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that you will &

for yo*' Honor's I shall ever Pray._

Abram Prebble

June S** Read in the House of Representatives
" 10''' Read a Second time

June 10^'* 1698

Resolved, In Answer to the within written petition That
the within named Abraham Preble be allowed and
paid out of the publick Treasury Eleven pounds
Eighteen Shillings and eleven pence, To Mathew
Austin Eighteen pounds and eight shillings, To
Arthur Braggdon Three pounds seven & sixpence,
To Jeremiah Moulton flfour pounds Eight & Six
pence, To James Plaisteed One pound ffourteen
shillings, To Henry Milbury three pounds seven
and six pence, to Thomas Trafton 3. 7. 6. _ the
whole amounting to 46- 12- 5, Each man to be
paid his respective part thereof as aboves*^, (ex-


cept part thereof do appear (by the Books of the Commis-
sioner of for the War) to he payd already.

Sent up for Concurrance

Natha' Byfield Speaker

June 10^" 1698. In Council

Resolved a concurrance

Is* Addington Secry

these may Certifie all Consernd that heare is a trve accompt of My
disburstments for billiting of Sovk^s for thire Majes*s from the yeare
16§J to y*^ date as folio weth ; by Lv' Abraham Preble of york as wee
shall attste

i s d
Feb - 25'' 16 Ǥ To 6. men. 2. meales meals 12 00 00 03 00

To 19 povnds i of poark & ) ^^ ^ . ^^

bread answerable 10 5

Apr 28 : 90 To one sould' 2 meales ; ;>in 1689 maj - 2 — 00 00 06
— Swaine. 10. men. 40 meales meals 40 — 00 10 00
To 10 horses 2 Knights 1

at y^ same time ' pasto'ing 00 10 00

To halfe a bvshell of bar- [

ley at y^ same time J 00 02 00

To diating 1 sovld"" one weake weake — 00 03 00
June 9 To 3 men 8 meals meals 48 — 00 12 00

August 5, 1690 To 2 men 2 meals 1 man 2 meale meale 6 — 00 01 06
To 6 men one meale, Come from

AVells meale 6 — 00 1 06

Oct. 29 1690 To 3 men 4 days diate meale 24 — 00 6 00

ditto To 2 men taken to diate 3.

weakes want one day
Jvne 25**^ 1691 To 1 Sovld"- to diate 4 weaks

& three days w-caks 4 3 00 13 06

To 6 men one meale meales 6 — 00 01 06

Augvst 5,91 To 5 men one meale as they

weakes 6 00 18 00

ware o-oino- to Wells meals 5 — 00 01 03


Augvst 10, 91 To 1 sovld'' taken y" 10'^ \

agvstkepthimtoynS'^ >weakes 22 4 03 08 06

of Jen'' next fowlowiuo- )
To 6 men 1 meale meale 6 — 00 01 06

Feb"- 8. 9i To 1 SovW cliate weakes 3 5 00 11 00

08 11 05


:, Mr

irch 13^^










To 16 men 2 meals g ord'' ^

of mj'' Savage for S'' > meals 32
Eadmond Andross 3

weakes 34 5 days
g meals 150
p me Job Alcock Cap*

John Bancks i r^ ^ , /. .,

/ belect men for the
James Plaisteed J- Town of York

Thom^ Donell


[This may serttify to whome it may Consearn that I Abbraham
Preble doe order Will" Sayer of Wells to Reseue thisaboue an a Count

Abra : Preble]
Haveing Examined y^ Books of y*^ Entry of Debentures cannot find
that the within Ace" hath been allowed or any thing Granted for y^
same Certifyed This 30"^ July 1698

p John Walley

These may Certifie all conserned that Matthew Avstin billited
Sovld" for thire Majes'' Servise p ord'' of the militia, in York as
folio weth~

meals weakes days Ss

May y° 8<* 1690 To 2 sovld" 5 weaks billitted _ 10 — 01 10 00
Octol/ 29 To 2 sovld" 3 weaks billitted —06 — 00 18 00

To 4 of Cap" Wormewoods men

billiting one weak — 4 — 00 12 00


To 2 Sold - ^ 10 weaks billiting

Cap" goodls men _ 20 — 03 00 00

Agvst JO'' 1691 To 20 weaks & 1 day billiting:

2. men

40 2 06 01 00

To 3 men.

