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1 : Steven Houlding of Grotten

2 : Steven Houlding Jiini'' of ditto

3 : Sarath Boraginton of Yorke

4 : Mary Parker of Yorke

5 : Abial Masterson of Yorke Gon to Penacooke

6 : Judah Emiuerson of oyester River

7 : Joseph Egerly of oyester River
8: Petter Denbow of oyester River

9 : Amie Nell of Newichawanick

10 : Ephriam Ropper of Lancaster

11 : Hannath Rusg of Lancaster Gon to AUbanie

12 : Joseph Bean of York A young man

13 : Mary Sanders of Billerica

14 : Benj'' Hutchiugs ot Spruce Crick

15 : Mary Enimerson of Haverhill Gon to Penacooke

16 : Elizbeath Sanders of Peiuaquid

17 : Jane Hiirgaman of ditto

18 : An Eastard Boy his name is Robart Cannot Speak one

word of Englishe att the tfort Cald Narrockcomegog

19 : Daniell Bradly of Haucrhill Carrid to Cannada 7 yeares


20 : Jona : Hutchings of Spruce Crick : 14 : yeares ould

Carried to Cannada the Last octol/

21 : Sam" Gill of Salsbery Carrid to Cannada

/ / * / /

Nich flfrost Drowned

Able Morton drowned


SamJ' : Wheelivrighf s Will. Jan. 30, 1699.

In the Name of God Amen. I Samuel Wheelwrioht of
Wells in the County of York in His Majesties Province of
the Massachusetts Bay in New England, being weak and
infirm of Body, but of perfect Memory and of sound Under-
standing Do make, constitute and appoint this my last Will
and Testament.

I commit my Soul into the Hands of Almighty God my
foithful Creator and merciful Redeemer, and my Body to
the Earth from whence it was taken, to be decently buried
in hopes of a joyful & glorious Resurrection through Jesus
Christ Amen. And as for my Worldly Goods and Estate
I do will and bestow as followeth.

Imp^ My Will and Intent is that my funeral Charges and
all my lawful and just Debts Shall be discharged and paid
by my Executors out of my moveable Estate.

Item, I do give and bequeath unto my Daughter Mary
One Quarter Part of my Farm where I now dwell, after She
is married and to the Children that Shall be born of her
Body for ever, And for want of Such Heirs, to the Heirs of
my Son John Wheelwrioht forever.

I do except Twenty Acres of Land out of the whole Farm
where my dwelling House and Barn Stands, which I have
ah'eady excepted in a Deed of Gift to my Son Joseph.

Item. I give and bequeath to my Son Joseph Whel-
wright one Quarter Part of my Said Farm together with
Twenty Acres of Land before excepted, with the Housing
and building that are upon it after my Decease and the De-
cease of Hester my Wife, She having the Use & Income
thereof during her Natural Life, Only Joseph Shall have
the Liberty to make Use of one Half ol" the dwelling House
and Barn if he hath Occasion before my Wives Decease,
Also I bequeath to my Son Joseph half that Land which I
bought of Augustine Legendra, and all that Land and
Meadow which I have at Merryland, Except that part
which I have already disposed of. Also I give to my Son


Joseph all that Town Grant of Land & Piiviledgc for a Saw
Mill at another Place near Merry land all to be to him and
his Heirs lawfully begotten of his Body and for want of
such Heirs to my Son John Whelwright and to his Heirs
forever, a double Part thereof; And the other part to my
Daughters and theirs Heirs forever.

