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sideration of y° Circumstances are pleased not to release y""

3. As many of oure Inhabitants are very poor so we
are uery much charged by the maintainance of others who
are not capable of getting y^" necessary sustenance, as some
aged some maimed and severall whose livings (further
toward the East) the Enemy has ruined w*^'^ makes o"^ own
Town taxes not a little burthensome.

4 No small charge considering our Poverty is ex-
pended in repairing o'' Garrisons whereby yet we are more

5 We have disbursed this year already more for y* Pub-
lick then doth well consist with o"" Living especially seing
th6 we are for the most part husbandmen yet the greatest
part of y** Town haue had little or no help by y^ Summer
Lab"" for Grain w'^'' has occasion the disbursm*^ of most to
be Large and of many Greater then their Incomes.

6 We are daily in Expectation of the Enemies invading
us (The Good Lord prevent them). We beg yo*" IIono'"&
would Consider our condition and be mindfull of our hard
Circumstances, and would see Cause to release us from w*^
Publiccfj charge your Hono''s Prudence shall think fit, Espe-
cially the forementioncd Tax : However we humbly signify
o"" Case (resting in Yo"" Judgm*) which if yo"" Hono''s please
to pitty in this regard we shall be very thankfull. We
rest. Praying &c^


Yo"" Hono's humble Petitioners and Seru^^
Kittery Apr. 13«

Daniel Gooding

James Emery

James Warren g^^^^^ ^^^^^

John Shapleigh J>of Kittery

Elihu Gunnison

Joshua Downing

William ffernald

June 12'" 1697 Read in the House of Representatives

15"' Voted, in Consideration of the Circumstances
of the province and the Helps afforded to s*^
Towne, That the small proportion levyed on
them they ought to pay

Penn Townsend Speaker

Petition of Saw} Wheelwright June^ 1697.

To the R' Hon'-'^i^ William Stoughton Esq^ L* Gov -
& Com'*'' in Cheife, Council and Representatives
now setting in Boston, June 1697_
The Humble P'^tition of Samuel Wheelwright^
Humbly Sheweth
That your Petitioner hath of late been seueral tymes
Imployed in the Publick service of this Province, besides
formerly much more, for which he hath not Rec"^ any sat-
tisfaction or Recompence, viz' Atleast a weekes time ex-
pended in Giveing the appoynted oaths to the Inhabitants of
the seueral Townes within the County of Yorke with men
& horses attending that service, there dyett, expcnces &
ferridge_ ..

I also spent about a weekes time to settle the seueral
Garrisons in the s"* County this spring by Order of the L'
Gov"" myselfe a man, two horses & Expence.


And in the Yeare 1691, after s p p™ : Willis came away
& left his soldjers under the Com'^ of his L* Andross I was
Improved as a Comissary for the distributeing & delivering
of provitions & Cloathing to the soldjers for the space of
two months. And Considering the Continual troble, Great
difficulty, with 3'® Hazard of life, & Considerable Charge I
am at not only to Garrison our selves but to lodge all the
soldjers belonging to my Garrison —

Your Petitioner Humbly Prays yo"" Hon*" and the
Councils Consideration of the Premises and that
you please to make you Petitioner such allow-
ance as in your Wisdomes shall seem meete~
And yo'' Petition"" shall ever Pray
June 15*^ 1697 Read in the House of Representatives
Read a second time and debated.

In Answer to s'^ petition
Voted That the abovenamed petitioner shall be
allowed and paid out of the publick Treasury the
Sum of ffifteen pounds
Sent up for Concurrance

Penn Townsend Speaker

James Weenies' Petition.

Province of the )

S- ss

Massachusetts Bay >

To his Excellency Richard Earle of Bello-
mont Cap* Generall cS; Govern'' in Chiefe
in and over his Maj""'^ Province of the
Massachusetts Bay &c and the Territo-
ries thereon depending in America and
Vice Admirall of the same, and to the
}^Qj-,bie j^jg Maj*''^' Council of the s*^ prov-
ince, and the Rep''sentatives convened in
Generall Assembly.


