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shall seeme meet) whereby he may be Enal^^ed
to rubb through & conflict with those difficul-
tyes daily attending him.

And Yo"" Petition'' as in duty

bound shall ever pray &c

The marke of


Abraham Cock

Read. Novemb'" 21^' 1696

In the House

of Representatives.

Voted In answer to the aboves*^ petition. That
the above named petitioner Abraham Cock be
allowed and paid out of the publick Treasury
of this Province, the Sum of ffive pounds p
ann. as a pension, during his Continuance in s'^


Sent up to the L* Governo'' & Council for Concurrance.

Penn Townsend Speak""

Read in Council 2*^ Dec - 1696 and Yot" a

Is'' Addington Secry./

Petition of James Convers, Nov. 18, 1696.

To the Ri^ht Hon^*^ W^ Stouajhton Lieu* Gov-" & Com-
and" in Cheife in and Over his Maj^' Province of the Mas-
satusets Bay in N : England &c together with y* Honour^*
Councill, and Representatiues assembled in Gen" Court, at
Boston by adjournm^ Nov-" y« 18*'^ 1696„

The petition of Jam' Convers of Woobourne in y^ County
of Midd"" in y'^ province afores'^

Humbley Sheweth, —

That whereas in the year 1693, y*" Eastw"^ Eiiemy Indians
by their Letters, pretended to Humble them selues, and
subject to the Crowne of England, — his Exelencey S' W""
Phips (our late Gov"") vndertook A Voiageto [pemaquid] and
vpon that ace*, being accompany'^ with divers of his Maj**
Councill = his Exel'^y desired your petition"" (who had for-
merly been Improved in severall Expeditions, as also sever-
all treatyes, Eastw*^ &c:) that he would wait vpon him to
pemoquid at whose Comand your petit"^ went, again in June
95 : y° s'' Indians by letters (and pretended faire, but realy
falce promises) were the Cause of this Gen" Courts, send-
ing two of the Hon'"'^ Councill, and your petetion"" to Nego-
tiate y* affaire, with Comission and Instructions, from his
Hon"" & Councill to y* End ; since which, this last Sumer,
His Hon"' was pleased to send me on A Journey to Groaton
to meet with som Volunteers y* Come from quonecticut
Colhmy, with Instructions how to act in y* Matter, I was
ordered to take A man or two with me for advice,


and one soldier, &c I Requested Cap'" Bancraft, who was
with me, three days, and y^ soldier three dayes, Your pete-
tion'' was fiue dayes, & also pay'' all the Exepences for vs
three and our horses, which Cost me fifteene shill% the
whole of the time vpon these three ocasions was aboue six
weeks and money Nessessaryly Exspended near three
pound, and there being no act of the Gen" Court, to direct
how persons shall be recompenced for such servise, — your
petition"" prays, that this Hon""** Court would
please to determin what he shall receiue for the
same, and how he may Come bye it, so shall
your petetion"" be redy to serue y*^ Publick as
formerly he hath beene, and remaine as in duty
to pray &c Ja' Convers/

In y*^ House of Representatives
Decemb"^ 8*^ Read
1696 9'^ Read a second time.

Voted, That the abovenamed petition'" be allowed
& paid out of the publick Treasury of the prov-
ince, besides what he hath already received, the
Sum of Tenn pounds Tenn shill. he paying Capt
Bancraft and the Souldiers that went with him
to Groton.

Penn Townsend Speaker
Voted a concurrance in Council Dec"" 9° 1696

Is-'' Addington Secry

Petition of Pasco Chubb Nov. 18, 1696.

To the Create and Gen" Court of his Maj'^^ Prov-
ince of the Massachusetts Bay in New England
Assembled att Boston by Adjourncm* Novemb""
18"> 1696 The Petition of Pasco Chubb Late
Comand"' of his Maj*y^ ffort William Henry att


Humbly Sheweth

That Yo' Petition"" stands comitted a Prison'' in
Boston Goale for bis Late Surrendring & de-
livering Up tbe afores'' Fort and Stores tbereto
belonging unto his Maj"^^ Enemies, &c
And Whereas yo' Petition"" is avery poore man,
haveing awife and children to Looke after w°'^
by reason of his confinem' & poverty are re-
duced to a meane and necessitous Condition,
haveing not wherewithall either to defray his
prison necessary charges or to releive his In-
digent family.

