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Cruelty and plundered & spoiled their goods & Estates, &
after burnt & destroyed severall of their Setlem*^ & habita-
cons. But so soone as his Excellency S"" Edmund Andross
Kn' Our Governour returned from New Yorke, & had a full
account and Informacon thereof, he imediately raised & dis-
patched such forces to Our assistance as gave Protection to
the Inhabitants there & security to their Estates, & put a
stop to the further Rage & fury of the heathen, and in the
following Winters service against them, where he was in
person, reduced them to that want & necessity both for pro-
vision & amunicon that in all appearance they would in a
very short time have submitted at mercy or been wholly
subdued & overcome. And duriniz that time Wee suttered
not the least losse in our persons or Estates by them.

That to our great griefe & loss in Aprill following, a most
unhappy insurrection or Rebellion broke forth at Boston
(for what reason or Cause is to us unknowne) the people
both of the Town & Countrey taking to Armes on y*^ 18"'
of the Month did violently Seize & imprison the Governour
& other principall officers, tooke posession of the Forts &
Garrisons, & wholly subverted the Governm*^ and instead
thereof Erected & set up a Certaine Comittee or Councill
of safety. Consisting of severall of the principall Actors


therein, who soone Ordered all the Forces in the Eastern
parts to Come home imediatly, drew them of from their sev-
eral} Garrisons & stations, & left that Conntrey without any
succour or Defence, and imprisoned the Officers that Com-
anded yo"" Maj*^' souldiers there./

That some short time after this change of Governm* the
Indians were supplied w*** stores of Warr & amunition by
vessells sent by some in Boston to trade w*"^ them, & there-
upon tooke new Courage & resolution to Continue the Warr,
and having got to their assistance other Indians who before
were unconcerned they presently burnt and destroyed the
several Fortiticacons which the Forces had deserted The
Towne & Garrison at Pemyquid & severall Townes & places
and ruinated & depopulated the whole County of Cornwall
& great part of the Province of Maine before any help or
assistance was sent from Boston. And also great Murthers
& Spoiles were by them Comitted at Chacheebe on Piscatta-
way River, whereby (besides the loss of 300 of yo"" INIaj'^^
subjects) yo"" Pef' have received damage in their Estates
& Trade to the value of 40000" : and it is to the utter
Ruine and undoeing of many of thera. And if not timely
prevented by yo'' Maj'^^ special Grace & favour may b? of
like fatall consequence to many others yo'' Maj'^'^ Subjects
in those and the neighbouring parts wholly Exposed to the
rage & fury of the heathen whensoever they shall attack
them. The Forces (w'='' after all the spoile & mischiefe
was done this summer were sent out) being now returned
home without any sort of Advantage against the Enenjy.

And wee Cannot but very justly Conclude & Judge that
all this misery losse and Calamity which hath befallen us &
this Countrey hath bin Continued & increased upon us, by
Occasion of the late Insurrection & alteracon of the Governm'
at Boston and the irregular proceedings & raanagem' of af-
faires there since that time./

Doc. Vol. v. 3


Jan : 25. 1689.

Yo"" PeP therefore out of a deep sence of their duty and
Allegiance & of their owne miserable Condition, w'^'' they
humbly represent unto yo*" Maj'^ Doe most humbly implore
yo*" Maj'y'^ gracious assistance & protection, & that by the
Influence of yo"" Maj'^^ happy Governm* Established over
them they may be Capacitated to vanquish & overcome their
Enemies and repossess themselves of what they formerly

And yo'' Pet" as in duty bound shall ever pray &ca
Sam" Walker Nicholas Manning Lawrence Jones John Dolton

Ellacott the mark ^ ^ of John Paine

Tho : Scottow James Dennes John
John R Ryall W"" Dines John Spencer

John Wrifard. Francis Lord
flfrancis Johnson Thomas Giles/


The testimony of Joseph Graves aged 46 yeares or there-
about, & Mary Graves aged about thirty yeares, of John
Rutter aged 40 yeares or thereabout witnesseth,