Item. I do give and bequeath unto Hester my beloved
Wife all my Cattle of all Sorts, with one Negro Servant
named Titus, with all my moveable Estate which is not
hereafter excepted. Also one Acre of Marsh which I bought
of Moses Littlefield, all this to be at her Dispose to all or
any of her Children at her Decease, I do also give to her
all the Rent which was due to me from my Land at Crofts
in the County of Lincoln in England until the Time it was
Sold by M'' Edw : Loyde, if the said Loyde hath made Sale
thereof, and if the Land be not Sold, my Will is that Hester
my beloved Wife Shall have all the Rent of Said Land dur-
ing her Natural Life to be at her Sole Dispose, And in Case
the Said Land be sold, then my Will is that She Shall have
One Hundred Pounds out of the Money or principal the
Land was Sold for, out of which Hundred Pounds She Shall
pay to my Daughter Mary Forty Pounds and to my Son
Joseph Thirty Pounds and to my Daughter Hannah Parsons
Thirty Pounds, All to be paid at Such Time or Times as
my Wife shall See most fit and convenient. And the Re-
mainder of the Said Estate I do give to my Son John
Whehvright to dispose of and improve for the Use and ben-
efit of my Wife during her natural Life And at her Decease
I o;ive the Said Estate to him and his Heirs forever. I also
give to Hester my Wife the Use and Licome of the one
Half of another Farm in Wells during her natural Life,
which Farm I have by Deed of Gift given to my Son John,
Also provided my Land aforesaid in England be not Sold
Then I give to my Wife the Use of the Said Land during
her natural Life, and after her Decease I give and bequeath
to my Son John Wheelwright all the above mentioned


Lands in Crofts in England with all the Use and Interest
and Benefit thereof to him and to his Heirs forever, out of
which he Shall pay Forty Pounds in Money to my Daugh-
ter Mary to be paid Twenty Pounds thereof within one year
after the Said Estate conies into his Hands, and the other
Twenty Pounds to be paid within two years after, and also
to pay Thirty Pounds to my Son Joseph half Money, and
the other half equivalent to Money; And Thirty Pounds to
my Daughter Hannah One Half in Money and the other half
equivalent to Money All to be paid within Two years after
the Estate comes into his Hands to them and to their Heirs
forever. And in Case any of them have no Children then to
the Heirs of my Son John Wheelwright forever.

Item. I do give to my Son John Wheelwright all my
Books now in the Custody of M"" Eliakini Hutchinson in
Boston and I give also to my Son John one Suit Cloak and
Hat and Staff I also give to him all my Estate, which is in
the Hands of Capt" Bozon Allen of Boston due for my
Wive's Portion, One Quarter Part of what he Shall recover
I do will to my Wife.

And I do constitute and appoint my dear and loving Wife
Hester together with my Loving Sons John Wheelwright
and Joseph Wheelwright to be Executors of this my last
Will and Testament, And I do appoint my trusty and well
beloved Friends Capt" Job Alcock of Portsmouth and M""
Samuel Emery and M'" Jonathan Hammond of Wells to be
the Overseers of this my last Will.

In Witness whereof I have hereto Set my Hand and Seal
this Thirtieth Day of January One Thousand Six Hundred
Ninety nine, Seven Hundred, i-^%

Signed and Sealed

in presence of us, Sam" Wheelwright

Samuel Emery
Jonathan Hannnond
James Addams


A true Copy of the Origioiil Will transcribed and
compared the 22" Jan"^ 17^^^

p Charles ffrost Reg""
A true Copy of Record

Exam'' p Simon Frost Reg''

Letter from James Weemss.

s -

Since my last to you. I am Informed it would a been
Convenient for me to be at Boston my selfe in case any ob-
jections should be offerd but it is too Late neither can I
immagine that any such thing may happen if Rightly Con-
sidered, for my case was then Singular and Such perhapps
as never or Seldome hath hapened for an officer to be Posted
at a fronteer Garrison by his Generall with a Sufficient force
to defend it. and afterwards have them privately commanded
away from him and he Left with a handfull Exposed to all
danger., the which proceedings gave opportunity to some
of my men to Leave me as the Rest did Intend, for they
apprehended the danger that followed and became disobedi-
ent & told me that I was no longer there commander since
the Cap' Gen" was out of all power and that they were not
oblidged to Stay after the 3 Companies was gone to become
a pray for a morsall of Salt provision : on which I was
forced to come with capp in hand to them and used severall
arguments to perswade them to Stay but all would not doe
unlesse I would oblidge my Selfe to pay them the kings pay
over and above there provisions which proposalls I was very
Ready to Embrace which I then thought Reasonable as may
appear to men of Sence on which they all promised to stand
by me as Indeed they did till theire Enemy knocked them
downe and accordingly I payd them Every day in money or
money worth and if M"" Jeckson who was then our doctor


be a Live he can declare the truth of y^ matter so that if
those Gentlm of the Committee should demand any other
proove or Vouchers it is not in my power to produce it the
major part of the men being kiled on the Spott (and Some
of the Rest Since in flanders) where I was wittnesse neither
was it Ever Customary in any Regement Troop or Compa-
nie that a Soldier should Every day give a Receit for his
pay, when payd dayly or weekly for I am this day Some
hundred pounds out upon my Comp"" and no mans Receipt
to show for it Excej^t officers, this is all I can afford only
my most humble Service to those worthy Genhnen and Ex-
cept y*^ Same your Selfe from