Yo"" Petition"" Therefore humbly prayes that
this high and hon^^® Court will please to
consid"' the p""misses, Soe as that he may
now either be Brought to his Tryall, or
else upon giveing Sufficient Bayle, be
released from his present Confinem*
whereby he may be inabled to take Some
care of his poore family for their Sub-
sistance in this hard & deare Winter

And Yo"" Petition' as in duty
bound shall ever pray &c

Vote. Illegal payments.

Whereas in an Act Entituled : An addition to y*" Act for
Setting forth Generall Priuiledges : It is prouided ; that no
money may or ought to be drawn or Paid out of y** publick
Treasury of this Prouince but by Warrant or order of y®
Gouer"' : with y" Aduice and Consent of y Councill for y^
time being, expressing Perticulerly, the Act by w*^'" y" Said
mony was Raised ; and for what Pcrticuler Seruice the
Same is designed, and to be applyed pursuant to y" Said


Act, or Acts ; and it appearing ])y the Treasurers Acco**
now Lyeing before tliis house that Great Sumnies of money
haue Issued out of the Treasury for y" Payment of y° offi-
cers and Soldiers, who went volunteers in a Late Expedi-
tion Eastward und'' the Command of Major Benj'' Church ;
and the Treasurer not haueing any Ord'" from his Hon'' the
L' Gouer"" with Consent of his Councill for said Payments
persuant to y® Said Act ; and the Act incourageing the said
expedition under y*^ Command of Major Benj^ Church not
haueing bin Attended in makeing y*^ said Payments.

Voted that the said Payments are Illegal & In wroung of

y'^ Person that hath presumed so to doe Contrary to

his Duty & the Law of this Prouinoe.

In the House of Representatives Nov"" 27"' 1696
Voted, And sent up to the L* Gov"" & Council for

Penn Townsend Speak^

M'' Wheelwrights peticon on hehalfe of y^ Town of Wells

Granf^ Bee'' 1696.-

To the Right Honou"' W°^ Stoughton Esq"" L* Gou' and
Coman'" In Chiefs, in and over his Maj*^ Province of the
Massatusets Vtny In New P^ngland &c : — together with the
Honoured Counsill, & Representetiues assembled in Gen'^
Court at Boston, Nov-" y« 18"' 1696.

The petition of Sam" Wheelwright of Wells in the
County of York

Humbly Sheweth

That Your petetion"" with the rest of the Inhabitants of s'*
Wells haueing been (by the Righteous hand of god) for
more then Eiijht Years, Vexed with the attacts outraires
and barbaretyes of the french and Indian Eiiemy, your
Petetion'^ & ic*'* were at Considerable charse to Erect forte-


fycations and to repaire them all this time, but now they

are most of them quite Rotten, and of very little value

as to any deffence, and it is credabley reported y* y*' ffrench

& Indians, Intend a more strenuous attact vpon vs y*^ next

Spring, If god prevent not, and our Estates are so wasted,

and our strength so small, that we are not able to bare vp

our part of publick taxes (as hethertoo we haue done) and

to build these forts a new, y' we may be in a more likely

way of deflending our selues and repulsing y® s*^ Eiiemy,

and to quitt y® place. We are unwilling, for besids what may

be s^ of our own Intrests, it will be a farr greater damao;e

to the publick, and without som assistance we must of Ne-

sessety draw off and shift for our Hues, — the premises

Considered, your petetio""- In the behalfe of

the Inhab'* of s'^ Wells, humbly prays that this

Hon"^*^ Court would pleas to remitt what rates

are alredy due (from s*^ Towne) to the publick

tresurey of the province and oniitt y^ Rating of

vs in the Next assessment, and that his Hon'' the

Leiu' Gov"" would pleas to giue Comand to Cap*"