That on the 2'' day of January 1688. Solomon Thomas,
Indian being at the house of Joseph Graves in the Towne of
Sudbury, Said, That when the fight at the Eastward should
be, if the Indians had the better of it, as the English did
retreat the friend Indians were to shoot them downe ; but if
the English get the day we say nothing. And that in the
Spring french & Irish would Come to Boston as many & all
won Indians : for that was the first place that was to be
destroyed : & after that the Country Townes would be all
one nothing. And further the said Solomon That the Gov-
eru"' had given him a bookc w^^^h s'' Goven"" said was better


than the Bible, & all that would not turne to the Governor*
religion and owne that book should be destroyed : In w*^h
booke he the s'' Thomas said was the picture of our Saviour
& of the virgin Mary & of the twelve Apostells, & the Gov-
ernour said when we pray, we pray to the Virgin Mary. &
when the fisfht should be at the Eastward The Governor
would Sit in his Wigwam & say O brave Indians. Where-
vpon John Rutter told the Indian that he deserved to be
hanged for Speaking such things, but the Indian replyed it
was all true : vpon the hearing this discourse we resolved to
Come to Boston & acquaint Authority with it, l)ut by reason
of Sicknes of Joseph Graves we Could not p''seutly, but as
soon as conveniently we could we accordingly appeared at
Boston w"' our information w*='' the said Joseph Graves car-
ryed to m"^ Bullivant a Justice of the Peace.

Joseph Graues

John -\^ Rutter
Mary y^ Graues
her marke
Boston Jan^'y 27"* 1689 Joseph & Mary Graues came &
made oath to the truth aboue written before me

William Johnson Assis*/

Deposition of Edward Taylor.

Boston Jan^y 27'^ ^^^
The Deposition of Edw : Taylor aged 48 yeares or there-
aboutes Testifyeth and sayth That he in Aprill last was
wishing to Leiutenant Jourdan that they could nieete with
aparty of Indians to fight with them that he might gaine his
Creditt againe but the said Jourdan made answer againe that
he had rather there were a thousand or Two Indians on Rox-
bury neck to against the Boston Bores.

Edward Taylor/


Deposition of Tho. Gent. ^ W"^ Willcott

Boston Jan-^y 27"' 1689
The Deposition of Tho Gent aged aboute 48 yeares or
thereaboutes Testifye & say that on their Martch along
Kennebeck Riuer we took occasion to tell the Governour
Andros we thought we neuer should gett the Indians with
these men by Reason some were sick, some lame, & some
tyred : he made answer we should take no care for y' but if
we would tell him the Indians or the Indians name that euer
done us ronge we should certainly haue satisfaction for it, I
told him then it may be he intended to gett the Mohawks to
goe after them to gett them he answered no ; it may be
they may be to me another time then these are now by I
will find a Nation that shall gett them./ and further sayes
not. —

Thomas Jentt

W^^^^^^T^ Willcott

his marke/

Deposition of Robert Scott.

The Deposition of Robert Scott aged ffifty six yeares or
thereaboutes testifyeth & sayth that Cap* Manning when he
came from Pemmaquid to Sheepscoat being in Rob' Scotts
house the sd Scott asked him w' news Manning said the
Rabble had seized Gouernour Andros, and he said they
would one day Repent of it, and they were Resolved at
Pemmequid if the Indians came there he would put up a
flagg of truce «& make peace with them if he could & farther
sayth not the marke of