2 meals

6 00 01 06

To 1 man

2 nials

2 00 00 06

To 1 Sovld"" tending in sicknes &"]

a winding Sheate to berie him ' .... ,,, ^q

in tendance before death one i

weake J

To 8 men 4 meals 32 00 08 00

To 5 men 2 days — billiting 2

meals apiece 00 05 00

To 3 men 2 meals 6 00 01 06

13-07 06

p me Job Alcock Capin
York March y^ 15^1 169|

as attster Abra : Preble Left

1 [This Certificate I have Sighd to nV Will-" Sayer as if I my selfe was
there to act in my behalfe as wittnes
York March y' W 1G9|

Mathew Avsting]

24 • 13 • 6 13 : 7 : 6

13-7-6 3:7:6

8-11-5 16-15:

46-12-5 ^~^^- Q


Having Examined y^ Books for entry of Debentures cannot find y^

y® within Ace" hath been allowed or any thing granted for y'' same

Certyfyed This 30*'^ July 1698

p John Walley

1 The paragraphs in brackets erased in original.















An accompt of SouUF^ dyeted in his Maj*s Service in Yorke in the
yeare 1694 by Ord"^ of Maj"" Hook and are yet Unpayd

Aurther Braggdon 1 man from 16 Aprill

to y^ 20 Sep"" 22 weekes 3 days
Jer. Moulton 1 man from 16 Aprill 20

Sep*r following 22 weeks 3 days
& one more from 16 Aprill to y*^ 3''

June 7 weekes at 3^ p

Abram Prebell 1 man from y** 16 Aprill ^

to y^ 20*'^ Septr 22 weeks 3 days S

Mathew Austen 1 man from y° 16 Aprill ^

to y« 20^'^ Septr 22 weeks 3 days. 5 ^^ ^^ ^^

& one more from y*" 16 Aprill to y*" 3 ^
July 11 weeks 1 day at 3' p >

James Plaistead 1 man from 3 July to ^

y*^ 20 Seph- 11 weeks 2 days at 3^ p 5 ^^ ^^ ^^

Henry Milburry 1 man from 16 Aprill to ^ ^^ r,7 Ofi

y^ 20 Sep*r 22 weeks 3 days at 3* p 5
Thomas Trafl'ton 1 man fro 16 Aprill to ^ r^o ny r\n

y« 20 Sep*r 22 weeks 3 days at 3^ p >

The aboves*^ is a true & faithfull

accompt taken by me 24,, 13,, 06

Abra ; Preble y Lieu'

This may Certyfy y* haveing pervsed y^ Books find the above
Ace" major ffrancis Hook hath taken out debentures for y® whole
sum July 30"^ 1698

John Walley

Ja* Converse's Petition. May, 1698.

To the Honourable W^ Stoughton Esq'"« Leiu* Gov' & : C : of
his Maj'^ province of the Massatusets Bay in New England,



together with the Honoured Councill and Repre-
sentetiues, aseniljled in Gen" Court, at Boston
May y^' (25'") (1G98) in the tenth yeare of his
Ma]** Reigne &c
The petition of Jam' Converse of Woobourne in the County
of Midd'' in y^ afores*^ province

Hunibley Sheweth
That your petetion"" haucing been Considerably Improued
In his Maj''' Service in this present warr with the Indians,
for severall years together, as most of your hon" know, —
but your petetion"" hath not yctt rcc'' y*" acustomed Wages
nor that Incouragement, that others (of the like circom-
stances) haue had, for in the Yeare ninty, & part of the
year ninty one, by a Comission from the Gov"^ and Council,
for halfe a yeare together he had a truce with the Indians,
in ord*^ to the Redemption of Captiues, for which service he
rec'' but fine pound p"" month, there was six pound of y^
acustomed Wages kept back, also in y^ yeare ninty three
Your peteti'' (by a Comission from his Exelencey S'" W"*
Phipps) had the Cheif Comand of A small Regament,
against the ffrench and Indian Enemy, as Maj% which Exs-
pedetion held about three months, at which time also your
petetio"" rec'' but Eight pounds p"" month, when as the Rule
of this Court then was, and pass'' into an act since, ten
pounds p"" month, so that there was six pounds kept back of
the acustomed Wages, also If Your Hon""' pleas to Remem-
ber, that som other Comanders of the like Circomstances,
as Maj'' Church and Maj"" March, did not only Receiue ten
pound p"" month wages but money to bare their Exspence,
for Mustering and the like, one of them twenty seven
pound, y*^ other Eighteene or twenty, now y*^ Comission"
promised your petetion'" that as Maj'' Church and other
Comanders of the like Nature, did receiue, he should have
the same made vp to him afterwards, and your petetion''
hath Exspended of his own money vpon these Ocasions