Your most hum^® Serv*^
James Weemes
Albany y®
2° feb im

John Ellenwood'' s Petition

Province of y^ I To The R* Hou'^^^ y« L* Gouernour

Massachusetts Bay • & Councill & Representatiues in Gen-

n New England i erall Court assembled at Boston

sc J Febru. M^

The humble Petcion of John Ellenwood of Beu-

erly in y*" Countey of Essex in s*^ Province

humbly Sheweth
That whereas your poor distrest petitioner was in
y^ latter End of y*' first Indian Warr viz about
y^ yeare of Our Lord God 1676 Imprest & Sent
toy^ Eastward as a Souldier in y'^ Countrey Ser-
vice against y" Indian Enemy & in y'' Towne of
Wells being then vnder y" Comand of Cap' Frost
& Leiu' Sweat your petitioner was sorely
wounded in my right hand my fore finger being


shott away & y^ rest of my hand So greiuously
Shattered & Torn & bones broaken y' it hath
been thereby rendred almost altogether vseless
Euer Since Whereby it is very difficult for me
to provide for my wife & family hauing 6 Chil-
dren which otherwise were my hand well with
y*" blessing of God I could Comfortably doe.
Wherefore your Supliant prays that this Hon"'^'' Court
would Consider off & Compassionate my Sorrowful! Condi-
tion & Either allow me some small yearly Stipend or Some
Certaine Summe towards my Releife as in yo'' wisdom you
may think best.

Yo*" petitioner doth Gratefully acknowledge that some
Small Matter hath been done for me formerly which hopes
May not hinder Something further being done & yo"" peti-
tion"" as in Duty Bound shall allwaes pray &c

Mai-ke of

John /jEllenwood


Wee y'^ Subscribers being Souldiers at y^ Same

time with John Ellenwood doe Certify y* to our

Certaine knowledge he was wounded as aboues"^ as

witness our hands this Feb — 1700/
his mark /701

Thomas / Parlor

Sam" Collins

Henry Herrick Constable 1680
In the year — 1680
I heard Hennery Constable of Beuerly say that he payed
forty shillins out of A countery Rate to this petitioner John
Elenwoord. By me

Roger hascoll

In answer to y^ Petition within written. It is the
opinion of the Comitte that there be paid to y®


Petition' out of y^ Province Treasury fiue pounds
Towards his present releife, and for the future
Three Pounds p ann during his life

Sam" Phipps
In the House of Representatives

March 8*'^ 1700 the abovewritten Report Read
and voted That it be Accepted
Sent up for Concurrence.

John Leverett Speaker

In Council March. 11° 1700/

Read and past a Concurrance J ^

Is-'' Addington Secfy

Letter John Baker to Maj. Ja^ Converse 1699.

To the Noble hardy and Well beloued Majer James
Con vers :

S"" as I haue made bold
with you time past to act and doe for me as
Conserning my wound, which haue bene grevi-
ous and Chargable to me : these are to informs
you hoAV it hath bene with me of late, I pre-
' sented a petion to his Lordship at Rehoboth
when he went to the Island and he gaue it to m'"
Isaac Adington : and charged him to keep It
and ordered me to Com down to boston to him :
which accordingly I did but his Lordship was
so bad with the gout that I could not Come to
spake with him : which Jurney was greatly to
my Damige in respect of my wound : which is
the reason that I Cannot Com Down now ; but
have bene vnder the Cliirurgeons hands Euer
since Last September and having som hoops of
a Cure : S'' these are to request y'^ fauiour of you
that you would shew my Condition to y® great


and generall Court theare assembled at boston
now this : hoping that you will haue

Compassion on me in my pore Low Condition :
the Chirurgeon hath sent an accompt vnder his
hands : So Craning your assistance I rest your
humble servant in what I may

700 John Baker

Swanzey the 6 day of March 1699


This for

Majo"' James Convers

at his house at oburne

PQ D"^


This may certifei y' 3 years agoe I cured the arme of John
Baker now in Swanzey which now is badd againe and a very
great sore haueing 3 holes w''^' is constantly running and
uery Vncaple of labor an questionable whether he can be
his own man any more.