Everitt or whom the hon'^'*' Lieu* Gov"" shall

appoint y' he with y*^ soldiers there assist vs in

the rebuilding and repairing those Garrasons, as

his Hon'" n^ay think fitt, So Will Your peteti""

&c. Rebuild and further adventer their Hues and Estates in

standing their ground, and defending his Maj*^ Intrest in

these Eastern parts, as god shall assist -and remaine as

in duty Ever to pray &c : ,

. In the House of Representatives
Read a first and Second time

Decern!)'' 5"' 1696. Voted That the above named

petition he consented unto ; provided the
Inhabitants pforme what is promised, &
engaged for in s'' petition.

Penn Townsend Speaker


Read in Council 5° Dec"" 1696
and Vof' a concurrance

Is^ Addington Secfy

" Letter to Mess^^ Cooper ^ Jackson^

Boston December 5"^ 1696.


You were not altogether unsensible of the dangerous and
difficult circumstances attending this his Ma'^" Province at
the time of yo"" late departure from hence which are since
no whit abated but rather augmented, more especially by
the unhappy disappointm'^ of the Expeditions then on foot
under the conduct of L* Col° Hathorne and Major Benj^
Church, the issue whereof was chiefly the recovery and
bringing away the Ordnance Shot and other appur'^®^ there-
to belonging, brought from France this last Suuier and
landed at y^ River of S' Johns in Nova Scotia for the En-
forcem*^ of that River. The General Assembly have form-
erly and by this Convayance do renew their humble Address
unto his Maj*y for a Supply of Amunition and other War-
like Stores w"' an addition of further Naval Force for the
Security and defence of his Interests within this Province
and that the same may be dispatch't so as to arriue here
very early in the Spring. Our Agents are referred to
amore full and particular Information of our State from yo^
Selves. And it is desired by my Selfe and the Council that
you with other of our Countrymen in London with such
Gent" as are concern'' in Trade hither would wait upon
them, and acquaint them with our particular wants, and
difficultys and how insupportable the War will be unto us
without we may be assisted by the Neighbouring Governm**
of Rhode Island and Conneticot, who you know have been
greatly increased and enriched by the War whilst the bur-
den and charge thereof has layen upon this Province ;


And likewise to press their earnest and unwearyed Sollicita-
tions that we may be Speedily Supplyed as we have humbly
Supplicated. I doubt not but yo-" Interests as well as affec-
tion to the Country will readily prompt you to be Service-
able unto them so far as may be within yo"" Compass ; and
herein you will not onely oblige them, but in particular him
who is Gent" Yo' assured and affectionate Friend

W Stoughton
To M"" Thomas Cooper & W Benj^ Jackson.

Address to his Majesty. Dec. 5, 1696.

To the most Illustrious and Mighty Prince
William the third of Enoland Scotland
France & Ireland King. &c.
The humble Address of the L* Govern^ Council
& Assembly ofyo"" Ma'^^ Province of the Mas-
sachusetts Bay in New England in America
Eenowned Sovereign

Upon a Eeview of our warlike Stores ; which are exceed-
ing low ; and the very Sensible apprehensions entertained
by us, how much yo"" Maj'ys Interests within these yo"" Ter-
ritorys are in danger of being exposed unto the Insults of a
powerful Enemy flush't with late Successes in the parts of
America and thereby animaf^ to make further Attempts
wherewith we are particularly threatned at the return of
the year, has moved us in sense of duty, esteeming it highly
necessaiy for yo' Majt>'^ Service in all humility to lay before
yo"" Princely and Compassionate Consideration the greatly
distressed and very hazardous State & Condition of yo""
Ma'y^ Interests and Subjects within this yo'' Pi-ovince, almost
quite exhausted and ready to sinke under the Calamitys and
fatigue of a tedious consuming War, the direful Effects as
well as charge for the prosecution whereof has principally


ful'n Upon the Estates and persons of yo"" Maj'^ good Sub-
jects within y° same, divers very costly and well formed
Expeditions have been niade and cheerfully Supported by
them in their own Neighbo''s defence and for the disresting
and Subdueing of yo'" Ma^^' Enemies, tho uuhapily failing of
the desired & Expected Success.

