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Letter U Gov. W"" Stougliton to Col. Saltonstall ^ U Col.


Boston July 9'" 1696

I have just now rece'' Intelligence from L' Gov"" Usher of
the arrival of the Yott assigned to attend upon the Frigats
in their Cruise to the Bay of Fundy, at Piscataqua, and
that the s'^ Frigats being engaged with two Frencji Men of
War of 50 Guns a p** Cap' Paxtons Topmast being Shot by
the Board after an hours fight he Struck to them, its hoped
Cap*- Emes made his Escape from them in the night the s*^
Yott seeing a single Ship the next day. On board the s**
Yott came a Captive Woman & gives an Ace" of 18 Canooes
comeing this way from Cape Sable, and also a body of In-
dians by Land.


I thought it necessary to Send jou the notice hereof that
you may have your Regiment in a readiness to pass upon
duty in case of any Attack by Sea or Land. And order
That if there be any sucli Attack made on any of the Towns
or places within the Province of New hampshire, You forth-
with upon notice thereof cause such a numl)er of the Soul-
diers in your Regiment to be dispatched for their relief &
assistance as shall be necessary and that they be listed be-
forehand and in a readiness to attend S'^ Service as occasion
shall offer and let me have a Speedy Accompt of what may
occur for his Ma'^^* Service.

I am Y"

your Loving Friend

W" Stouo-hton
Col° Saltonstal & U Col" Peirce

" Letter from Major Frost Aug^ 15^^ 1696 S; Copy of a Let-
ter to Col"" Gedney August 17"' 1696.''

Kittery 15"' Aug^* iqq(^
May it please yo'' Hon""

In Obedience to yo'' Hon*^^ Comands ffor the Demolishing
of Sawco Fort I fforthw"^ gave out orders For horse & Foot
to Attend y'' Service & Accordingly Marched w"' fifty men
to Wells on Thursday where I found y® People in great
Consternation being in Expectation of the body of the En-
emy s being near y™ haveing that morning discovered Six
Ind"" at the Towns end next next towards Sawco, Soe y^ I
found mySelfe too weak to proceed & leave Wells Expos'd
however y' night I sent away to Sawco to learn w" Condi-
tion they were in & had a return next morning that they
were all well & y* y^ Enemy had not yet appcar'd & th:»t
the late Fireing of Guns heard there was onely to clear y"^
that they might be in a readinesse to receive y'^ enemy w"
they came & now am Inform'd by Col Gedney that yo"^ Hon""


haa ordved y^ Enforcem' of That Fort if not Demolish'd,
Soe y* I proceed no Farther in y' Affair

Yo'' Hon""^ most humble Serv*
[Superscribed] = Charles ffrost

To the Hon'-'"^'«
W°^ Stoughton Esq,
L' Gov'' & Comand'' in chief
of his Maj"'^'' Province
of Massachusets Bay
humbly P"*
In Boston

Letter BarV G-edney to U G-ov. Stoughton

Portsm° August 16'^ 1696

S"" I am advanced with about fower hundred & sixty
men well Appointed All feried over to Kittery yesterday
afternoone ordered the twoe formost Comp"" to make best
of y"" away to Sacoe fort havcing good Scouts before them
In y® march they will Reach their post tomorrow I Expect/
Have posted Cap* Wainwright at Newichawanack the Rest
march on shall Line yorke well & proceed to make Wells
my head Quarters. Have drawne back one Company viz*
Cap* Browne Consisting of the Soldiers of Andover Box-
ford &c. with orders to Cover the upper townes on meri-
mack & Regaulate the Scouts untill further order I yester-
day waited on m'' president & his Council at great Island
Concerted the matter of Scouts on their parts for their
frontiers obtained an order of Councill to make It Certaine
Copy whereof I have Attested gr m"" president shall make
it my first work to form the nessesary Scouts on o"" part
which must needs if well attended prevent surprize the
Stores are arived Last night & I mind the Regard to my
table) Have about a fortnights provition if not Recruited