Swanzey y^ 7"> of ]\Iarch

1699 or 700

Thomas Estabrooke

Certificate „^

Swanzey the 7"' of march 1699
These may sertifie any whome it may Concern that I
toock Job Bakers Arm in hand a bute the 27^'' day of Sep-
tember Last which said bakers was wounded in Swamp fight
at Naraganset and His Arm when I toock it to Cure at the
time Aforesaid was Hollow from the shoulder to the Elboe
the Boane ffoul the arm had five holes in it aboue and vnder
his Armpit Alwayes Runing now it is Almost fild vp with
flesh and there are now but three holes in it and I am in


som hopes that I shall heal it vp But Question whether ever

hee will Bee A sound man any more no more But Rest

yours to serve in what I am Able

Edward Pratt


Letter — John Baker to Major Converse

May the 29 1699
Mager conurs my kind Loue to you with my wife hoping
to god that you are in good helth.

The case of my writing is to you to know of you what
what I am to due my brother John Polley hath sent mee a
Letter but I saw it not but I due understang that it is to get
the men sworn that was out with mee in the Seruis when I
was wounded by the ingins at the swamp fite.

Mager conurs Sur if I may be so bould as to request so
much at your hands if it must be that these men must be
sworn by a magerstreat ; willyam pearce John Kindel John
Cutler Zacraiah Snow Elias totman John polley. I would
in treat you for to due mee that kindnes if you can is not
I pray for to git brother John polley for to due it for me
ther is a riting that I sent down by my wife which came
from Rode Hand to you if it is not done as it should be
pray send it up to mee that it may bee rectifyed or you
may send us word I would a come dow my selfe but my
arme hath roue this yeare and I cannot git no cure for it &
there for I am lame and weake and cant come

So I rest youer frent to command

Joh Baker


This for Mager

Conurs Liuing

in Oborn deliuer

it with care

I pray.


Peter Legroove's Petition. 1699.

To his Excellency Richard, Eaule of Bellomont
Captaine Gen' & Governour in Chief of His
Maj* Province of the Massachusets Bay in New
Engl'' and to the hon^'*' Council & Assembly sit-
ting in Boston March, 13. 1699/

/700 The Petition
of Peter Legroove Wounded Souldier,
humbly Sheweth —

That your poor Petitioner late Inhabitant in the Town of
Wenham, was from thence impressed into His
Maj'^ Service the ^^^ day of September 1697.
and put under the Comand of Capt : Daniel
Eindge, and at the Winnegance at the Eastward,
was wounded in the Thigh, and was obliged to
ly near three Moneths under the Chirurgeon's
Care, Enduring the Pains that were necessary
in order to his Cure. And when I was left by
the Doctor, I was unable to labour for the earn-
ing of my Living ; having no hope of ever being
my own man again, as formerly; or of being
able to doe any hard Labour.

Your poor Petitioner therefore humbly Prays that his
deplorable Condition may be taken into Con-
sideration and that his incurable Hurt may be
somwhat eased by an Allowance of such Sti-
pend for his Life as to your Goodness & Pru-
dence shall seem meet

And your Petitioner as in Duty bound
shall ev Pray &c

Peter Legroove
In Answer to the within Petition y^ Comitte are of
Opinion y' the petitioner be Alowed, out of the
public^ Treasury of this province, the sume of


Three pounds g Annum for three years Next
House of Representatives March 20"' 1699.
Read & Pass'd Sent up for Concurrance