Robert /S^ Scott/


Boston Jan^y 27^" 1689
The Deposition of Caleb Ray aged tliirty fiue yeares or
thereaboutes Testifyeth and Sayth that one John Smith a
Red coat belonging to the forte of Pemmequid understanding
a plott contriving att Pemmequid and Comeing to New Dart-
mouth in a boate with otlier souldeirs under Maj"" Brockus
Command, and lodging in the house where the said Ray
keept told nie that he could reveale something of a plott if
I would keep his Councill, then the said Smith told me he
understanding a plott Spent Eleaven pintes of Wine to know
it Reckoning they would take him to be one with them the
sd Maj'' Brockus and Cap' Redding they in their discourse &
Contrivance did Expect the Sloop Mary would come & that
they did intend to take her put in Cap* Redding cheife know-
ing the Easterne shore & other Ports & so for New ffrance
or New Yorke & withall to fitt up a shallop lying then in the
Roade to Send her away also upon the same acco' and the
said Jn° Smith declared to the said Ray that they came up
with that intent with a letter to giue Leiutenant Jordan an
acco* that he should order planck to be sawed for the same
use & that the boat was come up to carry it away : and upon
Consideration the sayd Ray made answer that if w* he de-
clared to me was true I hoped they would not haue the
planck for that use but if I sd : Ray lined till the morning I
would giue the Inhabitants and the Souldiery an acco* one
by one whom I thought I might trust and would discover
the plott to them & if they would joyne all as one man would
conclude to go on to prevent itt Cap* Manning being the
cheife in Acting how the timber should be cutt & knees
being Cutt for the same use by his order euery one of us
being suspitious of our Case being dangerous Consented as
one Man in the securing of him and keeping the garrison till
further ord'' : and further sayth not. only that the abouesaid
Jourdan had sent away his Trunck his gunn & his Cuttlash
before, which gaue us further suspition of his Treachery :

Caleb : Ray/



We under written in the time of S'' Edmund Andros
Gou^m* tooke notice that after the Report of sd Andros
Robbing one Casteen a french man at Eastward, we never
did see any Indian Come to our Plantation being called New
Dartmouth, but in an hostill manner, although before y*
time they used to come and trade at sd Towne frequently
as to our Remembrance.

dat: in Boston Jan'^ 28"' i«||

Edward Taylor
Caleb Ray

Robert D Scott
his mark
Edward Tailer Thomas Jent William Wilcott, Robert
Scott & Caleb Ray gsonally Appeared before mee & made
Oath to their respectiue Euidences before recited in Boston
January 28 i^fl

g Ja. Russell Assis'/

Complaint against Lieut. John Jordan.

Richard Hodges A servant of m"" Brumsden of Boston
being Comanded to serue as a Soldier at New Dartmo*** un-
dor Leiften' John Jordan sometime y** last Winter was Ac-
cused & Examin'' by the said Jordan of Breaking open the
stores & taking thence some Bisquets & other provisions to
all which y'' said Hodges truly Answer*^ y' he Neither did
nor knew who did it but y*' said Jordan not being Content
with this Answer he to Extort a Confession Either aga^'
himself or accusation ag* some others did barbarously Cru-
elly & Inhumanly took him y*^ s'' Hodges tying him up by
One hand lifted up fully stretched out aboue his head bind-
ing th' other hand behind him to One of his legs fixing


astake und*' his other legg or foot so y* if he indeavor'' to
rest his Ann y' Bore the whole weight of his body then was
his Naked foot forced to rest (without Rest) upon the afore-
said stake for two houres togeather but y^ said Jordan not
being content with the aforesaid Punishni* Inflicted on y® s^
Hodges Coinanded him to be bound Neck & heels & y* for
two houres More & this punishm' failing of his desir'^ End
he Wickedly, Divellishly & after y^ Popish Cruelty studdy*^ cS;
Invented New Torm''* to putt y'' afores"* Hodges y^ which he
thus Effected he took him & first bound him his leoro^s & his
hands behind him & then w"' a long stake the which he putt
thro"" his hands & his leggs stretching y"^ afore s*^ Hodges
strei* on y'' stake putting y^ afores** Hodges to Intollerable
& Equisite Pain & torm' & this for 2 hours y* w'^'* he pa-
tiently Endur'' not falsely Accusing Either himself or any
other & further saith not./

Complaint against Lieut. John Jordan.