forces Cannot be Continued if any designe of prosecuting
the Warr this time should have had some power of directing
maj' church whoe tels me he was promised to be Renforct
out of the forces under my Comand which I Earnestly pray
against for the decoy will Horibly prejudice future under-
takings, but if the Kings Service Requires it Let It be with
Intire Companies under the Captaines they marcht out with
for the soldiers will sinck unles they may serve soe) had we
Come out without that Litle puree we must have Sneakt
away Evry man to his tent miserably Ashamed I have fed
the men with fat mutton & beef & paid for docters mede-
cines & have some mony Left, had my choice yesterday of
arming the Soldiers Snapsacks with very mouldy Bread or
peblestons none Els to be had In the whole place : which
borrowed of m"" Walden had about 70' of pouder & some
ball to suply the defects in the Anmnition before we marcht
farther. We have had much Civillity from o"" old freinds
majo"" Vaughon m"" Walden &c nor 111 accident or l)ad occur-
rent hath yet Hapned to any : if you Intend a vigorous pros-
ecution of the warr at this time It will be needfull to suport
it hon''bly you will not Easily have the Advantage of soe
many Able willing Soldiers or good suitable Comanders all
Except my self but the sooner you draw me off the shorter
Adjournment will my Ipswich Busines suffer what store of
Amunition is In Garrisons I am Ignorant but Suitable Sup-
lies Is absolutely nessesary not els at present but Request
harty prayers Subscribe his hon'^s.

most Humble Serv* Barth° Gedney
I have one troop vnder Cap* Turner
find it nessery hitherto, and alsoe
for it to be nomintiil maj"" March.

All Rejoice y* Sacoe fort is not Levell Cap'
hils wife y' was In the fort oposed the demolish-



ing of It & major fro^t would not use violence
to his daughter if y* stake had been pluct vp.
none would have Stood on y' side the River the
very Report of the order for It moved the harts
of y'= people as the trees of the woods, the fort
was not Attact but upon the news of pemaqvid
Cap* hill was Clearing his Guns. & puting all
things in posture & I beleiv would have held it
against the utmost Efforts of the Enemy untill
Releived for I doe not take him to be a chubb I
pray God kee up o"^ Sperrits & lead us by gra-
tious providence.

[Superscribed] B. G.

For His Majesties Spetiall Service

To the Hon''"^ Isaak Addington Esq""

At Boston
Hast post Hast //


List of Captains.

A List of the Cap*^ of the Several 1 Comp'** now
Vnder CoiTiand of The hon'''* Co" Bartholemew
Gidney for his Maj"''' Service

Maj' John March Comand' Next to the Coinand''
in Chieffe of all the ftbrces, and
Cap' of a Companie, Leff* Jame March


Sccound Cap* John Browne

Third- Cap* Thomas Flint

Fowerth Cap* Fra. Weinright

Fiffth Cap* Edward Seargent

Sixth Cap* Henry Sumersbee

Seventh Cap* Joseph Boynton

Eighth Cap* John Knight

Benj"* Stephens
Benj'"* James-
Wil^ Buttler
Samuell Sawyer
Tho Fiske
Jer Pierson
Thomas Gaise

& Cap* John Turner Comand'' of the Troope & his Lefl"* of


the Horse Jacob Manning the Companies for Sacoe are Cap*
Sargeant & Cap' Sumersbie weare about fifty In
a Compy some a litle over & Some a litle under.



Letter Barth. Gedney to B.on Isaac Addington

portsm"> August 16*" 1696


Sine I wrote the Inclosure the president & Councill

Here [have] been Consulted for Sum Renforcement of major

Church & Its found that if Capt Walton Gives himself to the

Service he will Have a good Company forthwith : & not Els

we sent for him & he Expreseth himself Ready to serve but

major Church Haveing promised to s'^ Walton that he shall

goe his 2'' It will not be Smoth Except he be so quallefied

CoiSander next under major church of those forces Such

Comission I Gaue majo'^ march : but you have not Inabled me

to Give comissions to these therefore pray y* blank Comission

may be sent forthwith or y* you Inable me to Give them.