Jam^ Converse Speaker
March 22" 1699. In Council
Read and Voted a concurrance

Is'^ Addington Secfy

Petitio7i of Mr. Sam^ Moody

To his Ex'=y Richard Earle of Bellomont Captain
General and Gouernour in chief in & over his
]y/[.^tys Pi'ovince of the Massachusetts Bay in New
England and to the Hon''^^ the Council and Rep-
resentatives of the s*^ Province convened in Gen-
eral Assembly, June 1699
The Petition ot Samuel Moody Preacher of the
Word of God at Yorke in the County of Yorke
within the Province aboves'^
Humbly Sheweth

Whereas this Hon^'*^ Court hath so far considered
the desolation and distress of the s'* Town of
York as to order an augmentation towards up-
holding the worship of God there, which is
gratefully acknowledged by the Inhabitants.
And whereas 'tis certain the s" Town is unable to
afl'ord a competent Maintainancc and that there
is as much need of help as ever, having no
house for the Ministry, and many remaining stil destitute of
habitations for themselves.

Your Petitioner therefore humbly prays in behalfe of
himselfe & Family that you will please to order your Peti-
tioner such allowance for the last year beginning the 1%^^ of
May 1698, as to your Wisdom & Justice shall seem fit


And your Petitioner :is in duty bound, shall ever
pray. &c.

House of Representatives July 13, 1699.

Road a first time, Read a 2'' time July 15
& Twelve Pounds Resolved to be given in answ"" to the
Peticou afores'' out of the Publick Treasury to M' Sam*^"
Moody Preacher of y'' word of God at York

Sent up for Concurrance

Jam* Converse Speaker
July 18" 1699
Read & Past in Council, Is'' Addington Sec

Consented to Bellomont

To y° Hon'''*' y^ Comissioners for warr. These may certify

that M"" Sam" Moody hath* served as A Cha})lain

to y^ Garrisons Att Yorke, from the 18*'' of May

last, unto y" day of y" date hereof

Yorke April 20*" 1699.

Daniel Black ^

Lues Bane > Selectmen

Joseph Banks )

To y" Honour^'" Commissioners for warr &c :

Please to order y" Money granted to me as Chaplain for

y'^ year past, unto Sam" Sewall Esq""

Your friend & Serv*

Sam" Moody
Yorke Apr: 20"> 1699

Petition of Saiv} Donell in behalf of York.

To his Excellency Rich'' Earle of Bellomont Cap"
Gen'" and Comand'' in Cheife of her Maj*"-'
Doc. Vol. v. 34


Provvince of the Massachusetts Bay in New
England & to the Hon''''' Council and repre-
sentatives thereof now assembled in Gen""" Court
held att Boston

The Petition of Samuell Donell representa-
tive for and in behalf of the Towne of
Humbly Sheweth

That the Inhabitants of said Towne by reason of
the late Distressing Warr have been brought
very low, and are still conflicting with many
difficultys, yett nevertheless by the help of y^
Lord they have obtained a minister among them
to carry on the publick Worship of God (namely
M"" Samuell Moody a worthy Young man (for
whome they have been att a considerable charge
in Building an house for the accomodation of
himself and family, and not being able for the
present to afford him such suteable maintenance
as the Circumstances of his Condicon Calls for y^
s'' Towne being only able to aford him thirty
pounds for y" present yeares salery)

Yo'" Petition' in behalf of s*^ Towne doth
therefore humbly entreat this high and
hon''''= Court, to consider the premises,
by being pleased to ord' unto their s"*
minister, out of y'' Publick Treasury such
farther supply, as in yo'' wisdoms shall
seeme meete.

And yo'" Petition'' as in duty
bound shall pray &c

Sanmell Donell
June 6"> 1700 Read.



In answer to y'' Petition within mentioned It is the
opinion of y" Comittee, That there paid out of
y^ Puhlick Treasury Ten pounds for y" help of
y'^ s'^ Town of Yorke, for and towards the sup-
port of the ministry of said Town for y^ year
House of Representatives June 14, 1700
Read and Pass'd Sent up for Concurrance

John Leverett Speaker
In Council
June 17'" 1700.

Read and past a Concurrance.

Is* Addington Secfy


Abbett, Thomas, 282.
Abbott, Thomas, 4!t2.
Abenaquis, the, 197, 228.
Abott, Ens, 92.
Abut, Peter, 411.

