannot meete with them :
Som scoulking indian haue bin sen since in our
towne : guns herd goe of in the woods : this I
thought it my Duty to Informe yo'' Honnor :
who am

Yo'' Honno""' most Humble Serv*
[Superscribed] Charles ffrost

To the=Honnord=William
Leiu* Gouernor of his
Maj"^' Provence of
the Masathusets=In
Boston =for
his Maj*" Serues=

Letter from U Grov. Stoughton

I have received the Proposals of Cap* Chubb and
Lieu' Brackett, that they may be permitted to
make a detachm' of Sixty or Eighty men out of
the two Companys that ai'e under them and in
pay, to range the woods as far as Casco Bay,
and that they may have a Pilot to conduct them,
for the disresting and prosecution of the Indians,
they intimate that they have already made your
selfe acquaint'^ with it.

And in case you thinke it advisable, and that dur-
ing their absence vou can secure and defend the
Frontiers ; I would have you to Encourage and
set forward the designe with what Speed may
be and to see that the Company be well pro-
vided and fitted for Service, and that Captain


Honniwell attend as their Pilott ; I have here
iuclosed an Order to Cap"'' Hill Command'' of
Fort Mary at Saco, to Supply them w"' Pro-
visions in case they should be streitned upon
their return. I shall be glad if God please to
favour them with an opportunity to chastise the
pride and Insolence of the bloody and barbarous
Salvages, and shall at all times be ready to give
meet Encouragem* to generous and active Spirits
that willingly offer themselves to the Service ot
their King and Country. Let me have an ac-
compt of the time of their Setting forth and
their numbers & what else shall be further need-
ful referring to the State of the Garrisons in yo''

I am

Yo'' Loveing Friend
Boston Sep-^ 9"' 1695 W. S.

Letter from Major Charles Frost to Lieut. Grov. StougJiton

Kittery : Sep^ : 21"': 1(595
May it please yo"" Honn''

I Reed yo''^ of the 9*^'' : Instant : & haue Sent out A party
of Souldiers under the Comand of Cap* Chub & Leu*
Brakett with Cap* Hamwell for there pilot there number is
in all seuenty fower — they went a waie on wendsday last
Designd for Casco Bay & them parts they are well fixt
with armes : and are the best of all the souldiers : the rest
are orderd to keepe Close to the garisons till those that are
gon forth doe return : wee are but wekely mand by reson
seuerall of o' men are gon in to Hamshire for Impliement &
if we should be attakt with the Enemie Avee Shall not haue
any helpe from o'' neighbors of Hampshire they tell us they
Cannot Com out of there owne prouence : o'' souldiers are


cliscoridg for want of u Curirgent there is non in o'' County
if we should haue wounded men as we may Expect I know
not what to doe with them : I Humbely pray yo'' Hounor to
Consider of it : I am yo'' Honno^'s most Humble Seruent

Charles ffrost-

Petition of James Convers in behalf of Elizabeth Stover,


province of the Massatusets Bay &c

To the right Honour'^ W^ Stoughton Esq"" Leiu*
Gov'' Coniand'' In Cheife in and over his Maj^'
s'^ province &c~

Toaether with the Honour'® Councill
sitting in Boston &c

The petition of Jam' Convers in the hehalfe of y" Widow
Eliza"' Stover late of Cape-Nudick in the County of Yorke,
now Situate in the County of plimouth —

Humbley Sheweth,

That the s'^ Widow (in the
begiiiing of this present Warr) lost her husband, and she,
Avith much deficoulty & Charge maintained her fort at Cape
Nuddick, about two Years but in the year (1691) she was
Niglected, her neighbours left hei*, her sons remoued, she was
forced to quitt the (then) best fort in the Easterne parts,
which was within one Week Seized by the Enemy, her
houses one of stone an other of wood within the Wals burnt —
dureing the time of her abode there she was very Redy and
forword, to supplye soldiers with beefe and other provisions
vpon their March & otherwise — as need required, she ob-
tained a ticket from j^our petetior and some other Comand'^''
of her disbuivstments, and had A debenf signed to the
Tresurer for fifteen pounds and seventeene shillings (accord-
ing to my best rememberance) sent it to her by her son-in-


liiw, to Situate, and her s'' son lost it by the way, the books
haue been serched, but no payment thereof found, she hath
made as many Journeys vp to Boston with A man she Hired
to Come with her (about it) as cost her aboue three pounds
in money & alwayes mett with disapointments, althQ o"" late
lion'' Gou"" promised her she should be pay*^, yett she being
weary, left the matter w**^ y"" pettetion"" &c :

Now my prayer to your Hon''^ in the behalfe of
this poor old Widow is, y' after all her gi'eat
losses she may haue this Just debt honestly pay''
her, — and the petetion"^ shall remaine Your
hon'^ humble Serv*
ffeb. 26'" 169t- Jam^ Con vers/

Read In the House of Representatives March 26, 1697.
Voted, That the s'' Elizal)eth Stover be paid the sum of
ffifl'teen pounds Eighteen shillings out of the publick Treas-
ury and that the lost Order be cautioned aa' if it be found ;
That so the publick may not Suffer thereby.