I beseech you dont stick at trifles, tomorrow I intend at

Yorke to Renforc m Church what vvill Remaine needful out

of the Garrison Souldiers & such as will voluntarily serve

under him of the now Raised forces : Bracket to Coman*^

get but major church well on his march with numb"" suffi-

tient & you may di-aw of the most of the new Raised under

me I pray god direct to Improve the Advantages of the

present time I am

His hon" Humble Serv"

Barth^ Gedney


His Maj'*« Service

To y*' hon'*'''^ Isaak Addington

In Boston


Letter from Benj. Church.

Portsin" 1(3'" Aug^' 1696

May it Please yo' Hon'

I thought it my duty to let yo"^ Hon'' Know that wee
arrived here last night & am Endeavouring to make up my
Comp'' a Competent number fibr y** Expedition I am upon,
& am hopeful! of Getting u Comp'^ out of this Province und''
Cap' Walton who is now Soe well that he has promis'd to
goe w'" mee in case he has L' Govern"^ : Vshers leave to
whome if yo"" Hon"" will condescend to Speak a word it will
Forward y^ business & I pray he may have a Comision for
my Second, Col Gedney gives mee Encouragemt of make-
ing up the rest out of the Province of main & I beg yo""
Hon*"" Orders to him Accordingly who am

Yo'' Hon'''' humble Serv'

Benja" Church

" Copy of a Letter to Col" Gedneij Atu/mt 17^^ 1696:'

Boston August 17'" 1696
at nine a clock at niijht-

s -

I have rcc^ yo""^ of yesterday from Portsm° and am glad
to hear of y*^ welfare of yo'' Selfe and y*" Forces under you ;
and that Maj'' Church is safely arrived ; I am glad that my
Order came so seasonably to prevent y^ dismantling of Sacoe
Fort understanding that y*" people in those parts are so
much concerned about y*" Support thereof. I apprehend y^
Enforcem' of it with an addition of thirty men may be suf-
ficient, and y' y*' remaind' of y^ recruits sent thither by you
may be drawn off; or else they will soon want Supplys of
Provision which it will be difficult to convey thither. As
to the Re in forceing of Major Church I must refer it unto
yo'' Selfe to Encourage it as you can, I have spoken w'" L'


Gov"" Usher about Cap"'' Walton'^ goeing ; who is not willing
to consent to his leaving his Post at the Fort at this junc-
ture, reposing great trust in his Comand ; But is willing
that any other Officer or person within the Province should
go on that designe I have here inclosed two blank CoiTiis-
sions which I leave to yo'' prudence to fill up y** names of
sutable persons as shall offer themselves to y* Service, and
what are more necessary I direct & Impower you to Com-
missionate ; I am very desirous that y® war may be pusht
forward if possible to some good Effect, and am well Satis-
fyed your Selfe is in Comand for that Service, knowing y*
you will give proper directions ; In case any of y*" Inhabi-
tants or Souldiers under pay in those out posts shall offer
themselves to go w"' Major Church in his Expedition; It
will be necessary that you Enforce those places with some
of your Forces until their return again, and do it in such
manner as will best reach their Satisfaction I am very un-
willing that anything should be put upon yo"" men contrary
to their own inclination, being so ready and willing to offer
themselves in makeing so briske an Expedition ; I am cred-
ibly inform'^ by a person that was upon y^ Spot and made
his observation and had it also from the French themselves
that y* whole body of Indians y' appeared at Pemaquid w"
all was added to them out of the Ships did not make up full
three hundred, and there was but one hundred ffrench be-
sides those y' belonged to y*' Ships ; the rumour of so nu-
merous a Company as was at first reported, and y^ so easy
giveing up of y*" Fort at Pemaquid, put people under much
consternation ; ; w^ho I hope have a little recovered them-
selves. Major Walley is directed to send you a further
Supply of Provisions.