Acadia, volunteers desired to re-
duce, 19; mentioned, 51, G2, 07,
74, 77, 78, 79, S3, 85, 152, 193,
205, 217, 226, 227, 228, 449.
Act of navigation, 123.
Acts and laws, copy of, sent to

England, 465.
Adams, James, 520.
Isaac, letter of, 6, 85, 86, 464,
letters to, 7, 8, 299; men-
tioned, 13, 18, 20, 23, 24, 25, 28,
47, 49, 50, 51, 52, 59, 60, 61,
62, 63, 74, 75, 84, 88, 89, 90,
106, 107, 124, 125, 126, 135, 136,
137, 139, 153, 154, 155,1.59, 160,
173, 174, 175, 177, 232, 242, 263,
268, 280, 300, 394, 396, 401, 402,
403, 417, 418, 419, 425, 426, 433,
443, 444, 468, 469, 473, 477, 478,
481, 487, 496, 497,498, 499, 501,
507, 509, 511, 512, 514, 516, 524,
528, 529, 531.
Mrs. Isaac, 338, 340, 341.
Jsa., 323, 349, 378, .381, 437.
Address of some of the inhabi-
tants of Isle of Shoals to the
Governor and Council, 362; to
the King, 447, 474.
Adkinson, Theodore, 315.
Agreement with the Indians at

Wells, 233; of truce, 1690, 164.
Albany, 56, 63, 64, 65, 67, 69, 70,
77, 93, 96, 98, 111, 184, 230, 2.35,
236, 237, 253, 272, 275, 285, 419,
517, 522.
Alcock, Capt. Job, letter of, 319;
mentioned, 91, 104, 314,315, 503,
Alcot, John, 91.

Mr., 7, 8, 9, 10,
Capt. James, 380.
Capt. John, to have the sloop
Mary, 1-59; instructions to, 5,
162, 321, 373; to negotiate af-
fairs with Indians, 321, 324;

Alden, Capt. John, continued.

sent to bring home captives,
372, .373; to deliver French
soldiers to Villebon, 374; pe-
tition of, 413; mentioned, 6, 7,
22, 31, 83, 85, 139, 164, 165,
171, 241,282, 341, 378, 379.
John jr., 166.
ISTathaniel, 166.
Alen, John, letter of, 295.
Alen 1

Allen I John, 54, 98, 269, 271, 277,
Allin (278.

Algonquins, 221.

Capt. Bozon, 520.
John, 488.
Allyn, John, letter of, 309.
Almy, Christopher, 354.
Ambrose, Richard, 313, .365, 369.
America, 391, 474, 476, 485.
Amesbury attacked, 133; men-
tioned, 125, 249, 408, 513.
Ammunition, selectmen to provide
a full stock of, 176; supplied to
Indians, 305 ; captured at York,
314; not wanted by the enemy,
327; borrowed by Andross, 331;
needed in the Province, 473, 474,
Amoriscoggin, 1.39, 165, 315.
Andover, 125, 336, 3.37, 441, 513.
Andrews, Lieut. Elisha, letter of,
156; mentioned, 4, 139, 153, 158,
Lieut., 485.

Sir Edmund, his forts useless,
120; left frontier towns ex-
posed, 120, 121 ; gave a papist
command of a garrison, 120;
suspected of plotting, 121; his
misdeeds brought Castine's
vengeance on the people, 121;
his treatment of soldiers, 121,
122; garrisons in better condi-
tion since he left, 122; weak-
ened important places to
strengthen trifling forts, 122;
Connecticut in a better con-
dition since he left, 123; gov-
ernment vessels used to suit



Andross, Sir Edmund, continued,
his pleasure, 123; did not prop-
erly dispose of his force, 123;
he alone can tell what be-
came of his men, 123; hated
by the French, 142; not ready
to send help to Falmouth, 142;
the frontier awaited his orders,
143 ; set prisoners at liberty and
did not redeem captives, 144;
rebuked officers for seeking
Garrisons, 144; the Indians he
liberated were at the attack
upon Falmouth, 145, 146;
would have favored the
French, 147; settled garrison
at Quenibonke. 331 ; powder
borrowed by, but not paid for,
331; mentioned, 20, 22, 28, 29,
32, 36, 38, 44, 45, 135, 174, 180,
238, 416, 486_, 493, 494, 502.

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