aboue thirty pounds, and hath not vec*^ one pehey of the
Countreys to help therein, and the most part of the pay he
rec^ was in bills, which then were sold som for twelue som
forteene or sixteene shilP in y'' pound, whereby your pete-
tion"" lost considerabley ; som Comand""' bought their mens
debent'"' vnd"" price, whereby some haue been s'^ to advan-
tage themselues hundreds of pounds, but your petetio"" never
bought somuch as one tho he had y'= offer of many hun-
dreds, — so y' in the whole he never Rec'^ clear for his
Wages not three shillings a day, and somuch A porter
might haue had Every day, besids your petetion' supplyed
the place of A Chirurgeon in his severall Companyes for
near two years, and as yett hath not had one peney allow-
ance, which saued the prouince above a hundred pounds,
and further y"^ other Comanders haue had the benefit of Cap-
tives & plunder but your pet'' had all his captiues Improued
to redeeme som of our English, Maj"" Church had fiue pound
apeice for his. Your petetion'" also in y^ year (93) did by
the Gover'^' ord"' twelue days hard work at Salco fort. In
Clearing ground near twenty acres, and diging stons (made
hand barrows) and Carryed them to place, and dugg Clay
and loom Enough to build the fort with (as was Judged)
other Comanders haue been allowed for such Extraordinary
work but your petetioner was allowed nothing, and further-
more your petition"" in y^ year (92) was sent Eastw*^ in ord""
to y^ Redemtion of Captiues, where y^ lay along time in
Cold wether, and he being 111 when he went from hom, got
an Exstream Cold in his head, which much Impairs his hear-
ing, of which Mallady (as yet) he can gett no Remedy th6
he hath l)een at pains and Cost about it

The premises Considered in Each and Every part
your Hon""* petetio'' hum])ley prays that he may
haue ordered him by this Court som meet Com-
pensation, in A way of Equity Compared with
others of his fellows, as to all y^ former pertic-


ulers, but as to his loss of hearing which y^
providence of god ( vpon y* ) brought

vpon him, he never expeets a full Recompence,
how Ever what this high and honourable Court
pleaseth he hopes shall make him quiettly sub-
mitt, how Ever it may pleas god to deale with
him in y" matter

and Reraaine in all bounden dutyes Ever to
pray &c : Jam^ Converse

May 28*" 1698 In the House of Representatives

Read and Committed
June 7*"^

In answer to the within written petition
Resolved That the s*^ petitioner shall be allowed and paid
out of the publick Treasury the Sum of Twelve pounds
as a Compensitiou for the premises within mentioned.
Sent up for Concurrance

Natha' Byfield Speaker.
June 8'" 1698
Read in Council, and Resolved a concurrance

Is** Addington Secfy./

Seth Popes Petition in behalf of two indians June 1698.

To the hon**^ the Create and Generall Court of the
Province of y*^ massachusetts Bay now sitting in

The Petition of Seth Pope of Dartmouth m behalf
of Sam Quobiscom als Sam Nopye and Job Pen-
watchease two Indians of s'' Dartmouth who
were Souldiers in his maj^^'^ Service in an Expe-
dition to y*" Eastward in y** yeare 1696 und"^ y®
command of Cap" Jethro Church an Indian Cap"
Then subject unto & und'' Majo"" Benjamin
Church's Regiment


Humbly Sheweth

That after the aforementioned Indians were (with
others of their Comp'') discharged from y^ said
Expedition, they returned to their habitation,
and although y'' wages of s*^ Indian Company
were delivered by Majo"" Walley to y^ s*^ Cap°
Jethro Church, for payment thereof to y® re-
spective Indian Souldiers under his command,
yett they say that they had no Notice of y^
same given them thereof nor ever were payd
one penny of their wages by y*^ s*^ captaine, nor
did they know of y*^ same till of Late, after y^
death of y® s*^ Jethro, and there being Two
pounds Foure shillings and foure pence, due to
y® sd Sam Nopye and one pound seventeene
shillings and Eleven pence due to y"^ sd Job Pen-
watcheage for their said service as appeares by
a note of their wages herewith presented, and
for w'^'' they are incessantly applying themselves
to yo"" petition'' to take some care about it soe as
that they may have sd moneys payd them.