It seems very unreasonable that the Province of Hamp-
shire who receive so much benefit and Security by all our
Expeditions to y** drawing of so Vast a charge upon this
Province should be altogether unconcerned therein which I


desire j'^ou to lay before and uri^e upon the Gentleni" there
that they may be excited to contribute thereto.

Our Naval preparations are near ready, it is very great
fatigue unto me to set forward that Expedition & dispatch
the French Prisoners.

Let me have advice what is further necessary, being in a
great hurry I am with due respects. S""

Your very loving Friend

W" Stoughton.

Letter from John Hill

Sacoe fals fort Mary Sep*"^^ y^ IS*'^ 1696
An Please your Hon"" : After due Respects I Rec*^ yours
with a comison : this Instant : y® which I shall to my utmost
Comply with : until y^ Gou'" : shall Grant me a dismison :
y® which I hope will not be Longe.

I would In Treat your hon'' If a supply be not alredy
sent of amunion and prouison : to hasen major Walley
about It for I haue but one weeks bread Left which Is all
from your Hon'' Humble saruant At Command —

John Hill.

Address to the King. Sept. 24-, 1696.

To the King's most Excell* Ma*^
The humble Representation and Address of the
L* Govern"" Council and Assembly of yo"" Ma*^*
Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New Eng-
land in America
Most Gracious and Most Dread Sovereign./.

The Illustrious Rays and benigne Influence of yo*"
Ma'y* Princely Care of yo"" Subjects so remote


reflected by the R* Hon^'** the Lords of yo'' Ma^^'
most hon''"' Privy Council in their lute dispatch
to this Yo'' Ma*y' Governm* have confirmed our
hopes That yo"" Ma*^ will be pleased graciously
to Entertain the humble Address of yo'' Loyal
and dutiful Subjects, in most humble manner
representing y*^ distressed and (unless Almighty
God shall incline yo"" Ma'^ early to interpose)
despairing Condition of this yo'' Ma'^** Province.

Whereupon We humbly crave leave to lay be-
fore yo'' most ExcelP Ma'^ That this yo"" Ma'^^
Province as it hath been for a long time past, is
still languishing under a wasting War with the
French and Indians, by which the Estates of yo""
poor Subjects here are much Exhausted and
very many of their persons destroyed and

That the s'' Enemy is reinforced by Indians drawn
from the remoter parts of this Continent and
Adjacent Islands, and by large Supplys of
Amies, Amunition, Clothing and other Stores
and Ships of greater Force than formerly, by
which they have been Enabled to make and
they have made very deep Im})ressions upon yo''
Ma*y* Interests in these parts of America this
Suiner, in the loss of yo'' Ma^^' Frigatt the New^-
port Galley, being on a cruise for yo"" Ma'^* Ser-
vice in the Bay of Fundy, in Company of the
Sorlings, and there taken by two French Ships
of War of considerable strength, which Ships
of War together with the Newport and a Land
Force of neer Four hundred ffrench and Indians
provided with Canon & Bombs afterwards came
against yo'" Ma'^" Fort at Pemaquid, and unhap-
ily gained possession of and demolish't that


Fort, althS well Supplyed and every way fur-
nished for defence, and Seasonably Reinforc't
with men.

That the French Interests in America is greatly
advanced whilst yo"" Ma'^s Interests in these
parts are in a very languishing State, the Places
whence yo'' Ma'^ has been Supplyed w"' Masts &
other Naval Stores in danger next to be Seized,
and by reason Of the growing power of our
French Neighbours, both the Southern and
Northern Trade and Fishery is much damaged.

That the charge of the War hath layen heavy upon
the Province Connecticut haveing contributed
little, Rhode Island and New Hampshire nothing
at all towards the Support of yo"^ Maj'^' Inter-
ests ; But have drawn a consideralile charge on
this Province for their defence.

Wherefore we yo'* Ma'^* most humble & distressed
Subjects Implore yo"" Royal Aid, humbly pray-
ing That yo"" Majesty would be graciously
pleased to order that yo'' Ma'^^ several Govern-
ments within these Territorys may be jointly
concerned in the prosecution of the War, and
Supporting the Charge thereof.