John Towers Late an Inhabitant of the Town aforesaid
Complains of John Jordan late Leiftenant Jo" Jordan of the
Town aforesaid Did sometime the last Avinter Ordered &
Comanded him to be seized & to be tyed up by his two
thumbs for near One hour to bear the full & whole weiirht
of his body for only lifting up his hand to defend a blow
wherby he was falsely suspected to haue lifted up his hand
against y** said pson being an Officer & at another time for
walking some few Rods from y® fort was used as formerly
& many other Enormityes y® said John Jordan Did against
the said gson Goods & Chatells of the said John Towers y«
which he thinks not worthy to further trouble the honored
Court & therfore says not further.

John Tower/


Complaint against John Jordan.

Wee whose Names are here under subscribed doe Testifye
& say that the aforesaid John Jordan did most absolutely
& at his own pleasure Wickedlye & Cruelly treated us &
Oui-^ not as Englishmen nor Christians but rather as Indians
nay with less mercye then many of Our Predecessours have
mett with from them — so that we had no Incouridgment
to defend Our selves from the Savage Heathen Since it was
our lott to be Ruled by a Cruell Tyrant Meaning y* said
Jordan Our Cattle & Goods he Comanded at pleasure & Our
houses he demolisht & had he not been Restrained by an
Almighty Power would haue done the same thing to our
Bodeys —

Wee haue some time since humbly psum'' to psent severall
other Complaints from other hand^ by AP Edward Taylor
the which we hope their hono''s haue received to which we
shtill not further inlarge —

but since & After Major Savage left the Town & the fort
the said John Jordan being suspistious of the Goverm*^ at
Boston Would send some force to reduce the fort to Obedi-
ence he Enquired of us or some of us y' were inhabitants
of the aforesaid Town if we would be true to him, & if we
would defend the fort Against the Boston Dogs & Boares as
sometime he was pleased to call them to which he was asked
if he had Amunition enough & he answered yes more then
they should know of — & One Ray an Inhabitant of y'
Town Was Informed of a Plott y' was layd ag:iinst y® Town
to Carry away all y® Amunition and provision y' they had
in the fort & y* all those y* were of their Coat & were true
to them should Escape with them to Peiiiquid & so for New
ffrance or New York but y" night before this design was to
take Effect they seiz'' the said John Jordan designing to
Examine his Pockets for letters but before strict Enquiry
could be made the said Jordan had torn his letters into sev-
erall peices & some of them being gather'' & putt togeather


they found a large Account of the aforesaid Plott by a Let-
ter from Pefiiquid & the said letter was sent by the said Ed-
ward Taylor the which we hope their hon''s haue reced &
further saith not

Caleb Ray
Thomas Jent


Henry O Mills/



Robert A\^ Scot

William {/l/y Wilcot

John .T) Brown

Isaac ^y^ Taylor

X X John Tower

Mel the Seauen persons y' haue signed this paper aboue
y® line psonally Appeared before me & made Oath to their
respectiue Euidences

Dated in Boston Janua^ 28. i^|§

g Ja : Russell Assist/

Complaint against John Jordan.

To Symon Broadstreet Esq"" Gouern'" & to the Majestrates
& Representatiues of the Massathuset' Collony In Boston in
New England Now Assembled

The Complaint & Information humbly psented to this
Honourable Court Against John Jordan Leiftenant Jo" Jor-
dan of New Dartmo"* &c —


Thomas Gent Late an Inhabitant & Ensio^ne of the Malitia
In New Dartm"^ was by y^ abouesaid Jordan Avithout any
Provocation Violently Assaulted with a large Cane Beaten
Bruised & Wounded on the head^& Diverse (other) Enor-
mityes against the good^ & Chattells of the said Gent did y®
said Jordan Doe & Cause to be done the which y® said Gent
Humbly thinks is not Necessary to trouble thishonor'^ Court
with & therefore at gsent further says nott —

Thomas Jent/

Complaint against John Jordan.