Yo"" Petition"" therefore on behalf of said

Two Indians humbly Entreates This high

and hon''^''' Court to consider the prem-

June 7'^ 1698 ises by ordering paym' of their respective

wages unto them as soone as may be soe
as that yo"" petition"" May be quiet from
their continuall clamour when att home

And as in duty bound
shall pray &c

Seth Pope
[Cap* Jethro had a Debenture for y^ Indians Wages y'
were vnder his Comand & have been Informed y* he took
care to pay every one according to what'was there Due, but


one or two Indians y* lived remote came not for y*" wages
until Capt Jethro was drowned & Sam Nopy a Martin*
vineyard Indian saith he is not paid & his due Cofnissary
Deducted was one pound Seventeen & Eleven pence & this
was done while our orders were to deliver y'' Cap^^ Deben-
tures for them selves & Companys
Certyfyed this 8 Dec. 1698

p John Walley Com]

Read in y** House of Representatives
Read Dec-" 9° d°

Ordered That Sam" Quabisquam & Job Penwacheg
be paid out of y*' Province Treasury their re-
spective sumes above petitioned for
Dec' 9"" 1698 In the House of Representatives

And sent up for Concurrence

Natha' Byfield Speaker
Dec 10"' 1698

Read in Council and Vof' a Concurrance

Is* Addington Secry
Indorsed —
Referred to Maj - Walley June 7"> 1698.

Nat¥ Oollins's Petition. June 1698.

To the R* hon'^'<* William Stoughton Esq-" Liv»
Governo"" and Comand"" in Cheife of his Maj"*'
Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New Eng-
land with y^ hon'''^ Council and Representatives
thereof now Assembled in Gen''" Court for s"^
Province att Boston^

The Petition of Nathaniel Collins of Boston

Humbly Sheweth

That yo'' Petition'' for the Space of three Yeares


Together hath Served his Maj"^ and this country
in the present warr ag* y" Indian Enemy and
Last fFall being in said Service in the East-
erne parts und'" the Command of Cap" Brackett
he was by him Imployed as a scout ; and other-
wise, and in the performance of his duty and
oiEce by watching warding and wadeing through
rivers he gott such Surfeits, as that the Effects
thereof first settled in his rioht side and afterwards
fell into his Groyne and there swelled & broke
insoemuch as that he was forced to come und""
the hand of one M''^ Littlefield who administred
some Externall applycations to him, & whilesthe
was und'' her hands, there came an ord"" from the
L* Gover"" to bring the sick and wounded men
from Wells to Boston, amongst w°'^ yo'' petition""
was one, and being come to Boston one M""
Geerish a Chyrurgeon Appointed to look aff y®
sick & Lame men, for some small time before
he left him applyed some plaisters to his body
^cii slightily healed up y'' wound without being
throughly searched, and yo"" petitio'" growing
careless of himself by reason of some small Ease
neglected to apply himselfe to a skilfull Physitian,
to make a thorow cure of said Wound, insomuch
that the said Wound & his paynes & swelling
anew Increased againe upon him w°'^ have beeue
soe greivous to him that he was necessitated to
goe to Docter Cutler whose hands for a consid-
erable time he has now been und"" & knowes not
when he shall be well haveins: at this time a
of five Inches long in his Body
Now Forasmuch as yo"" Petition"" is a poore man &
by this sad disaster gott in the Countrys Ser-


vice is wholey disencappacitated from doeing any
wovke wliereby to procure himself a subsistence
Or to pay y*^ Docto'' for Lookeing aff him haue-
ing neith"" house nor home to goe to, nor any
support other then the charity of good people to
releive his present streights and exegencies

He doth therefore humbly Entreate the
favo'' and Compassion of this high and
hon'*^ Court to take his miserable & dis-
tressed condition unto Consideration Soe
as that he may receive a supply for his sub-
sistence out of y*^ publick Treasury whilest
und"" the Docto'"* hands and that some care
may be also taken for paym* of y^ Docto""
And yo"^ Petition"" as in duty
bound shall pray &c