That Port Royal and S' Johns in Accadie or Nova
Scotia may be Setled by Erecting of a regular
Fortification furnished w"^ all necessary warlike
Provisions and Stores and a Suitable number of
Souldiers posted in Garrison at each of the said
places at the charge of yo"" Ma'^* Exchequer ;
which is apprehended will be a greater bridle
upon the Enemy by reason of their Scituations
than Pemaquid could be.

That a Sutable Supply of Amunition & other War-
like Stores may be Early and speedily dispatcht
Doc. Vol. v. 29


hither for the defence of yo'" Matys Forts & Gar-
risons within this Province.
That there may be an Addition of some further
Naval Force to the two Frigatts now here, by
one or more ships of greater Strength for the
Guarding and Defence of the Sea Coasts and
Securing the Navigation, the French Ships of
War that have visited these parts this year ex-
ceeding both in number of men and Guns, what
has formerly been : And that one of yo"" Majtys
Frigatts may be permitted in the winter Season
to convoy and attend our Vessells goeing to the
West Indies to lade Salt for carrying on the
Fishery, being the Chief Staple of this Coun-
try, the Seamen belonging to such Frigatt wUl
thereby be the better Secured by yo"" Ma'^s Ser-
vice And the Charges not augmented.
That yo'' Ma*^ would graciously provide and Order
the payment to such Seamen belonging to the
Province Imprest here for yo*' Majties Service on
board yo*" Ships of War, at such time as yo' s*^
Ships are laid up in the winter, many of them
haveing wives and Familys that entirely Depend
upon the Profits of their labour for Subsistance ;
which would be a 2:reat Encouraoem* unto vo""
Ma^^s Sea Service, and a releife unto yo'' poor
Subjects : Also that a Clerk of the Cheque
may be appointed to muster the Seamen from
time to time belonging unto yo"" s'^ Ships of War ;
whereby the great agrievance of yo"^ Ma'^s good
Subjects by continued and needless imi^resses
will be redressed.
Finally we humbl}'- crave leave to pra}'. That yo""
Majty would i)lease to take under yo"" Royal
Consideration the reduceing of Canada, the Chief


Seat of the French Interests in these parts, and
the unhappy Fountain from whence issue all our
Miserys. Hereby we humbly conceive the Hon-
our and Revenue of the Crown will be greatly
advanced, the Northern will be entirely

gained. And the Intei'ests and Trade both of the
Northern and Southern Plantations will be re-
vived and Secured.
Thus in a humble dependance and Confidence of
yo'' yia}^^ most Gracious and Favourable Answer
for the Rescueins^ of a lanouishino; Province, and
preserving alive a People entirely devoted unto
yo'' Ma'^s Service AVe Prostrate at yo"" Royal
Feet, desiring to be remembred amongst
Royal S^

Yo"^ Ma*y^
Sep^ 24 1696 Most humble Obedient

Dutiful Sul)jects

W. Stoughton.

Penn Townsend Speaker.

Letter to the Lords of the Privy Council. Sept. 24, 1696.
May it please yo'" Lord^^

The General Assembly by this Convayance forw' their
Congratulatory Address for the merciful Providence of God
in the Signal Deliufance and preservation of his Ma'^^ Royal
person from the hands of those bloody and barbarous Con-
spirators and Assassinators and his kingdoms from the
intended invasion. As also the humble Representation and
Address of his Ma*^ with Reference to the distressed
and languishing State and Condition of his Ma'^^ Interests
and Subjects within this his Province ; wherein is Set forth
the deep Impressions made by the Enemy upon the same