William Wilcott Late an Inhabitant of New Dartm'"' was
by y^ aboue said Jordan at the Place aforesaid Sometime the
last Winter Comanded to Yoke him a team or so many Oxen
to which y® said Wilcott answer"^ he had but One paire & y*
he dared not to Yoke more to which y*^ said Jordan said
if he would not doe as he bid him he y® said Jordan would
Sacrifice him & using many Oaths & dreadfull Imprecations
did Violently Assault Beat & Wound him y" said Wilcott
on y'^ head whereby he the said Wilcott is much impaired in
his health & Ever since y® said Wound is much molested
with a running at y® Place where y*^ Blow was given &
know^ not of what further trouble & Danger it may be to
him & Other Enormityes to his Goods & Chattels the which
he humbly thinks not fitt to trouble this honour'' Court with
therefore further saith not his

William ly^ Wilcot/

Henry Mill' Late an Inhabitant & a sworn Constable of
New Dartm"' Testify & saith y*^ the said Jo" Jordan of Dart-
m*'' aforesaid sometime in the last Winter Comanded him to
take his Armes &c to which the said Mill'^ said he tho' him-


self Excused by vertue of his Office to which y" said Jordan
Replycd (as it was his Custom Swearing & Imprecating)
that tho' he y' is y^ said Mill' tho' himself a Constable yet
he should kno y* he meaning himself y*' said Jordan was the
Constable & taking his Cane into his hand did Assault &
Beat him striking him severall blows on the Head & Other
Enormityes to the Prejudice & Damage of the said Mill' the
which he humbly thinks not fitt to trouble this honour'' Court
with therefore furth"" say' not Henry Mills/

Thomas Gent W" Wilcott & Henry Mills psonally Ap-
peared & made Oath to their respectiue Depositions Dated
in Boston January 28. ^^% before me

Ja : Russell Assist/

Complaint against John Jordan.

To Symon Broadstreet Esq"" Govern) & to the Majestrat' &
Representatiues of the Massathuset Collony Now Sitting in
Boston in New England

The Humble Petition of (Sevei-all the late Poor Inhabi-
tant^ of the Town of New Dartmo"' Humbly sheweth

That whereas we haue exhibited (& are hereunto Annex^)
severall Complaint' to yo' hono'"s Against John Jordan at
New Dartmoth In which we doe Accuse the said John Jor-
dan of severall Violences & Crueltys Offered to Our gson^ &
Estates which we humbly Conceiue is worthy of yo'' hono'"s
serious Consideration —

Wee knowing by Sad & wofull Experience the Malitious
disposition of the said Jordan Doe Humbly Pray that the
said John Jordan may still be Continued in Durance or if
otherwise Your honor's shall in yo'' great Wisdome think fitt
y* he may be Obliged to giue good securitye to Answer
what we shall haue to Alleadge for y^ Damage y' he hath


done to us in Onr l)<)deys and Estates & that (u'heras he
hath bitterly sworn to be reveng** of us) he ma}' be bound
to his good behavio'' & we as in Duty bound shall Ever pray
for a Blessing on yo"" hono'^s both in Persons & Consulta-
tions — Caleb Ray
Signed 23'^ June 1689. Thomas Jent

William yy^, Wilcot
Robert D Scot

John 3 Bi'own

Henry Mills


Isaack J. Taylor

John Tower/

^^ Richard Curlings Testimony."