Nathaniell Collins
June 7^^ 1698
Read in the House of Representatives

Read in y^ House of Rep''sentatives
June 14 And Voteed that s'' Petition"" be allowed fifteen e
1698 pounds Out of the publique Treasurie for his
Subsistance & paym' of the Docto"" to be payd
to Cap* Jn° Burrell of Lin to be improved for
y^ Ends aforcs'^ & Ordered to be sent Up to
y^ Hon° L*^ Gov"" & Counsell for Concurrence
the said Burrill to be Ac- Natha^ Byfield Speaker

comptable to y^ treasury
of this Province for the
ouer Plus if any their

shall be

- Read in Council 22" June 1698
& Resolv" a concurrance.

I. A. Secry


Eliezer Rogers' Petition 1698.

To the Houo*^'^ William Sto ughton Esq"" Lieutenant
Governour and to the Council and Representa-
tives in General Court Assembled, The humble
petition, of Eliezer Rogers of ply mouth

That your Petitioner being a Soldier under the
Comand of Captain Thomas Dymock did on the
ninth day of September last (1697) receive
Several Wounds in an Engage m' with the ifrench
and Indians att Winagants. particularly he was
shott through the Thigh, and throush the risfht
side of his head which put out his Eye, and has
made him in a great measure incapable of his

Yo*" Petitioner therefore humbly prays that
he may have his Cure perfected att the
publick Charge, and may have Such fur-
ther Stipend and pension as to this Hon-
o"® Court shall Seem reasonable, and yo'
petitioner as in duty bound shall ever
pray &c Eleazer rogers

May ult, 1698 Read in the House of Representatives

and Committed.
June 7"^ In Answer to this petition

Ordered, That the petitioner shall be allowed and paid
out of y*' publick Treasury the Sum of
Twenty pounds in full compensation for
smart money, and for the loss and dam-
ages abovementioned, by him sustained
Sent up for Concurrance.

June 8^" 1698. In Council.

Read and Resolved a Concurrance
Is"* Addington Seciy./



Some proposalls Referring to y*" Deffence of y*" Frontiers
Imp''^ twenty four men in Garrisson at AVells

twenty in Garrisson at York

twenty five in Garrison at Kittery

twenty men for a Scout for them three Towns

One Cap" & two Leuf^s to Comand them-

m"^ Wheelwright Majo"" Hamond & the Cap'^""' of y^
Company s to he a Comittee for Warr to direct for
y*' improvement of them ~

Salco twenty men

Salsberrv two men

Amsberry four men

Haverhill Eight men

Andover fowr men

Belirca four men

Chelmsford Eight men

Dunstable Eight men

Groatou Eight men

Lanchester Eight men

Stow two men
In Hampshire

Derefeild Sixteene men

Brookfield Six men

Hatfeild three men for Town & ffarme

Northampton two men

Hadley two men

Westfeild two men

ffortie men in two Companys to Scout One half of
them from Amsberry & so on the North of Haver-
hill as far as Dunstable The Other Half from Dun-
stable to Nashaway On y'' North of Nashaway
River &

Alsoe that an Address be sent to his Excell'^y y*^ Earl
of Balemount that he would be pleased to take some
Doc. Vol. v. 33


Order with the Maquas to call or draw of any of
the Scateoooke or other Indians Under there Co-
mand from Winepeseocket the white Hills or the
places thereabouts _

That it be taken into Consideration by this Co''te to
Raise a Tax to Enable & forward y® afores*^ affaire as
well as the other incident Charges of this Province
June 10''' 1698 In the House of Representatives

Resolved, And sent up to His Hon'' the Lieut"* Gov-
ernour and Council for Approbation
Natha' Byfield Speaker
die pdict. Read in Council
and Resolved a concurrance

Is'' Addington Secry

John Nelson's Petition.