The circumstances of this yo*" Ma*^^ Province we conceive
with humble Submission to be very different from most of
yo'' Ma*y^ other Planta'^°"'* we haveing not onely the same
warlike & Politick Enemy with them to guard against and
oppose : whose appearances near to vs of late have been
more formidable ; But are very grievously oppressed also
with the bloody Salvage perfidious Indian Rebels, who are
borderers on all o'' Frontiers, and can at their pleasure make
inroads into y^ bowells of y° Province (such is y^ Scituation
of our Towns) and all y® by passages leading thereto so
well known & traversed by them) So that we are obliged to
maintain constant Guards to secure us from their Incur-
sions as well as upon the Sea Coast, the benefit whereof
extends unto yo' Maj^^' Subjects of the Neighbouring Gov-
ernments : who notwithstanding decline to afford either a
Quota of men or money thereto : which is humbly Repre-
sented in our late Address transmitted by yo"" Maj*^'* Ship
the Sorlings Convoy to the Mast Ships.

We probably hope. That the Severitys of the winter and
difficultys of the Coast at that Season will give us a present
Respit from Forreign Invasion ; Yet have reasonable grounds-
to expect That so soon as the Spring advances we shall be
attacked by a considerable Naval Force ; besides what Force
of the French & Indians may be drawn together at the
same time to fall upon our Frontiers, the apprehensions of
our danger puts us upon makeing all the preparations we
are capable of to Repel the Enemy, but all that we can do
therein is likely to be ineffectual ; Unless yo'' Maj^ be gra-


ciously pleased of yo"" Royal bounty to afford us early Sup-
plys of Amuuition and other warlike Stores necessary for
our defence.

We therefore most humbly Supplicate yo"^ Ma'^*
favourable acceptance, and Gracious Consid-
eration of what we have herein very truely
Represent*^ of the distresses and dangerous Cir-
cumstances attending your good Subjects within
this yo"" Province ; who have none under God
but the Lord the King to cry unto for help and
Succour haveing formerly rec^ very sensible
marks and expressions ofyo' Ma^^^ Royal Fa-
vours, care of and reguard unto them, and have
been particularly encouraged by an express dis-
patcht from the R* Hon'^''^ the Lords of yo'^ Ma'^'
most Hon*'^^ Privy Council ; with Notification of
the French Preparations for an Attack upon
some parts of America in y*^ Sumer past and
assurance of such Speedy assistance to be sent
as the State of Afiayres at home should permit
w"^ particular reguard to y*^ Exigencies they
should lye under.
We are humbly emboldned to hope and pray.
That yo"^ Maj^y of yo'' wonted Grace and innate
Goodness will be pleased to Order a Sutable
Supply of Gunpowder and other warlike Stores
to be forthw"' dispatch't into this yo"" Maj'^^ Prov-
ince ; And that we may be further Strengthned
by some of yo"" Maj'^* Frigatts of greater Force
than those at present in this Station for guard-
ing of the Coast during the Sumer Season ; The
hearts of yo"" Ma*^'^ good Subjects will be hereby
revived and Encouraged to expose themselves
with utmost hazards in the defence of yo'' Maj'^^
Interests and the opposing of all yo"" Enemys


and a considerable Branch of yo"" Maj'^^ Domin-
ions by the blessing of Almighty God will be
preserved ; otherwise in no small danger to be
Swallowed up and made a triumph to the
Enemy —

Eoyal S - _
In the House of Representatives Yo'' Ma^^^

Decemb'' 5"" Read Loyal & dutiful Subjects

and Voted & humble Supplicants

Penn Townsend Speaker Signed W°^ Stoughton

die prsedict.

Voted in Council.
Is* Addington Secry
Boston December 5"" 1696

Penn Townsend Speaker.

Decemb - 13'" 1696

In the House of Representatives.
Voted That all the Souldiers under the Command of
Major Benjamin Church in the late Expedition
Eastward, shall receive according to the Com-
putation made in the Debentures already granted
by the Committee
Sent up for a Concurrance

Penn Townsend Speaker
Vof^ a concurrance in Council
Dec^ 18"' 1696

Is^ Addington Seciy

Petition of R. Honnywell March, 169f .