The humble Petition of Ciip*^ James Weemes

That whereas yo'' pef was Leiv*^ of a foot Company
durino- the time S'" Edmond Andros was Govern'
of New England, and was in the service at the
Eastward ag* the Indians for severall months,
and continued therein till the time of the Revo-
lution here w°'^ happened on or about the 18**^
day of April 1689, and at that time yo"" pef and
Company was at the Garrison of Pemaquid ;
and the Govern'', Council and Rep'sentatives
convened at Boston agreed and ordered that yo""
pef should be written unto, to take care of the
s^ Garrison, with a promise to him & his Com-
pany of the Kings pay, And yo'' pet'" continued
in the s^ Garrison till the 13"' day of August,
then next following, where j-o"" pef^ suffered
very much hardship, severall of his Company
deserting him, and those that remained were
very disorderly and threatned to run away
unless yo"" pef would pay them dayly w°'' he was
necessitated to do for the p''servacon of the said
Garrison, and having but 30. men left the said
Garrison was forced out of his possession by the
french & Indians, where yo'' pef also suffered
greatly^ having his face very nmch injured
with the blowing up of some gun powder, and
narrowly escaped with his life, and lost all his
furniture to his further damage, for w'^'' yo'' pef
never rec*^ any pay.
Now for asmuch as their Excyes the Lords Jus-
tices in Council the 26"' day of August 1697.
have recoiiiended yo'' pef to his Excy the
Govern'' to take Effectuall care, that yo"" pef be
satisfyed what shall appear due to him for his


services at Pcmaquid out of the puhlick Revenue.
Yo'' pef therefore humbly prays that your
Excy and hono""' will be pleased to take
the p'"misses into yo"" consideracon and
cause him to be paid what shall appeare
to be due to him for his said services and
Disburseni*^ at Pcmaquid, pursuant to the
said Order.

And yo"" pef as in duty bound will

James Weenies

Boston 14"' June 1689
Leivt Weenies

The Govern"" and Councill and representatives of the
Massachusetts Colony convened att Boston have this day
agreed and ordered that you be written unto to take care of
the Garrison of Pcmaquid and that Promise be made you
and your Company of The Kings Pay from this time for-
ward till farther Order, and That there be a supply of what
Provisions &c is Necessary for the said Garrison praying
you to Advize of the state of the Countrey in Those Parts
and what is the P'"sent Condition of the Indians/

By Order of the Convention
of y'^ Govern'' & Councill
and Representatives
was signed //

Is'' Addinijton Sec^


True Coppy



Leiv* James Weemes

Conim'" of the

Garrison of






A List of y'' men that was under y" Command of Leiv'
James Wemmes when y** Enemy did attack that garrison of
Pemaquid in August, 1689.

Eodger Sparke Jun""
Paul Myhan Serg*
James Murreday Corp^
Robert Smith Drum""
Rulord Chiy
John Peterson
William Gullington
Brugan Org
Richard Dicurows
Thomas Mappelston
Rich^i Clifford
John Beimes
Thomas Barbor
Henry AYalton

Rob* Jackson
William Jones
Mat. Taylor
Fred"^ Burnet
Rob' Baxter
John Banels
Thomas Shaffs
John Allen
Roger heden
Joseph Mason
John herdin
Benj Stanton
Rob* Lawrence
Thomas Baken
Owel James
Ralph Prastou


These are to Certify that Cap' James Weemes hath this
day made affirmation before us that the above Number of
thirty men was actually with him in the Engagement when
y'^ Enemy did assault the Towne and fort of Pemmaquid and
y* y'' said Thirty men was dayly paid y" Kings Pay in
Money or Money worth by said Cap' Weemes according to
his account now in hands of M"" Thomas Newtoune at Bos-
ton — Given at Albany this first day of June 1700 —

Peeter Vanbrugh May°''
I Jansen B Recorder

Leivtenant Weeme' Accompt of his Pay and Disburse-
ments at the garrison of Pemaquid From the 18"' day


ofAprill 1689 until the : 13'" day of august Ensueing
being 117 days
To the Leiv* pay and his Servants

£ 27 : 6 :

at : 4 p 8d p Diem

To y'^ Gunners pay §1 18d p"" Day

To y*" Sergeants pay S 18d p Diem

To the Corporals pay S 18d p day

To y^ Drums Pay a 12d p Day

To the Pay of 30 Private men at ;

6'^ p diem '.