Penn Townsend, Speaker
Read in Council March 30"', 1697 and voted a concurrance.

Is^ Addington Secry./.

This may Certyfy y' by y*^ Comittees books it appears y'
on y*^ 3 June 1691 There was a Debenture given out to
Eliz : Stover for fiveteen pounds eighteen shillings & was
for Beaf & quartering of Sould''* & y" debenture was num-
bred 513 : John Walley

Boston y^ 22 march
£15 : 18 : OOy/


March 23^ 169f

These are to Certetie y* I cannot find any payment made,
to Eliza. Stover, as is Exprest within this order-
Hump'' Parson.
Doc. Vol. v. 28


Petition of Charles Frost

To the Great and General! Court of the Massachusetts
Province now sitting in Boston May 27"' 1696
The Petition of Charles ffrost
Humbly Sheweth
That Quickly after the death Majo"" Hooke in the month
of January 169| Your petition"" was Ordered by the Right
Hon''''' the L* Govern'' to take the Conduct and Governm* of
all the officers & souldiers under his Maj'^' Pay in the
County of Yorke, to see that the souldiers in their Severall
posts constantly did attend their duty in keepeing of Good
watches, and Scouting from place to place to observe the
Enemies approach. As also to take account of all the Pub-
lick Stores that were in the hands of Majo"" Hooke or else-
where. According to w*^'' order I have acted ever since w"*
as much care and dilligence as in me lay. The doeing
whereof hath occasioned a great deale of Travill paines and
Expence, A perticular acco* whereof I know not how to
render, besides my owne personall expence there hath been
anecessary Expence upon the Souldiers to Incourage them
in their duty, for which I have not been allowed any thing
by the publick. And since the providence of God hath so
ordered that my habitation is a frontier, wee have been
greatly under the pressure of the Enemy, & soe Rendred
less Capable of Serveing the King and Country (without
support) being much Impoverished by this Long and Grev-
ious warr which forceth me to make this my humble request
att this time to this hon''"'' Court Which is

That you please to take my case into yo*"
Consideracon And allow me Some meet
Satisfaction for my Trouble and Expence in
the matters aforesd for the time past, & set-
tle some Certaine Allowance for the Time
to come That soe I may be incouraged to a


Vigilent Care & dilligence in the King and
Countrys service — And be obliged to

Yo'- Thankfull faithful! serv'

Charles ffrost

Applications to be made to Conn. R. I. ^ H. H. to defend ^
secure this Province June S, 1696.

Whereas the frontiers of this his Maj'*''^ Province is very
Large, which are Continually exposed to the Rage and Cru-
elltys of our french and Indian Enemies ; the Secureing
whereof Calls for such a Constant Supply of Such a num-
ber of Soldiers to Be in Garrisson, & to Attend the Dutyes
of watching & scouting; and also the Keeping out of the
Galley to Secure y^ Coast, & to be a Couuoye to the Coast-
ing uessells, coming into and sayling from this Province ;
all which are accounted highly nessesary to be done, and
Since these his Maj"^^ Territoryes haue an equall benifitt
with our Selues, in the Secureing the Coast, & frontiers of
this Province ; the Great Charge whereof is become unsup-
portable by his Maj"®* Subjectes inhabitting this Province
are Humbly of opinion that speedy & Due Applications be
made, to the Gouernments of Connecticoat, & Road Island,
& to the Hon''^'" John Vsher Esq-^ L* Gouer"^ & Coinand'' in
cheife of his Maj*'°^ Province of New=Hampshire for such
aides & Assistances as ar absolutely nessesary to inable his
maj"*^* Subjects here to Defend & secure y® Province./

Read 5 June 1696 In the House of Representatives

Voted & passed in the Affirmative, & sent up to the
Hono*^'^ the L' Governo"" & Council for his & their Assent
Read. 5° June Penn Townsend Speaker


Encouragement to prosecute French ^ Indians June 16^ 1696.