Boston Novemb'- 30 : 1698 —
To y^ hono'^''^ W" Stoughton Esq"" L" Gouernor of
y^ Prouince of the Massachusetts Bay in New
England, The Councill & Assembly now Sitting,
The Petition of John Nelson Gentleman hum-
bly Sheweth
That whearas y"" Petion"" hath for neare Seaven years last
past been a prissoner unto y'' french under pretence of a
reprisall for Sundrie Souldiers, which had been taken at
port Royall, by the Late s"" W™ Phipps, in y^ yeare 1690,
and as they said were Contrarie unto y*^ Articles then made
by him, Instead of returning them unto some of y^ french
Kings dominions, they were here detained as prisoners, by
reason of which y'' P'"tioner, and Sundrie others of this prou-
ince, haue been great Sufferers in france, Soe that y"" P'^tioner
for y* Obtaining of his lybertie, w^as Constrained to Com-
ply with y* Demands of y*^ french Court, by ingageing the
returne of y® said Souldiers, in the space of Eighteen


nionthcs after y'' Inlargeni^ ofy"" P''tioncr, from his Coii-
finem* In pursuance of which, by Solicitations of Sundrie
p''8ons, The Authority here were prcuailed with, to i)'iiiitl
y<' Sending back of the said Souldiers, in Order whereunto
Y"" Petitioners Wife & freinds were at y*^ Labor & Expence
of finding out such of y^ Said Souldiers, as yett remained,
they being dispersed throughout y^ Countr}^ & by theiie
great paines & Charge, did gather togeather Sundrie of
them, with hopes they should haue been Sent to Quebec, on
y^ Ace" & for y^ behalfe of y'' Petition"", But soe it was that
Instead of the said Souldiers being Sent for the release of
y"" Petition^ they were by Order of y^ Gouerment Carried
to Canada, and were there Exchanged for a Considerable
Number of English prisoners with out any regard or men-
tion of y' s'' Petitioner, Soe that y"" P''tioncr receiueing noc
benifitt thereby was constrained in discharge of his promise,
and the Securities he had left in france to Surrender him-
selfe againe a prissoner unto the french &c — And Wheareas
y P'tioner duremg his being with y"" french at y*" Eastward
did buy & release from y*^ Indians Seauen English Captiues,
Some of which would haue been put to death according to
theire Barborous maner, if y"" P'tioner had not Interpos'd,
by his interest w y"" french, & redeeming of them at his
proper charge, of which y' P'tioner has here diuers Evi-
dences, The gmisses Considered togeather with y"" P'tioners
Sufferings, losses, & diuers other things to teadious here to
relate, will noe doubt be of Sufficient Inducement for this
honorable Court to render y' P-'tioner Justice in repaying
unto him his disbursments for y^ takeing up of y" Soldiers
affores^ according to y*" Ace" here Anexed, as allsoe some
Consideration in regard of the Captives ransomed by him.

A due and ftiuorable answev unto y"" P'tioners request is
humbly prayed by

Y"^ Most humble & Obedient Servant

J« : Nelson


In order to the Reimbursing of m"^ John Nelson y*
money expended by him in Getting the French
Prisoners & Redeeming the Captiues and other
his Good Service for this his Maj"^* Province
Ordered that that there be one hundred pounds in
money paid unto the said M'' John Nelson out of
the Publicke Treasury of this Province and sent
up to the Right Hono the L* Gouer'" & Council
for their

Decembr 2^ 1698

Natha' Byfield Speaker

Dec'- 3^' 98

In Council Read and vof^ a concurrance

Is^ Addington Secry

List of Captives.

A List of the names of the Captives Brought home in the
Prouince Gaily & of them that are yett in the Indians hands
y« 24"^ Janu'-y 169|

Cascoe Bay y« 17'^ Janu'^ 169f

The Names of the Captiues Reed Aboard the Province
Gaily from the Indians


Mary ffarbankes

of Lancaster


Mary Glasser

of Lancaster


Suzanna Wood

of Haverhill


Daniell Lade

of Haverhill


Hannah Bradley

of Haverhill


Elizbeath Egerly

of oyester Riuer


John Deery

of ditto


Suzanna Egerly

of ditto


Sam" Hutchings

of Spruce Crick taken in March Last


Beathia Paine

of Yorke


Mahitable Parker

of Yorke


12 : Dorathy Millbery of Sandy Beach

13 : John Houlding , of Grotten

14 : Tamasin Rouel of Grotten
15: Mary Katter ofKettery

Casco : Bay y« 24"^ Janu^ 169 §
The names of the Captiues yett in the Indians hands.

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