To Cash Paid for fvre & Candles

( (







( (






i i



7 :


To Boat hyre in Severall Times
to "five Intelligence to Boston
of y*" Condition of the garrison

to "five Intellioence to Boston > £ 6 : —


£157: 6: —

James Weemes

Att the Councill Chamber in
Whitehall the 26'" day of
August 1697
Their Excellencies the Lords
Justices in Councill
Vpon reading this day att the Board the humble Petition
of Captaine James Weemes, humbly praying, that His
j^ajties Order of the Two and twentieth of October, one
thousand Six hundred Ninety and Four may be Renewed to
the Government of New England, for paying the Petitioner
for his Services and Disbursements att Pemiiquid against
the French, out of the Publick Revenue of that Province

Their Excellencies the Lords Justices in Councill, upon
Consideration of the Matter are pleased to Order that it be
Recommended to the Right Hofioble the Earle of Bellomont


Governour of the Massachusetts Bay to take effectual Care
that the Petitioner be Satisfyed what shall appeare due to
him for his said Services and Disbursements att Pemaquid
in Course out of the Publick Revenue of that Province ac-
cording to His Majesties said Order.

W" Bridffeman

At a meting held at Barwick by y'^ parish of Barwick
Sepf" y^ 3. James Einery was Chosen to go to Boston to
Represent y'^ Condition of our parish before y^ Gouerner &
General asembly : with y^ greuences of our s'' parrish pre-
sented & to Receue what healp shall be Granted by y^ sm
as att tests Nicolas Gowen Clar-

" Kittery Petition present^ Sepf 1697.''

To the Right hon'"''!^ the Lieut Governour
with his honourable Council
and y" Representatives
Convened in General Assembly for his Maj"°' Province
Of the Massachusets Bay in New England
we The Subscribers, (in behalf of the Parish of Barwick)

Huml)ly Shew
^J^^^ Whatsoever Building, Shipping, or Fishing the
town of Kittery is Concerned in, doth not per-
tain, any of it, to Barwick, Neither are any
persons thereof Interested therein.
^^^ The greater part of y® s*^ parish is wholly wasted

by the Enemy.
^jiXu ^^^' principal dependence hath been on Mills,
which brought the most of our incomes to us :
w° are all burnt or by the war made Useless.
_nK^ The whole Parish (remaining) is much Exposed to
the danger of the war, & as much a Frontier




place as Any town in the prov'' Every one be-
ing Closely Confined to Garrison, and Cannot
attend their Ordinary Occasions, w^^out Ex-
treme danger.

Our Inhabitants are generally Exceeding poor, &
not w"'o* great Scarcity & Suffering able to live.

The Enemy have very Lately destroyed Several
men, made some widows, & wounded Others,
whereby much of their Little Estate will be ex-
pended if not all wasted.

Our Crops of Corn (w*= at best are very small be-
cause of y® want of safe Land) have Extremely
failed ; the last year not a tenth part (scarce) of
grain being raised w'='' y*' people needed for
their years Provision. Insomuch, that. Several
families might have perished w'^'' hunger, had
not y'^ Charitie of o'' Connecticut Neighbours

We are very much oppressed by y^ maintainance of
poor y'^ are Continually admitted at Kittery.

We have been forced (by y^ Continuance of y*

War) to Expend not a little in Repairing all o''

Although we have been by degrees almost utterly

Consumed by this tedious war yet Rates have
fallen very frequent & heavy upon us.