To the R' hon"« William Stoughton Esq - L" Gov-
erno"" and Coraand"" in cheife of his Maj"^* Prov-
ince of the Massachusetts Bay in New England


with the hon'^'*' Council and Representatives

thereof now assembled in Gen'"" Court held att

Boston by adjournemt March 18"' 169f

The Petition of Richard Honnywell
of Yorke
Humbly Sheweth

That yo"" Petition'" for Some Time hath been Im-
ployed in his Maj"^^ and this Countrys Service
against the Common Enemy in which Service
he hath been wounded Severall Times in his
Arme by divers Shott, which has rendred him
uncapable of any Servile Labour whereby to
procure alively hood for himself and poore fam-
ily w°'' are now in great want of necessarys for
their Subsistance

Yo'' Petition'" doth therefore humbly entreate
the ftivour of this high and hon'"''^'^ Court
to consider his necessitous Condition by
being pleased Speedily to order him
Some thing out of y^ Publick Treasury,
for his present Supply, as also that some
future and annuall Stipend may be Set-
tled on him in Consideracon of his beino-
rendred uncapable of procureing a Lively
hood as aforesd

And Yo'" Petition'" as in duty bound
shall ever pray &c

The marke "D of

Richard Honnywell
These are to Satisfie those whomc it Shall Concerne that
Cap" Richard Honnywell of York hath been wounded sever"
times In his arme by Sever" Shott, wherby he Is disen-
abled to performe any Servile Labour.

As witness our hands

John Cutler
Jn° Morris


March 31"* 1697. Read in the House of Represent.

Voted That the petitioner be allowed and paid out
of the publick Treasury the Sum of Teun pounds
for his present Releife.

Sent up for a Concurrance

Penn Townsend Speaker
Read in Council & Vot'' a concurrance March 31° 1697./.

Is*"* Addington Secfy

Petition of Major B. Church March 169^.

To the Right Hon'^^'' William Stoughton Esq' L*
Governo' and Commander in Chiefs in and over
his Maj"*^^ Province of the Massachusetts Bay in
New England with the Hon'"'^ Councill and Rep-
resentatives thereof now assembled in Gen''"
Court held att Boston by adjourement March
18"^ 169f

The Petition of Benjamin Church of Bristoll
Humbly Sheweth

That yo"" Petition - on the 14-" of June 1696 by
Advice of the L* Gov' & Council of this Prov-
ince, in ord' to raising forces for his Maj"®^ Ser-
vice to goe to the Eastward against y^ Common
enemy Came from Bristoll to Boston and went
from thence to Stonington New London and
Norwich into Connecticott Colony and from
thence to Bristol againe, and from said Bristoll
into the Severall Townes of Barnestable County,
soe farr as Eastham and soe to Plymouth and
into severall Townes of Plymouth County, and
from thence to Boston againe, and being in-
formed That y*" act Intituled an Act for Encour-
agem* to prosecute y® Enemy would not answer
the end of his Intentions in proceeding on the


aforesd designe : Yo' Petitio' was forced to take
ajourney from Boston to Connecticott Colony
asaine, and from thence Returned to Bristoll
aforesd, where in Bristoll County he raised Two
Companys the one of English the other of In-
dians. And in & dureing which Time yo"" Pe-
titio' is well assured That he Spent in horse
hire, Travelling y*^ afores"^ journeys, passing
Ferrys, upon Companyes, and in Necessary
Treating of divers persons for an Accomodation
in the premises, above Six and thirty pounds
money,- whereof he only reed Twenty Seven
pounds out of the Publick Treasury towards
the dischargeing the same. That upon the third
day of Aug* Last past he reed his Commission
att Boston to proceed in the Quality of Majo^'on
the aforesd Expedition to y'' Eastward agt s**
Common Enemy and in his way thither ex-
pended very considerable of his owne money
upon the fforces raised in the Provinces of Maine
& Hampshire, to accompany him and was upon
sd Expedition thence forward to y^ 26*'' of
Octob"" following att w°'' time he Landed on
shore att Boston. Soe that the whole time of
his being upon said service from y*^ s*^ Four-
teenth of June to y" sd 26'" of Octob-^ is Foure
months and Twelve dayes.