Boston in New England Jan''^ ^*f^
Being desired, I thought very Convenient without y'' least
respect to Either parties, herein to give a brief Compen-
dium, of what passed in letters from L* John Jordane to
S'' Edmund Andros from new Dartmouth in y" Eastern parts
of New England in America ; imprimis L' John Jordane
finding it to be very requisite & necessary to march by night
with a party throw y'^ woods to descry y^ Enemie by thier
fire, Earnestly & frequently wrote to S"" Edamnd for per-
mission, but alwayes received a repvlse : several! other let-
ters passed between y"" but I remember nothing in y™ which


tended toy® prejudice of y* County, y® last letter y* L* John
Jordane received from S"" Edmund was from Piscatiway. y®
contents whereof are these, S"" Edmund haveing left his
sloops with an Intention to goe for Boston by Land by rea-
son of some rumours y^ ware Spread abroad, he wrote this
letter to m"" Jordane, y'' Contents of which are these :

After accjuainting M'' Jordane y* y*^ Mary sloop was sent to
make a Treaty with y** Enemie, to which he expected y® Ene-
mie whould Concede, & soe desired M"" Jordane yMie whoiild
treat y™ with all manner of Civillity, & accommodate y™
with what his Store 'afforded : if they came to those parts :
finally after y*^ Councill of Boston had sent Major Savage
with orders to displace S"" Edmunds Officers : ni"" Jordane
received a letter by Cap* Manning from Pemaqaid : Signed
by James Weems : Anthony Brokholes, John Brokhaven,
y® consequence whereof is as followeth, since S' Edmund
Andros was imprisoned & there had hapned a revolution in
y® Goverment they must needs Expect noe Provisions from
Boston, wherevpon they had sent Cap' Manning to desire
M"" Jordane to help y" with some planck, to repaire a Catch
y' they had at Pemaquid, in like manner y® letter informed
m"" Jordane y* there ware 30 men at Pemaquid y' whould
Stand sure by y™ & y* thy had a great boat which they could
send up to l)ring m"" Jordane & his things of y® place, Soe
y* thy might transport y"" selves for new trance, or els where.

M'' Jordane haveing caused me to read this letter twice
over resolved to write answear, but upon Second Consider-
ations tooke a resolution to goe him self to Pemaquid Soe
Comeing out of y® room he sent me to call y^ 3 Corpralls y'
ware under his Command y' he might know how y" people
Stood affected, after haveing desired y*" to sit down after a
small conference one of y*^ Corpralls told him y* y® men kept
a murmuring a mong y^selves & said they would not fight
against Boston men whereat m*" Jordane being moved at y^
responce, Said y' if he had known thier resolutions before


he h;id served y™ with provision, he whovld have sent y™
away without one morsell of bread & moreover he said he
whovld take a bible & swear y™ soe y^ night thy surprised
him c^ tooke him Prisoner : all this I can testifie & affirme,
without ye least blemish of partiality :

Richard Curlins:
Richard Curling parsonally appeared January 3P' ^^|^ and
made Oath to all aboue written before me Sam'^ Appleton'
Assis' for y® Colony of the Massachucets in New England./

Vote in favor of Mr. Benj^ Rolfe.

30*^* January *«f| Voted by the Representatives that m""
Benjamin Rolfe shall haue Sixteen pounds payd him by the
Treasurer in or as money for his Service as a Chaplain to
our fforces sent into the Province of Maine to Falmouth,
from the 14 of July to the 14 of November last past Our
Honoured Mao;istrates Consenting thereto.

Daniell Epps g order

Consented to by y® Magistrates
Jan*" 31. ^^12 g Ja. Russell g order/

Encouragement to such as undertake an Expedition against
Fort Royal Feb. 6, 1689.

For Encouragem* to any competent number of Gent" that
shall offer themselves to undertake an Expedition against y*
French at Fort Royal and places adjacent, as hath been pro-
posed by the Coiuittee appointed to consider of th;it affayre.

Reporting the absolute necessity of setiug forward the
same for the Security and defence of this Country & the
Navigation and ffishery thereof against the ill designes and
attempts that may be made upon us by those ill Neighbours,


and others who may be animated and succoured by them
there being warr openly dechired by o"" Sovereign Lord King

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