We humbly petiou, y* yo' Hono""" would Consider
of these things & Believe that unless o"" Intrea-
ties find Audience, we must of Nessessity, be-
fore long. Quit all y*" Little we have Left, & flee
before the enemy ; And to prevent Such a
Ruine to o'" selves & Dam mage to His Maj"*' &
yo'' Hono" we be2:_
\^ That whereas by o"' Numerous Calamities w^e are
rendred uncapable to maintain the Publiq, wor-


ship of God among us (although to o"" Utmost
ability we endeavour it) without your help.
Your honours would, while o"" Sufferings are so
Deep please to grant us the Sum of twenty
pounds a year, for that end, by the Addition of
w°'' &, no Less, to what we may raise among
o'selves, we hope to accomplish it.
_^^ And, that we may receive for the Year Past, to y*
same end, the sum of ten Pounds, which have
Already petitioned the Hon''^'^ Liev' Gov*" &
Council for, as presuming it was granted in y^
year 1696 witho* which it will be hard to pay o""
Last-years arrears to y® Ministry.
O. And Lastly we would Request y' we in y^ Aboves**
Parish may be Considerered in regard to the pres-
ent & future Eates, for we are wholly unable to
pay them, & Stand in need of relief o^selves in
almost All respects.
If o"" Condition thus faithfully Represented (tho*
not fully) meet not with yo"" Hono" favo"", we
are (Unless God unexpectedly & speedily
Change his dispensations of Judgm* into mercy)
Quite Undone : but if Yo"" hearing affects you
w"' a Compassionate resentm' of o'' woes, we are
then, more than Others, Obliged to Acquitt o""

Yo"" Honour's

Very Oi^edient Serv''
Barwick Thomas Abbott

Sep* 4. 1697. Benjamin nason

and others
Chosen for

Daniel Goodin v.this End

James Enierv
Thomas Gooding
James Warren

by the
of Barvv''


Joli7i Wing^s Petition. Oct. 1697,

To the Greate and Generall Court of the Massa-
chusetts Bay in New England now convened att

The Petition of John AYing of Boston.
Humbly Sheweth

That Yo - Petition - g ord - of S"" William Phipps
Served this Province att Pemaquid for a consid-
erable Time in building the Late Fort there, for
w'^'* the said S"" AV"' Phipps in the name of the
Province promised to give yo"" Petition*" One
hundred Pounds, none of w'^'^ to this day your
Petition"^ hath reed altho he hath divers Times
petitioned This hon'''® Court for the Same. Be-
sides w'^^ there is due to yo"" Petition'' tor his
service and wages pd to sould'' and dieting y°*
in S"" Edmond Androsses Time, One hundred
and Tenn pounds as may appeare by y*^ accounts
thereof made up b}'^ a comittee of this present
Govern m', as also Twelve pounds more due to
him for billitting of Souldiers w'='' came to Bos-
ton from y" Port Royall Expedition, und"" y^
Comand of Cap* Thomas Barnard all which
amounts unto the Summe of Two hundred
Twenty Two pounds.

- — ^ Now Forasmuch as yo"" Petition'' for a

Considerable Time hath 1)een out of Imploy-
ment, he is thereby in much want of said Mon-
eys for the Sustentation and Support of his

Yo"- Petition'' doth therefore hun;bly pray
that this high & hon'^'« Court will Take
the premisses into Consideracon, Soe as
that Some Speedy payment of s"^ moneys
may be made to him./


And Yo"" Petition"" as in duty bound
shall ever pray &c

John Wing

Boston Octob'

15"' 1697 Read in the House of Represent
In Answer to this petition
Voted, That the hundred & Tenn pounds w'^'^ he claims to
be due in S' Edmund Androsses, time, it is re-
ferred to be accounted with other charges that
were contracted in y^ day ; and that for a Gra-
tuity for his Extraordinary Service done at
Pemaquid ffort, besides his Ordinary Wages he
is allowed twenty pound to be paid out of the
publick Treasury, if nothing hath been before
allowed in that respect And if anything be yett
due to him for billetting of Souldiers under the
Command of Cap* Barnard, he is referred to the
Committee for granting Debentures
Sent up for Concurrence

Penn Townsend Speaker


Humphry Bradstreet, Chirurgeon, his Certificate.