Yo"" Petition'' therefore humbly Prayes That
this hiah and hon''''' Court will soe Con-
sider the premisses as allow yo"" Petitio""
Such sufficient Compensation for his time
service and Expences, in the afores'^ Ser-
vice as to Yo"" wisdoms shall seeme meet
and fitt.

And Yo*" Petition"" as in Duty
bound shall ever pray Sic'^



In Answer to Major Cliurch^ petition Voted y* he
be allowed Twenty Seven pounds Three shil-
lings for his expence in raising Souldiers Eleven
pounds for his time therein expended & Twenty
Seven pounds Ten shillings for wages as major
in s"^ expedition in all Sixty five pounds Thirteen
shillings, He Allowing Twenty Seven pounds
Advanced to him in money & takeiug y® plank
in his custody belonging to y"" province at ffourty
Eight pounds Thirteen shillings, And paying y^
Ballance which is Ten pounds to y'' Treasu"" he
is to have his Bond Relateing to said plank De-
livered to him.
Voted In the house of Representatives
March 27'" 1697.

Penn Townsend Speaker
ditto. 31° Read in Council and Yot^

a concurrance
Is* Addington Secry

Vote in relation to Col. SaUonstall and Oapt. Chubb. March,


Whereas it is reported y* Coll Saltingstall hath bin uery
negligent of his Duty as Coll : & that y'^ late Damage at
Hauerell wherein about 40 : of his niaj"®* Subjects were
Killed & Captivated by the Heathen enemie besides six
houses Burnt & much spoile, and y' the said Coll : Did not
as he ought ) when he had notice of y*^ enemies approach
take Care to Draw them into Garrisson ; nor incourage the
persute of them when persons offered ; that his Hon^'e will
be pleased to make inquiery unto said Affair and see that

Doc. Vol. v. 31


there may be Due animaduersions ; w^'' may be a proper
manner to preuent y^ like raiscarryages —

That Cap*^ Chub, who hath Long Laid in prison may be
Brought to his Tryall ; the negglect whereof is agreiuance

March 22'^ : Read a first & Second time in y*^ House of



Penn Townsend Speaker

Petition of the Selectmen of Kittery.

To the Right Hono''"*''^ William Stoughton Esq'"

Leift* Govern'' & Command'' in cheif of his

Maj"^' Prouince of the Massachusetts Bay

in New-England, Together with y"

jjQ^Qrabie Councill of the said


The Select men of Kittery humbly Petition That yo""

hono'^' would Condescend to take thought concerning o' poor

Estate and accordingly be helpfull to us. Tis more difficult

abundantly plainly to represent our Calamity to yo'' Hono''s

than solemnly here to groan under it ; the latter during

Gods good pleasure we must endure : which we hope by

your sensible acquaintance therewith may in some measure

be alleviated, if it might please yo' Hono""" to abate the

whole set proportion in that Province Rate which was

Granted Nov'"* 18° 1696 amountting to 36"^ according to y*

Treasurers Warrant Mar. 17" 169^ which (seuerall things

considered) we think scarce possible to be collected within

our precincts

1 May it be thought on the Town in Gcnerall are all-
most ouercome & discouraged by the tediousness of the Warr
finding their Estate daily decaying and Expecting Poverty
to come upon them like an armed man


2 As indeed (blessed be God) some and those but a
very few that can w"' much adoe Get a Comfortable lively-
hood, so uery many are in the greatest extremity not hav-
ing a days Prouision to live upon nor any thing where by
to procure sustenance insomuch that it's wonderfull y* some
do not perish for want, and as they are destitute of money
wherewithal! to assist y™selues with things necessary (so we
yo"" Hono's humble supplicants cannot (with conscience)
impose any burthen upon y™ except yo'' honor's after Con-

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