this last Sumer in the loss of his Ma'^* Frigatt the Newport
Galley ; which was by me Ordered in Company of the Sor-
lings and a yatch Tender on a cruise for his Ma*^^ Service
into the Bay of Fundy for the intercepting and Surprizing
of the Stores of Amunition and other Supplys for his Ma'^*
Enemys yearly brought from France to Johns River and
]iarts adjacent ; but was unhapily overpowred by two Ships
of War of greater Force than Ordinary that came this year
thither, being of too great Strength for his Ma^^^ s'' Ships a
particular Narrative of that action given under the hands
and upon Oath of the Officers belonging to the Newport I
have transmitted unto the Right Hon'^'^ the Coniission''^ for
Executing; the Office of Lord High Admiral of Enoland &c*
In the s'^ Representation and Address is also Set forth
the loss of his Ma*^^ Fort at Pemaquid being beset by the s^
two French Ships of War together w*^'' the Newport & a
Land Force of near Four hundred French and Indians pro-
vided w"' & bomlis for the Storming thereof; A Copy of
the Narrative given in by some of the Officers and Souldiers
belonging to that Garrison I herew*'^ transmit unto yo""
Lord^^ The Comander is under Confinem* in order to a fur-
ther hearing upon that matter Cap"® Paxton late Comander
of the Newport was then a Prisoner on board one of the
Ships of War, who will be able to give yo"" LordP** some In-
formation thereabout. The Fort was well furnished and
<5upplyed w^'^ all Necessarys and Seasonably reinforced with
Forty fresh men upon the Intelligence of the disaster be-
falling the Newport, and I sent an Express to notify the
Comander thereof and of the strength of the French with
directions to be very careful and vigilant and to have all
thino-s in a posture for defence in case any Attack should
be made upon them. It was feared That the s*^ French
Ships of War and Land Force would have come forward to
have made some further attempt which its said they de-
signed for Piscataqua River had they not been Inform'' of


the Arrival of his Ma*^^ Frigatts with the Mast Ships and
several merchant Ships from England ; whereupon I Or-
dered a Levy of ueer five hundred men for the Enforcem'
of the Frontiers and guarding of that River ; And also
caused a Merchant Ship of good burthen to be taken up
on his Ma^y^ Service and Equipped for AVar, together with
a Province Galley and a Fireship, to joyne his Ma'yse three
Frigatts the Arundel, Sorlings, & Oxford and sent them
forth in Search of the s*^ French Ships and to attack
them and Endeavour the Recovery of the. It so hapne'd
that they came neer to the place at Mount desart where they
were all three lying at Anchor, but providence so ordered it
That by reason of the wind dying away they could not
reach it before night ; the French haveing Intelligence of
them in a great hurry and affrightm* prepared forthw**" to
come to Sayle and get away, and haveing the advantage of a
small gale of wind comeing off the high land got out of the
place & were descried the next day by one of our Ships
who then lay becahii'd ; but when the Sea breeze came up
afternoon gave them chase and fetched upon them consider-
erably being come neer up with them by night ; but so
soon as the French had lost Sight of our Ships by reason of
the darkness they altered their course, the next morning
and all y'' day proveing very foggy, our Ships could not get
sight of the Enemy ; who stood away to the Eastward at a
considerable distance into the Sea and met some of our
fiishino; Vessells comeing homeward from the Fishins: oround
about Cape Sables and parts adjacent and tooke three of
the &•* Fishinge Vessels one of w'^'' they sold to the ^Master
and sent home the men in her to whome they gave accompt
they were chased by seural Englishmen of War and were in
danger of being come up with and taken by them, had they
not lost them in y^ night and Fogg, fearing lest they were
still in pursuit of them and made all y'^ Sayle they could to
get away :


His Maj'y Ship Arundel, the Province Galley and several
other small Vessells of War, transports w'** neer five hun-
dred Effective men under y^ Cofnand of L*^ Col" Hathorne
&c* are now abroad in the Eastern parts of this Province
with Orders to attempt the takeiug of the Fort Setled upon
Johns River and the removeing of that Enem}^, and for y*'
makeing other attempts upon the Enemy in those parts w****
will much conduce to his Ma*^* Service if it please God to
give Success. Some Private Ships of War Set forth by
Merch*^ and others within this Province w*'' Comission agt

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