These may signify to whome It may Concern that Petor

Lagroue was wounded In the Last Ingagement with the In-

deans being under the comand of Maj' March his wound

was a Large deep wound In his thigh with the Laceration

of the Nearves and muscles he has bein under my care and

dresing : for cure to the parfecting of the same from time

afor s'' to this Instant. -

Humphry Bradstreet Chr™

Decern"^ 8'" 1097



This may Saitify whome It Doth Con Carne that peter
Lcgroue : a Soulder under my Comand In y^ Expedison To
y® Estward at y" weniganc : In y« yere : 1G97 y^ s"* peter
Legrouv was wounded: y'' O**" : day : of Septembr : 1697;
the manor of his wound : & how long he lay lame the Doc-
ter hath signifide In his noat but for his Time and Smart he
hath had nothing as yet Therfor macks his adres To your
honors: for Relef: he was prest from, wenhara : & listed
vnder my Comand for his magistis Saruis : in : y® yere above
s'^ as atest : Daniell Rindge Cap*

Dated Ipswich Febry : y« : 2 : 1698

Petition of T. Phillips ^ J. Luffkins Dec. 1697

To the R' Hon'^'^ the Lieu' Govern^ the Hon""
Council and Representatives of the Massachu-
setts Province now assembled at Boston in Gen-
eral Court Decem-^ 20"' : 1697

The Petition of Timothy Phillips of Charlestown
and of Jacob Luifkins of Wells.
Humbly Sheweth

That the s*^ Timothy Phillips as Captain & the s''
Jacob Luffkins as Serjeant Served his Ma'^ in
the late Expedition against the Comon Enemy
to the Eastward. Where upon an Engagem*
with the Enemy French & Indians upon the 9**^
day of September last past both yo"^ Pet" were
Wounded through their Thighs by means where-
of much of their Strength is impaired, & lay
eight weekes & three or four daj^es under the
Doctors hands, and arrived here at Boston, s"*
Phillips on the Twenty Sixth of September and


s*^ Luffkins on the third of October last from
which time after their arrival, they have not been
allowed one farthing, althS they lay under the
Doctors hands till the tenth of November last.
And the Comm''* of the War declare to s'* Pet"
that it was beyond their power to allow them
any thing from the time of their Arrival, whilst
under the Doctors hands.

Your Pet" therefore humbly pray that this
high & Hon''^* Court would be pleased to
consider the premisses, and allow them
what in yo' wisdom shall be thought meet
for their time whilst under the Doctors
hands with Smart money

And your Pet" shall ever pray &c

Tim° Phillips
Jacob Luffkins
Copy : Exam*^ Is* Addington Secry

Province of the Anno RR^ Gulielmi

Massachusetts Bay Tertii Anglise &c nono

At a Great and General Court or Assembly begun
and held at Boston upon Wednesday the 26"^ of
May 1697. and continued by Several Proroga-
tions unto Wednesday the 15"' of December
following, and then met

That Lieu' Col" Elisha Hutchinson, Samuel Sewall
& Peter Sergeant Esq" be a Committee to re-
ceive and inquire into the demands that are or
shall be made for Allowance unto any Officers
or Souldiers which were wounded in his Ma*^'
Service in the engagement with the Enemy this
last Summer in the Eastern parts of this Prov-



ince, and to in;ike report thereof unto the Gen-
eral Assembly —

By order of the Lieutenant
Governour, Council & Assembly
Is" Addington Secfy

"We the Committee aboue appoynted haue attended s**
Service & finde only the under written to make demand,
w'^*^ "we think ouaht to be alowed viz

Cap* Tim« Phillips £10 : - : - Elisha Hutchinson
Sero;* Jac Lufkin £ 3 : - : - Sara Sewall
Joseph Soper £ 2 : - : - Peter Sergeant

Writt to y® County of Yorke for choice of Assembly men
return^ May. 1698./.