Pro. of y^ By the Hon"'' the L* Gov'' &c Coun-

Massaehusetts Bay oil & assembly convened at Bos-

ton upon Wednesday y® 24"' of
May 1696, In the Eighth year of
his Maj^^'' Reign
For better Encouragement to prosecute the
French and Indian Enemy &c
Ordered That if any Suitable person or persons shall offer
themselves to take the Command of a Company
against his Ma^^"* Enemies and obtain a Commis-
sion from the Hon''''' the Lieu*^ Governour or
CoiTiander in chief with Orders to rayse a
Company or Companys for his Ma'^^ Service
Such Officers & Companys (over & above the
Encouragem^ given by an Act of this Court of
Fifty pounds g head for every Indian man and
twenty five pound g head for any Indian woman
or Child Male or Female under the age of four-
teen yeares taken or brought in Prisoner the
Scalps of all Indians Slain to be produced and
delivered to the Comissioner or Comissioners for
War as the Law in that case provides, and the
benefit of plunder) shall be allowed and paid
out of the publick Treary their necessary pro-
vision, Ammunition & accustomed Wages for so
long time as they are seeking or pursueing said
Enemy. But when they shall return to any
Town, Fort, Garrison or Vessells for so long
time as they stay in any such place they shall
be out of pay. And the chief Officer and Clerk
of every such Company shall each of them keep
a Journail of their proceedings from time to
time and return the same unto the Coiuissioner


for War. And that they be further Supplied
with Vessel Is for transportation & Boates as
needed. And in case of receiving any Wounds
in the s** Service Shall be encouraiied as to cure
andpentions as is by Law provided for Souldiers
that are impressed, & likewise to be allowed a
Chirurgeon with them if to be procured under
publick pay.

And for Encouragement of speedy Succours & re-
lief to be yeilded unto the Frontiers upon an
Alarm or attack made upon them by the Enemy
Such of the Neighbouring Tow^ns as move to
their reliefe & towards the Surprizal or pursuit
of the Enemy by virtue of the Law of the
Province or l)y virtue of any order of the Lieu*
Governo"" or Comander in chief or Comander of
the Regiment Shall have the like Encourage-
ment as afores** if such persons shall have pur-
• sued the Enemy farther than they may reasona-
bly return in twenty four houres otherwise to
be allowed no wages —

Provided That this order shall continue in force
for the space of six months next comeing & for
no longer

Read June 16"* 169G. In the House of Representatives

Voted ; And sent up to the L* Gover-
no'' and Council for their Concurrance.
Penn Townsend Speaker

Read in Council 16° June

1696 and voted a concurrance

Js^ Addington Secry

I Consent

W"* Stou£:hton


Letter from Charles Frost June ^4i 1696

from Sturgeon Creek June 24*^ 1696
about One of the clock in the mornins:
May itt Pleas yo"" :
I haue Just now received account by two men Poste
from York, that three men w**^ their wifes one Thomas Cole,
Jeremiah Storer and Josiah Littlefield goeing from Yorke
to Wells this Evening about Sun Sett, on the Esterne Side
of Cape Nettick between York & Wells, mett w"" a great
body of Indians judged to be Severall hundreds, the Enimie
Shott killed Cole and his wife, and Jeremiah Storers wife
is either killed or taken by the horse's Starting, but Storer
ffott his Horse and is come to Yorke w"^ Littlefield and his
wife, I Sent forthwith to giue notice to all our Garrissons,
and Province New Hampsh' I much Expect the howerly At-
take of the Enimie many Gunns heard this day att Wells;
wee are in great want of men and desire Speedie Reliefe we
being very weak to withstand the Enimie thay being soe
Numerous, I haue noe more to add att present but as I re-
ceive farther intelligence shall send express to yo'' Hon*"

Yo"" hon''* humble Servant

Charles ffrost//

Letter from TF""* Redford

Port«m° June 25"' 1696
Hon^'i* S'

my father Frost Sent the aboue to be forwarded to yo""
Hon"" open as Directed : but Since I came from his house I
have mett w*'' Jeremee Storer who has Relived his wife
and brought her hither for cure being Shott through the
Knee only Cole & his wife Killd, M"" Storer tells me the


Enimie was very many, but doth not mention what number
only saith about 60 gunns was fired at him, begging yo''
lion" pardon for this postscrijot I am att Comd of yo'' Hon""
whilst W™ Redford

For his Majest* Service
To the Hon"^"^
William Stoughton Esq"^
Lieutt Govern"" &c : of his
Majest^ Province of
Massachusetts Bay

/ _
To be Comunicated in the Townes as

itt is Sent along

hast Poste hast — —

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