Province of the
Massachusetts Biiy

William the Third by the Grace of God of
England, Scotland, France and Ireland
King, Defender of the Faith &c To our
Sheriffe of Our County of Yorke Greeting.
Wee Command, That upon receipt hereof
you forthwith make out your Precepts
directed unto the Selectmen of each re-
spective Town within your Precinct Requir-
ing them to cause the Freeholders and other
the Inhabitants of their several Towns duely
qualified as in and by Our Royal Charter
is directed, to assemble at such time and
place as they shall appoint, to elect and
depute one or more persons (being Free-
holders and resident in the same Town)
according to the number set and limited by
Doc. Vol. v. 32


an Act of Our General Assembly within
Our s'^ Province of the Massachusetts Bay-
in New England, to serve for and represent
them respectively in a Great and General
Court or Assembly by Us appointed to be
convened, held and kept for Our Service at
the Town house in Boston upon Wednesday
the Twenty fifth of May next ensueing the
date of these presents, And to cause the
person or persons so elected and deputed
by the Major part of the Electors present
at Such Election to be timely notified and
Summoned by the Constable or Constables
of such Town, to attend Our Service in the
s'' Great and General Court or Assembly
on the day above prefixed by nine in the
morning, and so de die in diem during their
Session and Sessions, And to returne the s*^
Precepts with the names of the persons so
elected & deputed unto your selfe. Whereof
you are to make return together with this
Writt and of your doings therein under your
hand into Our Secretarys Office at Boston
one day at the least before the Courts Sit-
ting Hereof you may not faile at your Peril
Witness William Stoughton Esq*" Our Lieu-
tenant Governour and Commander in chief
in and over Our Province of the Massachu-
setts Bay aforesaid. Given at Boston under
the publick Seal of Our s'^ Province the
Twenty first day of April 1698. In the
tenth year of Our Reign

W" Stousfhton


By Comand of the Lieu* Govern'^ &c

Is^ Addington Secfy./.


Petition of Selectmen ^ others of Barwick.

To the Hono'-'^'" William Stoughton Esq,
Lieu^ Gov'" his \\o\V^ Council & the Rep-
resentatives, Assembled, May 25. 1698-
Whereas y*" Circumstances of y*" Parish of Barwick
Continue as Sad as, or rather more irrievous
than hitherto by reason of y*^ Not ceasing of y»
Wars & y^ Extreme deadness in trading o""
humble petition is y*^ o"" Case as Represented in
o"" Last Years Petition may be duly Considered
& y® like Bounty yo"" honour'd Assembly was
pleased to Allow us for y'' year 169^ toward
maintaining y'' Ministry in o"" s'' parish. Viz*^
twenty pounds, may be granted to y^ same Use,
for the Year ensueing, which will Oblige us to
be ever * Yo"" Hono"

Barwick Most devoted Serv**

r Daniel Goodin

May 20*^ 1698 Select men

& others


James Emery
James Warren
Peter Grant
Benony Hodsdon
Nathan Lord
Thomas Goodin
Benjamin Nason



Act in


of s"


Ordered That the Inhabitants of Berwick be allowed
fiveteen pound out of the Publick Treasury of
this Province, to be imployed towards the
maintenance of their ministry for this year be-
ginning In Sepf last.
Dec'" 2^ 1698 In the House of Representatives And sent
up for Concurrence

Natha^ Byfield Speaker

Dec' 7° 1698 Read in Council and vof^ a concurrance

Is** Addington Secfy


Petition of Ahram Prebble.

To y^ Hono'"'^''i« W"' Stoughton Esq - L* Gov' &
to y*^ Hono'''^'^ Counsell & Rep''sentatives
Convened in Gen" Co'-te May 25 1698
The Humble Petition of Abram Prebble of York Humbly
sheweth That Whereas Yo'' Petition*" hath b}^ himself & oth-
ers his Neighbor's Expended Considerably on the Countrys
Service by Billitting of Sould'^s in y« Years 1690 : 91 & 94
the bill of w*^'' that were taken and approved of in the day
of it I have still by me & they I have since carried to y^
Comittee for y*^ Warr w"^'^ they are not Willing to act upon
saying they are Out of Season & However y*^ Expence was
Really due by Order & is a Due Debt Therefore these in-
treate Yo"" Hono'^s to Consider this case & Grant to me that
w'^'^ you will finde by my bills just & due as I doubt Not but

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